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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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convenient and cheaper for commuters using bart and muni, but we have received e-mails include one from phillip in san francisco who says those clipper cards are causing headaches and costing people more money. simon perez joins us now live with more on that problem and what commuters can do about it. simon. >> reporter: dana, just a couple of months ago the metropolitan transportation commission introduced the clipper system to make it easier to get around on public transit by unifying a bunch of systems just scan the clipper card and get on no matter what you ride. but cbs 5 has learned users may be getting charged more than they think as it doesn't work as it is supposed to at all times. >> it's easier. the old paper pass gets stuck. the convenience factor. >> reporter: phillip takes a muni bus and bart to and from work every day so i signed up
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for the electronic pass system that let's him swipe his card to get on the bus and through the turnstile. >> scan, go through, you just -- quick, you know? bam, bam, bam, you're through the system. >> reporter: so now the big question, does it works. not all the time. >> reporter: phillip prepays $70 a month for unlimited bart and bus rides in san francisco. that prepayment is supposed to be deducted from his paycheck through the wage works plan by the first of the month so his unlimited rides begin the first of the month. phillip shows us his clipper transactions for august and they reveal his $70 deduction didn't show up until yesterday the 4th. that means on the second and third has been charged full fare. phillip says this has been happening since april. >> in the beginning of the month, me and my wife are very nervous using clipper because we don't know if it works or not. everything adds up to be like $100-plus i have been charged. >> we are looking into it and we are sorry that this is happening. >> reporter: metropolitan transportation commission spokesman joe curly suspect
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there's a software glitch delaying the payment from appearing in the clipper accounts. >> if he has charges that -- out-of-pocket expenses that he shouldn't have had to make he can call our customer service center and we'll look into it and we'll take care of it and compensate him. >> i would have to call clipper. clipper tellings me that, oh, wage works didn't load your fast-pass. i would have to call wage works. wage works said they did load it call clipper again. clipper says there was a problem with my transaction. >> we apologize to the customer because that's not the way it's supposed to work. we'll talk to our customer service people and first of all alert them to the fact that this has been a recurring problem at least for this individual and we'll take whatever steps we need to make sure that the folks who are working at that center respond appropriately. >> reporter: the mtc says this doesn't appear to be a widespread problem and really not to be unexpected given the fact that clipper is now processing some two million
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transactions a month. the moral of the story is you better check your account to be sure you're not being over charged. phillip didn't know until he saw it there on the paper. >> you know, he is a very patient man he said this has been going on since april. that's five months from -- >> reporter: part of the problem was he felt like he was getting the runaround, talked to wage work and clipper back and forth. since we got on this story you can see they are going to let people know there is a possible problem and not let the customers get the run area. are you worried about walking home from the bus late at night or during the day? san francisco has a new solution, the buddy system. because of the high number of crimes committed on muni or near the muni stations, the city is introducing a new program to provide escorts. they are called community ambassadors. a dozen city employees will be outfitted with these neon yellow vests as they hang out near stations. >> people will feel less vulnerable and when they look
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around them, they will see young people and older people and they will see people of every ethnicity there to make them feel safer and less vulnerable. >> the board of supervisors has already moved to toughen penalties for crimes that happen in or around muni stops. carrying a concealed weapon or aggressively harassing someone could lead to a $1,000 fine. in the meantime city attorney dennis herrera is seeking an injunction against members of two gangs who he says have terrorized visitacion valley for years. it covers the down below and tower side gangs. in the east bay, dozens of suspected gang members were arrested today in sweeps dubbed operation gangbusters. 30 different agencies teamed up to search for parole violators and suspected gang members. >> the sweep yielded 48 total arrests, 37 on parole and 11 on
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probation, two firearms, 106 marijuana plants, and approximately $5,000, two machetes and four parolees at large. >> the department of corrections announced plans to place more than 800 known gang members on gps. it's hard to believe it's actually august. people all over the bay area are bundling up these days. you know what? they want to know what happened to summer? all right. in a minute, roberta is going to tell us what's going on. but first, mike sugerman in his own backyard and this is how a die-hard fixes dinner in summer, huh, mike? >> reporter: it's a summer barbecue here in san francisco. 58 degrees. i'm used to it. i'm tired of it. we ate the burgers and got a little halibut, hot dogs and beer can chick zen getting golden now. i'm sort of used to this but now people in the east bay, the south bay and north bay you
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know all about it. you have to put on a jacket to barbecue these days. >> unfortunately, thick fog is now making its way into the bay area very dense. >> 59 in san francisco. another cool day around the bay. >> but wait, here it comes! the return of the marine layer marching a good 70 miles inland. >> reporter: everybody talks about the weather. >> it's all right. it's all right. >> it's not all right. it's awful. >> reporter: yeah? >> it's incredible. it's endless. it's demoralizing! >> reporter: these people are taking action. >> it's as warm as i have ever noticed it. >> reporter: for the first time in anybody's memory, bay water has been consistently warmer than the air temperature. so in 43 years, have you seen this kind of difference between the water and the air? >> no, i can't remember -- it probably has been but this is terrible. >> reporter: bob roper doesn't mind the 61-degree water temperature. it's the 55-degree air that bugs him. look at the paper. san francisco is the coldest
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big city in the northern hemisphere. in the northern hemisphere no one is colder than we are. in the southern hemisphere we're top 5. it's winter in the southern hemisphere. and this is summer camp? >> we huddle together like penguins! there is more singing going on and the kids get their sweatshirts. >> reporter: campers in the east bay aren't sweating the small stuff. they aren't sweating at all. san jose is 14 degrees below normal. santa rosa down 10 to 14. people with green thumbs have to cover them with gloves. summer crops hard to find. >> people ask me 30 times at the market if i have tomatoes yet. i don't have them yet. >> reporter: stella of dirty girl produce does have stuff, though. she wouldn't normally have this stuff this time of year. >> we are growing a lot of winter stuff, usually this time of year in july we don't have this kind of stuff, like broccolis and cabbages and lettuces. this is the time of year we
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start having our beans. we didn't have beans. >> reporter: no beans here, but the -- i guess the halibut is about to get turned over and it's good golden brown on the chicken and for those you in other places in san francisco for the last couple of weeks, welcome to our world. >> i'm thinking of grilling, mike, maybe a big pot of chili or something, you know? >> sounds good. soup. >> cheeseburgers or something, chiliburgers. thanks, mike. let's go to roberta. she is going to tell us there is a flip side to all of this. >> there is because with the cooler air mass, we definitely have lower fire danger here in the bay area. but also, take a look at these pictures here. this is the reason that we are seeing the unseasonably cool he're we in the bay area. a very deep marine layer stretches from the coast to 70 miles inland and it's rushing as far as the wind is concerned west to east. it clears out all the stagnant air. the bottom line is the flip side of all this is it we have
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great air quality of the during the day we had the sunshine inland. the visibility is endless. the flip side of it is we have low clouds and fog and it lingers at the coast all day long. and that's keeping the temperatures down in and it's penetrating the inland areas and keeping us unseasonably cool there, as well. livermore typically should be around 89 degrees. temperature today 76 degrees just a little off the mark there. we established a new record low maximum temperature today. the bubble and when we are going to bust through this cold bubble, well, that's coming up later in the program. dana and allen? >> see you then, roberta, thanks. the legal battle over california's gay marriage ban has already entered its next phase. less than 24 hours after a federal judge ruled prop 8 is unconstitutional, supporters of the ban filed their appeal with the ninth circuit court in san francisco. now, it could be a year or more
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before the appeal is considered. meanwhile judge vaughn walker must now decide if he will allow same-sex marriages to resume while that appeals process moves forward. he has asked both sides in the case to submit written arguments by tomorrow. meanwhile the head of target apologizes for a donation to a business group that's backing a candidate for minnesota governor who opposes same-sex marriage. target's corporate offices are based in minnesota. that donation angered many employees and sparked talk of a customer boycott. target's ceo says the donation was intended to support the republican on economic, not social issues. the company is now setting up a review process for all future political donations. robbers dressed line cops burst into a home in the east bay. >> i was just laying down and all of a sudden i hear a big bang. >> how one woman survived a violent home invasion. in the market for a new
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home? the change that could save you thousands of dollars. i'm angry. >> $95 a ticket and they couldn't get in. what kept thousands of bay area soccer fans waiting outside candlestick. ,,,,,,,,,,
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they robbed everyone at guntpoin. they said they were police officers. but when they burst into a home in the east bay, they robbed everybody at gunpoint. it happened last night in pleasant hill. anne makovec shows us one of the victims was able to get some very important clues. >> i'm like among, my house is getting robbed right now. >> reporter: that was the first call natalie made after escaping from the bedroom of her apartment during an armed robbery home invasion. >> all of a sudden i hear a big bang. get the f on the ground, gets the f on the ground! i'm like, wait a minute.
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so i go and lock my door and listen for a minute and it was like everyone was dead silent except for the robbers. >> reporter: she knew she had to leave. >> i jumped from my window, which is right there. >> reporter: the two men had entered through this sliding glass door. >> usually we just keep the balcony open, you know, friends come through and everything is usually okay. >> reporter: but at 11:30 last night two men dressed in jackets that said "police" busted in on five people hanging out in the living room. >> somebody was injured. they were struck with a gun or what we believe to be a gun. there was also a taser that was presented by the suspects, as well. >> reporter: but at 11:30 last night two men dressed in jackets that said "police" busted in on five people hanging out in the living room. >> somebody was injured. they were struck with a gun or what we believe to be a gun. there was also a taser that was presented by the suspects, as well. >> reporter: natalie says a couple of people were actually tased. the robbers then took some electronics and took off. >> our roommate, he actually chased him and got most of the license plate number. >> reporter: something similar to 4tez960. the vehicle driven by a third man was a brown or champagne colored late model suv
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resembling a chevy. the robbers are described as white and in their 20s. one was tall and thin with dark hair, the other short and heavy set. they were wear ski masks at the time. police believe they knew one of the victims. >> he wasn't able to identify him by looking at him but we -- there is information in this case and investigation that makes us believe the suspects targeted this individual and apartment because they were familiar with both. >> i hope they're caught. >> reporter: this is a relatively young community right by diablo valley college so there are a lot of folks concerned around here. but detectives say they are working on several leads this evening. anne makovec, cbs 5, pleasant hill. an off-duty federal agent shot and wounded one person during an attempted robbery in san francisco. it happened about midnight in the city's bayview districts. the offer duty agent works for the irs involved in criminal investigations. police say that two suspects approached him, tried to rob him. at some point the agent fired his gun hitting one of the men in the torso. we are told the injury is not
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life-threatening. the feds say he lied about being a veteran to get free health benefits. he is not only accused of misleading the military, but also for using a fake purple heart. checkey bedford talked to some real veterans who knew him who said he fooled them, too. >> first he said it was a sniper and then he said he was a tunnel rat and then he was a driver for the general. >> reporter: lincoln veteran ken parcel says bruce duncan even showed vfw leaders what looked like an official form he supposedly received after serving in vietnam and then there was the story how bud, as he was called, got his medal. >> he had been wounded and grabbed a man and pulled him back out of the firefight and saved his life all this. that's why he had the bronze star for valor and the purple heart. >> reporter: but according to federal investigators it was all a lie. they say duncan never served in vietnam, was never awarded the purple heart. they say he did fraudulently collect va benefits. >> he said he had been through
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the placer county veterans rep and had been granted a 50% disability, received $700 a month. >> reporter: john hudson the vfw treasury says duncan even tried to claim he was suffering from ptsd. >> he got greedy. >> reporter: his v fw buddies say he was so committed to the story about being a vet that he even had a tattoo of the u.s. marine corps on his arm but these vets say duncan wasn't just conning the government. he tried to con them, too. >> he was always wanting to borrow money. it was something. >> reporter: in all they loaned duncan or bud $4,000. >> it's embarrassing to those of us who have served to have someone like that running around with a chestful of medals he didn't earn. >> it's a slap in the face to everybody that served. >> reporter: the vfw did eventually get all the money back and veterans affairs says when someone puts in a request for benefits it's their policy to review their information n lincoln, checkey bedford, cbs
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5. amid a sea of concrete, something that could save drivers money. that's coming up in two minutes.
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today san jose showed another example of how it's trying to be an even greener city. a giant solar panel was installed at power integration, the company that provides energy-efficient power for a variety of electronics. the new solar panel includes 2500 panels. the system is expected to cut more than 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emission over the next 25 years. the panels are located in the parking lot and are expected to keep employees' cars cool in the summer. let's just throw the switch on the sun, then, roberta. >> the whole point is you have to have the solar heat. and we just haven't seen it. we have been averaging a good 12 degrees below normal in many of our areas, especially in the vacaville area all the way back
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through san jose. today the high temperature 77 degrees, typically 90 degrees. no visibility at the coast right now. shrouded in low clouds. in fact, we already see some patchy fog developing at the beaches as well and the winds having gusting up to 22 miles an hour. out and about tonight we have some very chilly temperatures along the seashore into the bay and the low clouds and fog will even penetrate our inland areas at least a good 70 miles. and expect some drizzle for the morning commute. why? why? why? that's what everybody is asking. all right. you see the stratus build right here all the by into the -- all the way into the pacific northwest into point conception. this is deeper than usual this time of year all because of an upper level trough that's enhancing the marine layer, compacting it, and allowing that cooler air mass out over the open waters to rush inland. 50s overnight across the board
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from the beaches inland. temperatures tomorrow in the 50s at the beaches, up to 80 degrees in our inland areas. the day that will be the warmest this weekend, allen, we'll feature that, that's still straight ahead. >> thank you. some good news if you're going to buy a home. mortgage rates have hit a new low. just under 4% for a 15-year mortgage. about 4.5% for that 30-year mortgage. loan giant freddie mac says these are the lowest rates we have seen in decades. rates have been falling steadily since the spring since the feds pumped money into the mortgage bond market. a california lawmaker is trying to make it illegal for stores to charge customers extra fees to use a debit card. those fees can range from 45 cents to a dollar. they are most common at gas stations and convenience stores. the fees essentially mean higher price for people who use a debit card. >> why should you have to pay a fee for the privilege of spending your money?
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the same rules that apply to a credit card should apply to a debit card. >> store owners who charge the fees for the debit card purchases saying they are offer setting fees they have to pay to process the transaction. a bill to ban the fees passed the state senate last week and the assembly is expected to vote on monday. they shelled out big money and didn't get in. >> i felt like we just got robbed. >> what went so wrong at a big bay area soccer match and what's being offered to make it up to fans? tricky new requirements before east bay students can take the bus. why some are afraid in could put the first day of school in jeopardy. >> felt like a near-death experience. no energy. complete lifelessness. >> now getting clean doesn't have to be so difficult. the controversial way to treat addiction. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california.
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[ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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soccer fan. but thousands of them say they got jipped at a it if there is one type of sports fan you don't want to make angry, it's probably a soccer fan. but thousands of them say they got gypped at the big game in san francisco last night. perry brashear of campbell emailed us along with dozens of others. len ramirez shows us what happened. reporter: this is what the fans came to candlestick to see, real madrid the kings of soccer and their dashing top player
6:27 pm
reynaldo taking on mexican powerhouse club america. but for some, the excitement ended before the first kick. >> it was a pretty nightmare experience. >> reporter: she had seen soccer matches all over the world but she says this was the worst. >> got to the game a little bit early just like everyone else, tried to get in, get into our seats, absolute pandemonium, couple of thousand people trying to get tickets. the line wasn't moving. you probably saw the chaos there. [ chanting ] >> reporter: cbs 5 cameras captured a scene of human gridlock and frustration as thousands of fans converged on a single will call booth to try to pick up tickets they had already spent as much as $95 apiece from online from ticketmaster. >> people were pushing and shoving, four people working with thousands of people in line. we get to the security detail, this is one woman patting down several thousand women to came to see reynaldo play. the other security was pretty
6:28 pm
slow and steady moving in so we didn't get to see much. >> reporter: she got to see 20 minutes of a 90-minute match. >> i just felt like it was escalating so we left before i felt like it could get worse. >> reporter: others left before even seeing a minute. >> they took our money for the parking and wouldn't let us in the stadium. so i felt like we just got robbed. we just showed up here to get robbed. it's like they weren't happy until they got the last bit of money out of our pockets. >> reporter: the match was sponsored by marquez brothers entertainment of san jose. we did speak to the general manager by phone, who told us, "there were plane thousands of tickets at will call combining that with rush hour traffic the result is all people arriving at the same time. we can only process so many and security needs time to check patrons." marquez brothers also said they opened the gates at halftime letting fans in without having to show tickets and allowing many people to get in for free. but fans say the promote, should have expected increased interest in a game of this caliber and been ready with more personnel.
6:29 pm
>> we spent over $200 on this event plus parking. so i'm hoping that this will incite someone to do something about this with thousands of fans who didn't get to see the game. >> reporter: we have an update. the general manager said we could publish his email. he says who didn't get their money's worth. you see the address there on your screen. he says each case will be reviewed individually. he doesn't anticipate giving refunds. there may be discount tickets to a future event or like that. >> i hope he has a blackberry. it's going to be going crazy. >> the world cup was so big even here in the united states. i would say it should have been a clue. >> reporter: it should have been a clue because a lot of people saw the world cup.
6:30 pm
there was a lot of excitement over the u.s. team and soccer is riding a wave. you think they would have had enough people to hand out the tickets for people who had already paid for the tickets. >> they know now. all right, len ramirez, thank you. we got other e-mails from soccer fans. one said this is ridiculous. it was almost a riot there in the park last night. >> and pete says, it was very upsetting to be pressed in a mob of thousands and then watching the opening kickoff on a tv monitor. >> easily the most disorganized entertainment event i have ever been part of and i'm 117 years old. getting on the bus will be a challenge for thousands of students in the east bay. a.c. transit is switching from paper to plastic. sherry hu found out for bus riders it won't be a quick nor easy transition. >> reporter: hey, check out sydnie washington's ride. this is it. >> my car.
6:31 pm
i got to use it to get where i got to go. >> reporter: it's not just washington. thousands of students throughout alameda and contra costa counties rely on a.c. transit to get to and from school. but when classes start later this month, some kids may get stuck at the bus stop. >> our greatest fear is that kids and their families wouldn't learn of the transition. >> reporter: from this paper youth pass which was just phased out to a new plastic photo bus card. the new card all students will eventually use is this one, the blue clipper card. the price hasn't changed. it's still $15 a month. but students have to apply in person for the card. >> it's a hassle without having it. and you have to wait for two weeks to get it. >> reporter: it takes several weeks to process which means kids need to sign up soon. >> i think there's a bunch of my friends that don't know about this yet. >> reporter: why didn't the school district get the word out sooner? >> information has come out during the summer and so we're scrambling now to get that information to parents and make
6:32 pm
sure that there's not a massive problem on the first day of school when people are unexpectedly refused access to buses. >> reporter: so students are being registered for this new card right now and through the early evening at the library in newark. other special sites are scheduled over the next few weeks at schools and at libraries. in oakland, sherry hu, cbs 5. thousands of teachers in california are closer to keeping their jobs. the u.s. senate has passed legislation that could prevent layoffs of more than 13,000 teachers in the state along with other public employees such as police officers. the $26 billion in emergency funding will be paid for by closing several federal tax loopholes. the bill still has to clear the house. for the first time, social security is in the red. this year and next year it's projected to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes. that's largely because so many people are unemployed. the entire social security fund
6:33 pm
by the way is expected to be exhausted by 2037. president obama's pick for the supreme court has survived the confirmation process. the senate confirmed elena kagan today to replace john paul stevens who is seen as the court's leading liberal but whit johnson reports kagan could surprise the left with some of her decisions. >> reporter: elena kagan will be the next supreme court justice. >> the tally is 63-37. the nomination is confirmed. >> reporter: president obama had words of praise for the newest member of the high court. >> throughout her career, she has earned the respect and admiration of people from across the political spectrum. >> reporter: the 50-year-old kagan has worked for two democratic presidents an served as dean of harvard law school. she has never been a judge. her opponents said she doesn't have enough experience and that her political background will
6:34 pm
be a problem. >> miss kagan's record demonstrates that she substitutes her own political viewpoints for legal judgment. >> reporter: president obama picked kagan to replace liberal justice john paul stevens but legal scholar jonathan turley says the left shouldn't count on her vote on every issue. >> if she votes the way that she advised in the obama administration, she will move the court to the right on some civil liberties questions particularly in the national security area. >> reporter: she could also hear arguments on some controversial cases now in the headlines, like the arizona immigration law, and a judge's decision to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. >> and kagan i think is very much likely to support the trial judge here. >> reporter: kagan will be the fourth female justice. the court's term in october will mark the first time three women have served on the high court at the same time. whit johnson, cbs news, the supreme court. well, we have heard the complaints, seen the protests.
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now one bay area community is going a step further. the drastic measure to keep out smartmeters. pick your poison. the controversial new way for addicts to get clean and why some say it is setting them up to fail. a 49er linebacker is done for the year. i'm dennis o'donnell. and wake boarding is hard enough. try doing it with one arm. the local legend coming up. i'. so now, i can join the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair
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smart meters program. a marin county official has said officially no to pg&e's controversial smartmeter program. last nights the fairfax town council passed a bill to ban them from their borders. they are concerned about the safety and accuracy of the meters. it came despite a last-minute promise by pg&e to temporarily stop installing the devices. sometimes for a drug
6:38 pm
addicted the idea of total abstinence can be overwhelming. that's why there is another albeit controversial way. as joe vazquez reports, a new clinic in san francisco is helping patients beat drug dependency without a completely clean slate. >> felt like a near-death experience, no energy, complete lifelessness, sweating, chills, no appetite, your will sucked out of you. >> reporter: that's how he described getting off oxycontin after taking it for eight months. >> it start from 5 to 15 milligrams at the beginning to around 240 milligrams at the end. >> reporter: he lost his job. he was scared he would lose his life so he investigated some abstinence-based treatment programs. >> all of those option required, you know, to be absolutely clean no drug use of any kind whatsoever. no drinking. no smoking. nothing. >> all the evidence has shown for the last 50 years that that
6:39 pm
approach does not work. >> reporter: dr. carolyn schuman is medical director at the reliance center a drug purchase agreement program that opened 11 months ago in san francisco. >> models that really emphasize abstinence only are sort of the perfectionist of the treatment world. it would be wonderful if all my patients were able to comply with everything that they wanted. unfortunately, it's not realistic. >> reporter: the reliance center uses a controversial model called harm reduction. zeroing in on a patient's most dangerous habit while putting the nonlife-threatening behaviors on the back burner. >> our feeling is let's get people on the road. let's get them started. >> reporter: reliant's executive director and cofounder said he agrees total abstinence is the standard at some point but he says some addicts may not even seek treatment if they know it means giving up all those behaviors at once. >> everybody can't do it all immediately. there are some people who need
6:40 pm
to be led step by step to a healthier safer place. >> reporter: we talked to several representatives of abstinence-based programs who didn't want to appear on camera. they are deeply concerned that someone who follows this type of program would fail in the lock run. they are worried if they keep smoking and drinking while trying to kick the opiate addiction they might be more likely to fall back into dangerous habits. >> it was very different from the help i had tried to find at first. >> reporter: when mark met dr. schuman at the reliant center, he got the okay to continue his occasional drinking and marijuana use. >> we and mark together opted to address the oxycontin use and worked on giving him medication that would take away his withdrawal that would absolutely eliminate his cravings. >> reporter: now with that medication and support at reliant, mark is off oxycontin. >> the thought of going back is repulsive, nauseating. >> reporter: he is not the only
6:41 pm
client to defeat his body's constant clamoring for drugs. >> people come to us and within a month or two we find that the majority of those patients are not using opiates on a daily basis. >> i think i'm headed in the right direction. i know i am. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. it is mission accomplished in the gulf for now. what still needs to happen, thought, to make sure the blown-out well doesn't start leaking again. >> if you are preparing dinner in the inland areas, you are basking in the sunshine. but the commute towards the north bay, your neighborhood forecast for the weekend is straight ahead as eyewitness news continues right here on the big 5. ,, i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to...
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it's a pinpoint forecast for this thursday night and in downtown san jose, it's currently 71 degrees with the westerly at 15 miles per hour. the abundance of sunshine. but compare that with the coast that's totally socked in, already reporting a little bit of condensation and drizzle in the city of san francisco. and you can barely see the tip- top of the transamerica building. it looks like today another unseasonably cool day here in
6:45 pm
the bay area. average high livermore 89. average in san francisco, 69. and we were anywhere between 9 and 12 degrees below normal. tomorrow's pretty much a repeat performance. carbon copy all the way up until about august 15th. if you are out and about on this thursday evening clouds stacking up next to the coast saturating the bay. overnight tonight, widespread areas of low clouds and fog. the marine layer is about 2,000 feet deep stretching inland 70 miles. we will even see some drizzle inland towards tomorrow morning's sunrise. partial clearing at the bay, midafternoon hours. getaway friday, it looks like 92 degrees in fresno. mid-70s on the south shore. locally numbers in the 50s with the west wind at 15 gusts up to 20 and 25. again, 76 tomorrow in san jose
6:46 pm
when the average high is 84 degrees. over the weekend if you are going to be on the peninsula, very cloudy start, then temperatures in the mid-60s. meanwhile, east bay numbers topping off pretty much anywhere from the 50s, 60s closer to the bay, to the lower 80s inland. brentwood one of the warm spots. north of the golden gate bridge, no clearing stinson beach, dillon beach or bodega bay. 76 in sonoma. the extended forecast calls for each and every day widespread low clouds and fog, then some clearing and temperatures just about two degrees any side of 85 inland while the coast barely any clearing, 50s and 60s. this is one of the most unusual summers in a decade. >> very strange stuff. thank you. bp says engineers have finished plugging that blown- out well in the gulf of mexico with cement. they expect to have the relief wells finished in the coming weeks. joel brown reports, people on the coast are still worried
6:47 pm
about their next paycheck. >> reporter: engineers say they are finished pumping cement down a mile of pipe to permanently seal bp's blown-out well. they will be monitoring the well to make sure everything went as planned. >> this is not the end. but it will virtually assure us that there will be no chance of oil leaking into the environment. >> reporter: he says everyone should be able to breathe easier now that crews have finished cementing. now they will have to get back to work on the relief wells. >> we need to assure the people of the gulf and the united states that this thing is properly finished and that will be to the bottom. >> reporter: with the well virtually plug, the coast guard is now scaling back containment operations on the water, concentrating on areas where they know there is oil. here in the harbor in venice, the docks are lined with fishing boats like this loaded one boom because the crews are work as oil skimmers for bp. it's good money now but they are worried the work will dry up. >> we have no idea what you will find or not find.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: for two months, this fisherman has been helping bp with the clean-up. you don't know how much long you're going to have a check from bp but you also don't know what's going to be left when you go back to fishing? >> exactly. exactly. you definitely are right. you don't know how much longer and you still don't know whether you're going to get fish when you go back out there. >> reporter: his business is yellow fin tuna. he is worried his catch will be wiped out for years. joel brown, cbs 5. were two runs enough for lincecum in atlanta tonight? the ultimate fighting championship comes to the bay area and let's just say the fighting started a little early. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
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i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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series as a playoff preview..the giants play-offs talk not so farfetched. >> they a red-hot july but the august schedule will be difficult. they are potential play-off teams, play-offs teams, teams that are above .500. baseball people are saying the giants braves are play-offs previews. the giant sent the ace to the hill tonight. i have heard of a four tool
6:52 pm
player but four cool collision? you have to put the hammer down in atlanta. the giants jump out to a 2-0 lead. tim lincecum couldn't hold it. hinske, the former athletic, that's a solo shot, puts the braves on top. that game just ended. 3-2 the final, no offense. bad news for scott mckill up. he was expected to back up a player but will be out for the season. jerry rice will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame. he will be presented by debartolo. the list of his records in the nfl redskin sane. these are some of the best. he is the all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards, touchdown receptions, yards from scrimmage. rice and mike singletary did
6:53 pm
cross paths on the field just five times. but singletary remembers trying to cover rice. >> he was a headache, a perfectionist. you knew if he was going to run a route he wasn't a blazer but extremely consistent. and extremely detailed in his routes. and when you find a guy that's as dedicated as he was and that's just really tough to handle. [ indiscernible ] >> very rarely. >> the stripes on tiger's shirt didn't help him at the bridgeport. woods has won there seven of the last nine years but he sprayed the ball all over the course this afternoon. he shot a 4-over 74. it could have been worse. >> oh. >> that birdie on 17 check out the sarcastic bow to the gallery. tiger is 10 shots back of the leader, 10 shots back of that man, bubba watson who nailed a long bender on 18 for birdie. watson is 6-under.
6:54 pm
in his debut at the bridgeport. ufc the ultimate fighting championship is going like wildfire. the company is word $1 billion. the owners bought it for $2 million and it's coming to the bay area for the first time this saturday. the brazilian anderson silva and another fighter are heading the highly touted u fc card at oracle. they are known for their martial arts background. fighters usually respect each other but the underdog son nan is talking trash to a new level. [ indiscernible ] >> he said to talk about me is easy. try being me. >> by the way, sorrows, that was not a correct information anderson did not say it's easy to talk about me try being me. he said it's easy to talk about me try beeping me. you're not the only one in the room who speaks portugese even though you act like you are. it's a step harder picking up that language than it is
6:55 pm
understanding pig latin. >> ouch. >> ouch. [ foreign language ] that's all the portugese i know. the california delta is home to some of the best wake borders. many come to the area and familiar with the story of livermore's billy tonis. >> everybody faces challenges in life. >> reporter: billy challenges the challenges that come with a paralyzed right arm, he edge braces them. he is a champion weight border having won the extremity games much like the x games for the disabled. >> i see them go out on the water and they lead with their hearts. the stories they tell hummedbled me. >> reporter: his story is just as humbling.
6:56 pm
a decade ago he was an avid athlete but a motorcycle accident ended it. >> the day before my accident playing at st. francis san francisco state, bottom of the 9th, two outs, two guys on and i'm up and i hit a three-run jack to win the game. the next day i'm in my accident learning how to walk again. >> reporter: he suffered a brachial plex us is injury making his right arm nearly use less. >> if you can imagine how many times people have asked me, you know, what happened to your arm? what happened to your arm? what happened to your arm? i became really creative of stories i tell people. i go, oh!! you know, i was in san francisco on my segway and i hopped the curb and pulled up short took out a parking meter. you know? everybody is sit there is going? no just kidding just kidding. >> reporter: his passion for wake board, started after a former baseball coach took him tote delta a place he now considers his second home. >> you take me out to the lake
6:57 pm
i pop upholding on with one hand and i'm like, you know what, this is something i can do. this is something i can pursue. >> reporter: today his skills on the water are unmatched. and he do it all with his right arm tucked under his life jacket. >> he clears the wake by, you know, 15 feet. >> right. >> and your average rider will land on that second wake and he is eight feet in the air when he is clearing that second wake. for somebody who has two arms that's incredible. >> yeah. >> wow. >> it is incredible. >> he has a company called cii, concussion isn't enough a wake board company. i got up last sunday and tried -- i made it half way did a face plant and the board hit me in the head. i said honey, get me out of the water. >> i can barely get up. i was sore for three or four days. >> it's tough. >> he has great spirit and great body awareness. good for him. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. have a good one. ,,
6:58 pm
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