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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon, i'm allen martin. crews are making good headway this afternoon controlling the mt. diablo wildfire. it's now 80% contained. buildings are no longer at risk.
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but commanders say it could be another couple of days before the fire is completely out. anne makovec at curry canyon for us. and what's happening, the latest this hour? >> reporter: well, they need to finish their line around the fire and make sure there are no hot spots within that zone. the fire camp is still set up behind me on curry canyon as you can see but most of the smoke has cleared. that helicopter has been going up and dropping water on parts of the fire as they continue their circle around the curry fire near mt. diablo state park. as the curry fire continues to burn nearby, robert is checking in on his neighbors. >> just checking that the cattle have water. they are all excited. >> reporter: he says their owner voluntarily evacuated her property on curry canyon road when the fire broke out late yesterday afternoon near mt. diablo state park. since then, hundreds of firefighters have been trucked
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in to get the 375-acre fire under control, moving from 50 to 80% containment overnight. >> the same vegetation that at 4:00 yesterday had a 5-foot flame on it once that humidity comes in now it's 1 foot to almost no flames. overnight it's one of our most effective times to contain a fire. >> reporter: robert says the fire was approaching his property. >> yeah. my house, those guys came up, they came up real quick like and saved everything. >> the problem areas for us right now are some steep canyons that the bulldozers weren't able to get into. >> reporter: so they are dropping water with helicopters and sending up hand crews to get a full circle around the fire, with no buildings burnt and the only injury reported being a firefighter's ankle injury. it's being called a job well done. >> oh, yeah. right on the ball. >> reporter: though it has been
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a quiet season so far, there is no chance for getting rusty. >> when it's field training or book training every day we prepare for days like yesterday where you have an explosively expanding fire. >> reporter: and even with all the tight budgets we have seen on the state and local level, cal fire says that resource haven't been a problem with this fire. they are also now trying to investigate what caused it. they say a high voltage power line at one point was knocked over and they are investigating that as a possible cause. they are just not sure yet, allen. >> a little earlier, anne, i could see some of the high power lines behind you and i was wondering have they said anything about power outages because of that line coming down? >> there were some power outages last night. we know that pg&e is out here today trying to restore that power to people around here. but luckily, there aren't a lot of people around here. >> anne makovec, thank you for the update. obviously we have a hot day in the bay area. tracy a first look at how hot it's going to get this time. trace?
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>> yesterday was a scorcher and that's putting it mildly. here's live look outside. we are going to start off in san jose. it was beautiful there, they hit 102 degrees. today will still be hot, but not that hot. so let's talk about how hot it was tuesday. santa rosa at 107 degrees. san jose 102. san rafael at 102. oakland at 99. and san francisco had a new record high of 92 degrees. today won't be that hot, not for the bay and for the coastline. but inland still looking at triple-digit highs from fairfield to concord to livermore. mid-80s in oakland and fremont. mid-90s in san jose. 74 in san francisco. slightly warmer at sfo and you will see temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s from napa to santa rosa. those are a few of the locations in the area. coming up we'll look at 40 to 50 more cities and pinpoint their temperatures today and more importantly, we are going to talk about when cooler weather will be moving back into the bay. that's coming up, allen. >> shazamm!
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that's all i have to say about that. so far, so good for bart today. trains running on schedule after the hot weather yesterday caused big delays. the high temperatures overheated a computer control room forcing conductors to run the trains manually, which slows things down considerably. so far today, no delays, though. we'll see if that changes throughout the afternoon. caltrain back on schedule, as well. it had to slow down trains yesterday because of the effect the heat has on the tracks. an employee strike is causing a mess in san mateo county. dozens of garbage workers employed by allied waste are picketing at a landfill in san carlos. the company serves areas from burlingame down to east palo alto. picket lines blocking trucks dropping off this morning's trash pickup. the workers on strike reportedly mechanics and clerical staff. a union rep says allied waste is not bargaining fairly. >> we have a number of unfair labor practices filed with this company. we are having a 48-hour strike trying to get company's
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attention and hopefully get them back to the table and bargain in good faith. >> looking for a response from allied waste this noon hour, meantime heaps of trash are still sitting in front of homes because drivers refuse to cross the picket lines. supervisors are driving some of the trucks and that's slowing service down. no one is going to be able to unload the trucks -- the garbage trucks until tomorrow is what we're told. campus and city police are teaming up to increase security around uc-berkeley. the new joint police patrol aimed at reducing crime in areas south of campus. a cal police officer and a berkeley city police officer will be teaming up in two squad cars. they are going to team patrol the streets from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. thursdays through saturdays. more teams will also be on patrol before and after home football games at cal. well, a funeral service is happening right now for a 15- year-old. the victim of an accidental shooting in oakland. mar kel goodwin and his younger brother were apparently playing with a gun at home on filbert street on august 16.
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at one point the gun went off killing the teenager. police still trying to determine where goodwin got the gun. now, in downtown san jose tonight, a candlelight vigil will be held to honor police officers and victims of violent crime. the annual event first held last year to honor vahid hosseini a convenience store owner who was murdered outside a bank in 2008, and jeffrey fontana, a san jose police officer shot and killed in almaden valley nine years ago. that vigil begins at 7:00 starting at city hall. a confirmation hearing is happening today for governor schwarzenegger's pick for chief justice of california's supreme court. the governor nominated tani cantil-sakauye last month to succeed retiring chief ron george. the commission on judicial appointments is holding today's hearing in san francisco. if the commission aproves cantil-sakauye, her name will go on the november ballot for approval by state voters. after that her 12-year term would begin in january.
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one of san jose's dmv offices is closed today because of a computer snafu. officially the dmv says its alma avenue branch is undergoing technical upgrades. but the glitch first showed up on monday forces the branch to put services on hold, then problems continued yesterday. today's closure only affects that alma office. all dmv offices will be closed statewide on friday. that is another designated rker fufu day. does it ever feel like you're rushing to make it through a crosswalk? well, now you're going to get more time. for year, the recommendation was one second of walk signal time for every four feet a pedestrian had to walk. a new federal guideline recommends one second for every 3 1/2 feet. >> i don't have to walk as fast because they know that i'm coming and, you know, if i really do -- i'm really like my water breaks in time, i can just -- i can just kind of slowly start walking and i know that i'm having... [ laughter ] >> slow down, take a breath.
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santa clara county is testing what it calls adaptive pedestrian timing. it involves detectors that can follow a person's progress across the street and give them a little extra time if it's needed. we don't all walk the same, do we? toyota adding noise to some of its hybrids after complaints that the almost silent cars post a danger to pedestrians. the vehicles run on a combination of gas and electricity, if you don't know that making them noise less on the road. starting at the end of the month, toyota will offer an optional speaker system that makes a humming noise. for now, the feature will only be offered on cars in tokyo. it costs about $150 plus the installation. well, for the first time, tiger woods' ex-wife is talking. yo she was blindsided. she said she was embarrassed that she didn't know what was going on. >> what she tells that reporter about the night woods crashed his suv. the one thing she won't talk
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about. an explosion of bunny rabbits in a bay area city. where are they coming from? well, we know where they come from but where are they coming from?? nine months after the scandal ,,,,,,,,
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having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. silence about his infedelity. she's shutting down rumors... and ut trying to nine months after the scandal, tiger woods's ex-wife is breaking her silence about his infidelity. she is shutting down rumors and opening up about trying to save the marriage. alison harmelin shows us what she has to say. reporter: tiger woods' ex- wife says she wants to, quote, set some things straight.
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two days after their divorce was finalized, elin nordgren is telling her story to "people" magazine. "i have been through hell, she says. it's hard to think you have this life and all of a sudden, was it a lie? you're struggling because it wasn't real." nordgren says she felt like her whole world had fallen aparent when she learned of her husband's infidelities. >> she was blindsided. she said she was embarrassed, that she didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: nordgren says she and woods were not arguing the night he crashed his suv outside their florida home. she says there was never any violence inside or outside our home. the speculation that i would have used a golf club to hit him is just truly ridiculous. >> reporter: nordgren wouldn't talk about reports that she is walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars saying, money doesn't make you happy. but i have to be honest, it is making some things easier. i have the opportunity to be with my children as much as i want. >> reporter: she spent yesterday taking 3-year-old sam and 19-month-old charlie to the
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doctor. >> what she wanted most of all was to keep her marriage together. but had once she realized that she couldn't do that, she still wants there to be two happy parents involved in their children's lives. >> reporter: tiger woods is back on the golf course for a tournament in new jersey. he has had nothing to say publicly about the divorce yet. alison harmelin, cbs news, new york. >> the oakland animal shelter is inundated with rabbits. there are about two dozen at the facility as of yesterday afternoon. these bunnies flooding the shelter are believed to be the babies of rabbits people got their kids for easter. mm-hm. the shelter director says didn't take long before they bred, like -- well, rabbits. >> people get adorable little guys like this during easter and then within a couple of months they are ready to have babies of their own and within 30 days they can have their first litter and then 30 days after they can have another
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litter. >> the shelter urges you spay all your pets including rabbits. not only does it stop the breeding, it can improve their behavior. and no one wants an evil bunny! if you want to take one home, the adoption fee of is $35. coming up, what on earth was this woman thinking? today she explains why she threw a neighbor's cat in the trash can. don't worry, the story has a happy ending. and for those of how are waiting anticipating when will the fog come back, when will it really cool down, i have your forecast and the cooler temperatures that are just around the corner coming up. ============b r e a k ============== here's tracy with weather ,,,,
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the sale of fleece plummetting at fisherman's wharf in san francisco! usually tourists don't expect this kind of weather. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. boy, yesterday was hot. i don't have air-conditioning and last night i was just tossing and turning. >> it doesn't cool off at night. >> it was brutal last night. this night, tonight should be better. here's a look toward the golden gate bridge. we are going to show you a series of shots across the bay area to sum it up. plenty of sunshine at the coast and in the bay area looking toward coit tower.
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not a cloud in the sky. here's a look toward the coastline. ocean beach a lot of people ran to the coastline yesterday because that's where temperatures were not -- i guess would you say coolest -- cooler comparatively speaking. but today, still pretty hot. especially in our north and our east and south bay valleys. that's why we still have an excessive heat advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. just asking that you be smart, drink plenty of water, limit time in the sun and check on the elderly. don't forget about your kids and the pets. don't want them outside for an extended period of time because it's going to be hot. inland today up to 101, heat advisory in effect through tonight. for the bay area, warm to hot temperatures ranging from the lower 70s to the mid-80s and along the coastline milder weather and a light sea breeze. i can't wait for that breeze later on. 89 degrees today in milpitas. 86 in fremont. 84 in union city. 94 in santa clara.
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102 yesterday in san jose. today 95. 94 sunnyvale. 84 los altos and along the coastline we are expecting temperatures to be in the 70s. inland triple-digit highs from concord, pittsburg, antioch to danville pleasanton and livermore and just along the bay here mid-80s from richmond to oakland, down to san leandro. north bay location today the mid- to upper 90s from napa to sonoma to petaluma. 97 degrees in santa rosa. 70 in bodega bay, that's nice. 92 novato. 68 stinson beach. 80s in kentfiel, 84 mill valley. 70s in sausalito and san francisco. sea breeze will curb our daytime heating but if it comes in later san francisco could be flirting with the 80s today. so here's a look at the seven- day forecast. that sums it up. hot, especially inland up to 101. mid-80s in our warmest spots around the bay and the mid-70s for the coast.are there fanning allen? >> yeah. >> you got the ac on. the g returns as early as
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tomorrow, thursday and friday. and take a look at the weekend. by the time the weekend gets here, you are going to forget how hot it was. it will be yet again unseasonably cool. >> are you sure my memory is that short? i'll forget. >> are you kidding me over there? we got the ac pumping. [ laughter ] >> shazamm! already. thank you. hey, a british woman is getting death threats after getting caught on tape throwing her neighbor's cat in the trash can. charlie d'agata shows us why the woman says she did it. >> reporter: she is caught on tape turning a cat into kitty litter. people in britain want to know what was she thinking? so why did mary bale stop and stroke lola the cat and then grab her by the scruff of the neck and throw her in a garbage can? 15 hours later, lola's owners heard her cries and found her in the bin. >> i thought they walked -- to
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want to throw a cat in the bin? >> reporter: the family assumed it was a drunk from the pub but they were shocked from the security footage. >> i don't know how anyone can treat a harmless animal that can't defend itself just do something like that to it. >> reporter: the explanation mary bell gave to the sun newspaper thought it would be funny saying it's just a cat. her actions enraged animal lovers all over the world. facebook removed a group called death to mary bell. >> awful, what's the point of that with a harmless cat? >> reporter: she now under police protection and under investigation for possible charges of cruelty. as for 4-year-old lola, her owners say she's fine, friendly and still likes to be stroked by strangers. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> woman must be a dog lover. coming up next, anybody need ketchup? we are going to take you to one of the best food fights in the world ever. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is baby seedles grapes. the sugar level is high early.
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enjoy them right away. they taste so good. select them right. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, amber color all the way around, a couple times you might see some like almost turning into raisins, okay if there's one or two but check around. it's very important. see how they are clustered nice and tight together? best way to store them at home is in the refrigerator right away. a day or two and that's it. these grapes are only around for about two or three weeks. and then they're gone. so if you see them in the market, you have to try them. baby grapes, seedless. it's like a dessert grape i call it. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. these are so good. i should wash them first. couple not going to hurt. >> i was going to say wash them, tony! coming up at 5:00, forget ticketmaster, stub hub. hundreds of people already waiting in line. the specific rules bob dylan fans have to follow to see tonight's show in san francisco. that's coming up at 5:00. and finally this afternoon, it looked like so
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much fun. if you like a big mess. this is the annual tomato fight in spain. 20,000 people take part in this. it started as a small food fight among friends. >> never seen that. >> well, that was 1945. [ laughter ] >> actually they banned it from 1955 to the 1970s. now it's a huge event and its messier and bigger. >> tomatoes have great acids in them, makes a grea peel. see you at 5:00. ,,,,,,
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