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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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marijuana growing operation around the bay area? now we are going to take you inside one. the one that drug agents busted this week near mount tamalpais. cbs 5's alex montano obtained exclusive video of the plants, scary security measures and what the growing operations do to the environment. >> they are dangerous, they are in it for profit and that's -- they will harm people and kill people in order to protect those profits. >> reporter: he is talking about the international drug trafficking ring that has been running huge pot farm in the state including this one drug agents discovered on top of mount tamalpais. 6,000 plants, street value $20 million. >> these are sophisticated drug trafficking organizations consisting of the growers themselves at the bottom of the food chain, and to the middlemen who are doing the supplies and providing the material to run these growth sites, and then there are those though distribute the marijuana and then the top kingpin is the one profiting off the whole operation.
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>> reporter: when the gardeners are inside the garden, this exclusive video shows how the marin gross protected their crop. a trip cord attached to soda cans to warrant illegal farmers of someone coming up the path. more than that, these kind of grow operations are armed camps. >> we are fining automatic weapons now regularly, ak-47s and m-4 full automatic machine guns and every grower is carrying side arms or shotguns slug over a shoulder. >> reporter: the growers aren't afraid to use them. there have been several instances of armed confrontations between growers and law enforcement officials. >> these are very, very dangerous and if you can imagine these growers who are willing to shoot it out with the police, you can bet they are going to be willing to shoot it out with members of the public. >> reporter: the security threat is one thing. but marijuana growers like these have little concern for the environment. >> okay. >> reporter: on mount tam gross dug this irrigation system that stretched over a mile. other areas around the state they have been known to poach bears because they were being a
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nuisance, killed deer for trying to eat their plants, and used strong pesticides. >> you can see all the dried pesticide residue. it's a good message for people who think smoking marijuana is okay because it's natural. >> reporter: the marin grow operation was well off the beaten path. you would have had to climb through rugged terrain for miles to reach it. >> stepping over branches, you're crawling under logs. and making your way down to the site it's not easy to get to. sometimes it makes you wonder how do these guys get that much support material. 50-pound sacks of fertilizer and food and all these different things that are required to run an operation like this. >> reporter: all the plants at the mount tamalpais marijuana farm have been destroyed but the growers and their bosses are still at large. in west marin county, alex montano, cbs 5. meanwhile, in the south bay, agents found $100 million worth of drugs inside one home.
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the bust happened in gilroy. 500 pounds of crystal meth and cocaine seized. the investigation started about a year ago first in the sacramento area. an undercover agent made a low level street buy of drugs. those drugs then traced back to five locations in sacramento as well as a drug distribution hub in modesto and this one in gilroy. investigators say this may be the largest drug bust in northern california history. >> i have never seen anything like this. i just flew down to actually take a look for myself, give the boys and the girls a great big team hug and a congratulations for just an outstanding job, and i was amazed at what i saw in this single family residence. >> the investigation into this drug ring not complete. agents think it may have links to a mexican drug cartel on the east coast. now, authorities did arrest three mexican nationals at the home in gilroy. they are behind bars now in sacramento. investigators expect to make more arrest they say in the
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near future. an amber alert in alameda county ended with a young girl found safe and her father under arrest. police found leon sanders in san pablo this afternoon. they say he abducted his 2-year- old daughter near oakland. police issued an alert this afternoon. they found the suspect and the car without the occupants. police found them around 4:30. he was an anticrime activist who was shot to death while walking to his car at a local shopping center. his murder remains unsolved tonight, but as len ramirez shows us, he might have done something before his death that could solve the murder mystery. >> david is a product of east palo alto. >> reporter: two years before he was murdered, east palo alto activist david lewis spoke out on a local cable channel urging his neighbors to put an end to the code of silence to help police solve crime in their community. >> i look at our young people, in this life, in their
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organization, in their way of living, it's like they are taking these codes of silence also. but i can say it is destroying our communities. >> reporter: little did he know then that his own words would echo back today and that the case that needs the public's help would be his own. >> ironically, no one stepped forward to help solve his murder. >> reporter: karen adams is a producer for the mid peninsula media center, which is replaying the show on its website in hopes of breaking loose a lead. >> it's really, really hard for me to watch david lewis' appearance, and make the call. he appeared back in 2008. it's just chilling. >> reporter: lewis was murdered here in the parking lot of the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo on june 9. witnesses reported hearing an argument then gunfire. then seeing a black sedan pull away. the case remains unsolved even after governor schwarzenegger's office offered a $50,000 reward for information. >> this case is still incredibly important to the city of san mateo and the san mateo police department. >> reporter: san mateo police
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say their case has hit roadblocks. they have good information, given by lewis himself just before he died. but it's not enough. >> there was some information that we were able to determine right there at the scene while we were talking to david. a lot of it was incomplete. it was bits and pieces of information that we would love to match up with valid information that we get from the community in terms of tips and leads and maybe witness information that could help us to solve is this. >> it's not snitches. we are a community. east palo alto is a community and we're almost all killing each other. >> reporter: david lewis also said in the show that no one gets away with murder and that one way or another, there is a price to pay. in east palo alto, len ramirez, cbs 5. store furlough fridays return to california today for a lot of people as an unpleasant surprise. in fact we saw a number of people show up at the dmv in san mateo for their scheduled appointments. they didn't know the office would be closed. they said they checked online
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even with employees yesterday and never heard or saw anything about the friday closure. >> >> the worst thing that we came yesterday to ask them, are you open tomorrow? >> reporter: they said yes? >> they said yes. >> online, they said they are going to be open at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> not so. the dmv website now has the correct information about the closures. on wednesday the state supreme court said governor schwarzenegger could resume furlough fridays this month. another court hearing will happen next month. next friday is another furlough day. first trees, now flowers. a search for the vandal who is ripping apart roses at a popular bay area park. >> and a rare catch. a 320-pound shark caught in the bay, where you can check it out for yourself. ,,
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concert last night in saratoga. a man jumped onto the mmitting suici a shocking moment at a concert last night in saratoga. a man jumped on to the stage, apparently his intent to commit suicide. it happened at mountain winery during a performance by the folk rock duo the swell season. witnesses say that michael pickles of san jose was on the roof of the building climbed across a lighting rig and then took a running leap on the stage. he landed a few feet from the lead singer, glen hansard, who was unhurt. three people were killed in three shootings in san francisco within 24 hours. the first happened in the tenderloin. a 26-year-old man was killed just after midnight yesterday. then a 19-year-old man was killed in the ocean view neighborhood yesterday evening. and just after midnight this morning, a 20-year-old was killed in the alemeny housing projects in bernal heights. so far no arrest in any of the shootings. new details emerging about the phone call that grounded
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the flight at san francisco international airport yesterday of. somebody call the hotel in alameda yesterday to say american airlines flight 24 was going to be hijacked. the employee who answered the phone call says the caller ranted in a thick accent while other people in the background shouted anti-american slurs. the motel employee notified police and the plane was stopped. federal agents later determined the call was a hoax. vandals have hit golden gate park again. over the last few months they have cut down dozens of trees and as rick villaroman shows us, they are now targeting the park's rose garden. reporter: jonathan goldberg came to golden gate park's rose garden to enjoy, what else, the roses. but in recent days, someone else is doing more than just taking a quick sniff. >> whoever took them probably took them to sell them or to grow more cuttings or -- >> reporter: what would you say
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if i told you that they clipped them and left them right here? [ pause ] >> quite sad. >> reporter: that's right. roses plucked not for their beauty or even to give to a sweetheart but only for the sheer act of vandalism. >> take years to recover. >> reporter: that's michael, who put a lot of hard work into taking care of these roses for the past two years. his reaction? >> it was like wow, you know, that was -- that wasn't the way it was the day before when i got off of work. this is the last of the blooms. so it's kind of a shame. >> reporter: but this is not the first time or first planned beheaded by the razor's edge just one one month ago 16 eucalyptus trees were cut down in similar fashion. >> a cereal horticulturalist. >> reporter: that's leading park official to step up patrols and over a $2,000 reward. that's little comfort to those who stopped to smell the rose. >> looking at something like
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this is hard not for it to break your heart. >> reporter: the root of the problem? >> somebody has issues. obviously they need to get a life. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and life is what's been robbed from the symbolic flora. after all... when you think of a bed of roses, this is not the first thing that comes to mind. >> come enjoy but don't take and don't cut. it's for the public. it's for everybody to enjoy. >> reporter: in san francisco, rick villaroman, cbs 5. yeah, you're supposed to stop and smell the roses, not take them, right, roberta? >> absolutely. you will be able to go through golden gate park and take a good whiff of those roses more likely on sunday. tomorrow we are going to cloud back up again. we'll have cooler conditions. in fact, saturday will be the cooler day of the two coming up. right now this is live, it's our cbs 5 weather camera looking out from mount vaca at the increasing cloud deck that will be rolling in. the current air temperature there is 80 degrees. compare that with this, 62
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degrees the marine layer, this is the leading edge of it from the coast. it's now whipping into the bay. we'll gradually be moving into our inland areas. and imagine at this particular time that the winds are blowing out of the northwest up to a good 16 but gusts are up to 22 miles per hour. so rather chilly night if you are going to be out and about on this friday evening. looks like official sundown is at 7:58 and we are not going to see it due to the enhanced deck of clouds that will be sweeping inland at least a good 50, 60 miles. watch as i stop the clock here 10:00 a.m. notice the east bay and the santa clara valley so shrouded in the overcast conditions. clouds will peel back over the bayside by the early afternoon hours. but clouds will continue to play tag at the seashore all day. temperatures tonight with overcast conditions in the 50s from santa rosa all the way into the santa clara valley. winds will begin to dial back after let's say 10:00 tonight out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour and then increase to
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15 miles an hour in the afternoon. 74 degrees in san jose. that's 10 degrees below average. 79 for the warm spot in brentwood and another 10 degrees below normal. north of the golden gate bridge, no sunshine along the coast. up to 71 degrees in sonoma. maybe you have weekend plans? foster city is the place to be for live dragon boat fest. very colorful as well. we'll talk more about that and have your sunday and monday forecasts that's coming up next time around. and you won't want to miss that monday forecast. i won't say any more. but allen? okay. all right. >> thank you. ten duis and still driving. so how did one bay area man get off the hook so many times? that's coming up in two minutes. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered.
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named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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it's worse of half a billion eggs at two iowa farms the center of the nationwide salmonella impact. manuel gallegus now on the growing recalling of eggs. >> reporter: latest recall is another farm in iowa. millions of eggs have been distributed in 14 states since early april. they were sold under the brand names of sunny farms and sunny meadow and others. the food and drug administration says there are laboratory confirmed cases of salmonella from those eggs. >> people have to be getting sick or extensive proof of contamination before companies will voluntarily quote, unquote recall their food. >> reporter: salmonella poisoning also prompted an even larger recall from another iowa producer. 380million eggs were distributed under more than a dozen ditch brand names. that owner has a history of environmental and worker safety violation. he now faces lawsuits from
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several victims of this outbreak. three eggs are blamed for making hundreds of people sick. nebraska is the latest state to report an outbreak. and there may be many more cases out there since most aren't reported. >> sometimes people just think they caught a 24-hour bug and don't necessarily equate it with a food-borne illness. >> reporter: salmonella can be fatal for children and the elderly, but no deaths have been blamed on this outbreak so far. just a great deal of misery for victims like carol, who spent five days in the hospital. >> just sick. sick, sick, sick. >> reporter: if you have any of the recalled eggs, health officials say return them or throw them out. manuel gallegus, cbs 5, new york. the egg recall is impacting millions of people across the nation. so how can you make sure your family stays safe and healthy? as sherry hu shows us, one local family has a homegrown solution that might catch on. [ chicks peep ] >> reporter: in a couple of months the family chickens will be mature enough to lay eggs.
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for michelle a mother and personal chef the hens are her safety net. >> that would be so mortifying to me if one of my clients got food that was made with a bad egg that made them sick. >> reporter: we shays the decision to raise chickens comes at the right time. while consumers are stressed about salmonella, her eggs will be homegrown. >> so at least i know that my eggs are going to be healthy, organic and safe. i won't have that worry. >> reporter: while the chef and caterer says organic food has been routine for years, the family wanted to go a step further. costs so far, a dollar per chick and roughly $400 for feet, hay -- for feed, hay and the husband-built chicken coop. the hens live at the backyard at the bottom of a steep slope. >> so my little girls were come down every morning and they will grab the eggs and bring them up to me.
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we'll cook them up for breakfast. can't get any fresher than that. >> reporter: until salmonella scare is over no eggs at least for clients. though the family still eats eggs every someday, for the time being, egg dishes for clients are out. eggs every day, for the time being, egg dishes for clients are out. >> you want to put them at ease. i'm going to be so happy in a few months to say i have my own eggs. >> reporter: she says relatives and friends are asking a lot more questions about keeping chickens. by her count, she will soon have more than two dozen fresh eggs a week and peace of mind. in dublin, sherry hu, cbs 5. most counties in the bay area don't require a permit to raise chickens but animal control can step in if there are complaints about noise, runaway birds or odor. scientists have long touted the health benefits of a glass of wine here and there. they say it may make you smarter. sorry, allen, only if you're a
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woman. researchers in norway found woman who have four or five drinks a week did better on cognitive tests than non- drinkers. apparently i haven't had my glass of wine today. [ laughter ] >> study looks at 5,000 women over seven years. the moderate drinkers had better memory and perception. but is it really because of the wine? well, experts say it's more likely the result of diet, lifestyle and economics. >> so if the guy says have another glass of wine, you're getting so smart you might just fall for it? >> i don't know. every day he has the same routine. >> always comes back when he says he will. >> but not this time. the device that helped find a san jose man suffering from dementia in minutes. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard back in court. the new doubts that could keep him from going to trial. ,,,,
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and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea.
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convention in san diego. ate forefront of the event... mg tonight, state republicans kick off their convention in san diego. at the forefront of the event, meg whitman and her bid for the governor's seat. dave brian is convention were a preview of the weekend ahead. dave. >> reporter: touring a company
6:26 pm
that producers energy saving window tinting film, republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman warmed up for tonight's california gop convention speech by blasting democrat jerry brown as a big spending tax-raising liberal. >> he is a tax increaser and increases government spending. and my view, given the economy, given how much we need to help small businesses grow and this life, we have got to turn the clock back and we cannot afford a third term for jerry brown as governor. >> reporter: on a day when california's unemployment rate remained stuck at 12.3%, third highest in the country, whitman said her top priority as governor would be to create two million new jobs setting that as a target, not a promise. but her bigger political problem may be facing conservative republicans who charge that she has been back pedaling on the tough stance she took in the primary on illegal immigration. is that aproblem for her here? >> well it is a problem because, you know, people like the hard on nails on emigration meg whitman, and not the la opinion meg whitman. >> what are you going to say
6:27 pm
tonight to those republicans who feel that you have sort of sold them a bill of goods on issues like immigration and global warming and then you're now talking out of both sides of your mouth on those issues? >> in may always be differences between the republican party. what we will come together on is jobs and fiscal issues but i will explain again that i have actually not changed a single position on immigration. >> reporter: whitman made news today on another issue, as well. declaring for the first time that as governor she would support the idea that a federal appeals court should hear an appeal from supporters of proposition 8 outlawing same- sex marriage in california. >> so our next poll tonight for the governor's race comes with a hot dog and beer. the first 2500 fans to arrive at the sacramento river cats game get a choice of either a meg whitman or jerry brown bobblehead. we're still working on that margin of error. there are some new questions tonight over the mental health of the man accused in the jaycee dugard kidnapping. phillip garrido and his wife
6:28 pm
were in court today. jonas tichenor on what happened. reporter: phillip and nancy garrido kept separated at today's hearing, though they did steal occasional glances. issue one, phone conversations the judge allowing the couple to have two five-minute phone calls, one in september, the other october. issue number 2 -- >> is whether or not phillip's lawyer susan is going to express a doubt as to his present competency to stand trial. >> reporter: if that happens, criminal proceedings stop and a court appoints an expert for evaluation. nancy garrido's attorney steve says if he is found incompetent -- >> then he goes to a state hospital, for up to three years. then they have to put him in a locked facility if he is still not --if they don't say he is ready to come back to trial. they have practice courtrooms where they pretend to have a trial in the hospital. >> reporter: it would mean all the evidence, testimony and preparation would be boxed up and put on hold. for just how long?
6:29 pm
>> there is a snail out there somewhere that's crawling slowly. if she expresses a doubt, then i'm telling you the preliminary hearing isn't going in october. >> reporter: that preliminary hearing is scheduled for october 7. as to whether or not it's going to happen, that's going to be a waiting game. in placerville, i'm jonas tichenor, cbs 5. in the meantime, family spokeswoman for jaycee dugard is blasting recent photos taken of jaycee and her daughter snapped them and put them up for sale. she says i am saddened by the photos being offered to the media. she is not a celebrity and neither are her two minor age girls. there are survivors of violent crimes. >> it's not clear whether the photos having sold. when it comes to drinking and driving, one vallejo man just doesn't get it. he is a 10-time dui offender. he was arrested in petaluma on
6:30 pm
july 10 after a collision but posted bail the next day. officers apparently weren't aware of his previous convictions at the time. k this earlier this week, mccrohan was arrested again this time in marin. again he posted bay but this time officers tracked him down at his mother's house in vallejo where he was arrested and taken back to petaluma. it's one of the biggest fears for families who are caring for someone who has memory loss. that person wanders away and gets lost. but we are learning of a happy ending for a san jose family thanks to a new tracking gadget. it's ray olson's over day routine. a 30-minute walk around the park. >> he likes to walk. and he always comes back when he says he will. it's usually a half hour radius. he makes a little loop through the park. >> reporter: but ray has dementia. he was gone more than an hour and his wife feared the worse. >> he do increase his
6:31 pm
wandering. that wouldn't be unusual. i know time is of the essence when you're looking for a missing person. >> reporter: she immediately drove around the neighborhood but with no luck she put a new device to the test. it a high-tech gaged called mcq that -- gadget called mcq that helps track someone in minutes. >> i didn't expect to use it but i thought it would be safe to have for him. >> for anybody you think might get lost, confused, couldn't use a cell phone, someone who can't speak. >> reporter: but tracking devices are becoming common even with children. just this week a richmond school outfitted its students with a device that tracks their every move. the device that ray uses is more like a wristwatch. the creator says there are currently more than 1,000 mcq units in use. how does it work in a time of need? a police report needs to be filed first. once a case number is issued, m- finders will activate the device which will trigger a call to 911. >> someone with alzheimer's or
6:32 pm
someone autism or down syndrome or other form of impairment can't use the system. so we are allowing them to use the system that's built through our software through our technology. >> reporter: the little gizmo costs about $225 with the monthly charge of $25. but joy says it's well worth it especially after san jose police located her husband within 24 minutes. >> the two people who work for the san jose police department were so nice to him. i didn't get their names or their badges but they were really nice. >> reporter: as for ray? he says he will stay close to home. >> i never want to leave her. never. no. >> well, the san jose police department is not endorsing the device. but it did tell cbs 5 it does appear to help in fighting those lost family members. a sacramento area mom is trying to find out why her
6:33 pm
disabled teenaged son was put on a school bus and taken to the wrong school for three days. dana says she thought her son john was fine until she got a call from his school asking where he was. that's when she found out the bus driver had been dropping him off at the wrong school for three days. i had a conversation on wednesday with the bus driver about what time he would be coming to miles peak. they had not called and apologized to me. the same person is transporting my son. >> she claims there are other bus issues as well. she says the bus has broken down four times since school started last week causing the kids to be late both getting to class and home from class. the school district has apologized and said they will look into the incident. they hooked a show-stopper. where a rare shark was found and where you can now see it for yourself. [ rapping ]
6:34 pm
hip-hop as a teaching tool. how beats and lyrics are being used to help kids tune in. the u.s. open is just 10 days away. find out one williams sister won't be playing and one year later will power returns to infineon. his reaction to that big crash is coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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called "the freeze." joe vaz shows us how they teach kido think on their feet to a hip beat. the sanfranciscoo improv is in full swing. joe vazquez reports. >> so, so soon we are all up at a classroom. >> reporter: in the excelsior district students are learning from rhyme raid up in realtime. >> anything with an al in front of it is from the middle east, alhambra, algebra, comes from
6:37 pm
there, yeah. >> reporter: the musicians are the hip-hop group free. olive is one of several teachers in the group. >> i feel like using hip-hop more systems for our students is a chance for us to meet them closer to where they are. [ rap ] >> reporter: first students learn the elements of beat boxing making rythyms with their house. -- with their mouths. next they rap in gibberish. some are shy at first but slowly they gain confidence and their eyes light up. >> oh!! [ applause ] >> see how she let it get in her body? >> we teach workshops for kids and adults too, we see that from people who have never heard rap before, older, to people who listen to rap all the time. >> reporter: eventually they will add their own words. they make up their lyrics on
6:38 pm
the spot. [ rap ] >> reporter: some are off the wall. >> i be napoleon ek when i'm on this... >> there is a fear of failure in our society. a huge fear. that fear keeps so many kids tightly wound. once they start unraveling that sort of i don't have to be afraid, i can say whatever comes to my mind and it's good enough, once that starts happening, then a lot of dominos start following. [ more rap ] >> all we'ring a is what if you tried. >> reporter: just by trying these students learn lessons about public speaking, vocabulary an group support. their academic world up by musician who use rhythm who reach the kids who often get a bad jap. joey v, cbs 5. >> he is an individual number
6:39 pm
one thank you very much this was the frees we done. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. next the signs up, stay out of the water. what's lurking inside a south pay lake. and take a look at this. this is a sign of a cooler weekend on tap. your full-on pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,, you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing things loose or close to the edge.
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we were going to do things the right way... because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. she was always asking us to be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. she gets in at the heart of the issue... and she'll bring people together to resolve a problem. she's a problem solver. she listens to people around her and she will seek... different and often conflicting points of view. she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision. we can fix california, no question about it. it's going to take a different style of leadership, it's going to take a different approach, but we can make california great again. ♪
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americans collected relief pakistan is getting help from the bay area n fremont today, pakistani americans in fremont collected relief supplies they will ship to 20 million flood victims. the united nations says this is the worst disaster pakistan has ever faced. san jose-based foundation hopes to collect enough goods to fill a cargo container. >> all these people who are to start with very, very poor and have lost everything, their crops, their houses, their
6:43 pm
belongings and all that, that's why we are doing this drive. >> the foundation plans to ship the container on monday. if you would like to donate, there will be a drive in milpitas tomorrow. check out our website,, for information on the location and on the hours. well, no matter how hot it gets this summer, you are not going to be able to jump in the water at one lake in the south bay. for the rest of the season, almaden lake is going to remain closed because algae is still blooming there. the lake has been closed for almost a month now since the algae started showing up. it can be toxic, so that's why swimming, fishing, boating, all off limits now. >> all of us are disappointed because we didn't get to swim or get wet because of the lake closing. because it's really hot out. >> the lake will not re-open until at least two weeks after the algae dissipates. in the meantime, the rest of almaden lake park is open
6:44 pm
including the playgrounds, trails and picnic areas. staffers at the san francisco aquarium were looking if you new fish to display when they snagged a rare shark. it's a female 7-gill that weighs more than 300-pound and stretches almost 10 feet. the aquarium says this is one of their better fish tales. >> we were actually fishing for bat rays so this was quite a big surprise. >> the shark is now the biggest of the 20,000 creatures at the aquarium. she will probably be on display for a year. [ allen humming theme from "ja "jaws. " ] >> it's always a good weekend to go the aquarium.
6:45 pm
tomorrow will be the better day of the two coming up. looking out towards san jose, we have blue skies and air temperatures currently in the low 70s after a high today of 78 degrees. 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. transition to this. socked in at the beaches. currently, 58 degrees. you won't see tonight's sunset, at 7:58. low clouds pushing into the bay. localized drizzle. what kind of impact does this have on our oakland as forecast? they are playing host to the rays. here's our guy. my guy. love him! >> hi, i'm geo gonzalez of the oakland as and it's a little chilly so bring your jackets out to the coliseum and enjoy the game. >> all right. gio! let's give it up for him there. if you are heading out to the
6:46 pm
coliseum, make sure you do dress in layers. it will be in the 50s. a trough is well defined, what's going to be draping over the bay area for our saturday knocking back our temperatures. don't count on sunshine at the coast tomorrow. southern california, 86 in los angeles. out to 90s interior. high sierra, due to this trough ahead of it, the winds are increasing and we have relatively low humidity so a fire weather warning is in effect throughout the weekend. tonight with the blanket of clouds overnight, 50 in santa rosa to the mid-50s across the bay and into the santa clara valley. 53 in the trivalley. 47 in san jose. for your saturday that's 10 degrees below average.
6:47 pm
75 livermore, 14 degrees below normal. 79 the high in brentwood. no sunshine stinson beach. 71 sonoma. perhaps you're heading to sonoma for the grand prix of sonoma. temperatures in the 70s over the weekend. here's the extended forecast. the warmest day of the weekend on sunday, then notice the jump up with the mini heat wave or monday and tuesday. temperatures go back down on wednesday through friday. that's your pinpoint forecast. make it a great weekend, allen. >> you, too, ro, thanks. you know the saying, the grass is always greener on the other decide? in the east bay it really is. laura from pleasanton wants to know why are the east bay hills brown on one side, green on the other? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." >> reporter: you'll see it from the carquinez straits clear down through fremont. hillsides that are green on one side, brown on the other. >> the minute you start getting into more extreme climates of
6:48 pm
california you see the differences. >> reporter: doug bell of the park district says it's all about moisture, sunlight, topography and north versus south. >> especially in the summer time in california, you know, in the northern hemisphere the sunrises and just beats down on the south slope all day long and just really dries it out. >> reporter: that's why we see a lot of dry grasslands on the southern facing slopes in the bay area. bell says southern slopes are more prone to erosion present a more stressful growing environment for native plants. northern facing slopes on the other hand are not subject to intense hot sun. they retain more moisture over time and that translates to more plant life. >> the soil builds up thicker and is more lush on the northern slope. >> reporter: the bay area is unique in the influence of fog, as well. >> if you go in the hills of oakland out to the hills of the
6:49 pm
altamont pass and mt. diablo, you can drying trend further east. >> reporter: i need your good questioned. send them to me at cbs 5. a raiders quarterback is hoping his hang loose mentality wins him a spot on the roster and the irl invades more than infineon this weekend. we hit the streets of san francisco next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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open just decreased... serea williams was forced to withw after she hurt her foot on e br >> the chances of an american woman winning the u.s. open decreased. serena williams withdrew after she stepped on broken glass at a restaurant last month. the irl makes its yearly visit to to infineon this week. will powers last year suffered a fractured better have a and concussion when he ran into a stalled car. this year's mario andretti trophy winner hasn't forgotten the wrath of turn 3a. >> i tested there last week and every time i go over there, i -- i would be lying if it wasn't in my mind. >> will power comes over the
6:53 pm
hill and makes heavy contact. >> i do remember it all. excruciating pain. it was the most pain i have ever felt in my life. they gave me a couple of injections and it all went away pretty quickly so i was pleased for that. >> the race is still two days away. sausalito native jr hildebrandt gave fans a sneak preview when he took a spin through the streets of san francisco. are you the kind of guy who likes to take your work home with you? >> well, you know, for certain occasions. all right. [ car starts ] >> here we go! >> how fast have you driven it? > 2, 230, 240. have to keep it a little slower for the street.
6:54 pm
>> sandwich and medium coffee. >> 2.73. i don't know if can get to my wallet. we'll see. >> i got it. >> do you have any cup holders? [ laughter ] >> okay. all right. >> is it a real one? oh, really? my husband's going to freak. >> if you can get this thing going with a clutch up a hill, you can get anything going with a clutch up a hill.
6:55 pm
♪all i need is a fast machine ♪ [ laughter ] >> thank you very much ... [ engine revs ] >> did you save anything for the track? >> i think saved plenty for the track. we don't have any of those stop lights out there on the big hills. i have to take it easier today. but it was a lot of fun. thanks very much. >> his favorite part were the people's reaction on the street. sorry, raiders quarterback charlie frye will miss the entire season after undergoing wrist surgery. he started three games for the season last year for the last three games of the season for the silver and black.
6:56 pm
it opens the store for colt brennan to make the steam. he spent two seasons in washington where eye chronically he was one of jason campbell's backups. currently fourth on the team's depth chart he is hoping to use what he learned in hawaii to help hip in the mainland. >> they talked me into dredlocks in my senior year. so i could use some of the samoan i picked up in class whether it be funny or whether to call plays or dummies. and you know, unless a guy was samoan on the other side of the ball, no one knew what we talking about. >> t hawaii. >> i could be saying some simone wan word and they will have no idea what it means so i can keep using it all game because i don't know what that means. >> all right. fight might be a universal word. ron artest and steve jackson will fit in. a fight between greece and
6:57 pm
serbia during the acropolis tournament. ground right before hurlinga chair towards the greek tea. krstic was was arrested andd over night... (ad lib) eye on the bay is next. >> we have two greek producers in sports today so that's why the story is in the rundown. >> any greek food in the indycar. >> we could have used it. >> what a great sport. >> this is only his second irl race. he won the crown in the indy light series. >> fire that up again. see it a little? there you go. >> lombard next year. ,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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