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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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to put his money where his passio he's been an advocate for med cam marijuana for years and now he wants to put his money where his passion is. the plans montell williams has --montel williams has. a new poll, this one at baseball game. who did baseball fans become to be the governor? a chance for you to see what has wandered into the san francisco bay, the specks on this shark. this is cbs5 eyewitness news. good evening. talk shows feature heated discussions but one top nick particular is personal if to one former host. the emmy award winner was in the bay area this week, looking for ways to get involved in our
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own medical cannabis industry. >> reporter: well novembered is right. most have grown accustomed to seeing montel williams on the talk show sofa but recently he has been on late night tv hawking goods, and you may soon see him on the store front in oakland, hawking what we are told is high grade medical marijuana. >> yes, montel williams came to meet with me this week in oakland. >> reporter: rebecca capland says this is montel williams' second visit to oakland in three months. his talk? >> he's interested in supporting the production of select strains of medical marriage for specific illnesses. >> for 17 years i have had to high. >> reporter: williams went public on the oprah winfrey
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show with his personal battle for multiple sclerosis. >> over a million people suffer, all of us suffer differently. my primary symptom is joiny-- is pain. >> reporter: he is interested in growing and selling the high end strains he needs in oakland. he wants to ensure that others who suffer from chronic illness know that the cannabis. >> is produced responsibly. we track the strain, and we know what is in it. >> our government grows it, certifies it, puts the usda stamp on it. >> reporter: he's been critical of the feds, accusing them of producing and distributing it but limiting who receives it. >> what right do they say we will give medication to five people to let them be pain free, and for the rest of you,
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two to hell? >> reporter: there are currently four dispensaries in oakland but the city is considering licensing three to four more. that's why he contacts capland. living in new york does not bar him from being the king of pot. >> he could apply for a permit with his own group and also partner with a local group to apply. >> reporter: consider this, three to four new dispensaries could mean a lot of money for the cash-strapped city. each new dispensary will be taxed 5% of the gross profits per year. that star power could get new patients in the door, but montel williams says he's not for the legalization of pot. he only supports medical cannabis. >> he says he claims, robert, this takes his pain away? >> reporter: he absolutely believes. that he has gone on talking
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about the strain that works for him, and he is trying to bring the strains to oakland. >> robert miles in oakland, thank you, robert. an amber alert ended with a young girl found safe, and her father was under arrest. officials say that leon abducted his own 2-year-old daughter. police issued an amber alert near 2:00 a.m. police were finally able to locate them about 4:30. >> our hostage negotiator was able to make a phone contact with the suspect, and he agreed to surrender. he came out of the apartment complex here, and the daughter was unharmed, and he was taken into custody. >> police say the whole ordeal started after the man got into a fight with the girl's mother. the suspect threatened suicide before he was finally arrested.
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the little girl is back home with her mother tonight. the mental state of a convicted rapist accused of kidnapping jaycee dougard is being questioned. nancy's attorney questions his mental status outside of the courthouse. >> reporter: do you think he's nuts? >> everybody is nuts. >> reporter: do you think he's more nuts than the rest ofs? >> oh, probably. >> now the couple is accused of kidnapping dougard and holding her captive for 18 years. he raped her when she was a teenager, and she had two of his children. the couple's next court appearance will be october 7th october 7th. muslim americans used dinner and dialogue to improve relationships with nonmuslims, saying the breaking of the bread together could increase
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the mutual respect and friendship of the groups. kit dow with what the night accomplished. >> reporter: at an interfaith dinner this friday night at palo alto, is the main course,ist lamaphopia -- islamaphobia. >> to me it's about when people don't understand what it's all about. >> reporter: hosting this dinner and dialogue for the last seven years, this year she says it's needed more now than ever. there there's so much hate in the country. >> reporter: she said the heated national debate over the mosque near ground zero in new york and the composed tower in santa clara comes from a place of fear saying we now is have to move -- now have to move beyond just tolerating each other. >> we tolerate the dmv lines and cancer. human beings are support to be
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chairished, and that's -- cherished and that's what we need to do. we are challenging people do. that. >> reporter: three dozen people came from all over the bay area to eat, and learn. kit was interested. >> i'm not interested in the politics, but reminds me if we don't know about a religion, we can't be good advocates. >> reporter: billy had never met a muslim until now. what did you learn about life and humanity by coming here? >> that i guess human beings like me and you. >> reporter: movingmoving from fear and friendship with an a full stomach and heart. facing the worth disaster ever ufo pakistan is getting help from the bay area. pac tany americans collected relief supplies that will be sent to the 20 million victims who are homeless have currently
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have no food. more than 70 countries have stepped in to help. today the united nation's ambassador expressed gratitude. hidea foundation hopes to collect enough goods to fill a cargo container for afghanistan. >> all the people to start with are very, very poor, and they have lost everything. their props, their houses, their belongs, and all of. that that's why we are doing this drive. >> the foundation plans to ship the container on monday. there will be a drive tomorrow if you plan to help. you can check out for information on the location and the hours. well the nationwide recall due to salmonella posioning now includes half a billion eggs for two iowa farms. hillendale farms in iowa was identified as the second farm with the tainted eggs.
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its recall was after the lab tests confirmed the illnesses associated with the eggs. they were distributed to food outlets in 14 state including here in california. an fda spokesperson said the recalls are related. there's more than a dozen brands of eggs involved now. we have a complete list of those and the identifying numbers you will need to look for on your carton at home. all on cbs5 dom/health. attention people who drink and get behind the wheel, law enforcement agents around the bay area want you to know they are on the lookout for you. an 18-day crackdown for drunk drivers got underway today for several bay area counties running through september 6th. several agencies are watching the spots and sending out roving patrols. the feds said 32% of auto- relate fatalities involves
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drinking and driving. >> there's a new memorial by the bicyclist closed from san francisco. one week ago want to a white bicycle covered with flower has been placeed at masoni avenue. bike advocates call it a ghost bike in memory of the victim. half a while away, protesters and their supporters called for safer streets for all cyclists. >> ann fran, and the mayor and others like to proclaim it's a green city, bicycle friendly, and had is the poster child of how unbicycle friendly we are being, and something needs to be done about it. >> the san francisco municipal transportation agency recently unvailed long-term plans for the safety, and those tonight said something needs to be done sooner. forget the straw polls. the best way to find out what people want, bobble heads.
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the winner of the unofficial survey of the california voters. back and forth. even the state workers were sending the wrong message. what the state's budget deficit means for you. there's a key sign around one lake. what is keeping swimmers out, and when they are can swim again. >> the day that will top out in the mid-90s inland. which day will that be? the eyewitness news will continue right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well it could be the most unscientific poll possible. picking the next governor at a baseball game. there were no ballots, only bobble heads. >> bobble head time, right here. >> reporter: the battle of the bobble heads. >> we got here early to make sure we had the choice. >> reporter: the fans of america's favorite fast time and politics squaring off. >> how can you resist jerry? >> reporter: two lines, two sides. meg on the right, jerry on the left. >> i will recruit people to stand in this line.
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>> reporter: 2500 bobble heads, and the candidate that runs out first wins. >> he will run out long before meg whittman. >> reporter: it's time to get up to the plate. the mad dash for the gubernatorial race is on. >> we have brown and whitedman right here, -- whittman right here, folks. >> reporter: she may have picked meg, but what if meg was up against serious competition. meg whittman or barbie? >> barbie. >> reporter: already half the supply is gone after eight minutes of the gates being open. it's too close to call. is it too much of a stretch to think that meg may beat jerry? >> if i had to choose, i like this bobble head more. >> reporter: even the players support her, and it's a swing
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and a miss for jerry. turning out meg whittman is the hit. the first bobble head bragging rights in 20 minutes. one person was the lucky winner of a free meg whittman bobble head and said she knew what she would do, post it on e bay. it's there. the highest bid, 6.37. mike delaminro. furlough fridays are back in california. many in the bay area apparently missed the member row. today a number of people showed up at the dmv but they didn't know the office would be slowed. they said they checked online and even with employees yesterday. they never sawover heard anything about the friday closure. >> there are things that we came yesterday to ask them if they were open tomorrow. >> reporter: and they said yes?
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>> they said yes. >> online they said they will be open 8 to 35. >> the dmv website now has correct information about the closures. on wednesday, the state's supreme court said the governor could resume the furlough fridays this month. another hearing will happen next month. as for the next furlough friday, that's scheduled for next week. we have warm weather coming our way, robert scene of that accident. >> we certainly do. we have clear skies. inland, picking up the 97 on the way to being a full moon on august 4th. meanwhile, clearin land. a the the coast, not so clear. we have lots of low clouds. you can kind of see it. there we are right around there. overnight tonight with the blankets of the matchy fogs, temperatures dripping from 50. thed any and high 50s.
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around american canyon, vallejo, there's the stratus. it's intensifying, and it's deepening. at roughly 2,000 to 25,000 feet in the morning. we had leftover lingering clouds. never quite clearing out there because it's a brand new trough. thinking it will go right there to dripping across the state. it will be have all the temperatures, dripping the marine layer, but leaving us for a warmer sunday. 70 in sierra. gusty winds and low humidity. for your saturday, ten degree the below average. tomorrow's valley in the mid- 70s. 515 degrees below normal. looking like north of the golden great bridge, temperatures 15 degrees. carpaller day on sunday, but neck out the conditions. monday and tuesday, jumping into the mid-90s, al beat short
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lived. >> tonight, my pick. why don't we go to one of our internet viewers. mark is has the back flip. >> wow. >> the heat wave is coming? two days, that's just it. the impressive find in san francisco bay today, and where you can see her for yourself. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. out" signs will be posted around a south bay la well for the remainder of the summer, some stay out signs signs will be posted around the south bay lake. almonton lake will be closed because the algae is still blooming there. it can be toxic, and that's why swimming, boating, and fishing are off limits for the rest of the season. >> all of us are disappointed. we didn't get to swim or get wet because of the lake closing. because it's really hot out. >> reporter: yeah, the lake will not reopen until at least two weeks after the algae
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dissipates. in the meantime the rest of the lake is open including the trails and the picnic areas. >> there's a new predator roaming the waterers in the san francisco bay tonight they were looking for new fish to display when that thing showed up. a rare 7-gill shark, weighing more than 300 pounds, stretches to almost 10 feet. >> wow. >> they need a bigger boat. the aquarium said this is one of their better fish tails. >> we were actually fishing for something else. this is a wait a big surprise. >> the shark is the biggest of the 20,000 animals in the aquarium and will probably be on display for a year. one of the williams sisters is out ten days before the u.s. open starts. aubrey huff getting this run. was that enough? ,,,,,,,,
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louis has lost four straight and the joints may be catching the cardinals a the the right time. st. louis has lost four straight and fallen into second place in the central. madison baumgartner looking for his first win in five starts. chopping one up the middle,
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mike fontenot scoring, 1-0, giants. second rbi for baumgartner. he was butter on the -- better on the mound. struck out five. 3-1 in the 7th, aubrey huff unloads for his first homer in the month of august. number 21 on the season. the giants hand out 13 hits to take the opener 6-3. the brewers snapped the padre's five-game winning streak. they are just one back of the phillies for the wild card. the a's and the rays, tie game, two on, two out for cliff pennington, and then zober circumstances it. kouzmanoff with the go ahead run. he robs d.j. upton of a hit. may be time to think of a gold glove for the shortstop. serena williams is forced to withdrawal from the u.s.
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open due to a foot injury from a broken glass at a restaurant last month. the the irl are making their appearance this weekend. for will power, it's the first appearance since his concussion and fractured vertbrae. >> i just remember excruciating pain. it was the most pain i have felt in all of my life. they gave me a come of injections, and it all went away quickly. it's full-time for your friday -- it's time for your friday night top 5. rajai davis into the gap, but he finds out it closes early when upton is roaming the outfield. number to four, a golf swing worse than charles barkley. check out tyreke evans. number three, francisco on a
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roll tonight. flying into the ondeck circle. the mariners beat the yankees. it will be hard to beat out this phillies' fan for grandson of the year. look how excited hi is. give him a ball. >> the number one play tonight, arena football, marquis white making a spectacular catch despite being flipped into front row. that i win arena foul 1-3. >> that was a cute picture of the kid. >> i know. it's a moment he will remember for all the rest of his life. >> and we have it on tv. >> we do. all across the country. >> look at that. >> have you ever caught a foul ball? >> i caught lincecum's the other day. we will be right back. >> sure you did. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so we have been saying saying it for quite awhile now, and now they are gettology official recognition, social media and the wardrobe malfunction are among the new terms for the listment and also on the list -- list, and also on the list, suiting. a -- tweeting.
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the wars in iraq and afghanistan have produced the word surge and exit strategy, and there's also bromance, a close but nonsexual relationship between two men, staycation, credit crunch, and beer boggles with chillax in the newly published edition of oxnard of english language. >> you know what be, bromance is? >> i do not know. >> you and dennis have one. >> it's true. >> really? >> it is true. maybe dennis has beer goggles. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> truduckin? >> that is turkey


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