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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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decision is overturned on appeal? >> reporter: judge vaughn walker overturned proposition 8 because he says it violates the u.s. constitution equal protection laws the idea that laws apply to everyone in the same way. >> whether a person can marry someone shouldn't depend on whether a person is male or female. if somebody lost sally they should be able to marry sally whether they are joe or sue son. >> reporter: a law professor was one of dozens of legal experts to criticize prop 8. >> the problem with the prop 8 proponents case is that they really relied on religion and morality, and the constitution does not allow some moral views to be the basis for denying other groups rights. >> reporter: here are some of the arguments judge walker made. banning same-sex marriage exists as an artifact of a time when the genders were seen as having distinct roles in society and in marriage. that time has passed. domestic partnerships do not provide the same social meaning as marriage. that the majority of
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california voters supported proposition 8 is irrelevant. as fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote. tradition alone cannot support legislation. the prop 8 campaign was based on a desire to advance the belief that opposite sex couples are morally superior to same-sex couples. both sides said they planned to appeal judge walker's ruling so it's likely this will go to the ninth circuit court of appeals and then on to the supreme court of the united states. whether to allow same-sex marriages to continue in the meantime with the potential they could be reversed is a tough call. >> in this ping pong battle over same-sex marriages, to have a set of legal rights one day and nah family and to have the rights taken away the next day and given back the next day and taken away again is very unstable. that's the kind of instability the law cannot tolerate. >> reporter: so a big day here at the federal court building in san francisco. judge vaughn walker overturns proposition 8 saying it violates the u.s. constitution's right to due
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process and to equal protection. same-sex marriages will not be resuming at least until friday when judge walker holds a hearing and lastly, juliette, as you mentioned, this is not nearly the end. there's almost a virtual certainty that there will be an appeal to the u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals. >> thank you, same-sex marriage. the initial word of the ruling created confusion. joe vazquez in san francisco city hall where same sex couples did rush in to try to get their marriage licenses. joe. >> reporter: when the ruling came out in the initial notes was confusing. it wasn't clear when same-sex marriages would be able to resume. that's when one couple rushed down to see if they could find out what would happen if they applied. >> it was a race again time, they rushed to city hall to get
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married. >> they weren't expecting us to be here rushing and asking for marriage license. >> when you get a decision like that, why not? >> reporter: just six months ago, they had come here asking for marriage forms. and a clerk told them no. this time it was different. >> today it wasn't i'm sorry you could hold on for a minute while i get paperwork? >> what went through your mind? >> i said this could be the day. this could be the day. >> the decision wasn't formally published people lined up at city hall. >> reporter: the mayor held an emergency meeting with representatives from the city attorney's office to city if same-sex marriages should go forward. >> i was calling back east to some of the folks that i know in the boies law firm. what's your opinion on this? i need to tell them what to do. somebody got the stay and we stopped. >> reporter: nine minutes after the initial ruling, at 2:09, the judge issued that second statement putting gay marriages
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on hold for now. the clerk told vanessa and maria they wouldn't be getting married. >> they told us there is a hold. >> reporter: what went through your mind at that moment? >> i was like we're nine minutes late. >> it was a slight disappointment not complete disappointment. the main thing is equality for all. that's what was granted. this is the little bump in the road. >> reporter: they plan to get married to follow through with their plans anyway to get married on sunday. it just won't be recognized by the state, of course. now, as for when gay marriages will resume, nobody knows as simon pointed out. the mayor says he thinks it will be at least months. so everyone here is waiting to see. >> we are assured that the appeals process will go quickly. how quickly we don't know. joe vazquez, thank you. we want to hear now from the bay area couple who was part of this lawsuit. also those people not happy with the judge's ruling. sherry hu has that part of the
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story for you was. >> reporter: well, juliette, against a backdrop of eight american flags, the plaintiffs two same-sex couples, their two attorneys and san francisco city attorney walked on the stage and as one of them put it today the justice system worked. the couple has been together for a decade each and can't get married because of prop 8. today's decision brings them a step closer to change. >> this decision says that we are americans, too. we too should be treated equally. our family is just as loving, just as real and just as valid as everyone else's. >> we're not here to change the world. equality is something that our nation has always been about. we read about it in school. our ancestors came to this country in search of it. well, this decision today brings paul and i... [ pause ] >> and so many others like us [ crying ] closer to that equality too. >> reporter: and, of course, there is also the other side.
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the supporters of prop 8 say this is not the end of the fight to uphold the will of the people for traditional marriage. >> this is judicial tyranny of taking away the rights of the voters to define the foundation of society. marriage between a man and a woman. >> it's kind of expected from a judge that is pro sodomy and some people say he is a sodomite. so it's not a surprise for us that he ruled in favor of sodomy. >> reporter: the california republican party has this to stay. it's firm in its support of traditional marriage and looks forward to the matter being resolved in a higher court. the attorneys for the plaintiffs say they are ready to go and they are eager to move through the courts as quickly as possible. >> all right, sherry hu, thank you. well, you heard the
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california republican party statement. as for california's republican governor, arnold schwarzenegger released a statement praising the ruling. the last line of which reads, "today's decision is by no means california's first milestone nor our last on america's road to equality and freedom for all people." now, if you would like to read the judge's ruling in its entirety, you can go to our website, and we are going to have more on the decision coming up at 6:30 tonight. we'll be joined by a law professor who opposed prop 8 as well as a supporter of prop 8 who actually helped draft the defense of marriage act. both sides reaction to the ruling right here coming up at the bottom of the hour. on any other day, it would be a headline story. but not tonight. oakland mayor ron dellums announcing this afternoon that he will not run for re-election in november. he made the announcement in private this afternoon to a few staff members then released a statement to the public. there are no specifics as to why he is not running other
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than "it's time to pass the baton to the next generation of leadership." the reception has put tremendous demand on bay area food banks. almost more than they can handle in fact. why those same food banks are about to face an even bigger challenge. and it's the dig to speed up the caldecott commute. taking scientists on a trip back through time. what they found in the east bay hills. i'm len ramirez at candlestick park where there is a big football game on tonight, but it's not the 49ers. just ahead, find out who these fans have been waiting in line for hours to see.
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stimulus funds were a windfall for social programs that w all over the country, federal stimulus funds were a windfall for social programs that were struggling. now the federal funds are about to run out. and as ann notarangelo reports, an east bay food bank that feeds hundreds every week could shut down. reporter: there is a line and a wait for food but child care provider rachel gibson relies on tri-valley volunteers, inc., to get by. >> this really comes in handy. having this place to come to for food, i have grandchildren that i take care of during the day. >> inside you have basic staples. >> reporter: she is here to pick up a box like this with crackers, tuna, soup and spaghetti. she can stretch this food for a week. in may the alameda county community food bank started this supplemental food program at 12 locations spending $340,000 of one-time federal stimulus money. they started feeding 75 people a
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day, and now reaching 300. each month this pantry feeds 9,000 families. they might get a stimulus box if they qualify twice a month. september 30, the federal stimulus money runs out and the program could abruptly end. >> this program has been very vital. it's picked up a lot of momentum since it started in may. it's just getting bigger and bigger every month and, you know, it's going to be taken away or very likely to be taken away at a time when economic recovery is unsubstantial from where we stand. >> i will miss it a lot because i depend on it now and my grandkids aren't going to go away but the food is going to go away. >> reporter: this is going to happen to social programs across the country as stimulus money dries up. >> there is a big divide between what congress sees versus the reality is.
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i wish a congress person would stay in line and see people who are here who have jobs but can't afford to feed their families. >> if that goes away, people aren't going to get less hungry. we are not going to turn people away but we are going to have to come up with other means. >> reporter: but resources are limited, even if the demand seems not to be and the stimulus money hasn't lasted long enough to see people through the tough times. >> we have a great need here especially with the closing of the nummi plant. the need will increase when these people go off unemployment. >> reporter: rachel got her box. but when day-to-day existence is in question, it can be painful to watch the solution tackled one box at a time. in fremont, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. a large group of bay area voters wanted an alternative to pg&e. now they have it. as john ramos shows us, a little extra cost is not discouraging people from
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signing up. >> reporter: for north bay cities like san rafael, going green is about power. literally. eight cities in the county of marin have joined to create the marin energy authority which under state law has the power to buy power for citizens from cleaner renewable sources. >> we have been able to double the amount of renewable content in the supply in marin county while keeping costs competitive with the utilities. >> reporter: in may the marin clean energy program began purchasing energy from its customers from at least 25% renewable sources like solar or wind. that's about twice the renewable content of pg&e's power. and for a little extra, they say about 5 bucks a month, customers can opt for a 100% renewable energy to be purchased. the authority says support for the deep green option has been remarkable and they have had to buy more to meet demand.
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>> 5% of all marin clean energy customers are choosing that deep green product. >> virtually everyone i talked to said they are in favor of green energy but there is skepticism about the program. >> i think it's laudable but the county is too small to do it. it needs to be taken on by a much larger entity or county. >> 100% renewable source? well, i'll sign up. of course, if they're honest. >> reporter: you seem doubtful that they are. >> a little bit. >> reporter: one point of contention is the fact that customers are being automatically switched to the new program and it's their responsibility to opt out if they want to stay with pg&e. the interim director of the program says it's hard to get people to take action and if it wasn't automatic, programs like this could never be implemented. residents have mixed feelings about that. >> well, i have concern always when there's changes that you have to opt out of because someone else is making decisions for you.
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>> it's okay that they put me in it and that's fine with me. i think if you're obliged to do something that's good for the whole planet, why not? >> reporter: pg&e doesn't much like the idea and has tried to resist programs like this including sponsoring proposition 16 in june. it would have made this kind of thing much more difficult to do. but that effort failed and next year, marin clean energy's 8,000 customers will grow 10 times when phase 2 kicks in and everybody is included in the program. in san rafael, john ramos, cbs 5. it's never malicious. let's check in with roberta for the latest forecast. >> never. >> what were you saying? >> i said it's not malicious as far as the weather is concerned. [ laughter ] >> it's not intentional. i was trying to express my opinion over here to somebody. it's not a malicious forecast at all. >> never. >> sometimes it's blindsided because of the fog. am i working my way out of this hole? >> keep digging. [ laughter ] >> look at the sunshine right
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now. in the mount vaca area today's high temperature topped off at 83 degrees compared with this right now where the marine layer is now moving into the bay of water across from the coast. it's marching due east. so far today we have only had highs in the upper 50s and low 60s bayside. san francisco only 59 when the average high temperature is 69 degrees. socked in at the beaches, not going to be able to see that sunset at 8:15. low clouds pushing into the bay. and temperatures still in the 70s and even few low 80s inland but wait! here it comes. the return of the marine layer marching a good 70 miles inland tonight. and this is the really compressed deck, as well. it's very, very deep. looks like we will see some drizzle for the morning commute. partial clearing bayside by the lunch hour, no clearing at the beaches. and by the way, in just a matter of minutes, i'm going to be hightailing it out of here because if you want to stay warm tonight, you might want to join us for the jpmorgan
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corporate challenge cbs 5 a very proud sponsor to help raise money for local yncas. it's going to be a good night. so after tonight when our temperatures bottom out in the 50s across the board, 52 napa, 56 redwood city, tomorrow we will rebound to temperatures cooler than today. 54 pacifica to 82 degrees concord, 72 san jose when we should be at 85. there you have it. you want some heat? air not going to get it. it's -- you're not going to get it. it's a persistent weather pattern, but not malicious. we'll talk more about it later. >> don't be superstitious. >> you better not be. >> oh, no. >> don't go there. all right. coming up, digging into the bay area's prehistoric past at the caldecott tunnel. and at candlestick park tonight, give me a dollar you said, goooooooaaaaal!!! >> nice. that's in two minutes. >> thanks. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is,
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oh, i know what to do. y't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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best known soccer team in the world is playing in the bay it's one of the hottest tickets in town, and one of the best known soccer teams in the area are in town and a lot of other stars. len ramirez is in candlestick and i hear the horns. >> reporter: you can have the vuvuzelas ever since the world cup this summer the vuvuzela has been in demand and people are blowing them in candlestick park for two of the top teams in the worth. madrid from spain playing with some of the top names of the world cup will be here at candlestick tonight game starts at 8:00 and club america one of the top teams from mexico is here. a lot of big fans from mexico are here, as well. and the american teams are starting to ride the wave of this soccer phenomenon. >> reporter: they came to see a soccer match at candlestick park but the game in the parking lot was pretty good, too. in its most basic form, all
6:22 pm
soccer needs is a ball and a makeshift goal. in this case, two backpacks. vuvuzela [ laughter ] [ vuvuzela ] >> reporter: a vuvuzela helps, too. but these fans from los angeles drove seven hours to see soccer at its highest level, america from mexico versus madrid of spain. the team logos tatooed on their backs, you wouldn't find more devoted fans of anything anywhere. >> america is my life, my religion, everything. everything. number one. >> we love real of madrid. whoo! >> reporter: these immigrants are all about spain's most famous team and its most popular player christian. >> reporter: we have been player. >> we have been waiting a long time. >> reporter: how big is soccer in the u.s.? >> it was a bump that kicked us
6:23 pm
off after the world cup. >> reporter: david alioto of the san jose earthquakes says u.s. teams are seeing their biggest crowds and best tv ratings in years thanks mainly to the dramatic play of the u.s. team in last month's world cup. the earthquakes hope it's the breakthrough needed to get a soccer-specific stadium built in san jose. >> we need to show that it's economically viable to do a stadium in the bay area and i think, you know, when you're seeing sold-out games and you're seeing, you know, young players come into our sport, that we can market for years to come, i think that is what we need. >> reporter: how big is soccer getting in the united states? let's talk to some of the fans here. we have a couple of fans who drove all the way from what state? >> from utah state. >> salt lake city, utah. >> reporter: to see what team? what's your favorite team? >> my favorite team is america. >> reporter: right over here we have a couple of locals from. >> mountain view. >> reporter: and you are rooting for? > [overlapping speakers] >> madrid, whoo! >> reporter: reynaldo is the heartthrob of the soccer world and a lot of people are coming
6:24 pm
out for the game. it's going to be electric. i have my ticket. i can't wait to go inside. >> get on to at this it, thank you. digging the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel is turning up the prehistoric snapshot of the region's fossils. don ford on what scientists have uncovered. >> reporter: the construction of the fourth caldecott tunnel is going full bore. part of the hard hat brigade includes paleontologists, scientists who study fossils are here also, studying the rock and they are hitting paydirt. >> tooth more like enamel than bone. >> so far we have had found large camel, of this period which is about 11 million years old, about the size of a giraffe. >> reporter: josh wyatt worked for paleo resource a firm hired by caltrans to monitor any fossils that are unearthed while digging the new tunnel.
6:25 pm
they have found vertebrae, teeth from ancient camels and horses, and ancient leg bones, even a small tooth from a rodent. >> so far, we have found over 500 samples in this unit. and the whole project. >> reporter: scientists expected to find fossils. this is not the first time they have been uncovered at the caldecott. >> when tunnel 3 was put through, there was an ancient whale that was brought out of the bottom of the orinda which surprised everybody because they didn't think it was marine. >> reporter: a doctor overseeing the scientists working along sign the construction workers -- it can be dangerous work, but it's an invaluable look back in time. >> fish. >> fish bones. >> he just broke that open and you can see the fish bones that are sticking out there. >> reporter: you feel like indiana jones? >> actually my nieces call me that every once in a while. >> reporter: anyone can get a glimpse. look at this hillside. the brown part is old lava
6:26 pm
while the dark gray is an ancient riverbed now turned on its side. this is where you will find the fossils. scientists have only scratched the surface of this project so far and found a ton of fossils. there is no telling, they say what they will find once the real tunnel begins. in contra costa, don ford, cbs 5. we have the latest chapter in the same-sex marriage fight. prop 8 overturned for now. but where does the fight go from here? and standing by to talk to us tonight a law professor who opposes prop 8 and a man who helped pass the defense of marriage act. they will be joining us right after the break. ,,,,
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will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. ruling 's same- sex returning to our top story again, the first federal court ruling on california's same sex marriage ban. a judge ruled today that proposition 8 violates the constitutional and equal protection rights of gay people. but gay couples still can't get married. the judge is deciding whether to stay his ruling while same- sex marriage opponents appeal his ruling. the first appeal will happen in the ninth u.s. circuit court in san francisco but the case is ultimately expected to reach the u.s. supreme court.
6:30 pm
>> i'm so happy. it feels really, really good. it feels really good. i mean, every battle won is a battle won. we're just one step closer to the equality that we absolutely deserve. >> it's a great tragedy. it's a fantastic attack upon our nation, our children and on our families. so hopefully, we will have to rely on the supreme court now to save the nation. >> 52% of california voters approve the ban on same-sex marriag in november 2008. >> for more on today's decision we are joined by a professor of law university of san francisco, you joined 58 other legal scholars signing a statement opposing prop 8. with us from washington, d.c. chuck donovan of heritage foundation, supporter of proposition 8 and a setback for your cause today some say partially because our elected officials in california, the governor, the attorney general, refused to argue for prop 8 so that left
6:31 pm
the private lawyers arguing basically gay parents make worse parents and that couldn't stand up to individuals' rights. was that a weakness? >> well, i think whenever public officials don't stand up and defend the public enactment, you have some potential risk. same thing seems to have happened in the federal case involving the defense of marriage act where the obama justice department according to the judge in the case who ruled against the defense of marriage act concluded that the government had abandoned the arguments for the law. very interesting because you had 427 members of congress who voted for it for specific reasons. it didn't get a good defense and that plays a role in these decisions. >> as a law professor, you are vocal in criticizing prop 8. could gay couples get married? at one point we thought they could but right now, they cannot. so where does it stand in this legal fight? where do you see things going right now? >> well, i do think there is an
6:32 pm
abundance of caution on the part of judge walker because marriage gives so many rights to couples, it's important we're clear about which couples have those rights and which do not. you can't have rights one day and taken away the next day so i think it's very important we get some clarity on this and that's probably why the judge said okay i'll take another look at it and decide whether to stay my ruling. >> professor, i want to following up about the judge because there was some criticism about judge walker outside the courthouse today for those who don't know, he is 65 years old, appointed by the first president bush in '89 but he is gay and there were those who said he actually had made up his mind before the trial began. is there grounds for appeal becaused on that? >> it seems pretty unlikely. in fact, if you look at the ruling, it's 138 pages, it's fairly thorough in detailed analysis of the evidence that was presented at the trial. people can criticize judge walker but at the end. day he didn't make the decision about how to defend this case. the state attorney general and
6:33 pm
governor refused to defend the case. the lawyers representing the proponents of prop 8 argued religious beliefs and moral disapproval. whether you like it or not, those things are not allowed as a defense to a law. our constitution simply does not allow moral disapproval alone as a reason to interfere with any group's constitutional rights. we learned that on race discrimination and sex discrimination, as well. >> chuck, let me have your thoughts on that. >> well, i think that actually the detailed sociological nature of the ruling by the judge is one of the weakness in the case. he went about 100 pages describing various studies that were submitted to the court by four advocates for same-sex marriage and completely dismissed the testimony of two people on the other side. and there are many more out there in academia. what it points out though is that when you're dealing with these studies, legislative bodies can consider them, evaluate them and they are best suited to make a decision whether or not there is a rational basis for protecting traditional marriage. i think the fact that the judge
6:34 pm
wrote a sociological opinion is one of its weaknesses. >> i do want to maybe, mr. donovan, you can answer this first, but because there are other states that have laws prohibiting gay marriage, 39 of them, some have constitutional amendments, this case goes to the u.s. supreme court, does it subject all those other state laws to the same scrutiny? >> well, i believe it would by the terms in which the judge made the ruling on equal protection grounds. and there are some vagaries with some of the things he pointed out. but the other states will get involved in defending their state statutes. there are 45 states that have at least a defense of marriage act. 30 of them have constitutional amendments like california. they have heard all the arguments i think their state attorneys general will be under a lot of pressure to defend their interests in the courts. >> professor? >> i any that if you look carefully at this, it's absolutely correct that the same-sex marriage bans are popular among the majority of voters. what the ruling really clarifies again today which we learned on race, we learned on sex discrimination as well, is
6:35 pm
that the constitution applies not just to our governors and to our legislatures but also to the voters when the voters pass laws. we also have to abide by equal protection and respecting due process of law. and ultimately, that's what the court ruled today. we had failed to do when we approved prop 8. >> do you see this ping pong battle as you said earlier in our newscast continuing that we have the ninth circuit court of appeals then on to the supreme court. where does this road end? >> obviously, as with interracial marriage and sex discrimination battles, this is going to be fought out politically and legally and it's a hard-fought contest. so it's not at all surprising that there are going to be days when one side wins and days when the other side winnings. at the end of. day this is a battle over the meaning of our constitution. the the federal constitution commits us to equal protection of the law and due process that protects liberty and we are debating about whether equality and liberty should be extended to same-sex couples and their children. >> all right.
6:36 pm
we thank you both, julie nice with university of san francisco, chuck donovan with the heritage foundation. thank you for spending some time with us tonight. >> absolutely. we have much more on proposition 8 including the judge's ruling in its entirety. you can go to for all of the information on proposition 8 overturned. stay with us. we'll be right back. to get married. (fb) by day, he's a grocery clerk. by night, he's an anti-drug & ,,,,,,
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gaze upon the rad rainbow of voluminous veggies and cool, sea-green avocado all on freshly baked bread. are you up for the ultimate? ♪ then you've got to try the totally new subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. alcohol cr by day, he is a grocery clerk, by night he is an antidrug and alcohol crusader with his own of it show. sharon chin has this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: when he walks into
6:39 pm
the marin community media center, it's lights, cameras and ready for action. in his off hours he urges kids not to check into drugs in his weekly half hour show on comcast 26. >> i don't have a degree in chemical dependency but i have something that's far superior, hands on experience. >> reporter: nick has been sober for 11 years. he was a drug adetector for 34 years. he got hooked in his teens and became an international dealer. >> i was detained in mexico 43 months because of an arena airplane and half ton of marijuana. it didn't stop me. reading the big book i prayed inside to be restored to a
6:40 pm
normal lifestyle. >> reporter: nick has produced more than 600 shows of the recovery station and when the cameras come on, there is one message that runs through each presentation. >> we are targeting today's youth not to get started and all the addicts and alcoholics that haven't made the transition over to the recovery side, it's never too late. >> reporter: in the show's eighth year, guest ria moore tells viewers how she recovered from teen drug abuse. she says nick gave her hope. >> he lets everybody know what he has been through, you know, and what you can do to change. >> reporter: nick shares his story at the detox center and marin county jail. he says he can identify with marin county teens who have one of the worst drug abuse rates in the state because they tend to have more money to spend on drugs. >> i didn't realize i now started a journey down the wrong road of addiction. >> reporter: rob reinhart of the marin county alcohol, drug and tobacco program saysive in gives a compelling message. >> he has a fire in his bellly about it and what you see is what you get. >> reporter: nick is paying out of his own pocket to broadcast the recovery station in marin
6:41 pm
and contra costa counties. he is raising money to air it statewide. >> every morning when you wake up, there's miracles. >> reporter: for steering teens away from drugs and leading others to freedom from addiction this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to nick morehant. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> and nick has developed six steps for parents to help keep their teenagers from getting into drugs. we have posted them on our website in our story about nick moorhatch. they learned some moves on youtube and now people on youtube are watching them and learning some moves. the international influences you can see on an east bay corner. juliette, i have an incredible move. it was the most amazing catch of the year! and it didn't happen in this country. i'm dennis o'donnell. and he was booed out of miami. why will it be different in san francisco for this receiver? that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:45 pm
in the streets and now there's turf. it started in oakland and as joe vazquez shows us, it is gone viral. ♪ [ music ] >> we got a lot of following from outside of the united states like from europe, brazil, russia. >> reporter: dancing on the corner of 90th and mcarthur in oakland won't usually make you world famous. ♪ [ music ] but dancing this good in a quickly produced video on youtube has vaulted this group of young men to viral status online. ♪ [ music ] the video of dancing in the rain was a tribute to one of the dancers' friends who was killed in a car crash on this corner. the sheer elegance of the street art has garnered this video more than 300,000 hits. ♪ [ music ] >> people globally are responding to bodies moving in a way that fits with the music and fits with the environment
6:46 pm
in a way that people are in awe. >> reporter: this style of dance, born in oakland, is called turf. >> we got someone featured in the rain video doing some glides and clips. >> reporter: turf stands for taking up room on the floor. it features inspirations from many other forms, from ballet to help you hop. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: from break dancing to -- >> bone break is one of the more flashy movements of turfing. it really looks like they are breaking their bones. >> reporter: there is even an egyptian influence. >> thank youing. >> reporter: like king tut. >> reporter: the dances are promoted by an east oakland community center devoted to helping young people build a brighter future, "youth uprising." here they have a chance to be inspired by chinese acrobatics and all sorts of other dances on youtube, the same video platform that's gaining them international notoriety. their video is big in south america and europe and has been
6:47 pm
for months. now it's getting attention state side. >> people saying this is one. best dance videos they have seen. some people watch it every morning when they wake up. >> reporter: they hope to take turfing to an international competition in paris. today their turf is oakland. tomorrow the world. joe vazquez, cbs 5. good evening, boy, sure did not feel like a summer day here in the bay area. san francisco only had a high of 59 degrees. typically we should be at 69. warm spot was inland concord 84 degrees. 38 in livermore but yesterday was the 1. the cooldown all because of this right here. the low clouds, the fog, already streaming over the bay where we have a small craft advisory in place. coast right now temperatures into the mid-50s. in fact, four of our reporting stations in and around the bay area sporting numbers from the 50s in san francisco 60s peninsula, 70s to the south of morgan hill and pleasanton due use at 80 degrees.
6:48 pm
out and about, on this wednesday evening, we do have the low clouds and the fog stacked up at the coast pushing into the bay. we'll march inland into the overnight hours. official sundown is at 8:14 and nobody is going to see it because of a very deep marine layer. in fact, tonight it's going to move due east at least a good 60 miles. tomorrow morning sun-up at 6:14. nobody is going to see it. in fact, we'll start the commute off with drizzle along the coastside. partial clearing during the day bayside and i would not bank on any kind of sunshine at the immediate seashore. everybody is talking about it. why the deep marine layer? you can see the field right there. it's enhanced because of this area of low pressure that's an upper-level trough keeping a cap on things. cooler air mass aloft so tonight in just a matter of minutes at 7:00 we have the running of the jpmorgan corporate classic, very cool temperatures and the robust sea breeze out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. hope to see you there at the embarcadero tonight.
6:49 pm
now, meanwhile tonight, overnight, numbers into the 50s. 50 in pacifica, mid-50s san jose, where tomorrow's high only reaching 72, average high is 85. should be at 83 in santa rosa, 13 degrees below normal. another 13 degrees below average in livermore. we are hoping for 61. partial clearing in san francisco. the cool persistent weather pattern will continue each and every day all the way through wednesday. hey! did you see it today? at the oakland as annual 11th rootbeer float day. i was there with lawrence karnow and reporter sharon chin and we dished out rootbeer floats for 2 1/2 hours all to raise money with our oakland as for juvenile diabetes. and i think we raised somewhere near about $30,000. so thanks for coming out and enjoying a good baseball game. go, as! take good care, everybody. see you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. it was go as today, roberta. history at yankee stadium today. what barry bonds said about a-
6:50 pm
rod on his website. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the giants try to take first place in the west. the latest from colorado coming up. ,, those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to...
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6:52 pm e years august 4, 2007, alex
6:53 pm
rodriguez hit his 500th home run. today exactly three years later he made history again. >> the 2-0, high drive, center field, deep, going back well! looking up. see ya!! there it is, number 600! ! alex rodriguez! >> at 35, a-rod is the youngest player ever to hit 600 home runs and he did it exactly three years after hitting number 500. it came against sean markham. barry bonds put a message on his website welcoming a-rod to the 600 club adding, you only have 163 to go. web poll, will alex rodriguez break barry bonds' home run record of 762 career home runs? vote now results at 11. how do you go from ten runs to striking out? jimenez pitching against the giants in search of his 17th win. second inning sandoval swings
6:54 pm
and misses strikeout number one. pat burrell on the other trying to steam. jimenez struck out nine. baumgartner had the shortest outing four runs four innings including the bomb off the bat of carlos gonzalez who struck again in the 6th for his second of the day. the former as prospect his first multihome run game. giants lose 6-1. jimenez leads the makes with the 17-2 record. rootbeer float day it the yard. as and royals within brett anderson his second staff off the dl. got his first win since may 29. it could go on for infinity. two runs score. and the as lead. they are up 4-3 in the ninth. michael wurz strikes out the three, four, five hitters. what a brilliant relief job in
6:55 pm
the absence of the injured closer andrew bailey. 4-3 the final. this receive was expected to be a can't miss prospect out of ohio state when he was drafted by the dolphins. three disappointing years later he is trying to catch on with the 49ers. here's kim coyle. >> with the ninth pick -- >> reporter: when ted ginn junior was drafted two spots ahead of willis the wide receiver didn't expect this kind of reaction. >> ted ginn is a miami dolphin. >> reporter: miami fans wanted quarter brady quinn. and with only five touchdown camps over three seasons, the boos never seemed to stop for ginn. the 49ers new speedster is out to prove he is not the biggest draft bust in dolphins history. >> it just seemed like from the get-go it seemed like everybody got off on the wrong foot with you there in miami.
6:56 pm
>> it's a situation that happened. our prayers go to it. >> reporter: he might be the perfect fit in is. the 49ers were 23rd in return yards last year. ginn has three career returns for touchdowns. >> with you an crabtree on the field it's like peck your poison. >> we go out and see what they need to do to put who where and we just have fun when it's all said and done. >> reporter: a native of cleveland, he played for his father ted senior in high school. >> my father never showed favoritism. but, you know, at the end of the day, you know, it was all love and it was all great. i wouldn't change it. it gave me a foundation. >> reporter: with the 49ers, kim coyle, cbs 5 sports.
6:57 pm
japanese baseball greatest catch you will ever see according to our producer. the centerfielder akamatsu scales the wall and takes a home run away. that's pretty amazing! in the japanese league, incredible catch. did you see the frisbee catch? if you are looking at the best catch of the year, that's number 2. can you have a frisbee catch there? have you seen this? now, in the end zone, i believe it's the end zone, touchdown, ak matt sue or joe frisbee. >> do we have a new poll? >> i like the both. >> are you a politician? running for governor?? >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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