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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the first, the san francisco police department, looking into this phone call that threatened a hijacking somewhere in the skies between san francisco and new york city. once police got word of the threat, the plane was sent to the corner of the tarmac and all the passengers were ordered off the plane. this was a little after 10:00 a.m. this morning. 163 passengers came off in groups boarded buses and eventually made it back to the terminal where they were all rescreened. san francisco police department sources say the fbi detained 17 passengers for further questioning but in the end no one was arrested. however, passengers on the plane say two people a man and woman were taken off the back of the plane in handcuffs, separate from the rest. sources also say two air marshals were on the board during the incident and didn't report any problems on board. [ signal breakup ] >> i didn't have really much information initially and then the pilot came on and said that they had had a security threat, eventually he said that. i think initially they didn't know why at least that's what they said to the passengers.
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>> it was a little tense because it was quite. -- because it was quiet. everybody was calm and handled themselves really well, nobody got upset or anything like that. >> in the end it turns out this threat was not credible. in other words, it was just a hoax. the san francisco police department bureau received a call reportedly from the alameda police department about the threat and that's what set off all the delays and the questioning. for now, the passengers are back talking with american airlines agents trying to get on other planes. >> boy what a day. simon perez, thank you. check out this scene in dallas today. a police chase went right onto the tarmac at love field. the man in the silver truck is a suspected carjacker. he smashed through a chain-link fence to get on the grounds of the airport. eventually police stopped him next to a runway after they hit his truck there. they arrested him. the incident forced the airport to close for 10 minutes. a 16-year-old boy waiting at a bus stop in richmond was shot and killed today.
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we have just learned his naming [ indiscernible ] police say he was waiting for a bus or possibly a family member to pick him up at curry street and west mcdonald avenue. at about 10:00 this morning, two suspects walked up to him and fired. sherry hu reports this comes as richmond has been experiencing a drop in violent crime. >> reporter: it was a busy street in broad daylight. just after 10:00 a.m. >> i heard the shots at this intersection and i went to call the police right away because it was so close and a saw a man come across here run down here and he had a gun in his hand. >> reporter: from across the street, neighbors could see the body. richmond police say when officers arrived at west mcdonald and curry, the 16-year- old teenager was dead, shot several times. >> from what we understand, this victim was just standing here waiting at this bus stop either for the bus or for a relative to pick him up. >> reporter: police say both neighbors and a shotspotter picked up the sound of bullets being fired. the search is on for possibly
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two suspects who ran away on foot. despite the loss of one more life, at least one person remains optimistic. >> the important thing here is that people are keeping up their prayers and their faith and banding together here and there are tremendous changes in this city that are for the good. >> reporter: well, now richmond police say that the number of homicides has dropped significantly since last year. so far, 14 killings and that includes this morning's, allen, compared to 35 this same time last year. >> tragic today but overall i see what you're saying. thank you. we here it over and over again, don't drink and drive. the messages while important, can get repetitive. but it is a powerful reminder when you hear the message coming from a father of one little boy as len ramirez found out. reporter: photos and memories are what are left for cortez diaz family after their son and brother, 4-year-old jose, was killed in a freeway crash caused by what police say was a drunk driver.
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>> it's been kind of sat because i can't play with him anymore, i can't talk to him, i can't kiss him or hug him how i used to. [ crying ] >> reporter: family members including the boy's father jesus could not contain the unspeakable anguish of losing a child. at a sheriff's news conference even veteran officers welled one emotion. mr. cortez, a day laborer from gilroy who was also injured in the july 11 crash, said a beautiful life and a family's joy was destroyed. [ speaking spanish ] >> because he was a very happy child. [ crying ] >> and in his short life he left us many memories. and very beautiful memories. >> reporter: alcohol-related traffic fatalities are down 9.1% in california according to the state office of traffic safety.
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but alcohol is involved in about 30% of the fatal crashes that do happen including jose's. the family's pickup had broken down on the southbound lanes of highway 101 in san jose and while it was disabled on the side of the road it was struck from behind by another pickup driven by a man whose suspected blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit. >> where's the public outrage over these tragic deaths? >> reporter: officers announced a major crackdown on the labor day weekend. >> if you drive drunk in this county you will be arrested. >> reporter: the officers presented the family with a $3,000 check to pay for funeral bills. but jesus gave his own warning to drivers. >> i see my son every day in my mind, my heart. and i want you to know guys, thinking after you drink and drive. >> reporter: too late to spare his own family but maybe it can help another. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5.
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they saved the date for this week only to have the legal system put things on hold. so what about that no refund policy on marriage licenses? neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night -- well, maybe there is an exception. what this mess out of a bay area mail truck. san jose has a nice airport. how come people say it stinks? i'm mike sugerman. stay tuned, you'll find out.
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by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. ere it's there is a foul stench at san jose's airport. nobody knows where it's coming from. so we sent mike rowe to sniff around to find out what's going on. nice duty, mike.
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>> reporter: thanks. it is called an airport but some of the air here is not so good. reporter: the big headline today, san jose airport stinks. is it the sushi? no, it's not the sushi. not the garlic fries. do you mind? >> no. >> it's been described as a sewer smell, something that's unpleasant. >> reporter: yeah, that would be pretty unpleasant. we sniffed around for the story and you couldn't smell anything in the passenger areas. it's back where the airline employees have to work. >> this is the ticketing area for united us airways, continental, polaris, and then the airline ticketing offices are in the security area behind the wall. they would be downstairs here. >> reporter: but we can't get there? >> correct. that's airline rental space. and it's in a secure part of the airport back stage. >> reporter: hasn't walked out, apparently? >> apparently has --we know
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this, it hasn't affected any of the public areas. >> reporter: we talked to plenty of people who smell it all day every day. but they were all afraid of being on camera thinking they would get in trouble with the airlines. but they did all say i really stinks. a fan of is trying to blow it away. terminal a still has that new airport smell which they thought was the problem. >> we had a lot of construction here over the last few years so it makes sense that some of that construction, maybe the plumbing was hooked up improperly. that's a logical thought. so we went through investigations and physical inspections of all the plumbing. it's all hooked up right. >> reporter: it's been going on for months but there is no end in sight. sometimes it stops for weeks at a time and then just comes back. >> if it were simple, we would have done it already. >> reporter: now, it's gotten so bad that some of the airlines, we understand are threatening to withhold their rent. there's been a $1.3 billion construction project going on here for years. they built a brand-new
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terminal, terminal b now that way. terminal a the one that doesn't smell so good in the back, that's not the brand-new one. there is construction going on here and they think it has to do with that. >> it's not the new one? >> that's right. terminal a and in the back offices. >> let's hope it at least stays there. mike sugerman, thank you. a gas leak in los altos this afternoon caused a huge fire, some damage. take a look at the photos. the carrier parked at 3:00 p.m. nearby construction workers accidentally cut into a gas line. the mail carrier stepped away to deliver the mail. that's when the line exploded right underneath the truck burning it to a cinder and melting it. mail carrier is all right. nobody else hurt, either. >> that's good. let's check with roberta for the latest forecast because things are heating up today. >> hi there jules. it certainly did by a good 13 degrees in throughout the tri-
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valley where today, livermore topped off at 93 degrees. san francisco had 65 degrees. you have to go back to july 17 to find a warmer day at 66. so over a month ago. this is what's really interesting. there you have the leading edge of the marine layer, the low clouds and fog. compare this live cbs weather camera with our pinpoint satellite and sure enough you can see the stratus making its way under the golden gate bridge and you see a sliver working its way toward oakland, berkeley and alameda. if you have plans tonight, we have clouds streaming into the bay. inland highs are banking between 85 and 90 degrees. there you have it. the marine layer is going to deepen tonight overnight and deepens so much that by tomorrow morning when we have official sun-up at 6:28 we won't be able to see it.
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it's light drizzle due to the death of that newspaper roughly about 2200 feet deep. it retreats back to the coast but then plays tag at the beaches all day long. i'm going to lower our numbers for friday but tonight, 50 in santa rosa to 58 degrees in throughout willow glen, cupertino, campbell and almaden valley. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures from the 50s with barely any sun at the beaches, low 60s at the bay, to 84, 86 degrees outside number inland. on saturday making weekend plans, this is the friends of faith breast cancer challenge at 65 degrees. other big doings in the mission district it's a food fest. i'll be there. so the temperature there will be at 62. jules, we'll have that full-on weekend forecast that's coming up next time around. we'll see you soon. thank you. same-sex couples may not be getting married in california anytime soon. but gays whose dreams have been put on hold again have a little
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something to celebrate. brian sent us a consumerwatch email yesterday about a problem he is having with the san francisco clerk's office and we put julie watts on the case. reporter: when thought there was a chance gay marriage might resume, brian wanted to be ready. >> i thought if i waited, it could be another six years. >> reporter: so he went online to the san francisco city clerk's office, paid the $95 fee, plus $5 processing, and booked an appointment to get a marriage license. but now that the ninth circuit court of appeals put gay marriage on hold again, brian has no use for that appointment and the clerk's office told him he can't get his money back. >> it's like this is same as if i go somewhere and i purchase a service. if i don't get the service or the ability or right to get the service, i don't know anybody who has the privilege or the ability to keep my money. >> reporter: it's still not clear how many same-sex couples made appointments for marriage licenses but the county clerk's office tells us today alone there are more than 405
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afilms and at least half are for same-sex couples. >> none of them showed up. >> really. >> none of them showed up. >> reporter: they have been asking for refunds online. of course. >> reporter: the city clerk's website makes it clear, no refunds or credits for any reason. but it says something else too. >> under this same-sex marriage news, they have here basically the same-sex marriage refund information tag and when you click on that here is that order that was put up in 2004. >> reporter: brian says he was confused by the reference to this court order that does give refunds to same-sex couples whose marriages were voided back in 2004. but when we called the clerks offers they reit raid, no refunds. today, however, it seems they have had a change of heart. the clerk's office has decided to offer partial refunds, something brian calls a nice gesture but not enough. >> i mean, i don't want a partial marriage.
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and kroft a partial refund. i want -- and i don't want a partial refund. i want what i paid for. >> reporter: considering the ongoing legal battles over gay marriage it could be years before he gets that. julie watts, cbs 5 consumerwatch. this late update. the clerk's office tells cbs 5 same-sex couples who prepaid for either licenses or ceremonies or both will get everything they paid back less the $5 processing fee. now, there may also be an option donate the refunded money to a fund that supports gay marriage. those affected should get an email in a few days. well, homeless man who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for trying to steal food from a church is free tonight. the stanford law project took on the case of greg taylor who was sentenced under the "three strikes" law. randy paige has the emotional celebration from los angeles. >> reporter: it is the day greg taylor and his family say they knew would come. the day he would step out into the summer sunshine as a free man after spending 13 years in prison. >> i'm glad to be out, i feel
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good, i'm glad to be around my family. >> reporter: he was convicted of robbery after breaking into a soup kitchen at st. joseph's catholic church in 1997. a priest later testified he was often given food and allowed to sleep at the church. taylor said he thought he was allowed to take the food but he was sentenced to 25 years to life under california's "three strikes" law because he had two robbery convictions on his record dating back to the 1980s. >> the criminal justice system realized this is knows the type of person that the "three strikes" law 25 to life was meant for so that's why the judge saw the wisdom of releasing him early. >> reporter: taylor's mother says she never lost hope. >> i didn't know when but i knew it was coming. >> that he would be released. >> reporter: earlier this week greg taylor wiped away tears after the judge ordered his relief. this soft-spoken religious man says he plans to work with his brother in a soup kitchen to help others who are looking for a second chance. his brother michael's reaction to this momentous day?
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>> three letters. wow. wow! i mean joyful, really joyful. it was a blessing the day he got released was my birthday so i was rejoicing. so ready for to us get to work in the ministry, people matter to helpless fortunate people. >> reporter: fortunate... and free. in downtown los angeles, randy paige, cbs 5. checking the pulse of our economy, by looking up and down your street. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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road to recovery. two signs this evening that our economy is still struggling on the road to recovery. first home sales in the bay area plummeted nearly 23% last month compared to july of last
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year. just 6800 homes sold. that's the slowest month for the bay area since 1995 according to mda dataquick. it says the market is slowing because of the end of the federal tax credits for first time home buyers. meanwhile, new claims for unemployment benefits nationwide jumped to a nine- month high last week. nearly half a million people filed for benefits. and that's the highest number since last november. the trend suggests the private sector may report a net loss of jobs in august for the first time this year. the national unemployment rate is 9.5%. here in california, it is 12.2%. you may have some of its products in your kitchen. now it's cooking up some good economic news in the bay area. the nation's largest cookware company, meyer corporation, has a new warehouse in fairfield and it is also producing jobs. the vallejo-based company hired more than 100 californians for construction, technical and facility work. >> i feel very lucky.
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it's a great company to work for. they are flexible with their schedule and i really lucked out. the position matches my skill set meyer has five warehouses in solano county but now it's going to consolidate all its products under this one roof. the ecofriendly warehouse can hold more than 13 million pots and pans. that's a lot of dishes. the company produces well known brands such as paula deen and rachael ray. intel chips are inside 80% of the world pcs and servers and today it took a step toward expanding its empire. matt bigler has the biggest question on intel's plan to buy security software giant mcafee. >> reporter: why is intel the chipmaker buying a software company? we talked to an intel spokesman an he said they want to bundle their microprocessors with security software giving their customers an extra degree of assurance that their computers
6:23 pm
will be secure in the future especially with the large number of viruses and malware that are out there now. and that's going to be true for both laptops and desktops, but also cell phones as intel wants to get into the cell phone and tablet computer business. i'm matt bigler reporting for cbs 5. hundreds of millions of eggs already and the recall is likely to grow. why we're probably going to see more people get sick, too. how to make sure the dozen in your fridge isn't part of the problem. with eggs, the health scare du jour, even more momentum for one of america's fastest growing domestic trend. can you name the two countries that now have more active duty u.s. military personnel than iraq does? the salmonella outbreak that
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we are hearing from the feds that the salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens of people in the bay area is probably going to get worse. dr. kim has details and more on
6:27 pm
california eggs. reporter: hundreds of millions of eggs from a single iowa farm are now involved. nearly 2,000 people nationwide got sick. the suspect, a nasty bacterium, known as salmonella salmonella, or the s.e. strain of salmonella. >> it's strong and takes a lot to kill that strain. >> reporter: it used to be the biggest problem was on the outside of the eggs on the shell with salmonella. but with this strain, the infection is inside the egg. healthy appearing hen lays an infected egg. there are have been 266 illnesses in california since the outbreak and the cases will rise. healthy appearing hen lays an infected egg. there are have been 266 illnesses in california since the outbreak and the cases will rise. >> i feel sorry for the sick people. i really -- i'm disappointed -- disappointed that this happened. >> reporter: arnie is an egg farmer in petaluma. he says most of his eggs are consumed in the bay area. >> is the problem the same on
6:28 pm
the west coast? no, it's not. california has an altogether different set of protocol. >> reporter: when this strain salmonella enteritidis appeared in california 20 years ago, california egg producers came up with extra precautions. including screening incoming clicks for the pathogen and vaccinating hens. >> our hens get a visit from the doctor every three months. >> reporter: some wonder if proposition 2 that aims to provide humane housing for hens or cage-free hens would improve safety. he doubts it. >> we have been producing eggs here for 100 years. for the first 50 years they were cage free and then we put them in cages and it was to get them out of their manure and when we did that, we had a far healthier flock. >> reporter: he raises some organic cage free hens because of consumer demand but cautions the practice doesn't mean a safer egg. >> if we end up having to go to cage free it's a step backwards. >> reporter: so how does this strain of salmonella get into the hen in the first place?
6:29 pm
most typically rodents. they get into feed troughs or silos, defecate into the feed, the fees says contain the salads, the hen eats the he feed containing the salmonella and the hens' ovaries are contaminated and produce contaminated eggs. >> how do you know where your eggs are produced if they are produced in california? >> one way is to ask where are these eggs from? you can do that but in a store the main thing is check your box. look on the carton. you're looking for the p number under the date. someone on here it will say p followed by four digits. the usda has a place where you can enter the plant number and find out where they come from. in this case, these eggs are from a poultry farm in san joaquin county in the central valley. >> have we -- is this first time on this salmonella
6:30 pm
enteritidis outbreak? >> in the mid-90s 90s there was an outlook of se contaminated eggs in california but not since then because they have introduced these new things. nowadays when you see an outlook in california, it's typically related to raw almonds or unpasteurized orange juice or bean sprouts but not in eggs for so long. that's not to stay it can never happen here in california to eggs but it's less likely. >> thank you. health concerns about food sources and people trying to save money in the recession are combining to produce a boom in homegrown eggs. kendis gibson even found evidence of it in the urban wilds of new york city. >> reporter: in the middle of this concrete jungle, chickens are clucking on urban farms. this new york city mom and designer is also a farmer. >> come on, girl! >> karen madespacee for four
6:31 pm
hens in brooklyn when she moved here last year. >> the chickens were the quickest and best thing to get close to nature and they are legal so why not? >> reporter: for greg and debbie anderson raising hens is a natural extension of their community garden. food doesn't get any more local than this. >> i think now people are more conscious. they want to know what is in their food and where their food comes from. >> even raise your own chickens. >> debbie and greg built a fancy nest inside their coop but quickly found out chickens have a mind of their own building their nest over here. six chickens deliver about two dozen eggs a week and provide compost for the garden's fruits and vegetables. >> time to go in. >> reporter: raising hens is not expensive. the chicks are 2.50 and the feed is less than $15 a month. growing movement is ruffling
6:32 pm
feathers. many communities are fighting to lift local bans on chickens. >> we are all living in the urban environment but we all have a little farm in us. >> reporter: making big cities greener. kendis gibson, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. this time last night the last combat brigade was rolling out. so what about the 50,000 u.s. military personnel still in iraq? and as the flood disaster unfolds in packed, the country is paying a high price for its national reputation. the giants look to gain ground on the phillies in the wild card and meet one lola cross player who considers his dis-- one local lacrosse player who considers his disability a label. what he is trying to accomplish coming up in sports. ,,
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[ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. merican comb after more than seven years and now of dead and wounded, the last american combat brigade has moved out of iraq. as joel brown tells us, the
6:35 pm
u.s. involvement there is far from over. >> reporter: the convoy's headlights lit the way as last american combat brigade went into kuwait. 56,000 u.s. troops remain. 6,000 of them are expected to get home this month. >> i made it this far. a few more steps. once step closer to going home. >> reporter: the troop drawdown entered the last stage 7 years and five months after the u.s.- led invasion of iraq began. the obama administration plan leaves some 50,000 forces in iraq for another year. they will hunt down terrorists and train iraqi forces. >> we are very comfortable with the improvement they are making and the type of force then turning into. >> reporter: insurgents are still launching attacks. this crater marks the spot where a roadside bomb exploded
6:36 pm
as a u.s. military convoy drove past. one humvee caught fire. extremists have stepped up the level of violence. that hasn't changed u.s. commanders plans to end iraqi freedom from the end of the month. after that it will be operation new dawn. as u.s. troops pack up and ship out, america's focus in iraq looks towards diplomacy. james jeffrey will be leading the charge, the new u.s. ambassador to iraq who began work earlier this week. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. to put the drawn down in perspective, there are fewer active duty u.s. military personnel in iraq than there are in germany and that's before another 6,000 leave iraq at the end of the month. 21 years after the fall of the berlin wall, we still have 57,000 active duty personnel in germany. japan, more than 32,000. south korea, 27,000. as for the growing force in
6:37 pm
afghanistan, that number will reach 100,000 by the end of the summer. 20 million pakistanis are in danger of starvation as well as a danger of rampant spread of disease but worldwide response to the massive flood disaster has been slow. manuel gallegus on emergency moves at the united nations to save lives and the future of a nation. >> reporter: the natural disaster unfolding in pakistan is finally getting the world's attention. thousands of villages are under water. four million people are homeless. and more than a million acres of crops are destroyed. now the united nations is holding an emergency session trying to raise millions more in relief money before it's too late. the united states has pledged over $150 million so far more than any other country. >> we will be with you as rivers rise and fall. we will be with you as you replant your fields and repair your roads.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: some aid flights are getting through. the pentagon says it delivered hundreds of thousands of meals in the last few days along with tons of other relief supplies. but the u.n. says that's just a fraction of what's needed. pakistan hasn't seen nearly the outpouring of support and donation from the world compared to other disasters like the tsunami in asia and the haiti earthquake. three weeks of flooding is impacting 20 million people. >> they are sleeping outside in the open. they need food. they need clean water medical care and shelter. it's a very desperate situation. >> reporter: germany, saudi arabia and japan are all promising additional aid. for the u.s., a stable pakistan is critical. u.s. officials fear if the country doesn't weather this disaster, it could have a lasting impact on the war on terror in neighboring afghanistan. manuel gallegus, cbs news, at the united nations. after the break, it only looks like plastic. the next frontier in composting. but take a look at what this looks like. if you are anywhere away from
6:39 pm
the bay perhaps inland, look at the low clouds, the fog pouring in over telegraph hill. the effect it will have on your weekend and it will coming up right after this. ,, ,,,, welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science.
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but jade rkeley probably have seen the food containers utensils maybe you've used them but jade walters in berkeley wants to know, are there any other compostable products being made? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." >> reporter: most of us have heard about those potato-based utensils or even the corn starch drinking cups but it turns out there is a lot more going on in the world of biomass packaging than we ever knew. looks like plastic to me. what's this made out of? >> this is made out of farmed eucalyptus trees grown in south africa. the film is made in england. we bring it over here and make it into bags. >> reporter: from eucalyptus- based bags to cups made from sugar cane stalks, steve levine has a dozen ways to get you off
6:43 pm
of plastic and styrofoam forever. this is styrofoam. >> well, this is stier -- styrofoam is expanded polystyrene. this is expanded polylactic acid so this is made from the number 2 feed corn currently. the next generation will be made from the corn stalk. >> reporter: their containers made from wheat straw, trays made from bullrush, plates made from palm leaves, bowls made from bamboo. all made from agricultural materials, not petroleum. we all know what these are styrofoam peanuts. wrong. these are made from vegetable starch and they will biodegrade in a few minutes in water. levine and his company excellent packaging and supply ships this stuff around the world. it can run four to five times the cost of plastics and styrofoams but he says, you will feel better using it. >> it's very compostable and -- >> reporter: can you pick up dog poop with this one?
6:44 pm
>> yeah, there is a poop picker upper bag that they make, too. >> reporter: i need your good questions. send them to me at >> all right. here we go. the best time of the newscast. [ laughter ] >> i have been programmed, haven't i? [ laughter ] >> it's a little inside joke. whenever we have the kids come in from schools on tours, try to remind all of them the best part of the newscast is the weather! right? i mean, it's something that we all have in common, we all experience it together. and so i'm sure you duly noted that we had much warmer conditions by 13 degrees in some neighborhoods. right now the return of the marine layer. now beginning to saturate the bay. this is 93 degrees today in the vacaville area. lots of clear skies. but you will experiencing the return of the marine layer in
6:45 pm
the overnight hours so if you are out and about we have low clouds and fog hanging tight to the coast and pushing into the bay gradually marching inland where currently it is 90 degrees in concord. all right. you got a few more minutes to get out and head to the oakland coliseum where we have the as playing host to tampa bay. here's what some of the fans have to say. >> it's a beautiful day at the ballpark!!! yeah!! >> all right, go, as! game time temperature 63 to 68 degrees falling off very, very rapidly with the return of the overcast conditions over the coliseum. and there you have the blanket of low clouds, patchy fog, moving well into our inland areas by 60 miles. a deepening marine layer as a result of a trough north of the bay area that will slide down and enhance that marine layer for our friday and drop our
6:46 pm
temperatures with additional cooling on saturday. we have the seven-day forecast coming up for you. but right now let's head over to southern california, 74 los angeles, also overcast conditions. the northern half of the state flirting with triple digits in fresno through modesto into merced and clovis. otherwise if you are heading to the high sierra we have a fire weather watch in effect due to relatively low humidity and extremely gusty winds in the higher elevations. temperatures in the 70s. tonight, with the blanket of low clouds and patchy fog, the winds are beginning to dial back. temperature-wise, 50 to 58 degrees. mid-50s in concord. los altos tomorrow going up to a high of 78 degrees. 77 in san jose. just about a degree cooler there. in fact, the southern portion of the bay area not experiencing a huge drop-off in temperatures. over the weekend, looks like identical conditions on saturday and sunday for the san jose pride festival. should be a good time for all. meanwhile, east of the bay, 58
6:47 pm
degrees in richmond to 86 degrees in brentwood for the outside number. and north of the golden gate bridge upper 50s in stinson beach. no sunshine there, to 84 degrees at the delta. looks like on saturday, in foster city, this is colorful. it's a paddle for life dragon boat festival that will be going on in full force with the temperature near 70 degrees. the extended cbs 5 and again the seven-day forecast does call for cooler temperatures on friday and saturday then gradually increasing sunday. many kids go back to school monday. warming up monday through wednesday. todd anderson got this picture of his hike at mt. diablo in the east bay. we want to see your favorite pictures right here at go as! >> the giants look for a win in the city of brotherly love, and there was no love lost
6:48 pm
here. the video everybody is talking about, coming up next in sports. ,,,,
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fourteen games since a gians starting pitcher got a win.. the the giant needs to win. >> it's been rough. it's been 14 games since a giants starting pitcher got a win. the last starter to win a game, the man on the mound tonight, jonathan sanchez. san francisco looking to avoid a sweep in philadelphia. nice way to start, score first. new giant jose guillen with the rbi single. giants score twice in the 1st for the lead. they take it to phils starter hamels in the fourth. sanchez was on tonight allowing just two hits and no runs in eight innings. the giant get a much-needed one 5-2 the final. first place padres in chicago. chase headley caught in a
6:52 pm
rundown and tagged out by cubs catcher hill, but the runner advances. they turn their backs on him and the former san rafael high standout takes off. no one was covering home plate. he is safe, padres win again 5- 3. >> oh. >> he think he misremembers the conversation that we had. >> roger clemens won't misremember this. a federal grand jury has indicted the seven-time cy young winner for allegedly lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. they questioned 15 statement he made under oath in 2008. tiger woods freefall is official. zero wins in 2010. the only way he can represent the u.s. in the ryder cup is if he is a captain's pick, something the european teams rory mcilroy is rooting for. the 21-year-old's prodigy said, quo, i would love to face him. unless woods' game rapidly
6:53 pm
improves in the next month or so i think anyone in the european team would fancy his chances against him. so rory is saying it's going to be a day at the beach against tiger. first round of the pga windham championship, a chip-in on 4. he is 9-under par. ian sullivan is like most 18- year-old this time year preparing to get to college. as if freshman studies aren't enough he is trying to walk on to the lacrosse team at the university of arizona. >> it's a great college. three other guys going there. >> you have a shot? >> yeah. i definitely have a shot because i'm the one that's on tv. >> reporter: ee january sullivan knows that face time will only get him so far. the former monte vista goally is relying on his talents to earn him a spot on the wildcat lacrosse team. >> it was honestly a gigantic
6:54 pm
accomplishment for me. it's what i have set out to do for the past four years of high school and it felt good to be on the varsity team. >> reporter: but ian had big challenges long before he made the varsity team. >> i was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy called spastic [ indiscernible ] it affects my whole right side. i have never actually noticed it because it's the way i have lived my life my whole life. it's normal to me. >> reporter: born with cerebral palsy and born to play lacrosse. ian appeared in eight games last season, backing up northern california's top goalie. >> as much as he looked up to me and i have, you know, kind of shown him a few tricks, i have also looked up to him because he keeps me honest. if i'm helping him i'm also helping myself. i respect him as much as he respects me and, you know, it's a mutual bond that we have. >> he has been a big inspiration, always the guy look up, the best there is. he got all league this year. i have always looked up to him and tried to make myself just
6:55 pm
like him in every way through lacrosse. >> when i'm in goal i get really focused and animalistic. >> the craziest position in lacrosse. you're taking fast shots through barely protected areas of your body. hope you got that on tape. there have been times where i have been down and out, you know, wishing i didn't have it or anything but you can't spend too much time doing that because it's pointless. you know? indycar returns to the bay area this weekend for the grand prix of sonoma. racing legend mario andretti led a group of drivers around union square this afternoon, the cable car a little different ride than he is used to. of course, one of the biggest attractions every year is danica patrick. get ready. she is looking for her first win at infineon. >> who? >> i love northern california and particularly love the wine country. so i wake up every morning it's
6:56 pm
a nice beautiful crisp morning and then it warms up all day and cools back off at night and it's just, you know, the fog, it sometimes makes problems flying, i think it's pretty so i enjoy coming here and have had some success, too so hopefully it will be the same this year. a bull in spain ran into the crowd. bad day to wear red. 40 people suffered mostly nine more injuries before the 1100- pound bull was corralled. it wasn't the bull's fault but it was later killed. it was an event where people could get in the ring and try to dodge the bill who clearly didn't care for the ground rules. >> oh, boy. >> that's amazing. >> you have a bone to pick with danica. >> you drive sometimes like her. [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
>> speed racer! >> that's true. >> but kim was just saying she is so nice and then we had -- >> that's right. >> the weather forecast from danica. >> she is not nicer than you, roberta, i'll tell you that. nobody is. [ laughter ] >> she can drive, though. >> yes. >> i thought it was funny at dinner other night and roberta was complimenting a friend saying i love the way you drive. she said i used to be an ambulance driver, maybe that's why. >> it's true. that was the first time i was able to compliment someone on their driving. >> i was happy it was a woman driver and i said i like the way you drive. she said i was an ambulance driver. >> makes sense. >> beg pardon. >> so i guess you had to be there. >> get off the road. we got go. >> thanks so much for watching. "eye on the bay" is up next. is the cw: the cw: channel 44/cable channel 12,
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