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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's tuesday, the 17th of august. a police-involved shooting overnight. a 20-year-old man has been shot to death in burlingame. we'll tell you what officers tell us that he did that forced them to shoot. san francisco official announcing today they have worked out a $55 million deal with the navy to take over treasure island. what they hope to build there. and it's hiring day at mcdonald's today. 1,000 part-time jobs available in california. our viewers letting us know if they would be willing to take a job there and our question of the day was, would you take a job at mcdonald's in this economy? and we have gotten some
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response saying it's a little insensitive. some people work there anytime. we are assuming that's an entry level job and we are assuming most people -- a lot of people don't have entry level jobs. would you go back to an entry level job in this economy? >> a lot of people are forced to. >> absolutely. so it's interesting some of the responses we have been getting on that. speaking of drive-throughs. >> that's right. want to talk about the traffic? we have been looking great this morning even though my producer did throw up this map of highway 4 through antioch. always our bad spot. this time of the morning, it's one of our slowest spots on our sensors. 28 miles per hour as you past 8th street and looks bad towards somersville road. fine there. 880 through oakland. no problems here as you pass the coliseum. there is an as game later on
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tonight. >> doesn't look like a lot of fog, starts crossing the span of the bridge. >> a little glowy though. dealing with fog and drizzle. those low clouds equal opportunity this morning also well inland especially in some of our valleys. mid 80s inland. that will be the drill wednesday and thursday. slightly cooler conditions expected friday, saturday and sunday. but like i say, the weekend, so i don't care if it's cold or freezing or snowing. it's the weekend. >> good to go. some people have to get out
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of bed. [ laughter ] >> 6:02. a man armed with a knife shot to death by police on the peninsula. anne makovec joins us now from burlingame with details that were just released. good morning, anne. >> reporter: i'm here at the police department and they are refusing to answer any questions this morning. the only information that we have on what happened last night is in this press release that they gave out this morning saying this man has now died. now, here's where it happened. on myrtle and howard here in burlingame, it is a few blocks from downtown. motels and car dealerships now. not an area known for crime. apparently around 8:40 police say a 20-year-old man was walking around wielding a knife. officers tried to arrest him and they say they felt threatened when he came at them with that knife. the man kept coming at them an officer then pulled out his gun and shot the man. police say they tried to give him emergency medical aid but that man was taken to the
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hospital and soon after pronounced dead. the officers involved in this shooting are now on administrative leave. that's standard procedure and the whole matter is under investigation by the san mateo county district attorney's offers. >> anne makovec in burlingame, thank you. san francisco police are going over surveillance video to try to identify a stabbing suspect. the stabbing happened about 7:40 yesterday evening aboard a 29 sunset bus near yorba street and sunset boulevard. the victim was stabbed a number of times but is expected to survive. the suspect apparently got off the bus and disappeared. he is described as white in his late teens, early 20s, wearing bluejeans and a white t-shirt. a teenager in oakland is dead. the victim of a shooting that police believe is accidental. investigators say he was with a friend near filbert street in
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san pablo just before 8:00 yesterday evening when the gun they were handling went off. the teen was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. it's 6:05. the case of a missing dog has unveiled a series of burglaries in castro valley. robert cassidy discovered a house was burglarized and one of his two dogs was missing last week so he put up some posters around the knocked on doors and discovered he wasn't the only victim. there had been at least 14 burglaries and four-car break- ins in the past four months. cassidy says he just wants his dog lula back. >> if it were me and i got all this other crap, you took a family member. bring her back. >> police believe that the burglar or burglars may be someone in the neighborhood. they recovered some of the stolen items, but not lula. cassidy is offering a $1,000
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reward for lula's return. it will be december before same-sex weddings might be performed in california. supporters of proposition 8 won the ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals to put the weddings on hold while the recent ruling against prop 8 is appealed. last week the judge who found prop 8 to be unconstitutional had said marriages could begin tomorrow if the appeals court didn't block them. >> the vote of the people has been upheld and we don't always see that and people often get frustrated to see their vote struck down and today they should be happy. >> it's disappointing but we're kind of used to it. two steps forward and one step back but ultimately we'll get full civil rights and marriage equality will come to california. gay marriage supporters are not expected to appeal yesterday's decision to block weddings while the case moves through the federal courts. the court schedule aid hearing on the case for the week of
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december 6. today mayor gavin newsom, house speaker nancy pelosi and the secretary of the navy will announce a deal to transfer control of treasure island to the city. the city will pay the navy $55 million over 10 years, plus interest. city supervisors signed off on that price last year and official have been ironing out details such as time lines and site clean-up. the deal paves the way for a redevelopment plan that includes 6,000 residential units. there are also plans for a marina, restaurants and retail and entertainment venues as well as open space. coming up next, shrimp boats returned to the waters off louisiana. the clean catch they said they nabbed. >> get in faster, work out sooner. all it takes is your finger. but as a new gym policy putting your privacy at risk. the gym members who are worried -- who are about to find out, excuse me. ,,,,
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just another reminder school started this week for a lot of kids so watch your speeds in those school zones. we'll have a full look at your morning commute. traffic in six minutes. time now 6:10. the first day of shrimp season along the louisiana coast found
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plenty of shrimp and no oil. the u.s. commerce secretary went to the gulf coast to see the seafood firsthand. shrimpers had worried their catch could be contaminated but there's been no sign of that. meanwhile, a group of scientists from georgia questioned the government's claim that most of the oil is gone. they say about 80% of the oil is still in the gulf, not the 26% in the government's estimate. president obama is in los angeles this morning. he is about to head north to washington state. mr. obama attending a fundraiser last night at the home of former west wing executive producer john wells. tickets started at $2,500 per person. today, the president heads to seattle to campaign for senator patty murray and attend two fundraisers for her. today is primary day in washington and murray is running for re-election. the race there is one of the most closely watched in the nation. polls open in less than an hour now for a special election
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that could alter the balance of the state senate. it's a runoff for the 15th district seat vacated by abel maldonado when he was appointed to lieutenant governor. the district stretches from southern santa clara county all the way to santa barbara county. republican sam blakesly got the most votes in the june primary. he will face democrat john laird a former assemblyman from aptos. if laird wins it would put democrats within one vote of a two-thirds majority in the state senate, which is needed to approve budgets and tax increases. 6:12. when we come back, we'll have a check on traffic and weather for you. >> plus, the effort to keep lake tahoe clean and just how well it's working. and how well is our forecast looking for today? currently, a little cloudy outside. here's a look towards treasure island. cloudy skies, drizzle,
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temperatures essentially in the 50s and today's afternoon temperatures are actually cooling down a bit. i have your afternoon highs coming right up after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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south bay check. top speeds, all green, no yellow on any of our sensors. out of downtown san jose still quiet nice and light out of those northbound lanes of 280 approaching the 880 interchange. i'm going to try to click past this. we have a lady gaga concert at hp pavilion later on tonight at 8:00 so watch out for possible delays later on. again, 8:00, kind of later but along the guadalupe parkway people came out yesterday and she performs for a second time tonight. a little slow traffic out of the altamont pass. just the usual congestion but we are seeing red on the sensors and our drive time has picked up. we have another camera showing tassajara, good to go towards castro valley. all your approaches towards the bay bridge look good. a little bit of slow traffic there through berkeley but otherwise no big problems past the coliseum. and no metering lights at the bay bridge meaning no delay
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anywhere looks quiet up the incline towards the "s" curve and into san francisco. mass transit, everything has been on time all morning long so bart, ace and muni. if you have a traffic question, email us, our email address is we'll try to answer it for you on the air. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, here we go. we do have a camera in san jose courtesy of chris jewett. this morning, this is a look at downtown san jose. doesn't look so bad, does it? we have cloudy skies for now but we are expecting more sunshine down in the south bay and san jose you will not experience a big shift with your temperatures today. here's a look at what to expect out the door. partly cloudy, low clouds inland, low clouds, fog and drizzle for the bay and foggy with drizzle along the
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coastline temperatures ranging from the lower to the mid to the upper 50s. for this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, but not as warm. today's highs in the lower 70s to the mid-80s. mix of sun and clouds around the bay. low clouds remain with areas of fog along the coast. livermore 88. 78 in santa rosa. 76 in san jose. and 62 in san francisco. san jose and san francisco no big shift in our temperatures, but santa rosa 3 degrees cooler and 6 degrees cooler in livermore. here's a look at some of the south bay locations. 76 in campbell, 78 los gatos, 74 sunnyvale, 75 cupertino, 60 near the coast. east bay, mid-80s antioch and brentwood, lower 80s from concord to pleasanton and the lower to the mid-60s from richmond to alameda to san
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leandro. lower 70s in novato. mid-70s in kentfield. 62 in san francisco. cool to mild temperatures will reign the next couple of days, wednesday and thursday and cooler weekend expected for this saturday and sunday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. time now 6:19. here's a look at today's top stories. a man who was stabbed on a muni bus in san francisco's sunset district is expected to recover. the suspect got off the bus and fled after that stabbing yesterday evening. burlingame police are investigating a fatal officer- involved shooting. it happened on myrtle road last night. police say a man holding a knife advanced on officers and they tased him. but they say they still felt threatened so they shot the 20- year-old. he died at the hospital. same-sex couples hoping to get married will have to wait. the federal appeals court in san francisco puts weddings on hold and scheduled a hearing on the constitutionality of proposition 8 for early
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december. it is 6:19. lake tahoe is just as clear as it was 10 years ago. that according to some scientists monitoring the lake. in 2009, the lake's waters were cleared to an average depth of 68 feet and that number remains steady for the decade. it suggests that restoration projects are working. for years they have been trying to block fine particles from entering the lake and they believe they are succeeding. 6:20. giving your fingerprint just for a workout? the high-tech way to get into the gym that has some people now worried about losing their privacy not their pounds. 24 hour fitness is allowing its members to ditch the membership cards, in favor of their
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not much sunshine but here's a look from our mount vaca. it's 6:23. sunrise at 6:26. it's going to be another nice
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day. let's take a look at some of our bay area cities. it's a nice photo taken in pleasanton. speaking of pleasanton today, 83 degrees with plenty of sunshine. 86 in antioch. 82 in walnut creek. 67 in san leandro. and a mix of sun and clouds today in berkeley with high temperatures in the lower 60s. we'll take a look at some more bay area temperatures and their highs coming up. see you in a couple of minutes. 6:24. "24 hour fitness" allowing members to different the membership cards in favor of their fingertips. >> here's how the company says it works. it takes three scans of both your index fingers so you can use either one to get in. the image of your fingerprint isn't stored but instead a computer measures the distance between several points on your prints. that measurement is stored as an identifying number which comes up every time you place your finger on the reader. if your p.i.n. and the measurement code match, "24 hour fitness" knows you are you and they let you in. >> or you can show them another
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finger. [ laughter ] uc-berkeley maintains the top ranking for the nation's public universities. >> usc wasn't on the list so that explains why. >> that's according to the latest edition of best colleges list by u.s. news & world report. all right, yeah, yeah. i got it. >> a little bias. >> cal ranks number 22 overall. harvard is number 1 followed by princeton -- these are best colleges -- these are private schools -- yale 3, columbia and stanford and penn are tied for fifth. and there is uc-berkeley the top-ranked public university. u.s. news & world report is considered influential in the college list, ranked behind the best party school t takes into account 16 factors at more than 1400 colleges. we mentioned earlierier today is hiring day at
6:26 am
mcdonald's hiring 1,000 part- time workers in california. so our question in today's economy, would you consider going back to an entry level job by working at mcdonald's to help pay the bills? david says: if i had to i would do it again. besides.. >> they say you work up to 20 hours a week you would be eligible for benefits and this is obviously a part-time job. >> absolutely. in this economy so many people getting laid off, benefits might be a pretty -- >> huge. >> future factor. it is 6:26. coming up the weddings on hold. a federal appeals court issues a stay on same-sex marriages in california. >> when they hear the case about proposition 8's legality, coming up. and police say he came at them with a knife.
6:27 am
so they shot him. now he's dead. we'll tell you where this happened and what we know about what led up to this situation. coming up. easy ride on the nimitz freeway through oakland. coming up, we'll get a check of your bay bridge commute plus mass transit. ,,,, [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal.
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i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c.
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good morning. it's tuesday, august 17. >> i'm julie watts in for sydnie kohara, who is vacationing today. and, of course, we have to start off with a check of traffic. >> hi! let's go out to the bay bridge. no metering lights and no delays. quiet up the incline. all approaches to the bay bridge look good even down the eastshore freeway. commuting up from the peninsula we have a camera near candlestick and it's working fine. good to go towards hospital curve into downtown san francisco. nice and light, easy ride from novato through san rafael. waldo grade maybe low visibility due to clouds. so with more on that, over to
6:31 am
tracy where we're talking a beautiful fall-like forecast. lower 80s in concord and livermore. >> around the bay mid- to upper 60s in oakland. 75 degrees in san jose. the mid-70s in napa and also in santa rosa. our seven-day forecast, as we look out long term long range those cool-to-mild temperatures remain in the forecast tomorrow and thursday. friday, you will note temperatures cooling down a bit. and we'll take those cooler temperatures into the
6:32 am
weekend. an investigation is starting today after a man died overnight. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: police in burlingame aren't answering questions about this but they gave us this press release. here's what they say. this all happened around 8:40 last night near myrtle and howard street here in burlingame. it is a few blocks from downtown. police say men was wielding a night. officers tried to arrest him. they felt threatened when he came at them with the nice. he was tased and he kept coming at the police and an officer shot him. police say they tried to give him emergency medical aid. an ambulance came and took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. now, all of the officers involved in this shooting are on administrative leave this morning. this is all under investigation
6:33 am
by the san mateo county district attorney's office. julie? >> anne makovec in burlingame, thank you. san francisco police are going over some surveillance video to try to identify a stabbing suspect. that stabbing happened aboard a 29 sunset bus in sunset boulevard yesterday. the victim stabbed a number of times, is expected to survive. the suspect apparently got off the bus a couple of stops later and disappeared. only a brief description described as white in his late teens or early 20s wearing bluejeans and a white t-shirt. a teenager is dead, the victim of a shooting in oakland that police believe was accidental. investigators say he was with a friend near filbert street and san pablo avenue when the gun they were handling went off. that teen taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the case of a missing dog has unveiled a series of
6:34 am
burglaries in castro valley. robert cassidy discovered his house had been burglarized and one of his two dogs was missing last week. he put unposters and knocked on doors and discovered wasn't the only victim. there have been at least 14 burglaries and four-car break- ins in the past four months. they just want lula back. >> if guy all this crap, you know, is it worth it? you took a family member. bring her back. >> police believe the burglars may be someone in the neighborhood. they recovered some of the stolen items but not lula. cassidy is offering a $1,000 reward for her return. california's education stats are up. standardized test data was released yesterday. 52% of students scored above proficiency in english and 48%
6:35 am
above proficiency in math. both figures increased by 2% from the year before. california students have now made games for eight consecutive years but while all groups have made progress, black and latino students are trailing their white and asian peers. it will be at least december before same-sex weddings might be performed in california. supporters of the proposition 8 ban on gay marriage won the latest ruling in the case. they got the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco to put the weddings on hold while the recent ruling against prop 8 is appealed. last week the judge who found prop 8 to be unconstitutional said marriages could begin tomorrow if the appeals court didn't block them. >> for the time being the vote of the people has been upheld and we don't always see that and people often get frustrated to see their votes struck down but today they should be happy. >> it's disapointing. we are used to it.
6:36 am
but we'll get civil rights and marriage equality will come to california. gay marriage supporters not expected to appeal yesterday's decision to block the weddings while the case moves through the federal court. the case will be heard the week of december 6. time now 6:36. today mayor newsom, house speaker nancy pelosi and the secretary of the navy will announce a deal to transfer control of treasure island to the city. the city will pay the navy $55 million over 10 years. city supervisors signed off that price over the years and official have been ironing out the details. there are plans for 6,000 housing units, marina, restaurant, entertainment venues and open space. one of the bay area's most heated political races of the year is a runoff for city
6:37 am
council in east san jose. >> it's district 7. and the incumbent, madison nguyen says some of her campaign signs have been damage. as kiet do reports, the fingers of blame are awagging. reporter: if you need any more proof that the race for the district 7 city council seat in san jose is getting heated, here it is. >> it's heartbreaking to see that it's being destroyed the way it has been. >> reporter: sometime late sunday night or early monday morning someone vandalized the 6-foot-tall campaign sign along king row in san jose. the councilmember says eight signs at five locations were destroyed at $405 at$40 apiece. if it weren't for this text message that nguyen said she got from her opponents.
6:38 am
>> your volunteers or you have placed signs on my latino supporters who are now supporting me. these signs will be removed tonight. call me if you would like to discuss. >> this is a really strange coincidence that i received a text message the night before and the following morning eight of my campaign signs have been destroyed. >> she actually creates something out of, you know, literally fiction to just -- to -- to project an image that she is a victim in this whole sign war. >> reporter: candidate minute dwong says there is no evidence showing his supporters did it and he tills his staffers to follow the law and not touch opponent signs. but he acknowledges that his campaign manager did send the text message in a moment of passion. >> i think it was the heat of the moment and obviously with a clear understanding that only the residents themselves can touch the sign and i will emphasize that over and over again. >> reporter: is this the end of sign-gate in san jose? who knows. but at least both candidates
6:39 am
agree on one thing. the voters of district 7 deserve better. in san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. new figures out today on home construction and inflation. the latest financial news when we come back. plus, the end of an era in san jose. why a well-known grocery store is closing its doors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my producer just came up to me a second ago a new stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge near treasure island. metering lights are on. if they don't clear the stall soon, that's what causes these delays. in fact, yesterday we saw one of our biggest backups to the bay bridge toll plaza that we have seen it several months backed up to the macarthurmaze. soo anyway bridge crews are aware of the stall. hopefully they will clear it soon. we'll continue to watch the bay bridge commute. in the south bay nice and quiet out of downtown san jose where we have a camera but for tonight everyone is going gaga over lady gaga. you may find delays on surface streets and the guadalupe
6:43 am
parkway near hp pavilion. other freeways, 880/237 in milpitas towards silicon valley still looks great in those westbound lanes. no delay at all. another 45 minutes things will back up. from there our marin county commute all green on our sensors from novato. our cameras near mill valley. we actually noticed we could see this shot better than typically because there is less fog out there. mass transit righters everything is on time for bart, ace and muni. we have been off to a good start this morning. here's tracy. >> thank you. more clouds and drizzle and with the clouds we got delays for this morning. close to one hour on arrivals at sfo. out the door, foggy with drizzle for the coast, drizzle around the bay, low clouds and
6:44 am
a partly cloudy start expected inland. sunny, not as warmed. 70s and 80s. mix of sun and clouds around the bay to the 70s and low clouds remain with areas of fog with temperatures just around 60 degrees for the coastline. take a look. livermore yesterday hit 88 degrees. santa rosa 78. san jose 76. san francisco 62. once you compare yesterday's highs with today's highs, 6 degrees cooler in livermore, three degrees cooler in santa rosa, and not really a big difference in san jose or in san francisco. here's bay area temperatures and we are dealing with mid-80s in morgan hill, lower 80s in concord, danville, 80 dublin
6:45 am
and pleasanton. 60s in richard, oakland, alameda and san leandro. 72 kentfield. let's not forget napa, santa rosa, petaluma, santa rosa. expecting temperatures today in the mid-70s. north bay locations again today will be cooling down a bit. temperatures over the course. next couple of days will remain cool to mild. friday, saturday and sunday probably noticing something. hey, it's cooling off. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. >> higher wholesale prices and home construction. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning. investors will try to snap out of their doldrums today. it's been a rough past week. yesterday we saw some mixed action. this morning getting flooded with economic reports as well as earnings reports and they
6:46 am
are not halfway bad. so we have some decent stuff to work with. as far as the wholesale price go, we saw that producer prices rose slightly in july for the first time in a few months. just .2%. essentially flat. but that was not a deflationary pattern that's extremely important for the economy right now to see prices head up a little bit. companies are trying to meet their bottom lines to inspire them down the road. home building rebounded in july, up 1.7%. but not a lot to get excited about for the construction industry. building permits fell so future activity will be constrained for some time to come. more positive note from industrial production. it rose by 1% in the month of july mainly fueled by a bigger increase in factory production. that's good news for manufacturers and they have rebounded a bit after falling back a little bit at the end of june. also getting halfway decent
6:47 am
earnings reports from wal-mart and home depot, good news considering consumers are such a big part of the economy. looking at the stock market, how investors are reacting now, dow up by 49, nasdaq up 13, s&p up 6. google continues to get investigated by a number of different countries and states over its street mapping service. spain is the last one -- or the latest one to look into the street manage service and whether or not google potentially committed any crimes. what they did with their street manage is sent out street teams to collect information to put their street manage services together but they also inadvertently, at least google says so, collected personal information through unsecured wireless networks. they are also being investigated by germany, australia and about three dozen states in this country also looking into google's street manage services. john and julie? >> so it wasn't just pictures they were taking then? they were gathering some information, as well? >> that was the thing. when they are going around it
6:48 am
was just collecting all of that information and it was being stored. google maintains it never looked at any of the information. they were willing to destroy it but so far the governments have said no don't destroy it we may want to see what you have before you do that. >> okay. >> and it's raising all sorts of concerns. germany, they have the street mapping service going to germany now but the german people can make sure their homes are removed. also they can't put license plates down, things like that. germans very, very concerned about that street manage service and privacy. >> all right. thank you very much. jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. things look gloomy for one northern california's longest running grocery chain. san jose-based pw markets permanently closed its store at meridien and foxworthy avenues last night. that leaves the chain with just 6 stores down from its peak of 11. lauren's last day on the job was saturday but she returned yesterday to say good-bye. >> pw has given tlc to every
6:49 am
customer that walks in the door. that's how i treat my customers and that's what's hard to leave. >> i am sick. as long as i have been coming here, this has been my store, my neighborhood, and there are so many of us that feel the same way. >> joey franco started pw back in 1943. he has since passed away. the original store on alum rock avenue closed earlier this year. remaining stores have some bare shelves leaving many customers concerned. the "mercury news" reports pw is seeking help from a consultant who specializes in struggling grocery chains. competition has been tough though from big box stores, ethnic markets and national chains with big marketing budgets. time now 6:49. today is hiring day at mcdonald's. the restaurant chain is hiring 1,000 part-time workers in california. >> so our question this morning in today's economy would you consider going back to an
6:50 am
entry level job by working a mcdonald's to help pay the bills? jobs. ther rvive. time for a look at what's coming up on "the early show." chris joins us from new york. good morning. >> good morning. john, julie, how are you? coming up, tragedy in south carolina as a mother is arrested after her car was pulled out of the river two young children inside. we are going to hear from the county sheriff investigating the case plus an exclusive
6:51 am
interview with an competitor in saturday night's tragic off road race. that crashed left eight bystanders dead and injured 12 others. an arizona community breathing a sigh of relief after a 4-year- old was found. we'll speak with the boy and his mother. saw the boy give a wave to the helicopter there. standing up to cancer. a survivor joins us in the studio with a look at the worldwide initiative to raise funds and awareness. that and more coming up in a couple of minutes right here on "the early show." john, julie, back to you guys. >> thank you, chris wragge. "the early show" begins this morning at 7:00 a.m. and 6:51. a $55 million deal today to take over treasure island. and the latest headlines when we come back. >> plus, taking the plunge in england. highlights from the birdman competition. check of today's top stories:
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, @
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police officers in burlingame
6:55 am
shot and killed a 20- year- old man it h here's a check of our top stories this morning. police officers in burlingame shot and killed a 20-year-old man. it happened last night on myrtle road near burlingame high. police say the suspect advanced towards them with a knife. they tried a taser but it didn't stop the man. the latest decision of same- sex marriage in california comes from a federal appeals court in san francisco. it has blocked gay weddings until at least december. that's when it will hold a hearing on appeals of the ruling that proposition 8 was unconstitutional. after years of negotiations, san francisco is finally taking control of treasure island. the city will pay the navy $55 million over 10 years plus interest. it includes 6,000 residential units as well as retail and entertainment venues. good morning. the commute is off to a great start. here's a live look at the guadalupe parkway. we have photographer chris jewett there on the scene near the airport.
6:56 am
those headlights northbound traffic getting on 101. the commute is okay. new rollover crash here. this is highway 29 approaching interstate interstate 80 with a rollover crash with injuries. not seeing any big delays so far if you are heading towards the carquinez bridge and your drive all the way down the eastshore freeway not seeing slower speeds. we had the earlier stall that may still be there bridge crews are aware of it. five minutes wait to get on the bridge and your drive 19 minutes on westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. that's the one of our slowest spots. the usual slow and go traffic there. no delay down the eastshore freeway and 880 through oakland cruising towards downtown oakland. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your
6:57 am
forecast. >> clouds to contend with for now. coastal highs in the 60s. mix of sun and clouds. and mid-80s inland. another mild day. wednesday and thursday, we continue with cool to mild temperatures. friday we begin to cool down a bit. we'll take the cooler temperatures saturday into sunday. california poppies by dave peterson taken at mt. diablo. >> state flower, right? >> oh. >> and they are illegal to pick. >> did you learn that around here? >> first time you pick one someone says you're going to jail! [ laughter ] >> i know. i'm still scared. don't pick the poppy! [ laughter ] >> they aren't the same poppies. >> trials of tribulations of growing up in california! let's go fishing!
6:58 am
>> let's. >> okay. you don't need much. >> dozens of fish leaping out of the river. some of them hit the boat with the laughing men on board. 15 to 20 pounds. that's got to hurt. they may be found watch, hit by one can be dangerous. >> got to be bad! [ laughter ] >> does anybody feel bad for the fish? >> guess not. [ laughter ] >> okay. get some guys together with duct tape and cardboard and you go jump off a pier. >> long walk off a short pier? >> this is what they did.
6:59 am
small town in england. >> that worked well. the annual international birdman competition although some didn't even try. participants vied for a cash prize of $47,000. they actually managed to do quite well. then he was eat n by a carp. 81 meters was the best. >> what are you going to do. but that's a little like cheating to me. >> with the hang gliding there. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email >> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on


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