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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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. wanted, people fluent in hi bannic, the federal agency trying to hire speakers of an unrecognized language. >> disappointed. >> disappointed very much so because over the deal they are struggling. >> a state without a budget means clinics without funding. the real impact on more than 4 million californians. etter. . >> a bigger nightmare than usual at one dmv office today. why tomorrow may not be any better. >> and one out of every three is considered a hazard. why california's fire marshal is taking action against gas nozzles. . >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. are looking for people who speak eb . good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allan martin. >> the federal government is looking for people who speaky bonnix. it gained attention over whether it should be taught in school. they want to hire people who are fluent in it.
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nearly a decade and a half after oakland school board made african news after saying african english should be recognized as its own language, they have put out a contract asking them to provide 9 interpret terse who speaky bon inc. they need them to translate wire tapped conversations among african-american drug suspects. back in 1996 after a fire storm of outrage that even included denouncements from africa american intellectuals they decided to withdraw theiry bonnic proclamation. >> they say african-american language ore bonnix is substandard or a was tarreddization of english. there is in fact nothing scientific about saying that. in fact what people often do is reveal their own ignorance about language when they make
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those comments. >> but despite the political incorrect knee h sammyy lima link which is particulars professor say many linguists have concluded it is its own language variety and could go a long way toward helping teach children. >> research has shown time and time again, not just with african-americans, right, with any population globally that speaks a variety of a language marginal lived ore different from an mainstream taught in institutions actually benefits from clear instruction that shows the similarities, the differences, etcetera, order that they are able to transition from one to the other. >> he has written books on black language and hiphop culture says it is interesting that teachers were not able to usey bonnix but police now are. >> so instead of legit micing it really zhitnik mice it in the streets in order to imprison them. >> reporter: he says he is not even sure hiring interpret
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terse will work. words used iny bonnix could be entirely different from slang used by drug suspects trying to hide from police. joe vazquez, cbs5. school starts tomorrow for many children in richmond and the new year brings new rules if they are caught cutting class. police will take kids to community centers where case managers will investigate what is going on with the family. students will also receive a date to be in juvenile court. and their parents could face a fine of up to $500. the contra costa times says unexcused absences costs the west contra costa school $4 million in funding last year. the voter created stem cell agency says it will continue to fund research with state money. that as it blasts a judge's decision to temporarily block federal funding for the study of human embryonic stem cells. the president signed an executive order last year aimed at expanding the research eligible for funding, the judge
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says it violates a federal law which for bids the use of taxpayer dollars to destroy a human embryo. the embryo is broken up in the process of taking the cells. >> as we have said for years now, all throughout this debate, you shouldn't have to destroy any human life for potential medical treatment. this court decision means that millions of dollars that could be spent for stem cell research, that can help potentially millions of people, can now not be spent. >> embryonic stem cells have the potential to become any celine the body and treat the toughest diseases. the justice department is reviewing the decision. a south bay community clinic is feeling the pinch of the state's budget delay. the clinic gets between 50 and 70% of its funding from medi- cal and now as kiet do reports medi-cal wants the clinic to keep seeing patients but nothing -- but with nothing but
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ious to pay their bills. >> the blood pressure here. >> reporter: the san jose foothills family clippic along with hundreds of health care providers across the state may soon find themselves on financial life support. >> we need health desperately now if not yesterday. >> sacramento's seven-week delay in approving a budget means this week health clinics will start receiving ious instead of their mode eye calorie imburrsment. with their jammed packed schedule they get 567% of its funding through medi-cal so i o us would be devastating. >> it would be a disservice. >> the 3,000 patients are some of the poorest in east san jose, a third of the patients are uninsured, undocumented or homeless. for for jorge luis there isn't a lot of health care options nearby. >> how much do you think it will hurt the neighborhood if a
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clinic like this will have to close. >> i think it hurts a lot, no, because i think a lot of people come here and you they don't have another place to go so it i think it really hurts a lot to the neighborhood, yes. >> without medi-cal foothills says there is enough cash to stay afloat at most for another month or two. despite the budget bows they say no one is turned away for now. >> and we're trying to stay alive for the patients. there is one emergency option available to clinics. it is the so-called medi-cal bridge loan that provides funding for up to three months but after that money runs out whatever happens is anybody's guess. in east san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. a man is recovering tonight after being shot less than two hours ago in downtown oakland. witnesses say the man crawled into delawyers news stand and asked for help just after 9:00 tonight. people tell cbs5 they saw him involved in an argument at a bus stop. that was on broadway and 14th. they had heard at least three shots fired.
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witnesses say he looked to be in his early 20s, he was taken to the hospital, no word tonight on his condition however. a grass fire in the east bay late this afternoon burned up to 60 acres. the fast-moving fire broke out about 5:0, this near highway 4 in unincorporated contra costa county at san marco. no homes threatened, nobody hurt, but at least one eastbound lane of highway 4 was closed at the peak of the evening commute. that had traffic backed up into pittsburgh. in calaveras county two pit bulls accused of killing a senior citizen have been euthanised. 69-year-old jerry yates was found dead yesterday on his property in mountain ranch. the dogs belonged to his employee and friend who is now under arrest. deputies say that the dogs somehow got out of their cage and they say his son spotted the bloody dogs and found his dad's body in between two cars. there was a lot of blood on the two vehicles, the victim was found in between, and there was obvious signs of a
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struggle. >> this isn't the way he should have went. he is gonna be missed in the community a lot. >> the owner of the dogs is facing a charge of allowing vicious animals at large. sad day for all of us here at cbs5. a broadcast legend, certainly, former kpix anger dave mcelhatton passed away at his home in southern california. he spent 50 years on radio and television. kay kelly shared part of the desk with him for part of that time. she has a look back at mac's career. >> the man who would one day be the voice of san francisco was a bay area boy through and through. dave mcelhatton grew up in oakland during the depression and went to fremont high school. me used his gi bill money to finance his education in san francisco state and just two weeks after earning his broadcasting degree in 1951 he landed his first job at kcbs
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radio. >> it all comes with mcelhatton. >> reporter: it wasn't long before dave shot to stardom. >> are we missing something. >> no, there's more on radio 74. >> oh, let's keep that in. >> news man al heart worked as hit producer. >> i always admired dave because he was so funny, so quick-witted. >> reporter: but after 25 years at kcbs mac flipped the switch and made the move to tv at cbs5. but some of the new technology was a challenge but dave met it with a smile every time. >> eyewitness news with dave mcelhatton, . >> ha ha ha, well, we had a fast landing there didn't we. good evening, i'm dave mcelhatton. >> he was very good hue my lord about it. he knew he looked funny compared to the typical anchor man, he wasn't young, handsome, perqy, energetic, he was
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mcelhatton, asunk yoular, sharp witted, but usually when he was talking about himself, glib but never mean spirited. >> harry fuller produced his first television new cast and later as news director and general manager was there for some of the biggest moments. >> here comes the footage of the bay bridge. there's another aftershock just rocked this building. mcelhatton was unflappable. i watched him work through the 89 earthquake, i watched him through period after period of election coverage when we would go on and on for hours and hours without a script. >> he was just rock steady. and i was nervous and green and insecure and he was so between rouse. >> reporter: wendy take cute a shared anchor duties with dave for more than a decade. >> the anniversary of the golden girl and we have a beautiful view here from sherman house. >> what you saw really was him. he really was that nice. in fact he was nicer, and he really was that warm and he
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really was that genuine honest person that people saw. >> reporter: from the big stories. >> i'm dave mcelhatton in front of the clinton/gore headquarters here in little rock. >> trying to put a wedge between us mac. >> what a cheesy thing to do. >> really. we went to this b.a.r.t. station to get some random reaction. and a broken leg. ha ha. >> reporter: mac covered it all before he retired in 2000. >> the real story tonight is this is my final newscast for eyewitness news. >> reporter: to, in his words, take some time to really have more fun, he moved to palm desert where he enjoyed the unshine. he mostly gol evidence but the occasional visit from co-host and grandkids. he left the big stories to us and took our respect and gratitude with him. . >> and good night and good luck from all of us at eyewitness
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news. s picture of mac, take he walked off the desk for the last time. viewers have been sending us their memories . form are photographer robert kassell showed his picture of mac taken as he left the anchor desk for the last time. viewers have been sending us our memories of mac throughout the day and we'll leave you with some of those. ,,,,,,
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seized their bus. the hostage stando . eight tourists from honk ndamukong will killed along with the fired police officer who authorities say seized the bus, a hodge standoff in manila played out over 12 hours live on tv in the philippines. rolando mendoza wanted his job back but after a gun fight with command o's the hodge tear was found dead. in all, 16 people survived, including 9 who were released before the standoff ended.
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camera l mine . rescue cruise celebrated in chile as they learned that miners trapped for 17 days are alive. a camera lowered this to the mine shows one survivor's face. the 33 men have all spoken to crews using a newly established communication system. they are hungry but generally okay. they are now getting nourishment, water, and oxygen. they have also asked for tooth brushes. they are stuck 2200 feet below ground and it could take four months to get them out of there. >> well there is something that could make waiting in linebacker at the dmv worse. len ramirez was there as a meltdown hit. it was probably the worst possible time. probably the worst possible time to have that audio cut out
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on us but we'll try to get that or you later. the state fire marshal says about a third of the gas pump nozzles in california are a public hazard. she has ordered them replaced. she is referring to a hold-open latch on nozzles made by vacation vapor systems technologies. some of them have been sticking open. about 3,000, they point out the latches were tested and approved by the state. >> always excited to talk about the weather. roberta. what do you have? >> today we had near record heat day and 69 degrees in half moon bay to 99 degrees in concord and also in sonoma, night fall here in the bay area and we have crystal clear skies, but you can bank on heading on out the door tomorrow morning is a very mild start to your day. coast will be clear, we'll have some clarity all the way from the coast through the bay into our inland areas. temperature-wise in the 50s and the 60s, now what to expect during the day?
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triple digit heat, some very dry conditions, and hazy air quality. in fact it will be the second consecutive day of spare the air. you will see a bit of a continuing h the atmosphere from the east bay into the santa clara valley. a special heat advisory is in effect. livermore average high 103 degrees, santa ariza 84 but instead look at the triple digits, sort of 98 trees and will be nearly 20 degrees above normal in san francisco. so if you want to kind of divide it off remember, 80s closer to the bay, water, and then around the bay into the 90s, into the santa clara valley to the north triple digits to the south and north as well as we enter the extreme inland areas. high pressure, it continues to strengthen and as it does so we have the clear skies, the offshore component, temperature- wise, 50s and 60s, check out san jose through the alma den valley, nearly 70 degrees for an overnight low. your pinpoint forecast, talking
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for near or record high temperatures, again 98 san jose but warmer than that in cupertino and in campbell, santa clara into the triple digits, 101 in los altos, 106 in morgan hill. also 106 in brentwood, tradey, oakley, discovery bay back it your mountain house. back at the golden gate temperatures north of the beaches. san anselmo 102 sonoma, 10 the on wednesday in lake barietta, otherwise inland highs in the 90s, seizeiedings by friday, unseasonably cool by the weekend in time for football action, by the 49ers and the raiders. >> good deal coming up. roberta, thanks. now i've got the short version of what we were trying to tell you about the dmv. a computer meltdown created more headaches than usual for dmv customers in san jose. this happened at the alma office. clerks had to centurion away scores of customers today, still not clear exactly what
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caused the computer glitch but we're told at this point it looks like it was just isolated to that alma office. well from the dispensaries to your door, the surprising service coming from a dispensary that suddenly popped up in concord. . >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. we invite you to sleep easy during our truck sale. steep better tonight. e your . >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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witnesses sa . a month riffic crash caught on the dash camera of a highway patrol cruiser in ohio. witnesses say that pontiac fire bird is going about 100 miles per hour. past the officer's car on the left, crashed into the overpass, the cement overpass, the car as you see broke apart on impact. the 19-year-old driver who was thrown from the car, tonight we're told, is in critical condition. well gmail giving i more time to undo what you wish you hadn't done in the first place. google's email service now gives users 30 seconds to unsend an email. gmail, got to act fast. they first introduced the undo option last year but users only had 5 seconds to realize ooh maybe i shouldn't have done that. instead of unsending a message actually gmail waits 30 seconds before actually sending it.
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marijuana delivered to your door courtesy of an east bay dispensary. it's called herb essence. it opened in concord last no, even though the city banned medical marijuana dispensaries five years ago. the city managers are obviously looking in the matter. but neighbors who use medical marijuana say it is a welcome addition to the city. >> i don't want the drive to berkeley to places i i don't know that i'm uncomfortable with my personal safety risk to go out of my comfort zone. >> they say herb essence has a permit to run an alternative healing center but the license application did not say anything about marijuana. tiger woods back in the news. not about his golf swing. dennis o'donnell and the giants erupt against the dust buster, next. . >> back at the wall. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at&t having won 8 of 9 and got cooled off in a hurry in his old digs.. ants outfiel . department of justice tea baker's reds come in having won 8 of it. in his new diggs outfielder cody ross unpacked and got a base hit. hops, doubles in two, doubles in a run. you get the picture. freddy sanchez an r.b.i. base hit. giants score five in the first
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off edison vslquez and dusty baker has seen enough. pulls his pitcher after 2/3 of an inning. but it wasn't pitching. andress torres launches his 13th home run. 7-2 giants in the third. all big daddy jay needed, goes will innings, struck out seven. gave up just two. but huff added a little bit more, there is a home run. giants win big. a rare laughe they get, 11-2. the giants are tied with the cardinals for that second spot in the wildcard standings, both teams a game behind the phillies, giants all gain a half game on the idle padres in the west. if you hear tiger woods in the ski line shouting "single," there is a reason, he is. he is now the ex-husband of elin, filed for divorce in light of his infidelity scandal and today elin got that divorce. no terms were announced. only that they would share parenting of their two children. i have in my and st. monday night top 5. >> here it is.
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>> at number 5, sometimes it's better or the to be lucky than good. alexander gonzalez, makes the play from the seat of his pants and the rockies beat the braves. at number 4 wild pitch between mexico and puerto rico. the last pitch for this high def camera. usually that means you get a stuffed animal at the county fair. in this case it cost e.s.p.n. 20 grand. "spiderman" epidemic in japan, second time this year we have seen an outfielder climb the wall and take a home run away. amia s o ychera. the nfl and high hurdles, he figured out a way to do both. the titans clubbed arizona. the bases loaded huge play, nobody out, very well pops it out, freddy lewis on third base, fred gardner comes up throwing. dana king with the call. >> ooh, here we go. he is out. >> i don't know if he ever touched home plate.
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>> no. >> and dana goes to 12-2. that is an impressive record but it's a big deal. i mean the yankees and tampa now tied for first place in the east and we've got a heck of a pennant show coming down the pipe here. >> should be a good september. >> maybe, maybe not. we're making it easy for you to look good on the 11:00 news. >> easy? wow. >> two teams reaching for their former glory. one returning quarterback. one brand new leader. catch the battle of the bay. 49ers/raiders, saturday at 10:00 p.m. on the cw. cable 12. ,, i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend.
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students are about to start classes at the most expensive public school in the c , thousands of california students about to start classes at the most expensive public school in country. the robert f kennedy school kicks off its inaugural school year in los angeles next month. the k through 12 complex will house 4200 students and comes with a $578 million price tag. it sits on the land once home to the ambassador hotel will be robert f kennedy was assassinated in 1968. >> wow. that one with the football field out front or that's just entry way? >> amica almost built a football stadium for that. >> but they don't have a team down there. >> true. >> it is true, isn't itst. >> david letterman


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