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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 6, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon. i'm sydnie kohara in for allen martin today. on any given night, there are nearly 200,000 homeless veterans across the nation. 6,000 of them right here in the bay area. anne makovec is in pleasanton, where an east bay organization is giving vets and their families a temporary. anne, it looks like a tent city out there. >> reporter: it does. 500 of those homeless vets you that just talked about are here at the alameda county fairgrounds now. it's called the east bay stand down. it's an old military term that describes taking soldiers offer the battlefield and taking care of their basic needs in a safer environment. that's what's going on here. you could kind of call it a boot camp for life. >> 65 years old sleeping on the street? it's pitiful. >> reporter: that's what a lot of the veterans here at the alameda county fairgrounds are going through. >> a lot of them don't have
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family. a lot of them, due to mental issues, have trouble just being with their families. they isolate themselves. >> reporter: so every two years, the east bay stand-down helps as many as 500 local veterans who have fallen through the cracks. >> i figure, well, hey, here's something i can take advantage of because it's for me. >> reporter: he served in vietnam but had trouble when he came back. >> where do you feel the missile in civilian life? you don't. >> reporter: a common problem with vets coming back with emotional and physical challenges from war. >> he tries to rehabilitate himself but he can't. he gets more depressed. and that cycle just continues on and on until such a time where, you know, that bottomless pit is -- you know, you can't even see the top of it. >> reporter: the stand-down aims to boost people up from dental work and haircuts -- >> they put their lives on the line for us, so we should do
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something for them. don't you think? >> it's good. i love it. >> reporter: -- to chaplain services. >> morning, brother. >> reporter: to helping with dmv stand byes like id cards and advice on legal issues. >> here i was homeless and then they send me a bill for $1,700 from the hospital? what can i do? >> reporter: while they can take care of a lot of people's problems, this tent city is only around for four days. the goal is to give as much as they can to get people on their feet. >> looking forward to getting more. my dental work i'm getting done. so it's all good. >> reporter: how wonderful. a one-stop shop. >> that's it. >> reporter: how are you going to feel walking out of here? >> uhm.... --great. great. abundantly blessed. >> reporter: elijah agrees. >> i had a good breakfast. so everything is great. >> reporter: now, a lot of these people were referred here from other social service agencies. some of the money comes from the military but the majority
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comes from donations. if you want to learn more about the east bay stand-down, you can go to our website, and click on "newslinks." sydnie? >> a much-needed service. thank you, anne makovec in pleasanton today. a car smashed through the front door of a bay area bank this morning. this happened at the u.s. bank on south bascomb avenue in campbell. as you can see that car went out way inside the building. the driver, a 55-year-old man. he says he blacked out when he reached the intersection in front of the bank and, as a result, did not stop. police say he may have suffered from a medical condition but haven't determined what happened. no one was injured. authorities are investigating a bomb scare in livermore. three pipe bombs found at an apartment complex. police received a call about a suspicious person outside an apartment complex yesterday morning. when they arrived, officers found the bombs next to a dumpster. the county bomb squad and
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hazmat units were called in. two apartment complexes and five homes were evacuated. those devices were determined safe and contained no explosives. also in livermore today, demonstrators gathering outside the livermore nuclear weapons lab holding peace signs and antiwar posters. this comes on the 65th anniversary of the u.s. dropping the atomic bomb on hiroshima. activists are using the anniversary to push for an end to nuclear weapons. tri-valley cares along with other groups organized the event. an early-morning burglary in oakland turned out to be a lot more. police discovered a sophisticated pot growing operation above a restaurant. this was the scene on east 12th street around midnight last night. police responding to a call that a burglary was in progress. witnesses saw two men running out of the back of the building. one suspect claims that he was just talking on the phone when police arrested him. >> i was at the park smoking a cigarette on the phone with my female. she was going to come get me.
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then his partner just slammed me and said what i'm doing? i said [ bleep ] talking to my girlfriend. that's how it happened. >> police seized more than 120 plants and a large amount of dried marijuana from that building. officers also found growing equipment, lighting, and a complicated ventilation system. police say more arrests could be made. we could soon know if same- sex marriages will resume in california. the federal judge who ruled proposition 8 unconstitutional this week must now decide whether to place a stay on his ruling while the appeals process moves forward. he has ordered lawyers on both sides to submit briefs by today. it's still unclear when he will announce his decision. supporters of california's gay marriage ban have already filed an appeal with the ninth u.s. circuit court. it could be a year or more before that appeal is considered. in other news, two arrests have been made in connection with the arson fire at the vallejo courthouse. a search warrant led to the arrests of a man and woman,
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both from vallejo. one suspect was already in custody on unrelated charges. the fire happened june 30th. the court's criminal division was the most heavily damaged. that fire destroyed thousands of court records and files in the clerk's office. out with the old terminal, in with the new. the transbay terminal in san francisco will close for good at midnight so construction can begin on the new center. the original terminal opened back in 1939. more than 100 homeless people sleep there each night. people have complained for years it needs to be replaced. and in its place, this, the new temporary terminal, which opens tomorrow. this facility located at howard and main streets just a block or two away. the $18 million terminal will operate for the next seven years while the permanent terminal is built. san francisco trying out a new pilot program to help muni riders feel safe.
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community ambassadors are now stepping in because of the high number of crimes committed at or near muni stations. it works like a buddy system. a dozen city employees are now posted at stations in areas of the city that have struggled with violent crime. >> people will feel less vulnerable, and when they look around them, they will see young people and older people and they will see people of every ethnicity there to make them feel safer and to make them feel less vulnerable. >> the board of supervisors has already moved to toughen the penalties for crimes that happen around muni stops. carrying a concealed weapon or aggressively harassing someone could lead to a $1,000 fine. work begins monday morning on a project to make the highway 24 commute easier, a lot easier, in the east bay. caltrans will start digging a fourth bore for the caldecott tunnel through the oakland hills. they will use a $5 million machine called a road header to dig that two-lane tunnel. the tunnel will be nearly 3400 feet long.
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it's expected to take more than three years to dig. they will have a ceremony monday before firing up the road header. more dismal news about unemployment. our economy is still shedding jobs. and wall street isn't happy about it. the dow has been in negative territory all day. take a look. this is a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. the dow down 77. alexis christoforous shows us if you're one of the millions of people looking for a job, the outlook remains bleak. reporter: theresa can tell you, without looking at the latest numbers, the job crisis is not over. >> every day i have that feeling of despair, you know? it's like what can i do that i haven't done already? >> reporter: in march, she joined the 99ers, that's the growing club of john hunters who have been unemployed for 99 weeks. at that point, unemployment benefits run out.
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no more extensions. no mor checks. >> might have to sell my home. >> reporter: the economy lost 131,000 jobs in july, a modest rise in private sector jobs not enough to offset the end of temporary census employment. the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.5%. here on wall street, those numbers confirm what traders have worried about for months. if americans aren't working, the economic recovery will continue to drag. that's because both the unemployed and those who worry they might also lose their jobs keep a tight hold on their money. >> people, they are spending. they are spending what we say surviving. that's what they are spending on, not spending it. surviving. >> reporter: theresa sends out hundreds of resumes for work in the computer industry and struggles to support her daughter and elderly parents. she is also actively lobbying congress to offer more help for the long-term unemployed. >> please, don't stop it now. when you know we're not in full recovery. >> reporter: nearly 1 1/2 million americans have hit the
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99-week limit and have lost their government lifeline. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. the crisis in the gulf not over yet. engineers still working to permanently close off the damaged well at this hour. and bp executives have announced today they may drill for oil again in the same spot. and for many children, it's a hard habit to break. the new device some dentists say can stop thumb sucking for good. well, plenty of sunshine is expected across parts of the bay area today. and with all that sunshine, we are warming up just a bit. we'll take a look at today's high temperatures and your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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bp says someday it might drill in the same undersea oil reservoir that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. bp says there is a lot of oil and gas in the spot and the company will consider all options in the future. for now, though, work continues to seal off the damaged well. engineers have finished pouring mud and cement into the top of the well and they will do the same with the bottom to forgele final plug. 80% of babies do it and some people think it's cute. but long-term thumb sucking can cause permanent damage to children's teeth. now some dentist say they have the cure. charlie d'agata shows us the habit-breaker. >> reporter: it's the ultimate portable pacifier. >> a little bit of soothing when they are really young, it's a good idea. >> reporter: but doctors at britain's first thumb sucking clinic says that little thumb can cause big problems. >> thumb sucking after the age of 4 or 5 can have detrimental
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effects to the development in the face and jaws. >> reporter: rachel tried everything to help her 9-year- old daughter jessica. >> come straight from school today? >> yes. >> and then you see her peers saying, why do your teeth look like that? you look like a bunny rabbit. >> oh, lovely clean teeth. >> reporter: finally jessica was fitted with a special retainer which not only helps fix her teeth, it broke her habit. >> that's going to save jessica and us years of orthodontics treatment. >> reporter: when that type retainer doesn't do the trick, this is the last resort. it's called the habit breaker. it's a metal device that is fitted inside the child's mouth and it stays there. it has a roller on the front that stops the child's thumb from reaching the roof of the mouth. >> we would normally leave this in for about nine months or so. >> reporter: some parents say it's a bit harsh. >> why are they laughing at me? it's comfortable. >> reporter: but the thumb
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sucking stopper is endorsed by the american orthodontist society. make sure your little treasure will have a smile they will treasure. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. charlie says oral intervention is usually a last resort. doctors recommend patients first try coating the thumb with something bitter or covering it with a bandage or a sock. an adjustable plastic cylinder or thumb guard can be taped to the thumb. coming up next, something we don't need here in the bay area now, the extreme measures some people are taking to beat the intense heat across the country. ummer in the bay area this week...but that's not the case in most of the ,,,,,,,,,,
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not the case in most of the untry. people in t hasn't felt much like summer in the bay area this week but that's not the case in most of the country. people in this texas town packing into the pool to beat the heat but even that wasn't enough to cool them off so the workers dumped a ton of crushed ice in. there were heat advisories in 18 states yesterday. not even nightfall brought relief. temperatures in some states were in the 80s overnight. now, for the bay area forecast, here's tracy. well, our mount vaca camera
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showing there is some sunshine across the bay area today. and with that sunshine in land location will have -- inland location will have mild temperatures. here's your daily planner for all bay area location. inland, sunshine with mild temperatures ranging from the lower 70s to the mid-80s. for the bay, partly cloudy and it's still cool from 60 to 70 degrees. and along the coastline, staying cloudy with areas of fog. those temperatures again unseasonably cool for this time of the year. for tonight, areas of low clouds with some patchy fog. around the bay, low clouds and fog, drizzle. more drizzle expected at the coast. temperatures overnight from the lower to the mid-50s. so speaking of your temperatures, what's going on? well, we are still looking at temperatures unseasonably mild. livermore normal daytime high this time of year 90 degrees. san jose 84. santa rosa 82. san francisco 69. well, today a little bit more of the same. 78 degrees today in livermore, 12 degrees below average. 9 degrees off the mark in san
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jose. santa rosa at 73. and san francisco at 60 degrees. we are typically closer to 70 around this time of the month in august but not today. 81 degrees in morgan hill, 57 again in san jose and santa clara. 73 in sunnyvale. 73 in los altos. 70 degrees in mountain view and the upper 50s at the coastline, pacifica, daly city, and 60 at half moon bay. crossing the bay upper 60s at union city, 70 in fremont, 74 milpitas. upper 70s in pleasant hill, walnut creek, danville and san ramon. those are nice temperatures. but the closer you get to the bay, boy, that's a little chilly. 60 in richmond, 64 oakland, 64 alameda. north bay location, yeah, your temperatures still unseasonably cool. you know how it goes. 74 petaluma. 71 novato. lower 70s in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. 71 kentfield. 60 sausalito and san francisco. it is friday.
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we are heading into the weekend. are you maybe headed to some other areas of the state? 95 in fresno, sunshine, hot. 82 in sacramento. 90 yosemite. cool along the coast at 62 in monterey. 92 degrees in ukiah with plenty of sunshine. and 57 degrees in eureka. sunshine in the forecast today, more late-day sunshine for saturday and for sunday. and as we move into monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we will continue to see temperatures staying below normal. we are moving into the weekend, and this weekend, saturday, the san francisco aloha festival on the presidio parade grounds. conditions, in the lower 60s. that's a little chilly. and kite for cancer awareness, little marina green in san francisco, conditions saturday around 62 degrees. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. we have some breaking news out of concord right now. a suspicious device has been
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found at newhall park. and a bomb squad has just arrived on the scene. now, if it turns out to be a pipe bomb, this will be the fourth pipe bomb found at that park in the last two weeks. two were discovered and detonated july 21. then another pipe bomb was found on the 23rd. again, a pipe bomb us is -- suspicious device has been found at newhall park in concord. we have crews on the way and we'll keep you posted on that. and. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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