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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  August 27, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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to be responsible still on the loose. how they crossed paths a fremont police officer in critical condition. the gang member believed to be responsible is still on the loose. how they crossed paths and the doctors are asking for your help. a riot inside folsom prison tonight. the incident that ended with a few prisoners being shot. 18 and done. that's how california's foster care system works right now. why advocates say that's nearly not long enough. and those miners trapped have a lot in common with those who travel in space. a similarity that a ucsf psychiatrist says will connect them. good evening. i'm dana king. tonight a fremont police officer is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the alleged gang member who authorities say shot him is on the loose. fremont officers went to
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oakland this afternoon to try to arrest the 20-year-old. juliette goodrich is in the hospital where the officer is being treated. >> reporter: we're outside highland hospital. we're getting updates hour by hour on this fremont police officer's condition, the surgeon cun coming -- surgeon coming telling us the situation. it's a touch-and-go situation. >> the officer sustained a gunshot wound this afternoon, through the groin and the pelvis pelvis. he has severe injuries. he's in critical condition. >> reporter: the fremont police officer is part of the joint task force tracking down wanted criminals in east oakland. the gunman who opened fire on him, 20-year-old andrew barrientos, was on that wanted felon list. fremont's police chief says his department is on pins and needles until their officer makes it through.
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>> we haven't had an officer shot since i've been the chief and that's almost 20 years in fremont. se it'sso it's not something that we encounter every day. >> reporter: after the suspect opened fire, he fled to a nearby liblgor store where he -- liquor store where he attempted to carjack this vehicle and fired several shots shattering glass but fortunately didn't injure the drivary and didn't get the car. >> he was unsuccessful. and then to another location and carjacked a green mazda. >> reporter: police say andrew barrientos fled in this green, 1999, mazda four-door caught on surveillance video. they are warning the public he's considered armed and dangerous. he's 5'7", 240-pounds, with the word "dekoto" tattooed on the back of his gang and "dekoto gangster" on the top of his
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arm. >> i would actually urge the public to donate blood if possible. we had to transfuse him extensively and that would be a big help to the community. thank you. >> reporter: the doctor says they will take all types of blood. you can contact your local hospital to help. let's give you another look at that vehicle description. we'll show you a picture of it. again, it's a 1999 four-door mazda 626, license plate 4 mje 548. again, police are warning the public that barrientos is likely armed and dangerous. they are urging anyone with information to come forward immediately. as for the fremont police officer's condition, we're getting updates hour by hour, i'm gonna go inside and check on the condition. we'll have another update for you on -- at 11:00 on cbs 5. >> there is a loot the public can do. they can give blood and information but they have to give it. >> reporter: absolutely and the
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police need their help. >> thank you. there is now a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in a shooting death of a 13-year-old oakland boy. jaman clark was killed wednesday night near bancroft and 61st avenue. he and his 15-year-old brother were walking to a gas station to help a friend. investigators say the gunman went through the teenager's pockets and stole $2 before running off. police have no suspects in this case. alameda county sheriff's investigators have a hunch about the identity of the decomposed body they found yesterday along niles canyon road. they suspect the remains found down an embankment are likely that of a 27-year-old east palo alto man last seen in february. authorities say francisco lopez disappeared after he and his brother were attacked by armed men at a marijuana growhouse in unincorporated hayward. the brother managed to escape.
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some east bay parents are running out of options for daycare. the threatened closure of seven early childhood education centers in oakland forced some to take matters into their own hands. tonight we're told some parents tried to lock themselves inside the golden gate center on herzog. police showed up and gauche negotiations began. it appears five centers have been saved from closings for now. but two others were supposed to close today. the protesters are demanding that the state come up with money to keep them all open. san jose firefighters have rejected a proposal that would have put dozens of their laid- off colleagues back on the job. that, as they voice concern about response times. how they are planning to explain this decision tonight. here's more. >> reporter: it has been a busy week both in the field and at the negotiating table. friday, the union voted down
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the offer that would have cut pay 9%. after crunching numbers, the union claims it was more like 14% of a pay cut. if the union accepted the deal, firefighters laid off a month ago would have been rehired. >> i say to them we will continue to get them back. >> reporter: historically budget deficits led to the first layoffs. that includes engine 30 in downtown san jose. thursday morning, three fires broke out in the same area in two and a half hours, fueling the debate over increased response time. this blaze, the third one, burned for ten minutes before firefighters arrived. mayor chuck reed say the layoffs did not change anything. >> i have no doubt our fire union will use whatever they can to make their political arguments about the need for bigger raises. >> reporter: friday afternoon, yet another fire popped up in the same area as the day before. the response time for this fire was seven minutes and remember engine 30, the firefighters
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would got laid off a couple of weeks ago? well, this would have been their call. the big question, would engine 30 got gotten here in less time? >> it could have been faster if engine 30 was in quarters and all others were in quarters, engine 30 would have been here first. >> reporter: this was the second place in as many days. does it make you nervous knowing there are less firefighters? >> yes. >> reporter: are the firefighters being too greedy? it depends who you ask. back to you. a riot involving hundreds of prisoners broke out at the old folsom state prison. at least five inmates were in injured after attempting to break it up. chris pickles has more. chris? >> reporter: we got here a little after 8:00, just in time for a guard to walk by us and
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said he was glad he was leaving because it was absolutely crazy in there. in the time we've been here,less, let's show you some video. we've seen a half-dozen ambulances leaving from inside the prison. we're told seven inmates were injured. around 7:00 tonight, there was a massive riot inside the main exercise yard. we're told it involved about 250 inmates. just moments ago, a prison spokesperson told us that this happened around dinnertime. they cannot confirm at this time how many inmates total were inside the yard but they do know where this fight started. >> it started on the handball court. it was just a spur-of-the moment thing. it uft ee rupted. we had 250 inmates. 200 were involved in being in the riot. >> reporter: what measures were taken to try to stop this riot. >> we filed grenades and we
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fired 20 40-millimeter less lethal force rowfnds and five warning shot rounds. >> reporter: at this time, prison officials are not able to confirm for us how many of the prisoners were actually injured in the fight or how many were injured by the efforts to stop the riot from happening. we are expecting prison officials to come out a almost bit later, try to give us more information. they say right now that it did start in the handball yard but they don't know exactly why it started. reporting from the fulsom state prison, chris pickle, cbs 5 news. kim, back to you. >> all right, chris. thank you for that report. also in the news tonight -- think about when you were 18 years old. were you ready to go it alone? well, foster kids in california are forced to fend for themselves when they turn 18. len ramirez shows us a 49er player is using his star power to try to change that.
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>> reporter: she showers her guinea pig with love. as a foofter kid since 12, it's the kind of affection she missed. >> i don't know my mother. my father is across the street. he has a new family. >> reporter: despite that she's going to junior college in hopes to be a social worker. all of that could change. gabby is too old for foster care, yet too young to support herself and go to school. she's worried about being homeless? >> i'm worried about it every day. >> reporter: it's a hard fact of life of reaching adulthood in the foster care system. for foster kids, it means the one entipty that has cared for them and spompted them since interest childhood, the state of california, now has to cut them off. >> 70% of those young people are homeless, incarcerated as young adults.
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they are pregnant. it's a sad situation. >> reporter: this man runs a small san jose nonprofit that provides housing, gas and food vouchers for those who ee nance mate out of the system -- ee mans nate out of the system. >> this is really setting them up to fail. >> reporter: chapman says a proposed change in law could make a difference for thousands. bill 12 would extend the amount of time a young person can stay in foster care from age 18 to 21. the bill has some strong backing. quarterbacking that is. 49er player alex smith testified before a committee in favor of the bill. >> it used to be 21. we took it down to 18. that was cheaper but i think we found it doesn't make sense because in the end, these kids
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end up in jail, on the system, a strain on the system the. the thing i tried to testify for was a more support and a little more things up front can make the difference in these kids' lives. >> reporter: gabby is hoping the bill can be signed by governor schwarzenegger. >> i am 19. i have nowhere else to go. if you give me more resources and help, i will be able to apply myself. i will have more time not to worry about housing or worry about where i'm gonna live what i'm gonna do tonight. how i'm gonna eat. i'm gonna worry about school. >> reporter: by going to college, gabby is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to former foster kids. she hopes that won't be the case forever. len ramirez, cbs 5. >> you can see alex smith and the 49ers play the raiders. tomorrow, you can catch the game right here starting at 9:00 p.m. all right.
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if you and 32 coworkers were trapped in a studio apartment for four months, how would you cope? that's kind of what's happening in a chilean mine. a psychiatrist says the 33 miners will be able to cope until christmas. nearly 300 people on a plane told they were about to crash but they didn't. what caused that false alarm. okay. so we have the raiders and we have the 49ers. we have football action on saturday. we have your football weather forecast. your pinpoint forecast is right up after this. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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protect your loved ones. family and friends are getting their first look at the 33 men trapped inside that chilean copper mine. these images are from a video camera that rescuers sent through a hole they drilled to send emergency supplies down to the men after 17 days in that mine, those men appear thinner but remain relatively healthy. rescuers are drilling an escape hole to try to bring the men to safety but it could take months before they are free. when they remain upbeat now, they may change overtime. joe vasquez spoke to an expert in psychology who tells us how the men might hope in the grueling months ahead. >> reporter: what do you think they are going through?
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>> well, i think right now they are keeping a stiff upper lip. >> reporter: this is a psychiatrist who has been extensive studies on people working in confined environments. he's studies astronauts as well workers in antarctica. he says the men look excited now but in a few weeks, it could start to wear on them. >> the video showed them kind of euphoric, a lot of confidence they will be taken care of. a lot of apartment mism has been -- optimism has been coming through. it's when they are in isolation when you start seeing the factors that make it difficult to be there. >> reporter: what are those factors? >> people are isolated and confined, they have to deal with the same group of people over and over. in this group of 33, they will probably form subgroups which means people will get together with folks like them, and they start to have one subgroup kind of beingth safe place and
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another subgroup being the enemy. >> reporter: the doctor says it's also possible they will bond together in positive ways. and when they get depressed, he suggests sending down fun foods and surprised gifts, something they do on astronauts who are on space stations for an extended period. what should they be told an what should they not be told? >> i think diplomat matically, they should be told the -- diplomat atically, they should be told the truth. i think people feel they are part of a team and the people above can help them and they talk to their family frequently and privately. i think it's very important. >> reporter: are you worried about them? >> i'm worried about them. it's gonna be a tough grind for them. i think the best thing is to support them from the top side and give them every chance to vent tate and take care of -- ventilate and take care of themselves until they can be gre -- can be freed.
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>> reporter: joe vazquez. >> nobody is gonna forget these guys. whatever it takes to get them out, they are gonna get them out. we're gonna turn to roberta now and see what we have for the weekend. >> we have much cooler weather, football weather moving into the bay area. this was the scene earlier today, when the clouds cleared out 61 in san francisco. it made it all the way up to the mid-80s in our inland areas. that's about it. but otherwise we will see the skies clear out according to our pinpoint forecast, again the stratus, that's not gonna be the problem for your saturday. official sunrise is at 6:33. we'll see hints of it and then the low clouds and patchy fog will continue to dissipate and move out because we have an approaching area of low pressure. it's a trough. it's right here. it's gonna mix out up the layer. we'll acall it partly cloudy. cooler air mass associated with it. so very autumn-like temperatures. now tonight, overnight, numbers in the 50s. a few low 60s.
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but predominantly in the 50s. i gotta tell you with this trough passing through, i cannot rule out a wayward sprinkle or two, especially to the north. 70s across the peninsula to 70 in san jose, when the average is 83 degrees. otherwise, we're counting on 72 in livermore when we should be in the high 80s. by the way, this weekend in livermore is day in the park. i hope to see you there. it's a wonderful fund-raiser for camp arroyo for children with life-threatening diseases. hope to see you there. 78 degrees and partly cloudy skies. meanwhile to the north of the golden gate bridge, numbers with that chance after sprinkle, 60 in stinson beach. 74 towards sonoma. warmer on sunday than it will be on saturday, barely and then it looks like we have seasonal temperatures before we go back up in the low 90s by wednesday and thursday. so the roller coaster ride will continue here in the bay area. >> you love it. >> wow!
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>> you look so cute with your headband. >> oh, thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> all right. coming up -- five years and $15 billion later, the question is can the crescent city area survive another storm? the system designed to protect against another hurricane katrina and why some are already saying it's not enough. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. hurricane katrina left 80% of new orleans under water when it struck five years ago. engineers are building a state of the art perimeter to protect
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the city from future disasters. the 350-mile perimeter of levees, flood walls gates and pumps are designed to hold back another massive storm surge. the system is supposed to be finished next year. but some experts argue it's still a patchwork perimeter with weak links. it's the largest civil project in the history of the army corps of engineers. british airways is apologizing for an automated message that told passengers they were about to crash. imagine this when you're in the air. it happened on a flight from london to hong kong on tuesday. the message said the plane was about to crash into the sea. the plane was over water at the time. the crew immediately told all 250 passengers the message was a mistake, not to worry. the airline is trying to determine if it was human error or simply a computer glitch.
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tiger moves down at the [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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the giants scored 38 rubs in three games against the reds this week. they should have saved some for the diamondbacks. start the clock. >> clock is running. >> the losing streak is up to 5 for tim lincecum. adam laroche shaw's three-run shot ends up in the cove. the diamondbacks win 6-0. as and rangers. brett anderson left after two injuries with a hyperextended knee. ending the as streak of eight
10:27 pm
quality starts. rangers powfnded out 15 hits and lead the as by 9 1/2 games in the a.l. west. stephen strasburg is set to undergo surgery and will miss all of the 2011 season. so much for the old tiger woods being back. he is behind jason day at the barclay's. and we're 24 hours away from the battle of the bay. >> what channel is the game on? >> cw. [ laughter ] 9ers and rater tomorrow night -- raiders tomorrow night. >> tiger's short time isn't very good. >> not at all. >> i thought he was back yesterday. >> uh-huh. >> not so much. >> no,. >> not so much. what are you gonna do? >> what channel are we on?
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>> 44 -- [ laughter ] >> that does it for us. remember. the news ,,,,,,
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