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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a.c. transit ruled on binding arbitration. a.c. transit imposed a new contract. there is a new schedule. drivers said they weren't ready for it. a judge heard the case on friday. he or she were expecting to make a decision. >> bottom line is a lot of these drivers aren't coming to work. they are calling in sick and that's creating a big mess for riders. >> a hit-and-run in danville, two bikes hit, two cars. the guy related to a san francisco giant. >> lindsay lohan out of jail. apparently managed to escape the paparazzi. no one got the picture.
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>> they didn't. they said. >> am ithe only one that hasn't read about this? >> no blowdryer or anything like that. >> it must be they thought -- they probably just fanned her. okay. >> we don't even get that kind of royal treatment. >> good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> monday morning. >> monday morning. we have a couple of things going on out there. first let's go out to hayward. eastbound 92 at hesperion. a while ago a car took out several sand barrels in the area. chp is out there now and a central transsweeper crew is on the way. traffic on northbound 880 there was a full freeway closure at highway 92. they should be picking up the construction cones there any minute now. more construction in livermore eastbound 580 between airway boulevard and north livermore avenue still slow in the area. but that construction should wrap up by about 6:00 this
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morning. and elsewhere out to the bay bridge toll plaza, they did pick up the roadwork on the upper deck so all traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. monday morning forecast coming off a nice weekend. if i could sum it up in one work, it was exceptional. really nice. along the coastline, low clouds and fog even a little drizzle, low clouds and fog around the bay and even some areas of fog inland. temperatures for the morning will range from the lower to the mid to the upper 50s. and here's a look at what will remain in the forecast today. more sunshine expected, little change. if you liked the weekend, you'll love today and tomorrow. cooler conditions in the forecast. but that won't get here until the middle of the week. in the meantime if you like the warmup over the course of the weekend, you will love today. and you'll love tuesday. going to be nice. >> it was hot. i was in fremont over the weekend. it was hot there. >> good hot.
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>> back to you guys. thank you. a possible decision today in the labor dispute involving a.c. transit and it drivers. anne makovec is in oakland where those drivers are fighting the contract imposed on them last month. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they have been fighting it for a couple of weeks now, now with the judge they are hoping for an injunction on a new contract that's been imposed but in the meantime, bus riders here in the east bay are facing another commute caught in the middle of all of this. a.c. transit says 15 to 20% of its drivers have been no shows since tim pleasantonment that interim contract two weeks ago because of all the sick calls transit officials have been forced to cut routes. the union denies its workers are coordinating a sickout. it says that drivers are just struggling to adapt to their new schedules laid out in the interim contract but in the meantime, 200,000 riders are stuck waiting and wondering if their bus will even show up.
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>> riders are experiencing missed buses every day because these drivers, 15 to 20% of them, aren't coming to work. that's breaking what they pledged to the judge. it's also breaking their promises as public servants to serve the taxpayers and the riders of a.c. transit. >> we said we were going to work, we're working. we're working! my members, are we working? >> yeah! > >> reporter: a.c. transit imposed the new contract last month after three months of labor negotiations ended in a stalemate. the union and a.c. transit went to alameda county superior court on friday for a decision on that interim contract so the judge has indicated that she might be making her announcement this morning on that ruling and if she does end up ruling in favor of the interim contract which would be against the drivers, there is no telling how long all of these schedule disruptions could last. john and sydnie? >> all right, anne. thank you very much, anne makovec in oakland.
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it's 5:04. bail is $350,000 for the brother of a giants player accused of five hit-and-run incidents in danville. a bicyclist was the first one hit by a red pickup truck on danville boulevard yesterday morning. that truck then hit a pedestrian. and another pickup. and a light pole. and a lexus containing two people. witnesses stopped the driver from getting away. >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk and his airbag had deployed so he obviously had impact -- the impact on the front of the car was severe. >> the suspect is 23-year-old kanan here is holtz from san ramon the judger brother of nate schierholtz of the san francisco giants. police in san francisco have three suspects for an attempts attempted murder and are looking for more.
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a man has life-threatening injuries after being stabbed in dolores park early saturday morning. as many as a dozen people attacked and robbed him. the suspects are 17, 18 and 20. the victim managed to get across the foot bridge at 19th and church streets before he collapsed. there is a new proposal on the table in hopes of getting some laid off firefighters back to work in san jose. about 50 of them lost their jobs friday after the union and the city could not agree on a concessions package. the offer was announced yesterday by the firefighters union. it includes a two tiered system for newly hired firefighters but the concession remains at 5.25 first but the city asked for 10%. the city's new fire chief takes over today. the takes over from the current
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chief who retired in june. mcdonald has some staffing ideas that could reduce overtime costs. it remains to be seen, though, whether that would save enough money to bring back some of the lost jobs or re-open the fire station on communications hill. a wildfire north of los angeles should be fully contained by this evening. that fire has burned nearly 22 square miles of brush in the antelope valley. it started thursday. four homes and five outbuildings have been destroyed. yesterday, crews say they made a lot of progress. they got a line around 87% of the fire with help from cooler temperatures and higher humidity. investigators believe that fire was sparked by somebody working on a car wheel. in kern county two men are charged with misdemeanors for accidentally starting a wildfire near tehachapi. investigators say the fire began tuesday after the men cut a steel pipe sending sparks flying into nearby brush. that fire has burned more than 2 1/2 square miles destroying
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23 homes and 41 outbuildings. full containment is expected tomorrow. it is 5:08. a major step forward today in the gulf oil spill. >> coming up next, what's going to be done to try and stop the flow for good. and work needs to be done this week outside the international space station. the problem that prompted the unscheduled spacewalks. ,,,,,,,,
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six minutes. later today engineers at the gulf oil spill are expected to take the final steps towards permanently closing that brokenout well. these are live pictures from 5,000 feet down. they are going to launch what's called a static kill. now, the process involves shoving mud and cement into the well to stop the flow of oil. meanwhile, some fishermen are worried that the government re- opened the area to fishing too soon. they are concerned that their catch could be oily or contain toxic chemicals used to disperse the oil. the crew at the international space station is conducting a couple of emergency spacewalks this week because there is a cooling system that shut down over the weekend and needs to be fixed. it is one of two cooling systems that keep electronic equipment from overheating. nasa says the three americans and russians living on the space station are not in any danger. new research on internet use shows social networking and
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gameplaying are booming but at the expense of other online activities. nelson online tracking 200,000 neft users comparing june of last year with june of this year, internet users. time found spent on social networking increased by 43%, gaming up by 10%. at the same time, work, like using email, portals and im declined. the trend is most pronounced among people between 18 and 45 years old. so that leads us to our question of the day. do you use social media such as facebook more now than you use email? send your answers via email -- ha -- to >> no no. we're on facebook and twitter. so -- that's interesting. i wonder if there is going to be a, you know, an age difference too, more older people use email. >> i'll bet there is.
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>> than younger. 5:12. august already. >> sure doesn't feel like summer, does it? >> what is up with that? >> who do i talk to about that? i guess it would probably be mother nature but i don't know the to get on her bad side -- but i don't want to get on her bad side. not so much sunshine but you can see a little bit of coit tower there. we got some fog rolling into the bay this morning. we'll take a look at today's afternoon highs and we'll let you know if it's going to feel anything like august in a few moments. ,,,,
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i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit here's a look at some stories we're following this morning... good morning. our big issue is in hayward. there is sand in lanes. earlier car hit barrels on eastbound 92 at hesperion where they have been doing construction so watch out for that again hopefully they should clear the scene soon. cal transsweeper crews out there now. they picked up roadwork near the northbound 880 in lanes. roadwork in livermore. eastbound 580 near north livermore avenue various lanes blocked for 45 minutes. so slow traffic on a couple of
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censors. westbound 580 gets by five. by the coliseum top speeds towards downtown same thing across the golden gate, did the lane change so nice across the span. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> a little grisly drizzlely? >> yes. kcbs radio our partners with constant weather updates as well as traffic. this morning, partly cloudy conditions, areas of fog inland this morning. areas of fog around the bay and fog for the coast and as elizabeth just mentioned, some possible drizzle the closer you get to the coastline for this morning. for this afternoon, how about more sunshine? yes! love it. temperatures near 90 degrees inland today. mid-70s to near 90. lower 60s to the mid-70s around
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the bay with sunshine and a few clouds and lingering fog and low clouds expected for the coastline. well, john and sydnie just asked a very important question. it's august, doesn't really feel like it. let's take a look. livermore typically feels like 90 degrees around the first week of august.84 san jose, 68 in san francisco. 6 degrees below average in san jose. santa rosa 78. 63 in san francisco. so we are still below average for this time of the year. that's going to remain the same. upper 70s in san jose. 77 in sunnyvale. and the mid-70s in union city and in fremont. just off the bay mid-60s in berkeley, 67 in alameda. these temperatures essentially
5:19 am
in the same ballpark as the weekend. mid-80s in danville lower 80s in dublin and near 90 in antioch and brentwood. north bay locations mid-70s in sonoma, napa, upper 70s in petaluma. 74 novato. 76 in kentfield and the lower 60s in sausalito and in san francisco. these temperatures are cooler than average but for many of you, typically 90s, you might have more mid-80s as opposed to the lower 90s. not much change today or tomorrow. then we cool down more wednesday through saturday's. temperatures dipping down ever so slightly. so we'll remain one seasonably cool trend for this time of the year but all in all, it ain't bad. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following for this monday. an east bay judge is expected to rule today in a contract dispute at a.c. transit. the judge will decide whether management can impose a
5:20 am
contract on those bus drivers. more drivers than usual have called in sick ever since the transit agency imposed a contract on them last month. four people recovering from a series of hit-and-run collisions in danville yesterday morning. the suspect, arrested for hit- and-run and dui, is the 23-year- old brother of nate schierholtz of the san francisco giants. and firefighters hope to have a wildfire north of los angeles fully contained by this evening. the fire has burned nearly 22 square miles of brush in the antelope valley since thursday. four homes and five outbuildings have been destroyed. it's 5:20. lindsay lohan out of jail headed for rehab. the 24-year-old actress released from jail in lynwood outside los angeles early this morning. she served 14 days of a 90-day sentence for violating probation in a 2007 drug case. she got out early because of jail overcrowding. she must now be in an in
5:21 am
patient rehab program. she had been sequestered in a unit of the women's jail. that facility held other celebrities such as paris hilton and there will be more, i'm sure. >> yes, yes [ laughter ] it i 5:21. the top movie at the box office. >> panda alert. >> oh. >> don't eat it. >> a first time mother gives birth to twins. we'll tell you why zoo staff had to step in. "inception" is number one at the box office.,,,,,,,,
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning. here's a look at some of our bay area cities. daly city at 60 with fog. san francisco 63 with a mix of sun and clouds. 71 in san mateo with sunny skies. 78 in milpitas. and 81 degrees in campbell with nothing but sunshine. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and their high temperatures for later today coming up. "inception" for the third straight week is number one at the box office.
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the thriller stars leonardo dicaprio and brought in more than $27 million this weekend. that brings the total take to more than $193 million in three weeks. "inception" edging out the comedy "dinner for schmucks" which opened at number 2, "salt," "despicable me" and cats and dogs revenge of kitty galore rounding out the top five. a portrait of san jose native norm mineta is going to be installed today in the smithsonian's national portrait gallery. he attended the ceremony at the smithsonian last week. he is being honored as the first asian-american to hold a presidential cabinet post. he served as commerce secretary under president clinton, then as transportation secretary under president george w. burn. his political career took off in san jose in the early '70s. he was the first asian-american mayor of a major u.s. city and
5:26 am
then served in congress for 20 years. a bit of silicon valley becoming history. demolition began friday on terminal c at mineta san jose international airport. the site will become a parking area for the new terminal b. it should be finished next spring. panda alert. staff at a giant panda breeding base in china caring for a newborn cub rejected by its mother. the first time mother gave birth to twins early sunday morning but refused to feed one of them. the twins are sixth and seventh giant panda cubs to be born at the base this month. they sure are ugly when they're
5:27 am
that small, aren't. >> no. they call it static kill. >> coming up in the next half hour, the plan to plug up bp's oil well for good and a bay area driver slams into pedestrians, the cyclist and cars. how neighbors helped nab the suspect his relationship as well to a san francisco giants player. and a court ruling is expected that could end weeks of trouble with the a.c. transit system. but then again, it could just rev that trouble up. we'll tell you what's going on coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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rule the air. verizon. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. a view of downtown san jose this morning. it is 5:30. >> look at that sky. >> that is beautiful. >> going to be a nice day. we'll talk to tracy about that and elizabeth will get you headed out on the roads on this monday morning and we'll start with her. good morning, how's it looking? >> is that a new camera? i have never seen that before? that looks pretty at downtown san jose. oakland light not a whole lot going on. there is an as game taking on kansas city around 7:00 right there by the coliseum, but otherwise northbound traffic still moving fine up towards downtown oakland. we have been watching this problem spot in hayward much earlier a car hit a couple of
5:31 am
sand barrels. it looks like like they have most of the sand out of the road now. eastbound 92 at hesperian. but crews are still on scene so maybe some small delays as you get off of the san mateo bridge heading towards the 880 interchange. but they did pick up all that overnight roadwork in that area that actually called for a full freeway closure and mass transit is on time. we may see delays for a.c. transit but everything else is on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. we got plenty of clouds to greet us for this morning especially along the coast and around the bay. the farther inland you go, we are enjoying clear skies like you saw in the san jose shot. this shows us what's going on with the clouds at around 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. to 10:00, starting to see clouds pushing back. they are moving out of the bay, pushing back to the coastline. that's going to lead us to plenty of sunshine expected around the bay area today. a few low clouds, though, still
5:32 am
in the forecast, especially for the coastline. coastal highs in the lower 60s, mid-60s around the bay and near 90 degrees inland. little change for tuesday. cooler conditions wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. even rounding out sunday, temperatures will cool down a bit more as a low pressure builds in and that will lead us with temperatures in some location up to 10 degrees below average for the middle of the workweek. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. a judge is expected to rule today on a contract the a.c. transit drivers don't want. anne makovec is in oakland now and has the story. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of riders eagerly awaiting this decision. they are hoping that their travel trouble will be over. now, you can see here behind me in oakland several buses have pulled up. we have seen several come and go in this area. but all signs if heft over the past couple of weeks is going to repeat itself, all signs point to a questionable
5:33 am
commute. now, all of this service trouble appears to be over an interim contract that was imposed on the drivers union a couple of weeks ago. a.c. transit forced it after three months of failed labor negotiations. drivers say it changes their schedules to a level where it's unsafe and impractical for them to fully comply. they say they are trying, but 15 to 20% of drivers have been calling in sick each day canceling or delaying many routes riders depend on. >> they are slower. they came like 30 minutes late this morning. i was late to work. >> i really depend upon the bus to take me to my medical clinic and saturday i was late to take my medicine, you know, because i'm disabled. >> reporter: an arbitrator will eventually help the two sides come up with the final deal, but in the meantime the interim contract stands depending on what the alameda county superior court judge decides as
5:34 am
soon as this morning. the whole court case was over an injunction that the drivers want. so whether or not they get that could be interesting because who knows what the union could do next. john. >> anne, thank you. anne makovec in oakland this morning. it is 5:34. in danville, a runaway pickup truck leaves destruction and injured people, and courageous witnesses helped stop the suspect don knapp on how neighbors intervened to help police. reporter: marks along the roads, traffic signs on the ground, tire tracks up on a sidewalk, a pylon covering the stump of a light pole knocked down and a mess to clean up. it's the debris path left by an out-of-control pickup truck driver along danville's danville boulevard and railroad avenue early today. resident jane joyce was there. >> we heard a guy yelling saying get out of the street, there is a guy that's run over two bikers and he is driving a
5:35 am
red truck and he's crazy, knocked over a pole and what not, and he's gone up the street here. >> reporter: the rider fared better than the bike he was priding on. he is out of the hospital and will be okay. police described the ride this way. the driver in the presumed dead pickup headed south on danville boulevard, hit the bicyclist riding in the bike lane, left him on the ground and kept going, striking a pedestrian who was further down in the bike lane and swerved into a traffic lane, colliding with a ford pickup truck and kept going. on to railroader a, where he ran up on the sidewalk and took down the light pole and kept going until he slammed into a lexus suv at linda mesa and came to a stop. residents held him for police. >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk. his airbag deployed so obviously the impact on the front of the car was severe, and the airbag had deployed. so he was still driving the car
5:36 am
with the airbag, and they pulled him out. >> reporter: the driver is being held on a variety of charges including dui with great bodily injury, had the run, and driving without -- hit- and-run and driving without a license. don knapp, cbs 5. there is a new proposal on the table in hopes of getting some laid off firefighters back to work in san jose. about 50 of them lost their jobs friday after the union and the city couldn't agree on a concessions package. the firefighters union announced that proposal yesterday. it includes a two tiered retirement system for newly hired firefighters but the pay conception remains at 5.25%, far less than 10% that the city needs from the workers to help balance the budget. this comes as the city's new fire chief takes over today. that's willie mcdonald who previously served as fire chief of scottsdale, arizona. he takes over from the chief who retired in june.
5:37 am
union officials say mcdonald has some staffing ideas that could reduce overtime costs. it remains to be seen whether that could save enough to bring back some of those lost firefighters jobs or re-open the fire station on communications hill. a wildfire north of los angeles should be fully contained by this evening. that's if everything goes as planned. that fire has burned nearly 22 square miles of brush in the antelope valley. this since thursday. four homes and five outbuildings have been destroyed. yesterday, crews say they made a lot of progress. they contained 87% of the fire with the help from cooler temperatures and higher humidity. investigators believe that fire was sparked by someone working on a car wheel. in kern county, two men have been charged with misdemeanors for accidentally starting a wildfire near tehachapi. investigators say the fire began tuesday after the men cut a steel pipe that sent parks flying into nearby brush. that fire has burned more than 2 1/2 square miles, destroyed
5:38 am
23 homes, and 41 outbuildings. full containment is expected tomorrow. 5:38. engineers at the gulf oil spill are expected to take the final steps toward permanently closing the blown-out well within the next 24 hours or so. they could launch a static kill as it's known as early as tonight. this process involves shoving mud and cement into the blown- out well. meanwhile, some fishermen are worried that the government re- opened the area to fishing too soon. they are concerned that their catch could be oily or contain toxic dispersants. democrats are expressing confidence that their chance of keeping a majority in the house are not harmed by allegations against two long-time members of congress, including 10-term democrat maxine waters of southern california, accused of using her influence to secure $12 million of federal bailout funds for a troubled bank tied to her husband.
5:39 am
she denies any wrongdoing. she and new york congressman charles rangel could both face ethics hearings this fall. the midterm elections are also this fall. 65 seats are at risk of changing hands. most of them held by democrats. president obama told cbs news' harry smith the still struggling economy is also a hurdle. >> but i also knew this was going to be a bumpy road ahead and i don't expect the american people to be satisfied when we're only half of the way back. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not nervous at all about the democrats' chances in november. some experts are telling us cities across southern california are going to end up paying for the pensions for municipal officials in the city of bell. that's where the excessive sal vis have led to a citizen revolt and purge of city leaders. more than half of city manager rob rizzo's $600,000 a year pension will be paid by
5:40 am
taxpayers in 140 small cities and special districts. that's because they are all in the same pension liability pool. jury questioning set to begin today in the drug conspiracy trial of anna nicole smith's doctors and her boyfriend, howard k. stern. a judge said questionnaires filled out by prospective jurors show most of them know something about smith's life and death. the doctors and stern have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to provide smith with large amounts of opiates and sedatives. they are not charged with her overdose death in 2007 in florida though. 5:40. pakistan is sending medical teams to the northwest part of the country out of the fear that cholera could spread after the deadly floods there. flooding has already killed up to 1200 people and forced two million others to leave their homes. many survivors say the government hasn't provided enough emergency help nearly a
5:41 am
week after monsoon rains started the floods. heavy rain and flooding in northeast china have left at least 100 people dead or missing. state media says tens of thousands of house are destroyed. floodgates on one dam were open this morning to release water that was swelling a reservoir. first lady michelle obama is urging congress to pass legislation mandating stronger nutritional standards for school meals. it would require more fruits and veggies and whole grains and less fat and salt. mrs. obama says the legislation would also help eliminate junk food in vending machines. in an op. ed. piece out today she writes, our prosperity depends on the health and vitality of the next generation. committees in the house and senate have approved two similar bills. 5:41. in case you missed it a look at chelsea clinton's big wedding and why the people of rhinebeck, new york, are a bit
5:42 am
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♪ save money. live better. walmart. a lot of cars heading to the bay bay. a backup in the far left cash lane. watch out for that, 5 minutes delays through there. traffic looks great in the carpool lanes and no problems across the span. metering lights are off. all your approaches to the bay bridge, pretty good. here's a look through walnut creek near the 24/680 interchange. southbound 680 fine through san ramon valley and top speeds in westbound 24 through lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel into the macarthur maze. south bay, a little slow traffic there on 101, this is usually where we start to see
5:45 am
slow traffic but otherwise, on 280 out of downtown san jose, not too bad. and your ride all along the peninsula, 101 and 280 both quiet. we have been following this problem spot right here. eastbound 92 at hesperian coming off the san mateo bridge. a car struck sand barrels. there was sand all over the road. caltrans sweeper crews cleaned up most of the mess so sounds like most of the sand is gone out of lanes now. so looks like speeds are improving. probably the last time we'll mention it. we weren't sure if maybe chp was on scene but not causing any huge problems now. the big story in marin county is fog. apparently affecting visibility from sausalito through the waldo grade and towards the deck of the golden gate bridge. traffic is still moving along just fine but you can see kind of that halo glow effect caused by low clouds. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. we have a fair amount of low
5:46 am
clouds but we also have clear skies in san jose looking towards city hall and we see some of the flags moving waving in the distance there off to the right-hand side side of the screen. it is going to be another fabulous day. you will have inland areas of fog this morning, but partly cloudy conditions, as well. we just saw in san jose. low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coast with 50s. this afternoon sunshine, near 90 inland, sunny with just a few clouds around the bay, and lingering fog, low clouds for the coastline. i coined this expression for this particular graphic. it's august? yeah, you probably are thinking it's a little cool outside. it's typically hotter this time of year. six degrees below average in san jose. four degrees below average in
5:47 am
santa rosa. san francisco the lower 60s. 78 milpitas. 74 palo alto. 60 pacifica. unseasonably cool. 84 walnut creek and pleasant hill. shy of 90 antioch and brentwood. north bay locations, 86 fairfield, 74 novato, 75 san anselmo, lower 60s in sausalito and san francisco. seven-day forecast, today sunshine expected. the closer to the coast, more clouds. little change expected today into tomorrow. take a look at wednesday through sunday. things cool down again. more clouds coming back in winds begin to shift and we'll cool down around midweek. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. some of the stories we're
5:48 am
following right now, 49 firefighters laid off in san jose this weekend are hoping they can get their jobs back. the union proposes a last-ditch plan to save some of those positions. but the pay decrease in the new offer still less than what the city needs from all its employees. an east bay judge is expected to rule today in the contract dispute at a.c. transit. the judge will decide whether management can impose a contract on bus drivers. more drivers than usual have called in sick. since the transit agency imposed the contract on them last month. a 23-year-old san ramon man is in jail for a series of hit- and-run collisions in danville. four people were hurt in five collisions yesterday morning. the suspect, the younger brother of nate schierholtz of the san francisco giants. 400 guests watched as chelsea clinton married marc mevzinsky in rhinebeck, new york, on saturday. the newlyweds had brunch before leaving town.
5:49 am
as manuel gallegus shows us, the people of the town waited and waited, but never got to see the couple. reporter: the streets of rhinebeck filled up when there was word the newly married couple was heading into town to shop but it didn't happen disappointing locals who wanted to see the bride. >> i have waited hours to see them. >> reporter: they did get to see this bride and groom who were married sunday. the first look at the newlyweds the world wanted to see came saturday night. the bride escorted down the aisle by her father, a big smile from chelsea in her vera wang dress. proud groom marc mevzinsky posing with his powerful in- laws. after the reception, the clintons had brunch with friends and family at a local estate. all this media attention has put rhinebeck on everyone's map and now the owner of the wedding venue is hoping to cash in. the astor courts estate was for sale before the wedding and now it's on the market again. price on request. the house across the street is for sale, too.
5:50 am
it was used as a staging ground for the wedding. >> are you going to drink your clinton wine? >> i'm not quite sure. i will have to consult my family. >> reporter: the owner was given a bottle of clinton vineyard wine and was compensated for agreeing to leave her home though she politely declined to say how much. >> like everyone else i was sworn to secrecy about it and i honor that man. >> reporter: in the end, it was a very private affair for the very public family. and that's the way rhinebeck likes it. manuel gallegus, cbs news, rhinebeck, new york. >> it's 5:50. the birthplace of the drive- through putting a stop to the drive-through at least for now. through restaurant has ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. restaurant has temporarily banned new drive- throughs. welcome back. the birthplace of the drive through restaurant has temporarily banned new drive- throughs. >> the first drive-through restaurant in the country was the original in and out burger in baldwin park in southern california. it opened in 1948.
5:54 am
well, today baldwin park has at least 17 drive-throughs in just 6 1/2 square miles. >> people are concerned about the obesity, i guess. >> yup. that's what they say. so they decided to ban new drive-through restaurants. they will decide whether to make that ban permanent in nine months. >> if you take six square miles anywhere, aren't you going to find about that many? >> yeah, and probably doubled the number of starbucks too. probably. a spokane couple's can do wedding paid for a wedding. this is peter and andrea. they collected aluminum cans for the past year to pay for their big day. 400,000 cancer,000 cans made them $3,800. they still have a honeymoon to pay for so they are not done collecting cans. [ laughter ] there is a new nielsen survey of internet users shows
5:55 am
social networking has increased by 43% and gaming increased by 10% and at the same time, usings email and instant messaging has declined which leads us to the question of the day, do you use social media such as facebook more now than you use email? i have to ask the girls here. >> a lot of people's email i don't know anymore so i'll email them through facebook. >> so do you use facebook. >> it's very easy. >> well, on twitter, bay area commuter says, yes, i hate email though i still have to use it for work. >> facebook david writes, both equally facebook has made planning our high school and college reunions so much easier. >> kevin says although i use both i use social sites much more. >> well, i would imagine, email has declined somewhat but we used to use email for both before social
5:56 am
networking. but if you want to take care of business and do documents, use email. >> but now people want to get things out to people quickly. >> and i know we all wait for those messages, don't we? i'm at the supermarket. >> i don't have good today. >> it's cold outside. >> cool. >> oh, broccoli looks good. [ laughter ] >> some of them are pretty good, though. >> some are very funny. very talented people out there. >> all right. so what's going on? >> let's get a check of the bay bridge toll plaza. that's unusually backed this up morning. not sure why. check out the waits especially in the cash lanes. no metering lights. just a lot of people trying to get into the city right now. so you have a five-minute wait get to you through the pay gates and then it's moving fine up the incline. let's go elsewhere to the carquinez bridge. traffic looks great coming off of 80 out of vallejo heading towards crockett and westbound 4 want to put this up, we are seeing a little slowing from a
5:57 am
street to somersville road. that's your traffic. so it's kind of foggy out there, right, especially into marin. it's a little foggy out there. >> marin, for the coastline. some location are clear, concord, livermore, san jose looking nice. lower 60s for the coast with low clouds expected today and we cool down by the middle of the week. if you have a photo or some video, you can feel free to go to and up led to. >> is bars related to fred? >> i don't know. >> fred savage? >> thankfully i forgot about your crush on him. >> 5:57. [ laughter ] in the next half hour, president obama delivering a speech this morning on the situation in iraq.
5:58 am
>> what he is expected to say. plus, a mile long series of collisions. a drunk driver hits two people, two cars and slams into a pole. we'll explain his relationship to a san francisco giants player. and the key court ruling is expected today in the big labor dispute with a.c. transit as riders continue to wonder if they are going to be able to get to work in the morning. we'll update you on the situation coming up. ,,,, jack, the chicken sandwich team is really excited
5:59 am
to show you the new combo. i don't wanna jinx it but, i think we totally nailed it. we call it the "big chicken sandwich combo." what do you think? now it's really big. it's jack's really big chicken sandwich combo. not one but two delicious chicken patties, topped with bacon and melting cheese, served with seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99. wow... great. now i'm gonna have to rewrite the jingle.


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