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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's friday! august 20th. some shocking news to report. a man leapt to his death in a concert last night at saratoga happened while thousands of fans were watching. police do tell us it was suicide. >> and dozens of passengers delayed two of them briefly detained at sfo after a threat is made over the phone. we'll tell you what happened. if you are going to a state office like the dmv today, forget it. about 150,000 state workers not on the job this morning. not that they don't want to be. they were forced off by furlough fridays. gianna franco joins us now with a look at traffic. >> surface streets have the
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only trouble spot. the road is blocked in woodside at the intersection of la honda and glass ranch but it is in the clearing stages so hopefully it will be gone in the next few minutes. working your way around 80 at the bay bridge not bad traffic very light approaching the toll plaza. metering lights are still off. we have reports of a trouble spot 80 at kid well. it is blocking the number three lane and it is on the westbound direction so that's the compute direction. el portal at 80. an accident reported there as well so give yourself some extra time on surface streets and infineon raceway we have the indycar races taking place this weekend so expect delays 121, 37 and 101. tracy you might check that out this weekend? >> i'm looking forward to it. for those of you heading up there today, this morning cloudy and fog inland in the valleys, drizzle for the bay and the coastline. so you may have who hit the windshield wipers. and temperatures in the lower to the upper 50s. later on today, for those of how enjoyed the 90s yesterday,
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say bye-bye. hello 80s. i know. mid-60s at the bay, lower 60s at the coast. cooldown inland. 90s back next week. >> thank you. >> the death of a man on a concert stage in saratoga was suicide. that's the word this morning from santa clara county sheriff's investigators. this happened last night at mountain winery during a performance by the folk rock duo the swell season. witnesses say that the man was on the roof of a building, climbed across the lighting rig and then took a running leap on the stage. he landed a few feet from lead singer glen hansard who wasn't hurt. the band said, their hearts go out to the man, his friends and
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family. 11,000 law enforcement agents are starting special enforcement efforts today. it's a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving. it runs through labor day. the california highway patrol is working in conjunction with other agencies all over the bay area. they will focus on specific problem areas, repeat offenders and on women. transportation secretary ray lahood says women make up a growing percentage of drunk drivers. 2500 people got citations in another crackdown in the bay area. those tickets for people talking on their cell phones or texting while driving. authorities wrote up 900 people on august 10 and 1600 more on wednesday. one driver in contra costa county got caught twice within three hours. also caught, some suspected drunk drivers and people driving without a license. one illegal cell phone user was driving a stolen car. investigators now trying to figure out who made a phone call that grounded a flight at
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san francisco international airport. that flight was flight 24 loaded with 163 passengers all bound for new york yesterday morning. and then the airport police got word of a hijacking threat that had been called in to a business in alameda. specifically mentioning that flight. the boeing 767 was sent to a complete corner of the tarmac and after nearly three hours of investigation, the passengers were taken off the plane for rescreening. the threat was eventually determined to be false. california's hitting the city of watsonville with a citation for failing to flouridate its drinking water. 7 months ago the city council put offer signing a contract for a $2 million grant to pay for fluoridation system. the city will have until august 29 to provide the state with a plan for flouridating its drinking water. you won't be able to do business at most state offices today. >> furlough friday is back. anne makovec is in san mateo at
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one of the offices that won't be open again until monday. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the one with the most infamously long lines, unfortunately. the dmv, yeah, this is one of many state offices that you won't be able to do business at today because it is closed. for about 144,000 state workers that means a day off without paid, mandatory. the on-again, off-again furlough fridays were back on as of wednesday when the state supreme court said they could resume while the court reviews whether the governor has the authority to mandate these unpaid days off. the worker versus schwarzenegger fight has been going on for years. but the governor has won the latest round for state workers, that means losing almost 5% of their monthly pay for each day off. now, here are the furlough days this month. today, the next friday, the 27th, and one floating furlough between now and the end of the month. the governor's spokesman says he is going to save the state
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almost $140 million per month in payroll costs. now, the issue goes back to court on september 8. the governor also says these furloughs will end when the state passes a budget. but that is another story entirely. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, anne makovec in san mateo this morning. it's 606. we have a showdown at a campground. >> up next an arizona prison escapee and his female companion are captured at gunpoint. how police moved in. >> and the nationwide recall of eggs. it may be expanding. the latest on the health concerns. ,,,,,,,,
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here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see slight delays in the cash lane off the eastshore freeway approach. overall, though, traffic is friday light. i'll have details in a complete report coming up in 6 minutes. thank you, gianna. time now 6:09. an escaped inmate from arizona is back in custody after a three-week manhunt. arizona authorities say john mccluskey was arrested last night at a campground 300 miles from the prison he escaped. also taken into custody,
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casslyn welch, described as mccluskey's cousin, fiancee and alleged accomplice. he was one of three men who escaped a private prison in kingman july 30. they were found after a forest ranger found a car hidden among some trees. >> this nightmare is over. but it is still continuing. there is a lot more for law enforcement to do. we want to tie him to as many crimes as we can. >> the other two escapees were already recaptured. the men have been linked to two murders discovered shortly after they busted out, the charred remains of an oklahoma couple found on a ranch in new mexico. the salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens in the bay area likely to get worse, that's the warning from the tends. california department of public -- that's the warning from the feds. california department of public health is testing samples. scientists here were the first to link the outbreak to an iowa
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farm. hundreds of millions of eggs are involved. it sickened nearly 2,000 people nationwide. 6:10. big crowd at a public hearing. >> up next, the debate last night over the plans for charter schools in san jose. what the parents are saying. and so what are people saying about the weekend forecast? i'll tell you what i'm saying about the weekend forecast. i think you're going to like it! plenty of sunshine is expected but a change -- yeah, there are always changes in the weather department -- a change in your temperatures. i'll explain, that's coming up. sheriff's investigators say ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as to good morning from the. good morning from the traffic center. north 880 at marina problems there. we'll have more on that as it comes in. golden gate bridge no problems, san mateo bridge very light. bay bridge toll plaza coming off the eastshore approach we are starting to see a slightly in the cash lanes there but overall, pretty nice. no troubles out of san
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francisco headed towards oakland. don't forget this weekend at infineon raceway indy grand prix of sonoma taking place so that will affect your drive on 121, 37 and 101. and again heavy delays expected throughout the weekend so if you are going there, give yourself extra time. it's from today through sunday. 10 is problem-free in marin county cruising along. here's live look at our conditions through mill valley where traffic is up to speed. live look at your conditions along 280 in the south bay. no troubles to report. in fact, you are accident-free working your way through san jose and mass transit is using bart, ace or muni no delays to report so very friday light. that's traffic. check your forecast. here's tracy. >> thanks, gianna. cloudy skies this morning, it's friday morning heading into the
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weekend. coit tower there, you can barely make out the base of it. clouds and fog for the morning. no reports on delays at the airport just yet but would not be surprised if we were to have some. daily planner for the morning as you head out the door, it's cloudy, it's drizzly, temperatures pretty cool in the lower to the upper 50s for the afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures. they are going to be cooling down. inland today sunshine but not as warm. today's highs ranging from the lower 70s to the mid-80s. around the bay, a mix of sun and clouds temperatures from the lower 60s to the lower 70s. and along the coastline, areas of fog with low clouds remaining through the day. we are on the cusp of a cooling trend. concord yesterday hit 86. 83 in san jose. 83 santa rosa. 65 san francisco. today 79 in concord, 76 in san jose, 75 in santa rosa, those temperatures 7 to 8 degrees cooler. san francisco we are closer to the bay, more of a maritime influence, you got the ocean, the water, we don't really see our temperatures drop off that
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much. but inland that's a different story. 78 degrees today in los gatos, 77 campbell and cupertino. 73 in palo alto. 74 in redwood city. and 69 degrees today in san mateo. we have a yellowish green here where it's cool. and then out to the orange, that's where you have the 80s. lower to the mid-80s in pittsburg and brentwood. lower 80s in danville and san ramon. the lower to the mid-60s in berkeley and also in oakland. north bay location, mid-70s to napa, sonoma, petaluma and 72 in novato, lower 70s in san anselmo and kentfield. san francisco 63. seven-day forecast, cool weekend expected. cooler than what you enjoyed yesterday and also cooler than average. temperatures rebounding, warming back up monday, tuesday and wednesday. this weekend the san francisco street food festival going on saturday in the mission district. check it out. that food in that photo looks good. conditions in the lower 60s
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your temperatures. and also saturday, the san jose pride festival at discovery meadow park. conditions for saturday 75 degrees. 78 for sunday. plenty of sunshine expected for both days. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. here's a look at the top stories today. sheriff's investigators say the death of a man on a saratoga concert stage was suicide. it happened last night at mountain winery during a show by the folk rock band the swell season. the man was on a lighting fixture and jumped onto the stage. no one he is was hurt. a drug task force has shut down a major operation in gilroy. yesterday, agents seized more than $100 million worth of drugs from a home. they found 300-pound of meth, 88 pounds of cocaine and $35,000 in cash. three men were arrested. furlough fridays are back
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for 156,000 state workers. most state offices are closed today. the state supreme court ruled this week that the governor does have the right to impose the days off without pay because of the state budget that's over due. 6:19. to san jose where hundreds of parents and students in east san jose are calling for morning charter schools. they expressed two new charter high schools. they would first need approval from the east side union high school district. support, say that summit has a good reputation for its small school approach. >> we all want every child to realize his or her full potential and graduate from high school with the real opportunity to attend college. the district already has five charter schools. trustees wonder if two more would be too many. a final decision is expected next month. if approved, those schools
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would open in fall of 2011. time now 6:19. a woman booked on dui charges after driving a beer truck that wasn't hers. details when we come back. >> apparently trying to empty it by herself, too. plus, this is all that's left. this used to be a mail truck. this happened on the peninsula. we'll tell you what caused this meltdown. a truck used to deliver the mail... incinerated in los ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, good morning. later on today half moon bay with plenty of clouds along the coastline, temperatures in the lower 60s. san mateo today sunny skies, high temperature of 69. palo alto, 73 today. 75 in milpitas. and 75 degrees in santa clara. plenty of sunshine for all locations -- all of those locations. what about some more bay area location? we'll take a look at today's high temperatures and also take a sneak peek at your weekend forecast coming up. a mail truck that was used
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obviously to deliver mail incinerated in los altos. the cause, a gas main leak. >> the carrier was delivering mail just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon where construction workers had accidentally cut into a natural gas line. fire crews say the mail carrier parked right on top of the leaky line. as she was pulling away, the gas exploded. construction workers did get her out of the vehicle in time. and no one was hurt. stolen beer truck. police on the lookout and they finally catch up to it. >> this is west virginia. the police tracked down the beer truck. the woman driving it came out stumbling. >> shocker. >> they say there were cases of beer missing from the back of the truck. yes, cases. and there was some damage to the vehicle. the woman arrest for dui. got a new study unlike
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those you normally hear about. the moon is apparently shrinking. >> some scientists say cracks formed on the moon suggest the interior has actually cooled down and shrunk. researchers say this is not a sudden phenomenon. it's been happening apparently over the past billion years or so. the shrinkage on the moon's surface is estimate at a little more than 300 feet. it wouldn't be noticed by the human eye. as we mentioned earlier, the recall of eggs due to salmonella concerns may be expanding. the feds say that salmonella likely to get worse. >> that leads to our question of the day: has the egg recall changed what you eat for breakfast? we have gotten a lot of responses. california eggs. on facebook, john
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coming up a $100 million drug bust in gilroy. what drug agents found inside a home. and it's furlough friday. coming up, we'll tell you what the governor says must happen before this all ends. and we're starting to see a backup at the bay bridge on the 88/80 approach, and the earlier trouble spot on 880. we'll have details coming up on that in just a few moments. 20th of august. i'm john kessler. ,,,,
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i'm julie watts. sydnie kohara will be back on monday. good morning. it's friday, august 20. i'm john kessler. >> i'm julie watts in for sydnie kohara. she will be back on monday. elizabeth wenger is also off today. time now 6:29. and we're turning to gianna franco with a look at traffic and weather this morning. good morning, gianna. >> good morning. not a bad drive at all. in fact, we have seen some pretty light conditions overall. you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. building at this point but over at not too bad just slight slow and go at the toll plaza only
6:30 am
on the 88/80 approach so you have plenty of time to make it to work this morning. northbound 880 at maria, vehicle fire cleared. overheated vehicle on the right shoulder. no delays then through san leandro. live 880 both directions near the coliseum in oakland. southbound 680 at sunol accident on the right shoulder. little slowing on the approach. 45 miles per hour. westbound 580 starting to tap the brakes at least through the altamont pass. that's traffic. here's weather and tracy. >> thanks, gianna. weather this morning, cloudy skies, but we are going to focus on the temperatures later on today. they are cooling down a bit. mid-60s in oakland, lower 70s in vallejo and san rafael. 63 in san francisco. and 60 in pacifica. moving inland, the mid-70s in santa rosa and napa, upper 70s in concord, 80 livermore, 76 degrees in san jose. our seven-day forecast, so today it's cooler than yesterday. and we will keep the cool temperatures in the forecast through the weekend.
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monday, tuesday, wednesday, we are warming up as temperatures rebound just in time for the beginning of your workweek. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. the death of a man on a concord stage in saratoga is now ruled a suicide. that's the word this morning from santa clara county sheriff's investigators. it happened last night at mountain winery during a performance by the folks rock duo the swell season. witnesses say the man was on the roof of a building, climbed across the lighting rig, then took a running leap on the stage. he landed just a few feet from the lead singer, glen hansard, who was not heard. the band says their hearts go out to the man, his friends and family. a warning for people who might get behind the wheel after knocking back a few this weekend. a nationwide crack down on drunk driving starts today. 11,000 law enforcement agencies will be on special patrols
6:32 am
through labor day weekend. the chp is working in conjunction with other agencies in the bay area. the number of alcohol-related deaths and injuries has dropped in recent years. and officials say that's due in part to crackdowns like these. another crackdown this month meant citations for 2500 people in the bay area. those were people talking on their cell phones or texting while driving. the chp wrote up 900 people august 10. 1600 more on wednesday. one driver in contra costa county got caught twice within three hours probably calling someone, hey, you won't believe what happened, i just got picked up! also caught, some suspected drunk drivers, people driving without a license, one illegal cell phone user driving a stolen car. time now 6:32. a telephone hijacking threat that grounded a san francisco flight yesterday was determined to be non-credible. but if they can find out who made the call it could mean
6:33 am
federal charges. american airlines flight 24 was ready to leave for new york from sfo when the call was made to a business in alameda yesterday morning. the boeing 767 was sent to a remote corner of sfo after nearly three hours of investigation the passengers were taken off for rescreening. up to $100 million worth of illegal drug found in gilroy. >> it's all part of a bigger operation covering much of northern california. matt bigler joins us from kcbs radio's silicon valley bureau to explain who investigators say was behind this operation. good morning. >> reporter: by all indication this was a major drug distribution ring that had its tentacles in the sacramento area about five location there, in modesto and here in the bay area at this house in gilroy that i believe you're now looking at. multiple agencies raided that house yesterday on roop road
6:34 am
seizing 500 pounds of crystal meth and cocaine worth more than $100 million. in addition to about $35,000 in cash. sacramento county sheriff's chaner fred links who headed up the investigation was clearly blown away by the sheer size of this bust. >> i have never seen of anything like this. i just flew down to actually take a look for myself, give the boys and the girls a great big team hug for an outstanding job. and i was amazed at what i saw in this single family residence. >> three people have been arrested from that gilroy bust. they have been booked here into the santa clara county jail. authorities say this drug operation may be connected to a mexican drug cartel that could link all the way back to the east coast. they are still investigating some of those links. matt bigler, cbs 5. >> thank you. it is 6:34. watsonville is getting hit by a
6:35 am
citation from the state for failing to put fluoride in the water. seven months ago the city council put off signing a contract for a $2 million grant to pay for fluoridation system. they will have until august 29 to provide the state with a plan for flouridating the drinking water. fines up to $1,000 day are described in the citation for failure to comply. don't plan on getting much done at any state office today. furlough fridays are back. anne makovec joins us from san mateo at one of the offices that's closed today. good morning, anne. >> reporter: bad news for anybody who wants to do business at the dmv here in san mateo. these dates are going to be locked all day. it's a furlough friday and the office is closed for about 144,000 state workers. it's a mandatory day off without pay. the on-again, off-again furlough fridays were back on as of wednesday when the state supreme court said they could resume while the court reviews whether governors have the
6:36 am
authority to mandate these unpaid days off. the governor said the furloughs will end when the legislature passes a budget. that deadline already passed on july 1 and there is no deal in sight as the deficit grows every second. the so-called big five state leaders haven't even met officially in the past six weeks. but they say there is a lot going on behind the scenes as the trash talk continues. >> until the democrats stop their insistence on billions of dollars of tax increases nothing is going to move forward. >> everybody is in their corners and they come out in the middle, swing and go back to the corners. there are no punches landing. >> reporter: here are the furlough fridays this monday: today, next friday, the 27th; and one floating furlough between now and the end of the month. a governor's spokesman says it will save the state almost $140 million per month in payroll costs. but, of course, the state's budget deficit is about $19
6:37 am
billion right now. the other interesting aspect of all of this is it is political season with the elections coming up in november, both sides of the aisle are very wary about making any sort of political statement that might affect their popularity. >> could be this will continue for some time. anne makovec in san mateo, thank you. 6:37. you see these numbers -- where are they? way down there -- the dow, there you go. the dow, the market headed downwards today. we'll tell you what's spooking it. >> new numbers in the bay area home sales not looking good for realtors. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning from the traffic center. westbound 580 vehicle fire at north livermore. it's off to the right shoulder, chp and fire crews are on scene. you can see traffic is starting to back up through there. if you are working your way westbound towards 680 near the sunol grade things are actually moving not too badly. you can see traffic a little light as you work your way west an eastbound at 580. 580 near tassajara friday light through the area. checking your drive in napa, we have a head-on collision reported on surface streets. kind of remote area but just a heads up. solano avenue at bass lake
6:41 am
road. chp is on scene. so use caution through there. and over to the bay bridge toll plaza we go. looks like they are moving that shot around. we are getting reports of a disabled vehicle near the treasure island, possibly stuck in lanes. so give yourself some extra time there. no word yet. metering lights are not on through there. now it's time for a high five segment this morning and this morning we say good morning to the folks of wine valley catering and treasure island pavilion by the bay. chopper can't fly this morning so we have a lovely picture of the staff. it's a state-of-the-art glass and steel structure with a ceiling lined with a beautiful french canopy roof. it's gorgeous. it's located at treasure island. you can actually see the whole skyline as you head out there. wine valley catering oversees the pavilion, has a great reputation for pairing wine from the top wineries with equally fine food and service. so again, the pavilion by the bay at treasure island. if your group or event would like to be part of our hi-5, email us at
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tracy, i was checking the west side. they have wild berry cherry tiramisu, checking their website. >> whoa! i have to go out there and check that out. the forecast for this morning, check that out, as well. here we go. this is from our camera, high atop mount vaca. friday morning, there is some sunshine to get you started to get you out the door, because i really don't have more sunshine to talk about, not locally i don't. much of the bay area still plenty of clouds. our daily planner for this morning, because of those clouds, we have delays on arrives at sfo around 30 minutes. again, the clouds, the fog and the drizzle for the coast, the bay and patchy fog inland for the morning. temperatures in the lower to the upper 50s. for this afternoon, not as warm today. you probably are going to notice that especially inland. yesterday's high temperatures in the lower 90s. today the mid out. mid-80s.
6:43 am
bay mix of sun and clouds. the coast low clouds and fog. we picked about four cities to compare temperatures. concord from 86 to 79. santa rosa 83 to 75. san francisco down 2 degrees, san jose 83 to 76. we are going to be cooler today. 70 in mountain view, 74 redwood, 60 in pacifica with 59 degrees in daly city. around the bay 62 richmond, 66 oakland, 80s walnut creek, danville 82 and pittsburg. mid-80s in antioch and brentwood. 74 degrees today in benicia, 72 in vallejo. 71 in san rafael. mid-70s in santa rosa to napa and the lower 60s in sausalito and in san francisco. ourself, as we move through the weekend still going to be cool and then temperatures will warm back up by monday,
6:44 am
tuesday and wednesday. this sunday afternoon is the last weekend of the summer for the stern grow festival. if you haven't had a chance to check it out. temperatures in the lower 60s. so saturday lake merritt friends of faith breast cancer challenge. conditions in the lower 60s. >> thank you. 6:44. a couple of bay area companies are out with some positive earnings reports. also, more americans are dipping know their retirement accounts to pay the bills. jason brooks with kcbs and joins us. good morning. >> reporter: there is light economic calendar in front. us so earnings reports will be front and center. we have a couple from the bay area that reported after yesterday's close so investors will get a chance to look at that closely today. hewlett-packard and the gap. hp already made a preannouncement regarding their earnings when ceo mark hurd made his departure two weeks ago. the numbers came in line with
6:45 am
that. we saw revenue of $30.7 billion, profit of 1.7 billion- dollar. those in line with expectations. the gap saw sales rise 3% across its three chains, ba nan republic, old navy and the flagship gap chain. revenue of $3 .3 billion. but when you look at the numbers, some worry in there. the gap was down 4% the other two up slightly. the ceo was disappointed as they slowed down at the end of the 2nd quarter not a good sign heading into the back-to-school shopping season and analysts this morning noting some caution with the gap saying they might have issues going into the fall and into the holiday shopping season, as well. stock market slid big time yesterday off of more worries about the economy off of a rise in jobless claims. it also is a slowdown in manufacturing which has been one of the better parts of the economy. right now the dow lower by 78, nasdaq down 11. s&p off by 8, a little more slippage. with high unemployment and all sorts of problems for
6:46 am
people out there they are looking for where they can to get money and they are turning to their 401(k) accounts. fidelity investment said hardship withdrawals are up to a 10-year high. 11% so far this year compared to 9% last year. you can apply for a hardship withdrawal if you need certain expectations and you can use that money for very certain things like medical expenses or your mortgage payment. if you get the hardship, you don't pay that 10% early withdrawal penalty unless you default on that loan. then you get stuck with the penalty later but, of course, by borrowing on that you decrease your retirement in the future. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and another sign the economy is still struggling. >> home sales in the bay area plummeted to nearly 23% less last month compared to the same time last year. 6800 homes sold in july the slowest month for the bay area since 1995, according to mda
6:47 am
dataquick. it says the market is slowing because of the end of the federal tax credit for first ti home buyers. a plan to build a mosque near ground zero is sparking a big debate in the country. phil matier is here with former san francisco mayor willie brown to talk about the political response to the controversy. they have already started the conversation. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> hold that thought. the cameras are rolling. what i find fascinating, julie and john and mayor brown, no matter how you feel about the mosque going in, it's the reaction of the politicians as soon as the issue came up. the democrats that i have talked to are steaming that president obama jumped into this because they feel like there is no way they can come out of this ahead. what do you think? >> i think they are absolutely correct. there is no safe island on this issue. you have to be totally an completely principled and just let it go at that. take your principal position and shut up. >> which is that there is a freedom of religion in the
6:48 am
united states and the planet and land use people will determine where. >> but what do you think honestly when you take the cameras in front of the politicians and you hear things like, well, it's a local issue. well, that's something over there. i don't want to talk about it. you know? >> that means i don't want to go against 70% of the people in this country who are equating where you locate the mosque with terrorism. you don't want to be in there -- >> do you score any points? then people say that's such a political answer. you're ducking it. >> of course you're ducking it and you're ducking it because you're counting in your district and you see three mosque dwellers and you see 80 people who are not. what do you do? >> i guess you duck. >> no, you hit with the 80 if you are a politician. >> if you are retired and can be principled -- [ laughter ] >> it is interesting. did you ever notice that how
6:49 am
principled politicians become once they become retired? [ laughter ] >> where do you park it all your career? [ laughter ] >> let me -- i got a question. just changing it and this is going on in new york, as well. on the mini mac, mike, i didn't warn you about this but the "new york post," that is roger clemens. that's the headline strike three, roger clemens indicted yesterday for lying to congress. >> is that an oxymoron, lying to congress? [ laughter ] >> it's interesting how they could discern whether or not he lied. it's hard for congressmen to tell that. [ laughter ] >> it's situational answers. he was given situational answers. >> as to whether he took steroids. >> absolutely. and now, you know, i represented him? it would be simple for me. we try it in illinois. [ laughter ] >> now he says he's not going
6:50 am
to take a plea deal, we are going down the barry bonds road which is a long complicated process not at trial yet. >> dramatically different than barry bonds' case. barry bonds was not before congress. number 2, barry bonds does not have anybody -- greg anderson didn't show up and said i shot him up quite often et cetera. roger clemens is in an argument with a former employee not an investigator. >> he has a major problem. >> now the question is, who is the real liar? the guy that was giving him the shots or the guy receiving the shots? >> or the guy -- >> i'm assuming that it was a guy. >> he repleaded his innocence last night so at least it's out there in twitterland. >> tweeted his innocence? >> yes. >> not just tweeted but retweeted. what a day. >> it's time and place, phil. in the old days, in my time, we
6:51 am
didn't tweet anything. we just didn't talk. [ laughter ] >> right. >> they didn't tweet. they took the fifth. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. phil matier and willie brown. it's 6:51. another story we have been covering, the recall of those eggs. the feds say that the salmonella outbreak is likely to get worse. >> which leads us to our question of the day. has the egg recall changed what you eat for breakfast? in other words, is cereal sounding better these days? nope, my oatmeal doesn't require eggs. lo and i'm heading out for an
6:52 am
omelette later today. >> egg suppliers are sure to hear about that. >> we'll check back with you in 8 to 72 hours, missy. [ laughter ] it is 6:51. furlough fridays are back. the latest headlines when we come back. >> plus, the man goes to the concession stand and comes back with coke, popcorn and a baseball. that casual catch at the giants game you got to see again. coming up, breaking news out of arizona this morning. after a three-week manhunt for escaped convict and his fiancee, finally comes to an end. we'll speak exclusively this morning with an officer at the scene of the arrest. plus, katie couric reports from kabul with a look at the road ahead in afghanistan where u.s. forces are building up as the combat mission in iraq ends. and it is a party on the plaza. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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[ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when life is mobile. ♪ morning... sheriff's investigators say the death here's a look at the stories in the news this morning. sheriff's investigators say the death of a man on a saratoga
6:56 am
concert stage was a suicide. it happened last night at mountain winery during a show by the folk rock duo the swell season. witness say the man was way up on a lighting fixture and jumped on the stage. he landed next to the lead singer, who wasn't hurt. agents seized more than $100 million worth of drugs yesterday from a home. they found 300 pounds every meth, 88 pounds of cocaine and $35,000 in cash in a home in gilroy. three men were arrested. and wait until monday if you have business to do at a california state office like the dmv. most of the offices are closed today. it's the first furlough friday since the state supreme court ruled the governor does have the right to impose mandatory days off without pay. and good morning, let's check your drive on the roads. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where not too bad, they never turned the
6:57 am
metering lights on. a stalled vehicle to the treasure island, but things are moving well. westbound 4 antioch no problems. out and about near 37 this weekend, 101 or 121 infineon raceway has an event taking place. a big race. don't speed through the area. expect delays. golden gate bridge southbound out of marin county, overall traffic is friday light. no troubles. a nice shot of the golden gate bridge. tracy? >> thank you. our forecast for our morning cloudy skies, drizzle out there, delays on arrivals at sfo around 30 minutes. if you are heading out for the weekend, you might want to call ahead. here's a look at san jose and ew, that's not -- doesn't look so good, does it? cloudy skies for now will give way to plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. inland, that is, with temperatures cooling down. mid-80s inland, mid-60s around the bay and lower 60s at the coastline. a cool weekend is on tap for
6:58 am
both days saturday and sunday. temperatures rebound monday, tuesday, wednesday as the 90s move back into the bay area. something else coming back to the bay area. sheila e, tony tony tony and mc hammer all that taking place this weekend at the art institute. that's going to be mid-60s for saturday near 70 degrees sunday, mostly sunny skies both days. i have not seen mc hammer in years but i bet he probably puts on a good show. >> i still have my hammer pants. [ laughter ] >> no. we have the video of the day. it began as a trip to a ballpark concession stand. a man returned to his seat as a folk hero. last night at the phillies game. with one hand, full of stadium cuisine, the man casually catches the foul ball bare- handed without breaking his stride. that's the best part.
6:59 am
>> that just made him so sexy the fact that he was able to hold that tray and catch that ball. >> i was thing the same thing. >> yeah. it's nothing. >> not for a married woman. but for all those single gals... >> oh, well. the giants won the game, too. by the way. one last time. excellent. [ laughter ] >> if you have a story idea or comment would you like to share with us, email that guy right there. brian at email it's fire shirt friday. san francisco station 13. so give a shoutout to the firefighters on every friday. >> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on follow brian on twitter at dinsmore desk. brian is everywhere. >> thanks for watching the cbs "earlyti


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