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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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solano and calaveras about 45 minutes ago. authorities had their guns pointed at the suspect's car until he emerged from that yellow vehicle. this whole thing started around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in eastern contra costa county. the chp says the man led authorities on a chase on highway 242 and then onto east highway 4. at certain points during that chase, the sheriff's office says that the suspect had a gun pointed at his own head. the pursuit ended here and the man surrendered about 15 minutes ago. they prey on the uninsured, uninsurable and unemployed. so today the federal trade commission and 24 state attorneys general including california moved to shut down companies selling fake health insurance policies. linda yee talked with one young man, who says he was victimized. >> reporter: when 20-year-old steven forth needed a reasonably priced insurance policy, he chose healthcare one. >> i signed up for this
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healthcare plan because my mom wanted me to. >> reporter: steven changed his mind before the plan was activated. but by then, $700 had already been charged to his checking account for the entire year's premium. >> i originally thought that it was going to be a full coverage plan. but then i found out it was a discount plan and they already took my money away and didn't tell me otherwise. >> reporter: the federal trade commission today named healthcare one in a lawsuit along with two other companies for deceptively marketing medical discount plans. >> can i speak with her? >> she is not available. >> reporter: genevieve bought into a health discount plan from a company called alr, which isn't named in the ftc lawsuit. she, too, thought she was buying full healthcare coverage. but after she had a medical emergency, she got stuck with most of the bill nearly $6,000. alr's total payment on the
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$6,000 bill? $216..05. >> it was one payment made of $1 41.05. a payment made of $75. >> they have allowed me to be misled that i have insurance coverage when i don't. >> reporter: we took our questions to southern california and dropped in on alr headquarters in chino. >> hi. >> hi. >> , who no, no. i'm sorry you can't walk in here. >> reporter: we weren't welcome. but one employee did tell us that alr is not really insurance. it's a discount program where members can get small discounts on rental cars, vacation packages and healthcare. >> the medical discount program is really probably worthless. >> reporter: bill mitchell of the better business bureau of southern california gives alr an f rating based on numerous complaints. >> every one of them purchased this product on the assumption that when wah they were buying was kind of an affordable health insurance program.
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>> he is not here today. >> reporter: alr insisted to cbs 5 that it would never mislead anyone into thinking they have health insurance. >> finally, there's health insurance you can actually afford. >> reporter: so how to explain this? >> the only requirement is if you become a member. >> reporter: that's brad west her president of alr appearing in this infomercial. he wouldn't talk to us. >> they can access any doctor in the country. >> reporter: but state regulators are aware of alr but haven't taken action against the company. >> i feel completely defrauded. >> i do feel that i was cheated. >> reporter: as for stephen, after consumerwatch got involved, the company gave him most of his money back. three ftc says healthcare one made it difficult or impossible for consumers to get refund and when they got their money back they were charged big processing fees. healthcare one's website was shut down today and the company would not comment when we
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called. if you have a consumer problem, call our hotline at 1-888-5- helps-u. >> the bbb, great place to start. but some people i don't want to say they are desperate but they are, maybe out of work, they need to get something quickly. how do you know if -- if it sounds too good to be true, kind of thing? >> reporter: yes. but there are ways that consumers can check for themselves. go to the bbb website, enter the name of that health plan and it will give you the grades. you don't see it, don't bother to -- > red flag right there. >> reporter: you can also call the department of insurance. they can help you, too. >> thank you, linda. >> you're welcome. well, it will be a crowded race for the job of oakland mayor this fall. two more candidates have just entered that contest. we sent sherry hu to find out more about the people behind the names. >> if the candidates behind me are planning on getting votes, folks will have to play nice. >> reporter: mayoral wannabes make their pitch for votes. >> i'm coming back to oakland
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because i love oakland. i want it to be the best place to live, work and vacation. >> reporter: some of them are first timers running for office. >> really the problem is, what i would call a shopper unfriendly environment. >> we don't have proper parking. we don't have the right mix of stores. >> reporter: there is a mix of businesspeople, educators, political analyst. >> it's unacceptable, unacceptable to have unemployment at 17% to impact most severely the poorest people who are usually people of color in our community. >> i am a green party activist, local volunteer and that's where i'm coming from. that's what i want to bring to the table here. >> reporter: do you really think you have a chance? >> good question. realistically, they have to catch up with me. i'm the guy who is running the grassroots campaign. i'm the guy who has 85,000
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registered voters. >> reporter: it was one surprise. this candidate dropped out. >> i promise you, even though i won't be in this campaign for mayor, i will be in the fight for real changes in oakland. >> reporter: some are more well known including two current city council members. jean quan. >> i want to be the mayor of oakland. my family has lived here for 100 years. i have worked 20 years as a public servant. there was not a neighborhood, school, library that i haven't been in. >> reporter: and rebecca kaplan, who, if elected, would be oakland's first openly lesbian mayor. >> well, certainly the agreements that were made ten years ago before i was on the council are currently causing devastating financial problems. and the next mayor is going to have to fix them. >> reporter: and political veteran former state senator don perata. >> i'm a known quantities. i'm not going to sneak up on anybody. but oakland needs political leadership t needs people who can make decisions and it begins with the mayor. and i believe i have
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demonstrated over the years that one thing i can do is make a decision. >> reporter: one more person turned in papers just as city clerk's office closed an hour ago so that brings the possible field of mayoral hopefuls to 13. we are going to have to wait for a day or two to find out who qualifies for the ballot. dana, speaking of the ballot, come november, voters will be using rank choices voting for mayor. that means you pick your first, second and third choice. so people are going to have to do their homework on the candidates and how to cast your ballot. >> start now reading. thank you, sherry hu. there may be no election this fall in danville if the town council has its way. no one has filed to run again danville's vice mayor or councilmember, whose terms are about to expire. canceling the november election would save the town $55,000. the remaining councilmembers would then appoint the two unopposed lawmakers to new
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terms. there's something lurking in state waterways. contaminants and the list of dirty creeks is growing. it includes some right here in the bay area. len ramirez on local creeks that researchers and scientists are worried about. len. >> reporter: >> reporter: allen, we are above guadalupe creek here in the middle of downtown san jose. and as i step away from the camera and we look in here, it looks pretty good. this is a beautiful setting right now from your picture but under the water there, it's pretty dirty. in fact, this is one of the creeks that's on a list of many dirty creeks throughout the bay area. unfortunately it's not the only one around here. reporter: at first glance, the waters of coyote creek in san jose look inviting, refreshing and even pure. but that's only at first glance following a report that this is one of the dirtiest creeks in the bay area, i decided to wade into the waters to see for myself. some of it didn't look too bad, but then there were places thick with old tires and trash. it's a bit difficult to tell exactly what is below the surface here because the water is so murky but just on the
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surface around where i'm sitting right now is an old mossy tennis ball, a drink cup, get that out of here, and looks like a hairspray bottle. somebody just threw it here. who knows when. >> reporter: some of that surface junk forms thick pockets of stagnant filth. this family rode their bikes along the creek path but they didn't play in the water. does it seem like a clean or dirty creek? >> dirty creek. >> reporter: why? >> because there's garbage in there and stuff. >> reporter: the state water resources control board listed seven santa clara county rivers or creeks as impaired under the clean water act because of chronic trash problems and three in san mateo county. they can affect the water supply, bay water quality and harm wildlife with contaminants. >> what surprises me the most is when a tree comes down and so much trash builds up behind it. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district has ongoing creek clean-up projects both for water quality and flood control.
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but it's a never-ending battle. >> with our inherent behaviors that people do with dumping or throwing things on the ground, we often have a hard time staying ahead of it. so until people change their behaviors, i think we'll always have a certain amount of trash in our creek. >> reporter: the valley water district wants to remind people that it's not just about throwing something into the water self al eleven. often times litter on the streets find its way into the streets, allen, because it goes into the storm drain and into the system that way. they know they can't clean up the creeks, everything that's in there. they hope to prevent people from littering and fouling up the creeks that way. >> in the first place. yeah. all right, len, thank you. we do have a complete list of bay area creeks with chronic trash problems on our website, click on "green beat." other bay area headlights right now. a man arrested in the deadly shooting of a german tourist in san francisco is free tonight.
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the d.a. says it released him because of lack of evidence. investigators suspected that the 18-year-old in the shooting sunday night near union square. police say a stray bullet hit mechthild schroeer when two groups of young people started shooting at each other. investigators are still looking at surveillance video and could charge more suspects later. investigators think one man may be behind three attacks on women at the same apartment complex. the will the attract in walnut creek was yesterday. a man found his way into a woman's locked's apartment. she got away. investigators say women all over the area should be careful. >> the entire neighborhood should be concerned about this activity where an individual has targeted a specific area and specifically women. they should be very concerned and be aware of who is around
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them. >> investigators think the same man raped a woman at the complex last month and assaulted another one last june. a suicidal manholed up inside his home with a weapon around leads court around 9:00 a.m. julie from livermore sent thus photo of the s.w.a.t. team and the negotiators in front of that home. the man came out peacefully just after 2:00 this afternoon. a relative escaped safely when police first arrived. and nobody was hurt. thousands of dollars to clean up bubblegum. hundreds of bucks to change a light bulb. how your money is really being spent at state courthouses. are you ready to take the plunge? i'm ann notarangelo in richmond where the city's beloved municipal natatorium is going to open this weekend but you don't have to wait until then to see inside. we'll give you a sneak peek in a couple of minutes. sometimes they change daily. >> making it easier to keep the
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after nearly a decade, the belove people in the east bay are getting ready to take the plunge after nearly a decade, the beloved richmond swimming pool known as the plunge is about to re-open. ann notarangelo is in richmond where nearly 100 years old that pool is. it's getting a mod everyone makeover. >> reporter: you not great thing about this place is it doesn't matter what the weather is. but if i wanted to go inside it's perfect swimming weather. that's what happens when you build a newschannel natatorium, a word that comes from latin meaning building built for a pool. there is a pool inside.
6:16 pm
and much, much more. >> it looks like something cool happening. >> reporter: 5-year-old david lockett wasn't even born when the plunge closed its doors in 2001. but he can't wait to jump in. same for 80-year-old pat pearson. >> can't get rid of the mushrooms. >> reporter: the former indoor fountain has been moved outdoors for health reason. >> it used to be in the kiddie pool and you could sit around the edge of it and the water would come over the top of the mushroom and drip down. >> reporter: built in 1926 the plunge was damaged in the loma prieta quake and deemed unsafe. rosemary corbett was mayor at the time. the. >> the public demanded to keep it open and they wanted to sign waivers. >> reporter: nine years and $7.5 million later the plunge is about to re-open. >> you're walking into one of the old pool palaces of the
6:17 pm
1920s. >> reporter: an architect took painstaking efforts to honor history while improving upon it. >> this was rebuilt. >> reporter: he says this is the cleanest greenest pool in the country. it has a little salt in it about the same found in human tears and you don't smell chlorine. >> so the water goes through, gets zapped by ultraviolet lights which takes out any bugs that are left. >> reporter: blending new and old, solar energy helps heat the pool. pulleys open and control the windows to control the humidity. handpainted signs state the rules. the walkways are larger. >> this huge pool had a small pool deck. this historic picture of the people jammed in here. so now it's more gracious. >> reporter: the plunge has always had a mural. and this new one features a beloved local swim teacher. >> she is our princess of the
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pool. she is an inspiration to me. >> reporter: she is now 83 and it's hoped she will be the first one in the pool on saturday. david vincent's parents and he came here when he was young and they raised the money for the pool. >> i'm probably like everyone else. it's awesome. >> reporter: well, the grand opening is officially going to begin at 11:00 a.m. and they will have public free swim sessions throughout the day. there is a top secret surprise planned for 10:30. so if you are coming at 11:00, get here early and there is a top secret surprise. >> what a fabulous monument to that town and the people behind it. it really beautiful. >> reporter: you're right. and the word that kept coming to my mind today was tenacity. these people didn't give up. they wanted to tear it down in the 70s and then again in 2001 and they didn't give up and look what we have today. >> and so many new young people will learn how to swim there. that's great. >> reporter: exactly. >> love it. thanks so much, ann.
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>> you bet. >> persistence pays off and last one in is a rotten egg, roberta. >> the great thing about that is the water temperature is warmer than the air temperature, which today we averaged a good 20 degrees below normal. got an email this one from sage from berkeley who says, hey, i know everybody is complaining about the weather. but moving here from new hampshire, sage actually embraces the weather pattern saying i wish it was like this all the time. take a look at san jose. it's 66 degrees with winds at 12. ocean beach 56 degrees. we have the overcast conditions. that's keeping our temperatures cool. if you are heading out to giants baseball action against the chicago cubs, make sure you have a jacket. it's in the mid-50s. and the winds are whipping up out of the west 15 to 20 miles per hour. out and about this evening, we will have the low clouds, patchy fog spreading back into
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the bay, gradually moving inland a good 70 miles. official sun-up tomorrow morning is at 6:19. nobody is going to see it. we will have clearing at the bay during the day. and only partial coastal clearing, primarily from about the golden gate bridge to the south. so meanwhile tonight overnight with the blanket of clouds, numbers 50 to about 58 degrees. the westerlies are 10 to 15 miles per hour. those winds will kick up during the afternoon hours, as well. the numbers will be substantially warmer than today when the outside number was 74 in gilroy. 56 degrees in pacifica to 83 degrees in livermore where today's high temperature was only 69 degrees. you have the gradually warmer conditions each day. the warmest day of the weekend coming up will be on sunday. and now i'm going to talk about what happens after this next seven days coming up that's later on in the program. >> we are holding on to warmer. that sounds good. all right, roberta. thanks. trying to find religion in
6:21 pm
how technology is making that easier. coming up in two-minute. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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minaret at a mosque. a pl happening in santa clara. public debate on plans for a big new minarets at a mosque. a planning subcommittee has already approved the tower for the muslim community association mosque which is on scott boulevard in santa clara. it would be about the size of a six-story building. but a neighbor has filed an appeal. he is worried that such a tall tower would attract more people and create traffic as well as parking problems. >> i think a 63-foot minaret tower would in some ways serve as an advertisement and so, you know, it probably would be seen by more people from a
6:24 pm
further distance. >> the issue has gone before the santa clara planning commission. tonight just a few minutes ago as the month of ramadan gets started tonight, the planning staff recommends the tower be approved. followers of ancient religions are using modern technology to keep the faith. julie watts on how the silicon valley is leading th way. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: on this the first day of ramadan, muslims around the world are beginning fasts and responding to the call to prayer. >> we have five prayers every day and sometimes they change daily by minute by a few seconds. >> reporter: unlike in muslim countries where a call to prayer is broadcast outside each mosque, silicon valley muslims must find inventive ways to keep track. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: well, now there's an app for that. and it is just one of a growing number of islamic apps that are helping tech savvy muslims like
6:25 pm
these better practice their faith. >> just like gutenberg prayers back when bible was being printed, the ipad is bringing the same exact revolution to the quran. >> reporter: while many of the apps have practical purposes, like this one that locates the nearest restaurant with hill he will food or this one that uses an electronic compass to point you towards mecca to pray, this designer says the apps he creates go one step further. >> the app which we have out there which i have been using myself a lot really gives me a very deep insight into not just the arabic meaning and root words and other meanings. >> you can listen to it. >> that's great. >> reporter: these ladies think the study apps are great. but there are more practical apps that they come to rely on
6:26 pm
like that one that offers the call to prayer. >> especially our evening prayers in ramadan when we get to break our fast so that minute is especially important towers. >> reporter: it's important to note religious apps aren't exclusive to muslims. whether you're catholic, jewish or hin due, there's also an app for you. in santa clara, julie watts, cbs 5. $150 to change a light bulb? that's not all. a new audit uncovers how the state's courts are really spending your money. first santa clara county. and now another bay area city threatens to take the fun out of kids fast food meals. >> hands on learning, that's the best way these students survive. >> it's all hands on at the hip hop car wash but the teenagers aren't in it for the money. we'll see what they get for working so hard. ,,,,
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♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. struck down prop 8 will issue a ruling tomorrow on whether gay sume while the breaking news on the historic same-sex marriage ruling. the federal judge who struck down prop 8 will issue a ruling tomorrow on will gay marriages will resume while the case is appealed. last week judge vaughn walker ruled the state's ban on same-
6:30 pm
sex marriages was unconstitutional. prop 8 supporters then immediately appealed the decision to the ninth circuit court. that appeals court process, we are told, could take as long as a year. now, tomorrow's ruling will be issued between 9:00 a.m. and noon. yesterday we told but one man who is catched out at san francisco city hall waiting to marry his partner. again, the breaking news, though, the decision expected tomorrow morning on whether to allow same-sex marriages to continue. there were fireworks at the state capital today over courthouse spending. an audit is under way into costs for the state's court system that investigators call outrageous. among some of the expenditures, they say the courthouse computer system is more than $1 billion over budget and that it doesn't even work. there are some costs that are practically unbelievable. reporter: $150 to change a light bulb? that's one of hundreds of cost that lawmakers are asking county official to justify today. many of them occurred right
6:31 pm
here in the sacramento county courthouse. sacramento taxpayers are outraged. $150 to change a light bull be? >> crazy. >> that's totally ridiculous. i mean, for a $2 light bulb. >> reporter: angry over what appears to be excessive maintenance costs at california courthouses. >> furloughs and everything else, to me it's a waste of money. >> reporter: it's actually more than $150 per light bulb. invoices show that 58 lights were replaced at the cost of $14,000. that's an average of about 240 bucks a bulb. >> it feels a little bit like the pentagon and $10,000 toilets. we have to be doing better. >> reporter: here in sacramento, another questionable cost. removing gum from the entrance of the county courthouse for $8,000. >> this is just gone way out of control. >> we are sort of a customer here. >> reporter: executive officer dennis jones insists it's not his fault. >> when we have a problem, we will call them. >> reporter: he points to the administrative offices of the courts, the department which oversees maintenance for all of the state courthouses.
6:32 pm
in a hearing with lawmakers, an admission to keeping poor paperwork. >> it's not just gum on sidewalks. that sounds silly. it would be. but that was if we had the full work order, it's a much larger project. >> reporter: a much larger project overholt said included. >> picking up fecal matter, hosting off urine from the sidewalks. picking up a variety 6 things. >> reporter: and prepping it for another $10,000 contract to sandblast a slippery pavement outside and make it safer for people to get to and from the door. >> i can understand that but that's still probably a little more than what we should be spending now. >> reporter: the administrative offices of the court admitted today that some of the costs appear to be outrageous at first glance but says that the invoices don't typically include all the information about the work that was done. >> that was linda muma in sacramento. not much to smile about on wall street today. [ bell ] >> all the major indices
6:33 pm
dropped sharply. the dow was down 265 points. kcbs radio jason brooks on what's behind the market turmoil. >> wall street took a beating today because of economic worries. a lot of investors fearing that we could be headed for a double dip. the feds started getting things going yesterday when it said the economy was slowing. then we got more indicators of that today. the trade deficit widened to its biggest total in 20 months, the problem that exports fell 1.3% in june. manufacturing has been one of the stronger suits of the economy. and if manufacturing dropped off that much, it probably means economic growth was not as good as first expected in the second quarter, also means it's probably off to a very rough start in the third quarter. on top of that, we got bad economic signs of other countries including china, japan and england, all adding up to this big worry over the global economy. >> president obama today signed a bill aimed at creating more
6:34 pm
manufacturing jobs here in the u.s. >> we have a long way to go and the i'm more determined than ever to do everything we can to hasten our economic recovery and get our people back to work. >> the bill will temporarily suspend tariffs on raw materials from overseas used to make goods here in the u.s. experts say it should increase u.s. manufacturing by more than $4.5 billion this year and support about 90,000 jobs. we have seen how dangerous it can be. now new rules of the game to keep kids safe. how lawmakers are changing the way baseball is played. if she hadn't come into my life i probably would be doing the same things i been doing before and i'm glad she came. >> some east bay teenagers have nothing but praise for a woman making teenagers work harder than ever. how she is getting them out of the court into the car wash. i'm dennis o'donnell in santa clara. 49 ever practice has ended and
6:35 pm
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across california. the move comes after a 16-year-old pitcher from marin county suffered a major head injury wh a line drive starting next you are aluminum baseball bats will have to have new standards. a player was met by a line drive off a metal bat. the california interceo lattic federation recommends infielders wear protective head gear. today in sacramento a university of san francisco pitcher told lawmakers the head gear is easy to wear and does not affect play. >> i couldn't even tell i had it on. the umps thought it was a bad haircut. the couldn't tell anything was under the hat. it will be available. >> the cif will encourage schools to voluntarily require protective head gear starting in the spring and will for mandatory rules the next year. in exchange for the new
6:38 pm
standards, the state assembly has dropped a bill that would have placed a two-year moratorium on metal bats. san francisco is now considering banning toys in fast food meals for kids. legislation was introduced this week that would ban toys in meals with more than 600 calories. a supervisor sponsoring the measure tellings the "chronicle" that he wants to promote healthier eating and reduce costs to our healthcare system. the ban would pertain to all fast-food restaurants within the city limits. a similar ban went into effect in santa clara county this week. when it's done, they want it to be the grand central station of the west coast. today dignitaries gathered in san francisco for the groundbreaking of the new transbay terminal. the $4billion project will replace the old terminal. it will be the first high-speed rail station as well as the gateway to nearly a dozen role transit agencies. plans also include a giant new
6:39 pm
skyscraper. >> we are going to be talking about not just transamerica icon or the beautiful golden gate bridge or that great new eastern span that we'll see soon on the bay bridge but we are talking about a new icon in san francisco and postcards around the world, the tallest new tower on the west coast. >> the project is expected to create 48,000 new jobs and the terminal is set to be completed in the year 2017. it can be a challenge even for the best drivers. curvy lombard street in san francisco. so what if there is a fire? how does the fire department get a truck down there? that's tonight's "good question." ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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healthy dose of mentoring, and take a little music, add elbow grease and a healthy dose of mentoring and you gets a unique program that's changing lives for some east bay teenagers. kate kelly went to the car wash to meet this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: welcome to hip hop car wash where teenagers are
6:43 pm
transform the cars and their lives. >> i wanted to empower them and show them that they have a right to be safe, strong and free. free is not being caught up in the hangups you have been poorly labeled with. free to not have to believe in those labels and make those poor choices. >> reporter: veronica pope started people who care a nonprofit that runs the week in car wash for teens who are required to work off community service hours. it's a second chance, she says, for those society often leaves behind. >> hands on learning, that's the way these students survive especially the kids falling through the cracks. >> reporter: teenagers like tyrell burks are referred to her program after sentencing for petty crimes or truancy. tyrell was prosecuted for theft. >> i never had a real job before. >> reporter: with veronica's encouragement tyrell is now focused on finishing high school. >> she made a very big difference in my life. if she didn't come into my life i probably would be doing the same things i did before. i'm glad she came. >> reporter: hip hop car wash
6:44 pm
is a green venture. instead of wasting water, the kids use environmentally friendly cleaners to wipe down each and every car. that means no water, plus, solar panels power the vacuum. and when they aren't using their hands, they are planning their future. >> can anyone share a business plan with me today? >> at the people who care office, teens learn job skills, develop business plans, and learn to embrace their own unique talents. >> i speak better and english fluently. >> ah. very good. so you guys out there. remember, double language, more customers, bet "your black muslim bakery" business. >> reporter: ver ron car, a counselor for at risk children, used her retirement money to start this after-school program. the office space is now donated by the city of pittsburg and grants and donations pay for three staff members a family therapist and stipends for kids who choose to work beyond their community service requirements. pittsburg vice mayor michael
6:45 pm
kee says veronica's dream is giving kids a positive alternative. >> she started with just an idea and has developed it to what we have here today and i'm sure it will continue to grow and it's just been through her own persistence so she has done wonders and i think always kids love her. >> reporter: so forgiving teens the tools to stay on the road to success, this week's jefferson award in the bay area, goes to veronica pope. kate kelly, cbs 5. thank you to sue lindstrom from danville who just wrote to in saying that she is parted of the quiet minority loving the cooler summer of 2010. this is the mount vaca area where the high is only 70 degrees compared right now with this reason that we experienced the cool summer 2010. it is the very deep marine layer that will continue to affect your plans.
6:46 pm
>> pleasanton with clear skies. we have westerlies kicking up to 15, some gust to 23. it looks like today number- wise, anywhere between 10 and 18 degrees below average. the reason an upper-level trough is hanging out over the west coast. we don't have anything to kick it out of area. going to mix out the marine layer. lows tonight from 50 in santa rosa to 54 in oakland right around the mid-50s common across the peninsula. tomorrow winds up to 15 to 20 rate day. numbers going up 50s, 60s, beaches. 78 in san jose down from the
6:47 pm
average high temperature of 84 degrees. low 80s in dublin, should be the high 80s. 75 in santa rosa, average high 83 degrees. you want warmer conditions? beginning tomorrow, gradual warmup through the weekend peaking on monday and looks like our temperatures after wednesday will begin to come back down. that's a look at your pinpoint forecast. >> dennis, where are you? >> he is out at football camp but first, we have the curvy path that's a huge tourist attraction. and have you ever wondered about this? how does the san francisco fire department get an engine down lombard street? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." reporter: it's been called the crookedest street in the world. and on a summer day in san francisco, lombard street can be a challenge for even the best of drivers. so how would you ever get a fire engine down this street if
6:48 pm
you really needed one? [ bell rings ] >> if you see it come down behind how tight this is a truck company would never get down here. >> reporter: the deputy chief says believe it or not the city has a specially built fire engine just to make it down this street. >> they are shorter and taller so we can get all our equipment on it. you see how many people around here how tight it is to get around. if they were the regular sized engines you would never be able to get it down the street. >> reporter: he says the city's big ladder trucks won't work here. so firefighters also train carrying hose and 50-foot ladders all the way from the top to the bottom. >> 50-foot wooden ladder takes 400 pounds and takes 6 firefighters to put it up plus an for call to watch for the safety and watch how it goes up and call the height. >> reporter: that's why they're all in good shape? >> pretty much. all of our firefighters are fully capable of doing everything. >> reporter: i need your good question. send them to me at
6:49 pm
,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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welcome to santa clara, everybody. 49er headquarters. the kickoff the preseason in about four days on our sister station, more on that in just a
6:52 pm
moment. but first, some sad news. the plane crash that claimed the life of alaska scan senator took the life of bill phillips father of lineman andrew phillips. the small plane crashed in alaska. five of the passengers died. phillips is a senior guard. he left the team to be with his family. his 13-year-old brother william was one of the survivors. >> he is up in alaska seeing to his younger brother willie who from what all accounts was a real hero and a stud in that plane crash. of all the survivors, he had a broken ankle and ran up the mountain to flag down a helicopter. >> the business here at 49er camp and the big story is the absence of former number one
6:53 pm
pick [ indiscernible ] has left camp. ballmer is a wol from practice. mike singletary gave him monday and tuesday off but requested he return today. according to online speculation, balmer is dealing with an ncaa rules violation with the university of north carolina. on the field, ballmer hasn't recorded a sack in his tenure with the 49ers. in other news, another former number one michael crabtree suffered a neck strain when he hit the ground after reaching for a pass that was in the afternoon practice today. crabtree didn't return to practice. the 49ers have only confirmed that crabtree has suffered a neck strain after reaching for that pass. by the way, 49ers kick off the preseason -- that was joe staley talking about the 49ers on 44 cable 12 this sunday morning. on the eve of the raiders first preseason game against the dallas cowboys, al davis talking about the acquisition of quarterback jason campbell
6:54 pm
and saying he is a little bit like jim plunkett. >> i see this young jason campbell as a football player like i saw jim plunkett. he has everything. he was 13-0 in college, he can throw up the field, he can run, he is big and smart. i really predict great things for him. this team has a lot of potential and a lot of great young players. baseball, the giants have acquired infielder mike fontenot in a trade with the cubs for a minor league prospects. top of the 1st, as coco crisp. 5th inning mark ellis with one of three doublings on the afternoon and drives in two runs. 4-0 oakland. dallas braden backs up the lead with six strikeout, four hits and went the distance for a complete game shutout. picks up his first win since the perfect game. 5-1 the final. back to camp here, 49ers
6:55 pm
rookie kyle williams has a serious chance of becoming a punt returner. he is a san jose kid. >> they tell me i'm improving every day but i got a long way to go. >> reporter: drafted in the sixth round, kyle williams was a two-sport athlete at arizona state. he chose football over baseball in spite of his dad kenny who made his living on the diamond. >> in my younger years he steered me towards baseball, but again he is proud whatever i do. >> reporter: kenny grew up in san jose, went to stanford, played professional baseball for six seasons and then became general manager of the chicago white sox when kyle was 12 years old. al's passion for south side baseball is unmatched. >> every time i check the scores or get a chance to see sports center at the end of the night, it's been good to see they are getting a lot of wins. >> reporter: the interest in each other's business is mutual. >> you did the very best you could. so you got to at some point even if things don't pan out, at some point you hold your head up high knowing you put in the work and you did everything
6:56 pm
you could. >> he said remember, this is your dream. this is what you wanted, this is what you've asked for since you why, you know, a 10-year- old kid so remember that and keep that in perspective and everything will be easier. >> reporter: what kyle lacks in talent, he hopes to make up in experiencing. his exposure to the business side of professional sports has helped to keep him grounded. >> you don't have that shock and awe when you go into a locker room. very first thing i saw when i walked in was the five super bowl trophies. once you look at those it gives you the chills. you want to be part of something like that. >> reporter: williams says his favorite 49ers moment was terrell owens' catch against the packers in the play-offs. >> two out, palmiero -- >> reporter: but it doesn't hold a candle to the white sox championship run in 2005. >> i have been a white sox fan my whole life, seeing every, single inch of the ups and downs, i mean from seeing how my dad is when he comes home after a losing or lost season and then seeing the other side of it being all the way on top. there is no greater feeling
6:57 pm
than that. >> and here comes the final major of the year on cbs 5 and so it's time for our anchor picks. the pga championship tees off tomorrow. bomb bottom i'm going with the low guy. >> you guys recover the irish. >> he is young! >> irish are hot! what can i say. >> wayne our director, brendan, de young??? who??? i have never heard. guy. >> you may. who knows. you know, wayne might know something there. >> you guys know something. the irish are hot. >> fancy down there at 49er camp. don't forget to come back. >> sweet assignment. >> tough assignment. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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