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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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jcpenney. saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. it is getting more serious by the day. a nationwide egg recall just keeps growing. so is the number of people getting sick from salmonella. anne makovec in san jose to show us which bay area counties
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are the hardest hit. reporter: santa clara is the hardest hit, 38 cases sorry of so far. the health department is still taking reports and testing specimens as well as answering questions from concerned consumers. there are nervous patrons all over the bay area in restaurants and restaurateurs trying to reassure them that their eggs are safe. >> a lot of customers that walk in ask. >> reporter: this restaurant manager heard about the expanded recall now involving 380 million eggs yesterday. >> i thought, oh, my gosh. what should we do here? >> reporter: she immediately checked her refrigerator and went online. >> what i found was eggs are classified by their plant numbers. and i went ahead and checked every, single case that we had and were outside of that category. so we're good. >> reporter: but a lot of the tainted eggs did make their way into local restaurants and grocery stores. >> if people have those eggs
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that are listed on the lot it's not worth trying to cook them enough to get rid of the salmonella, better throw them out. they can replace an egg. >> reporter: but a lot of the eggs got into the food chain before people knew about the outbreak. california has reported 266 illnesses since june. 25 in san francisco. 16 in san mateo county 8. in santa clara county at least 38 people got sick. >> it causes diarrhea, cramping, fever. it's not a good thing to have. >> reporter: the best advice, check your cartons and throw away the tainted eggs. >> i don't worry about it. i hope it doesn't happen to me. if it does, you know, i'll deal with it. >> reporter: the doctors say don't try to cook them because while that could work, if salmonella is on the inside of
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the egg, at this point health official aren't sure if it could be on the shell, as well. so it could contaminate your whole kitchen. just get rid it. eggs aren't that expensive. >> for a couple bucks, better safe. >> reporter: exactly. >> anne makovec, thank you. the health concerns about food sources and people trying to save money in the recession are combining to produce a mini boom in homegrown eggs. kendis gibson even found evidence of it in the urban wilds of new york city. reporter: in the middle of this concrete jungle, chickens are clucking on urban farms. this new york city mom and designer is also a farmer. >> come on, girls! >> reporter: karen made space for four hens and a coop in brooklyn last year. >> what can i get here part of nature? the chickens were the quickest and best thing that i could think of and they were legal. so why not? >> reporter: for greg and
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debbie anderson, raising hens is a natural extension of their community gardens. [ cluck cluck ] >> reporter: food doesn't get any more local than this. >> i think now people are more conscious. they want to know what is in their food and where their food comes from. >> raise your own chicken, even raise your own chicken. >> reporter: debbie and greg built a fancy nest inside the coop but found out they have a mind of their own. they built their own nest over here. six chickens deliver about 2 dozen eggs a week and provide compost for the garden's fruits and vegetables. >> time to go in. >> reporter: raising hens is not expensive. a chick costs $2 .50. and feed is less than 15 bucks a month. growing movement is ruffling feathers. many communities are fighting to lift local bans on chickens. >> we are all living in this urban environment but i think everyone has a little bit of farm in them. [ cluck cluck ] >> reporter: these small flocks are delivering healthier food directly to the table and
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making big cities greener. kendis gibson, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. a major merger this morning in silicon valley. intel the world's largest chipmaker wants to buy computer security giant mcafee for nearly $7.7 billion. that's about 48 bucks per share which is 60% higher than mcafee's closing price yesterday. the deal still needs approval from mcafee shareholders and federal regulators. one analyst says if intel can embed security into its microprocessor chips, operating systems would become more efficient and the chips more valuable. what is that smell? that's the question some airline employees are the san jose mineta have been asking for months. a sewer-like stench has been irritating people who work in the offices near the newly renovated terminal a. as kcbs radio's matt bigler says, the source is a mystery. >> reporter: we are talking about a noxious odor coming and going at terminal a behind the ticket counter here for the
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last five months or so. airline employees that we spoke to this morning have been complaining about it. they say it smells like the sewer like an outhouse, a rotten egg, like a sulfur smell and they are fed up. it's gotten to the point where some airlines are actually threatening to withhold their rent payments to the airport unless something is done. we talk to the airport spokesman who says that they are looking into this. they have gotten big fans to blow out the foul smelling air. they are trying to find the source of this leak through the plumbing pipes. but so far, the source of the smell is still a mystery. it may be related to the fact that this terminal was recently renovated for $186 million. but the bottom line is the mystery of the smell persists. i'm matt bigler at mineta san jose international airport for cbs5. bart passengers may notice cleaner trains. the transit agency is spending some of its budget surplus on washing the trains, new seat cushions in 50 cars and installing some new floors, as
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well. the improved cars, we are told, should be in service by november. caltrain is asking passengers for input on how to solve its budget problems. fare increases are indeed being considered. but so are service cuts including possible elimination of weekend trains as well as service between gilroy and san jose. the commuter railroad will hold public meetings at its main stations in san jose, gilroy and san francisco as well as its headquarters in san carlos. caltrain's board will take those ideas into consideration and we are told make a decision by october. vacaville police are looking at surveillance video to try to find the person who started a fire this morning on a high school campus. fire broke out about midnight at vacaville high school. police say that somebody broke a window and then torched the inside of one of the portable buildings. a neighbor reported the fire, it was quickly put out. we are told nobody was hurt. and breaking news out of sfo. this noon hour an american airlines plane is parked on the
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tarmac away from the terminals and the runways. now, we are told this is because of some sort of police investigation. chopper 5 live over sfo. as chopper 5 pulls out there are police cars that surrounded the plane. we don't know exactly what's going on. not sure if the plane landed or is getting ready do take off. we are working on getting the information. it's a boeing 767. a wide body that generally holds at least 300 passengers and crew. but we'll be keeping an eye on that. that's an american airlines plane parked there on the tarmac at sfo this noon hour. the last combat troops are out. the u.s. involvement far from over though. how this morning's pullout will change the u.s. role in iraq. governor schwarzenegger sends in troops, the role the national guard will play along the mexican boarder. >> yesterday was a slam-dunk. talk about a warm afternoon
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across the bay area. well, today's will they be as nice? is it possible we'll get two or three in a row? we have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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st american comb after more than seven years and thousands of dead and wounded, the last american combat troops have moved out of iraq. but as joel brown shows us the u.s. involvement there is far from over. >> reporter: the convoy headlights lit the way as the last american combat brigade left iraq into kuwait. 56,000 u.s. troops remain. and 6,000 of them are expected to begin the journey home by
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the end of the month. >> glad we made it this far. a few more -- one more step then we're actually one step closer to going home. >> reporter: the troop drawdown entered its last stage 7 years and five months after the u.s.- led invasion of iraq began. the obama administration plan leaves 50,000 forces in iraq for at least another year to hunt down terrorists and train iraqi force. >> we are very comfortable improvement they are making the capabilities they are making and the type of force they are turning into. >> reporter: but insurgents are still launching bloody attacks. this crater marks the spot where a roadside bomb exploded as a u.s. military convoy drove past. one humvee caught fire. insurgents have stepped up the level of violence in recent weeks but hasn't changed the plan to end operation iraqi freedom by the end of the month from. then on the u.s. military effort in iraq will be
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operation new dawn. as u.s. troops leave, america's focus in iraq moves to diplomacy. james jeff from the new u.s. ambassador to iraq began work earlier this week. joel, cbs 5, the white house. the governor is sending hundreds of national guard troops to the mexican border. he visited some of them in san diego yesterday. the first of 224 troops have now finished their training for the mission. they will be on the job september 1 boosting border security, fighting drug smuggling. deployment they are told will last for up to a year. juvenile hall can be a very lonely place. >> in juvenile hall, we have really nothing to look forward to besides our date that we can leave. >> reporter: how an east bay man lets young detainees know people still care and we have another warm day across the bay area but will that warm weather stick
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around? hang on for the weekend? i have your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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tarmac at s-f-o. this is american airlines flight 24, it out to take more information on this plane that is grounded on the tarmac at sfo. it's american airlines flight 24. we are told it was about to take off for jfk in new york. but now we know somebody phoned in a bomb threat against this
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flight so that prompted the plane, the pilot to hold it right there away from the terminals away from the runway. san francisco airport police cars have them surrounded. all the bags will be rescreened as well as the passengers. a being that usually holds through 300 passengers. the rest of the flights, flights in and out are operating on schedule. but again, this is american airlines flight 24 about to head to jfk that's being held at sfo. we'll let you know what's happening at the airport. let's find out what's happening in the weather. sunny day mostly. >> oh, my gosh, yesterday was beautiful. >> it was. >> today is going to be gorgeous, as well. >> it is. >> so we have a little -- >> he's happy! >> i am. [ laughter ] >> a look at the bay bridge.
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we got plenty of sunshine. all that sunshine adding up to nice temperatures and they are warming up to near 90 degrees inland so the bay bridge looking good. here's a look along the coastline and boy, you always got fly in the ointment. a couple of clouds on parts of the coastline but other areas of the coast will see areas of sunshine. not ruling it out altogether but there may be fog, clouds but also sunshine at the coast with hides to the mid-60s. 70s at the bay. 90s inland, sunny and warmer. visible satellite showing that all of our inland areas have cleared out. sunshine and where are the clouds? just hugging the coastline here. parts of marin county along the coast will see plenty of sunshine. we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds along the coast and that's what temperatures are going to illustrate, near 60 in pacifica, mid-60s in half
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moon bay, mid-70s in sunnyvale, 80 in campbell, 78 in san jose, 73 in union city and 75 degrees in fremont. yesterday the lower 80s for concord, today we bumped you up to 85, 86 in danville, 86 in pleasanton. and 90 degrees in antioch, 90 degrees in brentwood. closer to the bay, closer to the 60s. 66 berkeley, 69 oakland, 66 in alameda. north bay location, 79 in petaluma, 80 in sonoma and napa. 60 in stinson beach. you could warm up a little bit more. 66 in san francisco. so technically below average but we haven't seen temperatures in the mid-60s in a while. so i'll take it. cooler weather friday, saturday, sunday. and temperatures rebounding monday and tuesday. this saturday, the san francisco street food festival going on in the mission district. temperatures in the lower 60s. also paddle for life dragon boat festival at the leo ryan park in foster city. you might want to check that out saturday, 70 degrees.
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also, saturday lake merritt friends of faith breast cancer challenge that will be at 65 degrees. and art and soul oakland mc hammer is going there sheila e, tony tony tony saturday and sunday. that's just -- i'm sure there was a moment allen don't you just love mc hammer? >> it's hammer time! >> there you go. >> have a good afternoon. teenagers in contra costa county juvenile hall say they often feel abandoned. well, sharon chen reports this week's jefferson award winner makes sure those kids know they are not forgotten. >> reporter: getting locked up in contra costa county juvenile hall can be depressing. as a teenager, christi says holidays were the worst. >> i was devastated to be there at all let alone on christmas. >> reporter: imagine her surprise when santa showed up on christmas day. >> it was so nice just to know that people actually cared about us having a good christmas because you wouldn't think so, because obviously we did something wrong. >> reporter: santa is jerry gulick.
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he gives out donated teddy bears to kids as young as 11. >> you know, they say things like i can take this to bed with me because i have no one else. heavy stuff. >> reporter: for years, jerry has decked the hall in martinez with christmas spirit. but the oil refinery operator is a familiar face all year round. >> when you showed up, it was like somebody cares. >> reporter: jerry's first volunteered at juvenile hall as part of a church singles group 18 years ago. he has been coming ever since every first friday of the month for two hours. when they arrive, jerry and other volunteers bring pizza and play sports games with the teenagers. >> that was really exciting because we got to get out and have fun and get our mind off things. >> what he did was a really powerful thing because you know, in juvenile hall we have really nothing to look forward to besides our date that we can leave. >> reporter: before she went to college, sierra was in and out of juvenile hall 10 times between the ages of 13 and 18.
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she remembers the words of hope from jerry. >> don't make the same mistakes. you have to think about what you're doing because you have -- your the power to change. you don't have to keep on continuing and doing the same things. >> reporter: jerry says the face-to-face interaction keeps him connected with the teens. it's unlike his other community commitments. 30 years as a food bank volunteer. >> i see the kids, i see what's happening. i get results now. food bank is like i'm collecting food or i'm sorting food for other people i will probably never see. >> reporter: at juvenile hall, jerry also donates to the hall close thecloset, a discount store. he has fronted sports equipment, the resurveillance resurfacing of the area. he has generated $27,000 in 13 years that makes me feel like i -- >> that makes me feel like i have done my part. >> reporter: for showing juvenile hall teenagers that someone cares, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jerry gulick.
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sharon chin, cbs 5. we'll be right back. we'll have the latest on the plane held on the tarmac at sfo. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] 2-scoop sundae, water and a free mlb® mini helmet compliments of aquafina. baskin-robbins. more flavors. more fun. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered.
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airport. we now know somebody phoned in a bomb threat against the flight. that prompted the plane to be taken from the gate. it's being held away from the terminals, off of the runways. it's a 767. we now know that there are 163 passengers, 11 crewmembers on this flight. airport police have the plane surrounded. we are told passengers will deplane. they will go through security again. but the rest of the flight this is and out of sfo are apparently unaffected. so we'll keep an eye on it and have more at 5:00 right here on cbs 5 and ,,,,,,
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