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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 4, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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good afternoon to you. thanks for joining us. i'm juliette goodrich. it is another landmark day in the battle over gay marriage. just a short time from now, a federal judge in san francisco will issue his ruling on whether proposition 8 i constitutional. it will be released between 1:00 and 3:00 today. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: nothing is going on at the courthouse here. we are waiting for it to be released electronically. it's going to be released on the court's website. and, of course, we'll have that for you immediately on our website, but a lot of people's lives, they say, hanging in the balance as we wait for word. >> it's very emotional. >> reporter: vanessa and maria might be married by the end of the day. >> either way, the outcome today, we are still going to have a celebration of our union in four days. >> reporter: that commitment
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ceremony was already planned. but now with the ruling coming down, that ceremony just might mean something more. >> it would definitely complete it because i know in my heart i'm married to her and just seeing everything legally say single, it hurts me. >> reporter: they are one of thousands of same-sex couples waiting for the outcome of a landmark federal case on the constitutionality of california's prop 8, banning same-sex marriage. >> it's a shame that they are trying to overturn the will of seven million california voters who have spoken twice on this. and marriage is a reality that can only be recognized by the state. >> reporter: but today's ruling could change everything. >> this will be a federal court ruling on whether a majority of voters can take away a right from one minority group that the voters keep for themselves. that has never been allowed in the history of our country. >> that's absurd. the consequences is it
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redefines marriage for everybody. it would be taught in the schools that marriage has no relationship between children and families and mothers and fathers and that's something that is bad for society. >> reporter: whatever the judge decides, there will be appeals. prop 8 supporters have already filed for a stay of the ruling until their appeal can be heard. the case will likely eventually make it to the u.s. supreme court. if there is a small window of time where marriages are allowed, vanessa and maria are headed to straight to city hall. if not, the ceremony on sunday will have to do for now. >> because i want to in front of our family and friends and in front of god to witness how much i love maria and how serious i am about being committed to one person for the rest of my life. >> yes. >> reporter: again, the appeals process is expected to be very long on this case even after the ruling is issued. and it could be interesting because right now california's
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attorney general, jerry brown, is not defending prop 8. but depending who is elected into these positions the governor and attorney general in november, more state resources could be used eventually to defend prop 8. that will be interesting. there can be a measure to overturn prop 8 on the ballot in 2012, juliette. >> anne, so we'll be waiting for this announcement between 1:00 and 3:00. we are not going to hear from the judge. it's going to be handed down electronically. >> reporter: i believe he will make some commentary but it will be written like an email and posted on the court's website which of course we are going to have on >> absolutely. anne makovec in san francisco, anne, thank you very much. in another news now it remains a bizarre mystery this afternoon. investigators in san jose are trying to track down some animal killers. three decapitated goats were found sunday just outside an entrance to alum rock park. the goats' bodies had been stuffed into boxes and their severed heads were nearby. animal control is trying to
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determine a motive. >> right now, we are just trying to figure out if this was some sort of ritual or someone just really wanted to harm the animals. >> investigators hope someone driving or jogging around alum rock might have seen some unusual activities over the weekend. san jose has always had an uneasy relationship with pot clubs. it has no zoning for marijuana sales. and earlier this year it cracked down on some clubs. but matt bigler shows us the city now has a proposal to tax marijuana dispensaries and tax they will big. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of the san jose candice buyers collective in san jose. it was the first pot club to open up in the city a year ago, the san jose cannabis collective. they voted to put a measure on the ballot that would taxes places like this up to 10% for any of their business transactions. it would be one of the highest
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pot tax in the bay area. now, i have talked to the operator of this club, dave hodges. he said that the 10% tax is way too high that it could backfire on the city driving his patients to other cities or back to the street to buy cheaper pot. also want to mention that the san jose city council also put two other measures on the november ballot binding arbitration reforms and pension reforms, hoping to save a little money there. both measures are likely to be opposed by labor forces here in san jose. i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. the federal government is now looking into oakland's decision to allow large-scale facilities for growing medical marijuana. according to the tribune, the drilling enforcement administration wanted -- the drug enforcement administration wanted copies of the ordinance and the timeline. medical marijuana is not legal under federal law. but attorney general eric holder has said individuals who use medical pot are a low
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priority. a much-needed donation today to a san jose elementary school destroyed by an arsonist. trace elementary school burned on july 5. like most schools in the san jose unified school district, there were no sprinklers in the classrooms. today the san jose firefighters burn foundation is donating $5,000 to the school to help with the recovery effort. meanwhile, crews are working to get portable classrooms in place for the start of school, which is on august 16. negotiators with san jose and the city's firefighters will meet this afternoon to discuss the union's latest proposal. it comes just days after 49 firefighters were laid off. the union's new offer includes a two tier retirement pay structure in which benefits would differ for newly hired firefighters. but the union's pay reduction offer remains at 5.25%, that's far short of the 10% the city is asking. san francisco giants outfielder nate schierholtz says he will stick by his
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brother and support him in getting counseling that needs. 23-year-old cainan schierholtz was arrested sunday morning in danville following a series of hit-and-run collisions that injured four people. he is still in jail. nate schierholtz said he didn't learn about the arrest until that night. he tells the "san francisco chronicle" his younger brother's actions are "irresponsible." there is a new warning to anyone considering enrolling at a for-profit college. here's why. an undercover government investigation of 15 schools found virtually all career or vocational colleges run by private companies made misleading statements to prospective students. for example, admissions counselors were videotaped telling applicants they would not have to pay back student loans and they would earn far greater salaries than they would likely receive upon graduation like this pitch to an applicant in a barber program. >> 600 a day and that's just all the [ indiscernible ] some
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students who are making maybe $600, maybe $1,000 a day. >> these colleges don't appear to have any enrollment standards. and cost appears to be irrelevant because the federal government is paying for the vast majority of this. >> the report also found some schools encourage students to commit fraud to qualify for government loans. despite high tuition cost, attendance at for profit schools has soared in recent years. was it an attempt on his life? the iranian government denying reports of assassination attempts on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. some good news in the gulf coast. the operation to choke off the oil well seems to be working. i'm joel brown in venice, louisiana, the latest coming up. good afternoon, tracy humphrey here outside of the oakland as coliseum where today they are taking on the kansas city royals.
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coming up i'll let you know how much sunshine they will v plus cbs 5 is here to raise money for the juvenile diabetes foundation. i'll let you know which kpix personalities are here today double scooping it. that's all coming up. ,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california.
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the target of an assassination the target of an assassination attempt today. reports from iran say president mahmoud ahmadinejad was the target of an assassination attempt today. but the iranian government denies it. the president was waving to supporters when somebody exploded. bodyguards quickly shielded him. initial reports said it was a homemade grenade. but now iran's state news agency says the explosion came from a firecracker set off by
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an excited fan. progress in the gulf. bp says the static kill to plug the damaged well for good is in fact working but joel brown shows us, many who live in the area are still skeptical. reporter: the mud pumped from this ship down into the top of bp's ruptured well is holding back the oil. crews began the static kill operation tuesday afternoon and bp reported early this morning that it's working. >> the long battle to stop the leak and contain the oil is finally close to coming to an end. >> reporter: teams on board the q4000 are keeping a close eye on the well's pressure and waiting to hear whether engineers want them to start pumping in the mud. they will have to complete the relief well. >> the static kill will increase the probability that the relief well will work but the whole thing won't be done until the relief well is completed. >> reporter: gulf coast communities bearing the brunt of this disaster welcome the
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static kill news but they are skeptical about today's other big headlines that most of the oil from the spill is already gone. >> i think the oil is still there. yeah, maybe they have a lot of it up but a lot of it is still there. >> reporter: government scientist say three-quarters of it is gone. >> we have launched the largest response, almost 7,000 vessels, more than 40,000 people and i think what the sign scientists are telling us is it made a difference. >> reporter: they say what's left is so diluted it doesn't pose a threat. even with a quarter of the leak in the water that's more than 50 million gallons of crude. joel brown, cbs news, venice, louisiana. coming up next, high-tech help for bay area women trying to breast-feed. it's part of a bigger push to get more moms to do it. but is it going too far? ,, ,,,,
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haven't had much help or guidance on how to do it. now, as ann notarangelo shows us, one bay area county is offering high tech help, and pushing more moms to participate. for decades new mothers have been encouraged to breast- feed. ann notarangelo shows us one area is pushing more moms to participate. >> reporter: new moms want what's best for their children. >> breast milk is the perfect
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food. we are designed to drink human milk. >> reporter: just about every mom has heard that but unless you have ever been one you might think breast-feeding comes naturally to all women. it doesn't. >> i was going to be the perfect mom and thought breast- feeding was part of that. when i ruptured a disk in my back during childbirth it wasn't an option. >> reporter: but mothers valiantly set out to breast- feed for at least six months hearing studies that it reduces infections, diabetes, cancer and obesity. >> clearly, there is a push throughout contra costa county to advocate for breast-feeding. >> reporter: the county has coming one a way to link new moms with a consultant through a teleconference. during a routine clinic visit a county doctor who suspects there might be breast-feeding problems can now call up someone like claudia over the internet. with a camera, the mom can show her the problem. >> the baby's mouth... >> reporter: claudia and the doctor explain a lot of women just give up because it's
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painful, the baby's losing weight, or a number of other issues. but with this technology they can reach more low income women who might otherwise quit. >> so we help them with the information and resources and support that they need to continue on with the hope that they will breast-feed for longer given all of its medical benefits. >> reporter: lactation consultant statecy says her hospital john muir is starting a year-long process to be designated as a baby-friendly hospital. the goal is 100% breast- feeding. >> no formula or artificial milk is to be given to any baby unless it's medically necessary. >> reporter: a mother can decide not to breast-feed. but it must be documented that it was her choice. >> there's a lot of controversy with baby-friendly. >> reporter: nikki says she suffered a lot of guilt when she gave it up. now she believes there is a fine line between support and pressure. >> having the hospital step in and say, you know, everybody has to breast-feed is just a little too strict.
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>> reporter: both john muir and the county say it's their intention to help moms who want to breast-feed but the bottom line is to get those little bodies fed. and now there's more help for moms to find out the natural way doesn't always come naturally. in martinez, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. how about a little baseball? a little rootbeer float? good cause. and tracy, with our weather. she is there at the oakland coliseum. hey, trace. i'm lonely without you. >> hey, juliette. we are outside the coliseum. a lot of people joined the oakland as taking on the kansas city royals day game. but we have some cbs 5 personalities here earlier today and they were doing something completely different. they were scooping it up serving rootbeer floats at the oakland as 11th annual rootbeer float day. we had roberta gonzales, lawrence karnow, sharon chin, even had dave stewart and rickey henderson signing autographs and all of the money raised today will go towards
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the juvenile diabetes research foundation. 10 what a great cause. i had the opportunity to be out here today. now let's talk about your day. what's going on weather-wise? kicking things off in san jose, we have a little bit of haze out there and some sunshine. and we also have another shot for you and this is a little closer to san francisco, looking out towards the bay bridge where we have more clouds. but sunshine is definitely on the way. here's a look at some of your bay area temperatures today. we'll start down in the south bay with 84 degrees today in morgan hill, 73 sunnyvale, 71 redwood city, cool at the coast with plenty of clouds expected. 68 degrees in hayward. 69 degrees in union city. other parts of the bay area, the east bay, mid-80s in antioch or brentwood? sunshine expected. lower 60s in berkeley. mid-60s in oakland. upper 70s in san ramon, walnut
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creek and also in pleasant hill. north bay locations, 70 benicia in vallejo. mid-70s in napa, sonoma, santa rosa. 72 novato. the lower 60s in sausalito and in san francisco. our seven-day forecast, we are cooling off today. we remain cool thursday and if you were looking and hoping for a warmup, you are out of luck. friday, saturday, sunday monday and tuesday, temperatures remain in the lower 80s. that's going to be well inland. lower 60s around the bay. and the upper 50s along the coastline. so it is unseasonably cool but juliette, outside here in oakland, it is a beautiful day. >> it is. >> to take in a ballgame. >> rain or shine, rootbeer floats are the best. thanks to our crew out there. did you get one? >> no. but as soon as i'm done doing the weather i'm going to run inside and see if they will hold one for me. >> and as are going to win, yes? >> of course! >> have a good one, thank you,
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well today's tip of the day is broccolini. i know it's summertime and this is available year round but it's so good. and loaded with nutritional value. let's talk about selection.
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when you buy it, just like this. nice and green. the top like broccoli. little bit of purple is okay. but what you want to do make sure there is no yellowing whatsoever. make sure the stalks are green and the straighter the better. that's also very, very important. and squeeze it. when it's squeaky, it's fresh. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away, open up the bag so they can breathe. and par boil them, take a sliver out at a time like this hold on a second. let me get this out. okay. par boil them put them on the grill. a few minutes like asparagus with the broccolini. it tastes delicious. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. and one of my favorite names of all vegetables, is broccolini! sounds so cool. >> all right. thanks, tony. coming up tonight at 5:00, we have team coverage on the prop 8 ruling, also how one woman who was tied to a bed during a home invasion was actually able to use her toes to get help.
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that and much more at 5:00. finally this afternoon, we want to show you a look at a newborn lion cub at the odessa zoo in the ukraine. so cute. the cub was abandoned by her mother right after birth so zoo workers have actually pitched in to take care of her. so far, though, she doesn't have a name. the zoo is now holding a contest to name the cub and she will not be released back into the wild. hey, that's it for us on this edition of cbs 5 news at noon. next news is at 5:00. see you soon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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