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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 6, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: sorry, i spoke too long. we have to go very quickly. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. a dozen helpers should you need them. the extra ray you're of protection for muni riders. >> the appeal has been filed. by 6 why the lawyer who argued against prop 8 says it's not entirely about changing insurance. >> the chain reaction that police say killed two people. >> and they didn't get what they paid for but there may be some consolation for soccer fans left out of last night's match. the news starts now.
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. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. muni riders can feel a lot safer thanks to a dozen community ambassadors hanging out near stationses, they are ready to help you if it's needed. joe vazquez, tell us how the buddy system works. >> reporter: the biggest concern for people riding transportation is being by yourself at the stop. this new program at some select stations will make sure people are not alone. wearing a bright green vest and armed with just a cell phone 12 community ambassadors are now stationed at bugs and train stops in areas of the city that have struggled with violent crime. >> people will feel less vulnerable and when they look around and they will see young people and older people there to make them feel safer and to make them feel less vulnerable. >> reporter: back in marah
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surveillance camera caught this assault of a young woman. a group of young men grabbed the woman and wrestled her down to the tracks below. it set off a community meeting that led to this group of community ambassadors, they are not going to escort you home. they'll stay around bus stops to act as dealternatives to crime. they are assigned to the bay view and valley district along the t line and nine san brown ow routes. >> they would do that normally, walk around their neighborhood and keep an eye own. it's is same type of thing, i think it's a good idea. >> 100 crimes a month, including robberies and stabbings, happen near muni. the idea is the mere presence will deter criminals, they are to call for help but not necessarily get in the middle of it. >> i do feel safe and more comfortable. it does take ease off of where i'm going especially with the environment we're around, so if i get in a fight right now,
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somebody decides to rob my purse, they are standing there, i'm going to want them to do something about it. >> they are not going to scare them a way. it really don't matter. >> federal stimulus money as well as the general fund are financing the program. at&t has donated the cell phones t money runs out in the middle of next month but they are hoping it's successful to keep the program alive and perhaps even expand it. >> let's hope they are in the right places at the right times. all right. joe vazquez in san francisco, thanks. as expected supporters of california's gay marriage banff filed their appeal with the ninth circuit court. that came fewer than 24 hours after a federal judge ruled proposition 89 is up constitutional. the judge must now decide if he will allow same-sex marriages in california while the appeals process moves forward and he has asked both sides in the case to submit written arguments by tomorrow. meanwhile the attorney behind
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the challenge to prop 8 talked about the case today and he says there is nothing wrong with the opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> in this country, under the first amendment, they are entitled to that point of view. but also, under the first amendment, they are not entitled to impose that view on other people. >> also, today, celebrations by gay rights activists continued. in oakland rebecca kaplan joined other supporters to say same-sex marriage is not an attack on american families. >> and the report has made clear gay people are not the cause of the suffering of straight families that are having rising divorce rates, rising abuse rates, rising rates of people losing their holmes. >> could be more than a year before the case is actually heard by the appeals court. two arrests have been made in connection with the vallejo
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courthouse arson. a search warrant has led to the arrests of the vallejo residents octavia walton and benjamin stick will. stick will was already in custody on unrelated charges at the time of the arrest. the suspicious three an alarm fire happened back this june. the damage was mainly centered in the court's criminal division offices and destroyed thousands of court records and files in the clerk's office. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera is seeking an injunction against two gangs. he says the down below and tower side gangs after arrived visitation valley for years. meanwhile in the valley dozens of gang members were arrested today in sweeps called operation gangbusters. they teamed up to search for parole violators and suspected gang members. >> the sweep yielded 48 total arrests, 37 on parole, and 11 on probation, two fire arms, 106 marijuana plants, and
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approximately $5,000, two machetes and four parolees at large. >> the department of corrections announced plans to place more than 800 known gang members on global positioning devices. in addition they plan more parolee sweeps around the bay area. they said they were police officers but when they burst into a home in the east bay they robbed everyone at gunpoint. it happened last night in pleasant hill near diablo valley college. two men armed with guns and a taser entered through a sliding glass door. the gunmen were wearing ski masks and dressed in jackets that said "police." . and all of a sudden i hear a big bang and "get the f on the ground, get the f on the ground" so i wait a minute aand i go and lock my door. >> a couple of the victims were tazed. one suffered a injury after being struck with a gun. they took electronics and got
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away. one of the roommates was able to chase the vehicle and get a license plate number. the new clipper cards are supposed to make transportation more convenient. but we received some from from company. he prepays for his clipper card to have unlimited use on trains and buses. the prepayment is supposed to be deducted from his paycheck through wage works on the first of the month, so because it wasn't deducted he paid full fare and now he is stuck trying to get a refund? i would have to call clipper. clipper tells me oh wage works didn't loads your fast pass, i would have to call wage works, they say they did load it. i have to call clipper again. then clipper says there was a problem with my transaction. >> the metropolitan transportation commission apologizes for the program. they think it's not widespread given they process up to 2
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million a month. >> they may get left at the bus stop if they don't switch soon. they are switching from the paper passes to the clipper card. those cards do say several weeks to process which means students need to sign up soon. >> and then there is a bunch of my friends that don't know about this yet. >> restaurants are being registered for the new card at schools and libraries throughout the east bay over the next few weeks. check with ac transit for the date, time, location, if you can't make any of those you can go to the ac transit ticket office in downtown oakland. >> making sense of what seems like an improbable crash. how investigators think a school bus ended up on top of a pickup lodged on the back of a semi cab. >> pretty soon the calendar is going to say it's fall. so where is our summer. how people who usually get the sunshine are coping. in the light of day the situation was just as messy. the reason organizers say thousands were kept away from the hottest soccer ticket in
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town. >> did somebody say hottest? well where is the heat? the day that will be the warmest this weekend, your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues ri i'm bored with my toys. sally, you don't need toys when you have... ♪ imagination ♪ imagination ♪ imagination ♪ helps you see the world in different ways ♪ yay! yay! ♪ this is a pony ♪ and this is a choo-choo ♪ [ male announcer ] it's movie time. and this is a... [ male announcer ] with a wii twist. what is this? [ male announcer ] netflix now delivers unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through wii. plus dvds by mail. all for only 9 bucks a month.
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re school buses . two people are dead after a crash in missouri involving four vehicles. two were school buses filed with children. the highway patrol says a semi truck slowed as it approached road construction and a pickup truck traveling behind it
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slammed onto it. the driver of the first bus was changing lanes, didn't see the accident, when she crashed into the back of the truck. and then seconds later the second bus collided with the first. one child on the first bus was killed as well as the 19-year- old driver of the pickup truck. the other injuries were not life-threatening and many of the students were reunited with their parents just hours after the accident. no charges have been filed and officials say the investigation could take two weeks. that blown-out well in the gulf of mexico is closer to being plugged. engineers finished pumping cement into bp's deep sea well today. now that cement follows the mudd forced into the well yesterday. bp says the static kill may permanently plug the well but, just to make sure, engineers plan to pump mudd and cement through relief wells later this month to forever suffocate the source of that oil. and today the senate confirmed elena kagan as the
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next supreme court justice, she replaces retiring justice john paul stevens. the 50-year-old has worked for two democratic presidents and served as dean of the harvard law school. when the courts new term begins in october it will mark the first time that three women will sit on the bench at the same time. well for the first time social security is in the red. this year and next year it's projected to payout more in benefits than it collects in taxes. that's largely because so many people are unemployed and not contributing payments. the entire social security fund by the way is expected to be exhausted by the year 2007. now if you're like the rest of us you're still waiting for summer. in fact it's been the coldest july and august most people in the bay area can remember. still mike sugerman reports we're not going to find a lot of cases of the summertime blues out there. >> unfortunately thick fog making its way into the bay area, very dense. >> 59 in san francisco.
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another cool day around the bay. but, wait, here it comes. the return of the marine layer marching 70 miles inland. >> everybody talks about the weather. >> it's all right. it's all right. >> it's not all right. it's awful. >> incredible. endless. it's demoralizing. . >> these people are taking action. >> it's as warm as i've ever noticed it. >> for the first time in anybody's memory bay water has been consistently warmer than the air temperature. so in 43 years have you seen this kind of difference between the water and the air? >> not, no, i can't remember. it probably has been a year but i mean this is terrible. >> bob row informed doesn't mind the 61-degree water temp., it's the 55-degree air that bugs him. >> look at the paper. san francisco is the coldest big city in the northern hemisphere. in the northern hemisphere no one is colder than we are and in the southern hemisphere it's top 5. it's winter in the
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southern hemisphere. and this is summer camp? >> we huddled together like penguins, ha ha. ha ha. >> exactly. >> yeah, there was lap sitting going on, more sipping. the kids get their sweatshirts. >> cameras at camp key toe van aren't sweating the small stuff, they aren't sweating at all. santa rosa down 10 to 14. people with green thumbs inland and on the coast have to cover up with gloves. summer crops are hard to find. >> people ask me like 30 times the market if i have tomatoes and no, i don't have them yet. >> and the dirty girl produce doesn't have stuff she wouldn't normally have. >> we're growing a lot of winter stuff. usually in this time of year, july, we don't have brock lease and cab beiges and lettuces. this is the time of year we start having beans no, beans. >> no beans here, but halibut and beer can chicken. this is the way you dress for a san francisco summer barbecue and now the rest have the pay
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area welcome to our world. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs5. may have to turn the heat on. >> i think mike likes looking that way. you know. >> that's funny because i heard a lot of people say they did turn their heater on this morning. we had a record lo mein memorandum in oakland to kick start the day at 53 degrees. the theme right now in the city by the way, the city of san francisco, yes, we do have the intrusion of the low fog. the temperatures today anywhere between 9 and 12 degrees below average, take a look at that livermore temperature. boy, near 90, but we haven't experienced that in this past year in livermore. before that june 27. here you go to kick start your friday morning commute. we'll have the fog, the drizzle. tall way into the tri-valley due to that very deep marine layer. and the numbers in the 50s across the board. so try and explain what's been going on. it's an upper level trough, sitting over the state of california, that's not really unusual. but what is is there's nothing
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to kick it out of here, to push it out. we need a good old system to drop out of the gulf of mexico to move it out. but, until then, we're leaden with a very deep marine layer, at least 2500 feet deep. that will keep the air temperature in the 50s and 60s at the coast. 73 in cupertino, we should be at 84 in san jose, instead 76 degrees. should be at 9 in livermore, it will be a couple more degrees warmer this the upper 70s, otherwise no sun line in the north bay beaches. 72 in santa rosa. should be at 83. should be, should be, not gonna see that all the way until about august 14th. so it's a pretty stagnant weather pattern with temperatures just about on either side of 58 degrees in our inland areas. so lee company, she captured the scene, the summer story beautifully. we want to see your stories right here on cbs5. >> all right. thanks roberta. coming up a different approach to substance abuse. >> the clinic that has kicked >> the clinic that has kicked the all
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. a clinic is helping drug addicts kick one habit by keeping others. san francisco's reliance center uses a model called harm reduction. it focuses on a patient's most dangerous habit by putting the most threatening ones on the back burner. someone fighting oxycontin can occasionally drink or use marijuana. they say quitting cold turkey is too difficult. >> some people can't do it all. some h need to be led step by step to an easier place. >> we talked with the representatives from the traditional based programs. they are concerned the harm reduction technique could fail in the long one. >> there may be a silver lining for thousands of soccer fans who say they were gipped. we showed them to you last night stuck outside the soccer game they paid big bucs to see. hanley ramirez with the
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explanation for the rejection. >> reporter: this is what the fans came to candlestick to see, realma divide the kings of stronger and their dark top player, kristi anna rinaldo taking on club america from mexico. but for some the excitement ended before the first kick. >> it was a pretty nightmare issue night. >> she has seen soccer matches all over the world but she said this was the worst. >> we've got to the game early, tried to get this to our seats, absolute pandemonium, a couple thousand people trying to get tickets, the line wasn't moving, you probably ah an all- the chaos there. >> reporter: cbs5 cameras captured a scene of human gridlock and frustration as thousands of fans converged on a single will call boof to try to pick up tickets they had already spent as much as $95 apiece for online from ticketmaster. >> people were pushing, shoving, four people working with several thousand people waiting in line. we get to the security detail there's would one woman patting
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down several thousand women who came to steele analysis do play. the other security was pretty slow and steady moving in so we didn't really get to z much. >> reporter: she got to see 20 minutes of a 90-minute match. >> i felt eye like it was escalating so we left before i felt like it could get any worse. >> reporter: others left before seeing even a minute. >> they took our money for the parking and then they wouldn't let us in the stadium so i felt like we just got robbed. we just showed up to get robbed. they weren't happy until they got the last bit of money out of our pockets. >> reporter: the match was sponsored are by marquez brothers entertainment of san jose. we did speak to the general manager by phone who told us "there were many thousands of tickets at will call, combining that with rush hour traffic, the result is all people arriving at the same time. we can only process so many and security needs time to check patrons." marquez brothers said they opened the gates at half time letting fans in without having to show tickets and allowing
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many people to get in for free. but fans say the promoters should have expected increased interest in a game of this caliber and been ready with more personnel. >> we spent over $200 on this event plus parking so i'm hoping that this will incite someone to do something about this for the thousands of fans who didn't get to see the game. >> the general manager said we could publish his email. he invites anyone who feels they were ripped off or wrong by the event last night to send an email and each case will be reviewed individually. len ramirez, cbs5. a 49ers linebacker is expected to miss the entire season and the giants find out why the braves have the best home record in baseball. ,,,,
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giants up 2-0, one man on for alex gonzalez. it's got the distance. will it stay fair? no. but on the very next pitch he hangs one and gonzalez keeps this one fair. number 19 for the braves shortstop. tie game. it stayed that way until the sixth. lincecum leads the change-up. eric hinske makes him pay. the braves take the opener 3-2, the giants are now two games behind the padres. the u.s. team makes its first ever visit to the bay area saturday and we hope the action in the octagon is as intense as the press conference. >> narrator: he said to talk about me is not him. >> by the way sorrows, that was not a correct interpretation. he said it's easy to talk about being me, try beating me. you are not the only one that talks portuguese, it's a step
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harder to picking up that language than it is understanding pig latin. >> 49ers actor scott suffered a torn acl and was expected back up here but will now likely miss the entire season. we start the top 5 with mike singletary's memories of playing against the soon to be hall of famer jerry rice. >> it was a headache. >> jerry got his head on? >> are rarely. longoria... the twins beat the . >> number 4, jason kubel pops one foul. no problem for the reigning gold glove winnery van longoria, the twins beat the rays,. tiger woods has won seven of the of the 9 years at firestone. he shoots a 74. bubba watson is your leader. at number 2 that may be why willie nelson sang don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. they get treeded the to a hair cut they'll never forget.
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looks good on you. and your number 1 play of the night. number 1 run on second, it is called foul. >> looks, it's fair, goes over the bag. >> oh. >> that's a fair ball. >> oh, that's a terrible call. >> how could you miss the call. >> oh my gosh. >> how do you miss that call? >> the phillies go on to beat the marlins in 10 innings and i know somebody who would have gotten that call right. dana king. >> this is true. i have been a little, i have been on eh atuesday but clearly i need to step back into the game. >> no way you would have missedh
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dead meat. >> you will notice none of us are wearing plaid. i'm just saying. >> i didn't say ,,,,,,


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