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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 6, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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kids from the youth fair at the santa clara county fairgrounds! weekend after being confirmed as president's nominee to the supreme court. what will her impact on the nays's highest court really be? school bus tragedy. two buses full of kids collide in an accident outside of st. louis, killing two people. we will hear from survivors. the voice of a killer. >> they treat me bad over there. they treat me bad all over the place. so hi to take it into my own hands. i wish i could have got more of the people. >> police officials release a chilling 91 call from omar thornton moments after killing eight co-workers.
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hot enough for you? 105 in little rock. 104 in dallas. a deadly heat wave leads to warnings in 18 states. we have the latest forecast "early" this friday morning, august 6th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs very good friday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> the heat in the headlines this morning. relief here. but bad in much of the rest of the country. we will get to that, too. wyclef jean, music superstar, announced this week he's running for president of haiti. we have an exclusive interview this morning. our betty nguyen sat down with wyclef and talked to him about what his plans are. >> looking forward to that. we want to get you to this. supreme court justice elena kagan. sworn in tomorrow after the senate voted yesterday to
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confirm president obama's nomination. cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford joins thus morning from washington. the confirmation was pretty much expected but very divisive at the same time. >> well, that's exactly right, erica. it was basically a foregone conclusion. she had a major misstep and didn't. democrats have a solid majority in the senate and got all but one to support her. in addition to five republicans. like you said that vote was largely on party lines. and that is just a fact of life in these mod person supreme court confirmation hearings, the days of justices getting confirmed, 96-3. ruth bader ginsburg said those days are over. >> long gone. she isn't expected to alter the balance of the court very much but does come into the position of bringing or setting some historic precedence, i should say. >> well, that's true. some of them, she may not like so much. she could get more votes.
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she is the first supreme court nominee in nearly 40 years with no experience as a judge. but she is a good one. her swearing in will mark the first time in history that three women will serve on that nine-member court, only three, but still that's, you know, progress. >> yes, it is. the swearing in comes tomorrow. she has to get to work. >> she does. she's never been a judge. so you know, she has to get her clerks together and start reading the cases. court comes back on the first monday of october. you know, she has a lot to learn and a lot of catching up to do to take the seat of that liberal justice john paul stevens. she won't change the balance of the court that much but will hold that seat for a generation. >> what's the biggest thing you think that people are expecting from her? >> well, i think that they expect her to be a pretty solid liberal vote. she has, you know, battling intellect, former dean of harvard law school.
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so they expect her to come on that court and hope that certainly the obama administration hopes that she will really be a force, will be a leading voice for the liberals. like i said, that court is closely divided. have you four liberals and you have four conservatives and then there's the key swing justice vote in the middle that they are always fighting over. the obama administration hopes that she will be able to persuade him to go to the left a little more and get some of those cases more on the left column. >> everybody will be watching closely. they are always so surprised when they come along with it. jan crawford in washington this morning. now to the disturbing final words of the man who killed eight co-workers at a connecticut beer warehouse. a cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod reports the gunman called 911 from the crime scene just moments before he killed himself. >> this is omar thornton, the shooter in manchester. >> reporter: the chilling 911
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call from omar thornton lasted a little more than four minutes. >> i understand that. >> they treat me bad over here. they treat all the employees bad over here. i took it into my own hands and handled the problem. i wish i could have got more people. >> you are not going to surrender yourself? >> come get me. >> thornton called from inside the beer distribution building. the 911 operator pleaded with him to surrender. >> we we don't any more people to lose their life here. >> i'm not going to kill nobody else. i love them. >> yeah. >> omar. >> yes. >> did you teomar. >> company officials from hartford distributors denied omar's claims of racism saying he never filed any complaints of discrimination.
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jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> what a chilling story. went into the union meeting and resigns. comes out and says i'm going get my lunch box. that's when he got his gun. >> awful story. near st. louis this morning, a tragic story. two young people dead after a horrific highway pileup involving four vehicles, two of them school buses. packed with kids. cbs news correspondent ben tracy joins us from st. louis this morning with the latest on thursday's crash. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was supposed to be a fun field trip for members of a local high school band. instead 40 of them, nearly 40, ended up at this hospital in st. louis. after their school buses were involved in a terrifying crash. if you saw this along the road, you couldn't help but stop and stare in disbelief. >> i'm seeing it but didn't see it. >> reporter: two buses, cab of a semi, a mangled mess of metal once a pickup truck. the driver of that truck,
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19-year-old daniel shatz was killed. his father said he sent daniel to run an errand but the accident happen. >> he's a great kid. it is going to be hard. >> reporter: 15-year-old jessica brinker, a member of the st. james high school band, was also killed. she was on the first school bus. >> it has been a horrible, horrible day in our community and will be felt forever. >> reporter: the buses, one with boys and one with girls, were just ten miles from the six flags amusement park when a day of fun turned deadly. >> looked out the window and heard a big bang. >> reporter: the highway patrols said the semi truck heading east slowed down for road construction. the gmc pickup following behind slammed into it. the driver of the first school bus was changing lanes. and didn't see the accident when she crashed into the back of the pickup truck. moments later the second bus collided with the first. crushing the pickup. they used metal ladders to help the kids escape. >> trying to get kids out of the bus. >> reporter: given this scene, it is amazing more people did
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not die. nearly 40 students were taken to the hospital. with only minor injuries. as they were reunited with their anxious parents, cranes were brought in to disassemble the wreck. a lot of people are wondering if there were seat belts on this school bus and we are told there were not. in fact, there are not seat belts on most school bus necessary this country. the national transportation safety board already has a team here in st. louis. they are going to be in their investigation today and we are told that should last just about two weeks. erica? >> ben tracy in st. louis. ben, thanks. turning our attention to washington now where there has been a shake-up this morning in president obama's economic team. christina romer who heads the president's council of economic advisers announcing she will resign next month to return to college teaching. as she leads, the new unemployment figures released just this morning show the economy is still struggling to create new jobs. here with more on that is cbs news business and economic correspondent rebecca jarvis. we knew this report was going to
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be bad. expected to be bad. the numbers are actually worse than what was predicted. >> they are worse than what was predicted. the economy shed 131,000 jobs in the month of july. that left the unemployment rate steady at 9.5%. a big reason behind the decline in jobs picture are those temporary census workers. we knew they were temporary. their jobs ended in the month of july. 143,000 of them left the jobs picture. also, on the private employment side of things, the number didn't increase as much as we were hoping. we want private jobs to come into the work force and only 71 how thousand of those jobs were sea aed in the month of july. >> that's where you need to see the creation in the private sector if we want to see that unemployment rate drop. correct? >> absolutely. between want to see the long-term private sector jobs come back into the market. between want to see jobs that aren't basically financed by our tax dollars come back into the market. that's very significant for economists. also on economists' minds is the fact there is a lot of jobs creation ahead of us.
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13 million new jobs must be created just to bring unemployment back to a more normalized level of 6%. and if you think about what happened this month of july, it is going to take a long time do that. >> it definitely will. will is one bright spot. it is in the auto industry. >> believe it or not, the auto industry is hiring for the very first time since 2000. ford announced earlier this week they are bringing 27% more workers back on to the work force in the next couple of years. that's a very good statistic. of course, it is important when we hear that general motors is going to be going public sometime soon in the next couple of weeks here, too. >> here's something for to you watch for us. thanks. we want to get a look at the other day's headlines on this friday morning. jeff glor is standing behind me at the news desk. health throw. >> hello. good morning, erica. good morning, everyone. we begin with the deadly heat wave that's killed more than a dozen people in the south. with hot weather storms can come through like the powerful thunderstorms that hit the washington, d.c., area yesterday. our don teague this morning is following the heat in dallas,
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texas. where it is scorching. don, good morning to you. >> good morning, jeff. here in the dallas-ft. worth area, we saw temperatures as high as 108 degrees yesterday. we will be well into the triple digits again today as much of the country continues to swelter. it is supposed to be hot in august. but the combination of high temperatures and humidity from texas to the east coast is deadly. in delray beach, florida, authorities say a 2-year-old girl died after being left in a hot van at a daycare center. >> it is safe to assume she was left by a staff member. we are going to look at that. there has been more than a dozen deaths and heat advisories in 18 states. with temperatures soaring into triple digits. 104 in dallas. 105 in little rock. >> 118 and flashing danger. >> reporter: in georgia, 118-degree temperatures on the field put high school football practice on hold.
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>> danger right now. not extreme danger but it is danger. we will keep our guys inside. >> reporter: firefighters in memphis were forced to take extra precautions with heat index essay approaching 120 degrees. in tulsa, 100-degree plus temperatures and dry shifting soil and ruptured water lines. authorities now urging residents to use less water and speaking of water, hawaiian falls water park near dallas dumped loads of ice into the pools just trying to cool things down. those thunderstorms across the country have helped cool some areas down which has been a help in the dallas-ft. worth area, no such luck, though. it was still in 90s a couple of hours ago. the sun is not up. it now cooled down to the 80s. jeff? >> all right, don teague in dallas. don, thank you. the online whistle blower wikileaks may be about to release more classified government documents.
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wikileaks posted a massive encrypted file on the website named insurance. it is 20 times larger than the batch of 77,000 documents released last week. nobody knows what it includes and wiki leaks says it won't say. the pentagon is demanding wikileaks canceled for plans to classified material. there is a new man in charge of the nation's intelligence this morning. last night the senate confirmed james clapper as the next director of national intelligence. he will oversee 16 spy agencies. in the gulf this morning, bp has plugged its broken well at the top and next comes the so-called bottom kill. here is a live look at that well. you can see that no oil is leaking thanks to the mud and cement plug on the top. that plug, scattic kill, is nearly complete. the bottom kill, the relief well must be finished. about 100 feet to go. the officials say 53 million gallons of oil remains in the gulf and along the shores.
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a minnesota man sent to prison for a fatal crash involving a toyota is home with his family this morning. lee was freed after serving 2 1/2 years of an 8-year sentence. two people died in the crash in 2006. lee says he tried to stop but his toyota's accelerator stuck. after that big toyota recall, lee was grant ad new trial. yesterday the prosecutor backed off. >> the prosecutor announced she is not going to file more charge. >> she did. >> oh, my god! >> they are not going to recharge you. >> it is over. >> lee says all he wants now is to spend time with his wife and his children. finally, wild video after police chase in los angeles. police were after a suspect driving a blue car yesterday. he did not want to be caught. smashed into several cars. racing down the sidewalk and as you see here. one police car
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>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. looking for something to do over the weekend, head out to
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milwaukee, chicago. up into the northern plains states, fargo, it is going to be just beautiful. those cool temperatures prevailing as you head to the north. nice stuff. >> dave, thanks. still ahead this morning, she didn't need a five-finger discount. why did she shoplift? allegedly shoplift. the charges against rudy giuliani's daughter. after helping haiti for so long, wyclef jean wants to run it. he talks exclusively about his plans to run for president without betty nguyen. h our betty nguyen when "the early show" continues. bell rings ] [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. ♪ carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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there they are, our loyal friend out on the plaza. earlier this week rudy imp
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giuliani's 20-year-old daughter, a student at harvard, gets picked up for shoplifting in new york city. the big question is, why do people who seemingly have enough money to pay for things, why does this happen again and again and again? we'll take a closer look this morning at what may have prompted that? what happens to others as well and what can you do to make sure your kids don't do it. also coming up, wyclef jean with an he can clueses ive interview. betty nguyen sat down with him to find out why he's running for president. here's what's interesting, the reaction is not all positive, and he'll end up running against somebody from his own family. we'll have that and a lot more after your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by chase freedom. get bonus back in popular categorie categories. sign up now. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back in your pocket.
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, two men under arrest now for a burglary on east 12th street in oakland early this morning. and there could be more arrests since the burglary was at what is apparently an illegal marijuana growing operation above a restaurant. the two sides in the prop 8 court case will submit briefs to judge vaughn walker today. the issue is whether to continue a stay on same-sex weddings while his ruling against prop 8 is beale appealed. that take a year or more. and the old transbay terminal in downtown san francisco will close for good at midnight to make way for construction of a new one. tomorrow, a temporary terminal will be the new drop-off point for mass transit passengers. one issue still to be resolved is moving a few remaining homeless people out of the old
7:26 am
facility that opened in 1939. traffic and weather right after this. ,, [ school bell rings ] [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. ♪ carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown.
7:27 am
they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? good morning. no problem spots out there, off to a great start to our morning commute, our friday morning commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are still no metering
7:28 am
lights. so traffic obviously moving well approaching the pay gates. and san mateo bridge, you can kind of see traffic low clouds making it harder to see this time of the morning but westbound 92, 13 minutes to take you towards the peninsula. and the golden gate bridge, good like it usually is, but traffic is fine approaching the pay gates there. to the south bay now, you can see a little bit of slow traffic on our sensors where we have a camera northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange. it's looking better than it was because of an earlier accident near winchester that's now cleared. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. speaking of forecast, let's take a look and here we are. bay bridge cloudy skies, well off behind yerba buena island covering the east bay this morning. those clouds also covering the coastline as we take a look at our seven-day forecast. kind of spells out the afternoon. sunshine inland highs in the mid-80s. lower 60s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. and plenty of clouds for the coast daytime high in the upper 50s.
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nice crowd out on the plaza. we will get out there and meet a lot of those folks in just a little while. welcome back to "the early show" on a friday. coming up, a big step for wyclef jean. we have seen so much of him over the last six months trying to help people in his native haiti recover from the massive earthquake. now he plans to stay in haiti and he says he will run for president. betty nguyen has an exclusive interview with jean who says he's not a politician but he says he is a leader. >> another interesting thing to come in that interview that i'm looking forward, also ahead this morning, we are getting you the facts on artificial sweeteners. every year an american eats more than 150 pounds of sugar. it is making us fat and making
7:31 am
us sick. so this morning's health watch, we will take a look at the pros and cons of sugar substitutes and also help you find the best way to cut back on all that sugar. that's a lot. rudy giuliani and his family spent years in the public eye. first when he was mayor of new york and then with his run for president. well, now they are back in the spotlight after his daughter was arrested on shoplifting charges. security cameras call giuliani a harvard theater major, stealing five products worth more than $100 from sephora. after being led away in handcuffs, giuliani spent five hours in new york's 19th precinct lockup. she was later released. >> you just hear stories like this and you are surprised. >> your kids get in trouble, you do what's natural. you try to protect them. i think it is a private matter that the giulianis have to work through. >> reporter: rudy giulianis' office issued a statement.
7:32 am
this is a personal matter. it is widely believed that the 20-year-old is estranged from her famous father since her parents' divorce in 2002. carolyn giuliani faces petty larceny charges and due in court august 31 but those charges will likely be dropped because the store is refusing to press charges. also this week, former usa charged with shoplifting from a target store in texas. so here now with more on why young people steal, especially when they don't need to, eye jennifer hartstein. always good to have you with us. with a lot of the stories people in the public eye, people from seemingly well-to-do background who don't need to steal, what drives them to do this? >> it is a really good question. we are asking it a lot certainly in this situation. and there's many reasons that they may do it. they found that when research a third of people that shoplift have depression. a menial health reason behind it, an entitlement factor.
7:33 am
there is a sense of i just deserve it and i can take and it i'm going to do that and keep moving forward. >> we mentioned -- i want to get back, though, to entitlement but the depression, a third of people you say. there are two-thirds of the other shoplifters. >> two-thirds of the other shoplifters that don't. there are other reasons. about three. one is that the substitute for a loss. something happens and then they feel like they need to replace it. they go and take things. the second thing is that justified payback which could be something we are talking about with carolyn giuliani. getting back at a parent, getting back at someone that does something that may hurt you. and getting back at them by trying to embarrass them. certainly look at what her father did to new york. what's the best payback for him, get caught stealing. the third one is it is a relief mechanism, relieve some anxiety or negative sense of self, negative feeling. similarly to someone that may drink or self-injure. those kinds of things that help decrease a real sense of emotional disregulation and
7:34 am
makes them feel better. >> harmful behavior like self-mutilation or shoplifting, they actually see that as helpful? >> it gives them a rush. it may change their mood if they are feeling anxious or low. it may give them the boost they need to make themselves feel regulated and better. >> you also mentioned the sense of entitlement. so much talk about kids don't know how to work for things. no matter the background. there is a sense of entitlement. as parents, how do you keep that from happening with your own child? ? there are a couple of things. first you want to teach them what your values are and teach them what the consequences are of these things happen. you want to hammer that point home. you also want to be able to teach them how to give back. they can't have everything. but the things they have, maybe they don't use them, i will give to people less fortunate. thirdly, you remember want to talk to them about how they are going to earn things. how are they going to get what they want, how are you going to give it to them and what do you need do. >> how shoplifting can really hurt any of those plans.
7:35 am
>> absolutely. at 20, it is going to be on your record and bigger problem. >> good to have you with us. thanks. 7:34 now. let's go to the maps. take a look at the temperatures across the country as we head through today. still in the triple digits head to places like dallas and plenty warm and humid along the southeast. keep in mind we have a surprise here. that's colin back as a tropical storm. here it is. and as we imagined over the next 24 hours, all lines lead right by bermuda where bermuda is on the right-happened side of the storm. 400 miles to the southwest as it rolls on through you could be talking about 60, 70 miles per hour. as far as the wind speeds go in bermuda, it will be a tough 24 hours there. then it shifts out and not a
7:36 am
that's a quick look at the weather forecast. we will see you at 8:00 outside. >> good deal. coming up next, our exclusive sbrir with wyclef jean. he is take break from hip hop to run for president of haiti. we will ask him why. coming up next. haiti. we'll ask him why coming up next on "the early show." [ female announcer ] think it takes hours
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phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. wyclef jean has been called haiti's favorite son. based on his long and successful hip hop career, now he wants to lead his homeland after this year's devastating earthquake. last night he formally became a candidate for president of haiti. our betty nguyen is here with the story this morning.
7:40 am
good morning. >> good morning. yes. i sat down with wyclef just before he announced his candidacy to become haiti's next president. while he admit he is has no political experience, he says he felt compelled to run following january's earthquake that killed some 300,000 and left another 1.6 million homeless. >> wyclef. ♪ >> reporter: he is a hip hop star and former member of the group the fujis. but now haitian-born recording artist, wyclef jean is putting his music career on hold in a bid to become haiti's next president. ♪ >> reporter: we know you as a grammy winner. we know you as a hip hop star. what are your qualifications for president? >> i have no qualifications for president. i have qualifications for leader. the reason why i even entertain this idea is education. job creation. and agriculture, bringing security into the country.
7:41 am
>> reporter: a country infamous for its repressive government. there's a long road ahead of you. haiti has a long history of corruption. how are you going to handle that? >> if i am not corrupted, then there's a chance of me putting the right team around me that's not corrupted. where we can start to do business the right way. >> reporter: one of his first orders of business was to resign from his charity. the organize drew criticism following the january earthquake for alleged mismanagement of funds. so when people look at that and see maybe a possibility of corruption, what is your argument? >> you could say the governance of yele haiti was not right. how do i know you can govern a country if you couldn't govern a charity? what i will say to you is that i made a mistake. what i did, i fixed the mistake. i moved on. >> he's now fully focused on his campaign and says his wife may be the key to his success.
7:42 am
>> she is from a place in haiti called jeremy. and they say that you can't win the election in haiti unless jeremy is on your side. so i said well, then i married a wife from jeremy. >> reporter: you wrote a song called president. now that you are running, do those lyrics haunt you any? >> no. the lyrics don't haunt me at all because i'm sure before i become president i will have a remix of the same song. >> reporter: this is the last one. just hours before boarding a plane for haiti, wyclef was still wrapping up what he calls his last album. is she part of why you do it, too? >> she has to be. >> reporter: it is a sacrifice he says he's making no only for his daughter but for future generations.
7:43 am
>> i have to take what i used to sing about and turn it into policy. >> reporter: the big question is whether he's eligible to run. haitian constitution require as president to live there for five consecutive years before the election. wyclef moved from haiti to new york when he was 9 years old. he still has a home in haiti and tells me he was eligible to vote in the last presidential election. that said, he believes he's still eligible. harry? >> if, in fact, he is able to run, though, his candidacy is not being met with the universal acclamation. >> right on the heels of him announcing yesterday in haiti, sean penn, the oscar winner, who has since -- enormous amount of time in haiti saying i have questions about this. wyclef, according to him, had not spent enough time in haiti to rebuild the country. he also goes on to question his motives behind running for president. so it is going to be very interesting. but if you ask wyclef, wyclef will tell you there are no
7:44 am
mightives. this is my best way to help my country. here is another interesting point. wyclef could be running against his uncle. he will be running against his uncle because his uncle, former u.s. ambassador to the u.s. from haiti, decided to run for president as well. >> all right. quite a story. betty nguyen, thanks so much. we will be right back. the ice cream man is here! breyers all natural grasshopper pie. walmart's the only place you can get it. they love it when i take my work home with me. [ shaniya ] daddy i want more ice cream. they love it when i take my work home with me. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. guys. can i help you? i'm sandy and i heard you've been struggling with the quilt. i'm here to take you through my 1-step program to break the quilted habit. but i've always used quilted towels. quilted is towel speak for air. but viva puts 35% more towel
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and this one i'm taking to the house. the ice cream man is here! breyers all natural grasshopper pie. walmart's the only place you can get it. they love it when i take my work home with me. [ shaniya ] daddy i want more ice cream. in this morning's "healthwatch," sugar substitutes. we know americans have a sweet tooth. each of us skumz, they say, doesn't sound right to me, 156 pounds of hug sugar every year. more than one-third of all adult in america are considered obese. how do we cut back? and is there still taste involved. dr. jennifer ashton has information on low cal and no sugar substitutes. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the best way
7:48 am
to cut back on sugar. >> we talk about try not to drink your calories. people don't realize this but everything from coffee loaded with sweetenersing milk, cream, juices to soda -- >> soda, soda, soda. >> tons of sugar. if you reduce your beverage intake in the source of sugar, you can cut 650 calories a day by drinking lower calorie -- >> drink water. >> exactly. >> let's talk about some substitutes and what they are exactly. >> let's go through first. there's a no calorie kind of classification of sugar substitutes. splen da, 600 times sweeter than sugar so you use less. stevia, an herb in south america, the new kid on the black.
7:49 am
aspertime, 400 calories, not great for baking, and sweet n low, saccharin. >> are they safe? >> this is not an easy question to answer. in the past there were studies that suggested saccharin had been linked to bladder cancer in animals. it's not a clear association in humans. >> ancient history, right? >> right. you've heard it before, in moderation. drink water. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. for more, go to our partner in hell, and search for artificial sweeteners. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by prevacid. treat frequent heartburn with prevacid 4 hour. nothing beats prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr,
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it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the judge who ruled against proposition 8 on wednesday will hear from the lawyers on the case today. he ordered them to file briefs concerning his temporary stay on same-sex weddings and then he will decide whether to extend the stay through the appeals process. a burglary case and drug case all in one. oakland police arrest it would go men caught at the scene of a burglary on east 12th street this morning. police say the burglary target was an illegal and sophisticated pot growing operation. and the old transbay terminal in downtown san francisco will close for good at midnight to make way for construction of a new one. tomorrow, a temporary terminal will be the new drop-off point for a.c. transit riders from the east
7:56 am
bay to san francisco. we are going to take a look at traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
northbound 101 partially blocked due to an injury crash. a pickup truck knock over a sign it's in the road so
7:58 am
heading out to clear the road soon but slow traffic up 101. this is how you can tell it's overall friday light. westbound 237 leaving milpitas towards silicon valley quiet. usually it's jammed up in this area our towards zanker road by this time of the morning. not the case today. cruising up the nimitz freeway 880 through oakland, coliseum off to the right. and looks good all the way up into downtown. no delays bay bridge toll plaza either. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast today, same old-same old. there you go, coastal conditions, that's what we have seen all week. it's been really consistent. cloudy conditions, drizzle, fog, you name it. okay, let's get to the good part. here's a look at our seven-day forecast. sunshine inland, mix of sun and clouds around the bay. for the coast, not much sunshine for you, today's highs in the upper 50s. we will remain cool along the coastline, mild inland, and more cool temperatures for next week. ,,,,
7:59 am
[ female announcer ] at the jcpenney huge sale this friday and saturday, you can get huge savings on hot looks for school this year. save huge with night and day doorbusters. get huge savings on $4.99 juniors' arizona favorite tees. and $9.99 guys' and men's shorts. save huge on juniors' shoes: 50% off olsenboye, decree, and arizona. and save huge with $9.99 total girl skinny jeans. it's all saving, no waiting with instant money. 10 bucks back on the spot when you spend 50. go to to see everything on sale.
8:00 am
new look, new year, who knew! jcpenney. welcome back to tharly welcome back to "the early show." can you feel the excitement in the air? i think it's the friday excitement. it never fails. never disappoints on friday morning, a little extra energy on the plaza. >> it's kind of cooling off and drying up here. >> you're ordering up some nice weather. thank you. >> what a difference from yesterday. >> it was like soup out here yesterday. today it's balmy and beautiful. >> like pea soup. >> i'm erica hill with dave price and harry smith. just ahead, michelle obama getting a lot of attention in the last couple of days. people wondering if this is a
8:01 am
good image of her. we're not talking about what she's wearing but eating ice cream, doing it in a marie antoinette fashion. a lot of controversy about her trip with her daughter, whether or not it's the right thing to portray. >> cost a lot of money to travel overseas. >> big entourage. >> ahead. how casual should casual friday be? some offices are cracking down. they say too many people are wearing things that are just not appropriate. that looks pretty good, doesn't it? >> right. >> check out some new looks that will be right for you. >> all coming up in just a little while. let's go inside and say hello to jeff glor for a look at the headlines. good morning, jeff. >> hey, dave, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the latest on employment numbers are out this morning. the economy lost 131,000 jobs in july, making it more likely that economic growth will slow. the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.5%. meanwhile a key member of the
8:02 am
president's economic team christina romer, chairman of economic advisers is resigning. elena kagan will be sworn in as the 112th supreme court justice tomorrow. she'll be the fourth woman to serve on the court and this will be the first time three women serve together on the nine-member court. investigating a terrifying school bus crash yesterday, two buses involved yesterday. it began after a pickup truck slammed into the back of a truck, crashed into a bus, second bus crashed into the first. the pickup driver and one person on the bus was killed. the oil is plugged and no oil is leaking. making it permanent requires a bottom kill. bp must finish drilling a relief well that has about 100 feet to go. the government estimates 53 million gallons of oil remains
8:03 am
in the gulf and coastal wetlands. home grown terrorism. prosecutors have charged 14 people, including seven americans aiding a terrorist organization in somalia. justice correspondent bob ore has details. >> an emerging terror group is threatening attacks against the u.s. the most frightening part is that some of their foot soldiers are americans. he grew up in alabama. now federal prosecutors say he's a big player inside the somalia-based terror group. >> he's believed to be a ranking member of the el shabaab organization and that operational responsibilities. >> he's using internet videos to recruit other americans. in this one he praises the sacrifice of a fellow jihadist. >> can encourage more of your children and neighbors, if people got into this jihad it
8:04 am
would be a great asset for us. >> the government has charged him and 13 hiers from the u.s. for fudge money and fighters. the men on this poster are not in custody, believed to be fighting in somalia. two women believed to be raising money have been arrested. he has spoken primarily on conflicts inside smol yachlt the group took credit for last month's bombings in uganda which killed more than 70 world cup soccer fans. now they are planning to spread violence to the west. >> that has always been the worst case scenario, american somalis could be trained to hit sites in the united states. >> they are fully aware of that risk. they are tracking those that joined the terrorist group. our justice correspondent in washington. bob, thanks.
8:05 am
we have a follow-up on the case of a home invasion victim who got help typing with her toes. a suspect has been arrested. amy windom said the suspect tied her up. she got help using her toes and a power cord to type a message to her boyfriend. he was stopped in a traffic spot and later picked out of a lineup. now back outside. dave price has another check of the weather.
8:06 am
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by chili's. >> this weather report sponsored by chili's. it's all in the pepperation. >> we've got dragon boaters, people from jamaica, people from cincinnati. that's a quick look at your weather picture. have a great time at the wedding. all right. erica, here you go. >> thanks. just ahead, michelle obama's suspicio spanish holiday. would it have been better for her to stay home? like the rojo burger. for a little more, enjoy the new avocado burger. the perfect burger with fries, starting at just $5.99. and now get chili's to-go with new online ordering.
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for a little something sweet. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back in your pocket. fun money from freedom. this is yours! thank you! what? that's 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories all year long. does your card do this? sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to this morning first lady michelle obama is in spain in the middle of a five-day vacation at a luxury resort with her daughter sasha. critics say with so many americans struggling economically she is setting a bad example. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: she's sightseeing in spanish palaces and staying
8:11 am
at a five-star resort. the bulk of the cost to taxpayer for the first lady's vacation is for the security detail and the plane that flew her, her daughter and some 40 guests to spain. an estimated $230,000 so far. for that, and also for the appearance of this trip, michelle obama is being called a modern day marie antoinette, glamming it up while americans struggle with recession and unemployment at home. >> ouch. that seems a bit harsh. sure, if i were the president's political adviser, this would not have been my top vacation destination but let's not get too carried away. >> i think it shows questionable judgment. >> in fact mrs. obama and her guests are picking up their own personal expenses including accommodations and incidentals like the cost of shopping in the boutiques. however, the public cost will climb this weekend when mrs. obama switches into her official role to host a charity ball and
8:12 am
visit the spanish royal family at their palace on a private royal item. the bill for those events will be picked up by the white house. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. republican strategist leslie sanchez, "you've come a long way maybe" joins us with democratic strategist tonya acker. good to have you with us this morning. leslie, i want to start with you. always good to have you with us. the first lady paying for the first part with her own personal funds. she's going to be there in an official capacity. what is the big matter? >> first ladies wield a tremendous amount of influence behind the scenes. they humanize their husbands, the perception of the administration. at a time when we're seeing 9.6 unemployment, people losing jobs and homes, it doesn't convey she senses the plight of the
8:13 am
american family. critics push they are an elitist administration thumbing their nose at working families. >> tonya, perception is so important here. it's something the first family knows a little bit too well. the first lady just recently on the gulf coast saying, come here, it's a great place to vacation but ends up in spain. do you think they just completely missed the public perception part of this trip? >> well, i think there's no question but that every political family wants to avoid the inopportune photo-op, and that's certainly what we have here. i also think americans are a little more sophisticated than we may now be giving them credit for. i don't think they have forgotten mrs. obama's husband is leading an administration that just prolonged jobless benefits. caring whether or not jobless benefits are extended or looks their banks are going to continue to gouge them than whether or not the first lady went to the beach. >> this is the equivalent of a ceo of several of these banks
8:14 am
asking for bailouts and they go use other resources to have -- >> that's a harsh parallel to draw. >> i think it's one admirers and critics draw together. if you like spain and the culture, go to new mexico. americans are very concerned about the building the strength of the economic environment right now. i think every bit of that, including the influence of the first lady, really matters. >> i'll let you respond. we know the first lady can help the president and humanize him and help with public perception yet there's this backlash now. >> now question. i think we all liked it when mrs. obama is wearing a talbot's dress and i'm hoping she hasn't tossed them from her closet. i'm uncomfortable with the notion that in order to be a good american you have to surrender your passport and not go across the border. certainly if i were advising her would i suggest a different trip, sure, but we're not. >> an interesting fact, her poll numbers have been pretty good.
8:15 am
you want to look to your first lady obviously to help humanize your president but there's also a certain amount of glamour americans like in their first lady. exhibit a, first lady. is it so wrong to have a first lady who may want to perhaps explore new things and sprou americans to different things. >> sure, not at all. michelle obama to her credit has done important things. she was mom in chief. she's talking about family. she's talking about working moms, in many sense being a professional mom before this role and her approachability in fashion and style. but this is tone deaf when it comes to the economic reality of families. >> well, i have a feeling it will be one of many things we'll discuss as we gear up for november even if president obama is not ready for re-election yesterday. let me say, i appreciate you both being with us. just ahead, casual friday, can you take it too far? we'll help you find the right look for work at the end of the week when we return. [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done?
8:16 am
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the only interior paint and primer in one
8:18 am
friday is one day many americans let loose when they get ready for work. now there's a growing backlash to casual friday. we visited one office to see what is appropriate and what is not. >> reporter: with the stifling summer heat office workers are increasingly dressing down, especially on casual friday. >> sagging jeans, tight jeans -- >> reporter: things got a little too casual for sid, a partner at this manhattan law firm. he sent out a summer dress code memo, banning beach wear for the ladies, requiring socks for the men and no jeans, period. >> if you don't have the proper attitude as you come to work, how will you have the proper attitude at work? >> reporter: sid decided to take me on a surprise staff wardrobe. she's wearing denim. >> no, it's a skirt. >> reporter: are you wearing socks? >> of course i am. >> reporter: he's wearing socks. good? >> she always looks good. >> reporter: is sid taking this too seriously or is being too
8:19 am
casual a distraction? >> i think some people have taken it a little too far. a good rule of thumb, unless you're a lifeguard, if it works at the beach or poolside, then it dent cut it at the office. >> reporter: before i left the button-up law firm i asked if my outfit would pass. >> everything is wrong. >> reporter: how many rules am i breaking? >> showing too much skin, first of all. >> reporter: this has to be higher? >> yes. jeans are jeans. i don't are to say anything more than they're jeans. sandals, no socks, the worst. you would not get past the downstairs desk. >> reporter: really? so, i'm fired? >> now, here to help us avoid any friday faux pas is "early show" contributor katrina szish. . >> hi. it it's important, it's friday, beach on the brain, but you
8:20 am
don't want people at the office to know that because it's a sure fire way to say -- >> i've already checked out. >> and i don't respect this workplace. bring a carry-on bag with you, change while you're walking out the door, but keep the beach separate from the boardroom. >> let's take a look at our denim don'ts. you have some denim don'ts. these are things you definitely don't want to be caught guilty of. >> as we saw, some offices don't allow denim at all. some do. weights most important you want to be careful what you wear it with. on the left we have something way too revealing, not appropriate for the office. you don't want your denim to have rips, frays or be exceptionally sandblasted. dark denim is the rule. guys, logo, sloppy tee shirrs, baggy jeans, running shoes, a big no. >> let's talk about denim dos if it's okay for denim in the summertime, what are our do looks? >> dark denim is the safest way to go. on blair we put her if some skinny jeans. toes are completely appropriate.
8:21 am
and then we added more of a trend-inspired top but kept more covered up on top. you don't want to be anything too revealing at the office, nothing too low cut. we layered it, belted it, stuck to the trends at ha hand so you can be fashion forward. >> smart look. then she has shoes, because teryn had sandals on. >> big to. they have an open toe, stillti summery but not high heels which are a little too after work looking with skinny denim. on tyler he went from a t-shirt to a slim-fitting casual shirt. it's still a button-front shirt, office approach. this is from we layered it over a ringer tee, tucked it in, casual belt. you can wear sneakers to the office but they shouldn't be beat up running shoes. they should be canvas, clean and office appropriate. >> you look like you're ready for work.
8:22 am
>> a happy friday environment. >> thank you very much, guys. let's talk about this beach look that teryn talked about in her piece. people coming in on friday. we have some examples of absolute beach nos. >> these guys are halfway on their way to the hamptons, as you can tell. no strapless at the office. looks like a beach cover-up and flip-flops on kara. this guy's halfway to margaritaville -- >> it's fi5:00 somewhere. >> no cargo pants. >> here are the dos. >> you can still wear a dress. as a woman, we love to see that. it's casual, bright, lightweight, cool and comfortab comfortable. this one from loft. it's office appropriate. styled it perfectly. also we have -- now we have slim-fit khakis on clarence. still a graphic shirt. bright, nautical. i'm loving his glasses because that is one of the hottest trends for men, harry smith, as we see this fall. >> what's that? >> glasses on men. skip the contacts and wear the glasses.
8:23 am
>> katrina szish, thank you so much. real be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, two men are behind bars following an early-morning burglary on east 12th street in oakland. police say there could be more arrest because of what appears to be an illegal marijuana growing operation at the scene. the old transbay terminal closes at midnight for good so construction starts on the new transbay transit center. the original terminal opened in 1939. this is the new temporary terminal. people have complained for years that it needed to be replaced. the two sides in the prop 8 court case will submit briefs to the judge today. the issue is whether to continue a stay on same-sex weddings while his ruling against prop 8 is being appealed. that could take a year or more. traffic and weather right after this.
8:26 am
i dislocated both my ankles.
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i had my first heart attack when i was 35 years old. - we have asthma. - when i found out i had cancer, i was so scared. announcer: at sutter health we share our expertise and invest in new technologies. because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. injury accident menlo park. chp shut down marsh road off- ramp to northbound 101. a pickup truck knocked down the sign post and so that's why chp and officials are out there now. main lines of 101 look good.
8:28 am
bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights off. traffic very light heading into san francisco. a little sluggish up the incline. that's the only spot where we are seeing slowing. 880 through oakland looks great through here, as well. usually by this time it bottles up near the coliseum. not the case towards downtown oakland. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast, pinpoint forecast friday morning, cloudy skies looking toward the bay bridge. yeah, we are looking at quite a bit of clouds, some drizzle and even some delays on arrivals at sfo for the morning. for the afternoon, here's a look at our seven-day forecast. mid-80s inland, sunshine. i like that. lower 60s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s. so just near 60 degrees along the coast. cool conditions along the coast with mild temperatures inland. that's going to be the trend through the weekend and also through monday, tuesday and wednesday. but we could see some warmer conditions, more seasonal temperatures, for the end of next week. ,,,,
8:29 am
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and get one-hundred dollars back via promotion card. a rdy fri a rowdy friday crowd. >> i like a rowdy friday crowd. >> welcome back to "the early show." we don't want you to waste these remaining lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. we don't want you to waste them. we have a roundup of things to do, eat, buy, et cetera, et cetera, best tv shows, books to read all coming up in the next 25 minutes or so. >> everything for your summer. we also have this special guide to summer shopping bargains. use those days to save some cash, including a place that won't charge sales tax. i love that. >> that's not all. >> there's more? >> there's more, folks. >> katie lee also here with some
8:31 am
great summer recipes for fruits and veges you can get just about anywhere, farmers market, grocery store. >> the crowd likes it. >> first time, last time, last
8:32 am
8:33 am
[ applause ] >> >> jacksonville, florida, you've got some friends and neighbors here. south dakota, you're represented as well. let's say hello to people from chicago and iowa, too. that's a quick look at your weather picture. erica, inside to you. >> dave, thanks. it's difficult enough to be kicked out of the big brother house but last night kristen got evicted after wearing a psychedelic unitard in a competition. talk about the hookup that got her the hook. >> i'm kristen. i'm from philly, and i model. >> kristen and i have a secret
8:34 am
showmance. >> i heard you making out last night. >> something so stupid. >> i nominated you, kristen, for eviction. so bring it on. >> by a vote of 6-1, kristen, you are evicted from the big brother house. >> if you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently? >> no, i had no regrets. i said i would go into this game and play with dignity and i did. that's the most important thing to me. >> what about getting romantically involved with hayden. any regrets there? >> i don't have any regrets, and it is a game. i knew that he wasn't being completely honest with me. >> i want you to know and hear from me that matt, izzo, elaine and myself are in an alliance. >> i don't regret that either. i think we had feelings for each other regardless. >> your boy from back home was watching, and he said, i hope
8:35 am
she comes with a mop, because she has some cleaning up to do. what is your response tower boyfriend back home? >> you know, sometimes it's expect the unexpected. i've never cheated on a boyfriend. i've never done anything behind a boyfriend's back in my entire life. like i said, i'm a very honest person. i had to be honest with myself when i was in that house and i had feelings for somebody and i couldn't deny that. i thought about my boyfriend every single day, and i thought he probably hates me right now, but i couldn't help what i was feeling in the house. >> you played the game with dignity and that says a lot. >> thanks. >> we thank you for it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> for more of julie's interview with kristen, just logon to our website at watch "big brother" sunday night
8:36 am
8:00, 7:00 central on cbs. now to harry. >> the special roundup of the best things to do, buy and eat before the summer is over. let's start with movies, books and tv shows you should not miss courtesy of dalton ross, assistant managing editor of "entertainment" magazine. great to see you. right on the cover, we'll get to him in a second. if people feel like they are getting a late start this summer, what is the one movie they should absolutely see before the summer is over? >> all the big movies used to come out in may, june, july. august got a little weaker. if you want to go to the movies and get your laugh on, will ferrell to the rescue. "the other guys" opens today, an action, comedy movie with he and mark wahlberg playing this weekend. he hit a bad note with "land of the lost" that should have stayed lost. >> they were in the studio.
8:37 am
>> you wouldn't think they would be a good pair, good chemistry but they are great together. >> he plays it well. it's very, very good. movies done. tv show. there's a tv show you've got to see before the end of the summer. it is -- >> i've brought my crystal ball. you can't say it's invisible. i see lawyery linney winning an emmy for the big c. it's showtime starting august 16th. she plays a woman with terminal cancer. it sounds like a downer. it's not. it's a very funny show. gabby sibide plays one of her students. she gets to do the things she wants to do, say the things she wants to say. it's funny. >> she will be on the show tuesday. >> this could be her best role ever. she has an amazing resume so that's high praise. >> what do i need to see? >> looking for dvd, "lost"
8:38 am
finale, some people loved it, some people not so much. we always want answers with "lost." the dvd set coming out, entire series, had a 12-minute ep log scene featuring hurley and ben, what happens when they take over the island. >> wow. >> if you're looking for "lost" answers. >> is that out now? >> august 24th. you have to wait a few weeks. >> circle the calendar. if there's a book you have to read before the summer is over, the haass person in america not to read the book? >> i don't know if there's anyone left that hasn't red "the girl with the dragon tattoo." if you haven't, you have to jump on this bandwagon. already a swiss film, the american version on its way, the first in the millennium trilogy. you have to read it, harry. >> i guess so. have they cast the female part? >> not yet. natalie perfectman turned it down, ellen page, four unknown
8:39 am
actresses. >> for the real person that never gets out of their house all summer long, what is the one thing they need to do before the summer. >> if you've already spent too much time on the beach, maybe you're pinkish, it's a video game, the best thing to do inside. star craft 2 is a sequel, military, science fiction strategy game. i've got to warn you, harry, it's very addictive. you could easily lose 411 hours on this thing. if you've got some disposable time in august, star craft 2. >> very good. always a pleasure to see you. thank you for stopping by. now let's find out what to buy with erica. >> harry, thanks. if you're missing we'll know where you are. summer is a great time to catch red hot sales and save a lot of money starting this weekend. amy goodman, senior editor of "all you" magazine with bargains and where to find them. it starts this weekend. what has become a ritual at the
8:40 am
end of summer, there are tax-free holidays. >> that's right. 17 states across the great united states are offering tax-free. if you live in one of those states you save on taxes as well. >> come in sides with back to school for folks which is great. >> even if it's not tax-free, big savings this time of year, starting with outdoor products, probably because it's the end of season. >> push out the grill from the large patio furniture to make way for other things. you can get a great deal on this grill from lowe's, commercial range, high end. >> very fancy looking. >> $299, save 50 off the top. 50 you can save for burgers and meat and vegges and have a fantastic meal. >> i like it. also, umbrellas. we really need these things especially with the heat and humidity. >> when it comes to patio furniture we love great details at "all you."
8:41 am
the individual set, chairs and umbrella, $4.99 apiece. the entire ensemble is under $15. normally the chair costs $16. that's a really, really fantastic deal. >> i love -- >> this is adorable. >> isn't that neat with the watermelon motif. for adults, great time to save from patio furniture. you save $100 on this umbrella. deals like that you can get on line. >> outdoor stuff. this is a great time of year, i never realized it for white sales. >> yes. all of the stores right now are having their home sales. that includes white sales, households, linens and bedding. simply vera towels from vera wang. buy one get one free. at $19.99, each towel would be under $10. fantastic deal. >> that's a great deal on towels. >> bed in a bag.
8:42 am
>> jcpenney bed in a bag, normally $140, now $56. that's a 60% savings. that's bed skirt, sham, bedsheet, a complete set. >> wow. >> that's a great deal. also from jcpenney, buy one get one for a dollar pillows off their entire inventory of pillows. >> my mouth is dropping. the deals are so good. i love the savings. >> with that you can rest assured you get a good deal. >> down the line, electronics. this is a good time of year for electronics. we're starting off with this gps system. >> yes, from tomtom, their gps, at target through saturday normally $190, you pay $130. that's a 32% savings. >> which is a pretty good deal. computers, a lot of people looking at computers for back to school for their kids and you can get a great deal as well. >> compaq press arrio. that's 50 bucks you can save for
8:43 am
school. >> this particular design is for students to be affordable. >> yes, all the bells and whistles but none of the price. you save that money in your pocket. >> you always have good deals. come back with more soon. thanks. harry over to you for a little more of summer's best. >> right now "the early show" lifestyle contributor katie lee making a beautiful buffet. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> we love this time of year to go to the farmer's market. >> it's the greatest. you have to go to your local farmer's market or farm stand and get some of this beautiful produce. there's so many things at the farmer's market that you find that you wouldn't find at a grocery store, like heirloom tomatoes. >> beautiful. >> i found these yesterday. they are eggplant. aren't they cool. >> very cool. >> roast them with a little olive oil and salt. doughnut peaches. >> i love those. >> so beautiful.
8:44 am
>> you know what else, though, this time of year you pick up a piece of fruit, it smells so good. it's not the thing that's been refrigerated all year long. >> it's local, you're supporting your own local economy. you're going to get more vitamins and minerals because the fruit didn't take as long to get to your plate. it's really, really good. you've got to go out. if you don't know where your local farmer's mark is go online. the great thing about summer produce, you don't have to do anything to it. everything i'm going to show you today, you don't cook fruits or vegetables. >> we like that a loot. >> the first thing is zucchini. don't be afraid of the mandolin, just run it over there. see how it comes out like chips.
8:45 am
harry, did you cut yourself? oh, no. oh, no, harry. okay. all right. are you okay? do we need to get a band-aid? oh, my god. >> i'm good. i knew that was going to happen. i n i knew that was going to happen. >> you have to be careful with the mandolin. >> okay. next up is our tomatoes. >> this is the first for "the early show." you get a band-aid, i'll hang out with katie. i'm not using your kitchen tools. >> i won't ask you to grate parmesan or anything. chop tomatoes with olive oil and garlic. that's all you do to it. you don't cook it. take the hot pasta out of the water. this hot pasta is going to cook our tomatoes. that's all it takes. >> i smell the garlic but i think i smell the tomatoes, too. >> so good.
8:46 am
this requires no cutting or anything, if you want to tear basil in there. >> i love it. base i will is my favorite in everything. >> fresh parmesan cheese. this tastes really good room temperature or cold. it's good if you're going to a barbecue and you want to take something with you. it kind of doubles as a main if anybody is a vegetarian. down here we have a corn salad. i don't even cook the corn it's so sweet right now. >> you chop it right off. >> put your corn in a bowl like this and slice it. >> we're all about safety tips this morning. >> everything goes right in. poor harry. black beans, chopped red bell pepper, red onions, jalapeno, lime vinegarette, with lime juice and olive oil. put some avocado if you want. mass peaches and plums. mash with sugar, let them stand.
8:47 am
over vanilla ice cream. that's all. >> we'll test it out. >> for more on recipes and all these goodies because they are delicious, logon to the website. we'll be back with more and ,,,,,,,,,,
8:48 am
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to see everything on sale. new look, new year, who knew! jcpenney. ♪ in the summer sometime we have a big announcement to make this morning. our friend dave price growing up at last. tomorrow -- >> that's an overstatement. >> tomorrow he's getting married. >> yea skrm. >> and we want to offer dave and jackie not only our best wishes, of course, but some advice as well. we have a little surprise for you. >> good. >> guess who's on the phone? helen and larry. >> oh, geez. >> hi, mom.
8:50 am
hi, dad. >> dave's mom and dad. >> good morning. >> hi, mom. hi. >> don't sound so excited, dave. >> so, i heard you guys wrote a little poem for dave. >> hi, david. our advice is the same for the bride and the groom, for all our usa judgments there's always room. just follow your hearts and you will easily see that an m just turned over turns a me into we. >> that is so sweet. >> i love you, mom. i love you, dad. oh, do you have one, too? >> yeah, i have one also. it's a little shorter. >> let's not talk about that, dad. >> wow. >> all the love of the girl in the gown, pick up your socks and put the toilet seat down. >> that is sage advice. brings a tear to your eye. >> no, it actually brings sweat
8:51 am
to my brow whenever mom and dad are on live television. >> they've been married 53 years? >> they have. they've been a remarkable positive model, actually, one i hope to emulate. jackie's parent had a beautiful marriage. her father passed a way several years ago. if we can do a little bit of what my folks did and her folks did -- >> oh, there's jack. >> how beautiful is she? >> stunning. even more beautiful tomorrow. >> here's my question for you. larry, did you ever think this day would come? >> it was a long time coming. and sometimes we wondered. >> wondered what? >> we wondered if we'd ever get rid of him. >> so much love in that household. >> the price family, tells us a lot. >> here's the other question for you guys. how impressive is jackie? she's quite a catch, i think. >> oh, she's just delightful. we're so happy to have jackie in
8:52 am
the family. and she's beautiful and bright. i'm sure they'll have a wonderful marriage. >> yeah. you think she's tough enough to handle young dave over here? >> oh, she's tough enough. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. she's tough enough to handle him. >> all right. >> mom did a pretty good job with you, dad, didn't she? >> well, we will see you this weekend, all right? >> we're looking forward to it. david, stay cool. >> i'm cool as a cucumber if you'd just get off the air, i'd be -- >> should we pour some champagne? >> absolutely. >> before we get to the big celebration tomorrow night, we have a tiny show to do in the morning. some people like to call it a big show. a lot of stuff coming up, including debbye turner bell is going to take your vet questions live. you still have time to submit them. logon to our website, if you have a question, let us know or join us on the plaza.
8:53 am
we'll have that and a whole lot more coming up saturday morning. and then saturday night -- >> it is the big event. >> the big toast. >> all right. >> very good, very good. >> to you, sir. >> congratulations.,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. bay area law enforcement cracking down on gang violence. san francisco city attorney her rare ra seeking an injunction against two local gangs. police in the east bay have arrested dozens of suspected gang members in a sweep of alameda county. san francisco trying out a new program to help muni riders feel safe. community ambassadors, as it's known, will be posted at or near muni stations in cities that struggle with crime. they will provide safety tips, emergency numbers and language assistance. a former google employee can now move forward with an age discrimination lawsuit against the mountain view-
8:56 am
based company. the california supreme court ruled he can take it to trial. the 50-year-old employee says google fired him because he didn't fit in with his younger colleagues. traffic and weather right after this. what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? it's tough to get enough servings of vegetables every day if you don't always like the taste of them. good thing v8 v-fusion juice gives you a serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit. [woof woof] v8. what's your number? good morning. we have some new delays for mass transit riders. at least if you ride caltrain
8:58 am
northbound most -- or some northbound caltrains are about 10 minutes behind schedule. southbound trains on time as well as bart and muni. slight delays for caltrain riders. other approaches to the bay bridge, look at this. not too bad on this friday morning. overall an uneventful morning commute, a little slow eastbound 24 towards the caldecott tunnel but no need to turn on the metering lights. across the san mateo bridge, there was a stall reported in the eastbound lanes near the high-rise? and apparently the driver of that vehicle started jumping around, got out of the car and wanted to make sure that the drivers didn't hit him or the car. so watch out for that. it sounds like that disabled vehicle is still in lanes but westbound 92 is actually fine towards the peninsula. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. friday morning, yeah, let's see if we can get some of those clouds -- i wouldn't mind taking those away. san jose i'm sure you are on page with that. sunshine expected. seven-day forecast:
8:59 am
enjoy your weekend. ,,,,,,


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