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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 18, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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number. it accounts for about 14% of all cases in the entire state. santa clara county began seeing the first cases a few weeks ago. they came from two people who had eaten food containing eggs from the same catered event. county environmental health investigators also became pro- active after they learned several people of got sick after eating at the same restaurant. they went online, checked the business review site yelp and saw other people had gotten sick after eating at that same restaurant. they have now contacted those customers to see if they are suffering from salmonella poisoning. >> it's fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea and the diarrhea starts from 12 to 72 hours after eating the contaminated food. >> reporter: so far, three people in the county have required hospitalization. in california, contaminated eggs have been found under safeway's lucerne label and store brands of albertsons and ralphs and the affected lot numbers are on our website,
5:01 pm and by the way, county health officials are still testing more cases and they do expect the total number of cases in this county, juliette, to grow dramatically. >> thuy, i have a quick question. you mentioned a catered event in a restaurant. we have been giving people the names and lot numbers and stuff like that. it may not necessarily be the case that these eggs are in their refrigerator. >> reporter: the places that the county health officials have contacted we can safely assume they have probably removed those eggs. they don't want to name the restaurants or catering businesses because it's not their fault. they simply bought the eggs or got them from a vendor and so they kind of want to protect those businesses for now. >> but still, if people feel bad they should see their doctors. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you, thuy vu. another public health concern. the whooping cough epidemic in the bay area getting worse. if your kids haven't been vaccinated you may be in for a shock as they head back to school as dr. kim mulvihill found out.
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reporter: are your kids vaccinated against pertussis, whooping cough? >> that wasn't so bad, was it? >> reporter: have they gotten booster shots? if not and they go to school in san francisco, watch out. if an outbreak occurs, unvaccinated students may be barred from going to class and forced to stay home for three long weeks. >> pretty drastic. terrible. >> it's not a good thing. >> it would be awful. >> reporter: why? >> because of daycare for their parents. >> reporter: the latest numbers tell the story. since january, more than 3,000 cases of whooping cough have been reported in california. eight infants have died. the bay area is already a hotbed of infection, and the kids going back into the classroom, it's a potent mix. germs can spread quickly. do the math. experts worry that at this point, whooping cough cases will explode. >> it is obviously a very important public health issue. >> reporter: vaccinated kids break the cycle of infections. however, some parents opt out of vaccinating their kids. others do not realize
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protection from the vaccine wears off. some san francisco schools, up to 40% of kids are not fully vaccinated. >> it's a good opportunity for parents to perhaps talk to their pediatrician or their family physician and ask, is my child to update? if not, come in and get the booster. >> reporter: if not, at least in san francisco, parents better have a plan b. so why stay home for three weeks? well, that's because the infection can incubate for that length of time. as for other counties, alameda and contra costa county, for example, are urging parents to vaccinate their kids. alameda is offering free back- to-school vaccinations, contra costa county managing outbreaks on a school-by-school basis. >> is there a way to get that information on which school has the vaccinations? >> reporter: yes, you can. you can go to san francisco department of public health and find out on a school by school basis what percentage of kids have been vaccinated. all the information is there. we'll probably have more on
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follow-up. >> it's time with school starting. thank you, dr. kim. a big pot bust in western marin today. people who live in that area are telling cbs 5 they know something illegal was going on because they have seen our men coming and going for some time. the marin county sheriff's department raided the property in the sky oaks area near fairfax close to alpine dam. chopper 5 captured pictures of the raid. helicopters airlift the marijuana plants down to the staging area, where agents loaded them into the dump trucks. >> the people responsible for these illegal operations have no regard for public safety, nor do they have any concern for the damage created by their growth sites. these types of criminal enterprises result in erosion damage created by the clear- cutting of indigenous plants as well as hazardous trash left behind by the lawless operators. >> the sheriff's department says this is just one of several growing operations that were uncovered in the foothills
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of mount tamalpais. county, federal and state agents were all involved in the raid. as local governments slash budget an east bay fire chief is taking heat for filling up his gas tank on the taxpayers' dime. but phil matier shows us the chief isn't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: that's right. it's interesting because this is also a story about the chief and the union clashing with each other. the union sending out photos about the chief using that pump right there and raising a big ruckus in this little town is. here's the story. >> i have to pay for gas. he gets paid a hell of a lot more than i do. he needs to pay for gas. >> i think i'd like to get free gas. that doesn't happen. >> i find that very strange. actually, not acceptable. reporter: that's just a sample of the reaction on the streets of alameda today to the news that fire chief david kapler who gets over $195,000 a year in pay has been tanking up his sporty bmw with city gas and to the news that the free
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gas for both his bmw convertible and his honda truck have been free for the past three years as part of his pay deal he cut with the former city manager. >> there's a log book that i fill out with the date and the amount of of gallonage i use every time i fill up my vehicle so it's a complete and full at cannot. >> reporter: but the firefighters union which seen layoffs of firefighters and station closed because of lack of money says the chief's mixing of personal and professional cars just doesn't cut it. >> this seems like an additional fuel cost against the philosophies of us trying to save money by the city. >> reporter: plus, no one at city hall has been able to find a record of the agreement giving the chief the free gas. >> he asserts that it was an oral agreement. >> reporter: put it all together and you have the mayor saying it's over. >> he will not be filling any vehicle at this point in the city gasoline facilities. >> reporter: the chief still says it was a good deal for the
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city financially, but concedes that the argument is a hard sell when fire stations are closing. >> you get car allowance plus gas mileage. i mean -- and you get paid a good salary. >> it's a negotiated package. >> reporter: like he said, the chief tells us that he is also willing to sit down with the city manager the new one and work something out, try to work out a new deal. but it's interesting, juliette. the pump that the chief has been using for the last couple of years is just a couple of feet from the firefighters station where they took the photograph and sent out. and it definitely got a reaction. it gives a whole new meaning to the words gotcha. they definitely got him on this one. >> thank you, phil. ever wonder what $300 million can buy? take a look. the story behind the luxurious yacht docked in the bay and the mysterious tycoon and his wife who own it. plus, a story you will only
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see on channel 5. trout turning up dead in a bay area creek. so what's killing those fish? finally, i'm thinking if we don't qualify, who does? >> she lost her job, her husband had his hours cut, but they still tried to do the right thing with their bank. tonight, the advice banks are giving home owners before they get a loan modification. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs.
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fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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check this out. three swimming pools, a 2500- square-foot master suite, bulletproof glass. it's not a luxury suite meant for royalty. it's a $300 million yacht sitting off the waters of sausalito right now. oh, boy! simon perez has this great story for us to actually show us what else is inside. hi, simon. >> reporter: hi, juliette. this boat is so outrageously extravagant, the best way to tell you about it is the rundown of the numbers. the first number is how much it cost. $300million. reporter: >> created it as a statement that i am rich, i am powerful and i deserve this. >> reporter: and what a statement it is. this is the egg, the 394-foot
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megayacht in the bay. he is a self made russian who earned big bucks in banking, coal and fertilizer. the letter a stands for andre and alexandra his supermodel wife. the 31-year-old reportedly helped change the design of the ship after they got married. now back to the boat. >> i don't think this is evolving. i think this is suite generous all by itself. this is submarine like something that captain nemo might have had in 20,000 leagues under the sea. i don't see anyone else running to create the same design. >> reporter: inside this room walled with white sting ray hide. fingerprint detection is the only way into the master suite. swimming pool number 3 has a glass bottom so people dancing below can see who is swimming above. and this plush room is just what you think it is, the nooky
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room. 360-degree views you take in through bomb proof windows. >> i think he has seen a few too many bond movies if he has to have -- it's like having a safe room that no matter what else happens you are going to be protected. >> reporter: now, apparently the owner guards his privacy closely and another way to do that is the design of the hull. take a closing look. no railings and definitely difficult for someone to scramble aboard from the water. how about one more statistic. this boat carries enough fuel to make it 6500 nautical miles on one trip. how far is that, juliette? imagine one tank of gas now from london to cape town without stopping. >> unbelievable. right behind your shoulder there you could just wave to them and say, hey. how about dinner tonight, folks. >> reporter: if i'm not on at 5:00, that's where i am. >> i'm still trying to imagine a suite that long. >> reporter: it's all about as long as a football field and basketball court. so that's just one room on the
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whole thing. >> like the love boat. thank you, simon perez. >> i think a $300 million yacht, every room is a nooky room. the wrong kind of thrill ride at 6 flags marine world in vallejo today. the boomerang roller coaster got stuck on the track. everybody evacuated from the ride. fortunately that ride didn't get stuck upside-down. it was mid ride. none of those 26 people on the ride was hurt. eviction day for a troubled san francisco nightclub but the operator of jelly's dance cafe or pier 50 says he is not leaving. the port of san francisco says it did not renew the club's lease because of violence, noise and other violations. last month a man was shot to death outside jelly's. another was gunned down near the club in 2008. san jose's now lowering the speed limit in front of trace elementary school down to 15 miles per hour. the campus' main building was destroyed by fire over the summer but some of the
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temporary classrooms are now set up across the street from campus. so students and teachers are crossing dana avenue much of the day. going to pay their mortgage and getting turned down when they ask to help. the new push to get banks to modify. hundreds of northern california women strut their stuff but do they have what it takes to become america's next top model? ,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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urban 's once aga it's a success story in the heart of oakland. a restored urban stream that's once again populated by rainbow trout. the creek in diamond canyon park. but there is a mysterious new threat to those fish. >> this one pool is where we found the dead trout reporter: the pool is shaded and excluded only steps from where children play soccer. but a week ago a crew made a disturbing discovery at the creek, at least 14 dead rainbow
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trout floating in the water. >> there aren't a lot of urban streams that are lucky enough to have trout that go way back and so these are really precious resource for the city. >> reporter: leslie watershed supervisor for the city says she is keeping some of the fish in a freezer she doesn't know what killed them but a construction crew has been working nearby. >> the street storm drain comes in through this culvert. and then so whatever pours in off the street comes in and washes down into the pool. and this pool had all the trout in it. >> reporter: it is with urban waterways, she says this isn't sauzal creek's first fish kill. >> this is where that chemical spill comes in. >> the turpentine right. >> reporter: two years ago, turpentine was the culprit she says poured down the storm train by a contractor. >> as people are washing cars or if they are using pesticides or herbicides on their lawns and that washes into the storm
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drains system, even large amounts of potable water, it may be safe for us to drink that water that comes from our taps may be harmful to trout because it contains certain chemicals that keeps the water clean for us but can harm fish who are very sensitive. >> reporter: the trout even swim in sauzal creek as a testament to the restoration work. 14 years ago, the creek was dry. now native trout travel downstream from the hills. >> when you see a fish in the most precious element, water, people think oakland is really polluted, it gives us a whole new sense. >> reporter: the state has been called in to investigate the dead trout. depending on the outcome, fines may be follow. in oakland, sherry hu, cbs 5. >> she said i'm glad i am embracing my height, 5'9" with the boots.
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[ laughter ] >> a lot of people have been complaining because this is one of the coolest summers in the past 40 years near in the bay area. this is at sea breeze over the bay waters and if you look at the bay waters you can see richmond high temperatures so far only 61. if you are out and about, sure, we do have the low clouds and fog playing tag with inverness but for the most part the coast is clear. so if you are heading out tonight, make sure you grab the light jacket but we do see the sunrise at 7:58. we will be able to capture it before the low clouds and fog push back into the bay. and they will because our pinpoint forecast has duly noted that. marine layer overnight will
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move inland 60 miles before retreating to the bay by the early afternoon hours tomorrow. and then the clearing along the immediate seashore. area of low pressure that trough hanging out over the west coast. that's enhanced the marine layer is out of here but we have another area of low pressure upstream. how that will affect your seven- day forecast momentarily, but first, tonight's lows in the 50s from santa rosa into the santa clara valley. tomorrow with a breeze out of the west up to 15, numbers 58 degrees in pacifica, pair of 7s in san jose, when the typical average high is about 84 degrees. we will realize mid-80s in livermore, san ramon, dublin, pleasanton, otherwise 89 outside number in lake berryessa. friday we cool slightly, saturday a very mild day. then summertime right here in the bay area monday through wednesday. [ laughter ] >> hey, look at tonight's mypix from our own juliette goodrich. >> we jogged through chinatown and we felt like tourists.
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we were embracing our city. >> great place to christmas shop, too, remember that. >> keep the photos coming to allen? >> you want to get on and off the plane first? it will cost you. the airline now charging extra for those front row seats in coach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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homeowners struggling to stay in acramento is there may be relief soon for thousands of california home owners struggling to stay in their homes. sacramento lawmakers are
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expected to vote on a bill to force banks not to foreclose. one couple told cbs 5 how their lobe modification turned into a nightmare. reporter: it's been a tough year for them. carol lost her job in december of 2008 and joe had his work hours cut. suddenly the family couldn't make their $2,800 monthly mortgage payment. >> when it was becoming apparent around february time that i wasn't going to get another job at least right away, we started applying for the hardship and loan modifications. >> reporter: backup even with the reduced incomes, the family had trouble getting the bank to work with them. >> citibank kept turning us down actually the mortgage company kept saying we didn't qualify. and then finally, i'm thinking, if we don't qualify, who does? >> reporter: consumerwatch receives dozens of e-mails from viewers describing their mortgage nightmares. lisa rights, i have been trying to get a loan modification for
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a year now being strung along with bad reasons. and another says, chase bank has denied us a loan modification. since then, they lost 5 house payments which they cashed. they are now foreclosing on us. desperate, the family called consumerwatch and suddenly there was progress on their loan modification but that's when a citi mortgage rep made an unusual request. >> although he wouldn't put it in writing, he told us we needed to not pay our mortgage for a couple of months before they would actually really do the modification. >> in many, many cases, we're hearing of the servicer saying, well, we would like to help you but in order to be able to help you, you have to be in default. you can't be current on your mortgage. >> reporter: paul leonard of the center for responsible lending says, while banks are dragging their feet, it's not entirely intentional. >> my sense is, is that they have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of requests for loan modifications. >> reporter: a year and a half
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after the process began, the family finally signed the papers reducing their monthly mortgage payment from $2,800 to $1,100. >> we really appreciate it. we couldn't do it without the consumerwatch because they basically opened the door to those important people to get it done. >> a vote on that foreclosure bill is expected by the end of the month. now, for more information on loan modification help, go to, or you can call 1-888-5-helps-u. american airlines has found another fee. it's now charging between $19 and $39 for what it calls express seats. the spots in the first few rows of coach that include the bulkhead. the extra fee also allows passengers to board the plane with the first general boarding group. the seats can only be purchased at airport kiosks between 24 hours and 50 minutes before the flight. president obama insists the economy is getting better, but
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are we really on the road to recovery? we'll tell you what most americans are saying tonight on the cbs evening news. at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it eadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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hundreds of women lined up before dawn this morning in yuba city.. for a chance to make it on season 16 of the reality show. producers made sure that phi ra banks ishundreds of women lined up in yuba city to get on a reality show. producers made sure contestants measured up. you have to be 5'7" to audition. >> there is girls that got it and wasted it. so i want tyra to see that this is what i want. i'm going to work hard for it. >> and you can watch season 16 of america's next top model, it is on our sister station, the cw 44/cable 12. that starts september 8. >> wow. >> 44 cable 12.


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