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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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so far, no homes are threatened. good morning, i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm john kessler. the fire started on the hottest day of the year so far in the bay area. we'll have more on that fire in just a moment. first tracy has the forecast. >> good morning. talk about a hot one yesterday. first and foremost, how many of you opened up the window waiting for the breeze? it never came. at 5:00 in the morning, half moon bay at 75 degrees. look at the records. temperatures 107 in santa rosa yesterday. 99 in oakland, 92 in san francisco a new record. the last record was 89 in 2003. it is going to cool off a bit
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today. but not for the entire bay area. that cooldown will be more so for areas along the coastline. upper 60s in pacifica today. 74 in san francisco, can't wait. 90s in napa and santa rosa. we cool down a little today and a little more tomorrow. we'll take that cooldown into the weekend. by the time the weekend gets here, all this hot weather would have been a bad dream. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic this morning, here's elizabeth. >> i didn't even know san francisco could get that hot. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, looks good approaching the pay gates and across the upper deck. san jose state university is starting today so expect extra heavy congestion on 280 and the guadalupe parkway. yesterday was backed up as well but classes start for the fall semester today so watch out for
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that. 280 traffic heading out of downtown san jose, and for right now, everything is running on time including bart. heat-related delays on bart and caltrain yesterday. right now, caltrain is completely on time. delays are possible later on. they may have to run the trains slower because we are expecting a second day of this heat wave. so watch out for that. we'll continue to watch mass transit on morning. back to you. >> thank you. that fire burning on the northeast side of mt. diablo is 75% contained this morning. the curry fire is breaking out near curry canyon road yesterday afternoon. the fire has threatened one home but it was saved. fire crews got relief last night when the winds died down and the humidity went up. >> we had aircraft working throughout the day. we have had fire engines and hand crews, crews that put in hose lines in to mitigate this. >> the first challenge
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firefighters faced yesterday was a downed power line. they had to wait for pg&e crews before they could get past it and attack the fire. investigators are trying to determine if that power line started the fire. we have a reporter on the scene, and we'll have a live report as soon as possible. it's going to be warm today. not quite as hot as yesterday. record high temperatures all over the bay area. triple digits common in the east bay, heat may have kept some people away from the farmer's market in concord that the farmers say it's good for their crops. nobody could keep cool at waterworld because the park is only open on the weekends, that's after school opens for the season. it was a banner day for the beaches, though, including this one in santa cruz. one of the sunniest days of the year there. some of the kids on the beach
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were supposed to be somewhere else. >> they got ready for school like a normal day, we played hooky! we came out here. >> surfers enjoyed being out in the sun rather than the fog they have had most of the summer. santa cruz beach boardwalk already having a strong summer business-wise doing better than last year. the park says this heat wave is just icing on the cake. the record heat will slow down the commute for caltrain riders. caltrain is nearly a half hour behind schedule because the heat makes the rails soft. so they are slowing down the trains to reduce pressure on the rails. bart operators had to run trains manually. instead of 75, they were going 25 miles per hour because of main computer control rooms getting too hot. >> it's really hot in here right now. and the computer equipment is not talking to the operations control center letting the operations control folks know that there is a train in the
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area. because the computers aren't working. they are overheated. >> when linton looses his tie, now it's hot! engineers have been tweaking the system. service is expected to be back to normal today. the woman driving an suv that plowed into five people at a bus stop did not have a driver's license. that's according to san francisco police. the crash happened just after 9:30 yesterday morning in the visitacion valley neighborhood. the driver of the ford explorer was heading down a hill when she says there was some sort of mechanical failure. >> she wasn't able to brake. the vehicle crossed the street and hit a group of pedestrian that is were waiting for a bus -- pedestrians that were waiting for a bus. >> two people hit are in critical conditions, the other three in serious condition. the driver wasn't hurt. she was cited for driving without a license but hasn't been charged with a crime. the suv is being examined to
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see if in fact there were any mechanical malfunctions. a confirmation hearing is planned today for governor schwarzenegger's nominee for chief justice of the state supreme court. the governor chose tani cantil- sakauye last month to replace ronald george. today's hearing will be held in san francisco. if the commission approves, cantil-sakauye's name will go on the november ballot for approval by state voters. if she passes that test, her 12- year term will begin in january. 5:06. the new pickle in a popular sandwich shop's eviction process. >> coming up next, the technical glitch that's keeping ike's open at least for now. also, why one of the bay area's busiest dmv offices will be closed today and it's not a furlough friday...
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good morning. looking good on all our bay area bridges. bart and caltrain on time. but officials have been warning of possible heat-related delays for later on in the morning commute. so we'll continue to watch mass transit for you. we'll have a full look at your traffic in 6 minutes. >> see you then. a technicality has foiled efforts to evict a popular san francisco sandwich shop. customers lined up outside ike's sandwich shop to get one final meal before the eviction that was scheduled for yesterday. but ike's stayed open because of a legal loophole. turns out the judge ordered the owner and his mother out but not the business itself. >> it names me, my mother and
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the owner of the sushi restaurant but his restaurant is under a llc as well so they can't evict them. we went to the sheriff's department and we showed them the paperwork. he said a different entity own's ike's place? yes. okay, well we can't evict you. >> the eviction office came after the landlord and some neighbors complained about the crowds and food smells. a woman from the bay area has been killed in a plane crash in nepal. she was riding on a small commercial plane trying to land in a small village considered a gateway to mount everest. the terrain is quite mountainous. the weather was bad so the pilot tried to go to another airport but the plane crashed before it could land. 18-year-old kendra fallon was among four americans on the flight. she graduated from st. ignatius prep in san francisco last year and was attending uc-san diego. fallon was spending the summer in nepal working at an orphanage. one of the dmv offices in san jose will be closed again
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today because of a computer snafu. the dmv says its alma avenue branch will be closed today because of technical upgrades. the glitch happened on monday forcing the branch to close down during business hours. today's closure only affects the alma office. people can go to the city's santa teresa branch or dmv offices in neighboring city. all dmv offices will be closed this furlough friday. more hot weather today is expected to cool down, maybe? we're hoping? by the end of the week. so our question of the day, do you wish our warm weather would stick around? >> didn't last week, we have a question about are you tired of the cold weather? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i guess it depends on -- on where you live, though. >> right. exactly. >> send your response -- >> my thermometer said like 114 yesterday at my house so... >> it was 90 by the beach and
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no breeze, a problem. >> so do you want the warm weather to stick around a little longer? send your responses to we're also on facebook and twitter. 5:12. there is no "spare the air" day today. tracy? >> yeah. no "spare the air" day but that doesn't mean it's not going to be hot. and in regards to your question, i don't mind if the warm weather sticks around. i just don't like the hot weather. yesterday was a hot day. here's a look at some locations and some of their temperatures today. 101 in walnut creek. see? that's just hot. 101 in pleasanton. 100 in concord. 89 milpitas, berkeley 75 degrees. doesn't that sound good? we got more bay area cities and more triple-digit highs in the forecast today coming right up. ,, ,,,,
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good morning. as far as incidents go we're off to a great start, no big problems on the road, no big accidents. our chp reports are quiet, as well. here's a live look down the golden gate bridge. headlights are all moving towards san francisco and the pay gates. no problems there all the way through marin county. live look at some our bridges. this is the san mateo bridge, commute direction westbound 92. this is traffic heading toward hayward about 13 minutes in either direction. 880 through oakland, this got busy yesterday during the morning commute. not the case so far. looks great as you pass the coliseum. nice and light all the way up
5:16 am
into downtown oakland. and bart is running at least 35 trains now all on time. but as we have been talking about, yesterday afternoon's intense heat caused major delays for bart and caltrain. they had to slow down the trains to reduce the pressure on the rails. so right now, everything is on time. but if we get more of these high temperatures, we could see delays again. so we are watching mass transit closely. if you have a question about your morning commute and you are on the road, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. for the very latest traffic information, get the latest update on possible mass transit delays. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. round 2 especially if you live well inland today, we are going to revisit, though, because definitely worth talking about. record heat, what happened yesterday? well, it was a scorcher. santa rosa hit 107 degrees. san jose at 102. san rafael at 102.
5:17 am
oakland at 99 degrees. san francisco 92 degrees. as elizabeth said, i didn't even know it could get that hot in san francisco. well, yesterday it was a really hot day but today things are going to cool down a bit. hot inland with a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. tonight. limit your time in the sunshine, drink plenty of water and definitely check on the elderly if you know of any nearby, maybe some neighbors, kids and also pets. temperatures for today, they are cooling down a bit. 70 degrees in daly city. i'll take it. 68 in pacifica. 72 in half moon bay. 80s in mountain view. 94 sunnyvale, 95 san jose. 101 degrees in morgan hill. 89 degrees in milpitas. along the bay, yesterday the 90s for oakland, today the 70s. that's quite a dip down in
5:18 am
temperatures. triple-digit highs. 101 in livermore. 1000 pits bug, 101 antioch, 101 in brentwood. north bay locations the 90s in napa, 95 in sonoma, believe it or not you are lower about 10 degrees lower than yesterday's highs. 95 in petaluma, 92 in novato, upper 80s in kentfield. 84 mill valley, 75 sausalito, lower 90s yesterday. so today we cool down for the coast and the bay. inland locations will get in on the cooldown tomorrow. fog returns i know you're looking forward to that. thursday and friday, an unseasonably cool temperature, saturday, sunday and monday. so all this hot weather will be like a distant memory by the time the weekend gets here. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 5:18. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following this morning. firefighters working on the northeast side of mt. diablo right now. this is the curry fire that
5:19 am
started yesterday afternoon. it's about 75% contained. lighter winds and higher humidity overnight certainly helping the crews. 375 acres have burned so far. that woman who struck five people at a bus stop with her suv in san francisco yesterday didn't have a license covering the police. two people hit are in critical condition, the other three serious. the driver was not hurt and was cited for driving without a license. and a confirmation hearing planned today for tani cantil- sakauye. governor schwarzenegger's nominee for chief justice of the state supreme court. if the commission approves cantil-sakauye, her name will go on the november ballot for approval by state voters. if she passes that test, her 12- year term will begin in january. free grief counseling is being offered to concert-goers who witnessed a suicide during a performance last week in
5:20 am
saratoga. 32-year-old michael pickles of san jose jumped to his death during a concert after mountain winery leaping on the stage from the roof of a building landing a few feet from the lead singer. the band has arranged for kara, a volunteer palo alto counseling session to provide free sessions. you can get more information at their website. coming up next, lindsay lohan sprung early. >> also ahead, why there is an influx of rabbits in one east bay city and what you can do to prevent overpopulation. >> what do rabbits usually do? >> hop around. >> like a rabbit... @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ so, get this -- kraft mac & cheese... but it's in a bag. and you bake it...
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. it's still mild out there. take a look at the teenagers. oakland currently at 81 degrees. san francisco 73. that's san francisco city financial district. mount tiburon 74. half moon bay 75. we are not out of the woods.
5:24 am
more triple digits in the forecast coming up. thank you. it is 5:23 the oakland animal services shelter is inundated with rabbits. wabbits! >> about two dozen of them. >> they are cute. >> two dozen at the facility as of yesterday afternoon. they had a big business in bunnies because it's believed these are the babies of rabbits that people got for easter. >> and the bunnies have been busy. >> they have been very busy since easter. the director of the oakland animal services said it didn't take long before they started doing what rabbits usually do. [ laughter ] >> people get adorable little guys like this during easter. and then within a couple of months, they are ready to have babies of their own and within 30 days, they can have their first litter and then 30 days after that, they can have another litter. >> the shelters are urging to you spay or neuter your rabbit.
5:25 am
actually have probably a good idea to have a professional do it. it stops breeding and improves their behavior. >> they can be mean? >> or they are like a dog and attach to your leg. if you want to take one home, the adoption fee is $35. lindsay lohan out of rehab. >> already? >> already. wow. she is a good student. yeah, actress was reportedly released from the ronald reagan medical center after three weeks. she checked into the substance abuse program after serving 13 days in jail for violating probation in a pair of dui cases. the actress initially sentenced to 90 days in jail, three months in rehab. a court hearing in the case is set for today. >> what do you bet she or her parents have already sold the comeback story. >> yeah, i know. >> to "people" magazine. >> somebody said she was misdiagnosed with adhd and was
5:26 am
given some kind of medication for that, that -- i'm just throwing that out there. >> okay. >> okay. actually, her people are probably throwing that out there. >> yeah. you know, you go buy groceries yesterday and sit there and read some of the magazines? [ laughter ] >> no. i have been talking to elizabeth! [ laughter ] 5:26. a parachuting mishap for a u.s. army team in texas. this was caught on tape. >> the golden knights performing at a texas rangers ballgame in arlington, take a look. whoops! member of the team there getting stuck on one of the flagpoles on top of the -- he's fine, don't worry. he got down. but do you know how much ribbing he is going to get? >> oh, yeah. >> he is going to see this video for the rest of his life and his buddies will never let him live this down. he is going oh, geez do i really have to go back down there? >> does he give a wave? now he is going to come down and say, yeah, i meant to do that. [ laughter ]
5:27 am
5:26. coming up in the next half hour, some new rules in technology that will give pedestrians more time to cross the street. >> and it is described as the largest drug bust in u.s. history right here in california. take a look at some of the catch. also, we'll update you on the wildfire in contra costa county. it is still burning this morning. it's on the east side of mt. diablo. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. these are some pictures from overnight. progress to report now in that fire that's burning on the east side of mt. diablo. firefighters have made a line around most of it this morning. hello, it's wednesday, the 25th of august. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. more on that fire in just a moment. but first, the heat expected to taper off in a lot of areas of the bay area today. i know in the east bay where i live, what, 105 degrees. >> at least. >> a little more in other areas. so let's check in with tracy for more on what you can expect today in your area. >> thanks, sydnie. it was definitely hot yesterday so let's talk about the records, the record heat, the record temperatures. santa rosa 107 degrees yesterday beat the old record at 102. san jose hit 102. 102 in san rafael. oakland just one degree shy of 100 degrees. and a new record in san
5:31 am
francisco yesterday with 92 degrees. we do still have an excessive heat advisory in effect for today essentially for the north, east and south bay valleys and you can see why. that's where it's still going to be extremely hot today. 101 in fairfield, 100 in concord, 101 in livermore, 59 in san jose, 97 degrees in santa rosa. the closer you get to the bay, we're cooling down around the bay, 74 in oakland, almost 20 degrees cooler. 86 fremont. 68 pacifica. 74 san francisco. so we should get a nice breeze coming in today. we didn't get that yesterday. mid-90s in santa clara, for example. 59 in san jose. 101 in morgan hill. 86 fremont. 84 union city, 89 milpitas, just to name a few. seven-day forecast kind of breaks it down. today inland location really won't feel the cooldown, but by thursday, you will. winds will begin to shift. the fog returns. you'll be looking forward to that, won't you?
5:32 am
temperatures in the 80s thursday and friday. and believe it or not, by saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, we are back to unseasonably cool weather. 70s inland, 60s around the bay and the 50s are back along the coastline. that's a look that's a look at your seven-day forecast. here's elizabeth with your traffic. >> thank you, tracy. south bay looking good. everything is top speeds for this area. san jose state university starts today and so expect more traffic than usual on 280 on the guadalupe parkway. it was pretty busy in the 280 shot yesterday after 8:00 so already getting going. so more cars may be on the road. 280 approaching the 880 interchange. right now everything is nice and quiet. not many incidents on the road. we are off to a great start as far as that goes. here's a live look at westbound 580 close to the tassajara exit. all green this morning on our sensors as you head towards the dublin grade. it actually still looks pretty good coming out of the altamont
5:33 am
pass. slowing on the sensors some speeds just under 50 miles per hour but it's still not really impacting your drive time. 14 minutes on westbound 580 from the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange so looks good all the way from castro valley. all right, mass transit for right now all running on time. we saw major delays during the evening commute on bart and caltrain. they had to actually run the trains slower because of the excessive heat yesterday afternoon. but right now everything is on time. but they are saying that could happen again today if this heat continues. and tracy says that it likely is. all right. that's a check of your traffic. back upstairs to you guys. >> thank you, elizabeth and thank you, tracy, as well. this fire that's burning on the northeast side of mt. diablo is 75% contained this morning. it's the curry fire. it broke out near curry canyon road yesterday afternoon. the fire had at one time threat and a home but it was saved. fire crews got some relief with the wind dying down and humidity going up. >> we had aircraft working
5:34 am
throughout the day, fire engines, hand crews, crews that put in hose lines in to try to mitigate this. >> the first challenge firefighters faced though yesterday was a downed power line. they had to wait for pg&e crews before they could get past that to attack the fire. investigators still trying it figure out if the power line started the fire. people near bakersfield where another wildfire is burning have been allowed to go back home. this is the town of la beck in kern county. 1300 acres burned there since yesterday. higher humidity has helped to slow the fire's spread. no one has been injured. no structures burned. and the cause of that one is not known, either. a man and a woman severely burned when their boat caught fire in benicia last night at the glen cove marina. both people jumped into the water to escape the flames. they are being treated for burns. two dogs were also on the boat. one slightly burned and is being cared for at a pet
5:35 am
clinic. no word what started that fire. 5:35. still pretty warm out there. but not quite as hot as -- today not quite as hot. record high temperatures all over the bay area yesterday. triple digits as tracy mentioned common in the east bay. heat may have kept some people away from the farmer's market in concord but those farmers say this heat very good for their crops. nobody could keep cool at waterworld, california, because that park, oh, it's only open on weekends now. that's when school is in session. for the beaches, they were crowded as you might have expected including this one in santa cruz. it was one of the sunniest days of the year there. some of the kids on the beach, though, were supposed to be somewhere else. >> they got ready for school like it was a normal day. i turned the other way, school or no! where are we going, mom! we're playing hooky today! we came out here. >> don't worry, they will make up their homework, i just know
5:36 am
it. the santa cruz beach boardwalk was having a strong summer business wise doing better than last year. the park says the heat wave is just icing on the cake for them. a woman driving an suv that plowed into five people at a bus stop did not have a license according to san francisco police. that crash happened just after 9:30 yesterday morning in the visitacion valley neighborhood. the driver of a ford explorer heading down a hill when she says there was some sort of mechanical failure. >> she wasn't able to brake. the vehicle crossed the street and hit a group of pedestrians that were waiting for a bus. >> two of the people hit are in critical condition. the other three in serious condition. the driver not hurt. she was cited for driving without a license but has not been charged with a crime. the suv is being examined to see if there were any mechanical malfunctions. a dmv office in san jose closed today because of a
5:37 am
computer snafu. today the alma avenue branch is getting technical upgrades. a computer glitch on monday formed the branch to close down. today's closure only affects that alma office. all dmv offices will be closed statewide though on friday. it's declared a furlough day. it was missing monday at a dmv office in san francisco. two-thirds of the staff didn't show up for work at the office on fell street. a union official tells the "san francisco chronicle" he hadn't heard of any organized sickout. the dmv brought in other workers to help but that didn't prevent some customers from being stuck in line for hours. it could be the largest drug bust in u.s. history and this is what it looks like. sacramento county sheriff's deputy showing off some of the $200 million worth of cocaine, meth, seized in gilroy. last week's bus was as a result
5:38 am
of two years -- last week's bust the result of two years undercover investigation. it was initiated by a low level street buy. the suspects are possibly linked to a mexican drug cartel. increased security around uc-berkeley. a joint police patrol is aimed at reducing crime south of campus police officer. a cal and berkeley city police officer will team up in two squad cars patrolling from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. thursday through saturdays. more teams will be on patrol at football games. a funeral is planned this morning for a 15-year-old the victim of an accidental shooting in oakland. two boys were playing with a gun on filbert street august 16th at home. one gun went off killing a teenager. police are trying to figure out where goodwin got the gun. in downtown san jose tonight a candlelight vigil will be held to honor police officers and victims of violent
5:39 am
crime. this annual event first held last year to honor vahid hosseini a convenience store owner murdered outside a bank in 2008 and jeffrey fontana a san jose police officer shot and killed in almaden valley nine years ago. that vigil begins at 7:00 at city hall. 5:39. it's a landslide victory in arizona for john mccain who is once again the republican nominee for his u.s. senate seat. the former presidential candidate won yesterday's primary election 56 to 32% over his opponent jd hayworth. the tea party backed hayworth leading some to believe it might be close. it's not clear yet who mccain will face in november since the democratic race is still too close to call. mccain says the election is going to be crucial. >> no one is satisfied with the current condition of our country. i know arizonans like americans elsewhere are rightly concerned with the direction seem to be
5:40 am
heading in, staggering unemployment, a devastated housing market that shows little signs of improvement. >> and there is a too close to call u.s. senate race in alaska where incumbent lisa murkowski is slightly behind her challenger in the republican primary. newcomer joe miller had high- profile support from the tea party and former governor sarah palin. shirley sherrod has turned down an offer to return to the united states department of agriculture. she is the woman who was force the out of her job last month over a video that made her appear to be racist. she met yesterday with ag secretary tom vilsack and said she may do some consulting work on racial issuers former president jimmy carter expected to return to the united states tomorrow with an american who has been in custody ever since he crossed the border from china to north korea in january. carter arriving in the north korean capital today. the government there said it would release the 31-year-old
5:41 am
american if carter went to get him. the man from boston was sentenced to hard labor for trespassing. this is a private mission for the former president as was bill clinton's trip to north korea last summer to bring home two american journalists. today a string of attacks all over iraq targeted local government and police forces. at least 43 people are dead. there are no claims of responsibility. next week president obama plans to deliver a speech to market end of combat operations in iraq. he has asked all the networks for prime time air on tuesday. 5:41. new term guidelines to help pedestrians. they will have more time to cross the street but that means more drivers will see red. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning. a look at your marin county drive. we have a camera in mill valley at 101, everything is fine. headlights southbound towards the waldo grade top speeds across the golden gate bridge. so marin county looks good as well as the drive along the peninsula. top speeds on 101 and 280. no incidents. as far as your south bay ride we have another camera in milpitas. this is near the 880/237 interchange. we have a live traffic sensors that update constantly due to conditions on the road and right now westbound 237 traffic is all in the clear as you head towards mountain view. we can make this a little bit bigger. this is westbound 237 traffic so no delays. give it another hour and a half or so and that will likely change but for right now, everything is very quiet. this is a live look up the nimitz freeway through oakland. right there by the coliseum. like i said, just not a lot to
5:45 am
talk about all the way up into downtown oakland still looks good. here's some travel times for more popular routes across the east bay. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze if you are using the eastshore freeway. 15 minutes slight delays out of the altamont pass on westbound 580 but no problems again up the nimitz freeway all the way through oakland. and bart is on time, they got at least 40 trains now running on time. had pretty major delays for the evening commute yesterday on bart and caltrain. but for right now you're good to go. that's your traffic. for another check of your hot forecast, you should have a rooftop pool! liam mayclem said that on his facebook page. >> i don't know if people around here are ready for a rooftop pool. you know what kind of condition you have to be to show yourself off on a rooftop pool? you know, you got a point! [ laughter ] out the door, clear and mild. temperatures ranging from the
5:46 am
lower 60s to mid-70s. 70s, yeah, for the bay clear start with mild temperatures. temperatures from the lower 60s at the coastline mostly clear. in afternoon, sunny, hot, heat advisory in effect for the interior valleys. warm to hot temperatures around the bay with the lower 70s to the upper 80s. and milder conditions expected along the coastline. now, here's the -- going to be a different day today. we'll explain. still hot inland up to 101 in morgan hill, 94 santa clara, 95 san jose. that's the easy part. closer to the bay and the coast, temperatures will be a little more difficult to predict. 84 in palo alto, 81 in redwood city, upper 60s in pacific can as well as daly city. we are expecting a nice sea breeze to come in today but just when will that sea breeze get here? it will have everything to do with our temperatures. so around the bay mid-70s from richmond to alameda. but if that sea breeze comes in later in the day i'll have to adjust the temperatures up to
5:47 am
closer to 80. east bay locations, doesn't matter when the sea breeze comes in for you guys. still going to be extremely hot. 101 in walnut creek, 101 in livermore, 101 in brentwood. north bay location still also pretty hot as well with the mid- to upper 90s from napa to petaluma to santa rosa. mid-80s in san rafael, 88 kentfield, 75 sausalito, 74 san francisco. if that sea breeze comes in later on in the afternoon, temperatures will warm up more so than that and they will be adjusted to the 80s. speaking of 8, 8:00 tonight we have a heat advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight for north, east and south bay valleys. asking that you drink plenty of water, limit your time in the sunshine, don't forget your pets. temperatures will continue to cool down as the fog returns to the bay area thursday and friday. unseasonably cool saturday through monday. back to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, the winds died down overnight and the
5:48 am
humidity increased and that helped east contra costa county firefighters get a 75% containment on the curry fire. they are trying to learn what started the fire yesterday afternoon. a confirmation hearing is being held today for tani cantil-sakauye, governor schwarzenegger's nominee for the chief justice of the state supreme court. if the commission approves cantil-sakauye, her name will go on the november ballot for approval by state voters. if she passes that test, her 12- year term will begin in january. the dmv office on alma avenue in san jose is going to be closed today because of a technical upgrade. a computer glitch on monday forced the branch to close abruptly during business hours. new federal guidelines will give you more time to walk across streets. the old rule said that pedestrians would get one second for every four feet. the new guidelines call for one second for every 3 1/2 feet.
5:49 am
>> i don't have to walk as far because they know that i'm coming and, you know, if i really do -- if i'm really like my water breaks in time i can slowly stop walking and know that i'm having -- >> that would certainly stop traffic! [ laughter ] >> santa clara county testing what it calls adaptive pedestrian timing. detectors would determine if a pedestrian hasn't made it across the street and would give that person some extra time if needed. hybrids, now this, are pretty quiet and it could be dangerous. the vehicles run on a combination of gas and electricity making them almost silent on the road. there have been complaints though that hybrids increase the risk of pedestrians being hit. so at the end. month toyota will offer an optional speaker system that makes a humming noise. they will offer this at the end of the month. what about people listening to ipods? >> can't we just get a microphone in the car? >> "get pout of the way!" >> for now the feature will
5:50 am
only bed off in tokyo. the cost $148 plus installation. japanese scientists have invented a robot with a strong sense of smell. in other words, the robot can smell. >> it's not smelly. >> it doesn't smell. or it does smell. the robot head can sniff out subtle odors like animals. it has a sensor that used genetically modified frog eggs. the eggs are injected with dna from certain insects that are used to pick up scents. researchers hope the technology can someday be used to create a nursing robot -- this is interesting -- that can detect changes in hospital patients from their body odor. another application, a freshness sensor to check on food quality. >> hm. >> got a rather bizarre story out of germany this morning. police say a man living in germany was shot in the back of the head, but it took him five
5:51 am
years to realize it. >> that 35-year-old went to the doctor recently after noticing a bump on his head. this is the x-ray. see that little dot? that's a bullet in the back of his head. the bullet never went through the man's skull. police say the 35-year-old apparently hit by a .22-caliber bullet about five years ago. he was out partying in the streets on new year's. hm. >> hm. >> never went don't just thought somebody hit him upside the head i guess. coming up, some itunes customers are being ripped off. >> we'll tell you what's going on and what you need to do to prevent unauthorized charges. me i-tunes customers are complaining about mysterious charges to their pay-pal accounts. we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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't commen it's 5:54. some itunes customers are complaining about mysterious charges to their paypal accounts. expert say it's likely those affected have fallen victim to a phishing scam that happens when you visit suspect websites that are run by hackers. apple says if customers notice unauthorized charges, contact the bank immediately, request a refund and close the account. well, they have been used to find drugs, bombs and even bodies. now dogs are searching for cell phones in california prisons. >> inmates are not allowed to have cell phones in prison. these dogs are in a four-week training course to sniff out those phones that have been smuggled into the state's 33 prisons. inmates of course use the phones to set up crimes on the
5:55 am
outside. before using dogs, corrections officers found 200 cell phones. last year, get this, more than 7,000 cell phones were confiscated. there is a santa cruz man that made history this week becoming the second person to swim across monterey bay. 44-year-old bruckner chase taking off on that 23-mile journey yesterday. that swim took him 14 hours. he was forced though to put on a wet sued about an hour in because of all the stinging jellyfish. last week wasn't there a woman who tried to do this? too many jellyfish. chase said his goal was to bring attention being done by the national marine sanctuaries and the monterey bay aquarium. more hot weather today but it might cool down over the rest of the week. >> so our question of the day, do you wish our warm weather would stick around for a while? it's not, tracy says we are going to have a change in a couple of days. we asked some passengers at the millbrae bart station and here's what some of them said. >> going to the beach every day, except when i'm at
5:56 am
school. i'm disappointed i'm missing out. >> i am, actually, but then again i have air-conditioning. >> on twitter joe says, yes, i enjoy the hot weather. apparently he is one of the few, though. >> yeah, because gay e-mails and say no, i wanted summer but not this kind of summer. it was 103 in petaluma yesterday. she says this is unbearable. >> lynn writes, after about two hours of sleep last night, i'll let you guess my answer. windows and doors open, and it is still 80 degrees in the house. >> but lynn, thanks for getting up and watching this morning. [ laughter ] >> if you can't sleep, right. >> elizabeth joins us now with a check of traffic. >> let's ask elizabeth how she likes this nice warm weather. >> i don't mind. i have nothing to complain about. i'm in san francisco so maybe that's a difference. my parents in oakland, they said it was very hot on the east bay. so san francisco was nice. find a patch of shade, good to go. live look at 280 in cupertino,
5:57 am
a car fire. sounds like it's southbound 280 just before wolf. the car fire is out and it's on the shoulder so top speeds in southbound 280 heading towards downtown san jose. and in fact, all of the south bay still looks good. school starts at san jose state university today and so we're saying to expect extra heavy congestion on 280 on the guadalupe parkway. here's 280 approaching the 880 interchange. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for today temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s in napa, santa rosa, triple digits heat yet again for fairfield, concord and livermore. 95 down in san jose. 86 in fremont. oakland mid-70s. might readjust to the 80s. mid-70s expected in san francisco today with the upper
5:58 am
60s in pacifica. hot temperatures inland but at the coast and the bay much- needed relief. thursday and friday inland location will cool down too. unseasonably cool below average temperatures are back in the forecast as early as this weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 5:58. coming up in the next half hour, why the heat may cause some delays on caltrain this morning. >> and we also want to update you on that wildfire burning in contra costa county. it is still burning this morning on the east side of mt. diablo. we'll have an update. ,,,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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how was school today? [ girls ] good. ♪ ♪ thank you! ♪ phew!


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