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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 11, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning. i'm sydnie kohara. john kessler is on vacation. we'll talk about traffic and weather in just a moment. but the top of our news, the teen arrested for killing that german tourist what a horrible story. >> yeah. >> in town for her anniversary, a random shot, wrong place, wrong time but that teen arrested for killing that tourist has been released from jail. we'll tell you why. and three different women assaulted at the same apartment complex in walnut creek. we'll tell you why police believe that the same man may be responsible. we are still waiting for the warmup, tracy. >> i know. >> but first out the door -- it doesn't matter. just get in the car and get to work. >> we are off to a good start. we don't have a lot going on. we have a quiet start to our 5:00 commute if you are heading out. across the golden gate bridge, do you see a car? they are doing the lane changes here or they should be in the next couple of minutes, but so far traffic is light. all your approaches to the bay
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bridge are good. they should have just picked up the construction that was blocking a couple of lanes on the upper deck. southbound 287th on-ramp closed but still looks good heading out of downtown. that's your traffic. all right, tracy, the pressure is on. >> the heat is on! i wish. no, not yet. we still have cloudy conditions and this morning quite a bit of drizzle out there for the coast and the bay. it is another gloomy start to the day as you head out the door. for your afternoon. how about this? so, conditions today sunshine inland, mid-80s. a few breaks of sunshine around the bay. not a lot of breaks yesterday. but mid-60s expected. and the lower 60s for the coast. and we will begin with a gradual warmup to upper 80s and then you will see the 90s coming in by the weekend. and then we are holding on, sunday, monday and tuesday, mid- 90s, yeah, near 70 around the bay. and temperatures along the coastline will warm up maybe lower to the mid-60s but i'm really excited about the 90s.
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>> me, too. near seasonal. >> much better than the 80s. >> thank you. an 18-year-old man that was arrested in the deadly shooting of a german tourist in san francisco is out of jail this morning. he was released for lack of evidence. the man had been suspected in the shooting sunday night near union square. police say that woman mechthild schroeer died when two groups of young people started shooting at each other. a straight bullet hit her in the head killing her. investigator say they are still reviewing surveillance video and could charge more suspects later. investigators believe the same man is responsible for attacks on three women at the same apartment complex in contra costa county, the latest happening yesterday. the sheriff's department has just released sketches of the suspect. here they are. this man raped a woman july 6 in an unlocked apartment at the park regency on oak road near
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walnut creek. the attacker threatened and covered the mouths of two other women in an attack yesterday and an assault back on june 30. in each of those cases, the man was scared off. a man arrested after a shootout with chp officers in oakland is scheduled to enter a plea this morning. byron williams from the sierra foothills facing a number of charges including the attempted murder of a peace officer. he was pulled over on interstate 580 last month, then got into a gunfight with the officers. two officers suffered minor injuries. williams told officers he was on his way to san francisco. that's where he planned to shoot two people in two nonprofit organizations. a heated debate in santa clara over the plan to build a towering religious symbol. a 64-foot minaret would be built at the mosque on scott boulevard in a light industrial section of santa clara. but one local businessman says he thinks that tower doesn't belong there.
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kiet do has more. reporter: one of the largest mosques in the south bay doesn't even look like a mosque. but that will soon change. the muslim community association is building a two- story decorative facade on one side of the building but that's not the issue, this is, a minaret, a tower that with would stand nearly 64 feet tall. mosque leaders want to build one as a symbol of islam. you are very careful not to use the word eyesore, right? >> did i not use the word eyesore. i used the word architectural curiosity. >> reporter: he says it wouldn't go well with an industrial building or the neighborhood for that matter. the city has approved preliminary plans for the minaret and scott is appealing the decision. he says such a tall tower would attract more worshippers and make traffic and parking problems worse. >> i think a 63-foot minaret tower would in some ways serve
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as an advertisement and so, you know, it probably would be seen by more people from a further distance. >> reporter: this all comes in the wake of a recent controversy near ground zero in new york about the construction of a mosque just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. scott says he understands it's a sensitive topic. what do you say to somebody who see this is story and says that this is a guy who just doesn't like mosques that he is perhaps intolerant? >> i would invite anyone who has that point of view to come out here and look at the facility, number one, and make a judgment for themselves. >> reporter: the mosque's board of directors did not return our phone calls despite repeated attempts. through a spokesman they said they would have more at a planning commission meeting wednesday night. >> and that was kiet do reporting. a victory for bank customers furious about overdraft fees. a federal judge in san francisco ordered wells fargo pay more than $200 million to
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compensate customers for excessive overdraft fees. the judge said the bank's way of processing transactions from largest to smallest caused a lot of customers to rack up the maximum number of fees. most banks process their transactions the same way, but wells fargo is the only bank affected by this ruling. wells says it is disappointed by the decision and plans to appeal. power is back on for thousands of people in marin county left in the dark for hours last night. pg&e says it was equipment failure that caused the outage. more than 13,000 people in novato were without power for about five hours. electricity, though, came back on just after midnight. 5:06. coming up trying to piece together what caused the plane carrying former senator ted stevens to crash in alaska. also ahead, an increase in the number of people going to the emergency room. who is going to the e.r. the most. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. there is nothing going on. it's very quiet outside which is great news for commuters. we'll have traffic coming up in 6 minutes. >> thank you. 5:09. federal investigators will be back at the scene of that deadly plane crash in southwest alaska. former alaska senator ted stevens among five people killed monday when that 1950s era plane crashed into a mountainside near dillingham. four people survived including that man, former nasa chief john o'keefe and his son. the group was on its way to a lodge where stevens often spent summers fishing. alaskans knew the 86-year-old stevens as uncle ted. he represented the last frontier for more than 40 years, the longest stint in the
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u.s. senate for any republican. and there is one thing you can really count on, i will never stop fighting for the people of alaska. [ applause and cheers ] >> stevens narrowly lost his last bid for re-election just a week after he was convicted in a federal corruption trial in 2008. those charges were later dropped. ironically, stevens survived a 1978 plane crash that killed 7 people including his first wife. a lot more people are using hospital emergency rooms these days. uc-san francisco researchers found the increase in e.r. visits was twice what they expected based on population growth. emergency room visits in the u.s. were up 23% from 1997 to 2007. that study found it was adults on medicaid who made the difference. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the reason for that appears to be relatively low reimbursement rates for patients on medicare. salinas-based fresh express recalling nearly 3,000 cases of
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salad because of a possible health risk. the recalled product is known as the veggie lovers salad. it has an expiration day of the august 10 and a products code of i208. that information can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the package. fresh express says there are no reports of illnesses connected to the product but random testing in ohio found one package that had bacteria that could make people sick. we received a lot of comments from viewers on the story on the jetblue flight attendant who quit his job by cursing, grabbing beer and sliding down the emergency chute of his plane saying, i'm done. some viewers depended him by saying people dealing with the public have to put one a lot. so our question of the day to you, what is the rudest behavior you have ever seen in public? think about it. send your responses to we're also on facebook and twitter.
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i think the rudest i ever saw was the baggage claim in phoenix, arizona, a crazy man. more fog and drizzle out the door this morning but tracy says there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> a spotlight. i can't wait for it. warmer weather moving back into the bay area. more seasonal temperatures just around the corner. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast and pinpoint -- tell you exactly when that warmup will get here. ,,,,,,,,
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here's a look at some of the stories we are following this morning: good morning. let's go down to the south bay because that's where we have a little roadwork blocking some lanes. first put up the little text box there, you will notice some of the on-ramps are blocked onto southbound 280. the 7th and 10th, 11th street on-ramps are closed until 6:00 a.m. for that roadwork. there's also still some roadwork for that stretch of 101 between 880 and bernal. sounds like various lanes are blocked in both directions until 6:00 this morning. you can see it's very slow going there as you head up those northbound lanes of 101 into downtown san jose. so watch out for that. again, most of this roadwork will be wrapped up in the next 45 minks.
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280 is quiet on the main lines. freeway heading out of downtown close to the 880 interchange. your commute along the peninsula, nice and light on 101 and 280 looks good all the way into san francisco. we have a camera here, some of the sensors updating so it looks good from benicia into martinez. there is a live look at traffic moving across the span. and from there we'll go check the silicon valley ride. westbound 237 moving fine as you head out of westbound 237 nice and light this morning heading towards mountain view and mass transit is all running on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. this morning we have drizzle or light rainfall, in the forecast for this morning for the coastline, also for the bay. some low clouds inland this
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morning. afternoon, more sunshine with mild temperatures in the 80s, 60s at the coast. a lot like yesterday. here's a look at more temperatures. 76 santa clara, 72 union city, 71 hayward, 72 mountain view, 73 los altos, 74 redwood city, near 60 along the coast. east bay locations, mid-80s in antioch, brentwood. mid-70s pleasant hill. 79 danville, 80 san ramon, 77 dublin, lower to the mid-60s in berkeley, oakland and in alameda. speak of the 60s, 60 degrees in sausalito, 61 san francisco, 67 mill valley, 72 kentfield, 70 novato, lower to the mid-70s in santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma, napa and just near 80 in fairfield. our seven-day forecast, so today will be a lot like yesterday. we are expecting a gradual warming trend. we are expecting inland locations to reason the benefits of that first.
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eventually, we'll begin to warm up around the bay. but that bigger warmup will really get here for the back end of the weekend for bay location. inland will feel warmer weather as early as tomorrow. for the coast, mid-60s by the weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it is 5:18. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on this wednesday morning. san francisco police still trying to solve sunday night's murder of a german tourist near union square. they have released an 18-year- old suspect because of lack of evidence. ground will be broken this morning for the new transbay terminal in san francisco. 11 transit agencies will use the new facility when it's completed. until then commuters are using this temporary facility nearby. and that flight attendant who quit his job in dramatic fashion, he is now out of jail. that's steve slater. he is charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment after cursing at a
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passenger, grabbing some beer and leaving the plane on an emergency chute. today the roundup of wild horses begins in northern california and in nevada. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco last night refused to grant a stay that would have stopped the roundup. critics say the free roaming mustangs have a legal right to remain where they are. the bureau of land management disagreed and says the herds there are overpopulated, the range can't sustain them and they are trying to ensure the horses' safety. helicopters are used in the roundup, it will go four to six weeks. a giant catch in the mississippi river coming up, and help for people hoping to get in a new home in san jose. es.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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well, here's a look at some bay area cities and their high temperatures later today. alameda at 65 degrees with mostly sunny skies. oakland, mix of sun and clouds with a high temperature of 66. walnut creek, nothing but
5:23 am
sunshine for you guys. 77 degrees. 81 in pleasanton, with more sunshine to go around out in the east bay, and 84 degrees in antioch. we have been talking about warmer weather. so when does it get here? spill it. we want the details. i'll spill it. that's all coming up. >> looking good in the 80s. tracy, thank you very much. 5:23. welcome back, everyone. san jose has approved a plan that will help about 100 families buy their first homes. the city will make low-interest loans to moderate income families who want to buy condos at five downtown properties. families will be able to borrow up to 20% of the purchase price at a rate of 3%. san jose has been offering these loans for a while but it's the first time downtown buildings have been eligible. >> largely because they were very high-priced units in the past and our moderate income home buyers could not afford to live there. with the economy, the prices have come down and now these projects qualify for these
5:24 am
funds. >> to qualify, a family of four has to make less than $124,000 a year. the city will make about $8 million in state loans available. you want to watch the latest hollywood blockbusters instantly on your computer or television? well, that may be possible in just a month. netflix has made a deal to pay nearly $1 billion for the online streaming rights to movies from paramount, lions gate and mgm. with just the click of a button, netflix customers can watch movies online or through videogame consoles. viewers can also watch movies on epics a new pay it channel. it is the beg one that did not get away. >> 1, 2, 3! >> oh, that's a honking big catfish caught in the mississippi river. this was sunday night. rick hastings says he was anchored, had his poles out when suddenly he went for a ride. >> was going down the river and it was just pulling the boat all around. we fought it for probably about
5:25 am
a good half hour to an hour. >> he is sure he has some sort of record. he weighed it on his own scale, came up to 115 pounds. but he has to take it to the state conservation department to get an official weight to see if he indeed has a new record. 5:25. coming up in the next half hour, why the drilling of that relief well to help stop the leak in the gulf has stopped. also, opposition to a 64-foot addition to a bay area mosque, the argument against a minaret.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a look from our roof cam at
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the bay bridge on this wednesday morning, 11th of august. looking clear out there. we are waiting for the warmup but it's getting closer. good morning, i'm sydnie kohara. john kessler is on vacation. 5:29. let's get you out the door. here's elizabeth with a look at our traffic. >> all right. thank you, sydnie. you know, we're off to a great start just not many things going on, on the roads. boxes in lanes in oakland, that goes to show how quiet it is on our chp reports. all your approaches to the bay bridge look great. westbound 24, no delays as you head out of the caldecott tunnel. and if you are commuting down the eastshore freeway, your drive time still hovering around 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge all the to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic light, no delay really all across the span. there is a live look at 80 traffic. coming from the other direction up the peninsula, 101 and 280, both quiet. this is a live look near candlestick and you can see north- and southbound traffic
5:30 am
moving at top speeds this morning. they did the lane changes on the golden gate bridge so i don't know, not much to talk about. mass transit is on time by the way. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> i have a lot to talk about ever since i said hey warmer weather is coming, people say when, when, can you tell me when? forget this whole today thing. when is it going to warm up? we'll talk about that. i got your seven-day. in the meantime, more sunshine inland 78 degrees in concord, lower 80s in livermore, 73 in fremont, more clouds and sunshine expected in oakland, mid-60s. lower 60s in san francisco, plenty of clouds along the coast with a daytime high of 60 degrees in pacifica. mid- to upper 60s in vallejo and san rafael and the lower to mid-70s in santa rosa as well as napa. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. and that promised warmup.
5:31 am
here we go. today a lot like the last few days. but thursday, friday, saturday gradually warming up. inland will feel it first 90's by saturday and sunday inland and mid- to upper 60s around the bay. that's when the bay is expected to get in on the action on the weekend nea 70 degrees. 60s at the coast. seasonal temperatures end of the week and next week. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. an 18-year-old man arrested until the deadly shooting of a german tourist in san francisco is out of jail this morning. he was released for lack of evidence. the young man had been suspected in the shooting sunday night near union square. police say mechthild schroeer died when two groups of young people shot at each other. she was killed instantly by a stray bullet. investigators are reviewing surveillance video. napa police believe a college student was shot to
5:32 am
death after trying to escape robbers or carjackers. 22-year-old ruben martinez was shot to death saturday night. at the time, he was in his sport utility vehicle near his girlfriend's house on beech street. she says he was waiting for her to take her to the movies. >> next thing we see a lot of smoke and think a house is on fire but closer i see it's his truck. >> some neighbors saw three men nearby but couldn't provide descriptions. a man arrested after a shootout with chp officers in oakland is scheduled to enter a plea this morning. byron williams from the sierra foothills is facing a number of charges including attempted murder of a peace officer. he was pulled over on interstate 580 last month then got into a gunfight with the officers. two officers suffered minor injuries. williams told police he was on his way to san francisco where he planned to shoot people at
5:33 am
two nonprofit organizations. a debate tonight on a minaret planned for a large mosque in the south bay. a planning committee approved the tower for the muslim community association mosque in an industrial area on scott boulevard. but a neighbor has filed an appeal. he says he is worried that such a tall tower would attract more worshippers and make traffic and parking problems a lot worse. >> i think a 63-foot minaret tower would in some ways serve as an advertisement and so, you know, it probably would be seen by more people from a further distance. >> it goes before the santa clara planning commission tonight. this as the muslim holy month of ramadan gets started. the planning staff recommends that tower be approved. 5:33. a series of attacks on women at an apartment complex in contra costa county. anne makovec explains why investigators think just one man is responsible for all
5:34 am
those attacks. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. very scary situation here at the park regency apartments just outside of walnut creek. here's the entrance to the building, where at least three women have been attacked and/or threatened by whom sheriff's officers believe is the same man. the department just released this sketch of the suspect. african-american, 20 to 30 years old and 6 feet tall. they say the latest attack happened yesterday. officers say this man somehow got into the locked apartment of a 25-year-old at around 8:30 in the morning, came into her bedroom and threatened her. she got away. unfortunately, so did he. this follows at least two other attacks at this complex. officers say the man raped a 23- year-old woman on july 6 after entering her apartment through an unlocked door. he is also believed to have assaulted a woman on june 30 reportedly knocking on they are door around 1:00 a.m. and asking for a glass of
5:35 am
water. when she came back with it, covering her mouth and making some threats. she also was able to get away. here's the advice that sheriff's officers have for people around here this morning. >> please secure your doors and windows. don't open the door to anybody you don't know. ask who it is. look out your window, look out your peep hole. strange times at night for people to be knocking on doors that should alert people. someone looks suspicious or you have that type suspicious activity, call the police. dial 911. we'll come out. be aware when you're backing to and from your residence, your car. those kind of things. >> reporter: obviously if you have any indication on who the suspect might be, please call police as soon as possible. >> thank you, anne makovec in contra costa county. four fires at warwick elementary school in fremont, now police are trying to figure out what's going on. all the fires were reported over the last month and a half, all of them at night when no
5:36 am
one should be on campus. two of the fires were in trash bins. two others damaged a play structure. anyone with any information should call fremont police. and police are trying to catch whoever is behind racist graffiti found at de anza high school in el sobrante. it was discovered saturday. someone painted swastikas and the words "white power" on the football field and track. the word "pinole" was also painted. the district acknowledges the school has a friendly sports rivalry with pinole high school. so far no suspects. police say they are investigating this vandalism as a hate crime. they will be talking about baseball bats at a state capital news conference this morning. the issue is safety concerns with the metal bats. san rafael assemblyman gerard huffman and a group will talk about an agreement about metal bats and protective head gear. marin catholic high school pitcher gunnar sandberg will be
5:37 am
there. he suffered a severe head injury when a ball coming off a metal bat hit him during a game. alaska is mourning the loss of one of its most beloved political figures. former senator ted stevens, was one of five people killed in monday's plane crash in southwestern alaska. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: investigators are combing the remote mountainside where former alaska senator ted stevens died. >> we are looking to see whether or not there were any pilot reports, distress signals. >> reporter: he and four others were killed when their plane went down 325 miles southwest of anchorage. the group of nine was headed out on a fishing trip. four others survived the crash including former nasa chief sean o'keefe and his teenaged son left stranded overnight until rescuers could reach them. >> they can provide us the best information about seating location and survivability but our first priority is for their health. >> reporter: investigators are
5:38 am
looking into weather as a possible cause noting conditions at the time included light rain clouds and gusty winds. stevens served 40 years in the senate longer than any other republican in history. his unexpected death has left lawmakers stunned. >> we have lost one of the greatest leaders that this state will ever see. >> reporter: stevens was extremely popular in his home state. he directed billions to alaska including the infamous bridge to nowhere, which became a symbol of pork barrel spending. in 2008, he was convicted of corruption and then lost the battle for re-election. the charges were later dropped because prosecutors withheld evidence from the defense. >> home is where the heart is, mr. president. if that is so, i have two homes, one is right here in this chamber, and the other is my beloved state of alaska. >> reporter: ted stevens was 86 years old. in washington, tara mergener, cbs 5. that flight attendant who
5:39 am
quit his job in dramatic fashion and is now a folk hero is out of jail. >> steven, how are you feeling? >> i'm not going to say anything at all, not just now. >> what about all the people who have supported you? >> to berate a passenger had been causing trouble, then grabbed beer and exited the plane on the emergency chute. this all happened sunday after the jetblue plane landed at kennedy international airport. . in missouri, slater's ex-wife came to his defense. >> i find it more offensive that this passenger isn't being put on trial than steven being put on trial. i see it every time i'm at a grocery store, department store, people treating poorly the clerks, our service personnel. >> slater faces charges of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. slater's attorney says his client never put anyone in danger. the weather has stopped
5:40 am
work at that broken oil well in the gulf of mexico. crews drilling the relief well have quit working because of a tropical depression in the gulf. it could become a tropical storm later today. the relief well is now within about 50 feet of its target. but they are going to wait at least two or three days until this bad weather passes before they resume work. 5:40. jack daniels gets another shot. we'll tell you how this bay area kidnap kitty was tracked down all the way to new york city. ,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
the carquinez bridge. across the span, it's moving fine through hercules, pinole, all the way down into richmond and berkeley. san mateo bridge, we have a live look this camera position just past the toll plaza so it's on the flat section of the bridge. all that traffic is westbound 92 and the headlights that's eastbound traffic on 92 heading off the high-rise towards hayward so really, all lanes moving fine. same thing up the nimitz freeway. live look near the coliseum north- and southbound traffic taillights moving northbound towards high street. but southbound is nice and light, too. we'll give you a drive time for this stretch of 880. 15 minutes in the northbound lanes from 238 towards the macarthur maze. and mass transit, we have been checking, bart, ace, muni, you name it with mass transit, it is running on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. things can change at any time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. a warmup is on the way.
5:44 am
a much-needed warmup is on the way. looking out toward the bay bridge this morning still relatively dark. it is 5:43. sunrise around 6:20. so still several minutes away. our daily planner, cloudy conditions are out there this morning and along with the clouds, we have a little precipitation. some light drizzle along the coast and also for the bay. areas of low clouds, yeah, they are not playing favorites this morning. they are also moving well inland. temperatures from the lower to the upper 50s. this afternoon, the sunshine is playing favorites. inland, sunny conditions, mild in the mid-80s. partly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the lower 60s to the lower 70s and for the coastline another day with low clouds, areas of fog and cool temperatures. cool temperatures along the coastline. 60 pacifica, 61 half moon bay, 59 daly city, the 70s in palo alto. 72 in mountain view. 74 sunnyvale. 76 santa clara.
5:45 am
lower 70s hayward, union city and fremont. other parts of the bay also looking at the 60s. 62 richmond. 66 oakland. 65 alameda. once you move inland, nice contour map here showing the temperatures based on the colors. so you go from a yellow to a nice orange and that's where we have temperatures closer to 80. 80 in san ramon, 79 danville, 81 livermore, mid-80s antioch in brentwood, pittsburg. more orange in sonoma and napa with the mid-70s or the upper 70s. 67 vallejo. 70 benicia. don't want to forget you guys. 67 in san rafael, 71 san anselmo and 60 degrees in sausalito, 61 degrees in san francisco. other parts of the state also unseasonably mild. 93 fresno, typically in the triple digits. 85 sacramento. i know they are loving that. 90 degrees in redding. 73 lake tahoe. 85 degrees in yosemite. and then you move over to the coastline, 63 in monterey with a mix of sun and clouds.
5:46 am
86 in ukiah with plenty of sunshine and 59 in eureka with clouds and sunshine. seven-day forecast, so let's talk about this warmup. we will gradually feel a difference thursday, friday, saturday, but inland location, you guys are going to feel it first and then by the end of the weekend, saturday into sunday, you will see bay temperatures moving from the mid-60s to the upper 60s. and near seasonal temperatures are expected all across the board sunday, monday and tuesday. so if you want warmer weather, definitely be in place. should be in place by the beginning of next week. back to you. >> thank you. let's look at the stories we're following. san francisco police still trying to solve sunday night's murder of a german tourist near union square. they released a suspect with lack of evidence. a neighbor of a south bay mosque is fighting plans to add
5:47 am
a minaret to the building in santa clara. city planners will consider the proposed 64-foot tower tonight. the staff recommends atpproval. investigators believe this man is responsible for attacks on three women at the same apartment complex in contra costa county. the sheriff's department just released these sketches of the suspect. the latest attack happened yesterday at the park regency in walnut creek. jack daniels gets another shot at being adopted. it's a stolen kitten who is now back home in the bay area after a year-long cross-country odyssey. jack was recently found wandering the streets of new york city. don ford has more on the cat's adventure. >> reporter: the case of the missing cat named jack daniels stolen from the san francisco spca a long time ago and now the mystery is partially solved. >> the animal was picked up as a stray in new york city by animal control and they scanned that
5:48 am
animal and found a chip in jack daniels, and they were able to trace him back to the san francisco spca. >> reporter: if you have ever wondered if you should put a clip into your pet, consider this. jack daniels was found in new york 3,000 miles way after being missing for a year. no one knows how he got to new york. but with the help of jetblue airlines and volunteer leanne, he arrived home safe and sound. >> i wanted to see jack daniels here safely and i wouldn't have been happy if i couldn't have been the one to make sure he did arrive here safely. i fell in love with him the minute i saw him! >> reporter: the chip that made this possible is tiny. the size of a grain of rice. it's injected under the animal skin with this needle. once in, it never comes out. jack daniels is lucky. >> some shelters have too many cats and use euthanasia. in this case it definitely saved jack's life. >> reporter: in san francisco, don ford, cbs 5.
5:49 am
>> you may have noticed that jack's eyes look strange because he is visually impaired. he will be available for adoption shortly. the weather is coming up after this break. stay with us. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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5:52 am
out there. is it ever going to make it to san francisco, tracy? >> bette eventually! >> it is beautiful in many parts of the east bay. antioch will see temperatures in the lower 80s. that's good news. but it is still very unusual. 5:52 nearly 100 soldiers returning to travis air force base following a year-long tour in iraq. this was their second tour there since the war began. they spent both deployments training iraqi police. most say it was a rewarding experience, but they are glad to be home. >> the simplest of things you miss the most, the ability to get up and take a shower in the morning without having to walk down the street in the mud. >> i like have my dad back. i love him so much. >> this was the last u.s. military police unit to deploy to iraq as the troop drawdown continues. something new popping up in
5:53 am
new york's times square. pop tart -- we don't have video of pop tart world? i was so excited about this. a store dedicated to all things pop tarts. it's on 42nd street. when you visit you can pick out your own or create your own in the cafe. here it comes. ah, pop tart world! they even have pop tart sushi but not with fish. you get your favorite filling wrapped in the fruit roll. you girls are of the pop tart era. >> my mom did grits, we didn't do poptarts. >> pop tarts have been around since 1964, almost half a billion dollars worth sold last year. the store will be open through at least january. >> maybe pop tarts will be the new cupcake. >> could be. can't forget this. cute chick alert.
5:54 am
this is the houston zoo. now at what these are? >> flamingos. >> chilean flamingo chicks took their first walk to the exhibit. not pretty in pink yet. the zoo got them through an egg exchange with the zoo in atlanta. keepers have been hand raising them since they hatched four weeks ago. the employees will be walking the chicks everyone day until they are old enough to stay with the adults. we have received a lot of comments from you on the story of the jetblue flight attendant who quit his job by cursing at a passenger, grabbing some beer and sliding down the emergency chute of his plane. a lot of viewers defended him by saying people dealing with the public have to put one a lot. so our question of the day was, what is the rudest behavior you have ever seen in public? some of the comments are hilarious. the restaurant i was managing.
5:55 am
>> that's funny. >> that's bad. >> i have seen runners and athletes do that but you don't want to be near them when they do it. >> i find when i'm driving a lot now, as soon as the light turns green, people will start honking their horns behind me? >> that's me. >> i hate that! can't you wait five seconds? >> i got places to go and people to see! >> oh, my gosh. >> i just think civility is gone. there is a lot of stress. a lot more rudeness these days. >> absolutely. grouchy people. the only thing i'm really -- when i see someone being rude to an older person that really gets me. but other stuff i'm like i think it could be slightly comical. >> but what's scary in this day
5:56 am
and age, if you say something, but you're not sure what's wrong with the person if they will fly off the deep end or something else. >> yeah. >> anyway. >> all right. >> be civil out there. it's wednesday, we'll get through the week. >> people are very civil on the roads. >> tracy isn't on the road yet! >> people are behaving themselves. everything is moving along fine in all of your approaches to the bay bridge. we really haven't had any accidents. i guess no accidents since 5:00 a.m., no stallings or roadwork. so i have been fortunate not to have much to talk about. no metering lights approaching the pay gates. 13 minutes your drive time across the san mateo bridge between hayward and the peninsula. mass transit is on time. the cherry on top. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> so that's your traffic.
5:57 am
>> so you have a good forecast. >> once you mention warmup, is it today? >> no. >> it will be tomorrow for inland locations. but gradually the bay will start to feel the warmup by the weekend. today a little bit more of the same. same old same old. mid-80s with sunshine, mix of sun and clouds. lower 60s at the coast with nothing but clouds. gradually warming up. the weekend, the 90s, people, you know, it's been a long time. mid- to upper 60s at the bay and lower 60s at the coast. for the past couple of days, i have been sitting here -- my clicker -- i think i'll just advance traffic. see, i advanced so much i advanced right past it. [ laughter ] >> where is billy? >> he is going to help me. it's manzanita lake. taken at lassa national park. it was worth the wait.
5:58 am
it is 5:58. in the next half hour, more pixels mean bigger pictures, right? but does it mean better pictures? our cnet reporter will be here with some advice on camera shopping. new sketches and warnings about an attacker at an apartment complex. we will show you those sketches and tell you what police are saying about the man they believe is responsible for raping one woman and threatening several others. ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
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