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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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with jcp cash -- ten dollars off when you spend fifty. unlike other stores, we don't make you... ...come back to save! go to to see everything on sale. new look. new year. who knew! jcpenney. expanded... the bay area counties where the most people are getting sick -a worldwide good morning. it's thursday, august 19. the egg recall is expanded. more people are getting sick. the bay area counties, we'll tell you which ones where the most people are getting sick. a worldwide paint shortage affecting some repaired roads in san jose, how the city is rationing paint to try to make it last. >> here you go. it's called the "a." a 394-foot yacht with glass floors, rotating beds, comes
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with its own billionaire who, unfortunately, has his own supermodel wife. >> he is 38. >> they have rotating beds? they shouldn't -- >> you don't? >> no. >> someday when you're a billionaire, right? >> we'll give you a little tour of that. first let's check traffic and weather. hi. >> all right. hello. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic still moving fine approaching the pay gates and no delays all the way into san francisco. "american idol" auditions this morning by at&t ballpark so it's really backing up on king street and really all along the embarcadero. third street is gridlocked. it has been since about 5:00 your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a.m. elsewhere a little bit of slow caption colorado, l.l.c. traffic out of the altamont pass but not bad. still 15 minutes from the good morning. here's live look from mount vaca as we watch the sun rise altamont pass to the dublin interchange so you can see it's this morning. still green, 43 miles per hour a beautiful start to your thursday. good morning, i'm julie watts, there as you approach 680. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's sydnie kohara is on vacation.
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tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> it is 6:30. let's get a check on traffic and weather right now. >> i guess it was nice yesterday. >> i was about to say, just first to elizabeth. good morning. >> good morning. as far as the commute goes it take it! it was a nice day. >> got to be just right, tracy. almost feels like a friday traffic pretty light overall except for here highway 4. unfortunately, we have a lot of slow sensors through that >> okay. stretch of westbound 4 from what happened to goldilocks at antioch. it does pick up once you reach the inn? [ laughter ] >> just kidding. >> low clouds and fog and pittsburg-bay point and out to drizzle for the bay and coast, concord. but except for that little bit of slow traffic on 4 elsewhere temperature in the mid- to around the bay area we're relatively problem-free as far upper 50s. some of you may not be as picky as incidents go. we really don't see anything out there. this is 880/237 in milpitas. as goldilocks here. that's westbound 237 traffic 60s at the coast. so slightly warmer today. towards mountain view. doesn't stick around for long plenty of space in between though. friday, saturday and sunday we cars. same thing across the golden are cooling down again with gate bridge. got some fog in our traffic temperatures rebounding monday shot so maybe some low and tuesday. so the roller coaster ride with visibility as you pass the our temperatures will continue. waldo grade but otherwise no and that's a look at your weather. problems across the span, at back up to you. >> and your traffic. the bridge, and we'll do one >> back to you guys. >> thank you. more bridge check. bay bridge toll plaza, so far it is 6:02 right now. the number of eggs being the metering lights are off. recalled is growing as is the all your approaches look great. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. number of people sick from yeah, we do have some fog out salmonella. anne makovec is in san francisco with a check on how
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many people are sick in the bay there. plenty of clouds and even area. good morning, anne. drizzle for the morning. >> reporter: good morning. for this afternoon, how about and the number keeps rising because a lot of folks had plenty of sunshine? yeah. we are expecting plenty of sunshine in the north bay with maybe thought they had the 24- temperatures in the upper 70s in santa rosa, 80 degrees in hour flu have now heard about the egg recall and realized that their illness might be due to the salmonella outbreak and sonoma. 76 degrees today in benicia. and warming up a bit in are now reporting those numbers to their local health antioch. 90 degrees. 87 in pleasanton. 69 degrees in oakland right department. here is the big picture. hundreds of people across the country have gotten sick from along the bay. the salmonella outbreak linked 70 hayward. 77 santa clara. 78 san jose. to eggs in four states, san francisco 64 degrees, half moon bay also raking in the mid- 60s. here's a look at our seven-day possibly more. all originating from iowa. the centers for disease control and prevention is working with forecast. today we're warming up with state health departments to friday, saturday and sunday, we investigate the illnesses. cool back down. cooler weather on tap for the note deaths have been reported. but more than 200 -- actually, weekend. monday and tuesday, those same temperatures will be rebounding exactly 266 illnesses at this for the beginning of your workweek. point have been reported here that's a look at your weather. in california since june. and many are of course believed to be related to the eggs. back up to you. bad eggs are making a lot they have been bought at of people sick in the bay area grocery stores and served in and this morning, the recall is restaurants and local departments have been tracking expanding. anne makovec is in san case for weeks now. francisco, which is reporting a 14% of the state's cases are in high number of salmonella the south bay. at least one restaurant in
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santa clara county is linked to cases. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the outbreak but the health local health departments have been tracking cases since may department there won't say the name of the restaurant. but now that more people are >> our investigation we got some reports and some people hearing about the outbreak more that were sick and they had people are reporting their symptoms. here are the latest numbers eaten at the same restaurant. from the bay area. and a staff member with environmental health went on yelp to see what was going on san francisco, 25 cases. alameda, 16. and found a number of people were complaining of being ill contra costa county, 22. after eating there. san mateo bridge, 8. santa clara county, the most in the and so we're testing all those bay area, 38 people have people. we have confirmed one. reported getting sick, so pro-actively we are able to figure out a little place where including three that were so sick, they had to go to the this restaurant had purchased eggs and used them in their hospital. cooking and people were getting common symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. it comes on 72 hours after sick. >> reporter: 25 people have eating eggs contaminated with here are the number of people salmonella. who got sick: >> i made breakfast for dinner and that night i woke up in the middle of the night with 38 people sick in santa clara horrible stomach pains. county including three so sick >> most of us healthy adults they were taken to the got this we are going to get sick and then well without any treatment. but those people, elderly, hospital. the common symptoms, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and that could come on between 8 and 72 infants and people with immune hours after eating contaminated disease, they need to be
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eggs. now, coming up in the next half careful. >> reporter: at least one hour we'll take a look at some restaurant in santa clara county is linked with some of the illnesses but the county is of the brands affected and how some egg dealers are dealing not releasing its name. safeway is one of the many with this. john. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. we do have a list of the brands of eggs under recall and the stores that have removed the lot numbers that you need look eggs from the shelves. for on the cartons. the lucerne brand voluntarily is recalling aas packed by the dozen or the 18-pack. it's all on our website, and at least a dozen other tomorrow will be a furlough brands from albertsons to farm friday after all for 150,000 fresh are also affected. the salmonella has been found california state workers. not only on the outside of the yesterday the state supreme egg on the shell, it's also court overturned a lower court been found inside the egg in decision that had temporarily some cases. so health officials say don't try to risk it by just cooking blocked the unpaid days off. governor schwarzenegger has the eggs very well. ordered state workers to take the salmonella can even infect three furlough days per month to save money during the budget your kitchen. julie? >> anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. we have a list of the impasse. state lawmakers still haven't reached a budget agreement more than seven weeks into the brands of eggs under the recall fiscal year. the state supreme court is far and the lot numbers to look for from done with the issue, however. on the cartons. next month, it will hear arguments on whether the governor has the power to order all that on our website, tomorrow will be a furlough furlough days. >> we hope to have a budget friday after all for 150,000 before then because the controller today said within california state workers. two to four weeks, we are going yesterday the state supreme court overturned a lower court
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to have to start paying our decision that had temporarily bills in ious. blocked the unpaid days off. >> most state offices including governor schwarzenegger had ordered state workers to take the departments of motor vehicles, public health and three furlough days per month. fish & game will be closed that to save money during the tomorrow and next friday. the city of san jose is budget impasse. state lawmakers still haven't reached a budget agreement and repaving miles of streets with the help of federal stimulus it's more than seven weeks into the fiscal year. the state supreme court is far money. but in many cases, the jobs from done with this issue, remain incomplete. the reason? though. next month it will hear there is a worldwide shortage arguments on whether the of paint needed to mark the governor has the power to order street. some people contend that paint furlough days. could be dangerous. >> we lope to have a budget right now, the city has only before -- we hope to have a about 2,000 gallons of paint budget before then because the left so it's being rationed, controller said within 2 to 4 weeks we'll have to start used only for the most critical paying our bills in ious. markings like stop bars and >> most state offices including the department of motor lane dividers. >> it's a perfect storm in that vehicles, department of public health and fish & game will be there are problems in delivering the raw materials that are used to make the closed tomorrow and next friday. the city of san jose is chemicals in paint. there are production problems in the plants that produce the repaving miles of streets with paint in the chemicals in the the help of federal stimulus money. materials. but in many cases, the jobs there are distribution issues as well as demand issues. >> meanwhile, the city says it remain incomplete. the reason, a worldwide shortage of paint needed to has to move forward with
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mark the streets. right now the city only has repaving or it will risk losing about 2,000 gallons of paint the stimulus money. too many now 6:06. left so it's being rationed bay bridge -- time now 6:06. only for the most critical bay bridge contractors getting markings like stop bars and ready for one of the big lifts in the construction of the new lane dividers. >> it's a perfect storm in that span. four new deck segments have arrived in oakland from china, there are problems in delivering the raw materials that are used to make the part of the bridge that you chemicals in paint. there are production problems will eventually be driving on. each of the segments is 250 in the plants that produce the paint and the chemicals and the materials. there are distribution issues feet long. they weigh 1500 tons. as well as demand issues. 12 of the 28 segments are >> the city says it has to move forward with the repaving or it already in place. caltrans says the four new segments will be installed on will risk losing stimulus money. bay bridge contractors are the bridge next week. some commuters may soon getting ready for one of the biggest lifts in the start noticing things look construction of the new eastern spiffy on the bart trains. span. four new deck segments have bart is spending some of its budget surplus to clean arrived in oakland from china. that's the part of the bridge untrains and putting new seat cushions on 50 bart cars of the you'll eventually be driving on. each of those segments 250 feet 660 or so in the system. and some new floors are being long, weigh 1500 tons apiece. 12 of the 28 deck segments are installed. the cleaned-up cars should all be back in service by november. already in place. caltrans says four new segments it is 607 time. will be installed on the bridge they are coming home a few
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weeks ahead of schedule. sometime early next week. the last u.s. combat troops to you ride bart? look forward to sitting on new leave iraq. who is staying behind to help clean seats soon. bart is spending some of its the iraqi government. budget surplus to clean trains. >> it looks a bit like a it's also putting new seat military operation in marin. what drew helicopters and a lot cushions in 50 bart cars. of guns to the city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of course, there are 660 or so in the system. and some new floors are being installed, as well. this clean-up should all be back -- all the cleaned-up cars should be back in service by november. a mysterious aroma is plaguing part of mineta international airport in san jose. >> it is not affecting the areas where the passengers are allowed. kcbs radio's matt bigler has more on the stinky offices. hi, matt. >> reporter: hi, good morning. yeah, you may want to hold your nose if you are an airline employee working behind the scenes here at mineta san jose international airport. we are talking about a noxious odor that apparently has been showing you will there for the past five months or so. airline employees have been complaining about it. and now, it's gotten so bad that some airlines are actually
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threatening to withhold their monthly rent payments to the airport unless it's taken care of. the airport is doing a lot to try to fix it. we spoke with airport spokesman. he said it seems that the odor hasn't permeated any of the areas where passengers go. >> we have had no reports of any passengers noting any smell and that's good news. it's all back stage. we are taking it serious buy but we're certainly relieved it's not affecting passengers. >> reporter: i talked to some passengers this morning. they said they didn't smell anything. and then i talked to an airline employee, one of the ticket employees at terminal a which is actually that direction. she said that, yeah. it's been there for some time now, it smells really bad, smells like an out house and she wishes that someone would take care of it. the airline has been using big fans to flush out the behind the scenes area. propping open doors. they have been flushing the pipes with smoke periodically
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to see where the smoke is leaking out fixing those leaks and they are going to do that one more time next week. the bottom line is they still don't know the source of the smell and they are doing everything they can to fix it before it gets more serious. i'm matt bigler in san jose reporting live for cbs 5. >> is this isn't the new terminal? this is the remodeled one, right? >> reporter: right. this is the brand-new terminal b behind me. we are talking about terminal a, which is actually that direction. the airport spent $186 million to completely remodel it. possibly somewhere in that process, something went wrong. and that's where the smell is coming from. >> thank you, matt. >> 6:39. new figures out this morning on the nation's unemployed. the latest financial news when we return. >> and a new fee being introduced by a major airline. how you can pay to get the seat of your choice. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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moved out overnight. traffic is slowing down in antioch. check out the slow speeds under 20 miles per hour past a street in antioch. traffic report in six minutes. the last of american combat troops in iraq moved out overnight. >> they crossed the border into kuwait. >> we're going home, we won, it's over! >> that is the fourth stryker brigade second infantry division. it pulled out 7 years and 5 months after the war started. that group includes at least one bay area soldier, lieutenant steven dewitt of san jose. some 50,000 u.s. troops will stay another year though in noncombat roles including training and support. and special forces will also continue to help iraqis hunt
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for terrorists. some national guard troops are getting ready for deployment to u.s./mexico border. governor arnold schwarzenegger says the first of 224 troops have finished training for the mission. they will be supporting border security and counter narcotics operations. the governor expects them to be on the job by september 1 and the deployment will last up to a year. in all, president obama proposes putting 1200 national guard personnel along the mexican border. a big pot bust in western marin. the marin county sheriff's department raided the property in the sky oaks area near fairfax closed to alpine dam. helicopters airlifted the marijuana plants down to a staging area where the agents then loaded them into dump trucks. this is just one of several growing operations uncovered in the foothills of mount tamalpais. county, state and federal agents were all involved in yesterday's raid. 6:12. wait until you see what else is
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on board a $300 million yacht that is sitting in the bay right now. >> and a smelly problem at a bay area airport. next, the odor that is making work uncomfortable for employees at mineta international airport. and our weather, well, there's nothing in the weather department that stinks this morning. our forecast is going to be pretty nice. mild conditions, yeah, mild day as things are warming up. right now, though, patchy fog out there. low clouds looking out towards the transamerica building. which parts of the bay area will be warmer today? i've got those temperatures right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,, company is buying another. good morning. i thought is this may be our first relapse of the morning commute but before i can tell you about it it's already been cleared. so it's looking good. we had a car that spun out anyway. right now you can speeds of 78 miles per hour. the accident completely gone
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all lanes are open. so looks good all the way down to milpitas and down towards san jose. we have a live traffic camera showing you traffic on 280 coming out of downtown san jose. everything is relatively problem-free with a little bit of slowing just the usual congestion on sensors northbound on the guadalupe parkway. a little farther south in the santa cruz county area, we have this problem on highway 9 closed after an overnight accident. both directions of highway 9 shut down over by two bar road. car hit a power pole so we still don't have an estimated time when they are going to get that stretch of freeway re- opened. but we are told that a local detour is available. if you are coming into san francisco along the peninsula, 101 looks great near candlestick. and you may want to use 101 instead of 280 because we have a big crowd gathered by at&t park for "american idol" auditions. third and king is especially hectic this morning.
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so watch found for delays there. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. thursday morning, we start things offer for now along the you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] coastline. clouds around the bay with temperatures to the lower to ♪ the mid to the upper 50s. [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows this afternoon sunshine and warmer temperatures in the mid- 70s to near 90. on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. sunshine a few clouds around the bay with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-70s.60 in pacifica. move inland a bit temperatures to the lower to the mid-70s in
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mountain view and sunnyvale. 79 in cupertino. mid-80s in danville, dublin, upper 80s in pleasanton and 90 degrees today in antioch and in brentwood. north bay location, 79 in petaluma, 78 in santa rosa, mid- 70s in san rafael and san anselmo and the lower to the mid-60s in sausalito and in san good morning. things are looking good traffic wise i have to say. francisco. today, pretty nice, next couple usual congestion in the slow of days temperatures will back off a bit and we will rebound spots. highway 4, 580 out of the altamont pass but as far as with those temperatures yet incidents go all we could find was a cone in the lane so not a bad start to the morning again monday, tuesday and commute. heading into san francisco along the peninsula, we have a camera right there showing you traffic towards the skyway on the lower deck of the bay wednesday. we have the breast cancer bridge. everything is flowing in all challenge saturday at lake merritt. conditions in the mid-60s. lanes. if you are using 280, the and we also have the very last freeway looks okay but we'll weekend for the stern grove head down towards at&t park. there is a huge crowd gathered festival in san francisco sunday afternoon, conditions in the lower 60s. that's a look at your weather. for "american idol" auditions. so unusual backups on king back up to you. >> thank you. it is 6:45.
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street. so it's not backing up onto the there is one santa clara freeway but once you reach king company that is hoping to gobble up another. and get off at 280 slow and go >> yeah, it's a deal that sent from king to the ballpark and the mcafee stocks soaring. then third street is backed up, as well. there is a huge crowd down here now is jay jason brooks there. we had some live pictures earlier. with kcbs and so watch out for that. >> good morning. this is a huge deal in the if you are commuting into san francisco, using the bay bridge so far no delay and no metering silicon valley. intel buying mcafee for about $7.7 billion. intel one. most widely an tis -- one. lights. san mateo bridge westbound 92 in the commute direction most widely anticipated towards the peninsula, very companies -- intel one of the quiet. same thing coming 60 the high- rise towards hayward. most widely anticipated they did wrap up that companies buying other companies. they could take mcafee software embedding it into the chips construction near the 880/92 they sell to computer makers interchange with blocked lanes there. 880 through oakland past the sort of an all-in-one coliseum, this is nice and distributor for that kind of quiet. very light this morning. device. mcafee had actually intel had about $18.3 billion in cash taillights northbound traffic heading towards high street going into the deal. that would make it the 13th looks just like this into richest s&p company. only 300 companies with the downtown and the macarthur maze. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. silicon valley. cash to spend being cisco, looks like this across much of google and apple fueling wall the bay area. toward coit tower, cloudy skies street this morning but to start this morning. investors also dealing with
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head winds out there in the fog along the coast, around the bay, and also some drizzle for form of higher unemployment claims. weekly jobless benefits spiked by another 12,000 to a half the morning. daily planner, so clouds will greet you for the first half of million over the past week. that's the highest total since the day. temperatures in the 50s out the november of last year. door. moving into the afternoon, we clearly, there has been no take out the clouds, we introduce some sunshine. more sunshine and today's temperatures a little warmer improvement in the job market. especially inland up to 90 degrees. mid-60s to the mid-70s around the bay with sunshine a few that will weigh on the economy going forward. clouds. and low clouds and areas of sunshine along the coastline. temperatures as warm or as high dow, nasdaq and s&p down. as the mid-60s. looking at those two shares of 64 in half moon bay, 60 in intel and mcafee, right now pacifica, mid-70s in redwood intel is down 2.5%. that typically happens with a company that's making the purchase. their earnings will take a hit city and palo alto. in the short term because of that since they are spending 75 sunnyvale, 81 los gatos, 86 morgan hill, lower to the mid- 70s in union city and also in the money. mcafee meanwhile up 57% to just fremont. along the bay, mid-60s in over $47. the deal basically puts a richmond and berkeley. people are you know of about i'll take it. 69 degrees in oakland. 60% over mcafee's closing price mid-80s in walnut creek and yesterday at $48 per share. danville and dublin. john and julie? upper 80s in pleasanton. >> if you owned mcafee and near 90 degrees in antioch yesterday you're setting and in brentwood. pretty. >> if you knew about this ahead
6:19 am
those temperatures in the east bay will be warming up four to of time good deal. five degrees. >> the securities and exchange commission will want to talk to also another warmup north bay locations kicking it up a notch you, too! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's a huge deal upper 70s in santa rosa and and now we'll see if this will petaluma, 80 in sonoma an napa. lead to any other dominos falling in the silicon valley. >> i hadn't thought of that. 644 in san francisco. high pressure system building thank you very much, jason in at least for a day or so, so brooks with kcbs and we will reap the benefits of slightly warmer temperatures. american airlines is adding that high pressure system is a another fee for passengers who little noncommittal, won't be around for the weekend. so we cool back down friday want certain seats. >> now charging between $19 and $39 for what it calls express through sunday. this saturday, the san seats, the spots in the first francisco street food festival going on in the mission few rows of coach. passengers will be able to district. temperatures in the lower 60s. board the plane with the first food looks good! and saturday paddle for life general boarding group. the seats can be purchased only dragon boat festival which will at airport kiosks and only between 24 hours and 50 minutes benefit the american cancer before the flight. >> i think some of the other society. leo ryan park foster city, airlines united has been doing conditions near 70 degrees. and again that will benefit the this for a while. american cancer society. you can purchase the emergency so looks like it will be a good cause. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. row seats and all those things. >> i love that, tracy. >> bring your own seat. high pressure noncommittal! way to heads up that. >> booster seat.
6:20 am
a street fair for foodies all right. time now 6:19. here's a look at some of the top stories we are following in san francisco. road trip on one tank of gas. for you this morning. >> and a whole lot more. >> okay. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. the week send here, folks. the egg recall is expanding. i know it's a thursday morning hundreds of people in but let's get it going, shall california are sick after we? to movies first. luke wilson gives the eating contaminated eggs with salmonella many here in the bay performance of his career in middlemen. the "r" rated movie tells the area. 380million eggs from an iowa story -- john, you would love farm are being recalled furlough fridays are on it because it's about geeks. again. the state supreme court the geeks here behind yesterday overturned a lower technology that brought adult court decision that had entertainment to the internet temporarily blocked furlough and into people's homes. days for state workers. governor schwarzenegger ordered it is an immoral story but 150,000 workers to take three unpaid days off per month to wilson's character is the moral save money during the state budget impasse. center. most state offices will be james caan also stars. think of middlemen as a boogie closed tomorrow and next nights of the 90s new york friday. bart is spending some of city. it's a raw gritty film but its budget surplus to clean up wilson's performance is so incredible. its trains. it's also putting in some new and he reduces you to tears because in all this madness he seat cushions in 50 cars and is trying to hang on to his marriage and it's just one of replacing some floors. the spruced-up cars should be those films from beginning end back in service by november. to you are on the edge of your seat. >> when was the last time we 6:20. there is a mysterious odor that saw james caan? is plaguing some offices in >> long time ago. he is back, he plays a
6:21 am
gangster. he does it so well. mineta international airport in he is so good. he just eats up the screen. san jose. the sewer-like stench not affecting any of the passenger intoxicating to watch. areas in the recently remodel terminal a but it is irritating but middlemen opens friday everywhere. >> street food festival in san some airline employees in offices that are behind the francisco, taste your way ticket counters. the smell has been around off around a couple of cities, food and on for about 5 months but so far, no one has figured out trucks, culinary cars and local restaurants serving up the source or a permanent solution. the mercury news says some delicious eat from 11:00 a.m. airline officials are so frustrated, though, that they to 7:00 p.m. on folsom street. are threatening to withhold >> i have seen you talking rent payments. this morning a major about them. what are some of the more business deal announced in silicon valley. >> what company intel is purchasing and for how much. interesting ones? >> creme brulee cart, kung fu tacos, the roadie guys, the and you're looking at $300 mobile truck that serves up million right there. that's without filling it up roasted chicken. and it's just the thing. i mean, to have them all in a first. that's what it costs to build couple of city blocks is going this yacht. to be cool. wait until you see what that $300 million will buy you and >> rather trendy but you got to knit you do get some good grub. the over the top luxuries found >> you get some great grub and it's cheap. on board. that we want. finally i want to mention ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tonight "eye on the bay,"
6:22 am
another one tank road trip. and tonight i'm with my pal the producer of the sarah and vinnie morning show on alice. pine cone diner in point reyes is a great little spot that we stopped off at but also, john, you're an old radio guy. >> oh, yes. >> and i started in radio. >> we hit kwmr, west marin radio. they have 100 different deejays an eclectic asortment. my favorite is this guy right there the hippie from aolema. he is among the top rated deejays. this radio station is unlike any station you will hear anyplace in the country but at the core of it is community. it's community broadcasting. my new ambition is to have my own radio show on west marin radio if i can. that's tonight "eye on the bay" 7:00 p.m. please watch. it's a load of fun. >> got the plug in already. >> yeah. >> and a whole list of course and the video on
6:23 am's list. >> thank you. as we mentioned earlier 150,000 state workers will not be on the job tomorrow. the state supreme court is allowing governor schwarzenegger to go ahead with his furlough friday plan for now. >> so our question of the day today, do you think the governor should be allowed to furlough state employees to save money? we are getting a lot of responses. legislature not be paid r performance is the latest headlines coming up. >> plus action got too close for tomorrow spectators in
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spain. comingcoming up, should you stay or go? expert advice on how to know if your marriage is over. plus maggie jill lynn hall stops by with a preview of her film. that's coming up on "the early show." ,, [ female announcer ] jcp cash is on the spot savings. earn ten dollars off on the spot, when you spend fifty! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. 74 degrees in redwood city, 57 in sunnyvale, and 80 degrees earn jcp cash...
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ten dollars off when you spend fifty in campbell. all three location raking in who knew shopping could be so rewarding? the sunshine today. jcpenney. we're warming up a bit across the bay area. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and their high temperatures in just a few moments. see you in a couple of minutes. 6:25. a major deal announced this morning involving two of silicon valley's prominent companies. chip maker intel says it's agreed to buy computer securities giant mcafee for nearly $7.7 billion. that's about 48 bucks per share. that's roughly 60% higher than mcafee's closing price yesterday just under $30. both boards of directors have unanimously approved that deal but it still needs approval from the mcafee shareholders and federal regulators. there is also no indication yet on how this deal might affect jobs in the valley. three swimming pools of
6:26 am
2500-square-foot master suite and bulletproof glass. it's all on a $300 million yacht. the nearly 400-foot boat is saving money. owned by a 38-year-old russian and like baseball people love their stats. billionaire who made his money i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. in banking, fertilizer and coal. it was anchored near sausalito here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. yesterday. the "a" was designed to be more than geico and progressive combined. longer than a football feel. the yacht has a glass bottom i saved because i'm accident-free. pool, disco room, walls covered of course, with so many ways to save in sting ray hides, and a including discounts of up to 40%, master bedroom that requires a having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. fingerprint for entry. the boat is so large, it has a so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm crew of about 3 dozen people. or go online. as we mentioned earlier, 150,000 state workers will not be on the job tomorrow. the state supreme court is allowing governor schwarzenegger to go ahead with his furlough friday plan for now. so our question for today: ate employees are not the reason why dget is stil sick of hearing them boo hoo
6:27 am
the egg recall because of salmonella contamination is expanding ... now up to 380 million eggs from iowa. more san jose are going unmarked. in the headlines, the egg why the city is having to recall because of salmonella ration the paint it uses on its roads. contamination is expanding. the egg recall grows. now up to 300 million eggs from we'll tell you the part of the bay area where the number of iowa. more than 100 people in the bay illnesses has been spiking. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, area are believed to have gotten sick from eating bad eggs. furlough fridays are on again. the state supreme court overturned a lower court decision that had temporarily blocked furlough days for state workers. governor schwarzenegger ordered 150,000 workers to take three unpaid days off per month to save money during the state
6:28 am
budget impasse. most state offices will be closed tomorrow and next friday. a major deal just announced this morning involving two of silicon valley's most prominent companies. chipmaker intel says it's agreed to buy computer security giant mcafee for nearly $7.7 billion. the deal still needs approval from mcafee shareholders and federal regulators. so this is how you know it's a good traffic morning. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. and at last check still note metering lights. very easy ride into san francisco. still expecting to see delays all morning at at&t park. we have "american idol" auditions all those singing hopefuls out there causing some extra traffic on third, king and really all along the embarcadero. so watch out for that as you coming up 280 heading into the city. all right. san mateo bridge, nice and quiet problem-free all morning. same thing across the golden gate bridge. but we do have fog. tracy will have more on that in a second. in the meantime we have been calling. mass transit is on time.
6:29 am
bart, ace and muni. so what's up with the fog? over to you. >> so what's one this fog? the fog will be in the forecast for the morning but the sunshine will be in the forecast for the afternoon. mild conditions today, 90 degrees inland. 60s at the bay and the coast. cooling down friday, saturday and sunday and then temperatures are going right back up monday, tuesday and also into wednesday. saturday art and soul in oakland at the frank ogawa plaza. we have in vogue, sheila e and others. you can work with a person and never know them. i did not know elizabeth was a huge in vogue fan. >> i was. >> and she even had a couple mc hammer dolls. >> i know. i'm from oakland and so when i was in high school, i volunteered at the oakland mayor's toy drive and we had to wrap thousands of mc hammer dolls and i got to meet en vogue. >> and mc hammer. >> n vogue signed my cd which
6:30 am
was stolen by the girl in my freshman year dorm. >> still looking for the cd. >> what's her name? let's get an apb on her. >> i don't remember. [ laughter ] >> that's it. >> we'll look into that. [ laughter ] moving on, well, on to a bit more serious of a story. dozens of people are hurt in spain after a bull got loose from an arena and charged into the crowd. they were about to remove the bull from the ring for underperforming. >> that's ironic. >> isn't it? >> you want a show? i'll give you a show. he jumped into the stands, ran through the crowd, charged everything in its path. 40 people were hurt. one person was gored. after several minutes the bull was caught and, uhm, and killed. well, it's a happy way to end the show. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email
6:31 am
>> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on thanks for watching the cbs "early edition."
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