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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 3, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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cardboard no. delicious yes. . the decision has been made and will not be appealed. at least not yet. what the legal wrangling means for the people who rely on ac transit. a public employee making 350, $400,000 a year i think is is beyond outrageous. >> the city paying that much to one person and how that may pay in this economy is justified. a program that has lost its funding refusing to go by the wayside. howst students involved are making sure the show goes on. there are moris on the road checking drivers. the technology being used and what it will and will not spot many r. the news starts now. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. in. ken and dana are off. a cour ght for east . welcome. i'm allan martin. a court victory tonight for
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east bay with bus bay bus drivers. riders are asking are the sick calls going to stop? ron artest? >> game plan is right. you might as well consider this a game of street chess. first ac transit made a move with the new contract, then the union made the contract with the suit, and today the court made a move. so, tonight, it was a.c. transit's board of directors time to move and their decision just a short time ago was not to move, at least not immediately. >> they didn't make any decision with regard to pursuing the litigation. i have to say that i think the board is suffering at this point from litigation fatigue. >> after three hours of closed door sessions a.c. transit's interim manager says the board won't decide on whether to appeal today's injunction until august 18th. union members are claiming
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victory. after a weekend of deliberation animal a immediate a county judge approved the injunction which blocks the contract a.c. transit imposed on 1700 workers may 17th. >> they must take us back to status quo and wait for the neutral arbitrator to decide. >> decide. >> 592acu. >> obviously we're disappointed. >> reporter: they believe the judge's order reinstates spending that will put the district on the brink of bankruptcy. >> spending at the current level will cause us to spend into a further deficit position of $300,000 a week. >> reporter: the injunction goes if to effect august 10th but it's the riders who will experience the fallout. that's because, by august 29th, just over 7% of the existing bus routes will be reduced in coverage or have their frequency of operation radically reduced. >> so a bus that might come
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every 20 minutes might come every two hours. >> reporter: another cost cutting option is eliminating all weekend bus service. >> the district was black mailing the public. >> reporter: the union says a.c. transit is running a public fear campaign saying it was crippled by a driver initiated sick out. a claim they denied. but tristan freeman who relies on a bus and a crunch to get around says no spend. >> i wait to 40 minutes, i get out to the 57, i have to wait another 40, 55 minutes, a lot of times the buses do not come. they are punishing the people. >> reporter: so listen to some of the sticking points, they want employees to pay part of their health insurance including could pays, they also want to scale back overtime instead of drivers making 2 1/2 times their hourly rate they want that scaled back to time and a half. the union tonight is not commenting on concessions but the bottom line is if the
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district decides to cut bus routes that ultimately will mean layoffs and allen that means a lot of riders are out there without not many options on the street. >> you bet. robert lyles in oakland, thanks. tonight the city of san jose is facing a big decision. how to respond to a union offer aimed at getting laid off firefighters back on the job. 49 firefighters were let go over the weekend and two stations were closed. the union is now proposing cutting pay and benefits to help restore some of those jobs. the offer represents a 5 1/4% cut in net pay. the city had asked for a 10% cut. >> but it doesn't look like it's good enough. >> unfortunately not. i mean our goal really is to be able to at this point hire back all the 49 firefighters that were unfortunately laid off and the proposal they are making is unfortunately very, very far short of what we need to be able to do that. >> another option would be to work with what the union is offering and restore some of the jobs. the city says its working onsetting up a meeting with the
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union for some time this week. a cal under grad was among those killed in pakistan's deadliest plane crash. the oakland tribune says mishadawaood was flying to play in a soccer tournament. she was also in the crew team. all 152 people aboard that plane died in wednesday's crash in stormy weather. of reworkers did find the aircraft's black box over the weekend but they say the decoding to take weeks. you probably heard all about the salary scandal in bell down in southern california, city leaders earning some unusual salaries. that got us wondering how much money bay area leaders are making. dana king shows us some surprising numbers. >> reporter: welcome to san ramon, population 58,000, a small east baytown with nice homes, safe streets, and good schools. now it may have a new claim to fame. the bay area city with one of
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the highest-paid city managers. an informal cbs5 survey of 15 bay area cities finds 10 city managers made more than $200,000 in 2009 and one made a lot more. san ramon city manager earned a hefty $356,000 in 2009. after getting a 10% raise in 2008. >> is he worth it? yes. >> reporter: san ramon's mayor, abrahm wilson, makes the decisions on the city salaries and says city manager herb mo knee deserves his. >> herb has been here for 20 some years, we don't have an assistant city manager. >> reporter: and he says monese is doing a great job. >> we don't have a deficit, we have a reserve, we are not having layoffs, we're not letting our police force go. san ramon is not bell. san ramon is san ramon. >> reporter: but even though the median household income in san ramon is nearly $127,000
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compared to 37130 in bell, this local resident doesn't agree. >> i kind of look at this as sort of the northern california version of the city of bell. >> reporter: john zu koskie is editor of a local blog called around dublin and he said when he found out how much he made. >> i was astounded. i thought it was san ramon. >> reporter: he did his own survey of the valley area. >> the city managers are making 50% more than all their counterparts in the other cities. seems very irresponsible. >> reporter: he is not buying the argument about the well- being because this year san ramon issued a hiring and salary freeze. >> i see kind of an inconsistency there saying everything is rosy. >> reporter: some san ramon residents weighed in. >> in my opinion it's ridiculous. >> seems like a lot of money for running a city. >> reporter: and they say even though san ramon is doing fine
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now fat public employee salaries will become hard to justify in this time of financial uncertainty. >> it's not defensible. to the average tax payer out there who is having a hard time making ends meet, to see a public employee making 350, 400,000 adds year i think is beyond outrageous. >> reporter: he predicts all city governments will happen have to re-evaluate. >> i think every city and county has to sit down with its tax paying constituents and talk about this because salaries and pensions are eating into budgets. >> but the mayor says he is not going to discuss changing his city manager's salary any time soon. >> no, i'm not. and i don't think the council is either. >> reporter: leaving some to fume. >> public service is public service and there needs to be a check and balance on that. >> these people have to learn that, you know, they are dealing with people's money and they should spend it a lot wiser than what they are doing. >> reporter: san ramon's mayor
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says the compensation package in the 75th percentile of comparable nation-wide, meaning a quarter of the city managers make even more. i'm dana king. >> we posted salary data for more than 20 bay area cities, you can visit well convicted for the shooting death of an unarmed passenger in oakland, the first response from his family came today in san jose, what johannes mehserle's father said about his son. something very similar didn't work. why engineers working on that ruptured oil well in the gulf thinks a static kill will work now. >> how a group with a slashed budget refuses to take no money for an answer. . >> warmest day. the warmest day of the week. and when to expect it. i'll pinpoint that for as eyewitne hey resolve stain busters.
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i love running my tongue across my teeth and feeling all the stuff i missed. as long as i get all the stuff i see, it's fine. [ male announcer ] no one really wants plaque left on their teeth. but ordinary manual brushes can leave up to 50% of plaque behind. that's why you want an oral-b power brush. inspired by dental tools, they clean away plaque in ways a manual brush can't. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. today supporting the former bart police officer. . johannes mehserle's father participated in a demonstration today supporting the former bart police officer. the small crowd gathered in san jose. people there said they wanted to show support for bay area law enforcement. mehserle's father said that he doesn't want his son forgotten. >> well we're just out here today, of course we're supporting altogether law enforcement officers in the dangerous job they do,
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certainly supporting my son and, you know, it's a peaceful protest that he was wrongly convicted of the charges and we hope to see that changed when november comes around. >> mehserle's father a says his son is doing as well as anyone would under the circumstances. as promised and on schedule, that is how president obama is describing the schedule to withdraw combat troops from iraq by the end of this month. >> but make no mistake, our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our dim mats. >> 50,000 troops will stay with the mission to train and advise iraqui security forces, they are officiallies dig it dna as non-combat troops. but counter-terrorism operations will be permitted. all-american troops are supposed to leave iraq by the end of next year, that is the
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deal former president bush made with iraq. now tomorrow engineers are gonna test to see if they can plug bp's broken oil well with mud. the static kill method similar to top kill, that one failed back in june, but now that the well is capped crews won't have to try to overcome the force of rushing oil? if things are good they'll spend tomorrow pumping mud. >> we hope and pray every day they'll get it shut down and sealed off for good and we can get back to our livelihood. you know, it will just put a kink in everything. also now the e.p.a. released a study saying the chemicals used to break up the oil are no more toxic than the oil it. some had voiced concern the dispersants were doing more harm than good. inland we have got sun, along the coast a lot of people would like to disperse that fog. >> it's not gonna happen. oh no. today's high temperature 88 degrees right here in the vacaville area as the sun begins to deaccepted and we
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were not able to see that sunset at all along the coast and into the city by the bay. san francisco with a high today of 64, down from the advertised 69, and yes you can barely see the try company manager eye could building this evening due to the marine layer, so we'll have the fog greet you for the morning commute. that blanket cloud, pretty uniform low to mid-50s, here we go, it's your pinpoint forecast. you notice the low clouds and even some patchy fog playing tag with the tri-valley. working its way past concord into pleasant hill. also spinning around towards martinez, it is at 6:14 and none of us will see it. but it will quickly clear out by let's say 8:45 in our inland areas, lunch hour towards the bay. then from san francisco some partial clearing but no clearing north of the golden gate bridge from dillon beach into inverness because of this trough. it's hanging tight to the coast
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kind of like over the bay area keeping a tight lid on that marine layer. 50s tonight for overnight lows, the wind is beginning to dial back out of the west 5 to 10. tonight those winds will be increasing 15 to 20 miles per hour. daytime highs still, um, troublesome along the coast. 50s, few low 60s, we should be at 85 in san jose, instead 79 degrees, should tampa bay low 90s in livermore, instead 87 degrees, slightly warmer inland tomorrow, in fact tomorrow will be the warmest day of this workweek with 80 in sonoma, a pair of 7s in san anselmo. the forecast has called for a cool-down with a deeper marine layer on wednesday and especially thursday. the mild weather pattern will continue all the way through monday. i just had to share this because we're still talking about it b-l-a, b-l-a, eric thank you for your photos, that is a sweep. >> great. >> simple but creative. >> all right roberta, thanks.
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we're getting our first look at the new temporary trans terminal. it will operate for the next seven years what i'll the new terminal is being built. pretty fair bones, not just a terminal, a square lot with electronic signs and can piece to shelter people from the elements, it does have advantages over the old dark dirty terminal. >> we've got a clean site, well- lit, we have better lighting, we have full-time facility manager, and security 24/7. we also have real-time signage, we have tried to add some amenities in there just to make it you know, a better functioning facility. >> well the new place is at howard and main streets, there will be an open house tomorrow to show commuters just how everything works at that new terminal. when life gives you lemons, or in this case budget cuts, you have to make music in order to make movies. how young filmmakers are taking control of their future.
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woolite complete, cleans and cares for all your clothes. . eyewitness news is product to you by quizno's, umm-umm um, toasty. san jose's summer film initiative. this summer, budget cuts meant no money for the . budding spielberg and therein teen o's spent last summer making movies at the summer film initiative. well this year the budget cut funding for that program. so they did what all as spiering teenagers do. they went out and raised money. >> reporter: you're watching a public service announcement dreamed up, produced acted and carried out by high school students. >> but you're 16 years old. what do you know about making movies? >> i think they taught us lots so -- >> reporter: in you think it's a low-quality youtube hack job think again. this is the summer film initiative and of all places the east san jose film district
2:00 am
designed to expose at risk kids to the film industry. >> they are doing something creative where they know they fit into one of these positions, all these different people working on one project it mercedes benz so well that they literally come out of their shell. >> reporter: they spend a few weeks in the summer learning the glamorous and not so glamorous art of film production. and stay out of trouble. what happens when you have a lot of kids with creativity and nothing to do with it. >> shenanigans. a bunch of kids messing around. >> reporter: it was founded last year and the city of san jose funded them $10,000. because of the budget deficit this year they got nothing. instead of sitting ray round moping the program, they decided to do something about it. on this monday night sfi through a benefit fit concert,
2:01 am
local bands donated their time. they would be happy to donate $3,000, nothing by hollywood standards, but a small fortune to hungry eager film producers. >> we didn't want to shut it down and have another failed program, another group of email that is saying "you don't matter." >> reporter: that might be the best lesson in film maiming, no make what, the show must go on. kiet do, cbs5. there are now moris watching for crime. valley police rolled out the new crime cameras, they are mounded right there on top of the police caption. the device is automatically running passing license plate numbers for felonies, kidnapping alerts, officers say these cameras will save them time and free them up to watch for other problems. >> i can go ahead and look out into the roadway an not be distract♪1 th 0 by my computer by also looking at -- for people flagging us down. >> the cameras only watch for crimes listed in the department of justice database and that
2:02 am
does not include your unpaid parking tickets or expired registrations. actor charlie sheen has pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife during an argument but he is not going to serve any jail time. instead, machine was sentenced to 30 days in rehab, 30 days of probation, and ordered to take anger management classes. he has already spent time in rehab once this year. that time could be credited towards his sentence though. >> actress lindsey lohan is also headed to rehab. in fact she is there. she was released from jail after serving 14 days of a 19- day sentence. that was for violating probation in a 2007 drug case, she is going to been rolled in a three-month program for drug and alcohol abuse at ucla medical center, if she breaks any rules a judge could send her right back to jail. the 49ers get physical with an f. and can you name the a's three pitchers who last through three con secretary effective complete games. complete games. you ,,,,,,,,
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giants now trail by two games in the west... . the padres beat the dodgers tonight so the giants now trail by two games in the west. meanwhile the money ball crew was filming at the coliseum. hopefully they shot tonight's game against the royals. rajai davis was the hollywood hero with the two-run blast in the fifth. but he did not get the oscar. that went to that man. trevor kay hill pitched a complete game shutout, the second to do it in consecutive days. his first career shutout, 6-0 is the final. now the last three a's pitchers to record three consecutive games, i'll bet you didn't get that last one, that was in september of 2000. yesterday chicago white sox manager ozzie guillen said that asian baseball players are given privileges not afforded to latino players. >> why we have japanese interpret terse and we know have a spanish one?
2:06 am
i always say that? why they have privilege and we don't? okay we bring a japanese player, they are very good, they bring all the privilege to them. we bring a dominican kid, you go to the minor leagues, and good luck. >> the white sox refuted ozzie's comment in a statement saying "ozzie may not have fully been aware of the industry wide efforts made by major league baseball and its clubs to help our players succeed in the transition to professional baseball no matter the level of play or the country of origin." mike >> you're missing me off with that, let's go. >> mike, the return of the nutcracker drill at 49er training where mike singletary was all business. guard david bosh suffered a mild concussion and did not practice the rest of this day. as for this so-called nutcracker drill. >> you know about the nutcracker drill, you know that in you're walking he is gonna be looking somehow, some way. boom. >> so you gonna jar, you know
2:07 am
what to expect, so it makes it easier. top 5, dolphins rookie travis ivy was left to pick up the team's pads and carry them to the locker room. and number 4 in napa, down goes phrasier, ricky brown lights up michael bennett. talk about nutcracker. number 3, two-time loser, the fan lost the we're, and lost the ball. isn't that terrible? >> oh. >> look at his expression. number 2, indian catcher carlos santana paid a big price trying to block the plate against the red sox. early indication no serious damage to ligaments, indians won the game. birmingham, alabama, atop the 56-foot tall vulcan statue, nothing but net. check the ground level angle. it is now considered the world's longest basketball shot, i always am rather sceptical with the legitimacy of these accomplishments.
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>> we don't believe it for a minute. >> ha ha. >> that's three syllables there. >> you know. people are often underrated. >> ,,,,,,,,,,
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. i bet you anything the oakland a's provided another free beer. >> you want a free beer. >> i heard that brad pitt brought that guy a free beer. >> ha. >>


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