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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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told us just last week. >> we don't have a deficit. we have a reserve. we are not having layoffs. >> not only that, last week san ramon's mayor defended the pay rate of his city manager one of the highest paid in the bay area. linda yee asked, what's going on? >> reporter: it is a town with safe streets, good schools, reserves in the budget and a city manager who does make $356,000 a year. so why are the cuts coming? the mayor's answers may not sit well with some residents. >> reporter: every friday they come to the senior center for their afternoon bridge game, karaoke and other classes. and even though san ramon's city budget has a reserve, not a deficit, the fees for attending these programs are going up. in some cases, a few bucks. this in a town where city manager herb moniz also happens
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to make $356,000 a year after his 10% raise in 2008. >> it doesn't seem right to me that they start at the bottom and it's cut, cut, cut and as it gets higher up, less cuts, more pay. >> reporter: parkland escaping and tree maintenance will be reduced and street sweeping will be cut to once a month to save money. debbie ar buckle couldn't believe what she was reading in a newsletter sent to city residents. especially after seeing cbs 5's story on the hefty wages of the city's public employees. >> i was just infuriated to hear the mayor say that the city has a surplus and then to see from this letter they are blaming the economy on budget cuts and that the cuts are take money from seniors and way from our city and the city manager gave himself a 10% raise. just infuriating. i want to know how the mayor justifies that. >> reporter: the mayor makes no
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apologies for his city manager's salary. >> er. >> ' looking at a person who doesn't have an assistant, that works twice a hard as i think a lot of other people, the 10 years that he has here and the fact that he gives 200%. >> reporter: you don't think this salary is excessive? >> not for what he does and as an individual. >> reporter: but you're cutting back on services, you're asking seniors to pay an extra buck and this guy doesn't get any cutbacks?? he doesn't even have to give back a bonus? >> mr. moniz is a -- will have his salary freeze for the next two years. >> reporter: at $356,000. that's not a hardship. >> it's not a hardship. but when you look at what's going on and what he has done to maintain the quality of life -- >> reporter: the city did find some places to cut back in next year's budgets. public services budget would drop from 20-plus million dollars to just over $19
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million. parks and community services will lose about $300,000. but the budget for public employee salaries, it jumped about $2 million even though no one, including the well- paid city manager, will get raises. >> he does deserve good pay but i don't think he deserves almost double the average pay. i don't know how he sleeps at night. i don't understand how he can feel justified with that. >> reporter: well, last time the mayor refused to talk about his city manager's salary. today he did. and when pressed about whether he would consider asking him to take a pay cut, the answer, everything is considered. >> everything is on the table. isn't it convenient, the economy is the answer for governments to private companies, it's -- it's just the great excuse right now. >> it is. >> reporter: you wonder where are they getting the money to pay this man $356,000 a year. i mean i don't fault his work, but you're asking seniors to chip in an extra $2 to go to a,
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you know, bridge. >> when you're on a fixed income, two bucks is a lot. they have to budget that out of something else. >> reporter: right. so that's just one extreme example. but there are going to be other people who will suffer, too. businesses will be suffering because of the landscaping issues and that type thing. they have to put more money into it. so it does trickle down. >> you asked the questions, though. >> reporter: he is a public official. he owes answers. >> thank you, linda. three attacks, one complex, it's had a community on edge but tonight police say they have found who they are looking for. sherry hu is live in walnut creek on the arrest made just a short time ago. sherry. >> reporter: a suspect is behind bars facing six counts of rape, attempted rape and burglary. his bail has been set and it is high, $12.4 million. now, late today, the contra costa county sheriff's office identified the suspect as 22- year-old antonio andre mouton of berkeley.
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investigators say he was arrested tuesday evening in a car at the pittsburg bart station. they say a citizen tip gave it a break. but they made it clear he does not work for bart or at the park regency apartment complex in walnut creek where all three of the attacks took place. now, investigators say the series started on june 30th with the most recent assault this past tuesday. in that case, a woman woke up, a man had his hand over her mouth but she managed to get free. it is still not clear how the suspect got into her locked apartment. investigators say based on evidence including dna, they believe that suspect has now been caught. >> why he was in the area and why he selected that area, these things are a crime of opportunity, obviously. we believe he planned these events. hopefully we'll figure that out and be able to present that in court along with the d.a.'s office later on. >> we are confident that the dna that we have recovered has come from mr. mouton.
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>> i can say that we're all relieved that this individual has been caught and obviously, that was going to be in the forefront of everybody's thoughts over the last six weeks. for this particular circumstance, i think they can relax. >> reporter: investigators shoulders us mouton's photo next to the three composite sketches of the alleged attacker. just to show us the facial similarities. now, investigators believe there may be other victims and not just in walnut creek, other possible victims not just in walnut creek but perhaps in other cities. and juliette, detectives say that when they arrested mouton, he was cooperative and compliant. >> thank you, sherry hu live in walnut creek. other headlines around the bay area tonight, late last night, san francisco police searched a fremont home in connection with a murder of a german tourist. officers removed several items but didn't make any arrests. a stray bullet killed mechthild schroer sunday night when two groups of young people started shooting at each other outside
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of a party near union square. the city attorney says that he may take legal action against the venue that hosted the party for overcrowdingching. and the man who led chp on a lengthy chase wednesday afternoon has been charged with murder. 30-year-old is accused of killing hector sanchez from pittsburg. police believe there was an ongoing dispute between the men. he will be arraigned monday. a stinker of a morning commute in livermore. more than 10 tons of fertilizer and landscaping bark created a nightmare for drivers. a big rig overturned on westbound 580 around 4:30 a.m. in livermore. nobody was hurt but part of the truck's load spilled across the lane. lanes were closed for most of the morning commute while crews cleaned it all up. state workers are hitting box office across california to vent their frustration over the governor's furlough plan.
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he has a cameo in an action thriller. jonathan tichoner reports. reporter: the expendables. that's how these siu local 1,000 workers say they are feeling now, expendable specifically over the governor's furloughs. [ extremely loud background noise ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: day 44 with no budget. the governor says they submitted a budget on time. legislature says they have made proposal to be tweaked by the governor. these state workers are caught in the middle. >> we understand they believe they are entitled not to feel these effects of the economy while everybody else has to feel the effects. it's amazing that they have a sense of entitlement that the private sector ought to pay for the shelter for them not to feel the effects of the economy. >> we are doing our part in bargaining. we are trying to come to a
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deal. we recognize that we need to do our part and we have made proposals to give up pay, give up benefits, and yet it's not enough. [ chanting ] >> reporter: so the expandables. the protestors say they are going to be here at this theater until 6:30, as you mentioned juliette, this is a similar protest across the state. the sciu representing more than 95,000 state workers. it is the largest state union in california. >> thank you, jonas tichenor. let's here what some of our viewers had to say. the governor's work in the movie has people posting or facebook. darren says it's not like the legislature wasn't going to come to a sudden epiphany while he was gone. from mike, he says, "we should all be grateful for all he does for california, let him have a life." and a quip from rich email he could put his salary from the movie into the budget? >> huh? >> imagine every student that
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will be a 12th grader and graduate. they will be able to say, i'm qualified to go to any uc school in california. >> some tough new requirements for bay area high school students. the extra courses they will have to take before they can graduate. more harm than good. the popular over-the-counter medicine that could cause serious health problems in young people. questions about the future of prop 8. why some are asking whether the appeal is even legal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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requirements. while it may be more pressu n san francisco high school fresh men will face new challenges this year. stricter graduation requirements. it may be more pressure. sharon chin tells us it could also mean more students will eventually go to college. >> welcome to mission high school. >> reporter: it's orientation day for ninth graders in the san francisco public schools.
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>> i was nervous at first but then i got more comfortable. >> you must have good grades. >> reporter: incoming freshmen have more than usual jitters. their class will face tougher graduation requirements that administrators hope will give them more opportunities to attend college. >> imagine every student that will be a 12th grader and the graduates, they will be able to say, i'm qualified to go to any uc school in california. >> reporter: starting with the class of 2014, san francisco's graduation requirements will match those needed to apply to the university of california and cal state university. school superintendent carlos garcia says the first step was making sure all high school classes are uc-approved. >> we have gone ahead now and revamped all our class for ninth graders to make sure that they meet that criteria. >> reporter: bottom line, the new criteria means students will have to successfully complete a second year of foreign language and a third year of college preparatory math that includes algebra and geometry. some freshmen welcome the challenge. >> like all things with hard
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work at the start, it will pay off in the end. >> again, i want to achieve my goals. >> reporter: last year almost half of the san francisco public high school graduates met the college requirements. but jonathan ballesteros was missing a math class so he couldn't even apply to uc. if you had been under these new requirements, you -- >> i could have been in uc. >> reporter: you could have gone there directly? >> yes. >> reporter: still, allen denton worries about some of his classmates. >> for other people, it will be like harder to graduate because some people don't really want to go to college? >> reporter: administrators say there will be extra help for newcomers or disabled students. the school district plans to get students ready for the new graduation requirements early on. for example, introducing some basic concept of algebra and geometry as early as the fifth grade and possibly down the line, offering online courses to help the students out. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. we have posted a chart
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online detailing the new san francisco high school graduation requirements. and you will find it at thousands of students from low-income families will be returning to school with new backpacks and school supplies. sacred heart held its school supply drive in san jose. more than 2,000 students received backpacks filled with up to $80 worth of supplies. all thanks to the donations made by the community. >> this is a product of a whole community coming together. we have been reaching out for months to different businesses and organizations, churches and even schools that are actually saying i want to make sure that the kids in our community are going to have everything they need. >> students were also sent home with a gift card to buy new shoes. sacred heart says the amount of this year's donations exceeded the program's expectations. it is friday the 13th. and a famous house in san jose has a unique way of celebrating this occasion. [ bell tolls ]
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>> oh, the bell tower at the win chester mystery house. they rang it 13 times at 13:00 hours. dan boyle of the san jose sharks had the honor of ringing the bell this year. the famous landmark will continue celebrations well into the night with flashlight tours. get on board. speaking of getting on board, sailors from all over the world are in san francisco this weekend. it is the 42nd international nar championship. the fleet is not fast or comfortable but the boats are pretty and well loved. >> each day, we swap boats. so you never sail the same boat more than once a day and there is another rule that you can't sail your own boat. so it's a level playing field. >> we try to outsmart each other and get on top of each
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other. it's friendly but competition. >> now, so far, a local sailor, john perkins, leads the competition. the race continues through tomorrow. good time to check in with ro to find out that nautical forecast. how are you, roberta? >> nautical forecast, we still have a small craft advisory in place. when we are looking at the winchester mystery house it brought back memories to when i lived in san jose and i actually spent halloween night there at the winchester mystery house. i had to sleep overnight. your mind goes crazy. it was the stupidest thing i did in my life. it was scary! this friday the 13th, there is the transamerica building 867 feet high and we're barely able to see the tip-top of it due to the widespread low clouds and fog already pouring into the bay, which means if you are going to be heading out this evening to giants baseball action they are playing host to the san diego padres. it is definitely jacket weather with an air temperature of 58 degrees.
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out and about on this friday night, we still have the abundance of sunshine inland. 74 to 79 degrees. 60s common bayside. trough overhead. it's persistent. it will continue to keep us for the most part below average. so for saturday, for the san jose jazz festival, 80 degrees. some sunshine and 83 by sunday. your pinpoint forecast does call for 77 in san jose. looks like east of the bay 80 degrees in dublin to 84 degrees in antioch. north bay numbers from the upper 50s with no sunshine in stinson beach to nearly 80 degrees in sonoma. saturday golden gate park is the place to be at 62 degrees for the outside lands music festival carrying on over into sunday, as well. the extended forecast does call for the warmest day of the weekend to be on sunday.
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and then mid to high 90s on tuesday. we have more on the weekend forecast still coming up, gang. >> all right, thank you so much, roberta. in the meantime, we have a call from jason of the calistoga fire department. he has confirmed that there is a fire spreading moderate to rapidly over five to seven acres in mount st. helena. smoke from the fire has shut down traffic on highway 29. now, it started around 5:00 this afternoon. crews are actually having a tough time getting equipment to the fire to fight it. again, it's spreading over five to seven acres on mount st. helena. and we have our chopper up there. we'll keep an eye on that. there are a few homes in the area, though none are threatened specifically. and in fact you can see one of the homes. the fire seems to be moving up the hill not down toward the house. we don't know the wind companies or temperatures. we'll have to ask roberta. but again, a fire in st. helena
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and we are keeping an eye on that for you. more news ahead. uc-berkeley scaled back a controversial genetic testing program and over-the-counter medicine that could have some harmful side effects for teenagers. that's coming up in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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genetically test new students. mulvihill jo the uc-berkeley researchers had to scale back their controversial plan to genetically test new students. dr. kim mulvihill is here to explain to us why. dr. kim. >> reporter: this was a voluntary program and it was supposed to be the largest genetic testing experiment ever done at an american university. new students would provide a swab, a little spit, and find out three genetic traits. alcohol sensitivity, how well they absorb a certain b vitamin, and whether they're lactose intolerant. the pressure from state lawmakers and the california department of public health is changing all that. state regulators told cal if it was going to release results to individual students, that qualifies as a medical test and
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must be conducted at a certified lab not a campus facility. the experiment is still on, but students will no longer get personalized reports. not everyone on the berkeley campus agrees with the decision. >> it's an individual's choice. and i mean, if they want to get it done, so be it. if they don't, they don't have to. >> i think it would be interesting to know if i was alcohol intolerant so i wouldn't be going out and doing things like that. >> reporter: now, over the summer, more than 5,000 new students got dna test kits in the mail. so far, about 700 have submitted samples. >> so talk about the important distinction that this in fact is a medical test. it's because of the information released? >> reporter: absolutely right. you have to, number one, be sure that it's accurate and you have to be able to counsel that patient. one young lady, if she found
6:24 pm
out she wasn't sensitive to alcohol, is she going to think it's okay to binge drink? that's the problem. >> so they have changed how they are going to do this. but they say they are going to destroy all the information. is there still a concern though about privacy? >> reporter: some people have expressed concern. how will we certainly know that everything has been destroyed? could perhaps other tests be run? that's another issue that people brought up. they have also raised questions about informed consent. now that this has changed, you have changed the -- you should have changed the informed consent. we already have the sample. how are we going to rectify that? >> they have your dna. a lot can be done with one's dna. >> we believe it wouldn't have been done but questions are out there and right now, it's on hold. and what they are going to do is present the results as opposed to individually it will be done as a group. we'll be say of the 1,000 that submitted it, 30% are this or that but not individually. can't tell you or you or you. >> it would be interesting to hear the findings but still a
6:25 pm
lot of questions. >> before you go, tylenol. what is your latest on that? i just took one before the newscast so i'm a little nervous. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is -- there's a new concern tonight for teenagers who might be taking acetaminophen. the active ingredients in tylenol and many other over-the- counter medications might increase the risk of asthma and eczema. researchers surveyed more than 320,000 children in 50 countries about their use of acetominophen in the past year. they found that 13- and 14-year- olds who take the popular pain reliever and fever reducer at least once a month are more than twice as likely to have asthma compared to those who don't take it at all. even those who take the drug just once a year are 40% more likely to have asthma symptoms. >> i'm very careful when i do medicate but yeah, it makes me concerned. >> reporter: it's unclear how acetominophen might influence asthma. some experts believe the drug may suppress the immune system
6:26 pm
and cause body-wide inflammation. >> i keep an eye on the study books and i wouldn't get overly alarmed. >> reporter: but some pediatricians urge caution saying parents should not use the drug for minor aches and pains. >> if the child is really sick with a high fever over say 101- degree fahrenheit then it would be reasonable to use it. >> just take your time. good. >> reporter: some research suggests widespread use of acetominophen may be why asthma rates have gone up worldwide but critics say more studies are needed before parents panic. now, it's important to note that parents should not stop giving acetominophen to their children without talking to their doctors. acetominophen and ibuprofen are the two main pain relievers approved for use in children. aspirin is a no-no. >> all right. good to know. thank you. well, what is next for prop 8? why some who have read judge walker's decision closely say the appeal may already be in serious jeopardy.
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♪ hands offer the internet >> google under fire. why these protesters say the company is break its own rules. a veteran k-9 cop shot by a suspected burglar, what helped save the dog's life.
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napa county fire crews are battling a grass fire burning on we want to go back to chopper 5 in the wine country. napa county fire crews are battling a grassfire. it's burning on the west side of mount st. helena. the last report, the most recent report we received is that ten acres are burning. you can see that smoke rising. it has shut down traffic on highway 29. and roberta tells us right now that the winds are blowing about 10 miles an hour. this fire started a little after 5:00 this afternoon and because of the terrain, fire crews are having a tough time getting equipment up to the point where the fire is burning. there are homes in the area. there have been no evacuation yet. again, it's 10 acres on the west side of mount st. helena. and we'll keep an eye on that with chopper 5. all right. on to the battle over same-sex
6:31 pm
marriage continues tonight. supporters and opponents are waiting for the court's next move. don knapp has the story. >> reporter: while this may be an oversimplification, there is some thought that the case may have been decided in the fine print of his decision. if the battle over same-sex marriage makes it to the u.s. supreme court it could take two years to get final word. but some who have read judge vaughn walker's decision closely say prop 8 is already dead in the water. >> it's possible because the only parties that tried to go to the ninth circuit do not have standing to take an appeal. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: yesterday, after same-sex couples won a victory in court waited for a promised day in the prop 8 marriage ban to be lifted and lined up at city hall to get married, things got complicated. >> the good news is the stay is it lifted. the bad news is the judge has
6:32 pm
said it's lifted next wednesday. >> oh!! >> so we have to wait a week. sorry, everybody. >> reporter: judge vaughn walker has been allowing plenty of time for the u.s. court of appeals ninth circuit to take up an appeal but the governor has already said same-sex marriages should proceed. and the attorney general says prop 8 is unconstitutional. while prop 8 supporters hope to appeal the decision, same-sex marriage advocates say walker's decision shows don't have legal standing to do so. to establish they have standing to appeal the court's decision, judge walker wrote, proponents must show that they have suffered an injury in fact, which is fairly traceable to the challenged action. that is, show they have been been injured by the state's allowing people of the same-sex to be married. >> that's very interesting because the judge gave prop 8 proponents standing in this trial. and the fact that he is trying to end this on a technicality shows that he doesn't have much confidence in his own decision. >> reporter: the will of the voters should be enough, says bill may of catholics for the common good. >> it's not a question of whether or not we're harmed.
6:33 pm
we have standing and there's a lot of legal precedent for it. when the governor and the attorney general in this case aren't willing to defend the constitution and the will of 7 million voters, the proponents of the initiative are always given standing on this. >> reporter: while attorney james brosnahan thinks there is a possibility the standing issue could stop the appeal, he also offers this caution. >> they might decide this is so important and be final unless they do something that they would allow an appeal. certainly possible. >> reporter: curiously, one of the cases cited by judge vaughn walker in overturning proposition 8 was a 2004 case when the attorney general sued the city of san francisco and won saying the mayor of san francisco had no authority to issue marriage licenses. reporting live in marin county, don knapp, cbs 5. hp shareholders are suing the company. it's over the fallout from former ceo mark hurd's abrupt
6:34 pm
resignation last week. shareholders have filed a derivative lawsuit that lets them sue executives or board members for action that shareholders say harm the company. the suit seeks unspecified damages and changes to hp's corporate governance. hurd resigned friday following a sexual harassment claim. his severance could be up to $40 million. google and verizon are at the center of a heated debate. protestors gathered outside of google today over net neutrality. len ramirez shows us why some say it is a battle over first amendment rights. ♪ hands off the internet it must be free ♪ >> reporter: singing songs of protest and hope free speech advocates consumer groups and internet user came to google to plead with the tech giant to keep the internet open and free. >> i'm a scholar and i want equal access to information. >> reporter: the issue is over a plan that some say could
6:35 pm
change the internet itself breaking away from the long held practice known as net neutrality. remember when the internet used to be known as information superhighway? in a similar way, net neutrality means there should be one set of roads on the internet for everyone to use. but what google is proposing with its partner verizon is essentially a toll road system, a separate internet for wireless devices only. >> net neutrality is under attack. >> let's fight back. >> reporter: people worry that could lead to tightly controlled premium content internet for the haves and a lesser one for the have nots. >> they are talking about a two tiered system for the internet system where you plug in and they are talking about a system with wireless where none of the existing rules apply where they would essentially be able to control who has access who is able to produce content, how fast that content flows and so on. >> whoo! internet freedom under attack! >> reporter: james and others delivered 300,000 signatures of
6:36 pm
people opposed to the plan. google says wireless is important to the company where the next wave of service and innovation will come from. they tried to reassure users that they will live up to its do no evil motto. >> google is a fierce supporter of the open internet. we think it's a really important issue and we see we have a couple of key enforceability protections in our proposal with verizon and that's much better than no protections at all. >> oh, moy darling... >> reporter: net users hope the federal communications commission will protect their rights to the internet when the agency takes up the issue this month. len ramirez, cbs 5. santa clara county sheriff's deputies are investigating april man's body found in a remote area with a gunshot wound. a man discovered it outside morgan hill about 1:40:00 a.m. it was on a dirt ridge several hundred yards from any homes. investigators call the death suspicious but haven't determined a cause of death. they are looking into why the man who found the body was in such a remote area at that time
6:37 pm
of night. tonight an armed burglar is dead and a police dog recovering from a gunshot following a shootout in the east bay. it happened early this morning in antioch on d street near railroad avenue. julie watts on what led to the gun battle. >> i was like is he okay? >> reporter: angelica howard is just one of many in the neighborhood concerned about thor the veteran antioch k-9 cop who quite literally took one for the team this morning when he was shot by a burglary suspect. >> i mean, essentially when you're making that type an entry trying to apprehend a burglary suspect, you're using the animal so you don't have to have officers go on hand with the suspect. obviously, in this situation nobody knew the suspect was armed. >> reporter: it was just before 1:30 this morning when thor, his handler and several other units responded to a burglary in progress here on d street near lawton. police say the occupants of the home were out of town and a neighbor called them to report
6:38 pm
the break-in. per protocol, thor was one of the first officers through the door and that's when the suspect shot him. police killed the suspect and thor was immediately rushed to a nearby 24-hour emergency veterinary facility. lucky for the pup, the bullet missed his vital organs but that was little consolation for his partner. >> obviously, he was really concerned for the animal and, you know, there's such a tight bond between the handler and the animal. >> reporter: you can see here where the bullet entered thor's neck and exited his back, an injury that could have been debilitating. but not for thor, who police call one of the strongest members of the force. by mid-morning, this 8-year veteran was up and walking again. he is now back home resting with his handler and hearing that has neighbors like angelica feeling -- >> better. >> reporter: why? >> because he's okay. >> reporter: police have not yet
6:39 pm
released the identity of the suspect. but they say he is a 29-year- old man with an extensive criminal history. in antioch, julie watts, cbs 5. drug violence spiraling out of control. coming up next, what is being done to beef up security along the border with mexico? and the potential payoff for hundreds of people looking for work. neglected and abused for years. but tonight a very special dog has a new home. ,,,, [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled.
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meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. security along the u-s mexico border. as joel brown tells us, president obama signed a multi-million dollar bill to tighten security along the u.s./mexico border. while lawmakers agree on the need to boost border security. joel brown shows us they still disagree on how to reform the immigration system. reporter: sneaking into the united states from mexico is going to get tougher. with the secretary of homeland security by his side, president obama signed a bill that will
6:42 pm
spend $600 million to tighten the poorest border. >> and reduce the trafficking of people, drugs, currency and weapons. >> reporter: mexican border towns are at the center of an ongoing drug war that's claimed some 28,000 lives since 2006. the white house says the new money will help keep that violence from spilling into the u.s. by adding 1,000 border patrol agents, 250 border protection officers, and 250 immigration personnel to target drug smuggling. republicans supported the measure but some, including arizona senator john mccain, say much more needs to be done to secure the border. with this measure, the president's walking a fine political line, trying to look tough on border security issues without upsetting latino voters. the obama administration says the new law is a stepping stone to comprehensive immigration reform. >> this bill passed on a bipartisan basis. now let's get republicans to the table finally so we can address the whole issue of immigration reform. >> reporter: the changes at the border won't happen overnight. 1500 new officers and agents
6:43 pm
have to be hired and trained. that's expected to take at least 8 months. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. just minutes away from your weekend and we have your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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neglected 11 year old german we have happy news here. it did not take long to find a home for max the german shepherd mix. he met his new family today. the family from los gatos adopted him from the humane society of silicon valley. he had been living most of his life inside of a crate in a garage until he was taken from his owners. and then he lived in a shelter for about six weeks. >> not many people are drawn toward the older dogs. most go for the puppies. but, you know, we really just lover the older dogs and they are just sweet and you get so much out of them. they are just wonderful. >> max has kidney failure. the family says it has adopted
6:47 pm
other pets with health issues and will have no problems taking care of max's special needs. we want to update you now on the grassfire burning in the north bay. chopper 5 there bringing you live pictures. it is on the west side of mount st. helena. the last report had 10 acres burning. there are homes in the area. right now, we're told no evacuation yet. the smoke from the fire had shut down traffic on highway 29 for some time. and we are told fire crews are kind of having a tough time getting equipment up to where the fire is because of the roads in that area. good time to check in with roberta to check the wind conditions in the area. >> very fortunate at this hour those westerlies are blowing about 10 miles per hour and the relative humidity is 32% so not too dry. and we have been fortunate this summer season because it has been unseasonably cool and so far today in that saint helena area the air temperature has topped off at 75 degrees. now tumbling to right around 70
6:48 pm
degrees. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards san jose where today high temperature only in the mid- 70s, another unseasonably cool day there, as well. typically we should be at 84 degrees. compared to the coast, that low clouds and fog pushing well into the bay. bottom line is as you take a look at our satellite, we do have another deep marine layer and it is penetrating the golden gate bridge working its way bayside. so if you are out and about this evening, you do require a jacket along the coast an into the bay, temperatures 50s and 60s there and then clouds moving inland where tonight overnight down to 53 degrees in the tri-valley. low 50s in vallejo, benicia, martinez and swinging around to american canyon. there it is. that deck of low clouds and fog roughly about 2,000 feet deep in the overnight hours which means we will see some localized drizzle along the coast again tomorrow morning. the trough just hang there is
6:49 pm
very persistent not going anywhere. southern california also very cool. 71 in san diego. otherwise 88 degrees in sacramento. typically in the mid-90s. high sierra in the 70s and 80s through monday. pinpoint forecast, beginning with the santa clara valley a pair of 7s there. 78 in oakland. very similar conditions to today. there you have it big concert at golden gate park, outside lands music fest. join live 105. they will be there in full force. all right. the extended forecast, there you have it, temperature-wise, 50s at the beaches, 60s bayside, mid-80s across our inland areas. warmest day of all coming up will be on tuesday. finally summertime here in the bay area at 97 degrees. hey, just heard from kim coyle. she is in indianapolis. and she sent me this picture. it's raining. it's hot. it's humid. and she just saw the state capital there. keep the photos coming to have a great weekend. >> thank you, roberta. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and at
6:50 pm
11:00 on cbs 5, we all know how a gambling addiction can destroy lives. now there is a new way for those with a problem to put the brakes on it. how a troubled gambler can get banned from the table with a brief moment of clarity. that's tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. and coming up in sports, the padres respond to jonathan sanchez's sweet guarantee and the reason for glen coffee's retirement after one nfl season. ,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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championship 2 hours and 40 minutes, as half the field didn't complete play... the round two of the pga championship 2 hours and 40 minutes fog delay. half the field didn't play. dismount on the cliff. he stopped the landing. phil mickelson on 15 hits a fan in the back. he signs the glove and writes the word sorry. six shots off the lead. dustin johnson nice birdie here. he is tied for third. simon kahn long eagle putt. he too is at 5 under tied for third place. tiger woods almost rolls in his chip on 2. he stays at 1 under
6:54 pm
par. only getting in 6 holes because of weather. matt kutcher 8-under par. searching for his first major title one stroke up. the giants are just 1-7 against the padres this year and it's a different team. jonathan sanchez had no problems expressing his confidence going into the series. he says we are going into san diego and we are going to beat them three times. if we get to first place we are not going to look back. when asked to expand, sanchez is quiet and the padres weigh in before the issue is settled on the field. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i'm not talking. >> you're not talking? >> tomorrow when i pitch. i'll talk to the guys. >> don't talk to me about it. hey, if he feels that way, great. at the end of the day it's ultimately proved on the baseball field. i know it sounds cliche but
6:55 pm
talk is cheap. >> all i can say is i like his confidence. i swept up my garage today and cleaned it up. [ laughter ] >> jose guillen is now a giant. got him from kansas city. he is 34, hitting .255 with 16 homers. 52 rbis. talented but often wears out his welcome. joining the 10th team in 14 years won't be in town until after tomorrow night's game. now, this has to be the most bizarre story of 9ers training camp so far. second year runningback glen coffee's heart is no longer in it and is retiring from football for good. the former third round pick is only 23 and having a good camp. he was to be the backup to frank gore. he announced it today to the surprise of the coach and his former teammates saying, quote, this has been a tough decision for me but at this time it's best that i move on from football. i appreciate what the 9ers, my teammates and the coaches have done for plea and i witch them a blessed season and all the
6:56 pm
best in the future. the raiders open preseason play against the cowboys last night in a meaningless game. 4th quarter, kyle boller at quarterback floats this brilliant pass on play action. phil nick miller touchdown. raiders lead. 1 minutes 30 seconds to play. the quarterback throws across the middle deflected and boyd there for the pick takes it to the house 48 yards. the raiders 17 points in the fourth and win it 17-9. >> jason was something like 7 of 12 which, you know, that's a real step forward for us. missed a couple of deep throws by him that were inches away. i think we have a chance to go get those. >> i'm out there in free game. i'm trying to figure out where
6:57 pm
everyone is going. it's just a game. >> that's it for campbell. still sorting things out, doesn't know everybody but he will get there. >> we want to welcome you dave lewis from kcbs radio. >> welcome to cbs 5. >> i have watched you all so long dana since dana and dave when you were both about 15. >> about 150 years ago. >> but i got to tell you, dave, no win for raiders fans is meaningless. preseason, post-season. dana. dana. >> a few years ago they went 4- 0 in preseason and ended 2-15. it was meaningless. >> don't jinx them. >> and my facebook buddy over there. >> we talk all the time. keep up with her marathoning and shenanigans. >> thanks so much. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered.
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