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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 6, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> john kessler is on vacation. and according to a blog, we were let go from this station. that is not true. we're both on vacation and i am back and mr. kessler is back to be disciplined by his mother for a week. a lot of stories this morning. oakland police responding to a burglary call. not just a burglary. it is a pot bust. we'll tell you about that. transbay terminal in san francisco closes officially at midnight. the new temporary terminal opens not far away but it's a big change for commuters. and some changes coming to "entertainment tonight." you watch that show? mary hart with those famous legs going on. >> nice looking legs. >> we'll tell you what's going to be happening to her. out the door this morning at 5:00 a.m., let's start with elizabeth and check traffic. >> all right. when i first got in the door i noticed a couple of accidents on highway 4. they are both
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going against the commute eastbound and the one at bailey road. gone. still lanes blocked on eastbound 4 around railroad avenue. it will be cleared soon. we are not seeing big delays. san mateo bridge fine but there were some major closures at the 880/92 interchange in hayward. that should wrap up by 5:00. in the meantime good across the span. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. i have heard this expression same old same old. i think you know what it means. more low clouds and fog in the forecast this morning, drizzle again, misty, almost like light rainfall for the coast and the bay. i definitely had to hit my windshield wipers when he was i was on the way in this morning. 80s inland, cool at the coast and still mild inland, coastal highs in the lower 60s as well as the bay. we will continue to be below normal as far as our temperatures.
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so one person's cool is another person's hey it's nice. >> i know. i'm always freezing. back to you. >> i think it's perfect out there. i like it no matter what. ladies, thanks very much. it is 5:02. it started out as a burglary call in oakland and turned out to be much, much more. let's go to anne makovec in oakland this morning to explain. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. turned into a big pot bust here in oakland. this is a commercial district on 12th street and the burglary call was initially to this restaurant here behind me. and the pot farm, according to police, was in the floor above it, the second floor of this building. let's take a look at the scene just a few hours ago. police were called to the scene at around midnight to respond to a burglary and they see two men running out of the back of the building. one jumped across a fence. the second according to police tried to hide on the roof of
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the building and a k-9 had to help get him down. a police k-9. he was apparently bitten by the dog as well, that's why an ambulance had to come. that suspect appears to be already. when the cops got both of these guys in custody and cleared the building, they found a pot farm, over 120 plants and some dried marijuana, as well. they called the operation very sophisticated, with a ventilation system in the building. and here's what one of the suspects had to say about his lack of involvement, according to him. >> i was at the park smoking a significant rent on the phone my female going to come get me and then his partner just slammed me and said what i'm doing? i said [bleeping] talking to my girlfriend. that's how it happened. >> reporter: the police obviously thought there was something more to his story than what he was telling. the police also say that they have been to a bust in this building one time before. so again, we have seen 80 oakland cops laid off recently
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but they are still, uhm, up to some crime-fighting action around here. >> absolutely. anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in oakland this morning. out with the old transbay terminal, in with the new. the terminal will close for good at midnight tonight so construction can begin on the new transbay transit center. that original terminal opened back in 1939. it has become a spot, though, where more than 100 homeless people sleep each night. gets them out of the cold. people have complained for years, though, that it needed to be replaced. in its place, this, the new temporary transbay terminal, which opens tomorrow. this facility is located at howard and main streets not far away. the $18 million terminal will operate for seven years while that permanent terminal is built. today the two sides in the proposition 8 case are ordered to submit briefs concerning a stay on same-sex marriages. federal judge vaughn way, issuing a temporary stay on
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weddings wednesday when he ruled that prop 8 was unconstitutional. the issue now is whether to continue the stay while his ruling is being appealed. the temporary stay means no gay or lesbian marriages in california at least until judge walker rules on the briefs that will be filed today. now, the attorney behind the challenge to prop 8 says there is nothing wrong with the opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> in this country under the first amendment, they are entitled to that point of view. but also under the first amendment, they are not entitled to impose that view on other people. >> oakland city councilwoman rebecca kaplan, who opposes prop 8, says same-sex marriage is not an attack on american families. >> the court has made clear, gay people are not the cause of the suffering of straight families that are having rising divorce rates, rising abuse
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rates, rising rates of people losing their homes. >> it could be more than a year before the case is actually heard by an appeals court. elena kagan will be sworn in tomorrow as the next united states supreme court justice. today kagan will be at the white house for a celebration of yesterday's senate vote to confirm her. five republicans joined all but one democrat to support kagan. kagan will be the nation's 112th justice and the fourth woman to serve on the court. she will replace retired justice john paul stevens when the court begins its new term october 1. today, they are waiting for cement to dry in the broken oil well in the gulf of mexico. the cement was pumped on top of heavy mud that sealed the well earlier this week. that process is called, static kill. the next step is the bottom kill. that's when crews will pump cement into a relief well to make sure that that well is sealed for good. meanwhile, louisiana officials will re-open its shrimp season.
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most areas will open august 16. but they are going to delay owesster season by two months. 5:06. a fire at a north bay courthouse destroys thousands of records. up next, the break in the case that may help authorities figure out what happened. and what is putting more of a strain on social security. courthouse arson [ female a ] at the jcpenney huge sale get huge savings on hot looks for school. plus save even more with instant money. it's all saving, no waiting. instant money gives you 10 bucks back on the spot when you spend 50. stores open early at 8am saturday. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. swimming is♪ y favorite thing. for their school.
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good morning. live look at 880 in oakland where traffic is flowing great past the coliseum up into downtown. we are just getting reports in from chp of a new accident in the north bay. we'll have details on that in your traffic report in 6 minutes. two arrests have been made in connection with the vallejo
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courthouse arson. octavia walton and benjamin stickle are from vallejo. stickle was already in jail on unrelated charges. the fire happened in june. the damage was in the court's criminal division offices and destroyed thousands of court records and files in the clerk's office. about 20 minutes from now we are going to get the july jobs report from the labor department. analysts think that there were 90,000 new jobs in the private sector but with the census bureau jobs finally ending, overall employment will drop by 65,000. experts predict the unemployment rate will rise to 9.6%. it was 9.5% in june. for the first time social security is in the red. this year and next year, it's projected to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes. that's largely because so many people are unemployed and not contributing payments. the entire social security fund
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is expected to be exhausted by the year 2037. what are john and i going to do? the summer weather in the bay area, it is a lot cooler than usual. some summer camps are even keeping youngsters out of the pools. that leads to us our question of the day: do you wish the weather would warm up? no, it's great. are you kidding? you want to be on the east coast where it's triple digits? send your answers to we are also on facebook and twitter. i have to say though in the city it was freezing last night. how the look of the show "entertainment tonight" is changing, up next. >> sydnie, i think you touched on a really good question. a lot of people have been talking about the weather. i just need to move to the east bay where it's slightly warmer. we'll take a look at what's going on with your forecast. could there be warmer weather for the weekend? i got your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vplasma top story i spro1 # 862 here's a look at some of the good morning. we have been getting several reports of spinouts on the road this morning. a new one in the north bay, this is northbound 101 in terra
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linda. it sounds like everything is off on the shoulder but a motorcycle -- single vehicle involved in the accident was a motorcycle. most of the activity isn't shoulder but sounds like an ambulance is heading to the scene. we are not sure how bad the injuries are. we have a camera near mill valley. everything looks good, quiet through here on 101. that other accident in terra linda in san rafael no big delays because traffic is so light. you can see it across the span of the golden gate bridge, a few headlights there heading towards the toll plaza. 22 minutes is still your drive time from novato down into san francisco. more bridges, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where they picked up the construction on the upper deck. a couple of lanes were blocked overnight. ongoing overnight roadwork but for right now there is no delay approaching the pay gates and no sign of those metering lights. we could see another day of delays on a.c. transit, but bart, ace and muni are on time so off to a nice
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start for this friday morning. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. gray out there. you mentioned spinouts. the roads are going to be a little wet because we have some drizzle again this morning. low clouds into the bay and here we are look toward the transamerica building. don't really see the top of it because of the low clouds. what can you expect for today? same old same old. low clouds and drizzle around the coast and bay. low clouds inland this morning. temperatures ranging from the lower to the mid- to the upper 50s. this afternoon, temperatures on par with yesterday. 80s inland. partly cloudy and cool at the bay. temperatures near 70. for the coastline, it is staying cool with areas of fog expected. tgif! i know. don't you feel that way on friday? just good to just say the word
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"friday." temperatures remain below average today around 10 degrees off the mark. so what you had yesterday, that's what you're going to be feeling today. no major warmup or cooldown. lower 80s in morgan hid, 70s in santa clara and san jose, palo alto, mountain view. temperatures near 60 in pacifica, daly city and half moon bay. east bay 80s. 60 in sausalito and san francisco. inland, the lower 70s in novato. mid-70s in petaluma. lower 70s in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. those temperatures also close to 10 degrees cooler than what it typically feels like this time of the year. moving into the weekend, saturday and sunday still cool
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along the coast, mild conditions inland. and temperatures will remain below average monday, tuesday, wednesday. by thursday, expecting things to start to warm back up a bit. we are heading into the weekend. this saturday, the san francisco aloha festival at the presidio parade grounds. conditions, temperatures in the lower 60s. also got the burlingame arts fest, plenty of sunshine expected saturday. high temperatures just near 70 degrees. sunday, 65 with mostly sunny skies. and don't forget, it's nothing special going on but it's just a special place. the santa cruz boardwalk, sun and clouds saturday, temperatures near 70. sunday 66 with partly cloudy skies. i absolutely love that roller coaster. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on this friday. two men under arrest for a burglary on east 12th street in oakland early this morning. there could be more arrests since that burglary was at what may be an illegal marijuana
5:19 am
growing operation. the two sides in the prop 8 court case will submit briefs to judge vaughn walker today. the issue is whether to continue a stay on same-sex marriage weddings while his ruling against prop 8 is being appealed. that could take a year or more. and today marks the 65th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing. thousands of people gathering in hiroshima, japan, to remember the day. during the final stages of world war ii, the hiroshima bomb killed more than 140,000 people when it was dropped in 1945. thousands more died later of illness and injuries. long-time "entertainment tonight" host mary hart is leaving the program after her upcoming season. after 30 years, yes, 30 years on the same show, hart is ready for a change. et had no comment on reports that lara spencer would be hart's successor.
5:20 am
lara spencer host's the sister program, "the insider." hart joined "entertainment tonight" back in 1982 when the program wasn't even a year old. remember when she was paired with john tesh? that was for 10 years. but mary hart leaving "entertainment tonight." and they said her legs were so fabulous, that they actually built a see-through desk so you could always see her legs. guess that was one of the big draws of the show. 5:20. credit or debit? choosing the latter could sometimes cost you. why that may not be the case though for long. to make it illegal for stores to ,,,,,,
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something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. hey, good friday morning. here's a look at some of our bay area cities today and their conditions. san mateo, 69 with mostly sunny skies and nothing but sunshine for mountain view at 70. milpitas at 74. san jose still cool and mild.
5:24 am
high in the mid-70s. and morgan hill at 81 degrees. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast and let you know if warmer weather could be in the forecast. that's in just a few moments. >> thank you. tracy, do you use your debit card. >> unfortunately i do. >> well, a california lawmaker is trying to make it illegal for stores to charge customers extra fees to use their deb bid carts. those fees can range from, say, 45 cents all the way up to a dollar. they are most common at gas stations, convenience stores. well, consumer groups say the fees are essentially higher prices for people who use debit cards. >> why should you have to pay a fee for the privilege of spending your money? it's not fair. so the same rules that apply to a credit card should apply to the debit card. >> but the store owners who are charged the fees are trying to offset the fees they pay for processing those transactions. a bill to to ban the fan passed
5:25 am
the senate last week. it will be presented to the assembly monday. tomorrow is the third annual beaver festival. it's an event to celebrate the family of beavers that lives in alhambra creek downtown. it runs from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in beaver park. it became controversy when people living near the cream were afraid that the beaver dams would create flooding but the city decided to let them live there. they are a big tourist attraction. and a device was built to prevent beavers from adding heat to their dam. is that that beaver deceiver? crayola crayons will soon be a lot greener. the company has unveiled a 15- acre solar panel farm in a field behind its pennsylvania headquarters. they have installed 26,000 solar panels which will produce 1.9-megawatt of electricity a year. that's enough to create a billion crayons in all the
5:26 am
different colors. the project was funded by more than a million dollars in federal stimulus money. crayola also uses recycled material for markers and reforested wood for its colored pencils. it is 5:26. coming up in our next half hour, plans unveiled. how the high-speed rail line is expected to look along the peninsula. and a restaurant on the bottom, a pot farm on top according to police. we'll tell you how they made a big bust overnight coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and a look at downtown san francisco. you can see the tip of the transamerica building. the low clouds and fog are around. it's going to keep it cool, too. tracy will look at our friday and weekend forecast. might have to go to the east bay to get a little warmth. good morning, it is friday, the 6th day of august. i'm sydnie kohara. john kessler is on vacation. let's go to elizabeth wenger with a look at traffic. get you out the door and get one last day at work before you start this weekend. >> i'm going to have to go to walnut creek to the plaza to get warm. looking good on the road. friday light, as we like to
5:30 am
say. that's certainly the case this morning. we had a couple of earlier spinouts. everything is gone or on the shoulder so no delay. quick bridge check. at the bay bridge toll plaza, maybe a slight delay there in some of the left hand cash lanes. otherwise, the san mateo bridge looks good. they did wrap up all the construction near the 880-92 interchange. a nice flow of traffic across the golden gate. it always looks good across the golden gate. let's go out to the south bay. we can give you an overall picture. i clicked this too fast but i can tell you it's top speeds up 101 from morga hill. quiet downtown. here's a live look at northbound 280 right there as you approach of the 880 interchange. mass transit is on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. here's the forecasted highs. 80 in concord and fairfield. the east bay is the place to go
5:31 am
to warm up. 78 livermore, 75 san jose. closer to the bay, temperatures drop down a tad. mid-60s in oakland, upper 60s in vallejo. 67 degrees in san rafael. 60 in san francisco. 59 in pacifica and look at napa and santa rosa. normally in the 80s. no 80s today. the lower 70s. our seven-day forecast: july is one of the coolest months on record. we'll kick off august with unseasonably cool conditions also. friday, saturday and sunday today through the weekend, cool through the coast, mild inland. we'll remain below normal monday, tuesday, wednesday. but take a look at next thursday. i know, that's way out. temperatures will start to rebound by then. expecting some warmer conditions to move back into the bay area. >> love sunshine. thank you. a pot bust at an east bay restaurant overnight.
5:32 am
anne makovec is in oakland. this isn't the first time police have been in this building. >> reporter: no, this is the second time they have made a pot bust here in the building behind me. you can see it's a restaurant on the bottom here. on the second floor according to police there was a pot farm. they came to the building on a call to a burglary and saw two men running out of the back of the building. one of them jumped across the fence. the second one was trying to hide on the roof of the building, according to police. so they got their k-9 up there and he ended up biting the suspect according to police. that's why an ambulance had to come to the scene but apparently that suspect does appear to be okay. and he is under arrest. when they went in the building on the second floor, they say they found a pot farm. over 120 plants and dried marijuana as well. they say it was a very sophisticated operation with all of the goods including a ventilation system in and out
5:33 am
of the building. and again, police say that they have been to this building once before. the two suspects in custody, they say that they were able to clear the building of all the marijuana but they had to leave some of the equipment because according to police they didn't have enough manpower to remove everything immediately. so we have the oakland layoffs that we have been talking about. they are still able to make busts, but not necessarily clean up the scenes as promptly as they would like. >> thank you, macrinus in oakland. today the two sides in the proposition 8 case are ordered to submit briefs concerning a stay on same-sex marriages. federal judge vaughn walker issuing a temporary stay on weddings wednesday when he ruled that prop 8 was unconstitutional. now, the issue now is whether to continue this stay while his ruling is being appealed. the temporary stay means no gay or lesbian marriages in california at least until judge walker rules on the briefs that will be filed today. the california supreme
5:34 am
court has cleared the way for an aids discrimination lawsuit against google to move forward. that case involves this man, brian reed. he is an engineer in his 50s. he says the mountain view-based internet giant fired him because wasn't a good cultural fit with the younger colleagues. in allowing the age discrimination case to move forward, the justices said reed presented enough evidence to make a discrimination claim. that evidence includes comments from his coworkers mocking his age. google said it fired reed because of poor performance. above ground, on the ground, underground, that's where the tracks will be when a high-speed rail system is built on the peninsula. there was a full house when the california high-speed rail authority showed its latest plans for the tracks between san francisco and san jose. the san mateo county times reports some cities will have trains running on tracks 18 feet or more above ground. some will run next to existing caltrain tracks and some will be in trenches. now, construction is scheduled
5:35 am
to begin in 2012. work begins monday morning, though, on another transportation project in the bay area. caltrans will start digging a fourth bore for the caldecott tunnel through the oakland hills. they will use a $5 million machine called a road header to dig the two-lane tunnel. it will be nearly 3400 feet long. it's expected to take more than three years to dig. they will have a ceremony monday before firing up the road header. a group of people fed up with prison overcrowding says they plan to starve for justice. they are fasting in front of the building later this morning to draw attention to the issue. it is a statewide effort to push for a reduction in the prison population. last year be a federal panel ordered the state to reduce its prison population by 40,000 inmates. california filed an appeal
5:36 am
against the ruling. they will their in october. it is a new pilot program designed to keep muni riders safe. community ambassadors are now stepping in because of the high number of crimes committed at or near bus and train stations. joe vazquez went to san francisco to show us how this buddy system works. >> reporter: wearing a bright green vest and armed with just a cell phone, 12 community ambassadors are now stationed at bus and train stops in areas of the city that have struggled with violent crime. >> people will feel less vulnerable. when they look around them they will see young people and older people there to make them feel safer and to make them feel less vulnerable. >> reporter: back in march, a surveillance camera captured this harrowing assault of a female passenger. a group of young men grabbed the woman and wrest eld her down to the tracks below. the woman survived but the attack set off a series of community meetings which led to this pilot program of community ambassadors. they are not going to escort you home. they will simply patrol the areas around bus and train
5:37 am
stops and ride the trains to act as deterrents to crime. they are city employees assigned to the visitacion valley and bayview districts along the t line and 9-san bruno route. >> just like in the old days people would walk around their neighborhood and keep an eye open, it's the same thing. good idea. >> reporter: police say 100 crimes a month including robberies an stabbings happen on or near muni stops. the hope is the presence of these unarmed ambassadors will deter criminals and if they see something bad happening they are to call for help but not get in the middle of it. >> i feel a lot more safe and comfortable and it does take ease off of, you know, where i'm going especially with the environment that we are around but say if i get in a fight right now or somebody tries to rob my purse and they are stand there is i'm going to want them to do something about it. >> they ain't gonna scare them away. people still gonna do what they want to do. it really don't matter. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. in the east bay, dozens of
5:38 am
suspected gang members have been arrested in sweeps dubbed operation gangbusters. 30 different agencies teaming up to search for parole violators and suspected gang members. >> the sweep yielded 48 total arrests, 37 on parole, and 11 on probation, two firearms, 106 marijuana plants, and approximately $5,000, two machetes, and four parolees at large. >> the department of corrections announced plans to place more than 800 known gang members on gps. and in addition, they plan more parolee sweeps around the bay area. 5:38. elena kagan will be sworn in tomorrow as a united states supreme court justice. kagan will be at the white house today for a celebration of yesterday's senate vote to confirm her. five republicans joined all but one democrat to support kagan. kagan will be the nation's
5:39 am
112th justice but only the fourth woman to serve on the court. veal replace retired justice john paul stevens when the court begins its new term october 1. today they are waiting for cement to dry in the broken oil well in the gulf of mexico. the cement was pumped on top of heavy mud that sealed the well earlier this week. that process is called static kill. the next step is what they call the bottom kill. that's when crews will pump cement into a relief well to make sure the well is sealed for good. meanwhile, louisiana officials will re-open shrimp season in most areas august 16. but they are going to delay oyster season by about two months. it is hard to imagine a man surviving a 75-foot fall off the grand canyon. it happened to a french tourist yesterday. the 18-year-old slipped while taking pictures near the rim. paramedics rappelled down to where he had fallen and airlifted him to the hospital. the man hurt his wrist, ankle
5:40 am
and neck but, get this, he is already back home after bee released from the hospital. the devastation of the bombing in hiroshima, japan, is still being felt 65 years later. [ bell tolls ] >> today thousands of people prayed for a world without nuclear weapons on this, the anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing. for the first time the united states sent a representative to hiroshima to commemorate those who died in the attack by the united states on japan. it's part of president obama's push against nuclear weapons. the hiroshima bomb killed more than 140,000 people when it was dropped in 1945. thousands more died later of illness and injuries. 5:40. still to come, bundle up. get out the woolies and, yes, it is august in the bay area. we'll tell you how people here are dealing with the coolest summer in years!
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now: a burglary case, and a drug there are a few problems we first got in the door around 5:00 this morning. everything is gone now. pretty quiet. not a whole lot of issues on the roads. here's a live look across the carquinez bridge. looks great across the span. and still nice and light, 18 minutes the carquinez bridge down towards hercules and into towards the macarthur maze. in fact, once you hit the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays and really no metering lights. that may change. i don't know, it's friday. in the last couple of weeks, the bay bridge hasn't been backed up probably a combination of the new congestion and summertime traffic. even with an accident on the other side of the bridge, near
5:44 am
the fifth street exit, never really backed up then yesterday. so looks good for your commute into san francisco. 880 same thing. nice and light as you pass the coliseum. there is an as game tonight at 7:05 against the texas rangers. possibly slower traffic before and after the game. along the peninsula, 101 and 280 both moving fine. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> we're bringing out our woolies! >> bringing out the woolies, especially here in the bay area and along the coast. clouds, plenty of clouds, here we go from our mount vaca cam. it' 5:44. sunrise in 30 minutes. we are starting to see fringes of sun already. daily planner for today, cloudy conditions, drizzle for the morning. temperatures in the 50s. i call it same old same old a lot like what you had yesterday morning. that drizzle will have a lot of the roads will be pretty wet so keep that in mind for the morning. for the afternoon, sunshine and mild conditions, temperatures in the mid-80s, yeah, still mild. partly cloudy and cool around
5:45 am
the bay with a daytime high up to 70 degrees and remaining cool with areas of fog along the coastline. here's a look at some of the forecasted temperatures versus our average highs for this time of the year: cooler than average. mid-70s in cupertino. 73 in sunnyvale. 37 in los altos. temperatures near 60 at the coast with plenty of clouds expected. 69 in san mateo and you cross the bay, 69 in union city. 70 in fremont. and 67 in hayward. more lower 60s in berkeley to oakland to alameda. upper 70s in pleasant hill, walnut creek and danville. and the 80s in pleasanton, moving up to mid-80s in antioch, brentwood, concord and pittsburg.
5:46 am
lower 70s in napa, sonoma, santa rosa. 71 kentfield. 60 in san francisco. we are looking at friday moving into the weekend thinking about maybe heading out later on this afternoon enjoying a nice weekend, 95 fresno, 99 redding. tahoe camping? 81 with sunshine. 90 yosemite. moving over to the other side near the coastline, 62 in monterey with plenty of clouds. 92 ukiah, 57 degrees in eureka with mostly cloudy conditions expected. our seven-day forecast, yeah, we continue to see cool conditions along the coast, mild inland, and we will remain below normal for much of next week but we could see warmer conditions late next week. kites for cancer awareness, little marina green in san francisco, it will take place saturday and conditions, temperatures in the lower 60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. thank you. 5:46. let's look at some of the stories we're following right
5:47 am
now. a burglary case and a drug case all in one. oakland police arresting two men caught at the scene of a burglary on east 12th street this morning. police say the burglary target was an illegal and sophisticated pot growing operation. the judge who ruled against proposition 8 on wednesday will hear from the lawyers in the case today. he has ordered them to file briefs concerning his temporary stay on same-sex weddings and then he is going to decide whether to extend the stay through the appeals process. elena kagan is confirmed as the fourth woman ever to be a u.s. supreme court justice. she will be sworn in tomorrow. but today, kagan will be at the white house for a celebration of her confirmation. the nation's jobless rate remains steady from june to july. the labor department reporting that unemployment stayed at 9.5%. the private sector added 71,000 jobs in july but not as many as they had he had hoped. the economy losing a total of
5:48 am
131,000 jobs and that's because all those temporary census jobs ended. it's hard to believe it's actually august. people all over the bay area, they are bundling up these days. we want to know, what happened to summer?? mike sugerman on how people are coping with one of the coolest summers the bay area has seen in quite some time. reporter: >> it's unfortunately a thick fog is now making its way into the bay area, very dense. >> 59 in san francisco, another cool day around the bay. >> but wait, here it comes, the return of the marine layer marching a good 70 miles inland. >> reporter: everybody talks about the weather. >> it's all right. >> it's not all right. it's awful. incredible. it's endless, it's demoralizing. >> reporter: these people are taking action. >> it's as warm as i have ever noticed it. >> reporter: for the first time in anybody's memory bay water has been consistently warmer than the air temperature. so in 43 years, have you seen this kind of difference between
5:49 am
the water and the air? >> no. i can't remember. there probably has been a year, but this is terrible. >> reporter: bob roper doesn't mind the 61-degree water temperature. it's the 55-degree air that bugs him. look at the paper. san francisco is the coldest big city in the northern hemisphere. no one is colder than we are in the northern hemisphere. in the southern hemisphere we're top 5. it's winter in the southern hemisphere. and this is summer camp? >> we huddle together like penguins. there is more singing and counselors are giving kids their sweatshirts. >> reporter: the campers in the east bay aren't sweating the small stuff. they aren't sweating at all. san jose, 14 degrees below normal. santa rosa down 10 to 14. people are green thumbs inland and on the coast have to cover them with gloves. summer crops hard to find. >> people ask me like 30 times at market if i have tomatoes
5:50 am
yet. i don't have them yet. >> reporter: stella of dirty girls produce does have stuff, though, she wouldn't normally have this time of year. >> we are growing a lot of winter stuff. usually this time of year in july we didn't have this kind of stuff like broccoli, cabbage, lettuce. this is the team of year we start having beans. we don't have beans. >> reporter: in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. and compare that to the rest of the country as mike did where the humidity made it feel more like 100 degrees in many places. there were heat advisories in 18 states yesterday. the extreme temperatures being blamed for the deaths of more than two dozen people -- excuse me, a dozen people and two police dogs. not even nightfall brought relief for those folks. temperatures in some states in the 80s overnight. it i 5:50. will he retire? we are talking about brett favre. coming up, what this octopus has to say about it.
5:51 am
federal judge from clearing the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:53. a look at the bay bridge. low clouds and fog. >> it's been chilly around the bay area. we just had that story about that. but that's okay. not bad at all. that's our question of the day. we'll talk about that. welcome back, everyone. wild horses couldn't stop a federal judge from clearing the land in northeast california. that judge ruled this week that more than 2,000 horses would be rounded up by the u.s. bureau
5:54 am
of land management. the company says roundups are needed because of overpopulation and dry land. but an animal rights group has taken out a temporary restraining order to postpone that roundup, which is set for next week. they plan to appeal the ruling. a minnesota octopus predicting brett favre's future with the vikings proved to be little help. take a look. this is lokie, a giant octopus at the under water adventure aquarium. this week the staff decided to do like they did over in germany with paul, the octopus, and get her opinion on whether favre will play another season of football. they quickly realize the too tough a call for her. for her first move she picked retirement for the flip- flopping quarterback but then minutes later she laid a muscle next to a photo of favre playing football. >> sounds a lot like favre, back and forth. the weather in the bay area a lot cooler than usual, some summer camps even keeping the
5:55 am
kids out of the pools. do you wish the weather would warm up? on facebook, paul says yes. i cannot believe i'm wearing my winter clothes in august. >> i think i know paul. [ laughter ] >> karen e-mails us, she says, while it's not as warm for the first time in a couple of years, it's not as windy so my allergies and asthma are finally catching a bay area. >> eva says the cooler weather is fab. it is hot here in the diablo valley. you want warmth? head on out to walnut creek. that's where you're going, right, elizabeth. >> i am, to do some shopping. >> nate says, thank goodness my pg&e bill is much smaller. you can open up the windows, enjoy the cool breeze as you sleep. >> i like it. >> i need the warmth in the summer though to prepare yourself for fall, right? >> i wonder what it means. you always wonder if they are having extra heat on the east coast and it's cool here are we going to have a tougher winter. >> let's hope we don't have a tougher winter but i actually think that the cool weather is
5:56 am
a good thing. >> really. >> even in san francisco? >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, every year can't be the same. >> maybe i'm just a complainer. but it seems -- >> i don't mind it. >> elizabeth is delicate. >> i'm always flower. i wear winter clothes for sure. i wore my white puffer jacket the other day. >> do we need a puffer jacket to get out into traffic? >> traffic has been moving along just fine. we haven't had any big issues. we had a couple -- we had a rough start. a couple of spinouts earlier this morning but for right now you can see it's all green in the east bay as you head towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights and still no yellow sensors all across the upper deck which means that it's flowing fine all the way into san francisco. this is a look at milpitas near the 880/237 interchange. nice and light moving well here if you are heading towards silicon valley. and one more camera, here's a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is plenty of room in between cars as you cross the span. still a 22-minute drive time
5:57 am
between novato and san francisco. mass transit is all on time. >> you think a lot of people are on vacation? it seems like traffic is -- >> the bay bridge especially just not the kind of backups we're used to. i think it's a combination of congestion pricing, we noticed a difference since then and, you know, it's summer so a lot of people are on vacation. >> the airports were packed. i was stuck in one yesterday. >> everyone is hanging out with john. >> must be. >> where are we going on vacation? >> we are going to weather! [ laughter ] >> transitioning to weather. our forecast for today, near 60 along the coast so most of you guys coastal highs in the 50s today. lower 60s around the bay, mid- 80s inland. still pretty mild. we'll remain mild through most of next week, but 10 days out with the models you never no, we could see warmer conditions by the end of the week. this saturday san francisco aloha festival at the presidio parade grounds. 62 degrees? >> they may be a little
5:58 am
chilly. >> i wouldn't take off too much. but, you know, i like doing the little -- >> pretty good. >> good for your waistline. >> it is, i know. >> exercise classes hula now, don't they? stretch classes. >> a lot of kind of dancing. we got another hour of exercising here. 5:58. coming up in our next half hour, a workplace shooting. the calm call that the killer made right after the rampage. plus, san francisco police trying a new crime-fighting tool. community ambassadors near muni stops. how a suspect was injured overnight in a pot bust. coming up. ,,
5:59 am
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