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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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u.s. constitution. two same-sex marriage couples sued in federal court that prop 8 violates their equal protection and due process rights. the 13-day trial featured testimony from gay couples and those on the other side, who argued that the state has an interest in traditional marriage for the sake of families and children. here's how lawyers on both sides summarize their cases back in january. >> it involves the most basic civil rights for a large number of our citizens that have suffered discrimination not only for decades but for centuries. and now i think we are on the cusp of putting behind us as a country that discrimination. >> a same-sex couple can never offer a child both a mother and a father. and that is a reasonable reason for the people to decide to continue to keep marriage as a union between a man and a woman. >> the man issuing the ruling
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is u.s. district court judge von walker a republican appointee. walker is a gay man who never hid his sexuality. neither side believes that the judge's sexual orientation will affect his decision. now, here's the background on this case. in may of 2008, the state supreme court overturned california's ban on same-sex marriage. november 2008 voters passed proposition 8, officially defining marriage as between one man and one woman. and that set the stage for the federal lawsuit. now, no matter how judge vaughn walker rules tomorrow, it is expected that this case will eventually be decided by the u.s. supreme court. and now this reminder to stay with cbs 5 and for coverage of the ruling, which is expected to be released between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. we'll have reaction from both sides. the uproar over supersized salaries for city leaders in bell is prompting changes for other cities. all salaries paid to employees
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and elected official must now be posted. as stephanie abrams reports, state auditors are now poring over bell's books. >> reporter: these people in suits walking into bell city hall are with the state controller's office here for their first meeting that begins the auditing process of how the city of bell has been handling or mishandling their residents' taxes. >> we wonder, where are the tax going? there is no businesses here in the city. people are losing their homes. people are going hungry. [ screaming ] >> reporter: after the city manager, who was making nearly $800,000 a year, resigned, along with his assistant and the chief of police, more and more people have been requesting city records. even the "l.a. times" says their requests have been denied. the city clerk and councilmen would not come out of their office to speak with us. 18-year resident willie aguilar wasn't surprised. >> we don't get anything. it's all need-to-know basis and according to them we don't need to know anything. >> reporter: there are some who support city officials like the
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mayor's long-time friend pedro. >> he's a friend of mine and i believe he is a good person. it really bothers me and i don't think -- it's everybody. >> reporter: as a team from the controller's office exited city hall, angry residents rushed towards them. >> what was going on in there? what did you guys find? any discrepancy? >> reporter: their questions wouldn't be answered today nor would ours as this is just the beginning of an extensive auditing process. >> they are going to say everything is consistent, everything is fine. there is no illegal acts going on but it's a conspiracy between all of them. >> reporter: we have learned that the mayor along with several city council members are here behind closed doors meeting with the auditors at city hall. they do know that we're outside waiting to speak with them. but they have no interest in speaking with us at this time. but we do understand later on this evening they may release a statement. reporting from bell, stephanie abrams, cbs 5. >> you might think the city of bell salary scandal couldn't happen in our own backyard, but an informal cbs 5 survey found
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some surprisingly high public employee salaries here in the bay area, as well. last night, we reported the east bay city of san ramon with a population of just over 58,000 has the highest paid city manager in the bay area. herb moniz earns $356,000 in 2009. that's after getting a 10% raise in 2008. in an interview with cbs 5, san ramon's mayor abram wilson defend the his city manager's salary saying that moniz doesn't center an assistant manager, he has been working for the city for 20 years and is doing a great job. >> we don't have a deficit. we have a reserve. we are not having layoffs. we are not letting our police force go. san ramon is not bell. san ramon is san ramon. >> i kind of look at this as sort of the northern california version of the city of bell. pretty much the city manager all the way down making about 50% more than all the their counterparts in the other cities. seems very irresponsible. >> tri-valley blogger john zukowski isn't the only one
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reacting. we got dozens of comments from viewers. some defending san ramon, many others expressing shock and outrage. we'll give you a taste of that feedback in just a moment. but you can watch last night's entire report, read the viewer comments that continue to pour in on coming up at 6:30, we'll take a closer look at government salaries; specifically, how some state workers in management positions are using furlough days to actually boost their paychecks. yes, how the cost-saving measure is backfiring. it's coming up at the bottom of the hour. dana? well, tonight investigators in the south bay are looking for whoever is behind the decapitation of three goats. the bodies were found in san jose near the entrance to alum rock park. len ramirez reports that they were left out in the open for everyone to see. len. >> reporter: that's right, dana. it caused quite a stir here in the neighborhood when people came across these goats on a popular walking path. and now animal control officers
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are investigating this case as a potential felony case of animal cruelty but beyond that, they are also concerned about the possible satanic ties. >> they found two, three goats died. >> reporter: he led us to the spot along the creek road near doral drive where the gruesome discovery was made. three goats had been slaughtered and stuffed into boxes nair heads cut off dumped into -- their heads cut off and dumped nearby >> >> i don't think they were killed here. >> reporter: home owners in the semi rural neighborhood near alum rock park say the creek is sometimes a dumping ground for trash and even trees become targets for graffiti vandals but this was a first. >> when i got the word that it was not a normal dead animal, i responded to the scene. >> reporter: san jose animal control officers took the case over after neighbors called police sunday morning. >> right now, we are just trying to figure out if this was some sort of ritual or
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someone just really wanted to harm animals. >> reporter: goat heads can be a symbol of satanic worship. animal control took other evidence from the scene but investigators aren't saying what that is. >> i was not scared at the moment. but now when you're investigating, then it might be scary moment. >> reporter: just to give you an idea of where this happened, this is the creek behinded me and wooded but out here is the road and this is where the goats were found. there's a lot of people that use alum rock park for jogging and walking the dog in the morning. so dana, anyone with any information that might have seen something suspicious here over the weekend is asked to call san jose animal control. >> very bizarre. len, thank you. tonight, people all over the united states are leaving their homes in a joint stance against crime. but on this "national night out," people in oakland face the reality of a smaller police force. simon perez has more. >> reporter: looking ahead, these folks are setting up for a night out. now, it's not a night out on
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the town but a "national night out" to talk about how to make oakland a better place to live. >> i could have moved out but my goal and objective and i always believed that oakland is going to move forward. >> reporter: sylvester has lived in oakland for more than 30 years. what would you say to somebody who says, that's it, i give up, i'm moving out? >> well, i would say to them, i would be very honest with you, i would say, no. okay? because i have already from my own personal experience have began to see the movement in the right direction. >> reporter: although he admits that progress comes in fits and starts. lately, neighbors here in the durant park neighborhood near the san leandro border say one step back was dumping 80 officers from the police force. >> i felt real bad about it and i'll be honest with you, i don't really think it's necessary. i didn't think it was the right step. >> reporter: so what's going to get things back on track? the november election for mayor, for one. >> we can go this direction or we can go this direction.
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and it's going to take someone with a leadership to come in here in november and make some changes, because somebody needs to kick the whole city council, the whole progress in its butt in its rear and get things going. >> reporter: lived in oakland for three years and sees potential. is it as bad, oakland, as what it looks like on tv? >> no. i really feel like that the media -- i understand what some of the areas of oakland that have been neglected and the rest of oakland, you know, is really fantastic. >> reporter: he says taking small steps can lead to big results. >> all of us as a community, if we could just change our attitude with the little things like if you see a piece of trash on the street, if you could just pick it up, i'm not ready to give up yet. i really believe in oakland. >> reporter: "national night out" is just that, a national campaign trying to get neighbors to do just this, get out, talk to each other, allen, and try to figure out the best way they can make the neighborhood a safer place to be. >> a good positive message
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tonight. simon perez, thank you. well, as for crime and public safety in oakland we spent close to 10 minutes on this program last night speaking with oakland's police chief anthony batts. we covered everything from the officer layoffs to oakland politics. we put that entire segment on our website and you can check it out by going to mayor gavin newsom announced today that san francisco will restore half of the muni service cuts that took effect earlier this year. meanwhile, the municipal transit agency voted to approve a 5.75% pay increase for muni operators, that increase guaranteed because of a provision in the city charter that assures drivers' pay will be the second highest in the nation. all of the other city worker unions have agreed to paycuts. the measure that will strike the portion of the city charter will appear on san francisco's november ballot. the state of california throwing money into the water? why we all paid for boats that
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were hardly used and why we'll all lose even more money when the state gets rid of them. the electric cars are coming -- with a bit of a shock. what some buyers are surprised to learn. there is only one feeding option for bay area moms at a bay area hospital. coming up. ring adding the new electric chevy volt to your ,,,,,,
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chevy volt to your garage, save a little ext t. if you are considering adding the new electric chevy volt to your garage, save a little extra money for it. online car buying guide reports that dealers are hoping to cash in on the limited number of volts in production with general motors only planning to make 10,000 volts in the first year. edmunds says that some dealers are marking up the suggested retail price by as much as $20,000 bringing the price to $60,000. we checked with bay area dealers and found markups anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000. >> some early adopters of no one. new generations of electric cars are reporting some sticker shock. as juliette goodrich reports, it's not the cost of the vehicle but the charging unit that they will need to stay on the road. >> road.
6:15 pm
>> i'm anxious to get going. >> reporter: tom is looking forward to being one of the first drives of the nissan leaf. >> it's a cost effective car, eliminates environmental problems and is the only one i can buy that isn't exceedingly expensive. >> reporter: it's due out in the fall and he expects to pay about $22,000 for it. but there is something he didn't expect. >> i have recently discovered the cost of the charging station is nearly 10% of the cost of the car. >> reporter: nissan told him the cost of the home charging unit with installation would cost about $2,200. so he asked them to show us the breakdown. nissan says the unit itself costs $780. the rest of the $2,200 is for permits and an estimate of the labor and any materials needed to rewire a garage for the required voltage. >> $2,200 seemed like a lot to me. >> this is where the docking
6:16 pm
station will be. >> reporter: another person is planning to bit new leaf and also thought $2,200 for the charger connection seemed expensive after he bought the new leaf. >> if you are charging twice what it would cost on the open market to install a docking station, then you're gouging. >> reporter: but nissan says you're welcome to use the open market and find your own electrician. or if you have the know-how install it yourself. that won't block a promised government rebate or void your car's warranty. >> i paid less than $75 and about two hours worth of effort to put this in. >> reporter: he has the know- how so he has already extended his 220-volt line to the garage for his new leaf. as for when you're on the road? commercial charging stations will be certified by a handful of companies and agencies. so no need to find just nissan- approved ones. >> i'm still excited about the potential of buying an electric
6:17 pm
vehicle. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> for information about all electric cars and technology, check with the electric auto association. there are at least six bay area chapters. we have them linked online at if you are going to be traveling to mexico, check to see if your flight still exists. mexicana airlines has been canceling flights at airports all across california this week. they announced today they are going bankrupt after failing to reach a new labor agreement with the pilots and the flight attendants. this morning, we found the ticket counter in san jose empty, some passengers rather confused about what to do. we have been here since 3:00 a.m. waiting for them. and then they just told us to be the first ones in line. they haven't showed up. >> the airlines says not all flights to mexico are cancelled so best to check with mexicana airlines before heading to the
6:18 pm
airport. meantime at oakland international airport, new full- body scanners are in operation. they can pinpoint hidden explosives and other contraband. passengers who opt out of being scanned will still have to be patted down. the body scanners are in terminal one which serves alaska, delta and jetblue among other airlines. >> if you have a slow night and you're lonely, go out there. >> i thought you were tossing it to me, lovely night come over to my weather center where it's always hot, ba da bump! get out of here! [ laughter ] >> let's take a look at this now. this is the fog that's been lurking at the coast all day long. currently moving back into the city of san francisco, where today's high temperature only 62 degrees that's down from the average high of 69 degrees. you can see that ceiling is lowering because the tip-top there is 863 feet tall. if you have evening plans, you are out and about, it looks like we do have the fog with
6:19 pm
low clouds. tomorrow morning we are all waking with up gray clouds, official sunrise is at 6:14. and we can't see it there. then the clouds treat back over the bay and to the coast where they linger all day in fact this is a deepening marine layer that's going to bring our temperatures down tomorrow. tonight in the 50s, with the west winds 10 to 20 dialing back after midnight. otherwise upper 50s at the immediate seashore, san jose almost 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. and 76 degrees. jumping up to 83 in morgan hill. east of the bay upper 50s in berkeley with the westerly 10 to 20. wow, up to 84 degrees that will be the outside number towards discovery bay. meanwhile, your north bay numbers, from the upper 50s with no sunshine in stinson beach or dillon beach to 76 degrees in sonoma. low 80s in fairfield. the seven-day forecast is coming up next time around.
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>> thank you. still undecided on whether to breast-feed? one major bay area hospital is only giving you one option. we'll have that in two minutes. a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much d cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on.
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counterfeit goods confiscated on the west coast... in one of the federal agents say it's the biggest case of counterfeit goods confiscated on the west coast, one of the city's prime time tourist areas, too. this video from investigators shows one of eight raids that federal agents staged at shops all around fisherman's wharf. merchants are selling counterfeit purse, jeans, belts, glass. inspectors at the port of oakland found a shipping container filled with 70,000 items that led them to the stores. now, if all this stuff was real, it would be worth $100 million. everyone knows breast- feeding is best for newborns. but many women haven't had much help or guidance in how to do it. now as ann notarangelo shows us, one bay area county is
6:23 pm
offering high-tech help and pushing moms to participate. >> if they seem to be not sleep... >> reporter: new moms wants what's best for their child. >> breast milk is the perfect food. we are humans. we are designed to drink human milk. >> reporter: just about every mom heard that but unless you have ever been one, you might think breast-feeding comes naturally to all the women. it doesn't. >> when i couldn't, i really let myself down and then i felt i let everybody else around me down. >> reporter: moms give up on breast-feeding sometimes with tremendous guilt because they have heard the saying that breast milting reduces infections, diabetes, cancer an obesity. many people think many moms would breast-feed with more support. there is a push throughout contra costa county to advocate for breast cancer. the county has come a way to link moms with a lactation consultants through teleconference. due a routine clinic visit a county doctor who suspects there might be breast-feeding problems can now call up someone like claudia over the internet. with the camera the mom can
6:24 pm
show her the problem. >> baby's mouth to see if the baby is taking -- >> reporter: claudia and a doctor explain a lot of women is give us because it's painful, the baby is losing weight, or a number of other issues. but with this technology they can reach other low income women who might quit. >> to give them resources to hope they will breast-feed longer given the benefits. >> reporter: this lactation consultant says her hospital john muir is starting a year- long process to be designated as a baby-friendly hospital. the goal is 100% breast- feeding. >> no formula or artificial milk is to be given to any baby unless it's medically necessary. >> reporter: a mother can decide not to breast-feed but it must be documented that it was her choice. >> there's a lot of controversy with it. >> reporter: this woman
6:25 pm
suffered guilt when she gave it up. now she believes there is a fine line between support and pressure. >> having the hospital step in and say, you know, everybody has to breast-feed is just a little too strict. >> reporter: both john muir and the county say it's their intention to help moms who want to breast-feed. but the bottom line is to get those little bodies fed. and now there's more help for moms. to find out the natural way doesn't always come naturally. ann notarangelo, cbs 5. right or wrong the idea behind furlough days was to save the state money. so how are some managers turning furlough days into larger paychecks? why the governor's cost-cutting plan backfired. what it can tell us about how the state spends our money. and with the $19 billion deficit, the state has found another way to lose money, why california bought some boats and why they are about to be sold at a staggering loss. ,, ,,
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nobody does pan pizza indistinct conlike your mom. [ male announcer ] red baron pan pizza and pan pasta. pizza with a thick crust that's golden crisp on the outside and light on the inside. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. state's budget bleeding: furlough days for state workers. it was a controversial plan to stop the state's budgets bleeding. furlough days for state workers. but as koula gianulias shows us, those days off don't always save money. in fact, some state workers are turning them into bigger paychecks.
6:29 pm
>> workload has been two, three and even four times as high as normal. >> reporter: california's soaring unemployment rate leads to long hours for edd employees processing checks. but managers here weren't eligible for overtime pay until furloughs kicked in. >> salaried workers had to be brought to hourly status so their wages can be deducted for the furlough. >> reporter: so by changing manager status to cut their pay 15%, the state ended up making them eligible for overtime adding up to $1.6 million. at least 14 of those managers received $10,000 in extra pay according to figures from the state controller. furloughs were designed to save money so how do they end up costing us? >> well, they didn't cost us money. they did save us $2 .8 billion over 17 months. >> reporter: the governor's office defends furloughs because of the overall savings and apparently anticipated some overtime costs.
6:30 pm
>> we instructed departments to use overtime sparingly and to be mindful of the situation with their managers and supervisors. >> reporter: meanwhile, state workers will use the overtime expenses as yet another weapon in their furlough fight. >> it's a system that's been created that doesn't balance out for everybody. in the end the small ones get hurt. >> reporter: moving forward a number of the agencies that racked up over time costs will no longer be furloughed by the governor. in fact inn sacramento, koula gianulias, cbs 5. >> we continue with state money, your money, and the purchase of more than two dozen power boats. >> as mike luery of our sacramento sister station found out, many of them are collecting dust on a government auction lot. and the resale will not be pretty. >> reporter: this jet ski and mother half dozen power boats are hid -- more than half dozen power boats are hidden behind a
6:31 pm
gate checking dust about to be auctioned off, instead of here... on the open water. the state of california paid $271,000 for a total of 32 used watercraft and kept them for only a year. now they are destined for this auction lot. a cbs viewer tipped us off concerned that the government might collect only pennies on the hour. some boaters were also perplexed. >> i have never been a fan of government spending money on stupid things. >> reporter: the government insists they are not doing something stupid but smart policy testing the boats in the laboratory for a full year to measure pollution that escapes when the engines are turned off a big source of smog. the air resource board wants to use the data to create new standards for low emissions vehicles. why not just rent the investigationle or borrow them from willing boaters? >> it's awful expensive experiment. they are more than welcome to test my boat which is already paid for.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: but engineers from the air resources board say they can't do that. >> we had to get a variety of boats so if you're waiting for donations or loans, that's problematic. we need them for up to a period of a year to do the multiple tests on them and we found it was just cheaper to buy them. >> reporter: but $271,000 is significant. especially when the state is $19 billion in the hole. >> so in the scheme of things, it's a relatively small amount of to figure out whether the number 2 source of the emissions in the sacramento valley can be reduced. >> reporter: boaters we talked to had mixed opinions. >> anything that's air resources board is doing as far as working on that i agree with. to be worried about the resale value and lost on that is shortsighted. >> bottom line, waste of money. >> reporter: those boats were all set to be auctioned off next week on august 11 but now the date is pushed back to september 8 giving the state more time to find other agencies that can use the boats
6:33 pm
as replacements. in sacramento, mike luery, cbs 5. parents at a san jose school destroyed by arson are fighting to get sprinklers installed in all school districts. their school trace elementary didn't have them to prevent last month's fire. don fernandez on how their battle and how the district is rushing to get ready for the school year. >> reporter: the $10 million arson fire is forcing san jose unified school district officials to scramble. school opens in two weeks. 24 portable classrooms have to be set up and others refurbished. >> from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every weekend and the community supporting this, i mean, with the labor that's going on with the construction and the community really knowing that this is for the children in order for them to be able to start school on august 16. >> reporter: the portables will be used until main building
6:34 pm
destroyed in the fire will be built. it didn't have fire sprinklers. the district hopes to rebuild here in two years and the new building will likely have sprinklers. but the question, who will pay for them? the school's insurance could cover it. but if it doesn't? >> it can be very expensive on, you know, the school district that brought sprinklers in. you know, we don't know where those dollars would come from. >> reporter: help is coming in from all over the community. >> there was a teacher who said i lost everything and a woman who i haven't seen before in the store said what happened, she said my classroom caught on fire. she said go choose anything in the store and i'll buy it for you. >> reporter: a local bookstore is offering a 20% discount for people buying and donating books to the school. later it will give the school and additional 20% in books. meanwhile, fire investigators still don't know who started the fire. in san jose, don fernandez, cbs 5. all right. america knows it has a problem
6:35 pm
but can't seem to do anything about it. how many americans are no officially obese? and the soaring price tag for all of us that comes along with that extra weight. and your childhood science knowledge takes another heartbreaking blow. that lovable triceratops preyed upon by big mean nasty tyrannasaurus may never have existed. guess who is catching on in oakland. his new commitment to excellence is coming up. ,,,,
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you.
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for more stories, visit chopper five is over a freight tr jumped the tracks some of breaking news from the east bay here. chopper 5 is now over this freight train apparently that jumped the tracks in emeryville station. this is just about a mile west of the amtrak station and as you can see from chopper 5 there, a couple of those larger containers are on their sides
6:38 pm
right near the tracks. service on the capitol corridor has been affected. passengers being told to use bart to get around the incident and then get back onto the trains. well, crews working on the gulf oil spill are optimistic they could plug up that blown- out well as early as tomorrow afternoon. crews began a static kill procedure today. that process involves pumping heavy mud down the broken well head. eventually it will be filled with cement to form a permanent seal. officials say crews will then build a relief well nearby to finish the job. the nation's obesity epidemic is growing worse. in just two years, nearly 2.5 million more americans admit that they are tipping the scales in a big way. joe vazquez weighs the cost. reporter: boy, oh, boy! the bad news is big. big as in bellies. >> i think it just has to do with the diet that we have here in america. >> i think laziness, it's the
6:39 pm
american way. >> reporter: a new federal report reveals roughly 27% of all americans, that's nearly one in three adults, is now obese. compare that to a decade ago when only one in five was fat. >> it's not good news and it reflects big changes that have happened, culturally, in terms of how we grow our food and the amount of exercise and all of that, that we don't get because of technology. >> reporter: those most at risk, minorities and adults who did not graduate from high school. at one point there was hope the trend would go the other direction. back in 2001, the u.s. surgeon general issued a public health challenge that by 2010, this year, no more than 15% of americans would be obese. not a single state, not even california, has met that goal. obesity, of course, is a major public health problem. it leads to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. these diseases cost a bundle, nearly $150 billion a year in
6:40 pm
direct medical costs. >> obesity rates are going up. i don't know how to change it. >> reporter: federal health officials say there are six things we can all do immediately to reduce or prevent obesity. get up and move. breast-feed your infants. eat more fruits and vegetables. spend less time in front of the computer or tv. cut down on high calorie snacks. and cut out the sugary drinks. >> you should go out there and exercise, do something. >> reporter: in addition, they say communities, businesses and schools should jump on board and adopt policies that promote biking, walking, and healthier eating. joe vazquez, cbs 5. all right. ahead, these aren't just jobs for the taking. you want to be a clown? you got to audition. clowns, funny, nothing funny about this stuff right here because it's dragging down our temperatures. the coolest day of the week is still ahead as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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away and join the circus, listen up! the circus held clown auditions in san francisco today. jennifer mistrot shows us how being a clown, though, is serious business. >> reporter: it's the first stop on the way to the big top. >> whoo! >> welcome to the clown auditions for ringling brothers barnum & bailey. >> whoo!! >> reporter: over a dozen clown hopefuls are jumping into the ring. >> things like juggling, things like slaps and falls, those are all things you can learn. but what i'm looking for is the desire. >> reporter: it seems like "american idol" but david kaiser insist he is no simon cowell. he says the judges are looking for raw talent and individuals who express themselves in a huge way. >> i create it with my entire body. >> reporter: it is a whole body experience. these auditions are about improv and comedic timing.
6:45 pm
>> it takes a long time to learn what it means to be a clown. it takes life. it takes experience. >> reporter: a lifetime of experience, many here willing to put into clowning. most people trying out today have been to clown school and are professional clowns. they know ringling brothers will be offering fewer than 10 jobs. >> i would love them all to feel like they have nothing to lose here today, like they are not hopeful of having a job with the greatest show on earth. i'd like them to just come at it free, open and give me 100% of their fun. throw... throw... throw... [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. you're hired! i'm a clown! >> odds here, evens there. >> reporter: no chance of that. this reporter won't be joining the circus anytime soon. in san francisco, jennifer mistrot, cbs 5.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
first they told us pluto wasn't a planet! now more bad news. one of the most lovable recognizable dinosaurs may go the way of that the dinosaur. triceratops, prey of bigger nastier dinosaurs, turns out triceratops may not really be a dino species after all it was a young tour rasaurus. think of them as a triceratops with much less pronounced nose horn. get it tauro like a bull lizard. they think as the beast aged the horn was essentially reabsorbed into the skull. >> can't they just let us have our memories? >> what about to the horned toad? >> looks like that. >> in a small diminutive kind of way. got the horns happening. >> i'm from the desert. >> clearly. 109 degrees here in palm springs. look at the picture right there. official sundown is at 8:16. you are not going to see it at the coast shrouded in fog as we can clearly see. low clouds and fog will continue to deepen tonight and therefore that cooler air mass that's running aloft is going to usher onshore and bring down all of our temperatures for your wednesday. so the bottom line, if you are out and about this evening, you do need a jacket if you're anywhere near the bay or the coastline. temperatures quickly tumbling into the 50s there. otherwise, low clouds and fog beginning to move into the bay. but we still have some very mild temperatures inland. also we are going to be out and about tonight you have time to head out to the oakland coliseum where oakland as are playing host to the kansas city royals. my favorite reliever: >> i'm brad ziegler, i'm telling you right now, there's a lot of high pressure, clear
6:48 pm
skies, gusts up to 15, it's a gorgeous day for baseball so come out to the park and watch us play. >> brad ziegler my reliever for weather next time around! thanks, brad, great job there. we do have high pressure key component but you see that shield, it's the marine layer. and it will continue to deepen to roughly 2,000 feet deep so tomorrow's temperatures coming down after tonight's lows in the 50s. winds lighten up out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow's daytime highs unseasonably cool in san jose, where we should be at 85. instead 76 degrees there. should be at 83 in santa rosa but only 72. low 80s in throughout the tri- valley. 65 degrees in oakland which by the way we have the oakland as annual rootbeer float day. come out and join the players as they begin scooping ice cream to raise money for juvenile diabetes. it begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning. anything to raise money for a
6:49 pm
good cause. there is the extended forecast. we have, boy, persistent weather pattern unseasonably cool conditions, check out friday's temperatures. only topping off in the upper 70s. so no dog days of summer. only bobcat days of summer. yeah, this was sent in by georgio and keep the photos coming to >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00, fewer cops, more people afraid to go out. now neighbors in one east bay city are taking matters into their own hands. what they are doing to keep their families safe. they stop filming at the coliseum. and can you tell me where you have heard this before? we're next. ,,
6:50 pm
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favre is retiring from the nfl. problem is... no one talking news broke this morning that brett favre is retiring from the nfl. problem, no one talking about it has heard directly from favre or his agent. [ laughter ] >> it's fluid. we text back and forth all the time. i'm not aware of that. >> i don't know where the reports came from but he
6:53 pm
certainly hasn't said that to me. >> this is ridiculous. favre reportedly broke the news some teammates and some vikings official. his injured ankle hasn't responded well from surgery. a former teammate now with the 49ers isn't buying favre's latest retirement story. >> i tried to guess it, i try to predict what he is going to do. i couldn't do it. but i'm thinking there's still a lot of football to be played in the preseason and get that over with. and i don't think it's going to be over until like the last game of preseason. he will come back -- he already knows the system. >> i'm with you. i am with you 100%. two key players to the success or failure of the 49ers and raiders will be last year's first-round draft choices. and whose chances to you like better michael crabtree or dhb? >> whatever he throw at me i'm ready for it. >> reporter: the 49ers believe that michael crabtree is ready for a lot more. for the offense to take off they need him to play like the
6:54 pm
elite receiver they drafted him to be even after a lengthy contract holdout, crabtree was able to deliver as a rookie. >> what he accomplish last year was great. and very few individuals can pull that off. >> reporter: the expectations are just as highs across the bay for darrius heyward-bey. the raiders top pick of 2009 came three spots before crabtree. he did not show the same promise in his rookie campaign. both played 11 games as rookies. while crabtree led all rookies in receiving yards per game, dhb made just nine catches. new year, new man, new numbers. >> i just decided to change t12 wasn't me. >> reporter: perhaps a new quarterback will lead to better results. already jason campbell has inning pressed the silver and black with his focus. >> you know, for him to be in mightings get the extra timed, he is dedicated to winning.
6:55 pm
if your quarterback is like that, team has to follow. >> reporter: heyward-bey has been committed to excellence. >> we want to be a great team. we don't want to be just good. everybody is working towards that purpose. >> i got to say both guys seem like really nice people. which second year receiver will have a better season crabtree or lay ward heyward-bey? vote on be the first reader of my blog this week. the former cleveland cavalier who bolted to the miami beach bought a full page newspaper ad in the akron beacon journal where he thanked the people of his hometown no mention though about the city 6 cleveland. complete games are relatively rare in baseball today because of the so-called pitch count era where managers pull their pitchers if they threw too many. not since the days of billy ball have the as done this. last night trevor cahill his first complete game shutdown
6:56 pm
joining gonzalez and braden in consecutive complete games and then he can make it four straight tonight. the last time was in 1982 when steve mccaddy, rick langford and two others did it. in 1980 billy martin didn't go to the bullpen in nine straight games. that's the oakland record. the movie "money ball" is wrapping up at the coliseum this week, the filming. the film tells the story of billy beane's success despite a small budget. everybody knows he is played by brad pitt but we are scratching our heads over the assistant and art howell. did they cast this thing in a dark room? huh? >> what are you saying? >> does howell look like phillip seymour hoffman? >> no. >> i have acted before and i'm outraged that i did not receive a call. >> i think you'reacting right now. >> do you have a clip, please?
6:57 pm
>> go on, back off! >> what is this? >> what's going on here. >> it's a woman. >> i saw you in there. >> i told you i could act. >> it was brilliant. >> and the fact that the casting director has not called me is -- is absolutely -- >> you know, you were perfect. you looked totally clueless. [ laughter ] >> one of these guys is henry tannenbaum another local reporter. >> dh b-1 00%, crabtree zero. spoken like a true raider fan. >> don't go there. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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