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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 17, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning. a passenger was stabbed on san francisco's muni. police are looking at surveillance video right now to try to find a suspect. >> same-sex marriage is on hold while a judge's decision on proposition 8 is being appealed on whether proposition 8 violations the constitution. we'll tell you what the next steps are. >> and the clues that can predict if your husband is likely to cheat on you. >> why is it always the guy? >> tomorrow we'll do the clues about the wife. >> that's a good question. >> we love to beat up on the guys. >> oh. especially on this show. >> i think that's a different story. good morning, guys. not a lot going on on the roads. a lot of the roadwork is wrapped up by 5:00. i was trying to search for any remaining roadwork but looks like most of it is gone. there were some lanes blocked at highway 92 near the 101
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interchange off the san mateo bridge but that should be wrapping up shortly. you can see traffic is moving along great in all directions. 880 through oakland, a live look at a car past the coliseum. nice quiet right into downtown oakland and a quick look at the bay bridge. we saw an early-morning back just before 5:00 but that's all gone and very light approaching the pay gates. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. for your forecast, let me guess, cooler and cloudy. >> hit the windshield wipers this morning, maybe light rainfall. that will be the drill for the coast and bay and low clouds inland. later on today, temperatures will back off a bit. yesterday 90 in antioch. today cooler. a cool weekend expect saturday,
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sunday and monday. so not so bad. >> thank you. back to you guys. >> all right. 5:01 right now. >> thank you, ladies. there's been an officer- involved shooting in burlingame. we are told the shooting happened around 9:00 p.m. on myrtle road and howard near washington park. a 20-year-old man holding a knife advanced on officers, they tased him. officers still felt threatened and they were forced to shoot. the suspect died at the hospital. the officers are on administrative leave. anne makovec will have more in a live report at 5:30. san francisco police are going over surveillance video and trying to identify a stabbing suspect. the stabbing happened about 7:40 yesterday near yorba and sunset boulevard. the victim is expected to survive. the suspect apparently got off the bus a couple stops later and disappeared. he is described as white, in
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his late teens or early 20s, wearing jeans and a white t- shirt. hayward police looking into a shooting that wounded a woman after 10:30 last night at a home on terrell avenue. investigators say the victim was shot in the leg, not life- threatening. so far no reports of suspects. the woman charged with arson in the solano county courthouse is dead. 40-year-old octavia walton was found hanging in her cell in the solano county jail on sunday. the vallejo woman used bandages to hang herself. walton and 31-year-old benjamin stickle were arrested august 5 for the fire at the courthouse in vallejo in june. walton escaped briefly two days after her arrest when she was taken to a medical appointment. an appeals court has put a stop to same-sex weddings. a judge had said marriages could resume on wednesday but a panel of judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals put them on hold and will hear the case the second week of
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december. joe vazquez explains the next steps in the battle. >> reporter: they had their first dance. in fact they had an entire wedding ceremony last month but it won't be recognized by the state. same-sex marriage will not be legal for three months at least. it's definitely as soon as the news came out i was like oh. we are waiting again. >> reporter: the three-judge panel ordered the appellant's motion for the stay is granted. the pro proposition 8 campaign asked the appeals court to keep weddings from resuming on wednesday as ordered by vaughn walker. it's now on hold until december 6. the junction set a deadline of november 1 for both sides to file written arguments. >> for the time being the vote of the people has been upheld
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and we don't always see that and people often get frustrated to see their vote struck down but today they should be happy. >> reporter: supporters say the appeals court has put the matter on the fast track which they believe helps their cause. >> they even questioned the parties snowfall address why should this case not simply be dismissed? because this appeal there is no right to go forward on it. they specifically asked that question. >> reporter: meanwhile, hundreds of couples have already been planning their weddings for wednesday evening and they are going to have to reschedule. >> it's disappointing but we are kind of used to it. two steps forward, one step back. ultimately we'll get full civil rights and marriage equality will come to california. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. it's one of palo alto's most recognizable landmarks now defaced by vandals. police are trying to find out
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who did it. someone spray-painted a giant redwood known as el palo alto with white and green paint. the 110 feet is at alma and palo alto avenue, the first official living landmark of california. arborists say the graffiti shouldn't permanently harm the tree. but whoever is responsible could face vandalism charges. dreaming of a career in the fast food industry? mcdonald's restaurants are holding a one-day hiring event today. they want to fill up, up to 1,000 jobs, part-time jobs. anyone working as few as 20 hours a week, though, is eligible for benefits including access to health insurance plans. and, of course, there is a free meal in those spiffy uniforms. you can also apply today with managers on duty at mcdonald's restaurants or online at mcdonald' 5:06. still to come, a series of car burglaries at an east bay city
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just a matter of hours apart. the culprits are still on the loose. >> also ahead the concern of off road racing promoters in the wake of this weekend's deadly accident in southern california. an oakland neighborhood comes together for the family of a job applicant robbed of $17 and then killed. emselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day chall my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge.
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hey mom. good times. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive, pencils... that was easy. good times. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. that was easy. welcome back. first reports of police activity possibly blocking a couple of lanes of 280 in san jose. we'll try to bring you more details on this. traffic in a few minutes. 5:09. off road racing for motorists are concerned about their sport. 8 spectators were killed and 10
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others injured when an out-of- control truck flipped into a crowd saturday on mojave desert property near lucerne valley owned by the b lm which is investigating. the federal bureau will consider next week whether to keep allowing such permits on the federal land. this permit did allow for up to 300 spectators but the crowd was about 1,000. police in walnut creek are looking for two men seen burglarizing cars in a busy shopping center. around 9:00 a.m. yesterday, authorities started getting calls about burglaries near ygnacio valley an oak grove road. the 30-year-old suspects had shaved heads, black clothing. one had a red goatee, picture of a skull on his shirt. call police if you have seen them. an oakland neighborhood will hold a fundraiser for the
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family of a murder victim from virginia. jinghong kang was shot to death in downtown oakland last month. he had stopped to get a free teeth cleaning from a friend before interviewing for a job at google. surveillance video led to the arrest of two suspects. kang had three sons and a wife to plans to attend tomorrow's fundraiser. it is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the asian cultural center on ninth street. as we mentioned earlier, today is hiring day at mcdonald's. the restaurant chain is hiring 1,000 part-time workers in california. my question this morning, in today's economy would you consider working at mcdonald's to help pay the bills? send your response to we're also on facebook and twitter. 5:11. more heavy mist on the way to work this morning. >> good morning. back to the mcdonald's question, i would totally do that if i could eat all the french fries i wanted. they got the best fries, man.
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our forecast for today, maybe not the best -- again, heavy mist, drizzle, cloudy skies, cool temperatures. that's the drill in the bay area. we'll take a look at your afternoon highs coming up. ,, ,,,, b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone,
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a wide view of the south bay. the only thing we got going on is orlando, kcbs phone force alerted us to some police activity on the stretch of northbound 280 near the saratoga exit. he says that the two right lanes are blocked so watch out for that if you are commuting up towards cupertino. in the meantime, coming out of downtown san jose, nice and quiet. this is what it looks like on northbound 280 right there as you approach the 880 interchange. a little dark at this time of the morning. but you can see a couple of headlights there. we also have lady gaga in concert at hp pavilion tonight. you may find delays this evening by the guadalupe parkway. lady gaga was here yesterday as well so second night in san jose. elsewhere fog has moved in so you may find low visibilities through the waldo grade. across the golden gate bridge you can see it in our traffic shot here, as well. traffic is moving fine, headlights moving towards the pay gates and a nice 22-minute drive time between novato and san francisco and mass transit
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is all on time. so we are off to a nice start. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. tracy, i heard you and billy talking about the forecast. you're depressing me. i can't even listen to it anymore. >> we were having the healthy weather debate on drizzle versus light rain, at what point does it move over? so we went with continuous drizzle this morning. i know. 5:16. that's what you do at 5:00 a.m. here's what's going on out the door. partly cloudy start, low clouds, continuous drizzle around the bay. some fog and drizzle along the coastline. temperatures in the lower to the mid to the upper 50s. for this afternoon, mostly sunny but not as warm. what? yeah. not as warm. mid-80s in our warmest spots today. lower 70s and the bay way mix of sun and clouds. and low clouds remain along the coastline with areas of fog. livermore 88 yesterday. started off nice.
5:17 am
78 in santa rosa. 76 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. take a look at today. lower 80s in livermore, mid-70s in santa rosa no big shift in san jose or san francisco but north bay and also well out in the east bay temperatures will be cooling down. temperatures in the upper 50s just along the coastline in daly city as well as in pacifica. east bay locations, mid-80s in antioch and brentwood, lower 80s from concord to pleasant hill to danville to dublin to pleasanton and oakland. 65 alameda, 67 san leandro. mid-70s napa, petaluma, sonoma. lower 60s in sausalito and san francisco. temperatures cooling down for many of you today. again north bay and east bay locations and those cool-to- mild temperatures will round out the next couple of days
5:18 am
wednesday and thursday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. in the headlines, same-sex couples hoping to get married this week will have to wait. the federal appeals court in san francisco put them on hold and scheduled a hearing on the constitutionality of proposition 8 for early december. an arson suspect committed suicide in a jail. 40-year-old october timothy woman killed herself by hanging. managers at hundreds of mcdonald's restaurants in northern california can expect to hear from job applicants today. as many as 1,000 part-time jobs
5:19 am
are being filled in 15 counties in mcdonald's bay area region. lake tahoe is just as clear as it was 10 years ago. that's according to scientists monitoring the lake. in 2009, the lake's waters were cleared to an average depth of about 68 feet. and that number remained steady for the decade. there was much concern before that, that the lake was getting murkier. the apparently stabilization of the lake's clarity suggests restoration projects are working. for years conservation are been working to block fine particles from entering the lake and they believe they are succeeding. coming up how you might be able to predict if your husband is likely to cheat on you. >> oscar winner michael douglas is facing a health threat. the problem and how he feels about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is soft on cats.
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but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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here's a beautiful photo taken at pebble beach. [ no microphone ] >> beautiful conditions. daly city 58 degrees with foggy conditions around the bay, can you hear me now? yeah, you can. monterey 63 mix of sun and
5:23 am
clouds. 73 in palo alto plenty of sunshine. 74 sunnyvale and 76 in campbell. today temperatures will be cooling down a bit. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and their high temperatures in just a few moments. >> the old slipping mic, isn't it tracy? [ laughter ] actor paul douglas has a tumor in his throat. he is going to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. >> the 65-year-old says he is optimistic and expects to make a full recovery. he is out of the country at the moment and it isn't clear if he will return to the u.s. for his eight week treatment. he and his wife catherine zeta- jones have a home in beauty. this fall he stars in a sequel to "wall street." mel gibson crashed his car, not hurt. police say that gibson's 2008 maserati careened off a road in malibu, slammed into a hillside. gibson cooperated with the chp. he was picked up by his friend -- i know you're thinking -- authorities say no, they do not
5:24 am
suspect alcohol was involved. this is your favorite story of the morning. if you want a predictor of whether or not your husband is likely to cheat, we might just have one for you. if you make more money than he does, the answer could be yes it's likely he could cheat. men who earn significantly less than women are five times more likely to cheat than those in relationships where incomes are equal. who are we showing there? >> halle berry. one of two famous money making ladies who lost their husbands. >> the other being sandra bullock. >> researchers say extramarital sex could be an attempt to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. researchers say the secret to a long and loyal relationship is
5:25 am
for women to earn 25% less than their husbands. >> have to work on that. this afternoon, about 25 volunteers will gather at livermore police headquarters to sort donation for schoolchildren. >> last weekend officers were asking shoppers at wal-mart, target, office max to purchase and donate school supplies buy a little extra when they go in. it was part of an annual drive called stuff the cruiser. and now are hoping to give away supplies to kids in backpacks. additional donation are welcome in 3:30 p.m. today. all right. competitors with their homemade flying machines jumped off a pier in a small town in england. it was the annual international
5:26 am
birdman competition. >> that was elvis. >> participants vie for a cash prize of $47,000 for anyone who travel 100 meters more is on thely. as you can see, many dropped straight down. but there were some. isn't that just a regular hang glider? that's not homemade. apparently he made one that could actually fly. the best performer traveled 81 meters still short of the distance needed to get the cash prize. that's a little painful. 5:26. coming up in the next half hour, san jose grocery store closing its doors. why it doesn't look good for the rest of the chain, either. and place police in a normally quiet area shoot and kill a man. we just got word that man has died. we'll tell you what we know about this situation coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm julie watts... sydnie kohara is on vacation good morning. it's tuesday, august 17. i'm john kessler. >> i'm julie watts. sydnie kohara is on vacation. time now 5:29. we start off your morning with a check of traffic. elizabeth wenger how are you? >> great. traffic looks great, as well. nothing really going on. we have had a quiet start to this first half hour of our morning show. not a whole lot going on as far as roadwork and no big accidents out there so no hot
5:30 am
spots. a quick bridge roundup at the bay bridge toll plaza no delay, haven't seen much of a delay this morning and fog around waldo grade. all is quiet across the san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge. we'll show you more bridges. to the maps for this one, show you some live traffic sensors. out of vallejo our camera just died across the carquinez bridge but i promise you, traffic actually looks really good about 30 seconds ago. and we'll head on down towards silicon valley. your ride on westbound 237, that's westbound traffic nice and light at least for the next couple hours. probably by 7:230 it backs up. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. fog this morning, drizzle, cloudy skies, cool temperatures. what about the afternoon? well, we do have some sunshine expected. sunshine out in concord with today's highs in the lower 80s. lower 80s out in livermore. upper 60s in oakland.
5:31 am
70 degrees in fremont. 75 degrees in san jose. these temperatures especially out in the east bay are cooler than yesterday's highs. mid-70s in napa and santa rosa. lower 70s in vallejo and san rafael and the lower 60s. 62 degrees in san francisco. seven-day forecast, so for today, temperatures in the warmest spots for all three locations, mid-80s that's what you'll see especially well inland. mid-60s around the bay and temperatures in the lower 60s along the coastline. cool to mild temperatures remain in our forecast wednesday and thursday. and a cooler weekend is also expected. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it's 5:31. a deadly shooting involving police on the peninsula. anne makovec is in burlingame where police just released details. good morning. reporter: i'm outside the police department right now. they are not coming out to speak with us. they released a press release explaining their side of the story. this happened in a normally quiet area of burlingame. here's a look at a map of the
5:32 am
neighborhood. myrtle and howard, very close to downtown, not an area known for crime. apparently, at around 8:40 last night, there was a 20-year-old who police say was acting in a threatening manner with a knife. they tried to arrest him, and they say he kept advancing on them with that knife. one of the officers then used a taser on the man. but kept coming at them. so then an officer shot the man with his gun. fell to the ground. several officers then gave him emergency aid. they originally thought he might live. he was taken to the hospital, where he was then pronounced dead. this morning the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. and the san mateo d.a.'s office is investigating what happened. john? >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in burlingame. a teenager in oakland is dead after a shooting that police believe was accidental. investigators say the boy was
5:33 am
with a friend near filbert street and san pablo yesterday evening when a gun they were handling went off. the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. a berkeley man is due back in court next week in connection with attacks on three women at an apartment complex near walnut creek. antonio mouton is charged with one count of rape, two counts of attempted rape and three counts of first degree burglary. he may face life in prison. dna testing linked him to the rape at the park regency apartments, according to police. family members told the "contra costa county times" that mouton's mother lives near there. it's going to be at least december before same-sex marriages might be performed in california. supporters of the proposition 8 ban on gay marriage won the latest ruling in the case. they got the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco to put the weddings on hold while the recent ruling
5:34 am
against prop 8 is appealed. last week a judge who found prop 8 to be unconstitutional said marriages could begin tomorrow if the appeals court did not block them. >> for the time being the vote of the people has been upheld. we don't often see that. people get frustrated to see their votes get struck down, but today we're happy. >> ultimately we'll get full civil rights. >> gay marriage supporters not expected to appeal yesterday's decision to block weddings while the case moves through the federal courts. the hearing will be the week of december 6. an apparent dognapping in a castro valley neighborhood reveals a string of burglaries. when robert cassidy came home, he found his house had been burglarized and one of his two dogs was missing. so he put up posters all over the neighborhood and knocked on doors.
5:35 am
that's when he found out he wasn't the only victim. there have been at least 14 burglaries and four-car break- ins in the past four months. cassidy says he just wants his dog lula back. >> if it were me and i got a mac and i got all this other crap, you know, is it worth it? you took a family member. bring her back. >> police believe the burglar or burglars may be someone in the neighborhood. they have recovered some of the stolen items but not lula. cassidy is offering a $1,000 reward for lula's return. time now 5:35. the days could be numbered for one of northern california's longest running grocery chains. san jose-based pw markets permanently closed its store on meridien and foxworthy avenues last night with just 6 stores
5:36 am
down from 11. lauren returned to say good- bye. >> pw has given tlc to every customer that walks in the door. and that's how i treat my customers and that's what's hard to leave. >> i am sick. i have long -- as long as i have been coming here, this has been my store, my neighborhood. and there are so many of us that feel the same way. >> the late joey franco started pw back in 1943. the original store on alum rock avenue was opened until earlier this year. the remaining pw stores have some bare shelves leaving customers concerned. they are seeking help from a consultant who specializes in struggling grocery chains. competition is tough from big box stores and national chains. "24 hour fitness" is allowing its members to ditch the membership cards in favor
5:37 am
of fingerprints. here's how the company says it works. it takes three scans of both your index fingers so you can use either one to get in. the image of your fingerprint isn't stored, but instead a computer measures the distance between several points on your print. that measurement is stored and it's combined with an identifying number which comes up every time you place your finger on the reader. so if your p.i.n. and the measurement code match, "24 hour fitness" knows that you are the person you say you are and they let you in. privacy advocates say while on paper "24 hour fitness" is taking the right precautions using fingerprints can lead to identity theft. new test results show california students keep making some progress in english and math even in the face of some deep budget cuts. the state department of education released standardized test data yesterday. 52% of students scored above the proficiency level in english and 48% were above proficiency in math.
5:38 am
both of those figures increased by two points from the year before. california students have now made gains for eight consecutive years. the state assembly has passed a bill aimed at tightening controls on pension funds. it calls for public disclosure of all campaign contributions to anyone running for election to the boards of california's two massive pension funds. now, part of the intent is to show whether any financial services companies that want caliper's calper's business. jerry brown would receive two tensions totaling $78,000 a year if were to start drawing from state retirement systems next year. brown is the democratic candidate for governor, a job he previously held for two terms. a spokesman says brown received figures from the state after the "orange county register" raised some questions about his pension benefits. brown has been a vocal critic of the bloated salaries and benefits paid to administrators
5:39 am
in the los angeles county city of bell. time now 5:38. the u.s. senate's top democrat is in rare disagreement with president obama over the issue of a muslim center planned for new york city blocks away from the site of the world trade center which was destroyed by radical muslim terrorists in 2001. president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg say muslims have a legal right to build a mosque nearby. senator harry reid of nevada who is in a struggle for re- election says compassion for the 9/11 victims and their families should be a factor. >> the constitution gives us freedom of religion. i think that it's very obvious that the mosque should be built someplace else. >> since the president first made comments on the issue friday, he and his aides have been trying to "clarify" his position, which has been heavily criticized. plenty of shrimp and no oil. that's what shrimpers found on
5:40 am
the first day of their new season along the louisiana coast. u.s. commerce secretary went to the gulf coast to see the seafood firsthand, had a poboy. he also met with people feeling the impact of the bp oil leak. shrimpers had worried that the catches could be contaminated but there is no sign of that. they are still worried about convincing consumers. sales are down and it will be tough. maybe that will help. 5:40. up next, the skin condition women can actually have an increased risk by drinking beer. >> sneezing? sneezing? itchy eyes? ragweed season is upon us. how the air inside your home can make your allergies worse and how you can ease that suffering. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
good morning. we'll start with another look at the south bay. we got a call earlier from orlando with the kcbs phone force alerting us to some police activity right around saratoga on northbound 280. of what was going on there has wrapped up and all lanes are open. never caused any huge delays. we can cause show you a live traffic camera of cars out of downtown san jose at the 880 interchange. you can see it moves well towards cupertino. really seeing top speeds around the south bay. all right. we are seeing a little bit of slow and go traffic meaning yellow on our sensors meaning a little slower speeds there out of the altamont pass. so far, no delay to your drive time though. 14 minutes from the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange. we have another camera right there near tassajara. so you can see extra volume increasing but so far top speeds out of pleasanton towards the dublin grade and let's go out to 880 in oakland. get a check of traffic near the coliseum. there is another as game
5:44 am
tonight at 7:05. as take on toronto again. so you may find some delays later on tonight. but for right now these taillights that's northbound traffic in the commute direction towards high street. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. cloudy skies and hit your windshield wipers around the bay and the coastline. along the coast line not a lot
5:45 am
of sunshine expected. low clouds remain and areas of fog. it is going to be cooler today for many of you so we thought we would just selects a couple of bay area cities to make an example of what will be happening versus today's highs and yesterday's highs. livermore yesterday 88 degrees. started off on a nice note. 78 in santa rosa. 76 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. take a look at today. 82 in livermore. 75 in santa clara. 85 down in morgan hill. 76 in campbell. 72 redwood city. 70 degrees in san mateo. 82 livermore. 83 pittsburg, mid- to upper 80s
5:46 am
in antioch and brentwood. closer to the bay, boy, temperatures almost 20 degrees cooler. upper 60s in oakland and lower 60s in berkeley and 61 in richmond. today cool to mild. for the next few days, cool to mild. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:46. some of the stories we're following right now. the latest decision of same-sex marriage in california it comes from a federal appeals court in san francisco. there will be an appeal on the
5:47 am
ruling that proposition 8 was unconstitutional. a woman has committed suicide in jail. 40-year-old octavia walton hanged herself in her jail cell on sunday. she was one of two suspects arrested this month for the fire in late june. mcdonald's restaurants in northern california getting ready to hire about 1,000 part- time workers. mcdonalds inviting people to apply for jobs today either with restaurant managers or at the company's website. >> time now 5:47. a new data shows cancer is the world's top economic killer. cancer costs more than any other disease in terms of disability and lost productivity as well as years of lost life. the american cancer society says the toll in 2008 was $895 billion. and that does not include the cost of medical treatment which the new report doesn't address.
5:48 am
women who often drink beer maybe putting themselves at risk for a skin condition. that's what researchers discovered after following more than 80,000 women. they found that those who drank five or more beers per week were almost twice as likely to develop psoriasis. but women who drank light beer and other types of alcohol weren't at risk. so scientists think it might be the barley and other grains with gluten that are the source of the problem. if you have indoor allergies there is a new study. a new study! it finds you're likely to have more severe reaction to outdoor allergens. dr. kim mulvihill shows us why this is particularly true during ragweed season which is just getting started. >> i'm allergic to a lot of things, almost everything. >> indoor, outdoor, molds, stuff. everything outside grass trees. >> reporter: as a realtor she knows immediately if there is a cat in the house. >> if i'm hosting an open house
5:49 am
i'll put the cat in the bathroom and shut the door. >> reporter: new research shows her indoor allergies can make her outdoor allergist even worse especially toward the end of summer when paul and phil's ragweed thrives. >> indoor allergens when ragweed season hits, they had more sudden symptoms. >> reporter: there is an immune system that's hypersensitive from their symptoms. when ragweed season comes along, their prime system overreacts. ragweed which refers to 15 types of plants in the sunflower family grows virtually everywhere in august and september. that's when experts say patients who don't treat their allergies year round will suffer the most. >> those are the patients that seem to be much more symptomatic during the allergy season and even medication don't work as well in these individuals. >> reporter: michelle gets an allergy shot every other week, prevention now that keeps her
5:50 am
from sneezing and sniffling later. >> you do what you have to do. take medication and carry on. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> each ragweed plant can produce about a p.m. grains of water. those pollens can be airborne for days. >> up next a survival story that spans three years. >> a dog. lost in a wildlife refuge area. how the dog was found and returned to the owners. universities. that's we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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good morning. chris jewett our photojournalist up this morning hanging out in the san jose -- is that done by the convention center there? >> tech museum. san jose. ah yes. very good. thank you, chris. coffee break! uc-berkeley maintained the top ranking in the nation for public universities according to the latest edition of the best colleges list by u.s. news & world report. >> cal ranks 22nd overall. harvard number one followed by princeton, yale, and then columbia. stanford and penn are tied at 5. the u.s. news ranking is widely considered the most influential of college list. it takes into account 16 facttors at more than 1400 colleges. there was a dog in north carolina that spent nearly four years in the wild. but he is back with his owners
5:54 am
this morning. >> teddy bear went missing in the alligator river wildlife refuge in 2006. after so much time her owners were losing hope but then, the spca came across teddy and found her file among its missing dog reports. >> i was running out, found katie, he said how do you know? i said i don't know. they just said they found teddy. >> now the walkersons say that as far as they can tell, living side by side with bears, foxes and alligators has not changed teddy one bit. she still likes to lay on the couch like before. >> i imagine food comes easier, too. [ laughter ] today hiring day at mcdonald's. the restaurant chain -- elizabeth got dressed up -- is hiring 1,000 part-time workers this morning. would you consider working at mcdonald's to help pay the bills? tracy says yeah in of if get free throws. choice.
5:55 am
and kevi is a paycheck... doesn matter >> how about you, ladies? >> for fries, i would. >> what about you, liz? >> yes, i absolutely would. >> yeah. i think it's a no-brainer on that one. >> absolutely. >> in this economy and stuff, you -- yeah. >> my cousin managed a mcdonald's in auburn for years and loved it. >> bet you got the hookup. >> you're going double size it! >> i got to agree with the fries! >> all right. so we've been pretty quiet on the roads so far said. which is great. we haven't had any accidents. most of our construction wrapped up and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. cars just cruising through the pay gates. so no problems there and looks
5:56 am
good all the way up the incline. let's check other bridges. san mateo bridge getting harder and harder to see this shot. i guess the clouds are moving in. >> look at me! i had nothing to do with this. >> tracy, i know. been in trouble lately with this forecast. yes, may need your windshield wipers but 13 minutes is your drive time between hayward and the peninsula in all lanes. out to the golden gate bridge. nice and quiet here, as well. like i said, we're off to a great start as far as our morning commute goes. >> our director is on the east coast. tracingcy mild is not a bad thing. >> is that what we're calling it? mild? >> nice way of putting it. >> you live in the city so it's cold. mild inland mid- to upper 80s. today wednesday and thursday. chilly around the bay. mid-60s as highs. lower 60s for the coast. no sunshine for you. cool weekend saturday and sunday. and also slightly cooler for
5:57 am
friday. talking about kidding about supersizing, you know, we have some really nice pictures here of supersized. that's a beautiful rose, isn't it? all pretty things by carey b. if you have a nice photo to show off? your flowers, feel free to send it to i swear i could smell t doesn't it look beautiful? >> yeah, love roses. >> look cute in my apartment. >> elizabeth will be heaping the love out here when the weather changes. >> it is 5:57 right now. coming up in our next half hour, a deal with the navy. san francisco's plan to take over treasure island. >> how much it will cost the city and what they are planning to build there. police say they came at him with a knife so they shot him and now's dead. we'll tell you what happened
5:58 am
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