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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 19, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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one was arrested. however, passengers on the plane say two people a man and woman were taken off the back of the plane in handcuffs, separate from the rest. two air marshals were on the board during the incident and didn't report any problems on board. >> i didn't have really much information initially and then the pilot came on and said that they had had a security threat, eventually he said that. i think initially they didn't know why at least that's what they said to the passengers. >> it was a little tense because it was quite. everybody was calm and handled themselves really well, nobody got upset or anything like that. >> in the end it turns out this threat was not credible. in other words, it was just a hoax. the san francisco police department bureau received a call reportedly from the alameda police department about the threat and that's what set off all the delays and the questioning. for now, the passengers are back talking with american airlines agents trying to get on other planes. but how do you determine that this was a credible threat to
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have all this response and then at the same time afterwards figure out that it's not credible and stand everything down? >> a lot of inconvenienced people. simon perez, thank you. check out this scene in dallas today. a police chase went right onto the tarmac at love field. the man in the silver truck is a suspected carjacker. he smashed through a chain-link fence to get on the grounds of the airport. eventually police stopped him next to a runway after they hit his truck there. they arrested him. the incident forced the airport to close for 10 minutes. a 16-year-old boy waiting at a bus stop in richmond was shot and killed today. police say he was waiting for a bus or possibly a family member to pick him up at curry street and west mcdonald avenue. at about 10:00 this morning, two suspects walked up to him and fired. a number of people in the neighborhood heard the shots. >> i saw a man come across here run down here and he had a gun in his hand. and as he went farther down the street, he knew he shouldn't
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run. >> we have significantly reduced our homicide rate. this is very unfortunate, especially due to the age of the victim. >> the name of the victim hasn't been releasedch richmond has had 14 homicides this year compared to 35 at this time last year. home sales in the bay area plummeted nearly 23% last month compared to july of last year. just 6800 homes sold, the slowest month since 1995 in the bay area. real estate watchers say the market is slowing because of the end of federal tax credits for first time home buyers. >> unemployment benefits jumped to a nine-month high last week. half a million people filed for benefits the highest number since last november. the national unemployment rate remains 9.5% as you see here in california it is 12.2%. right now we're hearing from the feds that the salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens of people in the bay area is probably going
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to get worse. the california department of public health lab in richmond is currently testing samples taken from the people who got sick. scientists here were the first to link the outbreak to a single egg producer located out of state. dr. kim mulvihill is here with us to tell us what's up with these bad eggs. kim. >> reporter: what's up? you might call it a stealth germ. inside this perfectly normal healthy looking egg, you can have a strain of bacteria that can make you pretty sick. reporter: hundreds of millions of eggs from a single iowa farm are now involved. nearly 2,000 people nationwide got sick. the suspect, a nasty bacterium, se strainoff salmonella. >> it's strong and takes a lot to kill that strain. >> reporter: it used to be the biggest problem was on the outside of the eggs on the shell with salmonella. but with this strain, the
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infection is inside the egg. healthy appearing hen lays an infected egg. there are have been 266 i'llnesses in california since the outbreak and the cases will rise. >> i feel sorry for the sick people. i really -- i'm disappointed -- disappointed that this happened. >> reporter: arnie is an egg farmer in petaluma. he says most of his eggs are consumed in the bay area. >> is the problem the same on the west coast? no, it's not. california has an altogether different set of protocol. >> reporter: when this strain appeared in california 20 years ago, california egg producers came up with extra precautions. >> our hens get a visit from the doctor every three months. >> reporter: a outlook involving se is unlikely to occur with california eggs. they screen their chicks for the pathogen the minute they hit the farm. >> we established scientific protocol to see what we could do to lessen the prevalence of
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the problem. in doing that, we stopped it, not just lessened it. >> reporter: so how does this strain of salmonella get into the chicken in the first place? well, most typically rodents and flies. these pests get into feed troughs, defecate into the feed that contained the salmonella, the chicken eats the feed and the bacterium infects the chicken's ovaries and then the ovaries produce the eggs. >> thank you. the big question, how do you know if your eggs are safe and if they are from california? our intern here at cbs 5 rita has been researching that very question for us. tell us about it. >> i have been running around the city all day buying eggs from different stores. and i have been seeing a lot of this code, hopefully i can help clear up some of the confusion. so the vast majority of eggs that are sold in stores are certified by the usda. they require that certain
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information be present on the carton. so what we see here on all of these cartons are several numbers. we have the sell by date and then the julian date which represents when the eggs were packed. but the most important part is this p number right here. each of the cartons will be marked with a p number which represents where the eggs were processed. and so what you can do with this number is the usda has a website where you can enter the number that exists on your carton and you can actually find out where your eggs were processed. so we have the website up here. and you enter the p number into the box. and what it shows you is that these eggs were actually packed and graded right in ripon, california, which is right in the san joaquin valley. so we can be sure our eggs are local and safe. >> we can track them down. thank you, rita. and thanks for getting all these eggs for us throughout the bay area.
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>> you're welcome. >> we appreciate it. we put a link on our website for the usda. go to and click on consumer. allen. well, like rotten eggs, something stinks in san jose's airport. employees say the smell is so bad it's like working next to an outhouse. mike sugerman braved terminal a what did you smell? >> reporter: i didn't smell anything. but there is something rotten in this airport and it's not exactly what you might think. reporter: the big headline today, san jose airport stinks. is it the sushi? no, it's not the sushi. not the garlic fries. do you mind? >> no. >> reporter: and it's not coming from the bathroom, though, although it's what people say it smells like. >> it's been described as a sewer smell, something that's unpleasant. >> reporter: yeah, that would
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be pretty unpleasant. we sniffed around for the story and you couldn't smell anything in the passenger areas. it's back where the airline employees have to work. >> this is the ticketing area for united us airways, continental, polaris, and then the airline ticketing offices are in the security area behind the wall. they would be downstairs here. >> reporter: but we can't get there? >> correct. that's airline rental space. and it's in a secure part of the airport back stage. >> reporter: hasn't walked out, apparently? >> apparently has -- we know this, it hasn't affected any of the public areas. >> reporter: we talked to plenty of people who smell it all day every day. but they were all afraid of being on camera thinking they would get in trouble with the airlines. but they did all say i really stinks. terminal a still has that new airport smell which they thought was the problem. >> we had a lot of construction here over the last few years so it makes sense that some of that construction, maybe the plumbing was hooked up improperly. so we went through
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investigations and physical inspections of all the plumbing. it's all hooked up right. >> reporter: it's been going on for months but there is no end in sight. sometimes it stops for weeks at a time and then just comes back. >> if it were simple, we would have done it already. >> reporter: now, it's gotten so bad that some of the airlines, we understand are threatening to withhold their rent. but again, if you're a passenger, you can't smell it. but a lot of people -- dozens of people in the back offices, they have to sit through this eight hours a day. >> thank you, mike sugerman in san jose. robbed at gunpoint. a man dressed as a construction worker holds up a bay area store. but he makes one mistake just before leaving that could lead to his arrest. >> i can't kiss him or hug him how i used to. [ crying ] >> he lost his 4-year-old son just weeks ago. a message this dad now wants everyone to hear. things go terribly wrong at a bullfight in spain. we'll show you how this terrifying scene ended.
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robber who wears a construction- has robbed f headlines around the bay area tonight, vallejo police say an armed robber who wears a construction uniform has robbed five businesses in the area.
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the security video caught the latest one last thursday at the meadows video store. the thief wearing a mask walks in points a gun at the clerk, steals the cash outs of the register, but while he is leaving, he took the mask off exposing his face. so them you to take a good look. so far nobody has been hurt. >> push and shoved some people during the robberies and we are concerned that the violence is going to continue to escalate and we are looking at getting this guy off the street. >> this is the first time investigators have seen the robber's face. this is also his first daytime robbery. vacaville police are looking at surveillance video to try to find the person who started a fire last night at vacaville high school. police say that somebody broke a window and then torched the inside of a portable building. a neighbor report the fire and it was quickly put out. caltrain passengers, here's your charges of. caltrain wants to hear from you about how to solve the budget problem. fare increases are certainly being considered. so are service cuts including
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possible elimination of weakened trains. agency is holding public meetings tonight at its main stations in san jose, gilroy, san francisco and its headquarters in san carlos. they want to hear from you. the board will decide what to do in october. how many times have you heard it? don't drink and drive. the message, while important, can be repetitive but it is a powerful reminder when you hear the message coming from the father of one little boy as len ramirez found out. i think, yeah,... reporter: photos and memories are what are left for cortez diaz family after their son and brother, 4-year-old jose, was killed in a freeway crash caused by what police say was a drunk driver. >> it's been kind of sat because i can't play with him anymore, i can't talk to him, i can't kiss him or hug him how i used to. [ crying ] >> reporter: family members including the boy's father jesus could not contain the
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unspeakable anguish of losing a child. at a sheriff's news conference even veteran officers welled one emotion. mr. cortez, a day laborer from gilroy who was also injured in the july 11 crash, said a beautiful life and a family's joy was destroyed. [ speaking spanish ] >> because he was a very happy child. [ crying ] >> and in his short life he left us many memories. >> and very beautiful memories. >> reporter: alcohol-related traffic fatalities are down 9.1% in california according to the state office of traffic safety. but alcohol is involved in about 30% of the fatal crashes that do happen including jose's. the family's pickup had broken down on the southbound lanes of highway 101 in san jose and while it was disabled on the side of the road it was struck from behind by another pickup
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driven by a man whose suspected blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit. >> where's the public outrage over these tragic deaths? >> reporter: officers announced a major crackdown on the labor day weekend. >> if you drive drunk in this county you will be arrested. >> reporter: the officers presented the family with a $3,000 check to pay for funeral bills. but jesus gave his own warning to drivers. >> i see my son every day in my mind, my heart. and i want you to know guys, drinking after you drink and drive... >> reporter: too late to spare his own family but maybe it can help another. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. still to come, they were hoping to get married this week. even paid a deposit to san francisco. now gay couples fight the city's no refund policy. this right here in my hand. this is the all-important weekend forecast and i'll pinpoint which day will be the coolest. that's coming up as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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married in california anytime soon. but, gays whose dreams have been put on hold again ... have a little same-sex couples may not be getting married soon but gays whose dreams have been put on hold again do have a little something to celebrate. brian sent consumerwatch an email yesterday about a problem he is having with the san francisco clerk's office. we put julie watts on the case. reporter: when thought there was a chance gay marriage might resume, brian wanted to be ready. >> i thought if i waited, it could be another six years. >> reporter: so he went online to the san francisco city clerk's office, paid the $95 fee, plus $5 processing, and booked an appointment to get a marriage license. but now that the ninth circuit court of appeals put gay marriage on hold again, brian has no use for that appointment and the clerk's office told him he can't get his money back. >> it's like this is same as if i go somewhere and i purchase a
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service. if i don't get the service or the ability or right to get the service, i don't know anybody who has the privilege or the ability to keep my money. >> reporter: it's still not clear how many same-sex couples made appointments for marriage licenses but the county clerk's office tells us today alone there are more than 405 appintments and at least half are for same-sex couples. >> none of them showed up. >> really. >> none of them showed up. >> reporter: they have been asking for refunds online. of course. >> reporter: the city clerk's website makes it clear, no refunds or credits for any reason. but it says something else too. >> under this same-sex marriage news, they have here basically the same-sex marriage refund information tag and when you click on that here is that order that was put up in 2004. >> reporter: brian says he was confused by the reference to this court order that does give refunds to same-sex couples whose marriages were voided
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back in 2004. but when we called the clerks offers they reit raid, no refunds. today, however, it seems they have had a change of heart. the clerk's office has decided to offer partial refunds, something brian calls a nice gesture but not enough. >> i mean, i don't want a partial marriage. and i don't want a partia refund. i want what i paid for. >> reporter: considering the ongoing legal battles over gay marriage it could be years before he gets that. julie watts, cbs 5 consumerwatch. this late update. the clerk's office tells cbs 5 same-sex couples who prepaid for either licenses or ceremonies or both will get everything they paid back less the $5 processing fee. now, there may also be an option donate the refunded money to a fund that supports gay marriage. those affected should get an email in a few days. >> thank you. we are in the weather center now. today felt like summer. the heat felt like it was on in
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the east bay. >> great observation. i was going through weather records day by day by day, you have to go back to june 27th to find a hotter day than what we experienced today. and we actually did warm up 13 degrees in our inland areas right there at the coast, however look at that. temperatures remain below average currently 58 degrees in ocean beach and yes, the low clouds and fog moving in but compare that with this. let's head out to the vacaville area. oh, no, we are going to head to san jose, where it's currently 82 degrees. and the average high temperature this time of the year is 84 so not too far off the mark. danville 89 degrees. campbell 84. low 70s on the peninsula. north of the golden gate bridge, we have the overcast conditions, 64 degrees. what you should bank on as you head on out for your thursday evening plans, we do have the low clouds and fog swooping into the coast and will be moving into the bay, where tonight we have oakland as baseball action. let's check with some of the fans see what they have to say.
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>> it's a beautiful day at the ballpark! >> go as. we have stratus filling in for your morning commute. localized drizzle due to the deepening marine layer. clouds going back to the bay and move towards the open waters towards the afternoon hours but no clearing north of the golden gate bridge because we have a trough that's located well to the north of the bay area. it's going to swoop on down and it's going to enhance that marine layer once again. so tonight overnight 50 to 58 degrees for overnight lows. i'm bringing down those temperatures for your friday with additional cooling on saturday. tomorrow's numbers upper 50s in pacifica to 84 in livermore, down from 93 today. heading to the north, infineon raceway, 70 for the weekend activities. seven-day forecast:
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temperatures cooler on saturday, a tad warmer sunday, then summertime returns right here into the bay area monday through wednesday. check this out, joel says he loves hiking around the bay area. this is one of his favorite spots. mt. diablo. he snapped this photo and sent it in to we welcome you photos because there are so many great things to do around the bay area. >> thank you. coming up, this is not supposed to happen. [ screaming ] >> a bull goes after the crowd, not the matador, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dozens of spectators at a bullfight in spain got closer to the action than they probably would have liked a lot closer. charlie d'agata shows us how a long-time spanish tradition quickly turned into a nightmare. >> reporter: the 1100-pound bull was supposed to chase young people around the arena but when he had had enough, he hurtled a security fence and plowed into the crowd at a bull ring in northern spain. terrified spectators screamed and scrambled for their lives, but some weren't lucky enough to get out of its path. the bull fell onto a 10-year- old boy, who is now in intensive care. one man was gored from behind. 38 others were injured. bull ring runners finally tied a rope around the bull to bring it under control. later, a crane took the animal away and it was killed. the debate over whether
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bullfighting should be banned is picking up steam in spain, a furious argument that pits animal rights against age-old traditions. catalonia became the first region to outlaw the sport last month. it's very rare for a bull to leap out of the arena and into the stands like this. official said the bull was about to be removed because it was underperforming. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea.
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meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. everybody talking about those bad eggs - and the risk of here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. everyone is talking about the bad eggs and the risk of salmonella. it will likely fuel one of the hottest trends in america, owning your own chickens. where and why that trend is taking off, that's tonight at 6:00. coming up on the cbs evening news, the most dangerous job in the world. dismantling ieds. meet the u.s. marines doing that. katie couric reports tonight from afghanistan. the cbs evening news starts


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