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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good monday morning everyone. it is august 9th, 2010. i am sydnie kohara. john kesler we sent him back to his mothers in up state new york to get a little retraining so he will be on his best behaviour when he gets back, a week from today. disturbing news, a shooting near union square san francisco, one block off union square, geary and mason. three people hit one dies. a live update from ann at the scene. a march in san francisco urging people to take pride in their age and eliminate age discrimination. >> work crews bring out the heavy equipment this morning. they are beginning to carve out the next tunnel for the fourth
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bore of the caldecott tunnel. that will be a few years elizabeth but in the meantime it is progress. >> been preparing for that for months. >> let's get a check of san jose update you on the car fire. i mentioned this in my last report, northbound 280, closer to ray street, two right lanes and ray street off ramp both locked. fire crews and chp on scene. no slowing on sensors once you get past, you have a camera close to 880 interchange. traffic moving along fine up towards highway 85. cupertino, now slow traffic highway four one of the worst bottlenecks in the by area. -- bay area. that is the case, 8th street to leverage, 17 miles per hour in westbound lanes. bay bridge toll plaza, so far traffic nice and light. slight delays couple cash lanes, metering lights remain
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off. that is your traffic. all right another check of this two week forecast. chilly forecast. that is putting it mildly. elizabeth -- i called you olivia >> i like that name. you can call me that. >> we've got olivia making stew. she was so cold she made stew that is typically what you make in fall. low clouds, drizzle, fog out there for the coast, bay, inland. later on, seven-day forecast, temperatures lower 80s inland. that ain't bad. mid-60s around the bay, mid-60s for the coast. mild inland tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are warming up finally friday, saturday and sunday. i personally can't wait. that is a look at your weather. >> whipping out the fall recipe cook book. >> craziness. >> there it is middle of august >> i know. >> 6:02 a.m. five people shot in two separate shootings in san francisco, let's go to ann she
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is very near union square in san francisco where one woman diane good morning. not early in the -- ann good morning. not early in the morning, 9:00 p.m. at night in a heavily trafficked tourist area. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of fancy hotels, a block and a half from union square, 9:00 p.m. not too late for folks to walk around. this is where the first shooting happened last night. see ruby sky behind me, that was closed at the time. the comedy club next door, maxes restaurant, a lot of activity around this neighbourhood. the shooting happened at around 9:00 p.m., geary and mason, one woman died two other people a man and woman were injured they are expected to live but were taken to hospital. we don't know if they were targeted or just happened to be passing by at the time. the other shooting of the evening happened just before
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2:00 a.m., outside a club called 1015 folsom it happened columbia alley, two women were shot in that incident but we are told they are going to be okay. police don't believe they are related there doesn't seem to be any indication of that. but they don't know at this point they are being very tight lipped about gneissose februarys or who these vick -- about these subtexts or who these victims are. the woman who filed a sexual harassment claim against hp chief mark herd said she never intended for him to lose his job. 50-year-old jodie fisher is an actress who appeared in several movies and reality tv show. this is video from a demo reel she posted on youtube. she said she is surprised and sad herd was forced to resign from the palo alto tech giant. she denies she had sex with herd. the two reached a settlement thursday a day before he
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resigned from hp. a liver more woman accused of having sex with two teenage boys faces more charges. police say christine hubs also allowed some 10-year-old boys to shoot pellet guns from her car while she drove them around livermore. she will be charged with contributing to delinquency of a minor. she faces 67 counts of having long term relationships with two teens. when reruled against proposition 8 last week federal judge walker issued a temporary stay to keep the ruling from taking effect immediately. both sides filed briefs with walker and so did attorney general gerry brown. it is possible the judge will decide today whether or not to
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do that. >> celebrate getting older that was the message at america's first age march held in san francisco. 300 men and women of all ages marched through chrissy field they wanted to celebrate age pride and end age discrimination. a 73-year-old lead the march she is proud of it. this march is for every age, to celebrate our real faces of age and end ageism. booker is taking her fight to end age discrimination across the country she is organizing other age marchs this year in los angeles, washington dc and new york city. major highway project in the east bay reaches a milestone. they have been preparing and digging for months now tunnels for the fourth bore begins this morning. cal trans crews breaking ground back in january since then they have moved a lot of earth,
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building a retaining wall and carefully removing fossils. in a few hours they will have a brief ceremony and a new $5 million excavation device will dig that bore. construction will take 3 years. today is the first week day commute for the new temporary trans bay terminal in san francisco. customer service ambassadors on hand to help passengers look for their buses. the temporary terminals at howard and main streets a few blocks from the old one featuring an electronic information board, details on schedules from muni, ac transit, sam trans and golden gate transit. the $18 million facility will operate in that location for seven years while the new permanent terminal is built. relief on the way in the gulf of mexico. coming up what bp work crews are doing after cementing shut
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good morning, san jose, northbound 280 a car fire blocking two lanes, chp and fire crews both on scene. we are seeing minor slowing approaching the scene. we have a camera just past that, closer to 880 interchange. traffic moving along fine. once you get past ray street expect a delay in the meantime until they get that car fire cleared. highway 4, once again, no accidents reported in the area just a lot of congestion as you pass ray street. really slow speeds through there. getting more information about this power outage in petaluma. reports that 1500 customers are without power and traffic lights are out on the the ramps around northbound 101, lakeville highway and other intersections effected. pg&e crews are on scene. here is tracy. we will get to tracy in a second. cool around the bay area once again for the next couple days. that blown out well in the
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gulf of mexico could be permanently sealed this week. last week crews filled the top with mud and cement that hardened over the weekend. bp plans to continue drilling a relief well they have 100 feet to go. the drilling will be done 20 to 30 feet at a time, until they get to the bottom of the well and then they will also fill that with mud and cement. it was 65 years afoe today united states dropped an atomic bomb on nagasaki japan leading to the end of world war ii. [ bell sounding ] >> the city held a ceremony today honouring those who lost their lives august 9th, 1945. tens of thousands of people attended including some survivors of the attack which came three days after the bombing of hiroshima. an estimated 80,000 people were killed in nagasaki. less than a week later, japan surrendered bringing an end to
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the war. actress patricia neil has died she won an academy award opposite paul newman in hud. a year later she almost died after suffering three strokes. she regained her ability to speak and walk and was able to resume her film career. she starred in home coming the precursor to waltons she was a long time commercial spokesperson for maxwell house coffey and an sin pain reliever she died of lung cancer yesterday at her home in massachusetts. she was 84 years old. 6:13 a.m. coming up, an update on today's top stories including that deadly shooting near union square plus thousands of people show up in san jose for all things cannabis. the one thing that was not allowed at hemp con 2010. our sunrise well on the way coming up. here is a lookout side, a look from our mount vacca cam.
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6:20 a.m., 6:13 a.m., just a few minutes away. high temperatures, warmer weather in the forecast. all that in a few moments ,,,,,,,,,,
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today's top stories:
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good morning. northbound 28 to approaching -- 280 approaching ray street they got one lane opened they were able to reopen the off ramp but slow going for awhile. sounds like chp and fire crews on scene. a couple low sensors there as you head out downtown san jose. our camera is closer to 880 interchange you can see traffic is still nice and light toward cupertino. highway 4, still jam packed looking to see if there was an accident a longer line of red there as you head past a street. not the case just a lot of congestion and we are still getting more information about this power outage in petaluma. we first reported it 6:00 a.m. this morning, about 1,500 customers without power in the area. pg&e crews on scene now but effecting a lot of on and off ramps, 101. we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic likely due to lights out. they hope to have power
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restored by 7:00 a.m. this morning. hang tight give it 40 minutes or so. at bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights on and no big delays. slight delays a couple cash lanes. remember our radio partners. that is your traffic. here is tracy with a check of your forecast. speaking of light how about natural light, sunlight. 6:18 a.m., sunrise officially at 6:20 a.m. as far as i'm concerned that is close enough. you can see just coming up there, plenty of sunrise or sunshine i should say from our camera high atop mount vacca but for many in the bay area it will take quite a few hours before you see sunshine. morning clouds are low clouds drizzle along the coastline and around the bay. areas of low clouds inland, lower to upper 50s. this afternoon, sun line when it is really part of our forecast, mostly sunny
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conditions, mild, temperatures lowe 80s. up to lower 70s. areas of fog and cool. we have been talking about temperatures because they have been unseasonably cool but we will continue to talk about them liver more your average daytime high. 84 san jose, 83 santa rosa, 69 san francisco, today liver more, day tame high, 78 san jose, 75 santa rosa, 62 san francisco, cool start to the week more cool temperatures, lower 70s palo alto, mid-70s redwood city along the coastline near 80 degrees los gatoses, campbell and 78 in morgan hill. along the bay, lower to mid- 60s. berkly, oakland, san leandro, danville, san ramon and lower 80s an rock and brent wood. north bay locations, napa,
6:20 am
sonoma, petaluma, 75 santa rosa, mill valley and lower 60s sausalito and san francisco. more unseasonably cool temperatures, in the forecast, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, more seasonable temperatures back in the forecast just in time for the weekend. >> 6:20 a.m. let's look at today's top stories, a woman shot to death near union square san francisco. two other people wounded then another shooting outside a night club folsom street outside market. the judge who ruled against california's ban on same-sex marriage last week is now deciding whether to allow same sex weddings during the appeals process. federal judge walker received briefs friday from both sides on the issue and it is possible
6:21 am
he could announce his decision as early as today. cal tran starts digging another tunnel through the oakland hills, the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. that new tunnel should take about three years to dig. thousands of marijuana supporters gathering downtown san jose for a convention called hemp con 2010. it featured all things cannabis including lectures, exhibits, entertainment. the one thing missing though, smoke. marijuana use was not allowed, but convention goers could buy medical pot, get legal help and learn about the history of marijuana use. with a push to lee gaggize recreational -- legalize recreational marijuana use, these are attracting more and more budding entrepreneurs. when we come back, a crackdown on speeders in north bay. plus art, animals and actors all part of community festivals around the bay area.
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the forecast today. bay area cities, 72, san mateo, mostly sunny skies, 74, mountain view nothing but
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sunshine. milpitas, daytime high of 76. 77 santa clara, los gatoses most cities raining in the sunshine. we will look at more bay area citytoday's high temperatures coming up. 6:25 a.m. if you are driving in santa rosa you need to drive carefully. special enforcement effort is taking place in a problem area there. officers will be watching traffic around mendocino and college avenues they will look for red light runners, people failing to wear seat belts, people talking on cell phones and speeders around mendocino and college avenue. theatre extravaganza for the entire family in san francisco this past weekend. 7th annual, san francisco theatre festival included 120 shows on 14 stages. the festival featured improve and magic as well as costumes and make up. among this year's attractions
6:26 am
were excerpts from shakespeare's plays, performances by beach blanket babylon and a new stage adaptation. lovers of art and jazz had plenty to enjoy on the peninsula, burlingame arts fest taking part along burlingame avenue. it show cased painting, sculpture and jewellery created by artists from across the country. there was specialty food, drink and entertainment. >> east bay, fans of martinez celebrated at the third annual beaver festival. they first took up residence back in 2006. a steel beaver sculpture dedicated to the mother waver was unvailed. environmental displays, snakes, tours of the beavers dam. crews scheduled to begin
6:27 am
carving out the fourth bore at the caldecott tunnel. that will certainly be a big relief for contra costa commuters which brings us to our question of the day. what do you think is the worst traffic bottleneck in the bay area. on facebook, heather says 101 north from holly all the way to burlingame. she doesn't like that stretch of roadway. then charles e-mailed us he says i have to say, the worst bottleneck are people who drive or stop slowly when there is an accident and that just messes up the entire traffic commute. 6:27 a.m. coming up commuters get their first look at the new temporary trans bay terminal. the help for anyone confused by the terminals new location. five people injured in two separate shootings overnight in san francisco. we will tell you what the city is doing to crackdown on some night spots coming up pgh >> a traffic alert 280 san jose cancelled but now bad news for
6:28 am
bay area bridge commuters. sounds like an accident at bay bridge toll plaza blocking a couple lanes. at the tails coming up ,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone. it is august 9th.
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2010. 08-09-10 for those who love numbers. john kesler is on vacation and will be all week he is back with his mother being retrained. elizabeth that is a good thing isn't it? >> good morning i am so impressed you got that 08/09/10. did you find that on the internet? flight delays this morning, an accident a few minutes ago involving a taxi cab driver and pick up truck. trying to switch lanes, pick up truck, kcbs phone force, two toll planes are blocked. chp on the scene now seeing delays only in the cash lanes still no metering lights they may be turned on shortly. following this crash, serious injury crash northbound 85 approaching san jose all the activity now off to the shoulder chp on scene but there is debris especially southbound car pool lane causing a little bit of slow traffic. the good news they did clear the scene this earlier accident
6:32 am
northbound 280 at ray all lanes open. that is your traffic your forecast here is tracy. our forecast monday morning, yeah, going to be another cool day as far as afternoon highs are expected even a little cool as we start off the day temperatures lower 70s fremont, 73 degrees. 66 oakland, 78 degrees san jose, 735 concord, 79 degrees in liver more. yeah, those temperatures are closer normally this time of year near 90 degrees today. upper 70s. lower 60s san francisco. pacifica, upper 60s vallejo, san raphael. lower to mid-70s napa and santa rosa. another cool day another unseasonably mild day in store for tuesday. wednesday and thursday, warmer weather though, back in the forecast, more seasonal temperatures, expected, friday, saturday and sunday. so if you can just hold on a couple days sydnie, warmer
6:33 am
weather back in the forecast this weekend. that is a look at your forecast back to you. it is 6:33 a.m. one woman is dead, four other people injured in two separate shottings, -- shootings in san francisco. over to ann, near union square to talk about a woman was killed at 9:00 p.m. at night ann? >> reporter: yeah, an area you wouldn't expect this sort of thing to happen. very busy, tourist, people walking around at all hours of night. it is one of those areas, where we maybe even have a false sense of security because there is so many people around. again, last night a violent incident right outside of ruby sky night club now the night club was not open last night when this occurred but very busy area, you have a comedy club next door, several restaurants in the area. it happened at around 9:00 p.m., just two blocks from union square here at geary and mason. one woman died two other people, a man and woman were
6:34 am
injured they are expected to live but were taken to hospital. one question we have not yet been able to answer in our conversations with police we don't know if victims were targeted or perhaps they were just passing by. the other shooting of the evening happened just before 2 this morning at a club called 1015 folsom just outside columbia alley, two women were shot they will be okay. at the same time mayor newsom expected to sign a new law this week cracking down on night clubs allowing the city's entertainment commission to revoke the operating permit where people are being unruly even down to neighbourhood noise complaints. who knows if something like that would have prevented what happened overnight. a lot of questions right now about these two shootings, four people injured, one woman killed. sydnie. >> thank you. ann in san francisco. police say a 14-year-old boy confessed the accidentally setting a wild fire in southern
6:35 am
california trying to light a bong. that fire threatened dozens of homes before crews contained it. the teen and a friend have been arrested two other people were charged with enterer fearing with firefighters. there were no injuries but that fire scorched 40-acres. a livermore woman accused of having sex with two teenage boys faces more charges. she also allowed some 10-year- old boys to shoot pellet guns from her car while she drove them around livermore. she will be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she faces 67 counts for allegedly having sexual relations with two under age teens. hp starts its week without a leader after the forced resignation of herd. more on the search for a
6:36 am
replacement for hp. matt good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. who will hp tap as the new ceo. hard herd, successful -- mark herd, successful ceo for the company suddenly resigned. there are several options the direction the company chooses to go could tell us where the company's priorities would be in the future. one possibility is with servers, hp is facing increased competition from ibm and cisco based here in san jose they could choose someone with a background in server technology or more interesting hp is interested if getting into smart phone technology, they just took over palm they bought palm and so they are rumoured to want to use palm's operating system as a new platform for tablet computers, they could
6:37 am
take on apple. so a ceo with smart phone background could be an option for the company. stay tuned they will want to make this decision fast and hit a home run with this as well. the other big news that came out the woman whose sexual harassment claim cost the company the ceo she is actress jodie fisher you are looking at her now she starred in b movies in the 90s. reality dating show in 2007, she said yesterday her relationship with herd was never romantic but the now former ceo allegedly fudged some expense reports to conceal that relationship and that is why he was let go. stay tuned this is all coming out we also know the two settled in court for an undisclosed sum. live in san jose, matt bigger will. what makes this so amazing this is not the first scandal hp has had to deal with in the last couple years, this is the second or third. >> reporter: the first one that
6:38 am
comes to mind is the scandal that allegedly involved spying on reporters and others in the board room when carly theorina was ceo. this is another scandal hp will want to put behind it as soon as possible. thank you matt. 6:38 a.m. there could be a decision on whether same sex couples can get married in california while the prop 8 case goes through the appeals process. when federal judge walker ruled against proposition 8 last week he issued a temporary stay to keep the ruling from taking effect immediately friday both sides filed briefs with walker so did governor schwarzenegger and attorney general gary brown. celebrate getting older that was the message at america ossifiers age march held in san francisco. 300 men and women of all ages
6:39 am
marching through christy field yesterday, wanting to celebrate age pride and end age discrimination. barbara rose booker organized and lead the march, she is 73 years old and proud of it. >> this march is for every age. it is to celebrate our real faces of age and to end ageism. >> booker is taking her fight to end age discrimination across the country organizing other age marchs this year in los angeles, washington dc and new york city. 3 year digging process begins in east bay hills today. cal trans crews breaking ground back in january. now tunnels for the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel set to begin. they have moved a lot of earth, built a retaining wall and carefully removed fossils. they will have a ceremony and then a new $5 million excavation device will begin digging. construction will take three years. today is the first week day
6:40 am
commute for the new temporary trans bay terminal in san francisco. customer service ambassadors on hand this morning to help passengers looking for buses. it will be confusing for some. located at howard and main streets a block or two away from the old terminal. this one features an electronic information board with details on scheduled for muni, ac transit, sam trans and golden gate transit all buses pass through the terminal. $18 million facility will operate for the next seven year while the new permanent terminal is built. 6:40 a.m. stock market on the way up. we have your money watch report in 2 minutes. plus new comedy that moved to the top spot in the box office r a
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to wat good morning we are just hearing about delays, 5 to 10 minute delays, pittsburgh bay point line. if you are commuting into san francisco. track equipment problem, 5 to 10 minute delays. heading to san francisco. better news for several earlier accidents, this one northbound
6:44 am
85, just before, watching that one in san jose. they were able to clear debris out of lanes there still may be activity off to the right hand shoulder and a little bit of slow traffic in the area, the big news this is all wrapped up. same thing northbound 280 approaching ray street a couple lanes blocked due to a car fire they had to block the ray street off ramp. that is completely gone we are not seeing delays through the area. nice ride heading out of downtown san jose you can see from our camera position, really close to 880 interchange. nice and light all your approaches to the bay bridge, what it looks like as you head towards powell and emoryville. 18 minutes your drive time and once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, better news here as well. we have an accident approaching the pay gate. that news gone and no metering lights still. only slight delays and just in those cash lanes. fast track users are getting by just fine.
6:45 am
power outage petaluma, pg&e reports 1500 customers effected in the area. on and off ramps signal lights still out approaching lakeville highway several other intersections effected. pg&e hopes to have lights on by 7:00 a.m. that is your traffic here is tracy with your forecast. >> thank you elizabeth. we also have constant weather updates on kcbs throughout the morning and day. you can always be abreast of what is going on weather wise. cloudy skies, giving way to delays on arrivals at sfo. around 1 hour, travelling this morning, call ahead. here is a look at our daily planner this is what we are expecting for the morning cloudy conditions, drizzle along the coast especially around the bay, and areas of low cloud inland temperatures lower to upper 50s for this morning as you head out the door. this afternoon sunshine, we will muster up sunshine but take a look at temperatures, 70 to 82 degrees, 10 degrees
6:46 am
cooler than average, still nice, lower 70s around the bay mix of sun and clouds mostly cloudy, fog, cool temperatures for the coastline. near 60 degrees. a cool start to the week. how cool you might ask, 90 degrees liver more our average daytime high, mid-80s san jose, lower 80s santa rosa, 69 san francisco, liver more highs, 79 degrees, 11 degrees cooler, 79 san jose, 75 santa rosa, 62 san francisco, cool start to the week here is a look at more cooler than average temperatures, 70 degrees hayward, union city, cross the bay to the lower 70s palo alto, 75 sunny vail, 80s cupertino, 80 los gatoses, east bay location, lower 60s berkley, oakland, cross the hills and take a look what happens go from yellowish green the orange showing temperatures will warm to lowerle 80s antioch and
6:47 am
brent wood, north bay locations, green and yellow, cool temperatures lower 70s kentville, lower 60s sausalito and san francisco and lower 70s napa to sonoma, to 69 degrees vallejo. seven-day forecast cool, yeah, i keep telling you that. you are like i am tired of hearing that. let's talk about something else. friday, saturday and sunday we are warming up yeah, more seasonal weather expected to be back in the forecast friday, saturday and sunday. that is a look at your weather this morning back up to you sydnie. >> thanks very much. 6:47 a.m. a major stock to watch today, hewlett packard after a surprise change at the top. jason brooks with kcbs and cbs money good morning this took everybody by surprise chef >> exactly right. no one saw this coming involving ceo mark herd. investors are reacting the way
6:48 am
you would expect sending stock lower. shares down 11%, $3.30 lower. the big key now is who do they replace herd with. they have all sorts of names being wanterred about. interimceo is the cfo she doesn't want to take the job permanently insiders at hp people are looking at other names tossed about include apples chief operating officer tim cook or someone like the ceo of ford who lead that company, heard was widely respected in corporate america and silicon valley helping to turn hp around and coming off other scandals including the case where board members and journalists were spied on he helped lead hp to help become leading computer makers. a very big deal for the company. otherwise a fairly quiet day on wall street. key will be tomorrow's fed meeting and what it will do. it is believed there will be more quantitative easing if fed
6:49 am
might purchase more government or corporate bonds idea of pumping more money into the company, hire more workers unedmonton employment ease the big drag -- unemployment ease the big drag. nasdaq higher by 4 and s&p higher by 1 point. >> thanks very much. jason brooks from kcbs and cbs money the other guys are the main guys at the box office this week. the will farrell and mark wahlburg comedy knocked inception from its three week run at the top. the parody raking in $35 million in its opening weekend. second highest debut for its film in which will farrell starred. inception finishes second place $18.6 million now made $227 million since it opened july 16th. rounding off the top 5, step up 3d. salt and dinner for smucks.
6:50 am
>> what is coming up later on the early show, erica joins us from new york. good morning. >> good northerning to you. a lot to get to including new housing numbers, looking at home values across the country, reports out numbers actually really good for san francisco house values went up san francisco and also san diego but talk about down, like over 15% in areas like miami. we will take a closer look at numbers across the country and what they could mean if you are looking at buying, selling, staying put and maybe refinancing. also, this is just kind of scary to me i have a dog and cat and it turns out that the way that we feed them and where we feed pets in our home, we have to be careful the entire family could get sick. cases of salmonella. how to keep the pets and family safe because we don't want anyone sick here and back to school week kicking off, with a special series and first up, a look at high tech products for kids going back to school and
6:51 am
you know maybe something that parents may want to pick up as well. just a thought. >> back the school already. now, any of yours ready for school? i know you have a newborn but what about the others? >> i do. no, he is in preschool but doesn't go back until after labor day which seems more sane to me. i used to live in georgia and atlanta they are already back >> i know in florida i have friends they are starting school already. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> i feel for them. >> well, not for the parents. parents are excited about it >> they love it. like that commercial they are going through the aisles singing. >> it is 6:51 a.m. relieving a major commute headache. the big dig beginning in the east bay today. >> plus going to great heights to grab a title. watch this. cliff diving championships in italy check of today's top stories:
6:52 am
check of today's top stories: ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco police are investigating two let's check today's top stories, san francisco police investigating two shootings last night. a woman was killed, two people wounded near union square two other people were wounded outside a club on folsom street no word on any possible suspects. gay and lesbian couples hoping for a quick decision on whether same-sex marriage will be allowed while appeals to last week's ruling on prop 8 are heard. both sides argued,. a brief ceremony in east bay hills this morning then some heavy equipment will start digging the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. expected to take three years to finish. good more thanking for mass transit riders, a couple things
6:56 am
the know. bart running 10 minutes behind schedule, track equipment problem, sounds like trains are running at slower speeds. all trains are running just a little slower. 10 minute delays downtown san francisco, ace train number three, running 6 minutes late. elsewhere, bay bridge has well, kind of cleared out, changed here in the last several minutes, delays cash lanes but still no metering lights. despite an earlier accident approaching pay gates we never saw huge delays, 880 oakland still quiet heading up to downtown. that is your traffic forecast tracy. san jose this morning, how does it look down in san jose? well, a bank of clouds, those clouds are also hampering things at the airport, sfo for example, delays on arrivals just over 1 hour. you are travelling this morning you might want to call ahead and make sure your departure is not effected by an arrival. a look at our seven-day
6:57 am
forecast, lower 80s inland mild temperatures inland, cool along the coastline, warmer conditions back, forecast friday, saturday and sunday, we do also have a pretty nice my pix photo, this one sent in by i am still clicking. click. >> clicker issues >> i know. >> billy poon where are you. >> just forget about it. >> can't forget about this. >> pear trees in pittsburgh. >> can you think that is her name? >> i don't know. go to beautiful. >> i like that. >> we enjoy that here but did you see what happened in the midwest over the weekend? as many as seven tornadoes touching down in southeast north dakota and western minnesota. >> oh, no. oh, no. no, no, no, no. >> wow. >> oh, no. >> that is the reaction of a
6:58 am
veteran storm chaser saturday destroying a farm house outside the town of campbell minnesota. wow. 76-year-old homeowner and his family luckily were not there at the time. no one was hurt. >> glass in my back. >> couple eye catching events along two shore lines, first, let's go to san diego, estimated 350,000 people packing imperial beach for national sand castle championships. kicked off saturday, they actually have a children's sand castle contest. sunday they had the open competition getting under way with sand artists vying for $21,000 in cash prizes. it has been an annual event at imperial beach since 1980. >> yes. how about that. how about men in briefs. >> the best divers on the globe jumping off a platform 86 feet
6:59 am
high. into the aidry attic sea southern italy yesterday. cliff diving world series. the winner from russia -- watch how he starts his dive. hand stand position, got the best marks from judges he said after words his fellow divers are great sportsman but have to have nerves of steel. >> i would like to thank our producer forgiving something to the ladies this morning. >> okay. way to start your monday morning if you have a story idea or comment to share e-mail that guy brian at you can also check out brian's daily briefing week days 11:00 p.m. on cbs thank you so much for watching cbs 5 early edition, we will get another check of traffic and weather 7:25 a.m. as well


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