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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 26, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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hundreds of workers refusing to cross the picket line. garbage won't be picked up. why they won't cross the line and the beef from their fellow union workers. >> you see it every time you drive through the macarthur maze. ikea in emeryville. >> stop the car, stop the car!! >> i love that commercial. >> we'll tell why people living in the area are saying, not so fast. >> here you go. rats, rodents, squirrels. squirrels are rodents. they can be a little pest, too. why there is an explosion in the rodent population in the bay area. look at those fellas. >> yeah. >> so a little cooler today? >> yeah. >> it definitely cooled down. we are going to cool down even more tomorrow. >> which means elizabeth will be complaining. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> well, there were a lot of accidents yesterday. people didn't sleep as well because of the heat, so they
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were getting into more accidents. new study! if you are coming into san francisco from the peninsula, we have a new accident just reported about 10 minutes ago. one lane is blocked northbound 101 past candlestick. no delay on the sensors but we'll watch that. most of the overnight roadwork has been picked up a little left over. 880 the auto mall parkway on- ramp is still blocked on northbound 880. it sounds like the off-ramp has just been re-opened but there is construction in that stretch of the nimitz freeway. elsewhere, we have a camera right there 880 through oakland near the coliseum. everything is great. same thing through milpitas, 880/237 couple of cars there heading towards silicon valley. good to go towards mountain view. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. your cooler forecast. boy, definitely cooled down yesterday in the city. fog rolled in last evening. and boy, what a difference it
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made. it was great sleeping weather. out the door along the coastline this morning, low clouds and fog, yeah, it's back. partly cloudy with some low clouds around the bay and even some low clouds inland. inland locations yesterday still in the triple digits. well, not today. many locations will see their temperatures falling close to 20 degrees. that's inland. so much cooler today inland, also for the bay. temperatures in the upper 60s, yesterday until the mid-70s in san francisco and the mid-60s along the coastline. much cooler friday and saturday. sunday looking good. looks like you know what? temperatures will be rebounding monday, tuesday, wednesday. so our roller coaster ride with our temperatures continues well after the weekend and this has nothing to do with weather, i'm liking those gam boats liz. >> i'm going to be going like this all day long.
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>> you look good. >> thank you. 5:02 right now. anne makovec is in san carlos one of the cities hit by a strike by garbage workers. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not a good time for this because the temperatures as we all know have been very warm around here. but up and down the streets here in san carlos you can see wishful thinking you might call it bags sitting out hoping they will be picked up by trash collectors but that probably won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest. this all started when 12 workers at the ox mountain landfill in half moon bay called a 48-hour strikeyesterday over stalled contract talks. all of allied waste employees have refused to cross the picket line in solidarity. this is causing a stink among the 36,000 customers that the company serves.
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>> they are lucky to have a job. and i can understand their health issues. but i just disagree with t they should be doing their jobs. >> reporter: that is not going to happen today according to the strikers. service could resume as early as tomorrow though that's what folks are hoping for. the beef the -- workers say the company is trying to cut their healthcare benefits and get them to pay more into their pensions. we'll hear from the union in the next half hour, sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec in san carlos. firefighters expect to fully contain the curry fire on mt. diablo sometime today. it started tuesday afternoon near curry canyon road. that fire as of yesterday afternoon was 90% contained. flames have ripped through 375 acres of brush and grass, about a half square mile. some homes were threatened for a time but none burned.
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two firefighters have been slightly injured one with a sprained ankle, the other a cut on his leg. extreme fire danger forcing the closure of alum rock park for the second day in a row. san jose extended that closure despite forecasts of cooler temperatures. but the decision is based on weather conditions within the park and the availability of fire personnel. the 700-acre park has a lot of rough terrain and just one exit point. so the city often closes it during heat waves for safety reasons. it is expected to re-open tomorrow. 5:05. more than $6 million, that's how much bart has spent related to the killing of passenger oscar grant by former officer johannes mehserle. the "chronicle" obtained the specifics. bart paid $1.5 million to grant's 6-year-old daughter, 1.4 million for overtime and special pay to investigate the shooting and handling protestors. bart has paid about a million dollars to pay and cover for six other officers who were at
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the shooting scene. other expenses include lawyer fees, training costs and new equipment. san francisco police could be close to making arrests for the killing of a tourist earlier this month. police chief george gascon says he believes they have identified suspects now. a 50-year-old woman from germany was walking with her husband near union square when a stray bullet hit her in the head. the bullet was fired in a shootout between two groups of people outside a private party. a big warehouse store in the east bay is trying to add another warehouse to its operation. tonight the emeryville city planning commission will consider ikea's plan. they have a showroom store on shell mound street in emeryville and now it wants to use a nearby existing warehouse a few blocks away as a place for customers to pick up large items. some of the neighbors, though, they are against that. >> i love ikea. i have ikea items in every room in my house. i just don't want to live next to an ikea. it's chaos.
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people trying to put large items, trying to tie them to the top of their cars or they have these hatch backs they try to stuff things in and then have to pull everything out and try to get it back in. >> ikea says it expects about 100 customers a day to pick up merchandise at the proposed facility. ikea has agreed to reduce signage and build an 8-foot- tall sound wall but isn't budging on the warehouse. what's causing the sudden boom in the rodent population in th bay area? >> and how a bay area county became the first to trigger the national alarm that sparked the massive egg recall. and we are going to get a look at some newly released images of how a new ballpark for the as would look. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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an earlier accident on 101 in san francisco has just been cleared to the right shoulder so now it's a nice ride as you pass candlestick. we'll have a full look at your morning commute in traffic coming up. robberies and assaults are on the rise in oakland since dozens of police officers were laid off. at least that's according to the oakland police officers association. 80 oakland officers lost their jobs last month as a way to reduce the city's budget deficit. the union told the tribune that robberies and assaults were up 8.5% in a one month period ending august 13. that's compared with the year prior. but department officials and city council members say that the bigger picture is much different. they are looking at a broader range of crimes, which is down 16%. it now appears santa clara county was a driving force behind the nationwide recall of eggs. county health experts began looking into the matter in may
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when several people who attended a graduation party and prom were sickened. they later tested positive for salmonella linked to a custard- filled pastry. the county isn't identifying the school where the events were held. more than a half billion eggs from two iowa farms have been recalled over the past two weeks. if you notice more squirrels and rats running around lately you are not alone. a report in the contra costa times says rodent populations are on the upswing in parts of northern california. it's connected to the wettest winner and spring in a few years. grasses and plants have grown bigger than usual providing the critters with food and places to hide from predators. the oakland as and supporters of a downtown san jose ballpark are giving a better idea of what that stadium would look like. the group, baseball san jose, has posted computer generated images of the proposed ballpark on its website. they show how cisco field would look in its surroundings near
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hp pavilion and diridon train station. they also give perspectives from inside the stadium with views of downtown and the east foothills beyond the outfield. the as and the city are still awaiting word from major league baseball on whether they can pursue a san jose ballpark. store a newly released poll from cbs news says americans are more pessimistic about the country's economy than last month. >> is that so? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> really, haven't noticed. the last time americans were this pessimistic was april of 2009. so our question of the day to you is: how would you describe the nation's economy? four-letter words probably should not be used. they won't be aired. email us at we're also on facebook and twitter. what a difference a couple
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of days make. hi, tracy. >> we went from record heat for a couple of days and now things have cooled off. the cooler temperatures, today's highs in just a few moments.
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all right. welcome back. we have no accidents right now blocking lanes anywhere around the bay area. this is great. nice start to the morning commute. here's a look at the south bay. you can see all green on our sensors all showing top speeds. this is live look at traffic out of downtown san jose. this camera has been showing a lot of traffic past 7:00. we have had a lot of congestion coming through downtown the past couple of days. i know school started yesterday at san jose state university. but definitely the commute is really back into full swing now after a couple months of light summertime traffic. if you are continuing along the peninsula, right now everything looks good on 101 and 280. i mentioned that earlier problem up in san francisco. northbound 101 just past silver avenue with a car looks like our camera just died near candlestick, but a car quickly moved to the right shoulder, no serious injuries. 101 and 280 both good options for heading into san francisco. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where they did pick up the construction on the upper deck so traffic still very light coming not city from the east bay.
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an there's the drive time for you, 18 minutes down the eastshore freeway and westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze a lot of fog in our golden gate bridge shot this morning. and one little headlight there traveling towards the pay gates. so obviously traffic very light through marin, but, yeah, foggy so watch out for that. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. get all the very latest traffic information. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. i can't believe you said the word fog. >> i know. did you see that shot? a lot of it in there. >> made all the difference last evening. pushed into san francisco. temperatures cooled down. a nice night if you thought the previous night was a little too mild or warm for your liking. how about this? low clouds and fog at the
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coast, fog inland. another rude awakening this afternoon to the fact that it's going to cool down up to 90 degrees inland today, mid-70s to 90. cooling down around the bay, the mid-60s to the mid-60s, and a mix of sun and clouds at the coast. we build a graphic. concord 106. santa rosa 103. san jose 100. and san francisco 74. take a look at today. 84 in concord, that's 22 degrees cooler, 78 in santa rosa, 82 san jose, 65 in san francisco. as someone said earlier today, if you blinked you would be like, wow, was it hot yesterday? yeah, it was. today lower to the mid-60s at the coast today, lower 80s in milpitas to santa clara to san jose. upper 80s out in morgan hill. definitely a lot more comfortable across the bay area. mid-80s from concord to danville, 87 in pleasanton. 90 in antioch and in
5:19 am
brentwood. and just along the bay here mid-60s in berkeley, 70 in oakland, and 69 degrees in alameda. santa rosa you're definitely cooling down. 78. 82 in sonoma. 82 napa, both location near the 90s yesterday. mid-70s in novato. mid- to lower-70s in kentfield and mill valley. and the 60s back in sausalito and in san francisco. so today cooled down. what about the weekend? yeah, he forgot all first friday cooling down. unseasonably cool saturday and sunday. but don't say good-bye to summer yet. temperatures rebound for the beginning of next week. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, people in most of san mateo county should not expect their trash to be collected until at least tomorrow. a dozen workers are on a two- day strike to protest the lack of progress on their contracts. but 500 garbage collectors and
5:20 am
other workers are honoring those two dozen picket lines. firefighters expect to fully contain the curry fire on mt. diablo sometime today. that fire 90% contained as of yesterday afternoon. flames have ripped through 375 acres of brush and grass, about a half square mile. no homes have burned. two firefighters slightly injured. the bay area ranks high among locations for pranksters pointing lasers at airplanes. oakland international airport ranks fourth in the nation, followed by mineta international in san jose. the devices may temporarily blind pilots. it may soon be illegal for landlords in california to force tenants to declaw on devocalize pets before moving in. the state assembly has passed a bill that bans forced pet declawing. now all it needs is the governor's signature. under the law, landlords would
5:21 am
be fined $1,000 for demanding the procedures in a lease agreement. california is one step closer to some of the toughest safety requirements on the slopes. one bill would require skiers and snowboarders under the age of 18 to wear helmets. violaters would face a fine up to $25. lawmakers have approved a bill to require ski resorts to prepare annual safety plans. it's 5:21. coming up next, what annoys people the most when they fly. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i dreamed a dream in times gone by ♪ >> and the new honor for susan boyle, who rose to instant fame from the television show "britain's got talent." i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. cooler conditions this morning. and later on this afternoon, temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. 64 in richmond with a mix of sun and clouds. 70 oakland with plenty of sunshine. 86 in danville with more
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sunshine to go around. will the cooler weather last through the weekend? yeah, just a couple of days away. we'll have a look at today's forecast and your weekend coming up. >> thank you. bob dylan gave his bay area fans a flashback. >> hey. >> you got to hide your love away ♪ >> for his show at the warfield in san francisco last night, fans had to show up in person to get tickets. it was one ticket per person, $60, no convenience fees, no presales, no internet, no credit cards, no scalpers. ♪ everybody must stand in line ♪ cash only! >> it's the way it should be. there is no middleman, the right people are getting and giving the money. it's great. >> oh, yes. [ pause ] >> it was the first time in 20 years that the 70-year-old rock legend has played the warfield. >> i would have liked to have
5:26 am
seen that. >> bob dylan, 70 now. >> have you ever seen it? >> no. have not. have not. i wouldn't mind seeing him. let's see. lindsay lohan may be out of prison and rehab but the actress is still paying the price for her drunken escapades of three years ago. >> a junk has ordered lohan to under-- a judge has ordered low on that undergo strict outpatient care for three months including psychotherapy and addiction counseling sessions several times a week until november. she can still work. she has to submit to random drug and alcohol tests. ♪ i dreamed a dream in times gone by [ applause and cheers ] >> susan boyle will be singing that song for pope benedict xvi. she will perform at a papal mass during the pope's tour of britain in september. she is also going to sing hymns with an 800-member choir. and boyle says that the invitation to sing for the pope is, quote, my greatest
5:27 am
dream come true. this was when -- when the world first found out about her she was on "britain's got talent." >> i remember when she walked on stage and they were chuckling, thinking she was going to be a dud. >> then she started singing. whew! this month marks 90 years since women were first allowed to vote in the u.s. it was august 18th, 1920, that the 19th amendment was ratified. and there are some local events planned today to toast that chapter in history. 7:00 this morning, nurses and others will gather outside kaiser permanente medical center in oakland and st. mary's medical center in san francisco. there is an event this afternoon at 5:30 at the triton museum of art in santa clara. so what annoys you when you fly? if you said other people's children, you're not alone. according to -- a new study! 77 -- >> they needed a study for that in? [ laughter ]
5:28 am
>> 77% of people surveyed by the airfare comparison site sky scanner say that kids are most likely to irritate them on a flight but it's not just children. 56% said rowdy passengers in general get on their nerves especially bachelor or bachelorette parties or sports fans. >> then another poll by sky scanner found 53% would prefer if kits sat in a families only section. >> i'm thinking on the wing. >> i have been pretty lucky. most of the kids have been good. sometimes they kick the seat but they have been pretty good. >> last flight i was on the and the lady in front of me actually turned around and yelled at the seat behind me. i'm like ducking in between them. [ laughter ] >> it's 5:-- >> i always thank the parents and the kids. if they have been especially good, yeah. so... >> good idea. in the next half hour, why there are a lot of complaints about how cash the -- the cash
5:29 am
for appliances program. >> also we'll tell you about the half billion eggs recalled for salmonella, how they may end up in your kitchen in a different form. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's august 26. 5:31. >> if you blink, you may have missed this hot weather. we only had it for a day or two. tracy will tell us more about
5:32 am
this cooldown, this very quick cooldown that we're having. but first, let's get a check of our morning commute. elizabeth, how's it looking? >> it's not too bad. we have a new problem in pleasanton near the dublin interchange which is never a good spot to have an accident anyway. eastbound 580 against the commute approaching 680 there was a car fire. fire is out, car is on the shoulder. but fire crews right now have the right lane blocked. so watch out for that a little slow towards the dublin grade. westbound 580 in the meantime still seeing top speeds. but it looks like approaching the dublin interchange, close to tassajara. all those taillights westbound traffic a little bit of slowing already coming out of the altamont pass but not making much of a dent in your drive time. 14 minutes, holding steady there, from the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange. golden gate bridge i just showed you this traffic shot again because there is so much fog through the waldo grade reducing your visibility just a bit. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. i don't mind that reduced visibility because i got a cooldown! that's right. >> yeah, it's definitely cooling down across the bay
5:33 am
area again today. it is pronounced difference especially in the east bay. these locations in the triple digits, today 90 in antioch, 87 pleasanton and fairfield, 82 sonoma. triple-digit highs in santa rosa yesterday. today 78. sure you're going to love that. 76 in kentfield, 65 in san francisco falling about 10 degrees. 70 in oakland, 73 in hayward, and 82 degrees down in san jose which hit 100 degrees yesterday. cooling down friday, cooler on the weekend and temperatures rebounding next week. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. people in san mateo county are having to wait to get their garbage picked up. anne makovec in san carlos to explain why workers are picketing. this isn't normally a trashy neighborhood but you can
5:34 am
call it because of scenes like this repeated up and down streets all over san carlos and san mateo bridge in general. bags and cans lining up. you could call it wishful thinking because they are not going to be picked up until tomorrow at the earliest. now, here's where the dispute started. the ox mountain landfill in half moon bay, a dozen workers here called the strike over stalled contract talks as did about 40 clerical workers for allied waste at the company's transfer station in san carlos. now, that station serves all of san mateo county. and teamsters don't want to cross the picket line. so now around 500 employees have joined the strike in solidarity. they are upset about proposals to trim healthcare benefits and have them pay into their pensions. >> we have a number of unfair labor practices filed in this company. we are having a 48-hour strike. trying to get the company's attention and hopefully get them back to the table and
5:35 am
bargain in good faith. >> reporter: according to allied waste customer's hotline, here's when you can expect relief if you normally have your trash picked up on wednesday it will happen on friday. thursday pickups will be picked up on saturday and friday pickups on sunday. now, allied says they hired replacement workers to cover the initial strikers. but they didn't anticipate the 500 extra strikers. so they weren't able to cover them. >> thank you, anne makovec in san carlos. firefighters expect to fully contain the curry fire on mt. diablo sometime today. it started tuesday afternoon near curry canyon road. that fire is now 90% contained. at least it was as of yesterday afternoon. flames burned 375 acres of brush and grass about a half mile. no homes were burned. two firefighters were lightly injured. one of the people injured by a runaway suv in san
5:36 am
francisco remains in critical condition this morning. three other victims are in serious condition. a fifth has improved and is now described as fair. the victims were at a bus stop in visitacion valley on tuesday afternoon when that suv hit them. the 24-year-old driver cited for driving without a license or insurance. that driver told police her suv has mechanical problems. robberies and assaults on the rise in oakland ever since dozens of police officers were laid off there. that's according to the oakland police officers association. 80 oakland police officers lost their jobs last month as a way to reduce the city's budget deficit. the union told the tribune, robberies and assaults were up 8.5% in a one month period ending august 13. that's compared with the previous year. the department official and the city council say the bigger picture is much different. they are looking at a broader range of crimes which is down 16%. more than $6 million is how
5:37 am
much bart has spent related to the killing of passenger oscar grant by former officer johannes mehserle. the "chronicle" obtained the specifics. here they are. bart paying $1.5 million to grant's 6-year-old daughter. $1.4million going to overtime and special pay to investigate the shooting and to handle protestors. bart has paid about a million dollars to pay and cover for six other officers at the shooting scene. other expenses include lawyer fees, training costs and new equipment. and san francisco police could be close to making arrests for the killing of a tourist earlier this month. police chief george gascon says he believes they have now identified the suspects. 50-year-old woman from germany was walking with her husband near union square when a stray bullet hit her in the head. that bullet was fired in a shootout between two groups of people outside of a private party. it's 5:37. people who jumped at a chance for free money up to grade old appliance now say the state is taking too long to dole out the
5:38 am
cash. the program started in april and at that time rebates were expected in six to eight weeks. for one concord man, though, it's been four months and he still doesn't have his refrigerator rebate. >> i'm actually kind of surprised that it's been as bad. i thought it would be a simple thing of i send it in and six weeks later i would get the money back. >> we acknowledge that there have been some issues with this program. we have received over 100,000 applications since the program began. >> the california energy commission hired two subcontractors to handle the rebate program and says last week one of those companies added 20 more staffers. the commission also says about one quarter of the applications for appliance rebates were incomplete, had missing information or documentation, or both. history for california's
5:39 am
highest court. a judicial commission unanimously approved governor schwarzenegger's nominee for chief justice of the state supreme court. tani cantil-sakauye selected to replace retiring chief ron george. voters still need to approve her nomination in november. but if that happens, she would be the high court's first filipino-american justice and its second female chief justice. >> and i see myself as doing the best job i can encouraging people to do the best job they can and to never think about barriers. because they don't exist unless you start thinking about them. >> if approved in the november election, she will serve a 12- year term. it is 5:39. more trouble for the former city manager of the los angeles suburb of bell. robert rizzo pleading guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving yesterday five months after he crashed into his neighbor's mailbox in huntington beach. the incident happened before
5:40 am
word spread about extremely high salaries paid to rizzo and other city official in bell. he was pressured to resign. he was sentenced to a nine- month alcohol awareness program and 10 days community service. a memorial in hong kong for the eight people killed in a hostage standoff in the philippines. flags were lowered to half- staff during the memorial ceremony today. 8 tourists from hong kong killed after an armed man hijacked their bus in manila. the man was a fired police officer who was demanding his job back. police eventually killed the man but not before those tourists were killed. police in the philippines admit there were defects in their handling of the situation. at least some of the mine, trapped below ground in chile need to lose weight. otherwise, they might not be able to get out of the mine. the plan is to drill a hole to rescue those miners. but that hole will be only 26" wide so rescuers say those miners will have to be no more
5:41 am
than 35" around the waist to fit into the hole. 6 members of a government allied sunni militia were killed after being ambushed in iraq a day after attacks on police and soldiers left more than 50 people dead. iraq's foreign minister says insurgents are trying to create as much chaos as possible as u.s. troops withdraw. next tuesday night president obama will be address the nation to mark the end of u.s. combat operation in iraq. and you can see it here on cbs 5 and it happens at 5:00. >> it appears santa clara county was behind the recall of eggs. county health experts began looking into the matter in may. that's when several people who attended a graduation party and prom were sick end. they later tested positive for salmonella linked to a custard filled pastry. the county's not identifying the school where the events were held. more than a half billion eggs
5:42 am
from two iowa farms have been recalled over the past two weeks. wholesale egg prices have risen by 40% since then. not all those recalled eggs are going to waste. some will end up on store shelves but in a different form. recalled eggs are being sent to processing facilities along with fresh eggs that infected hens are still producing. those eggs will be cooked and pasteurized and used in products like ice cream, mayonnaise, cake mix and cookies. may sound disturbing but even a consumer reports scientist says there should be no problem. >> once you have taken the action to kill the bacteria, then it's fine to put it into these other products so i wouldn't be worried about eating a pasteurized egg product that came from these recalled eggs. >> the egg debacle is prompting more calls for tougher regulation of the food industry. one bill that's currently tied up in the senate would be the first major overhaul of u.s. food safety laws in more than
5:43 am
70 years. it is 5:42. coming up next, the increasing problem affecting commercial pilots coming into bay area airports. and what's being done about it. >> and a new car designed to stop itself before hitting a pedestrian. we'll explain how it works. ,, [ female announcer ] jcp cash is on the spot savings. earn ten dollars off on the spot when you spend twenty five! wow! unlike other stores... ...we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash -- ten dollars off when you spend twenty five, two days only! who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney.
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good morning. a couple of issues in pleasanton against the commute. eastbound 580 just before 680, car fire completely off to the shoulder and actually completely cleared out of lanes. so no issues there. now we have a new problem also in eastbound 80, eastbound 580. sounds like it's closer to hacienda. motorcycle crash, rider in the
5:46 am
center divide. the driver refused an ambulance. no serious injuries but they are waiting for a tow truck. westbound 580 still moving fine. highway 4 slow past a street and also zooming in eastbound highway 4 approaching railroad we still have a stall blocking one lane. but again, westbound traffic is where we are seeing slowing. it looks good down the carquinez bridge. one more traffic camera. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. yes, definitely going to be cooler today again. if you enjoyed yesterday's cooldown you will probably love today especially if you live inland. that's where locations yesterday were in the triple digits. today, not that high. out the door partly cloudy with some low clouds inland, low clouds around the bay and low clouds and fog along the coastline with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the lower 60s. already 15 degrees cooler than this same time yesterday morning for a number of locations. later on for the afternoon, mid-
5:47 am
70s to 90. much cooler. mostly sunny and cooler around the bay with temperatures from the mid-60s to the mid-70s and a mix of sun and clouds for the coastline up to the mid-60s. it was much, much hotter yesterday and it will be much cooler today. take a look. concord 106 yesterday. 103 in santa rose. 100 san jose and 74 in san francisco. just to name a few. today, 48 in concord, 78 santa rosa, 82 san jose, 65 degrees in san francisco. these temperatures up to 25 degrees cooler. 84 in concord. here's a look at more cooler temperatures. 76 in mountain view, 77 los altos, 83 los gatos, lower to mid-60s at the coast. 90 antioch and brentwood. 80s concord to danville to san ramon to dublin and the mid-60s to 70 in oakland and 69 in
5:48 am
alameda, mid-60s in berkeley. north bay locations lower out in sonoma and napa. upper 70s in santa rosa and petaluma. mid-60s in sausalito and san francisco. our seven-day forecast, more sunshine expected tomorrow. temperatures cool down more. we'll take that cooler weather into the weekend both days saturday and sunday with temperatures rebounding monday, tuesday and wednesday. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, palo alto has its festival of the arts going on saturday and sunday. saturday 68, partly cloudy, sunday 78 mostly sunny skies. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. in the headlines, firefighters in the east bay expected to get the curry fire contained later today. it is 90% contained already. the start of that fire that started on the -- the cause of the fire that started on the side of mt. diablo tuesday still being investigated. bart spent more than $6 million in connection with the
5:49 am
fatal shooting of oscar grant iii. the biggest single payment was $1.5 million for grant's 6-year- old daughter. miami's have also been spent on police overtime -- millions have also been spent on police overtime, training and lawyers. workers upset about not having a new contract are in the second day of a two-day strike against allied waste in san mateo county. other trash workers are honoring the picket lines. after the strike ends tomorrow, crews will be on the job through the weekend to catch up on garbage collection. oakland international airport is ranking fourth in the nation for reported laser strikes on planes in the country. mineta international airport in san jose ranking fifth. the top three according to the faa chicago o'hare, los angeles international and phoenix sky harbor. the inexpensive laser devices have the potential to cause major air disasters by blinding the pilots. santa clara county official plan to increase efforts to educate the public.
5:50 am
and anyone caught pointing a laser at an aircraft could face fines and up to three years in prison. volvo showing off its newest cars that it says protect pedestrians. the car stopped itself. volvo giving a demonstration last night in san francisco of its pedestrian detection with full auto brake technology. the device has a radar and cameras that watch for things in front of the car. >> when it does determine that it is a person, it's looking for behaviors, movements, and if it sees that you're approaching it at a speed up to 22 miles per hour it will apply the full auto brake. higher than 22 miles per hour, the car still attempts to slow down. the system is only available on volvo's 2011s60s. not just skype. coming up, how google is making it easier to reach out and call someone on your computer.
5:51 am
reach out and call someone from your computer. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's
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a view of the golden gate bridge. haven't seen that in a while. >> a little fog showing up around the bay area this morning. tracy will have our forecast in just a couple of minutes. google is making it easier to call someone from your computer. anyone with google email can now make a regular phone call from their gmail page. the person you're calling doesn't need a computer. they need a phone. the technology isn't new but experts say it's a game changer. >> in the past you had to set
5:54 am
up a time to call friends on skype. now in email you will be able to make a call with a few clicks. >> all domestic calls are free and it's a few cents per minute for international calls. go to spain where they are seeing red. tomato fighting season. more than 20,000 people gathered to take part in the event. the sloppy extravaganza starting as a simple food fight among a few friends back in 1945. but as you can see, they got on myspace or facebook and now they have lots of friends. >> it was banned for a couple of decades, then returned and it's been growing in popularity ever since 1990. americans are more pessimistic about the economy
5:55 am
since last year. the last time americans were this pessimistic was april of 2009 so we have been asking you, how would you describe the nation's economy? liz bronson says, not very good. my sense is the latest housing market news is one indication combined with high unemployment rates, in addition to other nationwide factors. >> and kevin from cloverdale facebooked us, bad. everyone is scared to spend money because they never know if they are going to have it tomorrow. >> yeah. email your comments to we're also on facebook and twitter. 5:55. elizabeth adjusting. >> nothing to it. [ laughter ] >> not bad. we saw a little bit of fog . our golden gate bridge camera we can see a lot of fog. we are getting word of a couple of house fires in san jose. that's why i had to slide on in here. kind of some last-minute
5:56 am
information. two separate house fires reported closing to the same area. one reported at 905 rockdale drive. another one near the intersection of winchester and moorpark so not a huge traffic impact because it is on city streets. we'll bring you more information if we have it. out of downtown san jose at 280 still looks good fine towards cupertino. also a little muni information for you. bus shuttles are in place from the zoo. bart and ace are on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. yeah, things are definitely cooling down again today. we had some report high temperatures across the bay area yesterday well inland. not today. temperatures near 90 degrees in our hottest spots inland. upper 60s around the bay. mid-60s for the coast. cooler conditions friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures rebounding monday
5:57 am
through wednesday. we are coming up on the weekend. and this saturday and sunday is the oakland street fest. partly cloudy and cool on saturday with temperatures in the mid-60s. if you are looking for something to do head out to oakland, take part enjoy street fest. coming up in the next half hour, raw sewage. hundreds of gallons spilling into a bay area neighborhood. >> we'll tell you where it happened and the clean-up efforts under way this morning. it's an alley cat's dream. coming up, we'll tell you what's causing a stink in some bay area neighborhoods and when we can expect this to all be cleaned up. ,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. hey, good morning. it is thursday, the 26th of august. >> and it's a lot cooler out there which probably is good


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