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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 25, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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there, that is also check out his daily briefings weekdays at 11:00 a.m., see you tomorrow. primary push. some voters stick with establishment candidates in the run-up to the midterm elections. a cliffhanger in alaska could buck the trend thanks to a sarah palin-backed candidate. we will take a look at the winners and losers and what it means for this november. housing shock. the dow plummets more than 130 points april sales of existing homes fall to their lowest level in 15 years. could these plunging numbers sink the economic recovery? talking tiger. elin nordegren breaks her silence and sets the record straight about tiger's extramarital affairs. "early" this wednesday morning, august 25th, 2010.
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captioning funded by cbs another damp morning here in the big city. good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. >> i'm erica hill. it is nice in a way. >> it has been so hot and nasty here all summer. it has been a nice relief for us and they could use some kinds of weather like that. especially out west. where it has been so hot and so dry. wildfires popping up. we will get you the latest on that in just a little bit. >> also ahead this morning, a question about this egg recall and whether a very simple vaccine could have prevented all of this. half billion eggs recalled. we will get you the latest. first, though, it could be one of the biggest political upsets so far this year. a little known tea party candidate, knocks lisa murkowski off the ballot. nancy cortes joins us this morning washington with the
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results of yesterday's primaries. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes. this alaska race is really a surprise. you know, there wasn't a lot of polling done the last pew weeks of the campaign everyone assumed murkowski, who is a gop leader in the senate would pull it out in the end. now it is a cliffhanger. we may not mo the results for a week. it is one of several roller coaster races in the latest round of primaries. in arizona, former gop presidential nominee john mccain held back an aggressive challenge from conservative former congressman hayworth. hayworth had been predicting an historic upset. >> had a good night. now let's go back to work fight as hard as we can through november, and get our country back. >> reporter: in alaska, tea party favorite joe miller who was endorsed by mccain's former running mail mate, sarah palin, had a slight lead over senior gop senator lisa murkowski. surprisingly tight race still too close to call. of the 32 primaries palin's
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weighed in on the election season, 20 of the candidates she backed have won. beating the odds. on the democratic side florida congressman and senate hopeful kendrick meeks successfully 10ed off billionaire jeff greene. greene came on stronger at first but strongers about reported exploits on his huge yacht took some wind out of his sail. meek got high powered help from two presidents. >> i want to thank all of florida for believing not only in my candidacy but putting me on the billion on the by signature the first time in the history of this state. >> reporter: another race we were watching in arizona, former vice president dan quayle's son, bn, who is 33 years old, won his first primary for gop congressman and he will now move on to the general election. back to that murkowski race, right now her challenger holds a slight lead but there's still a number of absentee ballots to be counted. election officials say that it could take a week for them to
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know the results. >> we will probably be talking about that the whole time. thanks. joining us, chief political analyst john dickerson. good to have you with us. i want to jump into that alaska race. as angie mentioned, could take a week to have the results. there is history here of course sarah palin beat out lisa murkowski's father in the 2006 gubernatorial race. how important was her backing of jeff miller in this little lead we are seeing he has now. >> it seems to have been quite important. there were a number of things -- i mean he was well outspent by murkowski. he was not well known. late into the race. she endorsed him and her people helped him. there was also a ballot initiative about parental notification for abortion that probably helped him as well turning out conservative voters. this is a big deal for sarah palin. her home state. and her endorsements all over the country worked out well for her. it is particularly important in her own backyard. >> she also endorsed of course
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in arizona her former running mate incumbent senator john mccain. that's a really hard-fought race for him. and he not only had to give up a lot of money but perhaps some of his maverick status. >> maverick stat us is gone for john mccain. but, you know this morning he is a winner and that's all that matters to him. that was clear in the race. there was a period it looked like he might be threatened by j.d. hayworth but spent $21 million. ads attacking him and defined hayworth's -- and that was it really in the end. mccain won by big margin. >> you mentioned that j.d. hayworth backed by the tea party, number of tea party candidates. is there a message this being set forth by what we are seeing in the primaries when it comes to the tea party? >> the message right now is the tea party is still where the energy is. it is not -- if you try to align yourself with it as hayworth did, not a certainty you will win. but -- in miller in -- alaska
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and scott in florida, who won the gubernatorial primary in the republican race there, did have backing by the tea party and that worked very well well for them. two big messages here. tea party is powerful and effective. sarah palin has magic. looks like five of the races she was involved in, she won all of them. >> all right. we will continue to follow. thanks. now to wall street where stocks took a tumble yesterday on very disappointing housing news. the dow dropped nearly 134 points. closing at 10 040. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to tell us what this all means. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are getting new housing numbers now. for the first time in a long time, it is without the government tax credit, going off a cliff. >> plunged in the month of july. existing home sales down 27.2. 15-year lows. to give you context here to move all of the homes that are sitting out on the market unsold now, move them off market at the
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current rate we take at least a year's worth of sales. just to get rid of that inventory. it was the worst in the midwest which plunged in the month of july. 35%. there are other areas in the country that were also negatively impacted in the month to give you a sense the northeast was down 30%. west was down 25%. and the south was down 23%. even though the midwest is the worst in the picture, the full country picture -- >> when you see it like that it is really really negative. the other thing that's interesting, we talked about this last week. this juxtaposition. if you were in the market for a home, mortgage rates are phenomenally lower. >> such a good point. right now the 30-year fixed rate mortgage is at an all-time low. right now there's a game of chicken going on between buyers and sellers. sellers have already lowered their prices a quarter of the homes on the market have lowered their prices. but buyers are still waiting for prices to go lower. have you the overarching theme
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also of the uncertainty and people's job security and isn't there. people aren't in a position now to make that big purchase. >> we have seen the stock market edge down day after day after day over the last week and a half or so. we see these kinds of numbers like this. almost feel like people are circling the wagons. we talked earlier this morning about credit card debt. eight-year low. >> you and i did this conversation off air. it is at an eight-year low. below 5 thousand the first time in eight years. the average american is not carrying the same kind of debt. they are concerned. >> rebecca jarvis thank you very much. thanks. we are going to look now at the controversy involving the massive egg recall in this country. the questions this morning about whether a simple vaccine could have actually prevented the salmonella outbreak. joining us now with the latest cbs news correspondent elaine
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quijano. >> it may have helped prevent it. good morning. the cdc says there have been about 40 new cases of salmonella in the last week or so adding to the 1300 cases reported so far. authorities are still searching for what caused the contamination contamination. as investigators try to pinpoint the exact source of the salmonella that tainted more than half a billion eggs the questions now about whether the contamination might have been prevented. vaccinating chickens against the bacteria. food and drug administration weighed in on the vaccine last month. saying there was not evidence to support a mandatory vaccination requirement. but questions and criticisms do not end there. when you have multiple agencies in charge of a single issue, sometimes no one is in charge. >> reporter: a cbs news investigation has obtain ad series of state inspection reports of one of the companies linked to the recall. wright county eggs. each report shows during an april visit the inspector did
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not check any of the 27 points on his safety checklist. including whether the if silt was free from the presence of birds, insects, row dens. whether equipment was in clean and sanitary condition. the state says that the inspect inspector did not do more because the facility had a full-time usda inspector on site. but the us da says he was not an inspector at all and was only there measuring eggs and looked for cracked shells. the inspections are a requirement of the fda which never inspected the farm. >> they don't have the inspectors and they haven't had the mandate to really do effective food inspections for these facilities. >> reporter: that may be the cass at more than half of the nation's food production facilities. another report found most have gone without an fda inspection for at least five years despite recent recalls of tainted spinach, tomatoes peanut butter. new federal rules requiring
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tests for salomon allege should help. the fda says it needs congress to pass a food safety bill that would give the agency more power and resources when it comes to inspections. >> it is so disturbing. everything you discovered. thank you. to the 33 trapped miners in chile. officials continue to send down more supplies. this after they reportedly asked nasa for advice on how to help the men survive in that dark and confined space for up to four months. cbs news correspondent seth doane is back with more. good morning. >> good morning. we are beginning to get a better sense for that confined space. the miners can move around a bit outside of their re-enforced ref use chamber but there is very little light it is hot and humid. still reportedly showed incredible discipline from honoring the same system of hierarchy they use on a regular shift to carefully ringsingationing
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food. they will need that same discipline to survive. while they don't look like much the long metal tubes called doves are a lifeline for the trapped miners. some of the first were packed with capsules of medicine and glucose. a sugary mixture that is used to boost strength. and it is believed each miner has lost around 20 pounds so far. it will take a full hour for supplies to be lowered down through six-inch wide shafts that have already been drilled to the area near where the 33 miners wait. that's about half a mile from the surface. the shaft's sustained light and hopefully sanity too. >> any time you are in a confined space like that for a long period of time your mind can play a lot of games on you. >> reporter: like an old-fashioned message in a bottle notes are meant to boost the spirits of miners who have not yet been told how long they may be stuck. >> they understand that we have to go through 700 meters of solid rock to rescue them. >> reporter: to reach the miners
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nearly 2300 feet below, rescuers plan to use a larger drill. to slowly bore down as much as 100 feet per day. the tunnel will be 26 inches wide. once rescue equipment is lowered, miners will only have about 19 inches of space in which to squeeze. while chilean officials say the rescue could take up to four months, some say that it might not be that long. family members gathered half a mile above certainly soap so. the heavy mining equipment is being brought to the site where it will be assembled before they are ready to drill. we are told that the drilling the main rescue hole may not start until this weekend. >> seth thank you very much. an intriguing story. >> it is. i cap imagine what must be going through their minds. >> such an amazing professional manner. >> sticking to that hierarchy too. i find that fascinating. >> little cracker and water.
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day by day. >> jeff glor is at the news desk and he has the rest of the morning's headlines. good morning. destructive wildfires are burning across large parts of the west this morning. those fires stretch north of los angeles to near san francisco. and under oregon and eyed owe. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: high winds fueled two fires that tore through the college town of ashland, oregon tuesday. 11 homes were destroyed and two others badly damaged. >> this is different than a regular wild land fire because it is truck stured fire. >> reporter: homeowners were evacuated as a series of explosions blanketed the area under clouds of toxic black smoke. to the south, 250 firefighters battle ad 1300 acre wildfire near labeck california. a mountainous area 60 miles northwest of los angeles. 200 homes are threatened although evacuation orders were lifted late tuesday as the fire slowed. a school bus driver was first to report the blaze. and worried parents picked up
7:15 am
their kids early. >> people from coming and taking their kids. they were scared. scared for their kids. >> reporter: near san francisco, a 375-acre wildfire sent smoke across the bay area. several structures were threatened but none burned. but the largest wildfire in the country right now is 327,000 acres is burning in the southern idaho desert. no homes are threatened but the huge fire covering an area the size of los angeles is only 10% contained. randall pinkston, cbs news. >> auto safety older jeep cherokees have unsafe gas tanks and should be recalled. government regulators are investigating 3 million cherokees built from 1993 to 2004. it could cause fires in a rear end collision or rollover. chrysler jeep's owner says the grand cherokee has an excellent safety record. you have never heard a horse race called like this. it was on sunday between two
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horses. one named my wife knows everything and the other, the wife doesn't know. the final furlong. my knows knows everything the wife doesn't know, one, two. of course they are. my wife knows everything up front. to the outside, the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything. the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything. more than the wife doesn't know. >> yes indeed. the winner to no surprise my knows everything. 16 minutes past the hour. we are trying to do as many stories as possible to get the newly married dave price in trouble. >> the jockey who rode my wife that knows everything -- >> he lost. >> good morning to you. messy weather continues in the northeast. keep in mind we are looking at another half inch to two inches of rain with chilly winds rolling through. boston, you could see major delays today. around logan airport. we are talking about visibility
7:17 am
a mile or less in some locations. watch it through the i-4 corridor today. scattered showers up and down. that's kind of path tampa, orlando, daytona a could you see another half inch or more of rain today. and some relief finally in places like dallas and where 24 of the last 26 days you saw plus 90-degree temperatures. well above that we are going to see some relief. look at that. that's how we like it. that's a quick look at the national ma thank you, dave. well, our forecast again across the bay area today, hot temperatures, here's a look out toward the transamerica building and plenty of sunshine this morning. all that sunshine is going to cook temperatures up to 101 degrees well inland. do have an excessive heat advisory still in effect for interior valleys until 8:00 p.m. around the bay, temperatures at least in the mid-70s. could be up to the mid-80s the closer you get to the east bay. 70s at the coast. and the fog returns as early as tomorrow. >> 7:17.
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24 of the last 26 days plus 100 degree temperatures finally relief in dallas. >> all right. thanks very much dave. coming up elin nordegren breaks her violence and tells what really happened when tiger woods crashed his suv last thanksgiving. >> also, it is another early release for lindsay lohan. could it be that she was misdiagnosed? while i was building my friendships... my family... while i was building my life... my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries.
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[ female announcer ] mission presents well-rounded family meals for $10. all it takes is a few ingredients and delicious mission flour tortillas. for budget-friendly recipes go to mission. tasty tortillas. fresh ideas. elin nordgren tiger's ex broke her silence, spoke to "people" magazine for 19 hours. >> it's a fascinating article. >> cannot take your eyes off it. we'll get some for you. when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by air optix brand contact lenses. the lens you can survive a long day in. as they do at the beginning ? only air optix® contact lens materials have tricomfort™ technology. they
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines there is some success overnight on the firelines in the east bay. anne makovec is on mt. diablo where the curry fire is burning. >> reporter: i'm outside mt. diablo state park and the smoke is thick. you can see it hanging in the canyon off curry canyon road here behind me. firefighters did get some help overnight from high humidity in from the bay allowing firefighters to get closer to the flames. it is 80% contained this morning. 375 acres have burned near morgan territory road and curry canyon, close to again the state park. there were no visitors in the park at the time. they will send up three helicopters to help fight this fire at 9:00 a.m. the fire is burning already for almost 16 hours.
7:26 am
no homes or buildings have burned. that's the good news. one firefighter was injured. it was an ankle injury because the steep terrain around here is causing a lot of tripping hazards but everyone is okay. >> thank you. that's good news. anne makovec covering the curry fire on mt. diablo. we'll follow it throughout the morning and you can bet if anything changes, we'll cut into programming. we have traffic and weather in just a moment. stay with us. [ female announcer ] jcp cash is on the spot savings. earn ten dollars off on the spot when you spend twenty five! wow! unlike other stores... ...we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash -- ten dollars off when you spend twenty five two days only!
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who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. san leandro, northbound 238 just before the 880
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interchange it sounds like there was an accident there involving a downed motorcycle rider. everything is on the shoulder. not sure about how serious the injuries are. but traffic wise it looks like it is backing up on westbound 580 even though everything is out of lanes now. very slow from at least strobridge. up the nimitz freeway, 880 through oakland near the coliseum this looks great all the way up into downtown. at the bay bridge, though, it's been a busy morning commute. we had two separate stalls in the upper deck so it's very slow as well down the eastshore freeway once you hit berkeley. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. san jose this morning, hazy sunshine to greet you down there in the south bay. it is going to be another hot day. but not as hot as yesterday. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. inland today up to 101, that's going to be well out in the east bay. mid-80s around the bay, 70s along the coastline. and the fog returns tomorrow.
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7:30 am
a rainy day here in new york city. it's been kind of welcome. almost feels like fall. it's a good day for soup. i suggest soup later. >> already? >> already. welcome back to the "early show," everyone. maybe it's not rainy where are you. ahead this morning, another bizarre twist for lindsay lohan who has reportedly been released from rehab after serving just 23 days. the reason? doctors say it appears she's not addicted to anything. how does this happen? >> what? >> we'll take a look. we'll also see what's next for the troubled actress. coming up, very good news for the 50 million americans with heartburn. a new studys a simple solution can get rid of the symptoms in a matter of minutes instead of hours. and our dr. jennifer ashton is
7:31 am
here with details. first, just two days after tiger woods' divorce was finalized his now ex-wife gave her first interview to "people" magazine. jeff glor is along now with details. jeff? >> harry, good morning. those who have watched this story unfold the past nine months have seen pictures of elin nordgren but never h
7:32 am
7:33 am
rightfully so. i feel privileged to have witnessed a part of his golfing career. tomorrow woods will tee off in the barclays a tournament outside the media capital of the world, new york city. harry? >> jeff, thanks. we're yoined by "people" magazine executive editor betsy glick. good morning. >> hello. >> so interesting, just word by word by word as you read g everything she said. you're thinking either she's phenomenally mature or in some state of denial. as you read it, what did you think? >> well, our reporter found her to be absolutely not in a state of denial. she is a private person. she's been reluctant to speak until now. but she's not in a state of denial. she says, this was -- she's just been through the hardest thing she's ever been through in her life, but that she has survived.
7:34 am
>> yeah. 19 hours your reporter spent with her. >> yeah. >> how did this -- how did this process come to be? >> well her team approached "people." they know that we have a history of doing stories like this accurately and sensitively. and it was -- there was a long get to know us process. >> right. because there seemed to be a substantial amount of trust that was built up there. the other thing that -- you get these glimpses is she has this really profound generosity of spirit when it comes to the children and sharing the custody of the children with tiger. >> absolutely. she is all about the children. she has been and she still is. and what she wanted most of all was to keep her marriage together, but once she realized that she couldn't do that she still wants there to be two happy parents involved in their children's lives. >> and while there are spectacular new pictures of her -- >> beautiful. >> stunning pictures of her, she
7:35 am
said, don't take pictures of my kids. >> that's right. she's been private. she feels like these children have already been exposed enough. and she is willing to till us her story but that doesn't mean she's interested in showing her children. >> among the other -- lots of -- i mean just absolutely interesting and just intriguing things in all of this is she contends she had no idea whatsoever not an inkling of his infidelityiesinfidelities. >> absolutely. there are a few things she would like the world to know and that is one of them. she was blindsided. she says she was embarrassed that she didn't know what was going on. but she was at home having babies and taking care of the babies. she says she had no idea. >> yeah. she also says she's working on forgiving him. she literally said, i'm working through the stages of grief. i haven't been able to forgive him yet, but it sounds like it is her intention to get to that point. >> absolutely. she's studying for a degree in psychology.
7:36 am
and i think she's very -- our reporter found her to be very self-aware. >> yeah. very interesting. >> yes. >> she's not spoken to anyone. >> that's right. >> until this moment. is it your sense this is one and done i have said what i have to say and i'm not going to speak again? >> that is what she has said. she wants to say her piece once and for all and then she's done. >> absolutely fascinating stuff. thank you very much for stopping in. time now for a check of the weather. let's take an "early" look at
7:37 am
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lindsay lohan's stay in rehab been cut short. not because of overcrowding but because of a new diagnosis by doctors. here's cbs news koerns ben tracy. a diagnosis that wouldn't have had her there in the first place. >> good morning. she was supposed to be in rehab for 90 days but she was reportedly released last night after 23 days by a new judge overseeing her case. in part because doctors reportedly say she doesn't have the kind of problems a lot of people think she does. >> reporter: lindsay lohan is waking up this morning from a three-month long legal nightmare. shefts released last night from her court-ordered rehab. the website tmz says doctors told the judge lohan doesn't need the 90 days first ordered by the court. >> she's not suffering from bipolar disorder. we're hearing she was misdiagnosed as having adhd one
7:41 am
of the most shocking things is they're saying she's not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. she's not addicted to anything. >> reporter: in fact, it's believed that the prescription lohan took for misdiagnosed attention deficit disorder may have caused some of her problems. her estranged father is happy she may have kicked one of her habits but still think she needs long-term treatment. >> it's his understanding that lindsay has gotten off the prescription drugs. that was his number one concern. >> reporter: lohan walked away from her 90-day jail sentence after just two weeks yet experts cautioned against a quick fix since the actress is in this mess after being arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession. >> what's important in drug and alcohol treatment isn't necessarily how long they stay in treatment in a residential setting but that they continue their treatment with a full commitment after they leave. >> lindsay! >> reporter: being tabloid fodder is likely to pay off for lohan. she's reportedly been offered bz
7:42 am
1 million to talk about her troubled past. but is hollywood ready to bank on her future? >> right now big studios aren't ready to accept her back. they're not going to be giving her big roles. for her to come back into the hollywood scene, she has to start with small steps. >> those steps are likely to begin with outpatient rehab care. she still fays 12 months of court-ordered random drug testing testing. and she'll probably have to start working as well. her rehab bill reportedly $130,000 for 23 days. >> wow. i'm still trying to process that number. she does need to get a little work for that. as we heard, no big roles right now, but are there any small roles in the works? >> she has one movie in the works and also a big move in the works. her mom says she's going to relocate from los angeles to right here in new york city. >> all right. i'm sure we'll be following it. ben, thanks. just ahead, potentially good news if you suffer from heartburn. there may be a simpler, safer and faster relief available to you. it's coming up.
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in this morning's "healthwatch," there is new hope for your heartburn. up to 50 million americans suffer from some fort of acid reluction flux. now a new study find zinc salt may offer quick relief without the side effect of many medications used by many. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with details. this sounds great. what are the actual findings of this study? >> we always try to break down the studies, erica. and mention the limitations as well as the good news. this study has a lot of limitations. it came out of yale. it's incredibly small. only looked at 12 people. initially actually it was done only in the lab in rats. and portions of human stomachs. so, it is far away from coming to a theater near you in terms of being able to go to a drugstore, buy this element, zinc, as treatment for your
7:47 am
heartburn. but the good news is that there is the potential for more research that may show that this actually is very helpful for heartburn. >> that's what we want. for some people it really is debilitating. there are some current treatments out there. >> right. >> with all treatments they always have side effects. that's one of the good things is that zinc is found to be quick, effective and largely safe and free of those side effects. right now, if are you suffering from heartburn, the first thing a doctor will tell you is to modify your lifestyle. behavioral changes are really the first line. after that you can go to over-the-counter antacids or h2 blockers or a doctor may write a prescription for a proton pump inhibitor or a ppi. every time you take a medication, it's risk-benefit. you have to factor in cost side effect, all of those. >> you mentioned lifestyle changes. i'm sure most of us could get some triggers, number one, spicy foods if.
7:48 am
>> you have to know your own triggers. actually, foods high in caffeine, chocolate are known to trigger reflux or heartburn. spicy foods, acidic or fried or fatty foods. that's the american diet right there. if you suffer from heartburn or reflux, it can be very difficult to navigate away from your trigger foods. >> i would like to add pregnancy tends to -- >> yes that's a hormonal effect. >> so if you're -- looking at this sdminging, you know what, maybe watching this morning it may make people think, i are had this problem for a while, maybe i should find out if it's chronicic. >> self-medication and self-treatment and diagnosis is a big problem for any disease. you don't want to ignore heartburn. it can potentially lead to serious, even precancerous or cancerous changes in the esophagus. if you are suffering from heartburn more than twice a week over-the-counter, lifestyle containings are not working, you really want to see a doctor. maybe in the future something
7:49 am
as simple as zinc might give you some relief. >> sounds good jen. thanks. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. “ [ female announcer ] fall in love with color... ...all over again. [ female announcer ] maybelline redefines nude. [ woman ] the color of real. [ female announcer ] color sensational from maybelline new york. pure pigments for richer, crisper color. honey nectar for our most luscious feel. color sensational. [ woman ] maybe it's maybelline. waking up with morning pain is hard enough, but it can also drain the energy right out of you. if you wake up tired and in pain, try new bayer am. bayer am works two ways to give you a better start to your day. it combines extra strength bayer aspirin to treat all types of pain plus an alertness aid to reduce fatigue so you can get off to a running start. don't let morning pain and exhaustion drag you down. fight it with bayer am - the morning pain reliever.
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7:52 am
create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. just in case you have not seen this video out of england. a woman is walking along, a security camera sees her petting a cat. then she takes the cat and throwing it in a garbage bin. she's speaking but there are armed guards around her house. the people who own the house, they published this and said this is where she lives and people are up in arms. >> they are. they're outraged. you might say the claws are coming out.
7:53 am
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it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. crews making progress on the wildfire in contra costa county. let's go to anne makovec, who is live on mt. diablo with the latest. anne. >> reporter: sydnie, i'm near mt. diablo state park. and you can see there are plenty of bugs around and a small firefighting village that popped up out of nowhere and the smoke behind me hanging in the canyon. a lot of smoke in the air but most of the fire has been knocked down. it is 80% contained this morning. the fire has burned 375 acres, though, near morgan territory road and curry canyon road. all close to the park. no buildings or homes are threatened this morning. they have a lot of luck overnight fighting this fire because of high humidity coming in from the bay. they are expecting drier air moving in throughout the day so they are hoping they can at
7:56 am
least hold their line and make more progress eventually as they also begin the investigation into what caused this. they think it may have been a knocked over high voltage line. sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec life on mt. diablo. traffic and weather right after this.
7:57 am
good morning. we have a couple of hot spots out there. check out this view from
7:58 am
chopper 5. this is a large tree that fell down on the highway. this is northbound 680 in alamo approaching stone valley that exit there. you can see traffic is slow. caltrans expected on the scene at 8:30 backed up to crow canyon. video taken from chopper 5, also moments ago, this is in castro valley westbound 580 approaching eden canyon. have an injury crash after a car flipped over several times, still blocking the two left lanes. chp and an ambulance on scene. but it is backed up to the top of the dublin grade. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. weather-wise, today it's going to be another hot one out there especially inland. temperatures up to 101 degrees. here we are in the bay, looking out at coit tower, temperatures here today expected to be in the misses to upper 70s with plenty of sunshine. along the coastline mid-70s, hottest spots around the bay in the mid-80s, up to 101 inland. and the fog, yeah, the fog returns tomorrow.
7:59 am
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♪ last summer it rained the entire summer. rained the entsumm last summer it rained the entire summer, just rained the entire summer. we didn't have any rain and now three days in a row. >> we needed it in new york. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith with erica hill. >> good morning. >> people spend an average of $30,000 for a car these days. some experts say nearly half of us pay too much. you're going to like this segment a lot. we have some solid information on how to do the right research and then walk confidently onto the walk. >> there's a key. >> confidently onto the lot and
8:01 am
get the deal you deserve. >> yeah. >> take harry smith with you. ahead, not sure if you've seen this video. if you're an animal lover of any sort, even if you're not, it's appalling. a woman in england, as you can see, literally throws this cat in the trash. all of it caught on security camera. it infuriated people around the world, so much so she had police around the world. >> she stopped. in the first place she was petting the cat. then -- >> hello kitty kitty. >> we'll get that story. first jeff at the news desk. >> she did it so casually, which is the problem, i think. >> like maybe she had done it before. >> more on that sad story in just a second. first we begin with tuesday's primary elections. a tea party loss and possible victory. in arizona senator john mccain easily beat back a republican challenge from ex-congressman and tea party favorite j.d. hayworth. >> republicans and independents who voted for me and those
8:02 am
arizonans who did not, i will do my best to prove worthy of the honor. i have never and will never take your support for granted or feel i am entitled to your trust without earning it. >> but in alaska, another tea party republican, joe miller is heading senator lisa murkowski with most votes countied. he has the backing of sarah palin. kendrick meek beat billionaire jeff greene to win the democratic party nod in a three-way race. fire out west 11 homes destroyed in ashland, oregon. no injuries reported. a grass fire near mount diablo near san francisco. northwest of los angeles, firefighters are battling a 1300 acre fire. an evacuation for about 200 homes has been lifted. the justice department is appealing a court ruling that says federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is
8:03 am
illegal. $54 million in taxpayer money is held back right now. some researchers say they will have to end their experiments no matter what happens with the appeal. pro golfer erica blasberg's death is being ruled a suicide. the coroner said asphyxia wau the cause of death. she died may 29th. dr. thomas hess turned himself in on obstruction charges. he removed a suicide note blasberg left at the scene. in pakistan desperation has turned into violence for some flood victims now. fights broke out yesterday as people scuffled over shipments of food and water. people fought with soldiers and other victims gathered in army trucks giving out supplies. 800,000 at risk of starvation or disease unless need reaches them soon. president carter arrived in pyongyang. he's seeking the release of a man in prison there. he was sentenced to eight years for illegally entering the
8:04 am
country in january. in britain we mention added a good deal of controversy over a tape where a woman was caught throwing a cat into a trash can. >> reporter: when his missing cat named lola was found in a trash bin howling in distress, he checked a video from a security camera outside his house and this is what he saw. a woman who pauses to stroke the cat, then inextricably drops it in the bin where it stayed trapped for 15 hours. >> i don't know how anyone can sleep at night knowing they had locked a cat in a trash bin. >> reporter: the random act of cruelty, to turn his cat into kitty litter he posted the video on facebook where it didn't take long to stir online outrage, even death threats aimed at the middle aged woman
8:05 am
from the middle of england identified as mary bail. >> are you sorry about what happened? >> of course i am. >> reporter: it was a split second of madness, i thought it would be funny. anyway, she added, it's just a cat. now police and the spca are investigating. but lola the cat, says its owner, is fine. tired but fine. richard roth cbs in london. in texas a snag in a stadium stunt last night before the rangers twins game in texas. the golden knights descending onto the field. whoops. got caught on a pole. we should mention he also is okay. he cast himself from the parachute and walked across the score board across the top of the stadium. i'll meet you down
8:06 am
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by listerine antiseptic. clean deeper, healthier. >> this weather report sponsored by listerine antiseptic. don't buy a car until you see harry smith. >> well said. thanks, dave. up next manning paying 30% less for a brand-new car. all you need to do is do your homework and we'll show you how to get the best deal on wheels when we come back.
8:08 am
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the car market has rebnded the car market rebounded in a big way. more than 2 million new cars will be sold this month alone. if you're in the market for a new vehicle, how do you know you're getting a good price. like this story a lot. susan koeppen is here with what every buyer needs to know before they walk into the showroom. good morning. >> good morning, harry. the average price for a new car, $30,000. that's a lot of money to shell out. most people dread haggling over the price at the dealership. according to one estimate 40% of consumers are paying way too much when they buy a new car. danny and alicia gardener are in the market for a new car but they dread the trip to the dealership. >> you walk in they are offering awe price. you see a sticker.
8:12 am
you generally feel there should be some discount off that price. you don't know what is a reasonable discount. >> the gardners admit they don't know much about buying a new car. so we followed them with new cameras to see what kind of deal they could get as they went car shopping in dallas. at this dealership, the salesman jumps right in with talk about a monthly payment, even though the gardeners haven't decided what car they want for the moment. the gardeners are left alone over and over again, until a salesman comes back with a new top of the line toyota highlander. >> drop down to 35, 984. >> the gardeners haven't done their homework and have no idea if that's a good deal or all. >> five of us walk into a dealership, are we all getting the same deal? >> absolutely not.
8:13 am
>> owner of the website that crunches numbers and let's consumers know a good deal from a bad one. >> go in the same day, by identical product from the same salesperson and pay a totally different price, as much as 30%. >> he says the first thing you need to do is pick the exact car you want with all the options before you step in the dealership, something the gardeners didn't do. >> they got pushed into a top of the line fully loaded highlander. >> before talking about monthly payments or financing, he says you should always negotiate a cash price first. >> a cash price is really another way of saying find out exactly what dealer is going to sell you that car for, as if you were paying cash. >> he says understand a good deal. at true car, consumers can see how much others in their market have paid for a car over the past 30 days. >> you can actually see the stuff, is it a fair price, a good price or bad price. >> armed with these tips we
8:14 am
sent the gardeners to a dealership trying to buy the exact same toyota highlander. within 30 minutes they negotiated price down to $34,317, a $1500 savings. >> you go in you're informed you're much more empowered to make a decision you're going to feel good about when you drive away. >> and the folks at true car say buying a new car should take no more than half an hour. you walk in say i did my research. here is what i want to pay for my car. done deal. >> i love this website, compare prices and know exactly what you want to pay. the first time they went into the dealership i'm curious, how long were they in there. >> when they were on their own, before the tips they were there for nearly two hours sitting there. and the expert from true car said this dealer the sales people did that on purpose. the more they leave you alone, keep you sitting there, the longer they can stretch it out, the more likely you are you're going to buy a car. you're tired and you're like
8:15 am
all right, let's get this done. >> $1500 is serious. >> not bad. >> susan koeppen, thank you very much. up next from twitter to facebook people are sharing where they are at every moment. is that really a good idea? we'll take a look. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains.
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you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean try new wisk. fight stains with science.
8:17 am
do you love keeping in touch with your friend so much you want them to know exactly where you are at all times? now they can. facebook has a new feature called places that lets you do just that. it's something other services allow you to do as well. it's call geotagging. you just need a smartphone and a
8:18 am
couple friends to broadcast your location to. now this technology has a lot of people asking if it's safe especially when your kids are involved. basically, this lets you tell people where you are at all times, but how does it actually work? >> right. this is an exploding trend in the mobile arena. you can share your location wherever you are, with a cell phone. and your friends can see the check in. where you've checked in where your friend are at. a lot of people may not know about these applications but they've probably heard about them, four square gowalla. now, last week facebook places launched. for a site facebook as 500 million users, this is huge. >> it's huge because it lets so many people know. with that smartphone it's just a gps in there and it will pinpoint your location? >> right. using that cell phone's gps, it can pinpoint your exact location. i can look on a map -- i can showcase where i am share that with my friend in my network and
8:19 am
see where my friend are. i check into starbucks. it will show exactly where i am on a map. >> which could be great, but for a lot of parent and even for myself i'm sitting here thinking, this could also be really, really creepy and dangerous. >> really dangerous. i always say, location-based shortstops, broadcasting your location to an entire network of people isn't always a good thing. if i say that i'm in -- i'm on vacation in los angeles for a week, that also says that my place is completely empty for a week. if you have somebody kind of semicyber stalking you or somebody upset with you, you say you're on you at the mall not always a good idea. >> also because some of these -- we talked about this in the past but facebook people who use facebook, they constantly update their privacy settings and sometimes without your knowledge, all of a sudden you're broadcasting you're information to more people than you want to. >> inadvertently. something good about facebook places and they nailed it this time around because, of course, we've seen over the past few years they've been under the gun with privacy issues. this is an opt-in feature.
8:20 am
if your friend say, hey, i'm out with you and tag you, you have to confirm it. what's interesting a lot of smartphones, if you send a picture text there's little crumbs of data and geotagging in each photo you take. even if you're not broadcasting your location, if you put a photo up on twitter, facebook sometimes your exact longitude and latitude is attached to that photo photo. >> that's a feature you can disable on your phone, too? >> yes. >> go into the option and take off the geotagging. kids are ate lot more tech-savvy than their parent. they probably love this i can meet up with my friend at the mall. do kids get the danger factor here? >> it's tricky. kids are more tech-savvy than older generations but they need to realize, hey, i'm going out with a friend at the mall isn't as scary but to someone in their 50 they might realize the
8:21 am
repercussions. >> what do you say to your kids, you're not allowed to use it or -- >> yeah. the key is wrapping your head around all of these technologies and understanding, each one is different and each has different privacy settings. if you know the key words, facebook and twitter, go walla, sit down and go with your privacy settings, that's a great step in the right direction. >> we talk about the dangers but there are also -- or could be some real advantages to this. >> totally. there's a lot of positives. i don't want to be debbie downer. there are some great things. there's these meet-ups. if you're out having coffee and someone's two blocks away you can see that on the map. if you're out at a huge conner is, five of your friends is there. incentives, this ch is why this is growing. retail shops bars and stars are offering incentives places like macy's and starbucks and dominos and pizza hut give you free gift
8:22 am
if you check in often. >> so you just go there i say, okay, i'm here and then i can get some sort of a benefit to it, which is great. >> exactly. quickly, this is not just for kids, though. adults could use this, i imagine, for some business people -- >> it's intuitive. once you download the program and understand how easy it is it's easy to understand. going back to the incentives. right now a big trend is, there's a burrito give away. so check in. >> thanks very much, guys. take a look at this. is this a thing of beauty or what? >> looks great, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> you know where it comes from? >> louisiana. everything from the gulf. >> gulf of mexico because the fishing waters are open again. we're about to have a feast to end all feasts, right? >> that's right. number one producer of blue crabs. >> we'll do that when we come back in our next half hour.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, the curry fire on the side of mt. diablo is now 80% contained. it's up from 50% last night. lower winds, higher humidity, helped the firefighters overnight. one firefighter suffered a sprained ankle though. the fire started yesterday afternoon. they are still trying to figure out the cause. caltrain and bart riders may be in for a slow commute again today. both systems had delays yesterday because of the record heat yesterday. the trains are running on time for now. but as it heats up, operators may have to slow them down. traffic and weather right after this.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
roads. this is in alamo. they are taken from chopper 5 just moment ago. tree blocking lanes a huge tree branch fell on northbound 680 approaching stone valley road. hit three cars, fortunately no injuries but the right lane is blocked. caltrans crews out there now. and the traffic is jammed northbound traffic backed up to at least crow canyon. we can get a check of our map quickly. northbound 680 slow and southbound 680 not good, either. we have a camera on walnut creek near the 24/680 interchange. that's what it looks like just a really messy commute. same thing in the south bay. we have been seeing so many congestion there out of downtown san jose. here's tracy. >> elizabeth, you didn't leave me anytime. >> did you hear him wrapping me? i'm sorry, tracy. [ laughter ] >> looking out towards the bay bridge, a whole lot of sunshine out there. with the sunshine comes hot temperatures up to 101 inland today. 80s around the bay.
8:29 am
70s at the coast. cooler saturday through monday.
8:30 am
welcome back to the "early show." good to have you with us. it's kind of quiet out there isn't it? is if because it was rainy and it looks like a good day to stay in bed? do you think? >> can we do that? >> do you think? >> you can take a nap later. just ahead this morning, ever think the child care you've chosen for your 3-year-old could affect his or her grades a decade later in like you don't have enough to worry about as a parent. a new study concludes this is a good thing for you. it can affect grades even your teenagers but in a positive way. we'll help you find high quality child care for your kids -- harry smith's kids are old enough so he doesn't have to
8:31 am
worry about this. but it's stressful enough for you, isn't it? >> no it's the opposite. you want to do the best you can for your child. this just says you can't do well enough. >> no, no, no no no. this is saying you want to do the best you can for your kids, which includes getting them great care while you're at work. the good new is when you find good child care, if your home someone else's day care, it can be a positive expense for your kids. >> i'm taking it positive maybe because i'm a working parent. >> best you can. also desperate times call for desperate measures and for a growing number of people these days, that means working two jobs to help pay the bills. there's a theme running through here. >> yes there is. >> we'll look at moonlighting and how to manage that stressful situation successfully. >> now that you've stressed and now that you're working -- >> let's eat. >> exactly. katie lee is here food from the gulf has been tested here.
8:32 am
it is safe. it is amazing to eat. we have fresh blue crabs, oysters, red snapper over there, some great stuff. corn on the cob as well. want to throw that? >> i'm ready. i'm ready to eat now, but we can't do that yet. we have a little business with mr. price, a final check of the weather, perhaps. >> guys, stay right there for a second because i'm going to reference at least one of you. you may be wondering why i'm outside right now in this pouring rain with a very small crowd. it's called pay back. and in an inves gatetive report i just completed i met this woman. your first name is? >> lee. >> what did you do at central college oh those many years ago when harry smith applied for admission? >> i worked in the bookstore. >> no, before that, ma'am. did you work in the admissions office? >> now i work in the admission office. >> well, isn't that pay back. harry smith gets admitted to central college under a promise that if he ever became an anchorman on a rainy day in new
8:33 am
york, these people would get national attention. that's exactly what happened. for more information on this tune into my report on "60 minutes" sunday. i suppose harry smith also got free books. am i right, ma'am? >> absolutely. >> there we go. there we go. you wonder why people come here from pell la iowa all the time. nice to see you. we love iowa. and we love central college. got some alums here, too. i'm sorry, what was that? >> cui, rah, rah. >> one of the cheer
8:34 am
this is, of course also a part of the deal. now harry's children get admission and college ale aid. remarkable how it all worked out for you, didn't it harry? >> seems to have. thank you very much. with many workers seeing their hours and salaries cut, while the cost of living continues to rise, a growing
8:35 am
number of americans are taking on a second job just to make ends meet. >> hello? >> reporter: joe and his wife jennifer have three kids and a lifestyle that is increationly difficult to afford. >> my property taxes continue to rise. i'm looking at what our food bill is coming in electric bill utilities. wages are not growing at at same pace as expenses. especially my household. >> reporter: he's employed full time in sales for a financial services company but pay cuts in the industry have meant less money to support his family. >> we worry about it every day. given the economic times we're in, it certainly is a stressor to the family. >> reporter: so this year he took on a second job, running a doctor's express office in new jersey. between both jobs he works 80 to 90 hours a week. >> hello, doctor's express. >> it is exhausting. it's not unusual you'll see me
8:36 am
working until 1:00, 2:00 if the morning. >> reporter: according to an online survey conducted by career, 9% of workers say they've added a second job in the last year. 19% say they plan on starting one by the end of the year. >> there are many employers that in the last year have cut back on hours, they've cut pay, cut benefits. more individuals are moonlighting now than in the last five years. >> reporter: while a second job means more income for joe, it also means less time with his family. but, he says there's no other way. >> we're trying to maintain that lifestyle we've come to enjoy. it's just not possible with a single job and a 40-hour work week. >> workplace consultant debora is author of "the go getter girl's guide" and she's here to explain how to make moonlighting work for you. good morning. >> good morning. >> the upside is going to be the added income. what are some downsides of moon
8:37 am
moonlighting? >> obviously, the time factor. your focus is divided between your day job and nighttime job ppt other thing is it can be risky. if you're doing any type of activity that's competing with your current employer if there's any conflicts of interest, it could be grounds for termination. you could find that instead of having two jobs, have you no jobs. >> right. a rule of thumb, then. should you tell your bosses that you're working two jobs? >> well it depends. obviously, you want to check the company policy. and if there is something specifically on point, then go with that. even if there's nothing directly on point depending on how high up are you in the organization, you probably would want to disclose it. you don't have to make a formal announcement. it can be something casual just letting your boss know. >> how do you keep from burning out? this guy s working 80 to 90 hours a week. is there a way to do that and not just be frazzled by the end of the year? >> it will take its toll. one of the most important things
8:38 am
is to have an exit strategy. am i going to do this for three months, six months and try to find 30 minute for working out, spending time for family and any of those things to fit in self-care. >> it's very difficult. one of the other aspects is i think, how do you go about -- okay, so i have a full-time job. i want extra income. where do you go to look and what are some better second job scenarios as you're trying to think this out? >> there are a couple options. if you want to look for something that complements your job, you can do freelance consulting teaching tutoring writing, all things you can fit in with your normal schedule. if you're looking for more of a creative outlet think about what are your interests, do you bake, fix computers on the side are you someone who can design jewelry. and you might be able to turn one of these hobbies into something that supplements your income. >> wouldn't that be nice. there are a number of websites out there that you can go to that help you do what exactly? >> if you're looking for a
8:39 am
traditional freelancing opportunity, there's a budget of them. they are opportunities. if you're looking for more of a do-it-yourself opportunity,, you canfd >> i just saw a thing about a woman on ebay as an artist one of the best selling artists in the country and she does it all off the internet. >> it's a huge trend now, particularly because it's especially flexible, do it on your own time. you want to be careful because sometimes having a hobby that turns into a job can be more time than you would expect. but if you have a plan going into it, it can work. >> rule of thumb for people who are about to embark on doing -- on moonlighting. what's the most important thing they should remember? >> they should know their limitations. be realistic as to whether you can handle the double schedule realistic about your job. is it one where moonlighting is
8:40 am
going to be frowned upon or even potential grounds for termination. >> thank you so much. good stuff. now here's erica. >> a recent study by the national institutes of health found kids who are been in top-quality child care scored slightly higher academically when they were teens and other benefits, as robi ludwig is here to tell us. you also have advice on finding the best child care for our kids. we're looking really at toddlers at this point. >> right. the key here is, too, is a happy parent equals a happy child. so, you really need to think of something that works for the parents and that is really convenient. >> that's convenient, that makes you feel good. >> cost effective. >> cost effective. >> good social options. >> how do you go about determining which type of child care is going to be best for your family? >> well, i think you need to look at the costs. you know, clearly with a dare care center, the cost is a lot cheaper. that's a great -- you know that's great for kids. it's great for parents. but if you have a job where
8:41 am
you're working lots of crazy hours, you may need somebody who's like a second pair of hands. that's where a babysitter can come in and really works out well for people in that situation. >> who's more in-home care. you want to look at the costs, look at what your needs are. when you're looking at -- let's say you decide some sort of a day care facility whether in-home day care or more of a stand-alone facility is best for you, what do you look for when you go to that place? >> you want to look at the ratio of teachers to kids because you want there to be enough kids. also, you don't want there to be a high turnover. you want an open door policy so parents can come in and look and see what's going on. you want to ask about holidays and sick day policies. and another thing you want to consider is in terms of just how convenient is it for you? do you need something that is close to your home so that either parent can drop off and pick up the child? because drop off and pick up can be a great source of angst. >> it's a challenge. >> do you want something that's close to your job?
8:42 am
so, if your child is sick or you need to work overtime you can get to the day care center a lot easier. >> it's important to visit a place, too because that will give you a feel for it. look around, see how clean it is -- >> talk to other parents, see what the philosophy is. you want to get a sense that it's a really good place for your child. a good place for you. and that you feel comfortable and always, as with anything else keep the communication open with you and the teachers that are there. >> that's if you're looking for -- to drop them off somewhere. but if your situation tends to be one where it's better to have an in-home caregiver, you say there are certain things you should go through before you even meet someone, when you talk to them on the phone, they need to meet certain criteria. what are those? >> are they flexible the hours you need them for? we've both been in situations where people check out because the hours don't work for them. do you need someoned who drives? do you need someone who's bilingual bilingual? someone who cooks? you need to think of the babysitter almost as your second
8:43 am
wife, your second pair of hands. is this the person you really want taking care of your child when you're not there? >> and be up front about all of that in the very beginning, no matter how uncomfortable. >> you have to. >> we say you need to get references. you get tease references how great was he or she and then what else do you ask? >> why did this person leave? i think that's an important question. you know did they not meet your needs? were they not good with the kids? and then ask, you know, how were they with your children? you want to get a sense of who this person is and try to get as much of a picture as you can, which is tough. >> how engaged -- >> do they stimulate your child? do they read to them? do they do homework? do they take them on activities? how involved and active are they in. >> how important is age? how important are thing like bringing in a family member? is that ever a good idea or -- >> you want to look at age.
8:44 am
listen, if someone has a lot of good experience, that has a lot of value. if a family member is willing and able to come in and help your child, great. but you can't treat your family member like a hired help. you can't say, i need you to clean and do this. you have to work in a different way. >> you say if you bring someone into your home who's not a family member, you have to treat it as a business. >> it is a business. it's more than a business relationship relationship. you need that contract because people are coming from different places when you're getting hired. you need that black and white go to whenever there's a question. it just helps keep everybody happy. >> great advice as always. dr. robi ludwig it thanks. harry, over to you. >> the shrimp grounds in the gulf officially opened last week. government tests show the seafood is perfectly safe to eat. so "early show" contributor katie lee is here to celebrate that news with a traditional southern style shrimp boil. >> we've got lots of good stuff, harry. you're right, this is cause so
8:45 am
celebrate celebrate. it's really exciting because the louisiana seafood industry employs about 20,000 people and also a $2.4 billion impact on our nation's economy. like you said, it's totally safe. so many government agencies and independent agencies are doing their own testing. >> stash of amp of approval. >> ask your fish monger to carry seafood from the gulf. >> we made so many trips down there, we asked the folks, you know what, when the fishing ground opens up we'll have a feast and we'll show this stuff is really good. >> we are going to have a feast. it is really good and also really easy to prepare. the first thing we're going to do is a blue crab boil. blue crabs, louisiana is the number one producer of those. i'll show you how easy this is. we have our boiling water. if you want to throw in this crab boil seasoning. you can pick that up at the grocery store or old bay. comes different kinds. put in some lemons and onions and garlic, all of it goes in
8:46 am
there. don't splash the water on yourself. i don't want any burns. >> i'll be careful. >> and then our crabs go right in there. >> that's it inspect a boiling pot of water. throw these in there. >> crabs go in for 20 minutes. and they'll taste so good. what's really fun about this is it's kind of a lot of work to eat a blue crab. everybody sits around and picks at them and eats them. i mixed some dip or clarified butter is delicious, too. >> this is kind of it is it? >> i love that. >> it's great. >> equal part mayo and hot sauce. >> what's next? >> moving down. one of my favorites. perfect for weekend entertaining. a traditional low country shrimp boil. in your pot you want sausage and potatoes first. >> you can get those everywhere. >> they go in for 20 minutes. the then the corn for ten
8:47 am
minutes. then our shrimp. >> look at that. look at these bad boys. >> you want to use the peeled -- or the shrimp that has the peel on it and the head. that really presebs arves a lot of flavor. let them cook for two to three minutes. just until they're pink. >> the shrimp has been waiting to be caught all summer long it-s ready for its closeup. >> goes right in there. that cooks right up. and then i have one here that's finished. hold on with the pot holders. just dump it onto some newspaper. >> this is what it's all about. >> this is what it's all about. go outside, put it -- we have flying potatoes. put it on a picnic table and just dutchmp it out and let everybody pick away. potatoes corn, sausage, everything's right in there. >> this one's done. >> our table is all set up. beautiful fish also from the gulf and some oysters. louisiana's also the number one
8:48 am
producer of oysters and shrimp in our country. really good to get out there and eat all of that. how do you like that harry? you took the head right off that. >> you've got to. the legs are nice and crispy. >> delicious. you could just peel it. you take it by the legs and peel it off like that. that's -- look at the nice row in there. this is beautiful, beautiful shrimp. it's so important to support these people. so, ask your fish monger to carry gulf seafood. >> absolutely. look at this. the great thing about this, you put this out on a picnic table, right, maybe a little beer on the side -- >> got to have a beer. >> maybe some oysters in there, too. you can just sit around and pick away at this stuff. you'll just be -- >> this is summertime to me you know. >> happy, happy, happy. doesn't get any better than this. >> katie lee thank you very much. for these recipes all you need to do is go to our website, >> take this bite harry. >> i'll take this bite. we'll be right back. oh, that's good.
8:49 am
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a little earlier in the show we played a snippet of sound. jeff brought us this story from a race over the weekend between what is it the wife knows everything and -- >> my wife knows everything, she doesn't know. >> we have it again in case you missed it. >> into the final furlong. my wife knows everything. the wife doesn't know. they're one-two. of course they are. my wife knows everything up front. to the outside, the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything. the wife doesn't know. my wife knows everything! more than the wife doesn't know. >> possibly the greatest horse race call of all time. >> i think it might be. total coincidence. different owners, not like -- >> this was not a setup. >> it was not a setup. the guy who called his race i think he's called something like
8:52 am
50,000 races. his name is -- poor guy. he even ended up on espn. larry calmus is name. i have a feeling this is the one he'll remember the most. >> raul felder had his money on the wife didn't know. >> celebrity divorce attorney who we always bring in who was here yesterday talking about tiger and elin. >> they came in one-two? a win and a place? >> win, place, the money's gone. >> that's shocking. >> what did that pay? what do you get with you get the first two? >> $100 million. >> no, come on. all these guys -- >> everyone here has race seats on their cameras. >> and i think they may all be at a race today is the problem. >> by the way, she knows everything won. >> oh, very good. >> she always does. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:53 am
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it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. the woman who struck five people at a bus stop with her suv in san francisco yesterday did not have a license. that's according to police. two of the people hit are in critical condition. the other three in serious condition. a dmv office in san jose closed today so workers can repair a major computer problem. the alma avenue branch will be shut down all day for technical upgrades. all dmv offices want to remind you will be closed statewide this friday which has been declared a furlough day. we'll take a look at traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us.
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who could use a little perspective. diane, who worked with her walgreens pharmacist to keep her blood-sugar numbers in check with a few changes to her diet. ♪ ♪ diane, who's showing her daughter the world's a bit bigger than 8th grade. expertise -- find it everywhere there's a walgreens. good morning. well, this has turned into one of our worst commutes in a while. a lot of problems. westbound 580 at eden canyon in castro valley, rollover crash is cleared, traffic jammed for at least five miles. not looking good on south- and northbound 680 heading in and out of alamo. this is a live look through walnut creek. all that slow traffic on southbound 680 is because of this right here. caltrans crews are still trying
8:58 am
to clear a tree branch that actually fell on the freeway. northbound 680 at stone valley road. northbound 680 traffic is jammed from at least crow canyon according to paul with the kcbs phone force. 280 out of downtown san jose, just a mess. the start of class today at san jose state university is not helping. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up to the macarthur maze for at least two hours. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. also one of the hottest days we have had in a while, looking out toward ocean beach here, plenty of sunshine along the coastline. and that's the place to be today, the coolest place around the bay. here's a look at what you can expect with your seven-day forecast. up to 101 degrees today inland. mid-80s around the bay and the 70s along the coastline. it will again be hot and we have that excess ever heat advise in effect for the interior valleys until 8:00 p.m. fog returns thursday and friday and take a look at the weekend:
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