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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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while waiting at a bus stop. wh saying . he is just a kid. >> murdered in broad daylight. a teenager shot at point blank while waiting at a bus stop. what his family is saying tonight. >> a telephone call grounds a plane at sfo. a couple is handcuffed and taken off the flight. the security scare that had police taking no chances. >> i can't kiss him or hug him -- >> a sister torn apart, a mother in tears, the message they hope will hit home. >> and one officer says he has never seen a drug bust this big. where they found $100 million of drugs hidden in a house. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. a 16 year old boy, sho . >> good evening, i'm jewel net goodrich. >> i'm ken bastida. >> broad daylight. a 16-year-old boy shot to death at a bus stop in richmond.
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shot at curry street in west mcdonalds avenue in the triangle. the motive is a mystery tonight. >> ken, his name was akeem ralph and this morning he was like scores of other high schoolers as he was preparing for a back to school orientation. but gunmen not only stopped those high school plans, they took his life. in a daytime shooting that was so brazen his family is pleading for the public's help tonight. >> reporter: the clipper path and come% high school id were supposed to represent a new year and a new beginning for akeem ralph. now they are the only photos left. >> i have my own two kids and i raised him. >> so tonight his uncle and aunts are trying to hold it took. >> he was a kid. just a kid. >> reporter: they admit he has had his run-ins with the
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justice system but committed to turning his life around. he tried to turn it around. so he headed to the bus stop. >> he was getting ready to get on the bus and getting ready to go to school. >> reporter: his grandmother was waiting at gompers not waiting to be late she called akeem, saying bypass the bus, she would be there in 5 seconds, seconds after hanging up he was ambushed. >> he was dead before he hit the ground, it sounded like it was point blank range, he was targeted because he fell and one of the guys stood over him and shot him a few more times. >> reporter: at least one of those shots was to the heart. fired by two shooter. >> i saw a man come across here, rundown here, and he had a gun in his hand but he was between 25 and 30, in jeans and a black hoody. >> reporter: the shooting happened in front of a bus load of passengers, police suspect someone saw their faces. >> we are talking to several people in the area, we're just hoping that somebody can identify these suspects. >> reporter: it is a
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painstaking wait for the family who can do nothing but pray and plead tonight. >> if you seen anything come forth, you know, please. i mean we need your help. >> reporter: now sources go on to tell me that richmond police aren't just working leads, they have recovered what is described as substantial evidence. we're not releasing that information for fear of jeopardy or dazing the hunt for suspects and speaking of suspects no individuals have been identified at this hour and there are no composite sketches and that's where you come into play. if you were in or around the st. john's apartments and you saw anything you are strongly encouraged to contact the richmond police. you can do that anonymously. ken? >> reporter: robert lyles, thank you for that report. tonight we have learned that a couple taken off an american airlines jet this morning in handcuffs is apparently from pakistan but they are not linked in in any way to the phoned-in hoax that kept that jet grounded for hours in sfo. the incident started a little after 10:00 a.m.
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it was loaded with 163 passengers bound for new york when airport police got word of a hijacking threat. the boeing 767 was sent to a remote corner of the tarmac. after nearly three hours of investigation the passengers were taken off the plane. >> they were, apparently according to other passengers, two people taken off the back of the aircraft first, the rest of us were taken off the front. >> it was tense because it was quiet, everybody was calm andled themselves really well. >> the couple told the ap they were upset but felt authorities were doing their job. no one was arrested. the threat was apparently phoned into animal a immediate a holtz clerk this morning who reported it to that city's police department. they said the threat was not credible but whoever made it could face federal prosecution. >> a major drug bust. agents seizing what they say was more than a $100 million of drugs from a home they found
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about 00 pounds of meth, about 88 pounds of cocaine. thee men were arrested. state justice department believes that the home is connected to a mexican drug cartel. and breaking news from riverside county where a wildfire is burning out of control at this hour. these are live pictures from will demar where, right now, a half dozen homes are being threatened. that fire has burned about a dozen acres since it broke out about three hours ago. so far no structures have been damaged and no injuries have been reported. >> we hear it all the time, don't drink and drive, but one gilroy family who recently lost their son is trying to get that message to hit home with everyone. on july 11th jose correspondence test was hit and killed when his pickup was struck from behind. a drunk driver is to blame. today jose's father used the tragedy to remind everyone of the consequences. i see my son every day in my
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mind and in my heart. and i want you to know, guys, think before you drink and drive. >> it's been kind of sad because i can't talk to him, i can't kiss him or hug him, how i used to. >> even veteran officers couldn't hold back their tears. officers presented the family with a $3,000 check to pay for jose satisfies funeral. well a gas main leak in los altos caused a fire that completely incinerated a mail truck. the carrier was delivering mail on le ba recovering a court after 3:00 p.m.ment on that same street construction workers had accidentally cut in a gas line. they say the mail carrier parked on top of the gas line. she was pulling away when the gas exploded. the construction workers got her out of the vehicle in time. luckily no one was hurt. also tonight cal train
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riders got their first chance to sound off on proposed fare cuts or and price hikes. probably the most aggressive proposal. eliminating weekend service, service to and from gilroy. cal train is also considering several we can take service cuts and raising fares by about 25 krentz. tonight the transit agency held its first of 6 public hearings on the matter. >> we're human beings, we go places, we do things, we need transportation. this idea of cutting service is ridiculous. >> they plan to make a decision on the proposals in october. >> well they wait to see i do gay couples have something else to look forward to. brian ricker sham told us about a problem he was having with the clerk's office. julie watts looked into it. . >> when he thought there was a chance gay marriage might
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resume brian wicker sam wanted to be ready. >> i thought if i waited it could be another six years. >> reporter: so he went online to the san francisco city clerk's office, paid the $95 fee plus $5 processing and booked an appointment to get the marriage license. now he has no use for that appointment and the clerk's office told him he can't get his money back. >> same as if i go somewhere and i purchase a service. if i don't get the service or the ability or the right to get the service i don't know anybody who has the privilege or the ability to keep my money. >> reporter: it's still not clear how many same-sex couples made appointments for marriage licenses but the county clerk's office tells us today alone there are more than 40 appointments and at least half are for same-sex couples. >> none of them showed up. >> no one showed up? >> no one showed up or they have been asking for refunds online. >> of course. >> the city clerk's web site makes it clear no refunds or
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credits for any reason. but it says something else too. >> under the same-sex marriage news they have here basically the same-sex marriage refund information tab and when you click on that here is that order that was put up in 2004. >> brian says he was confused by the reference to this court order that does give refunds to same-sex couples whose marriages were voided back in 2004. but when we contacted the clerk's office on his behalf yesterday they reiterated no refunds. today, however, it seems they've had a change of heart. as a good faith measure the clerk's office has decided to offer partial refunds, something brian calls a nice gesture but not enough. >> i mean i don't want a partial marriage and i don't want a partial refund, i want to get what i paid for. >> reporter: but considering the ongoing legal battles over gay marriage it could be years before he gets that. julie watts, cbs5, consumer watch. tonight the clerk's office
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tells us same-sex couples who prepaid for either licenses or ceremonies or both will get everything they paid back less the $5 processing fee. there may also be an option to donate the refunded money to a fund that supports gay marriage ♪ [ music ] . >> letting their minds dictate their music. how one bay area group is using hiphop as a teaching tool. a raging bull leaping out of the ring and into the crowd. how many people were hurt before the bull was finally caught. average high in san francisco 69, today 65, the last time we realized temperatures at 6 a 0 or above over a month ago. now, the cool-down and what you can expect in your neighborhood, pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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best education possible. mark van buele ur . a passionate plea from south bay parents, give our children the chance to have the best education possible. >> nobody can skate by, nobody can hide and just get through a system unnoticed, right, they leave some prepared for success in the real world. >> it was standing room only as parents and educators discussed
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two new charter high schools summit and take home a, they have a reputation for a successful small school approach. one of its small schools is rated in the nation's top 100. >> we all want every child to realize their full potential and graduate from high school with the real opportunity to attend college. >> but east side union already has five carters so district trustees wonder if two more would be too many. if approved they would open in the fall of next year. a final decision is set for september 16th. the san francisco improve festival in full swing tonight. here are the stars of the show. tonight a barrier group called the freeze. joe vazquez shows us ho they teach kids to think on their feet to a hiphop beat. >> oh. so, so soon, we are all up in the classroom. >> at a classroom in the excel see ore district they are learning from rhymes made up in
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real time. >> anything with an al in front of it is made in front of it. alhambra, algebra, that all's comes from there. >> the workers giving this is olive meet ra, one of several teachers in the group. >> i feel like using hiphop or using culturally relevant systems for our students is a chance for us to meet them closer to where they are. ♪ [ music ] >> yup. first students learn the elements of beat boxing, make rhythms with their mouths. >> yeah, come on, what, you, you. yeah, right. >> reporter: next they step forward and rap in gibberish. some are very shy at first but slowly they gain confidence and their eyes light up. >> ah. see how she let it get into her body. >> we teach workshops not only for kids but for adults as well. you see that, for people who
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are much much older, who listen to rap all the time. >> eventually they'll add their own words, they make up their lyrics on the spot. >> i'm like al a cora jammy who invented algebra in 11:30. >> i'll be napoleonic when i'm on this. >> there is a fear of failure in our society. it's that fear that keeps kids so tightly wound. once they start unraveling, that sort of i don't have to be afraid, i can say what comes into my mind, it's good enough. once that starts happening a lot of dominos start falling. . >> all of the freeze is saying is what if you tried -- >> and just by trying they learn lessons about public speaking, vocabulary and group support. their academic world opened up by musicians who use risk them to reach the kids who often get a bad rap.
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>> everybody going to give it up to joey z, mma. >> oh my gosh how he do everything by himself. he is an individual number 1, thank you very much, this was the freeze and we done. >> um, i like it. kenny b in the house. we always say about you. >> joey zoom, nice job. roberta argument. >> roberta g in the house. julie g in the house. kenny z. okay. check in out. tonight i was going to get into it but i'm a little short on time. a waxing gibb let's moon on its way to become a full monday on august 24th. we have a very deep marine layer, it has been intensifying as the evening progresses so some localized drizzle for the morning. but instead of stopping at the morning commute i'm stopping this at the lunch hour so you can obviously see here we're still shrouded in the overcast conditions along the bay. no clearing really anticipated
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along the immediate sea shore so therefore our numbers will be going down. in comparison to today, that's because yet another upper level trough is now overhead and it's going to enhance that marine layer and it appears as if tomorrow and saturday are the coolest days coming up. a get away friday, if you're heading to the high sierra check out the numbers in the 70s, but we've got some gusty winds this the highest elevations and low humidity. so weather numbers on the watch. tomorrow a southwest and a westerly breeze up to 15, numbers 50s, 60s, beaches 70, 70 in san jose, down from 93 in livermore to 84 degrees. you'll feel the difference north of the golden gate bridge. no sunshine along the beaches there in the 50s, a pair of sevens in take noma, otherwise the extended forecast is called for temperatures and seize nah blow cool, rebounding sunday, summertime returns just in time for the kids to go back to school on monday through wednesday. that is your pinpoint forecast,
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where someone either jumped or either jumped or fell onto a stage during a concert. we . we have some breaking news from saratoga now where someone either jumped or fell onto a steak during a concert. that person is in critical condition. officials say the victim fell from the lighting above the stage at the mountain wiring stage after climbing on top of it. this happened a less than an hour ago, we'll have a crew on the scene and bring you information as soon as we get it. >> you know how the saying goes. the grass may be greener on the other side. well in the east bay it really is. laura from pleasanton wants to know why are the east bay hills brown on one side and green on the other? you'll see it from the car teen as straits, clear down through fremont, hillsides that are green on one side, brown on the other. >> the minute you start getting on n to the more extreme climates of california that's
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where you start seeing these really stark differences. >> doug bell with the regional park district says it's all about moisture, sunlight, topography and north versus south. >> especially in the summertime in california, in the northern hemisphere the sunrises, beats down on the south slope all day long and really dries it out. >> that's why we see a lot of dry grasslands on our southern- facing slopes in the bay area. bell says southern slopes are more prone toy roads, present a more stressful growing environment for northern plants, northern facing shows on the other hand are not subject to that intense hot sun, they retain more moisture over time and that translates to more plant life. >> it builds up thicker and is more lush on the northern slopes and you get, then, healthier germ nation of trees and larger plants than you do on the south-facing slopes. >> bell says the bay area is unique in one other sense. the influence of fog. >> just like you can go from the hills of oakland out to the
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hills of the altamont pass and mount deab employee you can see the drying trend as you go further east. >> i need your good questions. send them to me at tiger woods gets no respect from his peers. one european welcomes him into the ryder cup fold and company company crisp flashes the leather in one of the american league's best pitchers. >> sensational play by coco crisp. on't make you come bac. earn jcp cash... ten dollars off when you spend fifty who knew shopping could be so rewarding?
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lives, when an 11- hundred pound bull leaped out of the . oh boy, dozens of spectators scrambling for their life when an 1100-pound bull leaped out of the arena into the stands, it happened at a bull fight in northern spain. a 10-year-old was crushed and critically injured. one man was gored in the back. bull ring runners were able to tie a rope around the bull to put it under control. the bull was put down. hard to watch every time. >> okay. good news. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> 14 games since the giants' starting pitcher got a win. the man on the mound tonight jonathan sanchez. philly fanatic is armed and not
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very dangerous, hot dog gun has little wean. >> firing his weiner there. >> san francisco's bats come alive. now giant jose guillen, giants score three times in the first. they take phillies starter cole hamels, pablo sandoval sends one deep to left for the solo shot. giants led 5-0, that would be plenty for sanchez, he was on tonight allowing two hits and no runs in 8 innings, the giants get a much needed win 5- 2. the giants, however, weren't getting any help from the cubs today against the padres. >> first on the fielder's choice. now the runner trying to head home and the throw to the plate not in time. >> nobody covering home for the cubs. >> who called time out? >> that's what lou, i think, is arguing. >> oh gosh. >> can't get any worse. it just can't. very, very bad. very, very. >> oh, yes it can. 102 years and counting for the cubs. got to love ron santo.
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the padres win and remain 6 gains up in the nl west. the giants inching closer to the phillies in the wildcard standings. a's onto the a's cliff pedestrianing on the doubles home two runs to give them the lead. trevor kahlil had allowed 1 run in his previous 33 innings, gave up three tonight but picks up his 13th win, he struck out five, the a's win and are back to .500. a federal grand jury has indicted roger clements for allegedly lying to congress. if convicted he could face 15 to 21 months in prison. if tiger woods plays in the ryder cup will it give the europeans an edge? rory mac ill row thinks so so. >> he has come off one of the worst weeks he has ever had in golf. unless hi his game rapped he improves over the next few weeks i guess anyone on the
11:31 pm
european team would fancy their chances against him. >> the pride of the peninsula, troy tulowitzki gets a throw- off that would make derek jeter jealous. they beat colorado. coco crisp helping trevor kahlil's efforts, robbing matt choice of a homer. number 2, back to philadelphia, where a fan makes a 1-handed grab, while holding a tray full of expensive ball park food. and that of course would have been the number 1 play on any other night but mark teixeira makes a jaw-dropping juggling catch, just incredible. the yankees beat the tigers. that's for our tractor wayne. >> i think it hit the ground. >> he would argue with you on beautiful catch. >> nice catch. thanks kit. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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even if you don't watch the show, many know how harsh judge er insults. ? you were late for work. you should have a smart answer. >> many know how harsh judge judy is with her inresults, but another judge in seattle in trouble, judge judith i


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