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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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areas. more from san francisco where the police say she was caught in the cross fire. >> reporter: we're here just a block off union square. last night a german tourist was shot down. it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. five clear shots. one of those bullets hit and killed mechthild schroeer, who was visiting from germany. she is was promoted to a middle school in february and was in san francisco with her husband, celebrating their anniversary. >> they were arriving in los angeles, traveling, enjoying the highlights here. and then came to san francisco, wanted to continue tomorrow to st. louis. and then back from chicago to germany this -- this saturday. >> reporter: the focus of the investigation is here at the clubhouse, the venue for stand- up comedy and other events. last night dozens of children ages 13-18 crowded into the
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club to celebrate the end of summer. >> it was not an excited party that seemed like that -- something was going to go wrong. but you know they were definitely having a good time and i actually talked to a couple of people and they were friendly. >> everything was okay inside there, nothing happened here. >> reporter: the manager showed us the surveillance video where many of the people partying rushed back inside once they heard the shots outside. >> the police were carefully pushing people away, almost as if they were not sure that a person was not still hanging around somewhere with a firearm. >> reporter: and it marks a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: several people have been shot and killed outside clubs in san francisco, one last month. the city is trying to crack down on problem party promoters. >> a lot of these are promoters who don't even live in san francisco. they are fly-by-night and do those promotions. you will see in the recession,
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people are more aggressive to get people in the door. >> reporter: despite the crowd last night. >> the party was a completely legal party from the preliminary investigation. >> is there any type of warning going out to germans good traveling in san francisco? >> no of course not. they didn't say city, or a country or state. >> reporter: the police department has detained and is questioning five people, three of those are adults. two under the age of 18. dana they're not calling these people suspects but are just questioning them , as to who may have information on who pulled the trigger. >> all right, simon perez. and elsewhere, two women shot outside a club south of market happening near the club called 1050 folsom. the victims were hit in the stomachs. it was not clear if the women were inside the club beforehand. both women were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. now no word on the possible suspects. and new accusations tonight
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against the woman from livermore who was supposed to have sex with young boys. ann notarangelo has more. >> reporter: christine hubbs cried while waiting for charges on the assault of children, including a variety of lewd charges against children. the mother is accused of having sex with two 15-year-olds starting in 2008. she went from this million dollar home in livermore to jail where bail is set at over 3 million. >> i have been hearing the buzz about it. i didn't get the whole story. >> reporter: the story as it unfolds is disturbing to both men and women. >> it angers me so much to hear these stories because it is not okay. >> you hear a lot about young girls being touched like that and how it affects them. but i think it could affect the young boy the same way, hurt their future, cause problems.
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>> reporter: and that is what the community violence director says, this type of crime against a boy is seen differently than if it were against a girl. >> look at these young men as children. and no matter what the degree that they claim or others claim that they participated that they are children and they don't have the option to consent. and that a piece of their childhood has been removed from them. >> reporter: hubbs also faces charges regarding a b-b gun. she had another reaction. >> the person doing that will actually choose a victim or two and spend time getting to know them, almost dating them. it is called grooming behavior. really allowing them to do things the parents wouldn't let them do. it is part of complying, saying i will let you do this, and there is an unspoken agreement and we'll do things you don't tell your parent about. >> reporter: othersthe attorney
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only spoke briefly. >> i received a significant amount of discovery from the district attorney. i want to review it. i want to go through it very carefully before i can make any comment on the case. >> reporter: the attorney also had a message for reporters asking us to stay away from the families, citing that the hubbs have children of their own. no plea agreement yet, meanwhile she is told to have no contact with the victim. >> all right, ann notarangelo in pleasantton, thank you. and breaking news right now. word of an earthquake that measured 3.9. this happened about seven miles east of watsonville. this is the map from the u.s. gs, but we're told this happened just about five minutes ago. again, seven miles east of watsonville. 3.9 of the magnitude, no word on the injuries or other
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problems. but we'll get word out of watsonville as soon as we can. and first the scandal, then the stock dive, shareholders out of 9 billion after the sudden leaving of ceo mark hurd. len ramirez has more. >> reporter: well it means a lot for the company. the hp delayed the announcement of mark hurd stepping down until after the stock market closed but it paid a price today as well as in public opinion. it is the scandal that has the silicon valley talking. the powerful man at the top of hewlett-packard, the chairman and ceo, mark hurd is out. and a part-time b-movie actress is in. 50-year-old actress fisher also worked as a reality tv star and in hp event planning and
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greeting. she stepped into the spotlight to say she was sorry that he lost his job over the claim that the boss sexually harassed her. but both of them say the relationship was not intimate, causing many to wonder. >> there is always two stories and the real story. >> reporter: mark hurd was found not to have violated hp's sexual harassment policy, but he was accused of other fraud. >> the stock prices took a big hit today. so billions in the capitol of the company, that could come back. in terms of the public perception, it shows a company in crisis and turmoil. >> reporter: the scandal so far caused hb 9000000 in value. others don't expect the losses to last. >> if you were a great ceo, a good job of cost cutting, hewlett-packard is a great company, lots of great people,
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great products. so i am not worried about hewlett-packard long-term. >> reporter: neither fisher or her attorney are talking about the allegations of sexual claims. but mark hurd will walk away with 50 million in severance, causing some to wonder about what happened with this story. >> this is an example of people with all the money, not having enough toys or having enough to do. wanting to avoid responsibility and being selfish. >> reporter: job number one for the world's number one computer maker is to find a new boss. and dana, a search team is being put together to find a person to run hp. >> and that will be an expensive search -- >> reporter: it will be -- i was just going to say it is going to be a very extensive search. a lot of people from silicon valley will be looking for that new boss. this is a big company and a very important job. >> yeah, it is a plum, len
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ramirez, thank you. and it started with a loud noise, the area of the caldwell caldecott tunnel. and the bay area crashing down on happy meals. how the kids can still get that toy though [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now.
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and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea. ers are carving . construction started today on the new caldecott tunnel. the workers carved out the hillside to widen highway 24. and this is no ordinary job. the muscle behind the project is working magic. >> reporter: politicians and government employees gathered
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at the construction site of the new caldecott tunnel, doing what the politicians do best. >> thank you very much for being here. >> thanks. >> congratulations. >> a great, great day. >> it is a great day and if politicians don't quit talking we won't do any digging. >> reporter: and with that, the road header t-320-s started a small hole for the ceremony. but this is no small machine. it is the largest of its kind in north america. and one of the largest in the world. made in germany it weighs over 140 tons. it is 54 feet long and 14 feet high. the tunnel engineer cody edwards says that the element makes it safer. >> this will allow us to not have to drill and blast. >> reporter: and guess what? you have to plug it in to work. it is an electric vehicle with
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one of the world's largest extension cords requiring half a dozen men to handle, long enough to reach the more than 3000 feet that will be needed in the tunnel. cody edwards will be with it every step of the way. >> reporter: doesn't it give you the creeps being underground? >> no, i grew up around it and grew up as a coal miner. >> reporter: even with all the power of this great german machine the project is still not scheduled to be completed until 2013. cbs 5. >> ac transit says they're following the judge's order to honor the old contract with drivers. the judge says that the agreement will be valid while the two sides work together in binding arbitration for a few deal. they tried to impose a new contract on workers last month after three months of failed negotiations. and the new terminal now is up and running in san francisco, located off howard
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and main streets. the morning's commute went very well. it features an electronic information board with schedules for golden gate among others. it will be opened for the next several years while the permanent terminal is built. and safety advocates want the enterprise car line to sideline some vehicles. they want federal regulators to stop them from renting out vehicles that have not been fixed. several years ago a pt-cruiser rented from them crashed in the santa cruz area, killing two women. the car was recalled two weeks earlier but had not been repaired. the company says they deal with the car on a case by case basis. >> all right, checking with the weather. we're checking the computer because the social facebook, twitter, we have asked people if they felt that preliminary 3.9 or 4.0 quake. and so far folks say they just
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haven't felt it yet. so you can keep the response coming right here at or on twitter or facebook. right now currently the air temperature is at 73 degrees, and clear skies there. san francisco, 61, down from the average high of 69 degrees. currently the air temperature is dropping into the upper 50s. you notice the leading edge of the marine layer is now pushing into the bay. and bayside, well you can see that we do have the low clouds and fog, and the golden gate bridge. and if you're going to be heading out to go to the game tonight, they're playing host to the chicago cubs. gametime temperature at 58 degrees and it will be overcast as bumgardner takes to the night. and by the way it is jerry garcia night. and they're trying to set a record out there. that will be awesome.
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okay, temperature-wise, 50s, 60s, beaches bayside and mild in the inland areas. the marine layer is very deep and so deep it will cause some drizzle on the coast and in the bay. and in the early hours, tomorrow, everybody covered with the overcast conditions. and looks like the clouds will peel back to the bay in the afternoon hours, only partial coastal clearing. it will take effect not so much tonight but like a blanket in the overnight hours of the owe the winds have been blowing pretty well this evening out of the west up to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow with the breezy late day winds, upper 50s, low 60s at the coast bringing down the numbers possibly a degree or two in comparison to today. 78 in san jose when we should be at 80. 70 in fremont, we should be at 90 in the valley, but instead the temperature in the low
6:17 pm
eight. 61 in berkeley and upper 70s towards the delta. north bay numbers, santa rosa today averaging 10 degrees below normal checking in at 73 degrees. spot on again tomorrow. upper 50s in stenson beach with no sunshine. and the seven-day forecast calling for the coolest day this work week, it will be on wednesday. the warmest day will be on friday. and we'll finally see some seasonal temperatures return to the bay area over the weekend. but i have to tell you dana and allen this will be short-lived. we'll have cooler conditions returning again by mid-week next week. >> all right, roberta thank you very much. girls, truly growing up faster than ever. and now the happy officially out of some bay area happy meals. we'll have that in two minutes ,,
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. there is new evidence tonight only on how american girls are growing up faster than ever before. one in 10 now begins puberty now by the age of seven, and that number is up from a decade ago. we have a report that was done by the medical field. >> reporter: the teen dream of waking up in an adult body? it may fuel a movie comedy, but for this girl of oakland, the experience was no laughing matter. >> i would say i was about seven years old, i started to develop. >> reporter: by age nine, katia started to become a woman. >> the boys, they said they didn't want to be around. >> reporter: katia is not alone. the kiser doctor said that
6:21 pm
american girls are entering puberty younger and younger. and it is not just girls. experts say boys are developing earlier as well. as to what is driving the trend? there are plenty of theories. theories that involve exposing a teen's developing brain to certain types of videos or their bodies to the environmental reasons. >> everything from watching britney spears. >> reporter: other beliefs include hormones in meat, and even chemicals found in some personal care products. >> there is very good reason to believe that there are chemicals in the environment, air, water, food that are having an impact on puberty. >> reporter: so how soon is too soon? medical guidelines say if a girl is mature before age eight that is not normal. but a new study says that what is abnormal are the guidelines. >> the original studies were
6:22 pm
done in england by a man named tanner who only looked at white males and females. >> reporter: the doctor says that current puberty standards are out of date. >> we were setting our standard for normal development on the white kids. that is not american. america is not just the anglo kids. >> reporter: they say that there are differences in other backgrounds, african-americans are the younger ones. others say that american children don't get enough exercise. >> the alarming increase in childhood obesity could start an early start to puberty. >> reporter: parents should be concerned, girls are at risk for unwanted sexual attention the . as a child, katia got
6:23 pm
unwanted attention and her mom watched her. >> she said she is 11 years old, it is not happening, go on about your business, seriously. >> reporter: that is a sure better strategy for a happier hollywood ending. >> now as the doctor reports, she says that girls who begin the puberty early have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. and she says if you are concerned about your daughter's development the best place to start is your doctor. and in santa clara county, a ban on fast food restaurants. the classic goodies will not be allowed in meals that are more than 485-calories. meals high in calories and sugar are watched as well. if parents eliminate items from
6:24 pm
the meals to drop the calorie counts the kids can still get the toy. and today, the state looking at a fruit fly problem. the workers are using the technique on about 11 and a half scale miles of the city. what they do is lure the male flies to spots laced with chemicals. it is a known area that has the pests that hurt fruits and vegetables. and why the probe in bell, california is now looking at recent elections. and the california elected leader suspected of using untraceable license plate. plus, why a pot deal er is putting up his own wanted
6:25 pm
posters ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea. scandal. the state attorney . the heat has been turned up on bell city leaders linked to a city scandal. the state attorney general is looking into the probe and now is asking for personal and financial records. as we learned he is also
6:28 pm
checking out election records. >> reporter: as residents in the city of bell are more angry with each day, the attorney general's office is making it clear that the stepped-up investigation will zero in on the special election in bell in 2005 when a city charter amendment allowed the city officials and appointed officials to have their salaries go so high. >> i wouldn't exclude any possibility based on what the facts are. >> reporter: but can that election be valid? by becoming a charter city, bell no longer has to abide by the rules of pay increases. the city manager was making about 220,000 a year before the city charter election, soon, the salary was 800,000 a year. in the special election of 2005, less than 400 of the numbers went to the polls. of the number, nearly 300 were absentee. and now people are claiming there is massive fraud in the
6:29 pm
voting. >> what happened in bell is a function of secrets, a function of being behind a screen of being hidden and then people just lining their pockets. >> reporter: in addition, brown has subpoenaed tax records and at least either eight or nine other officials will be asked to give a department deposition under oath. now to find ri z z o. he won't answer here, now this from the man who replaced him. >> we have to work as fast as we can to try to untie what looks like 17 years of a very big web. >> reporter: brown promises answers within weeks, not months. from bell, dave lopez, cbs 5. is elsewhere, people are driving with undercover licenses meant for police
6:30 pm
officers. they are called cold plates so you can't enforce parking and traffic laws with them. state records show that in 2004- 2008, four city workers drove with those plates. they were removed after 2008. the employees say they didn't know about the plates. and california voters may not be voting on a water bond in november. the state senate will take up bills that will delay the water bond until 2012. the governor urged the lawmakers to delay the bond because he is concerned the voters would eject reject the plan. the bond will help the ground water and boost conservation efforts. sometime this week we could learn if gay marriages will continue in california. judge walker issued a temporary stay on the ruling last week that overturned prop 8. and
6:31 pm
that means he will continue if the marriages should continue while the appeal continues. others filed a brief. governor schwarzenegger and brown asked if he would let the gay marriages continue. the experts believe that some day it will go before the u.s. supreme court. and today in san francisco, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg was honored by the american bar association, given the top award by advancing women in law. she was nominated by president clinton in 1993. she had the vote of 96 senators, 40 of them republicans. that is far different than last week's confirmation vote in which just five republicans voted for elena kagan. >> may the u.s. senate some day return to the bipartisan spirit that justice briar and i had
6:32 pm
the good fortune to experience. [cheering and applause] >> ruth bader ginsburg was the second woman named to the supreme court. now when the court begins again this fall it will be the first time in u.s. history that there were three women on the bench at the same time. and putting the oil well to sleep for good? the last steps towards ending the leak and the weather that could hurt that path. and the good old-fashioned wanted posters popping up in northern california. how the folks ended up wanted just for doing their job. and who is the best baseball pitcher in the bay area? the answer may surprise you. and major changes today on the 49ers' offensive line. what went right and what went wrong coming up in sports ,,
6:33 pm
@ x$8ú8ú "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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icans in a talib . the christian charity that lost 10 members including six americans in a taliban execution-style attack says it
6:35 pm
will not leave afghanistan. as joel brown reports the attack under-scores the growing insecurity in the region. >> reporter: friends and family members whose six american family members were gunned down by the taliban were still shocked by the news. >> it happened so quickly, we're still so shocked by it. >> he was a very kind, helpful man, helping people always. >> reporter: the bodies of the dead are being flown to the u.s. where the fbi will do autopsy to try to learn what happened. the americans were part of a group of 10 of a christian charity helping poor people get the eye care. they were killed by the taliban. >> we are saddened by the loss of these generous people. and we condemn the vicious murders. >> reporter: the u.s. authorities are questioning the lone survivor of the attack in hopes he can lead them to the
6:36 pm
gunman. the taliban claims the aide workers were killed because they're trying to convert the muslims to the christian faith. not so says the organizers, the people don't try to convert the afghanistan people, they just try to help them. >> giving eye care to some of the poorest people in afghanistan. >> reporter: many of the dead spent years in afghanistan and five will be returned there for burial, including their leader, tom little. >> he gave his life in afghanistan. and that is where -- we were called to as a family. and that is where he will be buried. >> reporter: the aide group says the death of their colleagues will not stop them from trying to help people in afghanistan. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. and bp getting ready to seal off the broken well in the gulf once and for all. as we learned the gulf residents are all too aware that although the oil is not leaking in the area, the problems are not over.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: the crews are working to shut down the leaking well for good. they are drilling the final section of the relief well that will kill the well from the bottom. >> they're closing in on the last 30-40 feet at this point, it has to be exact. >> reporter: but the engineers are watching the weather with a storm approaching. >> it has the potential to move across the peninsula and for three or four days to potentionally impact the drilling site. >> reporter: but with the well sealed from the top, the teams are not worried about more oil leaking into the gulf. so little oil floats in the water bp recovered next to nothing this past week. still, the tar balls and sheen are surfaces in louisiana's st. bernard parish. it leaves many to wonder if it is over. >> we're working but just as with hurricane katrina, the long-term recovery will be with us for years. >> reporter: the fishermen and shrimpers are also concerned.
6:38 pm
president obama is trying to ease the fears. >> with the continuation of the fisheries, we're excited that people can safely enjoy gulf seafood once again. >> reporter: visiting the white house, the super bowl champs new orleans saints brought the gulf coast shrimp to cook up. the president will try to boost confidence and promote gulf coast tourism when he takes the first family to panama city, florida this week. and still ahead, people ending up on wanted posters just for doing their job. and take a look at this, see the low clouds and the fog. this is the reason we're experiencing yet another very cool summer here in the bay area. the day that it will hit the 90s. we'll pinpoint that location as well as eyewitness news
6:39 pm
continues ,,,, ,,,, welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides --
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too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea.
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why? a. but . sacramento county employees appearing on most wanted posters, why? over marijuana, but one says
6:42 pm
they're being called out just for doing their jobs. >> reporter: the website is far from coy in its approach. sacramento county employees most wanted. this showed the mug shots of four county workers, the names, titles, e-mails, even phone numbers on the most-wanted list. >> i am not upset, we have a job to do. >> reporter: the site is a collective of dispensary advocates. the mission? bring attention to sacramento county and zoning laws stopping the dispensaries to give out marijuana. >> we're looking at the dispensaries opening up in neighborhoods. >> reporter: carl simpson is the director of the code enforcement for sacramento county and says they are not involved in the politics or the moral debate. the department is just simply doing its job he says. >> essentially we don't have any provisions within the zoning code that prohibits to
6:43 pm
giving out of the marijuana, and if you have it you're in the violation of the code. >> reporter: the green temple is one of the dispensaries who have been cited and have appealed. shane smith, the prior to prior operator and member of the group says he put up the photos. he says it may have been too much but? >> aggressive behavior is the way to get attention. and i think that definitely this is capturing people's attention and it is working. >> reporter: a big headline, a simple request in fine print. if you see these people, kindly ask them to stop violating the people's rights to medical marijuana. 24 dispensaries have received notices from code enforcement and 14 of them have received notices after physical inspections. five actually closed before the physical inspections could take place. reporting in sacramento, cbs 5. and the flight attendant is
6:44 pm
under arrest following a bizarre incident on board a flight coming from the jfk airport. the jetblue flight was landing when 49-year-old steven slater got into a fight with a passenger about bags. they say he began to argue with the passenger. and then slater deployed the emergency exit, slid down it and left the airport. he was arrested later at his home. >> bad day at the office. >> you could kind of even understand that. sometimes you want to do that yourself. >> my goodness. >> off the plane, one way or the other. and not really -- it is a troubled industry sometimes, now it is just transporting people from one place to another. >> like an air bus. >> you are lucky to get any peanuts anymore. all right, we're lucky to get sunshine anymore. today, the temperatures anywhere from 60 degrees, 84 in morgan hill. and santa rosa, what happened
6:45 pm
to your summer? today, 73, down 10 degrees from where we should typically be. san jose is eight degrees below normal. and here is the beach, where you're not going to be able to see the sunset tonight. the drizzle will be reported as well. in fact if you're out and about this evening you can plan on very mild weather in our area. but breezy, west winds up to 20, bayside, 59, beaches, not going to see the sunset at 8:09. trough, not very unusual. what is so out of the ordinary is how long has this been hanging out by the coast. usually there is something upstream that could kick it out of the way but it is not happening. just deepening in the marine layer. and the direct result is the numbers are pretty cool. tonight with the blanket of low clouds and patchy fog, the numbers out there from 50 degrees in santa rosa to 58 degrees in san jose, through
6:46 pm
willow glenn, and including allen rock, number wise, should be 84 in san jose, but instead only 76 degrees. upper 50s to 60s, only partial clearing at the beaches and 75 degrees. now east of the bay, westerly up to 15. numbers from 58 degrees, with partial clearing in richmond to 81 degrees in san ramon, we should see 90, 91 in livermore, and north of the golden gate bridge i wouldn't count on sunshine in sentence stenson back to bodega bay. 10 degrees below average in santa rosa. the extended forecast, the coolest day this week will be on wednesday with mostly cloudy skies at the beaches and bay side. and we begin to warm up with the high pressure strength. mixing out the marine layer a
6:47 pm
little bit earlier thursday through sunday. in fact monday will be the warmest this time next week. but it is is short lived with cooler air masses. and hey we could have used that back in 2006. remember the heat wave? vicky remembers that, 114 in morgan hill. i remember that very well. maybe you do too. i remember thinking where do the birds go when it gets that hot? because you never saw one in sight. >> maybe they went north for the summer. all right roberta thank you. all right we have seen it before. an event held at a club, violence afterwards. now one person says the venue shouldn't bear the brunt of the blame. tonight on eyewitness news. the proposal that could hold concert pro motters responsible. and 49ers may be losing an offensive lineman for a
6:48 pm
promoters responsible. and is this man the best in the bay? find out next. and stranded ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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named remembered like you do? >> 9:00, i leave tonight at 11:30, the first game on the cw coming up. it is on the cw, because the major is on cbs. here is the deal, want to execute and evaluate and get ready for the season but you want to stay healthy. and the 49ers are not doing it. it is turning out to be a difficult camp. pass rusher brooks with six sacks, kidney trouble now, bad news today. heitmann expected to miss up to two months after fracturing his left fbi fibula during the morning's practice. lupati and davis named starters for the season opener. they wasted little time making their big presences felt during
6:52 pm
camp. >> that is my boy, he is like my samoan brother. >> reporter: what is it that you could get away with in college just because of being big that you can't get away with here? >> size, i mean i know i'm big. but this game is all about leverage. >> right now the -- how can i say it? it -- the foundation is there. that is just the details. >> now there is another rookie, taylor mayes expected to begin as a backup safety. now learning the safety position is much more difficult than many other positions. but mays has quality starter in front of it. is it comforting to know you don't have to be thrown into the the frying pan? >> no, i don't look at it that way, i want to be put there. >> are you ready for that?
6:53 pm
>> i'm ready -- >> we're less than a week away from the preseason opener against the colts. you can see it on cable 12, our sister station. and chris carter will make his major league debut. this guy is huge, 6'4", 27 homeruns, drove in 89 runs with the river cats the season. safe to say the future is bright again for the a's. cahill won his third straight start yesterday, has not given up an earned run in 26 innings. not bad for the guy who didn't even start the season in the rotation. cahill's performance, who is the best performer? is it cane or tim lincecum or cahill. it is fun to throw somebody new in the mix tonight. and giants return home tonight for the four-game series with
6:54 pm
the cubs. this is just an excuse to show it again. this is the big z, carlos zambrano starting for the cubs, since the problem that caused a suspension. the only person that was not surprised with tiger woods' horrible week at the bridgestone invitational was tiger woods. a 74-72-75 and 77 are not scores we're used to seeing from tiger, especially in the same week. the 18-over-par was his worst since turning pro. when you consider out of 80 golfers? >> probably a bad time to ask. but is golf still fun? are you having fun playing? >> absolutely not, shooting 18- over-par, that is not fun. i don't see how it can be fun especially since my handicap is supposed to be zero. >> i thought it was a great
6:55 pm
question. and las vegas is still favoring him. phil mickelson, the overall favorite. 5-1. for even more pga breakdown, check with us on the anchor pick. and pirates haven't had a win in a while. so they got carried away a little saturday night. >> the stretch of the old one -- drive to right -- oh my god, oh my god! >> it is out of here, out of here! [loud noises] >> unbelievable. >> very objective there with the journalist. homerun on the first pitch of his first career at bat. two shaving cream pies and a gatorade.
6:56 pm
and a-rod knocked out on saturday after being drilled in the shin in batting practice. kids keep your eyes on the baseball during batting practice. brian mccan, calling for the fair catch -- welcome to the nfl. rays and giants. gonzales is going to start one of the -- look at this double play. the emotion, the braves take three out of four with the giants whose offense went a- wol. and the rookie in denver? -- >> frier tuck! >> now you hear about a lot of hazing incidents, that one i like. he is not going into any nightclubs any time soon. he might go to a mission. but -- >> good work you know? looking at the 49ers the guards that weigh 300-plus pounds. and you think about to the refrigerator perry days, they
6:57 pm
made him lose weight. but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. the guys get as big as they want to be. >> and the 49ers traditional had linemen under 300 pounds. the line coach, he moved them. they were very mobile offensive linemen, especially with singletary because he wants to punch a football. >> and you have to be impressed with the a's pitching. >> i really believe that the a's have probably a better pitching staff than the giants. i will get talk for just saying that. but these are good pictures, gonzales, braden, cahill, and mozero, and of course, andy berlin andy bailey, the closer. >> are we out of town? >> thank you for joining us. see you at 10:00 and 11:00 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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