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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 26, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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14" sewer line. this trouble began yesterday afternoon, at da vett lane in redwood wood shores. it sent hundreds of gallons of sewage into the streets as well as several garages and the redwood shores lagoon. not clear what caused the pipe to break nor how much sewage is gone into san francisco bay. trash piling up for the second day in a row. a dozen allied waste employees initiated a two-day strike yesterday but workers are picketing in facilities in half moon bay and san carlos. now more than 500 garbage collectors and other workers are refusing to cross the picket lines. the strike is causing a stink for some customers of allied. >> they're lucky to have a job. i can understand their health issues, but i just disagree with it. they should be doing their
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jobs. >> the workers say that they are on strike because contract talks have come it a halt. so no trash is going to be picked up today but service should be restored tomorrow. collection may be a few days behind. within a 90-minute period, firefighters in san jose found themselves fighting three early- morning fires. two homes were destroyed and a million dollars in damage caused at a factory. one of those fires may have been caused by a natural gas explosion. anne makovec live in the south bay with details on what was going on this morning. anne. >> reporter: yeah, firefighters are still trying to figure out what came first, the explosion or the fire. but pg&e is here. a natural gas line has been broken. and they are trying to fix that right now. they say that some natural gas has gotten into the air but they say it's not dangerous. it's been defused. if you move up you can see that there is a lot of trees so you can't see the house that burned down. the trees are one of the reasons the firefighters were
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so concerned about this fast- moving blaze. >> i was acrossed street when i heard it. i was just returning. how lucky. >> reporter: this is the view above shirley's house this morning. when this fire started just after 5:00 a.m., she was walking her dogs. >> i was across the street with her when i heard this big explosion. i said what? >> reporter: and then she realized where it came from. >> i went in, i saw smoke coming from under the garage door. i knew. >> reporter: meanwhile, across her backyard, another family. >> the doorbell started ringing in a crazy fashion and i heard fire, fire, and i looked in the back and the smoke -- the fire was just coming like shooting out of the house. i was shocked actually. >> reporter: his daughter grabbed her video camera and captured these shots as the family evacuated. >> what you were thinking as you were looking through the viewfinder? >> i'm like trying to figure out the cause. it was like really, really intensely huge. i think i was just trying to figure out where it's coming
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from and how close it was. it's something to see a fire on tv and it's another thing to actually experience it in front of you and actually know that you're in danger. >> reporter: it took the fire department about 10 minutes to arrive because they were busy with a nearby fire and this fire was first called in as an explosion instead of a fire. >> when they got here the house was fully involved. coming out of every hole. so their first concern was the houses on either side. >> reporter: they managed to keep them safe besides some minor damage but back in shirley's house a number of pets, several cats, a dog and nine birds, died in the fire. but she says she is okay. >> i just turned 80 august 10. and i realize -- you really realize what's important in life. not the material things. at 80 years old, it's you and those you love. >> reporter: you got to appreciate her attitude. i know a lot of folks here are thinking, what about the firefighters layoffs we saw in
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san jose, did that contribute to any of the difficulties of firefighters had overnight? apparently not. none of the stations were closed in this area. >> three within an hour and a half, that's taxing if nothing else. anne makovec in san jose, thanks. well, in oakland, a 13-year- old middle school track star was shot and killed last night. it happened in east oakland just before 9:30. police say the person was walking with a friend near 61st and bancroft avenues when a gunman approached them and then opened fire without warning. the friend wasn't hurt. no arrests in the case. more than $6 million is how much the deadly police shooting of oscar grant has cost bart. according to the "san francisco chronicle," bart paid $1.5 million to grant's 6-year-old daughter; $1.4 million went for overtime and special pay to investigate the shooting and to handle protestors. bart has paid about $1 million
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to pay and cover for six other officers who were at the shooting scene. other expenses include lawyer fees, training costs and new equipment. two bay area airports are near the top of a list they probably would rather not be on. oakland and san jose rank fourth and fifth in the country respectively for reports of laser strikes on aircraft. this typically involves somebody on the ground shining one of those hand-held lasers toward the cockpit. in some cases, it can temporarily blind the pilot. there have already been 1200 laser strikes on airplanes in the united states this year. tonight, the city of emeryville will consider a plan by ikea to add another warehouse. the company wants to use an existing warehouse a few blocks away from the big showroom on shell mount street. the new facility would be for customers to pick up large items but some of the neighbors there are against it. >> i love ikea. i have ikea items in every room
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in my house. i just don't want to live next door to ikea. it's chaos. people put items on their cars or hatchbacks they try to stuff everything in and try to pull everything out and try to get it back in. >> ikea expects about 100 customers a day would pick up merchandise at the proposed facility. the company agreed to reduce signage and also build an 8- foot-tall sound wall around that facility. a local hiv aids center serving san francisco shutting down after 35 years. new leaf will close on october 15th. the center's executive director says the reason for that is high costs and the economic downturn. other organizations say they will expand to help clients who are losing services at new leaf. the center center. other centers are offering services. religious tensions already at an all-time high in new york and now a sudden attack on a
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vi new york city mayor michael bloomberg plans to meet today with a cab driver who was
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attacked. as alison harmelin shows us the suspect has nothing in his history to suggest he would commit a hate crime. >> reporter: ahmed sharif had just picked up a passenger in his taxi when a seemingly friendly conversation turned violent. i'm driving, he asks me where i'm from. i say bangladesh. he ask me are you muslim? i say yes. they he told me [ foreign language ] >> reporter: after that traditional islamic greeting, police say the passenger attacked. >> the knife came here on my -- like this by his right hand. >> reporter: sharif was slashed in the face, arm and throat. 21 years michael enright is charged with attempted murder. police say he was drunk at the time. >> we are going to gather as much information as possible and figure out where to go. >> reporter: there was no sign of hate in his background. enright did volunteer work in afghanistan and belonged to a group that promotes interfaith understanding. but the attack on the cabbie
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comes at a time of rising tensions over plans to build a mosque near ground zero. more than 70% of americans oppose it including families of 9/11 victims. >> i understand their religious beliefs and they should have a place to pray, an educational center. no problems with that. but not there. >> reporter: the outburst of violence stunned new york's muslims. >> you cannot just hate me because i'm muslim. i didn't do anything to you. >> reporter: mayor michael bloomberg says the attack goes against everything new yorkers believe. he has invited the wounded cab driver to meet with him today at city hall. alison harmelin, cbs news, new york. former republican national committee chairman ken melman has come out of the closet. melman told atlantic magazine that he wants to talk publicly about being gay in order to become an advocate for same-sex marriage. he said, quote, it's taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life.
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and then went on to say that his friends and family have been very supportive. melman was also the campaign manager for president bush in 2004. it can drastically cut down on pedestrian accidents. what this car can do that can't be done by any other commercial vehicle in the world. the last couple of days, temperatures have been a little topsy-turvy, extreme heat, now it's cool outside. what about your weekend? will it be hot or cold? i have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking news out of the east bay. let me explain that truck. that's a stop sign under the pickup truck. this was a high-speed chase ended just a little bit ago. we are told it started shortly before noon at foothill and 50th avenue. the driver of the white truck led police through the streets of oakland, crashed into one car at 14th avenue and east 20th street and then the truck wound up like that. we are told some people have been injured. we are working on getting their conditions. but again, this was a high- speed chase in the streets of oakland so if you want to see streaming video, it's on but we'll be watching it here
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as well during this noon hour. okay. here's the technology. a driver did not hit the brakes to stop there. the car stopped itself. the volvo gave a demonstration last night. volvo did in san francisco. this is a pedestrian detection with full auto brake technology. works with radar and cameras there that they watch for things in front of the car. >> when it does determine that it is a person that's looking for behaviors, movements, and if it sees that you're approaching it at a speed up to 22 miles per hour, that's when it will brake. >> if the car is going faster than 22 miles an hour, the car still attempts to slow down as much as possible. right now, it's only available on volvo's 2011 s-60 sedan. that's cool. i think my mom would appreciate that. >> especially parents, you always have kids cutting in front of you. >> there you go. we're in the fog zone
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again, in case you missed it. >> yes. we're in the fog zone again. [ laughter ] >> we went from hot to cold. >> i know, so fast. >> like it happened almost like 24 hours. temperatures falling close to 25 degrees. that doesn't happen often. but again, we are here in the bay area where anything can happen. here's a look outside toward ocean beach and this is along the coastline. last couple of days we were basking in sunshine for the coast but not today. it's going to be cloudy all day and temperatures will be in the 50s throughout the day for much of the coastline. some locations will flirt with just near 60 degrees but not many. around the bay a mix of sun and clouds. and have you noticed it's cooler? mid-70s around the bay and inland today, 90 degrees. plenty of sunshine and not as hot. we are going to take a look at the big temperature drop in a few moments. tonight partly cloudy, more clouds expected late, low clouds and fog around the bay and low clouds, fog and even a little drizzle coming back into the forecast later on tonight in the overnight hours especially the closer you get
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to the coast. so let's revisit quickly. yesterday, concord 106. 103 santa rosa. 100 san jose. 74 san francisco. we are calling it much cooler because, oh!! it's a whole lot cooler! 84 concord, san francisco 11 degrees cooler. wow. now we'll look at some more bay area cities also getting in on the cooldown. 83 in cupertino, 78 sunnyvale, 75 palo alto. 60 pacifica. 62 half moon bay. east bay locations, yesterday you were looking at triple digits. not today. the mid-80s in concord and danville, lower 80s in dublin, 90 in antioch, 90 in brentwood. oakland looking at 68. 64 berkeley. 62 richmond. north bay locations, santa rosa yesterday triple digits.
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today 78. 82 in sonoma. 82 napa. 60s in sausalito and san francisco. we warm up again on monday, tuesday and wednesday. but for all people saying it didn't feel like summer, you got your summer a little taste. >> i want it back by the weekend. >> i know. thank you. it was a revolutionary idea back in the 1960s, community- run health centers where patients could get quality care in their own neighborhoods. when one oakland mother learned there was federal money to start such a project, she and her friends made that dream a reality. kate kelly has the story this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: the westoaklandd health center has been meeting the needs of its community for 40 years. no one is turned away because of lack of money or health insurance. patients like disraeli hives- matlock came here as a child
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and now she's receiving prenatal care. >> it's excellent service. you know, they have a lot of resources. >> reporter: back in the 1960s, the community of west oakland didn't have access to good medical care. if you got sick, it meant a cross-city bus ride to highland hospital, where it could take hours before seeing a doctor. >> at that time, healthcare -- i would say it was just about nonexistent for the people in this community. >> reporter: cloteal davis was a schoolteacher and single mother at the time with eight children. she and three other mothers she met at school knew firsthand how badly families needed local care. so they organized and went after federal money to make their dream happen. health center executive dr. robert cooper says what they did was nothing short of remarkable because they did it without political connections or business experience. >> they were females and they were black at a time when either being female or black was not things that opened doors to you. >> we were four strong black
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women. and i'm proud to say that because we did bring the health center in. >> reporter: cloteal and her friends gathered petitions, took their kids to countless meetings, followed guidelines, partnered with clinicians, even took classes on how to manage payrolls. and within three short years in 1969, one of the first community-run health centers in the west opened its doors. with pride, cloteal shows off the center today, where she still works five days a week. >> back in here, back this way. >> reporter: the range of services is impressive. >> this is dental. >> reporter: in all, over 21,000 patients were rely on care the west oakland health council provides, a 40-year legacy from four moms to all families. >> i really look up to her. you know? she's one of my inspirations. she always has been. i never told her that. so now she's going to know. >> reporter: so for providing
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access and helping to improve the healthcare for thousands of people in her community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to cloteal davis. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> if you need the services of the west oakland health center, you can connect online. use the link in our story about cloteal at awards. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 5:00 tonight. his engine died but it ended up costing a bay area man big time. tonight's consumerwatch, how to make sure the auto repair shop doesn't rip you off if you have problems. so that's coming up at 5:00. that's it for us at noon, though. we'll see you then. have a great afternoon and get out of the fog if you're in the fog. if you're in the sun, come to the fog! it's not that bad. have a good afternoon. ,, [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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