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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  August 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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in for ann notarangelo. those who live in a san francisco those who live in a san francisco neighborhood where a clist was struck and good evening.
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i'm elizabeth wenger. those who live in a san francisco neighborhood where cyclist was struck and killed by a car say it's not the first time there's been an accident at that intersection. john knapp reports now from sonic and turk, where neighbors and bikers say something needs to be done. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. neighbors have said for a long time that turk and masonic is a dangerous neighborhood. they say traffic moves too fast and point to this dip which goes down to the panhandle. they say that obscures traffic coming through the intersection. neighbors know this as a dangerous intersection. last night, a bicyclist riding south on masonic was struck by a driver headed in the same direction. the driver kept going, but stopped a few blocks away. the 21-year-old male buy sick illist was killed. the driver of the mercedes that hit him was arrested and booked on vehicular manslaughter. >> we can see the intersection from the second floor flat and we have seen accidents there before, one pretty bad one with
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a motorcyclist. you can't really see if anybody's coming. >> reporter: michael hillcrest who writes a neighborhood blog, says a neighbor come up on the scene last night and blocked traffic with his car after seeing a taxi drive by the body without stopping. he says neighbors have petitioned to slow traffic down. they want to see a center divide and landscaping. >> item now, this looks like a freeway out here. it's wide open, flat, go as fast as you can. you could do that, you could put a bicycle lane alongside, which not only would give bicyclists safe passage, but also as a cue to others on the street. >> reporter: these riders visiting from out of town used bikes today to go to a concert. drivers here are not like those in davis' neighborhood. in davis, bikes get respect. >> at this corner, this car honked at me. i was clearly going around. he honked because he thought it was funny. i don't know. they think it's a joke. >> reporter: nor, she says, is
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san francisco as bicycle friendly as san luis abyss bow. >> hurry, taxis driving everywhere, definitely not very safe. i'm definitely on edge. >> reporter: there's a certain tension between motorists and buy sick illests. david crader rides in heavy rush hour traffic every day. as he goes from the fisherman's wharf area to his job downtown. >> bottom line, if you look at the bike lanes down here, there's tracks and big ditches, not well maintained. it's tough in a big city, but it's pretty important for a biker's safety. >> reporter: the driver cited for vehicular manslaughter was not named. >> john knapp in san francisco, thank you. a new tribute to oscar grant is being put together in oakland tonight. grant was killed by a police officer at the fruit dale station on new year's day 2009. the ella baker center created
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the oscar grant ribbon memorial. everyone was invited to tie a ribbon onto the new memorial. organizers asked, after people tied a ribbon, that they can think about how they can positively influence the community. an apple employee from sunnyvale is under arrest, suspected in a kickback scheme. a federal grand jury indicted 37-year-old paul shin devine, accused of accepting more than $1 million for supplying confidential information to apple suppliers in asia. those suppliers used the information to negotiate favorable contracts with cooper tino-based apple. wire fraud, money laundering and kickbacks are the charges. meg whitman is pumping millions more into her campaign for governor. the republican gop candidate dug into her own personal wealth and donated another $13 million to her campaign. the former ebay executive has now contributed $104 million from her own fortune.
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meanwhile, the latest cbs 5 poll shows the race for governor in a statistical dead heat. 44% of californiaians support whitman. 43% support democrat jerry brown. 6%, undecided. the social security law is 75 years old today. advocates, seniors and labor groups rallied outside the new schedule building in san francisco to make sure it will be intact for years to come. kim ryan shows us why supporters of social security say cutting it will be harmful to millions. >> reporter: tom rankine, treasurer for the california alliance for retired americans has little faith in the commission of by partisan commission put together by president obama to address the deficit. >> my daughter is having triplets this coming month, and i want there to be social security for them on their 65th birthday, not their 75th birthday, and i want it to last
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for another 150 years. social security was born 75 years ago under fdr. that was about the time that people began debating how long it would last. will it be sustainable? and the fear of the folks here today is the same. will privatization prevail? will they have to work years longer, before drawing a monthly paycheck? >> cochairs have already indicated that they would like to cut social security by increasing the retirement age and cutting the cost of living allowances. >> reporter: tom ranken, treasurer for the council alliance of retired americans, has little faith in a bipartisan deficit commission put together by president obama. >> and we want social security to be there for you and you and you and you. >> n]♪ >> reporter: outside the federal building in san francisco, tim ryan, cbs 5. a labor of love is becoming a family affair.
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>> brought the whole family out here. how bay area school communities are taking matters into their own hands. end of world war two. celebrating 65 years later, the events in the south marking the event of world war ii. i'm in the weather center, a foggy start, but sunshine in most places by the end, but here comes the fog again. when will we warm up? we'll talk about that, coming up. ,,,, our mercury moment took place at colin's golf practice.
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parents who need help with back-to-school supplies for their children got it today. two local organizations, mo magic and b magic provided thousands of backpacks to students. many kids say they would not be able to get a new backpack if they didn't get it for free. two locations in san francisco were set up for the backpack give-away, and as you can see, once they arrived, there were boxes and boxes of backpacks to choose from. public schools hard-hit by the state's budget crisis have been forced to cut some nonessential services. well, among those cuts, landscaping. but as julie watt shows us, at one oakland school, business and community members are stepping up to keep the grounds
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well groomed. >> this is really sad. >> reporter: kyle was shocked when he saw the landscaping in front of oakland's elementary. he says it's nothing like the lush, green vegetation at his walnut creek middle school. >> i would be unhappy, and i would talk to the school district, try and get people to help, just like we're doing here. >> reporter: kyle's one of 50 volunteers from as far away as rosedale who gave up their saturday to clean up one of five oakland schools. >> brought the whole family out here. >> reporter: kyle's dad, mark, works for mccarthy building company, the catalyst behind this cleanup effort. mccarthy manages all the construction and modernization projects for oakland unified. >> we work in oakland. we do hospitals in oakland. we do schools out here in oakland, and we want to contribute back to the community. >> reporter: as you might imagine, in a city like oakland, a city that can't afford to keep police officers and teachers staffed, there's not a lot of money to upkeep
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landscaping at schools like this, which can lead to serious problems. >> it's potential for fire damage. but also the potential for the campus to start to back slide and really be an eye score again. >> reporter: she says again, because when principal carter first arrived at the school 15 years ago, this hillside was covered in trash. over time, the school district and members of the community began investing in landscaping, but as funding dries up, so do the weeds, and the consequences are wider-reaching than simple curb appeal. >> because as the campus starts to look worse, people in the community unfortunately respect it less and less. we have more vandalism. we have more graffiti. and then ultimately, we have less people choosing the school for their kids. >> reporter: and without students, there's less funding. without funding, there's more deterioration, and the cycle continues. a cycle the volunteers from mccarthy building are trying to break. they estimate this one cleanup day has saved the district as much as $15,000, but more
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importantly for kyle, the kids at the school can be proud of their campus when they come back to school in just a couple of weeks. in oakland, julie watt, cbs 5. and checking other news, world war ii vets and their families gathered in south bay to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the end of that war. the commemoration was held at history park in south bay. participants took part in a victory parade and then got together for a reunion photo. >> as that flag went up, tears would come down our eyes, you know. so thankful to be serving our country, so thankful that all things went well. not one man in our crew got hurt. >> well, live '40s swing music and dancing were also featured, a world war ii fly-over and many other events for children. scientists looking for intelligent life in the
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universe are meeting in santa clara this weekend, in the search for extra terrestrial intelligence. for these speakers, it's more than just science fiction. among the nearly curious are also very serious astro physicists, biologists, and astronomers and astronauts. the event continues through tomorrow. a test in strength, endurance and determination. she's just 97 pounds and she's trying to lift 90,000 pounds in an hour. can she do it? mighty. 5-foot tall, 97- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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po fter thienna ho she may be small, but she is mighty. 5-foot tall, 97-pound weight lifter ciena hoe added a third world record to her credit today, dead lifting more than 104,000 pounds in one hour at a san francisco gym. guess there were witnesses. amazing. the previous record was just over 90,000 pounds, set by a british man in april. hoe, is a nutritional scientists holds other world records, most sue mow squats in one hour, and static wall sit. lawrence is explaining to me what a sumo squat is. >> never done one before.
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1000 pounds. >> sounds painful. still trying to find summer in the bay area. >> sunshine is better. >> we did have sun in spots. out toward the coast, what summer, socked in with low cloud and fog almost all summer long. let's give you a little sunshine right now, enjoying san jose, looking good into the evening hours. cooler than normal, yeah, most spots running a good 5, even 12 degrees below average for this time of year, but still not bad, as you head around the bay area. still looking at low cloud and fog beginning to sneak inside the bay. more of that to come through the evening hours. it's deep enough, we'll see this push well onshore again, probably drizzle towards the immediate coastline. with that in mind, if you're headed out, it's cool and breezy in spots, especially inside the bay. of course out toward the coastline, low clouds and fog, drizzle there now. the interior valley, mostly clear skies, breezy conditions, but temperatures in the mid-70s in the warmest areas. tomorrow, yeah, a pretty nice day, especially inland. 70s, mid-80s, below the average, couple this time of year.
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60s and mid-70s inside the bay. towards the coastline, 50s and a couple of 60s with patchy fog continuing. numbers right now, 75 degrees in fairfield. 73 in concord. 68 in san jose. and 71 degrees in redwood city. find heat if you want to head to the central valley. about 97, getting hot in fresno, 91. no thunderstorms up there either if you're headed in that direction. just plenty of sunshine. i think towards the next couple of days, maybe warming things up a little bit, but we got these lows off the coastline, one after another, deepening the marine layer, meaning more cool fog towards the bay area, probably drizzle towards the middle of the week, another very damp couple of days heading towards wednesday and thursday. with that in mind tomorrow morning, starting out with a lot of cloud cover early on, maybe into the delta. then as we head throughout the day, watch that break towards the coastline, where it's going to sit all day long, keeping temperatures there on the cool side. 50s and 60s at the beaches again. inside the bay, 70s, maybe low 80s towards morgan hill. i think the east bay, expecting
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temperatures running up into the 70s and 80s heading well inland. 60s into places like berkeley and richmond, alameda and oakland. towards the north bay, patchy fog, giving way to comfortable numbers in the afternoon, again, well below the average for this time of year. so no heat wave in sight. high pressure trying to build in a little, as we head towards tomorrow. and looks like monday, too. after that, boy, things change once again, because more cool air filters in by wednesday and thursday. some places lucky to get out of the 70s for highs in the afternoon. by friday and saturday, though, looks like temperatures beginning to warm up at least a little. that's a look at weather. here's dave with sports. ex niners runningback glenn coffee explains why he quit on the team, and pablo on the way back? this homerun was big today, but was it enough to beat the padres? and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen.
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after jonathan sanchez couldn't deliver the goods... san fr focused on at hopes of a sweep against the padres ended last night. san francisco focused on winning the three-game series now. jose was in uniform today, grounded out in a pinch hitting appearance. fast ball into the corner, a run scores. 2-0 san diego. bum gardner went 7. padres --
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striking out 9, heat of a penant race. in the seventh, giants get on the board, sandoval into the arcade, 2-1 padres and can't believe the panda swung at a pitch near his eye. tied at 2-2 in the 11th. posey at second. giants win 3-2, 2 1/2 back now of the padres in the al west. sacrifice fly by orlando hudson in the third. 1-0 after alexi castillo trots home. began the seasontwins win 2-0. cahill drops to 12-5. this mornin heavy fog pushed the end of the pga championship to early this morning. today, clear skies for ideal scoring conditions in round 3.
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tom laymen on the par 3, 17. it rolls in for an ace. high-fives all around. not as proficient for phil mickelson. not exactly a highlight for him on 11, approach hits the sand, mickelson 1 under. tiger woods bogeys the fifth after a wild shot from the bunker, birdied 17 and 18 to finish at 3 under for the championship. round of the day belonging to -- watney, three consecutive birdies on the front nine, finished his third round with a 6-under 66. sacramento native is the leader by 3 strokes. ho played colligately at fresno state dustin johnson and rory mcelroy are tied for second, three back of watney. not since john elway has there been as much hype around a stanford quarterback at luck, mentioned as a heisman trophy
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candidate and high first round pick if he leaves the farm next year. tony gerhardt in the pros, luck will be the focus. this season, luck is carrying all the wait, looks to gain some of the knowledge of mark harr because, his expertise along the way. >> he should be tough. he's an encyclopedia of football knowledge. >> he was in a leadership position last year. i don't think it's that much different than what he did last year from the quarterback position, but he knows that the spotlight's on him in a lot of ways and he's prepared himself for that. ex-niner runningback glenn coffee retired at the age of 23 yesterday, explained why in an interview with the sacramento bee. coffee said he did it for his faith in god, and that he should have never entered the draft. he plans to go back and finish at degree at pallal and says he will not change his mind. i've already told christ it's time to go, already rung the bell and that's not going
6:56 pm
to happen. tomorrow begins what alex smith has characterized a make or break season for him. smith and the niners face peyton manning and the colts tomorrow morning. for the first time in his career, he has all the pieces to make a playoff push. coaches are the same. offense of line's been upgraded and playmakers are ready for a breakout season. >> so often early on in my career, i pushed the envelope. i was the one trying to force things, trying to make plays, trying to do too much, and more often than not, you're going to get yourself in trouble. >>he's really running the show with practice, calling his own plays. i see it in his eye. he even tells me what to do, so, you know, i like that. he tells me what to do, make means he really wants me to do something. >> colts and niners tomorrow morning at 10:00 on the cw channel 44, cable 12. dennis o'donnell will bring you the game from lucas oil stadium. having fun in indy. >> bizarre move with the glenn coffee retirement.
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if it's heart's not in it, gotta go. >> great story. coming up tonight at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, a crisis at one bay area animal shelter. why so many cats are being put up to adoption and the incentive to give one a good home. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you back here at 11:00. your latest news and weather is always on have a great evening. fire is ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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