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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 26, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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shooting death of a , whoever did this, we're gonna find you, you best believe that. >> a son, a brother, a child. what we now know about the shooting death of a 13-year-old in oakland. >> i was a little bit scared but decided it was kind of the fun at the same time. >> a bumpy landing for passengers on a jetblue flight. when they realized something was wrong. officers investigating a cold case finds a relatively fresh body, the case unfolding in fremont. >> turning out prison lights by turning up the heat. the case that has the a.c.l.u. standing up up for inmates. i'm ken bastida, cbs5. >> eyewitness news. i'm dana king. he was a standout athlete about to start his freshman year of high school and celebrate his 14th birthday. instead, his life was ended by gunfire just a few blocks from
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his home. juliette goodrich is in oakland where people are simply stunned by the death of this young man? >> they are dana. tonight we're learning a lot about jamon clark, he was a star athlete, a twin, his life was cut short for no apparent reason. >> rest in peace. >> reporter: 13-year-old jamon clog's friends held a candlelight vigil where he was killed. they are sad and they are mad. >> so, whoever did this, we're going to find you. you best believe that. >> reporter: his friends and family describe him as a star athlete, good solid kid, who loved to do magic tricks and loved life. l.a. keyed ya davis was one of his youth pastors. >> that's like he would do camp with us, visitation with them, i think he has been outy advantage liesing with us. >> reporter: he was shot while
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walking along 61st and bancroft avenue around 9:30 last night. james jacobs heard all the gun shots. >> there was about 6 or 7 shots, i heard them screaming making noise out out here. >> reporter: jamon was on his way to help out a friend with his brother when he was killed. his friend ran for help. the gunman went through his pockets stealing $2 before fleeing the scene. >> we don't have a motive but investigators worked all throughout the night. >> reporter: he was days away from starting high school and celebrating his 14th birthday, he and his identical twin brother graduated from frig middle school earning more sports medals than any other student in the history of frig sports festival. >> it weakens you in the knees that here again we're back on page 1 with the violence and the corruption, you know, in our community.
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it's laying off 80 police officers, they should be adding more police officers to help circumvent the crime that's still out there on our streets. >> reporter: the oakland police department now faced with a smaller police force is turning to the public for help. they are asking anyone with information to come forward immediately. as for jamon's twin brother j'vonne, he was too distraught to talk to us tonight ups blow. >> that is just so sad. all right. jussi timonen yell goodrich, thank you. and in sacramento passengers scrambled down emergency chutes after a jet made a hard landing this afternoon, this is video as the airbus landed before 1:00, tires under the right wing caught fire due to a breaking problem. you can see the flight attendant trying to make sure all 80 passengers got clear of
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that plane. passengers on board said they didn't know anything was wrong until the crew told hem to start evacuating. >> after 50 feet the plane just abruptly stopped and the announcement came on again "we need the evacuate" but it didn't sound like anything serious, flat tire. >> it was a little bit frightened, i didn't know what was going on so i was confused, but i realized it was okay when i got off. i was a little bit scared but excited. it was kind of fun the at the same time. >> 5 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and they took care of the other passengers. the planning commissionaire really approved ikea's plan to open a separate warehouse in the city. that applause was for opponents of the plan, the warehouse just a few blocks away from the eye kia show room.
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the site would be used for storage and pick up of bulky items. people who live near the site on hollis and 53rd say they are pretty worried about the increased traffic and noise. >> we're so close to this. i personally and all of emery village, emery bay village, are so close to this. go over there and look how close this is. there is no way it's not going to drastically reduce our quality of life. >> there will be no product sales out of this building, we won't sell anything of this building, food and services, come pick up your stuff, load it in your car and you're on your way. >> the planning commission approved it by a 4-3 vote. a lawsuit over sarah palin's speech at csu stanislaw has led to the release of the contract that caused the controversy in the first place. they ruled that the school violated state public records
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laws by refuse to go reveal the terms of the contract. the judge also ordered the university the pay attorney's fees to the group cal aware that filed the original lawsuit. the contract shows the former alaska governor was paid $75,000 for her appearance in june. the university says that speech raised more than $200,000. tonight the alameda county sheriff's office confirms a decomposed body found today is linked to a cold case although it's not clear which one. investigators discovered the remains near niles canyon road just after noon today. kiet do shows us the area isn't easy to get to. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's deputies made the discovery thursday down a steep embankment down a deeply wooded area. it was not an accident. >> this is not a well traveled area by foot, unless you're really in here looking for
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something you wouldn't happen upon it. >> reporter: it had been there about a month. it was so badly decomposed investigators could only say the victim was an adult male. the body was found right here along the banks of the alameda creek and they had to cut away branches to get the remains. there is a remote chance that this might be a homeless person that died of natural causes but because investigators were working to a cold case that led them to here where they happened to find a body that's why they are calling it a possible homocide. >> when you have taken all the information and connected all the dots it seems plausible it is the person they were looking for. however, i have been in this business long enough to know that you can be fooled sometimes. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said the body is connected to the cold deals but didn't say how the man died, whether he was killed here on dumped here. >> kind of shocking to hear it i'll tell you the truth. >> reporter: rudy zamora has lived nearby for 32 years.
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he says the body is troubling but the creek is safe. >> does this creep you out. >> i've lived here almost all my life and this has been a really good place for people to come and enjoy themselves and there hasn't been any violence whatsoever as far as i know. >> reporter: in alameda county, kiet do, cbs5. a san francisco man is hospitalised with life- threatening injuries caused in an apparent road rage incident. police say last night a driver nearly struck a man in the crosswalk at 18th and missouri street in the potrero hill neighborhood. witnesses say the two men began arguing and then the driver knocked the 52-year-old pedestrian to the ground. he left the scene in a car that may have been a gee orr an accura integra. and the license plate might start with 5xm or 5sm. a muslim cab driver who was attacked in an apparent hate
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crime appeared today with new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the press conference was part have the city plan to ease tensions overbuilding a moving near the site of the 9/11. he slashed his throat and face after asking him if he was muslim. he is charged with assault and attempted murder. crews are trying to fix an underground pipe redwood shores that has spewed thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the area. it is believed to have ruptured wednesday afternoon, now the sewage has buckled sprawl and flowed into 6 nearby homes and a nearby room. they are being told not to come in contact with this water. it's being pumped into sewage trucks and being taken to a nearby plant. everyone got a call this morning. >> we called all of the
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residents in the area to make them aware of the overflow into the lagoon, we have done some water quality testing that is with the lab and they are currently are high levels of e. coli and total coli form in the water. >> public works officials say they do not have an estimate for when the issue might be repaired. they will keep folks updated. trash day is returning in the to san mateo county tomorrow. more than 500 allied waste collectors went on strike in solidarity with a dozen or so other people in solidarity with half moon bay. they will be running two days behind schedule as they have to handle the overflow of all that trash. >> coming up the recall due your comes to us tonight from toyota, once again danger that could affect more than a million cars, we'll show you which models are affected.
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aiming a heat ray at hospital inmates, why the a.c.l.u. says it's a bad idea and someone who has felt the heat. a kidnap victim found alive living with her alleged captor. what has changed to protect other victims since jaycee dugard was found? >> from sizzle to drizzle, how it will affect your weekend. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues here on cbs5. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review,
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she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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engines may stall. the recall covers coro . toyota says it's recalling 1.3 million cars because their engines may stall out, the recall covers scroll ca roam as and hatchback matrix 2005 through 2008. three minor accidents and one minor injury has been reported so far although the auto maker is not positive they are linked to the engine issue. they will begin mailing things to affect the customers mid- september. they have now recalled more than 10 million vehicles worldwide. american airlines says it will fight a record $24 million fine proposed by the faa, the agency says back in 2008 about half of the carriers' fleet had
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improperly harnessed wires that could have triggered fires or fuel tank explosions, the faa said they flew more than 14,000 flights with md80s that had that problem, 3,000 flights were canceled while american dealt with the issue. they say the concerns are over blown and safety was never jeopardized. b.a.r.t. rewarding its riders loyalty by delaying the fare hike for six months. they have regularly scheduled fare hikes to counter the rate of inflation. the next increase was set for new year's day 2012. it, now, will not go into effect until july of that year. the move will save riders about $2.2 million, all part of a larger rider appreciation package. that's what b.a.r.t. is calling it. it includes replacing seats and installing real time departure signs. tantamount to torture, that's what they say about a
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new heat dealing machine that could be used on inmates if they are considered unruly. they blasted the stripped down version of the military gadget feel a burning sensation. it can caused injuries, but the manager said he stood in front of the beam more than 50 times and it never caused lasting damage. a department of juts grant paid for the $750,000 custom device. getting busted for a certain traffic violation may soon cost you less in california. state lawmakers have approved a bill that would reduce the base fine for turning right at a red light. if approved it would drop from 200 to $35, they athe stop at a right turn is the most common violation. one year ago today jaycee
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due guard walked into and walked out a free woman. dugard and her two daughters, fathered by her alleged abductor philip garrido were kept in a compound in nearby antioch for 18 years. although haas was a registered sex offender parole officers never checked on reports that people were living in the yard. corrections officials say they are now training officers to have a greater sense of diligence. >> i'm not here telling you that the department in all of those years, there wasn't missed opportunities to crack this case, i'm simply telling you it was a very difficult case to crack. due guard and her two daughters reported lie celebrating with a camping trip in northern california. philip garrido and his wife nancy are in an eldorado jail on kidnap and rape charges. >> we're marching towards the weekend and we would like some nice weather. >> what a cool down we had today. 51 san francisco to 87 degrees
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in livermore and gilroy, you can blame it all on can you see the low patch of flog passing through the waning gibb let's moon? how much warmer was it? try 25 degrees warmer, that burning one at 106, it was 22 degrees cooler in san jose, san francisco had a high of only 61 when the average high is 69 and compares to yesterday at 74 degrees. you can bank on low clouds, patchy fog, even a little bit of drizzle for the morning commute because here it is. it's a very deep marine layer, it continues to truck inland already past the dublin grade, making tracks towards let's say tracy and brentwood. looks like it is going to scrub out though all the way to the coast because of this this afternoon, this is a cold front, taken a nose dive towards the state of california. dana is almost falling out of her chair over there, i'm sorry, yes a cold front going
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to mock back our temperatures over the weekend but scrub out the clouds as well. tonight overnight, very comfortable sleeping weather in the 50s in comparison the to yesterday the mid-60s, pinpoint forecast, 79 in l.a., 72 degrees in san mateo, west wind during the day 10 to 20, all the way up to 60 in pleasanton and down in the 70s for the good guys, west coast nationals, and citizen son beach, 80 degrees in santa rosa, there you have it. the cooler conditions due to that trough over the weekend, and the weekend to rebound slightly this time next week. make it a good night everyone. >> okay. you sided to run to office, you get money from your friends, their friends, your friends' enemies, then you don't get elected. coming up in tonight's good question. what happens to all that money?
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. boy, the seeds couldn't plan than any better if they tried. they are under arrest though after a high speed chase through city streets, they stole a truck near mcarthur and
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pearson, when he tried to stop it they sped off, crashed into a car and a power policy and ended up on its knows. the driver and passenger tried to run but officers caught 'em. well virtual all political campaigns are funded by donations, but not all bids for office are successful of course. jim smith in san jose wants to know what happens to all the extra money if political candidates do not get elected or withdraw. that's tonight's good question. october 2009, san francisco mayor gavin newsom announces he is bailing out in his bid as the democratic nominee for governor. with the help of political heavyweights like bill clinton gavin newsom raised a lot of money for that campaign, so where does all that money go now? >> pretty much all that money can go into his lieutenant governor's war chest?
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>> no laws that prohibit that. >> no laws that prohibit that. >> political consultant johnny wang says in this case by law newsome is free to use that money now to run for lieutenant governor. >> as long as it's the same candidate, regardless of what office they run for, got to be careful for the donation limits and where it comes from, other than than it's fair. >> it is monitored by the fair political practices commission and candidates know it's got to be used on campaign activity, not personal expenses. >> like you know, sarah palin had a whole wardrobe from the campaign expense, and obviously that was, you know, scrutinized and criticized. >> wang says a lot of candidate will use extra money to throw a party at the end of 2 campaign for the workers. >> if you have a little bit left over that's to repay them or a hugh monk goes party, and that is good political returns
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too. >> there you to. >> does your wife really know everything? i'm dennis o'donnell. how was tiger woods' first post divorce round of golf? it may surprise you next. , ,, we're headed up to oregon to visit my parents. the riveras are taking their first family vacation. [ dad ] hey, do you guys want to see the largest artichoke ever grown? [ kids ] artichoke! artichoke! they needed some tools to help them keep track of their spending along the way. wells fargo checking with mobile banking lets them check their balance wherever they happen to be. the widest one or the tallest one? the closest. the closest. well, if you got the 4-wheel drive,
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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game tiger was th . earlier this week tiger woods lost his wife when the directors was finalized. today he found his golf game. he was the first guy out on the course at the barclays, a $600.65, lowest round of the year, two days after the divorce he is tied for the lead which supports the theory he may miss his ex-wife but his aim is getting better. >> not really. give credit to the giants, they made some nice moves to beef up the offense. the a's can't throw shutouts every night. it really was the dogs days of summer tonight in cleveland. 1-1 game, kevin kouzmanoff hit a shot to the mid, 61 runs batted in. matt laporta, two-run jack off vin legere oh, he does extend the starting streak to 18 straight quality starts.
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ninth inning tying on at second, perez, strikes out daric barton to end it, cleveland wins 3-2, it's been quite a month for the a's fab five starting with trevor kahlil, giving up 4 earned runs in 39 innings, all five pitchers have earned run averages below three during this incredible run and a's fans deserve better. from the out . >> he has been doing it all. look who is the time for the play of the day. a one-hop strike to first from the outfield to get matt laporta. now for the plays that hadnoting to do with cliff pennington, i have the top 5. at number 5 albert pujols became the youngest player to hit 400 home runs. the others, a-rod and ken jr. hit 400. coco crisp really wants his own segment. makes the diving backhand grab,
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somehow avoids breaking his wrist on that play. don't tell packer safety charles pep raw that preseason games don't matter. titans are hard at work preparing for the season opener against the raiders, things got a little out of control during relay races. and speaking of races ... >> in the final furlong, my wife nose everything, the wife doesn't know, they are 1-2, of course they are. the wife knows everything in front. they don't know. my wife knows everything, the wife doesn't know, the wife knows everything, more than the wife doesn't know. . >> well that's, you knew what was gonna happen there, the wife knows everything all the time, the wife knows everything and to win the race. >> she was a mud a. her muda was a mud a. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. we're talking about stuff. >> we wanted to brings you the story of bernie and eddie. >> okay. >> the chimney p's now at the san francisco zoo. we didn't have time for it. you can see that on a lot of


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