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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  August 22, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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one of the year. cool temps tomorrow is a spare the air day in the bay area. it's the first one of the year. cool temps this summer have
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kept the pollutants away but as the weather gets warmer, everyone is asked to make clean air choices. linda yee has the story. >> reporter: there were 14 days for the summer season. you can see how mild this summer has been. no more. aisle of us have will to brace ourselves. it's been a great summer for air quality but bad in terms of whatever happened to summer and warm temperatures. well, it's -- as predicted, hot weather is coming this week. so will the first spare the air day for the summer season. >> unfortunately, we are expecting unhealthy air tomorrow. we are asking people to take health precautions and avoid outdoor or treen new use activities. >> reporter: that means no gas powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers. cook indoors and take public
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transit. >> we encourage everyone to drive as little as possible. take transit, carpool, walk or bike to work. anything to stay off the roads. we are expecting 100-degree temperatures inland as well as in the south bay. so, when you have high heat and auto exhaust from our tail pipes, that is recipe for smog. we are expecting unhealthy air quality. it's a regional pollutant. we contribute to that. if you drive your car around, pollution goes up into the air. it affects air quality inland and elsewhere in the bay area. >> reporter: so, while they are encouraging everyone to take public transit, one thing to note, unlike other spare the air daze, public transit won't be free tomorrow. >> linda yee in san francisco, thank you. investigators say a three- alarm fire at a south bay apartment fire caused $1.3 million in damage.
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they say the fire started outside a carport this morning. the flames quickly spread to other apartments. fortunately no one was injured. >> i look at it this way, that my family is okay. that everybody in the house is okay. you have to be optimistic that everybody is okay. this can be fixed. family can't be fixed. >> the complexes 20 residents were evacuated after power was cut off in all the units. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a 14-year-old girl who meet a man through my space is now missing. fran police say tiffany alvarez has been talking to a man the past three or four months. she is 5'10", 180 pounds. they believe she might be with a man named gino. he is in his 30s. he is described as 6-foot tall, dark hair, dark eyes with a light complexion. the girl's parents believe she
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-- the two might be going to texas neighbors of the couple arrested on suspicion of kidnapping jaycee dugard says calm has finally returned to their neighborhood. walnut avenue became the center of media coverage when phillip andnancyy gurido were taken into custody the couple has been in jail for almost a year awaiting trial. a father and son suspected of violent home invasion robbery have been arrested. vacaville police say the armed suspects broke in yesterday afternoon and assaulted three people. after they fled, police stopped the suspect vehicle on i-80 near davis street. the 43-year-old father and 21-year-old son were booked into the jail. some bay area coffee shops are pulling the plug on wi-fi. owners say a tech free zone is drawing in customers that want a more friendly and social
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atmosphere. julie watts shows us the coffee shops returning to their roots. reporter: winning the title of best wi-fi hot spot means big business in this tech town. >> we have so many start ups that come in everyday, meeting, talking about business. if it wasn't for the internet and ability to go online and show your product and work on your product, then, you know, maybe we wouldn't be as successful as we are. >> reporter: while fast wi-fi keeps people coming back during the week, it's the no wi-fi on weekend policy that attraction customers like don. >> people are so incredibly antisocial. i go into coffee shops and everyone is sitting with laptops and their ear buds in. it's creepy. >> reporter: this is one of many coffee shops that are reducing or eliminating wi-fi altogether. it's a niche market where people
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can find a tech free zone. when they flip the switch on weekend wi-fi here a couple of years ago, it wasn't about making a cultural statement or promoting communication, it was about the bottom line. >> usually people spend a larger amount of time on the table, not necessarily purchasing. large groups come in, get upset, they can't find a table. >> reporter: it may be turned off on weekends, it's not guaranteed a tech free zone. from 3 g enabled cell phone to bring your own wireless connection, where there is a will, there is away. >> i have my iphone or ipad, you don't have to have wireless to access the internet. >> reporter: likely one of the reasons he hasn't received much backlash in this tech savvy town. don't expect them to get rid of the award winning weekday wi-fi any time soon. >> no, this is silicon valley central. >> reporter: for those who take
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their coffee with cream, sugar and wi-fi on weekends, too. >> there are plenty of coffee shops for them. >> reporter: julie watts, cbs 5. want to grow your own produce but don't have a place to do it? how about paying for some space. the bay area trend of renting a garden. if you use a gift card, the changes starting today that you should know about. ,,,,,,
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new homes tonight. this is the scene at berkele thousand of uc students will be spending their first night in new homes. this was the scene at berkeley today. by thursday, 6,000 under graduates will have moved into the dorms. another 1200 will move into apartments and family run housing. starting tomorrow, new students will take part in campus tours, attend workshops, lectures,
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receptions. some students have been planning for this for years. >> my goal since, like, the beginning of high school that i get into berkeley. weird to have it happen now. >> a lot of hard work. this year's incoming berkeley class includes 500 international students and 600 out of state students. do you have a green thumb but nowhere to grow plants. community gardens are popping up reporter: if only i could speak russian, i could ask her for tips. clearly this woman speaks the language of plants. she's a backyard gardener, sort of. this isn't her backyard. the 28 by 7-foot plot of dirt belongs to the pleasant hill recreation parks district and is part of a community garden.
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folks rent the space for 70 bucks a year and grow mostly veggies. >> they are more edible than flowers. >> reporter: people garden for different reasons. the price of food, relaxation, the community garden started decades ago but the demand for space reached full bloom more recently. a lot of the gardeners are new bees. >> we had a huge boom. the weight list was huge. it hadn't been like that before. i would have like 5, 6, 7 people on a wait list. last year 30 people. >> reporter: she said the annual rental fee for 25 plots barely covers the water bill. the garden pays for itself. it's a staple of the park, just like sports. >> people find softballs in their gardens. >> reporter: on the green beat in pleasant hill, sherry hu, cbs 5.
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new consumer fees for gift cards. they must hold their value for five years. cards can expire but any money left can be transferred free of charge to a new card. companies can't charge a none use fee until one year after purchase. no more than one fee can be charged to a cardholder in one month. these new rules do not apply to prepaid debit cards, rebates and royalty cards and one time transaction fees. state lawmakers are pushing for pension reform so city officials can no longer take advantage of loopholes in the state's retirement law. state assembly woman was in our studio this morning to talk about a new bill that she is sponsoring. >> this is a problem that needs to be addressed and we have worked with legal council throughout the bill. we have been making amendments to try to attack this problem to make sure that people can't spike their pensions. >> she said city managers like those in bell along with police and firefighters are cashing out
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sick and vacation time to boost their pensions. clothing store isclosingg more than 100 stores nationwide. ab beer come fee and fitch will shut down 110 stores the next 18 months. they have nearly 1100 stores in the u.s. and 22 in the bay area. no word if any of the stores here or closing. got soul? ♪[ music ] >> the bay area event and the famous festival. now a live look outside. what kind of weather will we have this workweek. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 10th anniversary of oakland's art and soul festival. the festival highlights musical talent from those who call or today marks the 10th anniversary of oakland's art and soul festival. it highlights musical talent from those who call or have called oakland home. in vowing and m.c. hammer were two of the featured performers. many say this shows the good things that oakland has to offer. no chance to get acclimated. tomorrow the heat is on. >> no messing around.
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we got a taste today. we saw temperatures warming up but we will crank things up. a heat wave coming in our direction. a lot of folks say it's about time. inland valleys, plenty of sun. aids over the a bay. looking good into the evening hours. we will see sunshine in places we haven't seen much. i saw a lot of easer muffs -- ear must haves. you are getting -- muffs. it will stay clear all night long. the next couple of days, fantastic beach weather at the coastline. numbers in the 70s and 80s inland. inside the bay in the 60s and upper 70s. coastline 50s and 60s with mostly clear skies. tomorrow, the heat will get cranked up outside. near 100 degrees in the hottest
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spots inland. low 90s to the bay. sunshine all day long and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we started with a couple of patches of fog early on along the immediate coastline. it moved out of town. now we won't see it a couple of days. temperatures will be heating up. 78 in san jose. it's 83 in livermore. 78 in san rafael. 63 in pacifica. if you plan on traveling around the state, you will find a pair of 9s. here we go. finally when you get the temperatures heading in the right direction, it will be hot for some folks. not used to the hot temperatures. running well below average for this time of year. temperatures will be soaring near 100 degrees. some of those numbers in the triple digits toward tuesday. i have been watching this all summer long. when i watch this computer model, it's full of fog. tomorrow morning the first time
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it has been cloud free and it stays that way all day long. it will continue to be the case as we look into spectacular weather. hot outside. be careful of the temperatures running hot. 80s, 90s inside the bay. temperatures running well in the 90s. 80s to oakland and alameda. north way temperatures in the 80s and 90s by the afternoon and hotter into tuesday. here it comes. heat wave on the way. hot temperatures continuing through wednesday. cooling off near the coastline. i think it is back to below normal as we head to our next saturday and sunday. that's a look at weather. >> we have to see if zito can write the pitching staff. it was power out at infineon. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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claiming cody ross off waivers from florida..i wonder if he can pitch? the giants strength became a weakness on their losing road trip. the giants have a new outfielder. the strength became a weakness on the losing road trip. pujols puts the chops one foul.
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it almost took out curt reader there watching the game. reflexes not what they used to be. this is part of a three-run inning against barry zito. allen craig crushes the 84 miles per hour pitch from zito. he gives up five runs in three and 2/3. his shortest start of the year. cardinals rookie garcia lasted a lot longer. tossed a complete game. giants did not get a runner to second base. cardinals win 9-0. giants limp home. they are two games behind the phillies for the wild card and six games behind the padres in the west. it won't get easier with cincinnati coming into town. braden facing the rays for the first time since mother's day. >> he throws and a ground ball to short. pennington has it and he throws. perfect game. >> remember that. braden made it 11 straight innings against the rays without allowing a hit thanks to nifty help from pennington. is there a better short stop in the american league?
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evan longoria down the left field line. two runs score. braden gives up two runs in 15 innings. 15th straight quality start for the a's staff. bottom of the ninth, a's down one. pennington strikes out to end the game. rays win to split the four game series. cubs manager lou piniella was supposed to retire at the end of the season but with his mother's failing health, sweet lou decided today would be the final game of his 22 year career as manager and 48 years in the majors. >> cried a little bit after the game. i get emotional. i'm sorry. i'm not trying to be. but this will be the last time i put on a uniform. it's been very special. cubs lost in the final game as manager.
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a year ago will power was airlifted from infineon speedway. he didn't race. today he was in the pole position and dominated from start to finish. dan wheldon gets clipped from behind by baguette. wheldon gets dumped on his head and that would be it for him for the afternoon. >> off the right front. >> that's never a good thing to be upside down. >> you think? six laps to go he gives power a scare but unable to pass. will power that lead all about two laps gets the checkered flag and cruises to win. david tom on 18 needs this putt to tie for the lead. yes. then on 18 atwal for the win. amazing. he had to qualify monday to make the tournament. he shot a 367. the first qualifier in 24 years and the first indian player to
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win on tour. tonight on game day, giants first base coach -- third base coach picks up a guitar. >> ♪ well, i tell you all the dreams i have, write them in a song ♪ . >> he discusses his folkful music career, recorded ten albums, shared a stage with willie nelson and jackson brown. >> music, if you walk out and you suck, it's your fault. it's my fault if i go out and can't remember lyrics. it's nice to have something like that in my life that you don't have to hope. >> i'll tell you what, i suck at the guitar. maybe my voice, not so much the guitar.
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but will power on the show tonight. we have the 49ers, vikings and flannery. we are covering will power. we decided to feature him. amazing story. from tragedy last year to try you mean n today. >> as far as the -- to triumph today. >> as far as the singing, we'll judge you -- >> i'm a shower singer. >> that will do it for this edition of -- >> september morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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