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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 25, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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if they will leave it alone. >> we are going to strike. >> the company who to scramble to bring in managers from other cities to drive the garbage trucks at the san carlos facility. and allied waste spokesman told cbs 5, we were surprised by the sympathy strike. >> reporter: the union apologizes for the inconvenience but it contends allied waste is a profitable company and should treat its
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workers better. >> these are prosperous businesses. they continue to make profit and all we are asking is for a fair percentage for our workers. >> those strikers workers have been going for eight months. in work stoppage is supposed to last through tomorrow but union officials say it may last longer. >> not what you want to hear if the garbage is sitting in front of your house. >> absolutely. >> thank you. meantime, it wasn't any cooler in the east bay. john ramos reports thousands of students braved their first day of school in triple-digit temperatures. >> reporter: picking up a child from school is heartwarming. but this warm? >> it's weird. i have lived here for almost 27 years and last couple of years have been unstable. >> reporter: all mt. diablo unified schools like woodside
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elementary school are back in session today. >> is this your first day school? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> it's hot. >> reporter: was it too hot? >> yes. and -- and -- and -- and it was sweating over here and sweating here. because i was really hot! i wanted to go inside. >> like 152 degrees. >> reporter: is that too hot? >> yeah, it's really hot! ugh! >> reporter: but all that sweating didn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm for their new add venture. >> i think that the first day of school is fun because i love first day of school. it's really fun for kids. >> reporter: it wasn't fun at concord high school. it's hard to be cool when it's this hot. >> everybody is talking about it saying how crazy it is and some people are wearing sweaters and they were making fun of them. >> reporter: but the football team was chilling out. practice was moved to early evening. coaches are giving players a
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lot to drink and watching them closely. >> it just warmed up to 90, 95, we might not be melting like we are but that big change really the heat hit us hard this year. >> does everything dog it this year? >> yeah. >> not working as hard as you could? >> no. it's so hot, how could you. >> reporter: they say everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten sorry let's get advice from the experts. >> i'm going to take swimming lessons tonight at the -- the water is always cold so i'm going to get cooled off. >> reporter: class dismissed. in concord, john ramos, cbs 5. >> first day is hard enough with mom taking your pictures and you're sweating. change is coming. maybe you can feel it all right. fog moved up the coast a few hours ago. this is what chopper 5 caught
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near half moon bay. >> what do you see in the horizon, roberta? >> i was drying west from pleasanton at 103 degrees and san francisco is 73 degrees. livermore now at this hour 105, st. helena to the north in triple digits and there in the city by the bay, san francisco 65 degrees with that marine air now funneling into the city. we are in the 60s at daly city. we are walking you through the evening hours. by tonight, sunset 7:48. not going to see it along the coast. tomorrow morning for the commute, fog at the see shore. how this marine layer is going to have an impact on your thursday forecast, that's still straight ahead, allen. >> all right, roberta. we'll see you then. this time yesterday, we were showing you the flames as they got started. but this evening, that wildfire on mt. diablo is almost fully
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contained. >> coomber temperatures, higher humidities. it is 90% contained the curry fire on mt. diablo. 300 firefighters were called n anne makovec shows us no homes were touched. reporter: as the curry fire continues to burn nearby, robert is checking in on his neighbors. >> just check on the cattle make sure they have water and they are all excited. >> reporter: he says their owner voluntarily evacuated her property on curry canyon road when the fire broke out late yesterday afternoon near mt. diablo state park. >> the same vegetation that at 4:00 yesterday had a 5-foot flame on it once that humidity comes in now it's 1 foot to almost no flames. so overnight, it's one of our most effective times for containing a fire. >> and robert is glad they took sprang. he says the fire was approaching his property.
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>> those guys came up real quick like and saved everything. >> the problem for us right now are some steep canyons that the bulldozers weren't able to get into. >> reporter: firefighters are still working to find out the cause of the fire. a power line could have caused the fire but they are not sure. in curry canyon, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, a san jose dmv office is back open after being closed for most of the day because of computer meltdown. the state closed the alma office for technical upgrades. this is after a computer problem caused major headaches the past two days. meantime, a reminder for you, all dmv offices will be closed statewide on friday, which is designated as a worker furlough day because of state budget. hundreds of people spent today under the sun waiting in line. there ain't no use sitting wondering why. specific rules bob dylan fans had to follow just to see
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tonight's show. >> made a lot of errors in my life and that's something i'm going to have to live with. >> we have heard from tiger. now for the first time his ex- wife speaking out about his sex scandal. boards versus boats. competition about to get under way on the bay and the change that just took place. people had to wait,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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might be hard for some people to believe, but there was once a time when you actually had to stand and wait in line to buy a concert ticket. fans who wanted to see bob dylan at the warfield had to line up and pay cash. mike sugerman found out why. >> reporter: yeah, he is 70 years old. bob dylan still sticking it to the man. kind of a throw-back, eh? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: i last time people bought tickets like this to a rock concert was probably when this press conference was held in san francisco. >> i don't remember too much about it, like. >> without question. >> reporter: those of us who do remember like famed rock photographer pat johnson, it's a '60s flashback. >> i remember going to see the shooting and going to see the stones at the cow palace. people stood in line overnight, they would stay so they could get in and get up front. >> reporter: long before
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scalpers and big ticket agencies. >> it's kind of a democracy, where you all line up with your cash and buy your ticket. that's it. >> hey, mr. tambourine man. >> reporter: bob dylan music is a sound track to a generation's coming of age. tonight he is going off track. >> basically $60 cash only. you pay your $60, your three twenties and you walk in the door. >> reporter: this person says the idea came from the dylan catch to do something special in san francisco. >> there is no ticketing fees, no scalpers are able to get any tickets and it's really just for the people and the fans. >> i have seen hundreds of shows. >> reporter: poppy, as she is known, first saw bob dylan in 1964 and traveled the world to see him. >> it takes me back. there are no middlemen. the right people are getting the money. it's great. >> reporter: he is sticking it to the man but it's still a brilliant marketing technique. we're here covering it.
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we wouldn't normally cover a bob dylan show these days. by the way, there are still tickets available. i can't promise, but if you come down now, chances are, you will get in to see bob dylan tonight. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> play a song for me. all right, mike, thanks. now that their divorce is final, tiger woods' ex-wife is breaking her silence. elin nordegren tells "people" magazine she has been through hell, blindsided by her husband's infidelity, felt like her world fell apart. tiger woods says he knows he is to blame. >> i certainly understand that she is sad and, uhm, i feel the same way. i wish her the best and everything, it's a sad time in our lives. and we're looking forward to in our lives and how we can help our kids best we possibly can, and that's three most important thing. >> you can read her side in "people" magazine but she didn't comment on reports of a hefty settlement saying, quote,
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money doesn't make you happy, but it does make things easier. elin says she is working on forgiving tiger. california is a step closer to having a new chief justice of the state supreme court. today in san francisco, a judicial commission unanimously approved governor schwarzenegger's nominee for that job. tani cantil-sakauye has been selected to replace retiring chief ron george. voters still need to approve her nomination. but if that happens, she would be the high court's first filipino-american justice and its second female chief justice. >> and i see myself as doing the best job i can encouraging people to do the best job they can. and to never think about barriers. because they don't exist unless you start thinking about them. >> cantil-sakauye's name is going to be on the november ballot. if approved, she will serve a 12-year term. not just skype. how google is making it easier to reach out and call someone on your computer.
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>> it's a race like no other. you have boats with kite surfers and wind surfers, all racing from one break to the next. coming up we'll tell you why it almost didn't happen. and there you are. welcome to the weather center, where we are busy trying to forecast the temperatures tomorrow. let me show you something going on right there. that is a lot of blue sky looking out towards the bay bridge, but that's not going to be the case for long. the impact the marine layer will have on your thursday, as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at
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skiffs, in a wild contest not something you see every day. wind surfers and kiteboarders taking on 18-foot skiff nas wild contest of sail, power and speed called the bridge-to- bridge race. julie watts at crissy field where conditions getting kind of rough for the sailors out there. julie. >> reporter: that's right.
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today three of the 18-foot skiff, the marquee event midway through the four-day regatta when they are joined by kite surfers and wind surfers. take a look at everyone getting ready on the beach. they go from the golden gate bridge to the bay bridge traveling at 30 knots. they make it in record time, about 17 minutes is the record time. today, however, the skiff, the boats almost had to pull out. they had a race earlier today and a bunch of them capsized because of the high winds. and while a few of them have pulled out of the bridge-to- bridge race, most of them say they will be competing. and while you might think the boats have better odds at winning because they have significantly larger sails, we spoke with a 2008 bridge-to- bridge champion. he says it's actually the kite surfers and the wind surfers who have better odds. >> initially the wind surfers seem to be the best. an then as the kite technology improved the kites are faster.
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so we thought the kites would dominate. but anyway, the 18-foot skiff is still right in there fighting with them. >> reporter: so you can see one of the skiffs is still out here on the beach. they are getting ready to take it out down the beach a ways. the race is set to begin at 5:30. we'll bring you highlights coming up. this is a very dangerous race especially for the boats which have been capsizing due it the high winds. all it takes is one rogue wave to tip over these tiny boats. so let you know what happens coming up at 6:00. >> part of the risk they take for the excitement. all right, julie watts, thanks so much. yesterday there wasn't a puff of wind out there really as hot as it was. now the fog is moving in that's changing. >> you even could feel the wind shift this afternoon in the eastern portion of the district where temperatures are already in the triple digits this hour. the winds, once you got off the golden gate bridge and once you made passage in throughout the city of san francisco, you
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could see the flags shifting indicating that the marine layer is moving in. san jose's high temperature has been the upper 90s. currently 87 degrees, westerlies at 14 miles per hour. and there it is. chopper 5 is high in the sky right now capturing this beautiful view of the city by the bay. city of san francisco average high 69 degrees, that's where we sit today. so far the high temperature was 74 degrees after yesterday's shattering event of 98. concord east 101, danville triple digits. pacific grove along the coast shrouded with the low clouds and fog. look at the relative humidity. 82%, fluctuating 61 degrees. santa cruz now is socked in. what you can bank on for this midweek evening forecast, temperatures inland still between 95 and 100 degrees. we have the marine layer. it will push into the bay and then gradually march inland. and coastal areas becoming totally socked in, not a chance
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you will see tonight's sunset at 7:48. this is the very latest satellite. you can see where the deck of low clouds and fog the stratus dipping into the south then that southerly surge working up the coast. there you have a hint of it right offshore. pinpoint forecast, i'm liking it. so you have to believe it when it suggests that the low clouds and fog will move all the way inland over night about 40 miles towards concord and clayton, looking back towards hercules and pinole and wrapping around into the santa clara valley, as well. so there you have your morning commute totally socked in, maybe even localized drizzle on the immediate seashore. clouds retreat but hang out next to the beaches during the afternoon hours, that's going to make a huge dent in your forecast as far as cooling is concerned on thursday. so here you have it. your overnight lows tonight, a much more comfortable night with temperatures in the 50s to the low 60s. 58 degrees in vallejo, benicia, martinez and tomorrow's highs
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more seasonal from 60 in pacifica, 66 in san francisco, doesn't that sound cool? 79 in san jose but we actually should be at 84 degrees and nearly 90 throughout the trivalley. our outside number will be 90 towards the delta. otherwise, by friday, we'll knock back that temperature at least a good five degrees and this is interesting. it bears explaining. over the weekend on saturday and sunday we have a trough. 71 at best inland so that means most of the area will be in the 60s inland. and there is a slight, slight chance of a north bay sprinkle or two on sunday, due to that trough. and that's absolutely the worst possible thank could happen as far as the harvest is concerned. >> no kidding. new what by the weekend people are going to say, why couldn't it be hot over the weekend? >> this time next week we'll start teasing with the 90s again. >> hang on. hang on. all right, roberta, thanks. the offer was cash for going green. so why are a lot of people still waiting for their rebates? when i said what are we talking about? he says six months to a year.
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>> her prognosis wasn't good. coming up, the new treatment for those diagnosed with skin cancer. ,, advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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impressive results for some people with advanced skin cancer. the drug "p-l-x 4032" targets a gene that promotes cancer growth. that gene is an experimental drug for skin cancer. it targets a gene that promotes cancer growth. that gene is carried by about half of all melanoma patients.
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the drug apparently disrupts the gene causing tumors to shrink. sometimes even disappear. clinical trials found the drug was effective in more than 80% of the patients who have the gene. if further testing is successful, researchers say the treatment could be on the market in less than two years. well, california kicked off its cash for appliances rebate program in late april. and at the time, the state estimated it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get a refund. consumerwatch is hearing from a lot of folks who are complaining it's taking longer. jerry likes his new refrigerator but it's now four months and still hasn't gotten his $200 rebate from the state. >> i thought it would be simple to extend it in and six weeks later i would get the money. >> reporter: he is not the only one complaining about delays in processing the cash for appliance refund. >> we acknowledge that there are some issues with the program. we have received over 100,000 applications since the program
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began. >> reporter: amy morgan of the california energy commission says the state hired two different contractors to administer the rebate program. one, to process the refund. the other, to handle phone calls from consumers. morgan says changes were made just last week. >> we have improved the program by adding additional call center staff. we have set up an online email account. consumers can email to the energy commission to review complaints. >> reporter: morgan says 25% of the cash for appliance rebate application are coming in incomplete either missing information, copies of the four pieces of documentation required, or both. that's what happened in gary's case. he got a postcard in late june informing him he had left off the date of purchase on his application. >> it had the date of purchase right on the right. so the person processing it could have just said, oh, let me look and written in the date. >> reporter: officials say things got more hectic last month when the state expanded the rebate program. it now offers refunds for certain dishwashers, freezers, water heaters, and heating and
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air-conditioning systems. that's in addition to the refrigerators, room air- conditioners and washing machines originally allowed. meantime, gary is still waiting hoping his complaint and others will put the heat on the energy commission to speed up the refunds. >> $200 not bad. >> yeah. >> if you get it. >> $200, that's good. the energy commission says so far $15 million in rebates have been paid or are in the processing stage. there are 16 million remaining in that refund pool. now, if you have a consumer complaint or problem, call our hotline 1-888-5-helps-u. google is making it easier to reach out and call somebody on your computer. anybody with a google email account can now make a regular phone call from their gmail page. the person that you're calling does not need a computer. just a phone. all domestic calls are free just a few cents per minute for international calls. america under attack from bedbugs. we'll tell you about the one chemical that could put a stop
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to them, so why can't we use it? tonight on the cbs evening news. dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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news at 6. ercury mount coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00. as the mercury mounted, so did problems. why bart a transit system with a surplus, says it needs more money to beat the heat. and more damage left by jack the clipper. what police will try to do next to stop rose bush and tree massacres in the golden gate park. we'll have that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> all right, dana. we'll see up thin. we need a little fog to cool things down in the newsroom. it's warm. >> i decided to embrace the heat. >> the cbs evening news is next. movie


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