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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 20, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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food they buy. tonight, sherry hu shows us one local family already had a plan to have fresh safe, healthy food. [ chicks peep ] >> reporter: in a couple of months the family chickens will be mature enough to lay eggs. for michelle a mother and personal chef the hens are her safety net. >> that would be so mortifying to me if one of my clients got food that was made with a bad egg that made them sick. oh. >> reporter: we shays the decision to raise chickens comes at the right time. while consumers are stressed about salmonella, her eggs will be homegrown. >> so at least i know that my eggs are going to be healthy, organic and safe. i won't have that worry. >> reporter: while the chef and caterer says organic food has been routine for years, the family wanted to go a step further. costs so far, a dollar per chick and roughly $400 for
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feet, hay and the husband-built chicken coop. the hens live at the backyard at the bottom of a steep slope. >> so my little girls were come down every morning and they will grab the eggs and bring them up to me. we'll cook them up for breakfast. can't get any fresher than that. >> reporter: until salmonella scare is over no eggs at least for clients. though the family still eats eggs every day, for the time being, egg dishes for clients are out. >> you want to put them at ease. i'm going to be so happy in a few months to say i have my own eggs. >> reporter: she says relatives and friends are asking a lot more questions about keeping chickens. by her count, she will soon have more than two dozen fresh eggs a week and peace of mind. in dublin, sherry hu, cbs 5. the rules and laws for raising chickens in your backyard different for each city and county so before you make the investment, raise the hopes of your children, check
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to make sure it's legal. it's one of the biggest drug busts we have ever seen. $100million worth of drugs found inside one bay area home. it happened at this house in gilroy. agent seized 500 pounds of crystal meth and cocaine. but it all started with an investigation in the sacramento area about a year ago. that's where an undercover agent made a low level street buy. they were traced back to five locations in sacramento as well as a drug distribution hub in modesto and this one in gilroy. that's where authorities arrested three mexican nationals. they are now behind bars in sacramento. investigators say this may be the largest drug bust in northern california history. >> and i have never seen anything like this. i just flew down to actually take a look for myself, give the boys and the girls a great big team hug and a congratulations for just an outstanding job. and i was amazed at what i saw
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in this single family residence. >> the investigation into the drug ring is not yet complete. agents think it may have links to a mexican drug cartel on the east coast. in marin county, we are now learning 7,000 marijuana plants were chopped down during a raid on an illegal pot growing operation. they have a straight value of more than $20 million. it happened wednesday near fairfax. the plants were spread across 100 acres in the mount tamalpais watershed. so far, no arrests have been made. new details tonight about the phone call that grounded a flight at san francisco international airport. somebody called a hotel in alameda yesterday to say that american airlines flight 24 was going to be hijacked. the employee who answered that call says that the caller ranted in a thick accent while other people in the background shouted anti-american slurs. the employee at the hotel then notified police. and the plane was stopped on the tarmac. federal agents later determined
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that phone call was a hoax. 163 passengers, though, had to be rescreened and rebooked on other flights. a disturbing scene at a concert last night in saratoga. a man jumped on the stage committing suicide. it happened at mountain winery during a performance by the folk rock duo the swell season. witnesses say the man was on the roof of the building climbing across the lighting rig, then took a running leap on the stage. he landed just a few feet from lead singer glen hansard, who was not hurt. there are new doubts the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard is fit for trial. phillip garrido and his wife nancy appeared in court today. jonas tichenor in placerville with the details. >> reporter: this information coming out of today's pre- preliminary hearing a potential bombshell for the state, anxious to get this trial under way. but this doubt about dugard's competency to stand trial could bring the entire case to a
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screeching halt. reporter: phillip and nancy garrido kept separated at today's hearing, though they did steal occasional glances. issue one, phone conversations the judge allowing the couple to have two five-minute phone calls, one in september, the other october. issue number 2 -- >> is whether or not phillip's lawyer susan is going to express a doubt as to his present competency to stand trial. >> reporter: if that happens, criminal proceedings stop and a court appoints an expert for evaluation. nancy garrido's attorney steve says if he is found incompetent -- >> then he goes to a state hospital, for up to three years. then they have to put him in a locked facility if he is still not -- if they don't say he is ready to come back to trial. they have practice courtrooms where they friend to have a trial in the hospital. >> reporter: it would mean all the evidence, testimony and preparation would be boxed up and put on hold.
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for just how long? >> there is a snail out there somewhere that's crawling slowly. if she expresses a doubt, then i'm telling you the preliminary hearing isn't going in october. >> reporter: and as for questions regarding nancy garrido's competency, her attorney says there are none. she did want the media to know that she still misses her children and is hoping one day she will be able to see them. her attorney says obviously that is probably not going to happen. julie, back to you. >> thank you. jonas tichenor reporting from placerville. they had appointments but when they got to the dmv, the doors were locked. >> well, i called yesterday and they said they were open today. >> oh, no. why the return of furlough fridays caused so much confusion. i just bought this purse. did i see a bunch of stuff -- i did see a bunch of stuff that i liked. >> shopping for back-to-school stuff. this year why trendy items are selling for a fraction of the cost. the dangerous substance lurking in a popular bay area
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lake, coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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furlough fridays are back and that means many state offices, including the dmv shut down today. reporter anne makovec shows us a lot of people didn't get the
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memo. reporter: another furlough friday in california, but this one seems to be causing extra confusion. >> my daughter is having a driving test today. it was scheduled today. >> reporter: but there will be no test. >> the worst thing that we came yesterday to ask them, are you open tomorrow? >> reporter: they said yes? >> they said yes. >> online, they said they are going to be open at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: the furlough is posted on the dmv website, but only as of either yesterday or last night. dmv workers found out that furloughs were back on again wednesday, when the state supreme court ruled they could resume until another ruling comes down next month. the verdict here? frustration. >> i called yesterday, and they said they were open today. >> reporter: the information is available today on the dmv 800 number, but after pressing one for english, you have to vocally select -- latest dmv news. then you're given the first .
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>> for dmv office hours, press 1. >> reporter: it says the office is open monday through friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to. find out it's 5:00 p.m. >> for dmv closure options, press 2. >> reporter: that's pushing people's buttons. >> i'm working. it's terrible. >> my daughter's appointment today for the driving test. >> i'm disappointed because i was preparing for the test. >> reporter: here's the plan for the rest of the month. today and next friday are furlough days. there will also be one floating furlough day. a governor's spokesman says it will save the state almost $140 million per month in payroll costs. >> we were coming on a field trip this morning to the dmv and then we were going to get doughnuts so i guess we are getting doughnuts. >> reporter: so what now? >> go home, come back. >> reporter: the furlough issue goes back to court on september 8. the governor says they will also end when the legislature passes a budget.
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but nobody is holding their breath on that. in san mateo, anne makovec, cbs 5. down in san diego right now, republicans are gathering for the state convention. that three-day events kicks off tonight. tea party activists are expected to rally, trying to convince candidate for governor meg whitman to support proposition 23. that initiative would suspend some of the state's environmental initiatives until unemployment improves. now, our next poll for the governor's race tonight comes with -- how about a hot dog and beer? the first 2500 fans to arrive at the sacramento river cats game get their choice of either meg whitman or jerry brown bobblehead. we are still working on the margin of error on that one. looking forward to the results. well, are you hunting for a back-to-school deal? >> this is a shirt that's 2.99 that normally would be $20 at a store. >> where some of the best bargains are. just imagine swimming next
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to a rare 320-pound shark snagged right here in the bay. in the weather center, i'm currently looking at the temperatures. also looking at the fog lining up along the coast. but meanwhile, you want tomorrow sunshine? we got some sunshine. take a look at mount vaca and stay with us. your full-on weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,
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charter schools. "nobody can skate by nobody can it was standing room only last night in san jose where parents and educators pleaded for two new charter schools. >> no one can hide the system unnoticed. they prepare for success in college and the real world. >> its supporters asked the school board to open charter high schools at summit, rainier and tahoma. but they already have five charters.
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they wonder if two more would be too many. supporters say they need all the help they can get. >> we all want every child to realize his potential and graduate from high school with the real opportunity to attend college. >> summit has a reputation for successful small school approach. one of its public schools in redwood city is ranked in the nation's top 100. if approved, the schools will open in the fall of next year. final decision is set for september 16. well, the start of a new school year for many kids means getting new back-to-school clothes. but this year, a lot of families are scaling back and buying secondhand. and they are saving a lot of money in the process. reporter: she's barely in high school, but laurie already learned a valuable lesson. back-to-school clothes don't have to be brand-new. >> well, i just bought this purse. i did see a bunch of stuff that i liked over there. >> reporter: she is one of a growing number of tweens buying secondhand for the first day of
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school. >> people are looking for a good value and a good bargain. >> reporter: deborah alvarez rodriguez of good will says the back-to-school season is her second busiest time of the year after halloween, of course. and the racks are packed. >> kids want the hottest styles when they go back to school. >> what we're looking at is a knit top that's slightly oversized hanging down with the short crop jacket which is very hot and very hip. >> and school uniforms are cut rate. >> this is a shirt that's 2.99 that normally would be about $20 at a uniform store. and the uniform itself is 4.50. >> reporter: from toddlers to teens, thrift stores like good will have been swamped this back-to-school season. in fact, the national retail federation expects 19% of consumers to shop secondhand for back-to-school this year. and what may be the biggest back-to-school used clothing sale in the entire bay area takes place this weekend at the
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sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. >> we have more girls clothes! it goes on and on and on and on. >> reporter: it's called just between friends. an entire building of used kids clothes, toys and gear. >> here's candyland. >> reporter: they are all being sold on consignment and they are all part of the fashionable trend where everything old can be new again. >> people are discovering that it's fun when you find that great pair of, you know, jeans or that great top. it's a great -- you know, you boast about it. >> reporter: admission to that big clothing sale in sonoma is $2. we put more information about it on our website, if you have a consumer question or complaint, call our hotline 1-888-5-helps-u. all right, julie, breaking news from los angeles county tonight. a wildfire is forcing people to evacuate their homes. live pictures from southern california. this is the angeles national forest. fire started just a couple hours ago near the town of vie area mow. in that short period of time, the fire crews say it's
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exploded to 80 acres total, no injuries reported. no word on what caused it or when they are going to get this contained but this is the angeles national forest. well, stay out of the water here. it's the alert at the south bay anyway. one lake for the rest of the summer, almaden lake is closed because algae is still blooming. the lake's been closed for almost a month now. that's when the algae started to show up. we are told it can be toxic. that's why swimming, boating and fishing off limits at least through labor day. >> all of us are really disappointed because we didn't get to swim or get wet because of the lake closing because it's really hot out. >> the lake is not going to be open until at least two weeks after the algae dissipates. in the meantime, the rest of almaden lake park is open including the playgrounds, trails and the picnic areas. so that's an obvious transition to weather. when it's sunny, warm, you want to swim, you want to go in the lake. >> have you been there before? >> almaden, but not swimming.
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but i have been to the lake. >> it's absolutely glorious there so it's a shame. but there are doing it to help everybody out. >> right. you don't want to be sick. >> people are going to want to flock there. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. >> really? >> let's take a look. let's transition to the coast where currently, we do have low clouds and fog moving into the beach. we won't see sunset at 7:58:00 p.m. tonight. what you can bank on this evening are though low clouds and fog, the marine layer that's deepening to begin to pour into the bay. and then gradually march inland at least a good 50 miles. but you know? if you got some plans tonight perhaps heading out to the coliseum where the as are playing host to the blue jays, oh, no the blue jays are out of town of. i think it's out of tampa bay. let's see what he has to say. >> i'm jerry gonzalez with the oakland as. it's beautiful, sunny,
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beautiful, sun's out. plane's out. the team's out. so we're getting ready to play and i'm kind of nervous right now. so hopefully we'll win the game! >> geo gonzalez! i stopped this about mid- morning so you can see in the eastern portio of the district it cleared late in the day. a trough north of us will breeze through and although it's going to be dry in the high sierra, we have a fire weather warning in effect, the winds are going to gust up in advancement of the trough. tonight overnight in the 50s. tomorrow because of the trough that will be sweeping through the bay area, our numbers are going to come down substantially. unseasonably cool conditions. 50s no clearing at the beaches to mid-70s at best inland. a few upper 70s. otherwise, if you are heading to the food fest in the mission district, make sure you have a
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jacket. temperatures in the 60s. meanwhile, there you have the extended forecast. by monday, tuesday, yeah, 90s in the bay area. all right, allen. this warrants an explanation. look carefully, you see a bluejay in the middle of these happy kids. it's the beckman family from redwood city and they have a pet bluejay. >> they are the bluejays. >> no, the bluejay comes and visits them every day. they hand feed it. it comes into their house. i thought that warranted a picture on our newscast. we want to see your photos at >> look at that. there it is. you smarter? why the answer . if >> have a good weekend. julie? all right, guys. this is a good one. could happy hour make you smarter? why the answer could be yes if you're a woman. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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around the cor s year, flu shots are hitting pharmacies well, flu season is lurking right around the corner. and this year, vaccines are hitting pharmacies earlier than ever before. as dr. kim mulvihill shows us, getting vaccinated just got a little easier. reporter: the flu season is off to a sharp start, at least when it comes to flu shots. >> we received them earlier so we can start earlier. >> reporter: pharmacist bill hightower works at walgreens in san francisco, the nation's largest drug chain beginning to offer flu shots this week. every, single store every,
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single day even at 24-hour location. >> we'll be promoting this through the fall to be sure everybody has the opportunity to get immunized. >> reporter: rite aid pharmacies also began giving flu shots this week at most . cvs is expected as to start next week. why so early? >> that's it. >> reporter: remember last year's flu season with the h1n1 swine flu vaccine? manufacturing delays and antiquated technology resulted in long lines that snaked around bay area blocks and frustrated individuals. >> i have been here for two hours. >> reporter: expect few delays this time around. this flu season's vaccine is ready to go. the shot targets the pandemic h1n1 virus as well as two other strains of influenza. >> so you don't have to get two shots this year, only one. >> reporter: a mercury-free version is available. it should provide immunity for six to eight months.
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dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. in pharmacists can vaccinate anyone, and have been able to for a decade. can a glass of wine make you smarter? researchers found women. did better women did better than men over 7 years. moderate drinkers had better perception and memory. is it the wine? it's more likely the results of diet, lifestyle and economics. so ladies, when the guy says have another glass of wine, you're getting so smart, you're smarter than that. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first trees. now flowers. the search for the vandal who's ing apart rose coming up at 6:00, first it was trees, now it's flowers. the search for the vandal who
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is ripping apart roses. plus, guns and an elaborate security system. an inside look at how far a drug trafficking ring is willing to go to protect the pot. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. a san francisco aquarium's newest exhibit packs quite a bite. staffers were scouring the bay looking for new fish to display when they snagged this rare shark. a female seven-gill. she weighs more than 300 pounds, almost 10 feet long. so this shark now is the biggest of the 20,000 creatures at the aquarium. she probably will be on display for about a year. so so much for the swim from alcatraz. [ laughter ] >> you think? >> how much does it weigh? >> 320 pounds. >> wow. >> that's one big girl. >> the only sharks i like are located in san jose. >> not in the water. on the frozen pond, right? >> no. don't like to see that, not when we swim as we do. >> all right. that's it for us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with katie


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