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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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our own survey is turning some surprising numbers. welcome to san ramon, population 58,000. a small east bay town with nice homes, safe streets, and good schools. now it may have a new claim to fame, the bay area city with one of the highest paid city managers. an informal cbs 5 survey of 15 bay area cities finds 10 city managers made more than $200,000 in 2009. and one made a lot more. san ramon city manager earned a hefty $356,000 in 2009 after getting a 10% raise in 2008. >> is he worth it? yes. >> reporter: san ramon's mayor, abram wilson, makes the decisions on city salaries and says city manager herb deserves his. >> herb has been here for 20- some years. we don't have a assistant city
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manager. >> reporter: and he says moniz is doing a great job. >> we don't have a deficit. we have a reserve. we are not having layoffs. we are not letting our police force go. san ramon is not bell. san ramon is san ramon. >> reporter: even though the median household income in san ramon is nearly $127,000, compared to $37,130 in bell, this local resident doesn't agree. >> actually, you know, i kind of look at this as sort of the northern california version of the city of bell. >> reporter: joan is editor of a local blog called around dublin. and he says when he found out how much moniz made. >> i was astounded. i'm thinking it's little san ramon. >> reporter: he did his own survey of public employee salaries in the tri-valley area. >> i saw that san ramon pretty much from the city manager all the way down are making 50% more than all the counterparts. it's sear responsible. >> reporter: he is not buying the mayor's comments about the city's well-being because this
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year san ramon issued a hiring and salary freeze. >> i see an inconsistency there, you know, saying that everything is rosy. >> reporter: some san ramon residents weighed in. >> my opinion it's totally ridiculous. >> seems like a lot of money for running a city. >> reporter: even though it's doing fine now, this person says fat public employee salaries will be hard to justify in this time of financial uncertainty. >> it's just not defensible to the average taxpayer out there, who is having hard times making ends meet. the payments are beyond outrageias. i city and county in california needs to sit down and have a discussion with its tax paying constituents because salaries and pensions are eating big holes into budgets. >> reporter: san ramon mayor wilson says won't discuss changing his city manager's
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salary anytime soon. >> no. i'm not. no. and i don't think the council is, either. >> reporter: leaving some to fume. >> public service is public service. and there needs to be a check and balance on that. >> these people have to learn that, you know, they are dealing with people's money and they should spend it a lot wiser than what they are doing. >> san ramon's mayor says herb moniz's compensation package is in the 75 percentile of the managers nationwide meaning 25% make more. we have posted salaries for 20 from around the bay area, a comparison of cities with similar sized populations. it's on san francisco's jail population is down. there are 450 fewer prisoners than there were a year ago. that may seem like good news, but it could be cause for concern instead of celebration. phil matier looked into what's behind the empty jail sways.
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reporter: think of it as mystery of the missing prisoners, about 450 of them, because that's how many fewer criminals are coming into san francisco county jail these days. as a result, cellblocks like this that were once packed to the brim are now empty. >> very unusual. there aren't many jails or any jails in california that i know of that are empty so it's a pretty unusual situation. >> reporter: but the numbers don't lie. last year, the jail had 2100 inmates, today it has 1650 a day meaning 450 fewer people are going to jail. the sheriff traces the drop back to march with the closure of san francisco's drug lab after allegations were raised that an employee stole evidence. that's allegations resulted in the dropping of 700 narcotics cases. >> a large number of drug cases was dropped and i believe that probably fewer drug cases are being prosecuted and processed because of a lack of an operating crime lab here. >> reporter: not so, says sfpd commander john lofton. >> oh, no. we're completely over the issues with the crime lab and it's business as usual.
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>> reporter: while there was a big drop in drug cases following the lab shutdown, they point to the fact that since then arrests have returned to normal. so what do the cops think is behind the case of the missing criminals? >> we're fortunate that crime is down in san francisco and i think that's --crime is down, arrests are down. >> reporter: allen, we talked with the district attorney, as well. they say many of the cases tossed out are being refiled. one number that no one seems to be disputing is the savings to the city and count -- the city and counties by having empty beds in the jails which could add up to a $10 million savings at the end of the year. we'll see. phil matier cbs 5. another demonstration tonight in support of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. a small crowd gathered in san jose today much smaller than the rally that drew a large
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counter-protest in walnut creek recently. the crowd wants to show its support for bay area law enforcement. among them, the father of johannes mehserle. >> we are just out here today, of course we're supporting all law enforcement officers in the dangerous job they do. certainly supporting my son. and, you know, it's a peaceful protest that he was wrongly convicted of the charges and we hope to see that changed when november comes around. >> mehserle's father says his son is doing as well as anyone would under the circumstances. within the hour, we have learned that an oakland judge ruled in favor of a.c. transit drivers in their contract dispute with the transit agency. it is a temporary injunction and it prevents a.c. transit from imposing a new contract on the union. union members want the contract put on until there can be
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arbitration between the two sides. >> the district was blackmailing the public. there are things that we can do as a union and as a district that we have always done and the only thing they need to do is negotiate. >> a.c. transit says the ruling means more service cuts and job losses, now more likely. board members are meeting tonight to discuss whether to appeal that decision. and official offered a tour of the temporary transbay terminal today. the $18 million terminal will operate for the next seven years while the new terminal is built. it's pretty bare bones, not really a terminal, just a one block square lot with a lot of electronic signs and some canopies to shelter commuters from the elements. but it does have some advantages over the old dark and dirty terminal. >> we have a clean site, well lit, we have better lighting.
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we have full-time facility manager and security 24/7. we also have realtime signage. so we have tried to add some amenities in there to make it, you know, a better functioning facility. >> the new facility is at howard and main streets. there will be an open house tomorrow to show commuters how to use the terminal. the highest violent crime rate in california and the city is laying off police officers. what does it mean for oakland residents? police chief anthony batts will join us live to take our questions and yours coming up at 6:30. in danville a driver on a rampage, the trail of destruction that he caused before one of the victims was finally able to bring it to an end. and no matter which bay area community you live in, the ever increasing chances that you are being watched.
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criminals in marin county tonight. simon perez is in mill valley, to show us the new tool helping there are more eyes watching for criminals in marin county tonight. simon perez in mill valley to show us the new tool helping cops fight crime there. >> reporter: we are here in mill valley. this is mill valley police department's newest police car out fitted with cameras that are designed to detect license plates. let me show you how well it works. if you look through there you can see the car that i'm driving for today's story and you see the license plate beyond the>> we can go ahead and stop and monitor. -- you can the license played beyond thed monitor. >> we can go ahead and stop and look. >> reporter: mill valley police officer has a lot to be on the lookout for on patrol. stolen cars, for example. >> before we would have to actually grab the hot sheet, the piece of paper, and look down the list of what vehicles to be aware of the list of vehicles is really long and depending on
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what areas you work, we might have 50 vehicles for our county. >> reporter: that was the old way. this barrage of images is the new way. four cameras installed on the top of the car are aimed and programmed to specifically look for california license plates. as the cars go by, the license plates come up on the screen and are cross-referenced with a department of justice database. >> the stolen vehicles, lost or stolen license plates, amber alerts, also be on the lookout for any serious offenders. i can go ahead and look out into the roadway and not be distracted by my computer by also looking at --for people flagging us down. >> reporter: cameras look forward, two to the side. >> when we switched parking, these two side cameras were the parking cameras so it allows us to see plates better in parking lots. they are angled that way. >> if it helps them to find stolen cars, i have had my car
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stolen, i think it's a great idea. >> reporter: what about the argument that, you know, i haven't done anything wrong so why are they looking at my plate and running it? >> if you haven't done anything wrong, then don't worry about it. you should be lucky that they are protecting you and they know who you are and that you don't have any warrants for your arrest. >> it's taken in the same way as if we were just to run a plate. the only difference is this is helping us recognize those serious offenses a lot sooner. >> reporter: this camera doesn't see anything that you couldn't see with your eyeballs? >> exactly. >> reporter: the mill valley police department only uses the cameras for crimes listed in the department of justice database. it is not about unpaid parking tickets and expired registrations. even though they were installed this week, we haven't had a match yet but you saw how well it works driving at any speed even down the freeway this thing can pick up the license plates of cars going in the other direction even. >> mill valley paying for this? >> reporter: this was a grant
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that they got so they were able to get all this paid for. >> i'm sure we'll see it in other places, too. all right, simon perez in mill valley, thanks. tonight we have learned the brother of a san francisco giant accused of a drunken driving rampage has been busted before. cainan schierholtz was convicted of dui when he was 17. this weekend danville police say that schierholtz was behind the wheel of a car that hit two people, slammed into two cars, and took out a light pole. john ramos with how bystanders helped bring it all to an end. >> it was yeah definitely the talk of the town this morning. >> reporter: there is a lot of orange paint on danville's main street, evidence of sunday's wild destructive rampage. the suspect, 23-year-old cainan schierholtz, is a younger brother of giants right fielder nate schierholtz. police say at about 10:00 a.m., a red pickup truck driven by schierholtz struck a bicyclist in the bike lane on danville boulevard. half a block later, he hit another pedestrian standing in the bike lane and then pulled out into traffic striking a pickup truck.
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he continued on, veering on to another street where he jumped the curb, knocking down a sign pole. a block later, schierholtz turned on a residential street where he then slammed into the back of an suv, injuring two occupants. five collisions, four people injured. police say that's surprising even when you're dealing with a drunk driver. >> usually they hit and they stop. i mean, for the most part, our accidents are you know --they don't hit and then hit and then hit --keep hitting. that's true. more than one collision, well, numerous collisions is unusual. >> reporter: after hitting the suv, schierholtz drove up a dead-end street. the driver of the pickup he had hit had been following and used his vehicle to block him in. neighbors converged on schierholtz and held him until police arrived. >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could, you know, hardly talk, and his airbag had deployed so he obviously had --
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the impact on the front of the car was severe so the air bag was deployed and he was driving with the airbag. >> reporter: he is being held on 10 counts including dui and hit-and-run. but police say they are treating it as a case of a suspect fleeing the scene of an accident because so far, they have no evidence to show that it was planned or intentional. most amazing of all is that none of the people hit appeared to have suffered any major injuries. but people who witnessed the rampage say it's a miracle that nobody was killed. in danville, john ramos, cbs 5. all right. sitting by the dock of the bay watching the fog roll in not the tide tonight. >> boy, sweeping in rather rapidly but inland we still have the abundance of clear skies, temperatures still hanging out in the 80s. it's life. it's our cbs 5 weather camera at mount vaca where today's high, 86 degrees. the winds are currently out of the west at about 13 miles per hour. okay, see all that? now, compare it with this. let's head to the coast. let's head to ocean beach where the air temperature right now is at 58 degrees.
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and yes, we have that very deep marine layer already pushing onshore. bottom line is if you are out and about tonight, on this monday evening, we have cool temperatures along the beaches and into the bay. we will see the low clouds sweep under the golden gate bridge towards alameda and oakland. otherwise, clear skies inland. now, it appears as if this marine layer is roughly about 1500 feet deep. tomorrow morning sun-up is at 6:14. and you will notice we have the clouds at least a good 50 miles inland so we won't be able to see sun-up. but then these clouds begin to retreat right there over the bay towards lunch hour with only partial clearing at the coast from san francisco to the south. north of the golden gate bridge, dillon beach inverness, they are going to stay socked in all day. tonight overnight 51 in santa rosa to 58 degrees in mountain view. winds begin to dial back out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour increasing tomorrow afternoon to about 15. 50s beaches, 85 campbell, san
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jose unseasonably cool. 70 alameda to 90 for brentwood, tracy, oakley. 76 degrees in santa rosa. the beaches remain only in the mid-50s. the hottest day of the workweek, i'll pinpoint that next time around. dana, allen? >> we are going to hold you to that. >> thank you. all right. at 6:30, we are going to be joined live by oakland police chief anthony batts but first, a multimillion pound move through san francisco bay. that's in two minutes. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time,
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windfall for boston. two cranes that the port of oakland no longer needs... began oakland's castoffs are a windfall for boston. two cranes that the port of oakland no longer needs began their journey to boston today. they sailed under the bay bridge this morning. oakland has replaced the cranes with more state-of-the-art equipment. the cranes will make their
6:21 pm
journey through the panama canal and arrive in boston mid- september. each one weighs 5 million pounds. 2400 tons. san jose business are falling behind in recycling efforts according to a new study by san jose state university students. len ramirez on why business aren't recycling as much as they should. >> reporter: loaded down with flattened cardboard boxes it looked like a recycling run in progress but this downtown san jose restaurant worker dumped his cargo into a bin, cardboard mixing in with garbage bags where they will all be taken to a landfill, one example of how far san jose businesses have to go when it comes to recycling. >> we think the business in san jose are diverting between 10 and 20% and we really would -- we need that number to come up. >> reporter: michelle young says businesses are far behind residential recycling which is now at 65%. >> the commercial sector had collects approximately 65% of our solid waste so we'll have a
6:22 pm
hard time meeting our target unless the numbers come up. >> reporter: this medium sized green dumpster was waiting for pickup on trash day in san jose. let's see exactly what's inside. okay, there are several things that could be recycled such as paper. there's a lot of cardboard in here. and at least one big plastic jug that definitely could be recycled. >> because it is business, it will take more time out of the day. >> pat of the san jose chamber of commerce says businesses are adopting better recycling practices, especially when it comes to paper. but so far, the city has been more focused on residences. >> it's still relatively new in the realm of businesses and i think there has to be done -- it has to be more education done and more outreach to explain to people and business why do you this and how. >> reporter: one restaurant and bar manager says business owners have been more focused
6:23 pm
on surviving. >> we have a business that is in trouble, recycling probably isn't at the top of your list. >> reporter: san jose will be doing more education hoping to convince business that recycling isn't a losing proposition. len ramirez, cbs 5. it's the story that has dominated newscasts and headlines for week, the city of oakland struggling with violent crime while slashing its police force. every indication is that the problem may get more complicated. and this is the man who has the task of managing it all. police chief anthony batts standing by to talk about layoffs and public safety. and in san jose, it's firefighters out of a job. the latest offer that could put some of them back to work. to work with ,,,,,,
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switch to high speed internet from at&t and get one-hundred dollars back via promotion card. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown.
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they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? reviewing the latest proposal from the firef the the city of san jose is reviewing the latest proposal of the firefighters union to restore 49 jobs. they were laid off over the weekend. anne makovec shows that some people are now concerned about their safety. >> reporter: it's moving day for this family on
6:27 pm
communications hill. >> why are you guys moving? because the fire station is moving. >> reporter: they are known about the possibility for months. this sign posted outside of fire station 33 less than a block from their home. >> i love my house. i love this place. kids play around here, no problems. i feel really safe. >> reporter: but station 33 is one of two stations that closed down over the weekend, its engine one of five now out of service leaving many san jose neighborhoods with less protection today. >> i feel like not safe if they move. >> reporter: as the last group of 49 firefighters turned in their gear yesterday, the firefighters union made a proposal to the city of san jose hoping to save their jobs. it's a combo of pay and benefits cuts. there are new rules for new firefighters' pensions and it allows for future layoffs if needed. but the city says the 5.25% cut in net pay isn't enough. the city asked for 10%. >> a significant gap between what the firefighters are offering in concessions and
6:28 pm
what we would need to hire those 49 firefighters back. that difference really is a gap of over $6 million. >> reporter: this morning the union president told me he is hoping the city will take what they are offering and allow at least some of the firefighters back, enough to restaff an engine or two. and here near station 30 in downtown san jose, another neighborhood that is now without its fire station, another danger sign posted there across the street warning people of what has happened. now, a new fire chief also started today in san jose. he obviously has a lot on his plate. in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. but is it the challenge that's making you move? is it the view from the oakland hills that are making you move? is it the four great independent neighborhoods of oakland that's making you move? or is it the work with the iconic mayor ron dellums, is that what it is? i'm going to clear all of that up for you right now.
6:29 pm
>> remember that? picked for the job in all, chief anthony batts officially took the reins of the oakland police department in october. his first priority at the time, reach out to the public. >> the reality is, is that my job is to be in the public. i'm accountable to the public. my job is to be accessible and accountable to them. it's building relationships. there's parts of this community that are difference stant from this police organization. that needs to change. that starts with me. >> yup. when he took that job he did admit it's going to be a challenge and since then that challenge has become even more difficult. in july, city leaders and the police union were unable to reach an agreement on pensions and layoff terms. and that cut 80 officers from the force. dealing with the highest violent crime rate in california and it could get worse because if voters don't approve a parcel tax this november as it appears highly unlikely that they will, the oakland police force could lose another 120 officers, all of
6:30 pm
this short of the department goal of 803 set by measure y. joining us now oakland police chief anthony batts. thanks for being with us. let me start with the obvious question first. you're down 80 officers. how does it affect your plans and the ability to patrol and keep safe the people in oakland? >> well, thank you for allowing me to be on tonight. i appreciate it. what we have done is taken some of our specialized units and shifted them down to patrol. our number one priority is responding to 911 calls and keeping officers in black and white cars so that we do keep their crime rate down in oakland which it is in fact down currently. >> but keeping officers in black and white cars, if we look ahead to this parcel tax vote, what are your thoughts on this? do you have a contingency plan for possibly losing 120 more officers? >> well, it ranges 122 to roughly 150, which are dramatic numbers when you're talking drops of 202 to 225 officers from 803, in a city that has a
6:31 pm
level of demand that we have, that's pretty significant. that is a dramatic impact. but however, we are making plans. we are sitting down, doing contingencies to make sure that even if that occurs we are going to push every number that we can down to the black and whites. but what i have to make clear is that will be a dramatic impact to this organization and to this city. >> no doubt. all right. we have a question, one of our viewers from facebook says four out of five condos in his building burglarized, every resident has his or her car damaged in a break-in or hit- and-run. his understand something opd can no longer investigate to burglaries or home alarms. he says, what am i supposed to do to keep my home and my family safe and certainly he is not alone asking that question. >> well, the first thing is that i -- i apologize to him that any resident and that i hear this too many times that they are victims of crime and that needs to stop. we are still responding to
6:32 pm
burglaries. we did a poor job of messaging as we tried to shift some of the work demand to our computer system. when we have indents in progress we will respond quickly. that's one of the purposes of shifting to the computer is getting there faster and quicker and when we have suspect information that we can follow up on, we will be there. that is our motto. we will follow up and then make sure our citizens are safe. the messaging was poor when it first went out but i want citizens to know we will be there and respond. >> let's talk about the night of the johannes mehserle verdict. your department was almost universally applauded for the handling of that event. but then on the very next day, we're showing these pictures of two oakland city council members, they appeared on a police officer's association website and the interpretation of that either right or wrong was that they were in some way interfering with police that night. this occurred during the final
6:33 pm
hours of labor negotiations with the city, which ultimately cost the city 80 officers. i'm wondering, is there a sense maybe among some of your officers that they are perhaps not supported by some elements of city government? >> i like to applaud my officers because i think they did an outstanding job. we show the picture of an organization that was extremely professional, very sharp, well planned, and had a very organized way of doing their jobs. and i applaud all those officers so i'm extremely proud. and i think probably for the first time in a long time the oakland police department was recognized for doing an outstanding job. the council people, we had a number of them out there at different roles at different times. we are addressing that making sure we have clear role definitions. technically they are our bosses and that will be clarified in the future. when i came in i did a survey instrument of all the employees, employees did say they felt an issue was that they didn't feel value by the city at different times.
6:34 pm
but i think the value that our guys get and they have to pay attention is the fact that the city applauded them and i'm proud of how they handled the mass crowd control situation. >> even in years when oakland's crime rate goes down you have these random high-profile jobs like the job interviewer going to google robbed and shot for $17. that gets a lot of countrywide publicity. i don't know what my question is really. but this image that oakland may have across the country that it's just a high crime area. even when numbers are down. how do you fight that image? >> oakland does have a lot of demand here as a city. the way that we fight the image is that we have to bring the crime rate down. there are no two ways about it. random crimes like this gentleman suffered and we did bring those suspects into custody are unacceptable and they should be unacceptable and they should be an outrage to the community. it's an outrage to me. with the resources that i have,
6:35 pm
what we will do is become as efficient as we possibly can. our response time to life- threatening calls is a lot faster and being cut by 50%. we are getting there a lot quicker. our officers are solving more crimes. we are taking more guns off the streets and we're also bringing in the federal government, the fbi, alcohol tobacco and firearms, drug enforcement administration, to fill the gap and hopefully, that citizens may vote for that parcel tax and we get officers back and we get back to doing the business of the people. >> chief, you have been here aey now, august to august, almost a year. any thoughts on how it's going? any changes in the perceptions for you personally of the city of oakland and the way things get handled? any surprises? >> well, it's not a year yet. it will be a year at the end of october. i started on october 19. it has been a cultural shift and change. the interesting thing from
6:36 pm
oakland, you hear a lot of things coming from outside. but there's been such a warm wrapping of arms around me, so many nice and kind people in the city and i think people need to understand that. there are wonderful magnificent places in oakland. we have our challenges. and we need to address them quickly and strongly so we have investment that comes into our city. but there are a lot of very good people that live in this city and i'm very proud to be part of it. >> there are, yeah. you're going to have -- looks like the odds are mr. dellums hasn't announced whether he is going to run or not. are you looking into the future that far to who you might have to work with? >> that's not on the horizon for me. my focus is dealing with 80 less police officers and making sure that we respond and keep the city safe. one of the things on that i have to say is that the number of police officers on the street is the same amount that there was before the layoff of 80 officers. but going back to your question about the mayor, it doesn't
6:37 pm
matter who i work for. my job is to make this organization efficient, professional and hopefully it will be better when my time comes to move on to my next adventure that it will be a better organization during the time that i was here. >> chief, we have reported most recently on the desire for some in the council to legalize marijuana, allow for several factory-sized growing operations in the city of oakland. can you speak candidly to what that does to a police officer, your opinion of that? >> well, the lawmakers, policymakers their job is to make laws. they kind of put -- they set laws, they set the perimeters. our job is to enforce those laws and so as they make those, we have to make sure that the law doesn't conflict with any federal guidelines. we have to make sure that it's easy for to us enforce those. other than that our job is just to enforce them know, the to be critical of the bosses who make those policies. >> all right, chief batts,
6:38 pm
thanks for taking the time to join us. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. coming up, she has learned to face countless challenges in at least two languages. how she graduated with honors to become this month's student rising above. i'm dennis o'donnell. [ signal breakup ] at the contra costa golf club. i just want to say, i have a very special guest coming up here in sports. are you ready to do a sportscast with me in a second? >> yes. let me finish this line here. >> we are doing something for special olympics. we'll be back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
mental illness is a hidden disease even though every family has probably been touched by it in some way but this month's student rising above may be an example for all of us on dealing with it. wendy tokuda tells us all about it. >> reporter: angie, san jose, shea may only be 18 but she has already learned some very grown-
6:41 pm
up lessons about life, disabilities and secrets. >> reporter: any given day anytime of day, angie noe is working hard. she graduated with honors from the rigorous international baccalaureate program at andrew hill high. how does she do all this? >> beats me. i don't know. >> we have a quiz tomorrow. >> reporter: college level courses are easy compared to her job at home. >> i actually have control over something. >> reporter: because so much of your life you have not had control? >> yeah. >> reporter: angie has grown up helping her mom care for her disabled brother, feeding him by tube. >> feeding her brother and changing his diapers and saying he's my best friend. you know, truly giving to others and not being spiteful for it.
6:42 pm
>> i think because of my brother, i'm more aware of things. i think i have learned how to -- give medicine and learn about dosages when i was 6 or 7. >> reporter: she learned the words autism and seizure in english and can my,s language of cambodia, to translate for her mom but it was because of her father she learned about schizophrenia and paranoia. >> we couldn't go out because my dad was so scared because someone was going to attack my family and something like that. >> reporter: the police took him away in a straitjacket. >> i remember when my dad actually had to leave, they had to get people to actually take my dad out of my house so it was really scary for me. >> reporter: angie wanted no pity so at school she kept it all a secret t took a special counselor to help her tell her story. >> i didn't feel sorry for her and i didn't pity her. i more felt great admiration for her because she was dealing
6:43 pm
with such tremendous challenges at home. with all of that she was still feeling gratitude and optimism and hope. >> reporter: that serious student became lighter, head up straighter, there was a change. >> it felt really good. >> her eyes sparkle more. she used to be reluctant. now she is "what we can try is..." it's really fun. >> the whole thing about supporting angie and telling angie that we love her and believe in her and know that she can do this, it's because she can and she will. >> i just think that my family needs something to believe in right now. my job is to be that example and that, you know, despite our situation, i can rise above it. >> reporter: and she is. students rising above helps kids like angie ngo go to college and you can help change a student's life by donating to the students rising above scholarship fund to help those kids go on to school. we have a link on
6:44 pm and we have more stories and updates on our pages, as well. >> worth reading and learning about these young people. >> i know. >> they are so inspirational. >> how they learn it so early. it's amazing. >> gives us faith in the next generation that they are out there. >> true. >> good, thank you so much, wendy. >> thank you. warmest day of the workweek. we'll pinpoint your forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, ,,,, 3q
6:45 pm
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book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] keep highs today across the bay area anywhere from 64 degrees in san francisco to 87 degrees right here in the mount vaca area. compare all that glorious sunshine with this. the golden gate bridge totally socked in at this hour with an air temperature in the mid to high 50s westerly up to 15. out and about tonight, you definitely need a jacket in the city and next to the bay, as well. temperatures up very rapidly with the intrusion of the low clouds and fog. you only have a couple more minutes to get out to the baseball park. we have the oakland as back in
6:48 pm
town and look who has the weather. >> this is chris from hoy. it's a beautiful day for baseball. check us out. >> i love you! heading out to the ballpark clear skies with the over cast conditions by the time the game ends. meanwhile, we still have this trough. it's really hanging out on top of the state of california. high pressure still the key component, but what that's doing is deepening that marine layer so therefore, temperatures remaining cool. overnight tonight, 51 in santa rosa, mid-50s in mountain view, the winds have been out of the west 10 to 20, dialing back overnight 5 to 10 miles per hour. meanwhile, for your tuesday, it will pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek from 58 degrees in pacifica to nearly 90 degrees in our inland areas, upper 70s in san jose when we should be at 85. should be at 83 santa rosa, instead 76 degrees.
6:49 pm
there you have the extended forecast. we have the trough deepening the marine layer on wednesday and thursday knocking back the temperatures considerably. then the mild weather continues through next week. okay, equal time for giants fans, as well. dernny, you got to love it. >> roberta, i don't know if you know who i'm standing with. who did you ask to be out here instead of me? >> i want roberta here. why not? [ laughter ] >> miss gonzales? why the heck not! hi, roberta! >> we have to lower your q factor a little bit. >> we'll be back in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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all right. welcome back, everybody. we're in pleasant hill and this is the 24th annual golf classic put on by the concord police department. and they do a great job for a very good cause. a lot goes to special olympics and as a matter of fact, my producer today is kerry class. kerry, why doesn't you quickly
6:53 pm
tell our television audience what special olympics means. >> special olympics means... special olympics means, uhm....... >> what do they do for you? tell these people. >> they volunteer to help all the events. and compete in track and field and golf. >> you golf. as a matter of fact, you were today's designate putter. did you sink the put for our team? >> yes. >> kerry was the designated putter and she made all the putts for the team. we have a lot of athletics here today but in a month time the giants have gotten back into the thick of the national league play-off chase. last night, they completed a sweep of the dodgers thanks to a two-run triple by edgar renteria that drove in the only two runs of the game. l.a. is fading fast eight games behind the first place padres.
6:54 pm
giants have won 20 of the last 25 and are just a game and a half back. the giants have made a point winning games against division opponents at least since the all-star break. they were just 9-20 against the west but since the break they have won 9 of 10 including five of six from the dodgers. >> looking at the second half of the season, seeing that it's a lot of entry division games and a lot of -- there's still some series left like with the reds and braves and, you know, first place teams, so, you know, we have our work cut out for us but it's pretty exciting to go out there right now and get a sweep. >> okay. raiders fans -- or 49ers fans? >> 49ers fan. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> that's a good answer. the 49ers open camp today and believe it or not, somebody is already hurt. david bosc had a concussion. this is the first training catch for michael crabtree. last year's rookie receiver held out over contract negotiation and missed the first five games of the season
6:55 pm
but still led all rookie receivers last season with nearly 57 yards per game. while he missed camp singletary he said he was preparing, attempting to simulate the 49ers summer schedule. >> where i was at, it was like training camp. ist going hard every day two times a day waking up at 7:00, really got the schedule from some of the guys and i tried to, you know, map out the same schedule and do the same things they was doing and worked out. i had numerous quarterbacks, it was people who could come and throw the ball, whoever. i had the trainer throwing me the ball. you know, really i was just trying to get that time in by myself. now, our former raider is here and has a business worry auctions off a lot of items and there's a lot of cool memorabilia here that helps raise money for special olympics so while were you bidding on your latest item here's what you missed this weekend. >> big chunk of history...
6:56 pm
>> oh! >> he's done it! >> stewart appleby the lowest round in pga history, his 59 wins the greenbriar classic. sanchez didn't win the u.s. senior open he finished 19 strokes back but had one of the best shots of the tournament. his approach shot to the par 4, fourth hole lands on the green and rolls right into the cup for an eagle. remember when the x games were just skateboarding and big air? cars weren't meant to do this. travis hanson's carols off the course inside the l.a. coliseum. nick gives one people reason to watch a game between the orioles and royals. baltimore right fielder lays out for a catch to take away extra bases. the rockies dexter fowler preserved a no-hitter earlier this year. yesterday he leaped at the wall to prehaven't a game tying home run crashed hard and bruised his hips and wrist. left on the a cart. finally every little leaguer can do better than the braves'
6:57 pm
melky cabrera. his throw goes offline into right center. no winner at the infield. the reds ryan hannigan says thank you very much. that's an inside-the-park home run. the hard way. and t.o. and ocho cinco may have some work to do. dave stella of the canadian football league with the best end zone celebration so far playing hackie sack with the football. those are the plays of the weekend. right now our unscientific poll. the raiders or 49ers with the better soon son? 49ers first? >> yeah! whoo! >> oakland raiders? >> yeah!!! >> oh. >> equal. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. [ horn honks, indistinct conversations ]
6:58 pm
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