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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 6, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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sexual harassment policy but he did go against company standards of business conduct. hurd was found to have filed a series of false expense reports to cover up a close personal relationship with an outside female marketing consultant who filed sexual harassment charges in june. hp's general counsel, michael hole sten, said hurd showed a pro fund lack of judgment. he also said there were numerous instances where the contractor received hp's compensation for no legitimate business purpose. hurd, who is married, stepped down immediately saying in a statement, quote, this is a painful decision for me to make after five years at hp, but i believe it would be difficult for me to continue as an effective leader at hp and i believe this is the only decision the board and i could make at this time. since hurd took over, the company's stock prices nearly doubled and hp is now the world's largest maker of personal computers. >> pretty shocking. i mean mark hurd had been an unbelievably successful ceo, he imagined to get hp past its previous scandal five years ago
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and past the bad memory of carly fiorina and the idea that they had been spying on other companies and he was really by all accounts a very successful ceo. >> reporter: hp's chief financial officer kathy lessjack will take over as interim ceo but made it clear she doesn't want her name in the running for the permanent job. so there will be a major search going on for the next ceo here at hewlett-packard. as for mr. hurd, he will be walking away from here with a lot of money. in fact, it's been reported that his severance package is in the 40 to $50 million range. >> i had read something, they called him buttoned down,ers that a pretty state laced businessman. >> reporter: exactly. that was the reputation that he had, straight-laced businessman. now with these allegation we are learning otherwise. he had a lot of things going for him, a lot of things happening at hp, recently
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acquiring palm, getting possibly the tablet and mobile markets. so he leaves at a critical time. >> thank you, len ramirez in palo alto. well, it's an extra ordinary move. governor schwarzenegger asking for gay marriages to resume here in california following this week's ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. the governor filed a brief with the federal judge who made that decision. he says, restoring the right of same-sex couples to marry is consistent with california's long history of treating all people and their relationships with equal dignity and respect. judge vaughn walker must now decide on whether to place a stay on his ruling while the appeals process moves forward. legal briefs were due today from both sides. attorney general jerry brown is also asking the judge to resume same-sex marriages. the case is now heading to the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> we have all of our documents that we need and we are running down to the county clerk and hopefully this time they will give us an application for a
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marriage license. >> wendy hill and her partner are among the many couples who are living in limbo right now. many legal experts predict the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals or judge walker himself will issue an extended stay blocking same-sex marriage while the case is still being fought out in the courts. well, a restaurant that serves some of the bay area's most popular sandwiches has been served an eviction notice. san francisco says that ike's place in the castro has been operating without the proper permits. this all came to light after neighbors complained about huge crowds that line up outside. but fans of ike's say the shop shouldn't be closed because of its huge success. >> it's such a great sandwich shop. i don't think it should be evicted. >> how can you be upset about, you know, a popular business and a crowd of people in the city? if you don't want to be around people, you should live in the country. [ laughter ] >> city investigators found that ike's only had a permit to run a coffee shop, not a take-
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out sandwich shop. on july 28, the fines began. $250 a day until the owner applies for a new permit or complies with the original agreement. eviction is set for august 26. well, there are fewer and fewer jobs available in the u.s. the latest jobless report shows the economy lost 131,000 jobs in july. mostly because of temporary census work coming to an end. with more than 14 million unemployed, the jobless rate held steady at 9.5%. one group of people that has the higher-than-average unemployment rate is veterans. there are nearly 6,000 homeless veterans in the bay area. this weekend, many of them are getting some help. anne makovec says it's part of a bigger effort to end veteran homelessness for good. reporter: >> 65 years old sleeping on the street? it's terrible. >> reporter: but that's what a lot of the veterans here at the alameda county fairgrounds are going through. >> a lot of them don't have
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family. a lot of them due mental issues have trouble just being with their families. and they isolate themselves. >> reporter: so every two years the east bay stand-down helps as many as 500 local veterans who have fallen through the cracks. >> i figure, well, hey, here's something i can take advantage of because it's for me. >> reporter: elijah served in vietnam but had trouble when he came back. >> where do you build a missile in civilian life? you don't. >> reporter: a common problem with vets coming back with emotional and physical challenges from war. >> he tries to rehabilitate himself but he can't. he gets more depressed and that cycle continues until you can't see the top of the bottomless pit. >> reporter: the stand-down aims to boost people up from dental work and haircuts -- >> they put their lives on the line for us, so we should do
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something for them, don't you think? >> that's good. i'm loving it. >> reporter: -- to chaplain services. >> morning, brother. >> reporter: to helping with dmv stand byes like id cards and advice on legal issues. >> the homeless and then they send me a bill for $1,700 from the hospital? what can i do? >> reporter: while they can take care of a lot of people's problems, this tent city is only around for four days. the goal is to give as much as they can to get people on their feet. >> looking forward to getting more. my dental work i'm getting done. so it's all good. >> reporter: how wonderful. this is a one-stop shop. >> that's it. >> reporter: how are you going to feel walking out of here? >> great. great. abundantly blessed. >> reporter: elijah agrees. >> i had a good breakfast. so everything's great. >> reporter: a stand-down is an old military term describing taking soldiers offer of the battlefield and taking care of their basic needs in a safer environment, which is exactly what's going on here. if you want to learn more about
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this organization, you can go to our website,, and click on "newslinks." in pleasanton, anne makovec, cbs 5. headlines around the bay area tonight. a chemical leak forced dozens of workers to evacuate from an industrial building in san jose. it happened this morning at jds uniphase on rose orchard way. hazmat capped the leak of foss even if gas. not enough chemical leaked to cause injuries. an early-morning burglary in oakland uncovered a pot operation above a restaurant on east 12th street. police responded to a burglary. when they got there, they found 600 marijuana plants growing inside and say it's worth a quarter million dollars. those two burglary suspects were arrested. it's still unclear who was growing the pot, though. police have arrested two people in connection with an arson fire at the vallejo courthouse back in june.
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the fire destroyed thousands of court records in the criminal division office. the search warrant led to the arrest of a man and woman both from vallejo. apparently one suspect was already in custody on unrelated charges. well, they have had layoffs already. they have had their cutbacks. so how is it that a bay area city is able to offer people a free ride? and drastic times do call for drastic measures. one bay area county's surprising move to lure people to the county fair. and she has been called a modern-day marie antoinette. the controversy over first lady michelle obama's trip to spain. ,,,,,,
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bank branch on south bascom avenue in campbell. the 55-year this was bad a car smashing through the front door of the u.s. bank branch on south bascomb in campbell. the driver is 55 years old and said he blacked out when reached the interstock exchange right in front of the bank. and as a result, he didn't stop. police say he may have suffered from a medical condition. but they still haven't figured out exactly what happened. no one was injured. well, from claims of sickouts, service cuts, contract disputes, the number of public transportation agencies in the bay area are in turmoil right now. but the city of oakland has some new bus service. it's free. sherry hu looked into where they came up with the money for
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that because the city is broke. >> reporter: there is a big party that's just getting started here at jack london square. now, folks are arriving by car and by bike and in a new way. in a time when the city losing some black and white it is gaining some agree. >> reporter: folks are used to the government taking away. they are caught off guard when get something back. >> i was really astonished. i hear about all the bus strikes and all this and i'm wondering, you know, wow, this is free? you know? but it's a really good service for the city. >> reporter: astonishing? a free service for and in part from the city. that's what this is, the newly launched broadway shuttle nicknamed the bee. on weekdays diesel buses going three miles between jack london square and uptown stock at
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places like citycenter, old oakland and chinatown. even at a time when the city just lost 80 police officers, oakland's community and economic agency breaks down the me what's cost this way. it takes $730,000 a year to run the shuttle. half a million comes from a grant from the bay area air quality management district. $150,000 from private sources like jack london square developers and downtown lake merritt and uptown property own others. the remaining $80,000 comes from the city's redevelopment agency money i'm told wouldn't qualify for things likely like libraries and cops. >> that's one of the innovative things that oakland is doing to attract more business, which in turn pay more taxes which enables the city to keep officers on the street. >> reporter: hip uptown restaurants are promoting the bee although it's way too early to figure out how many more meals they will serve because
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of the new free shuttle. >> it will bring them up here, louis might be getting more foot traffic because of it because i imagine people who don't want to drive five blocks and then repark will now be a lot more eager to travel around the neighborhood so that's exciting for us. >> reporter: the city is projecting as many as 3,000 riders a day. >> i'm glad that we are getting my services. i don't care how it's happening. i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: the shuttle service usually stops at 7:00 in the evening but because of the big party here at jack london square, tonight's an exception. the bee now runs midnight just for tonight. in oakland, sherry hu, cbs 5. >> here's something else that's free. for a reason. the santa clara county fair runs through sunday and for the first time, it's not going to cost to get in. fare attendance has been in sharp decline recently. county supervisors in fact voted to cut off funding after this year. so they are trying free admission and free parking. but they have had to scale back
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on events this year. >> people who have the image of the old fair, yes, they will definitely be surprised at the downsizing. but if they come out with an open mind to have a great time they will find a wonderful place to have a good time with their children. >> the fair managers says they will find the funding next year somehow but the county is also talking about selling the property there. well, next, providing neighbors with proper nutrition. the program that delivers fresh fruit right to your front door. >> i think maybe the most absurd thing i've heard. >> no license, no lemonade for you. the ultimatum given to one 7- year-old girl. how about no warm temperatures for you! how about that. it's been unseasonably cool across the bay area. we are going to take a look at your weekend forecast saturday and sunday. maybe we can cook things up a bit. ,,,,
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tonight. one of california's oldest and largest tofu companies is shut down facing possible criminal charges. the company voluntarily recalled thousands of products for more than 90 different lines. this is after listeria was found in the facts try and tofu products. it's not the first violation. the south san francisco company settled a food safety lawsuit last year. listeria can start with some flu-like symptoms and possibly lead to serious possibly fatal illnesses. getting low cost fresh produce no longer a problem for some people in alameda county. as jennifer mistrot shows us, one company provides the nutritious food right to your doorstep. >> my box, thank you! >> reporter: hillary looks forward to this delivery every week. >> corn and carrots. >> reporter: she is 8 months
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pregnant. good nutrition is at the top of her priority list right now. >> so it's really nice to be able to have such great stuff and we have been experimenting with new foods because we didn't -- we wouldn't have bought it otherwise. >> reporter: finding fresh fruits and veggies can be difficult for folks in this part of alameda county. ashland is tucked away between hayward and castro valley. there are no big chain stores. and food shopping often means a trip to a neighboring town. >> do we have enough carrots? >> reporter: dig deep farms is the new kid on this block. the company packs low cost fresh produce and delivers it right to your doorstep. >> you have delicious tomatoes, wonderful apples, corn, and these fantastic locally grown strawberries. all of this produce costs you just 15 bucks.
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delicious. >> this is about reestablishing not just this community but any community has this problem, any community's ability to control and access the resource we need for survival. >> reporter: it is a grassroots effort. the food comes from the garden, small local farms and backyards. everyone working here is from the neighborhood. >> it gives youth a job, first of all, and it keeps them out of trouble. if you have a job, you're not going to have time to be in trouble. >> thank you so much. see you next thursday. >> i know by buying this box, i'm supporting their wage, which allows them to support their families. it's a beautiful cycle of positive healthy things. >> reporter: local jobs, healthy affordable and access he believe food. in alameda county, jennifer mistrot, cbs 5. >> and you know what? most boxes of those fruits and vegetables, less than $30. dig deep farms hopes to be able
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to take public assistance cards sometime soon. i hear tell, tracy, there are sunglass spotted in the city of san francisco today. >> oh, of course people are using sunglasses. it just depends what street you're standing on. >> out there at the beach -- >> oh, no, you don't need anything that looks like sunglasses out here. you need a blanket, probably a nice shawl, a sweater, all of that and more. still cool at the beach. and we are still looking at plenty of clouds. but closer to home, sunshine. there you go, bay bridge basking in sunshine. that's where you will need some sunglasses. take a look at your daily planner. this is what we are expecting as we move into the evening. those clouds will be filtering back into the bay area. along the coastline low clouds and fog with possible drizzle. more clouds around the bay and also low clouds expected to move in later on in the evening especially inland in our valleys. temperatures up to 70 degrees. mid-60s around the bay and near 60 at the coastline for your evening forecast. and then as we move into the weekend, the all-important
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weekend, saturday temperatures up to the mid- to upper 80s. 87 degrees inland. sunshine but still mild. mix of sun and clouds around the bay temperatures up to the lower 70s. and along the coastline, maybe not sunglasses for you. mostly cloudy with areas of fog and still cool. temperatures just near 60 degrees. speaking of those temperatures, let's look at some of tomorrow's highs. typically more like the mid- 90s but only the upper 80s in brentwood. mid-70s in sonoma and napa. lower 70s in san raphael. lower 60s in sausalito and san
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francisco. here's a look at your weekend forecast. that is saturday. what about sunday? not as warm, slightly cooler than saturday. monday, some sunshine and temperatures will remain below normal tuesday, wednesday, thursday. but take a look at friday. some of our models are indicating we could see warmer weather moving in. and saturday at the san francisco aloha festival, on the presidio parade grounds. conditions in the lower 60s. i know, that's a little chilly. we got more news coming up on cbs 5 in just a few moments. ,,,,,,
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vacation. while they're enjoying sunny marbella, lizabeth palmer sh michelle obama and her youngest daughter in the middle of a five-day european vacation and while they are enjoying spain, elizabeth palmer shows us some say michelle obama is setting a bad example. reporter: she's sightseeing in spanish palaces and staying in a five star resort with a handful of long- time friends, their kids and minimal staff. but the bulk of the cost to taxpayers for the first lady's vacation is for the security detail and plane that flew her. an estimated $230,000 so far. for that and also for the appearance of this trip, michelle obama was called by one newspaper a modern had day marie antoinette glamming it up while americans struggle with recession and unemployment at home. >> ouch. that seems a bit harsh. sure, if i were the president's political
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advisors, this would not have been my top vacation destination. but let's not get carried too far away. >> reporter: in fact, mrs. obama and her guests are picking up their own personal expenses including accommodation and, of course, incidentals like the cost of a shopping trip in boutiques. however, the public cost of the trip will climb this weekend when mrs. obama switches into her official role and visits the spanish royal family for lunch at their palace. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. ,, with high-speed internet from at&t, you can connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds. wow, look at that! so you can go online and check out the news, or you can just catch up with old friends -- hey buddy. you can download videos and -- wow, that was fast.
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news at 6. some say it's like the wild, wild west. public retirees making more than a hundred grand i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. some say it's like the wild, wild west. public retirees making more than $100,000 a year. the loopholes that are letting them rake in so much money. first a giant buddha. now a futuristic rocket ship. the newest sight along the san francisco waterfront. we are going to have that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> all right, dana.
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we'll see you then. a little girl was left in tears after health inspectors shut down her lemonade stand. now the 7-year-old is getting an apology. the little young entrepre into your entrepreneur set up shop, and an inspector asked her for her license and threatened her with a fine of $500. a county official apologized. he said the inspector is doing his job and it applies to professional food service operators, not children. >> i don't think a 7-year-old selling lemonade is the biggest public health threat we are facing as a county. >> i mean, it's a kid. i mean, the moms, the good old kid with the lemonade stand. that's like america. isn't it? >> they shouldn't isolate one little girl just because she was smart. >> smart and charges


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