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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  August 29, 2010 6:30am-7:30am PST

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diego. how mexican border agents got involved. the suspect in a shooting of a fremont police officer arrested in san diego. new orleans remembers today, the big easy marks the fifth anniversary to have day hurricane katrina hit and president obama expected there in a few hours. he just wants this country to get back to the basics of constitutionality. >> honoring the legacy or hijacking the dream, nearly 100,000 conservatives gather in washington on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. 7:30 a.m. this sunday morning the 29th of
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august. i am julie watts. >> i am phil matier. $75,000 speech by sarah palin at cal state draws criticism. we will talk with state senator lee land owe and about the state budget. later we are talking with a state assembly man from san mateo area, about the impact of the high speed rail route. >> and online video jab at gavin newsom causing sparks to fly. what that control very ski is about. we will get -- controversy is about. we will get to that but leading the new, people in new orleans are marking a solemn anniversary, five years, since hurricane katrina roared ashore. flooding 80% of the city. preparations are under way in the big easy for ceremonies, it is trying to regain its status
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as a popular tourist destination. >> we struggled through a few hurricanes, image problems yet the allow our this have city, this authentic, eclectic place has continued to bring the people back. >> yesterday hundreds of mourners placed notes, cards, letters into a casket bidding asymbolic farewell to katrina and her aftermath. in a few hours, president obama will be in new orleans, speaking at xavier university reas suring the region of his commitment. time 7:32 a.m. police and firefighters investigating an early morning highrise fire in san francisco it happened 5:30 a.m. in tenderloin. polk and lark are still blocked off they believe a burning mattress on the 7th floor caused the 2 alarm fire. the flames set off the buildings sprinkler system at
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least one person was taken to hospital. all right. suspect arrested in the shooting of a fremont police officer. police say he was headed for the border when they caught him. 20-year-old man was arrested in san diego last night the driver of the car also arrested. police were following a cell phone signal approximate the suspect's -- from the suspect's vehicle when they stopped border traffic and got him. >> we asked them to shut the border down so we could do a car search. they closed the border down and were going through checking cards when he fled from one car and was later taken into custody. >> 39-year-old officer young remains in critical buzz stable condition he was -- but stable condition he was shot when he and his partner tried to serve the man with a warrant on
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friday. he was hit twice in the groin the suspect fled after a gun fight and a carjack. san francisco police searching for suspects following a shoot out with two under cover officers. shots fired in a public housing area last night. two plain clothed officers arrived at the scene when suspects began shooting at them. no one was hit in the cross fire. democratic volunteers hitting the streets in an effort to fire up bay area voters. they rallied in oakland yesterday before canvassing neighbourhoods, part of organizing for america, a national campaign that reaches out to newly registered voters as well as those who voted for the first time in 2008. they plan to knock on 400,000 doors this weekend in an effort to drum up support for democrats running for congress. at lincoln memorial, the all new anniversary of martin luther king junior's i have a
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dream speech, glen beck called on thousands of tea party supporters to draw on tradition of american values. but beck and other speakers tried to avoid appearing overly political. >> hello america. >> reporter: glen beck bounded on to the steps of lincoln memorial to greet an estimated crowd of almost 100,000 people. >> america today begins to turn back to god. >> reporter: the crowd waved flags and chanted in support atthe conservative broadcasters restoring honor rally. held the same day and the same spot that martin luther king junior gave his i have a dream speech. >> he wants this country to get back the constitutionality. >> reporter: backed by fellow tea party leader, praised men and women who have overcome challenges and honored members of the military for their service both stayed away from
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overly political statements. >> we must restore america, and restore her honor. >> reporter: beck's rally drew criticism for its timing, thousands of others led by reverend al sharpton held their own rally and march aimed at taking back the day and its message. >> they may have the platform but we have the dream. >> reporter: sharpton lead thousands on a three mile march to the streets of washington to a site where the monument to martin luther king junior is under construction. we are here to carry the dream on. >> reporter: sharpton's march ended just a short distance from where beck's crowd started. sarah palin's speech was a highlight in that rally in washington dc. >> yeah, another speech is being talked about all the way to sacramento, the one a few
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months back at cal state. joining us is leland owe who made quite a you about the $75,000 she got for that speech why the fuss? >> this is more about transparency than sarah palin. all along in sacramento, myself, many others have always felt that what has been going on in the cal state university is that public money has been comingling with private money back and forth and when the moneys are in the foundation in the private side they indicate we don't have to disclose anything whatsoever. >> this was a charity event to raise money for the school and school projects what is your problem with that? >> nothing at all but the problem is when government officials and other individuals, general public ask how much money are you raising? what are you doing with that money? you want to disclose that
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information. a recent audit, california state university audit said in fact private money and public money komened and when convenient you says the public money and when not convenient you says the private money. you can't have it both ways. senator any specific examples of misuse of funds? >> well, the fact that the foundations right now say that they don't have to disclose any information, we don't have access to that information. i have a bill that will go to the governor's desk that says the foundation you've got to open up your books you cannot hide behind this notion it is private money and you don't have to disclose. >> take this a step further. it is not just sarah palin in starnies law. that is $75,000. we had uc that spent over $76,000 in the president's
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housing. this is done by donations or people who donated privately for the university whether housing the president or building a new law library. is your ultimate goal to get at those funds and use them to offset tuition and raise scholarships? are you trying to get at that money? >> no, we want to know if there is a pay to play situation. there is a court case in fresno where a donation of a certain amount of money in return you get to get a private luxury box at one of the stadiums that fresno state is building. we had a situation in sacramento state where foundation money was being used to buy some property when that property was defaulted public property was used to back deal that. so what has been going on is shifting of money from one account to the other. >> we want to know what is going on with that money. >> before we run out of time i
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want to get to one other topic. is the california state budget. so i guess my first question is how close are we to actually seeing a budget yet again, we are waving well past the due date when will we see one? >> i think it will take a little longer time, the governor and the republicans are asking for more cuts, we've been sustaining so many cuts that right now, we are going to absolutely devastate for generations, education, health care, social service we just can't go there. >> we have a lot of questions from viewers saying we are hearing about state workers fur loued because this -- furloughed because this budget is late. when is the legislature and governor going to take a hit for this budget. when do you guys stop taking pay or furloughing yourselves until you get a budget in on time. >> there are 8 individual legislators who decided because we don't have a budget we are
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not going to take pay. i am one of those individuals, my wife is not too happy about it, but we have to share the pain. we have to hold the line on some of these cuts because we are devastating public education, health care, social service >> before question go, 5 seconds, tax increase, democrats going to propose another one? >> we will continue to look at revenue increases, taxes to try to save public education, health care and social services. >> is that a yes or no? >> yes. >> to be continued for sure. >> definite answer. there we go. >> thank you we appreciate your time. >> thank you. a growing memorial under way in new york city the planting of trees near ground zero to remember the victims of the 2001 terrorist attack. plus speaking of sarah palin, is she on the road to a political come back. more stars on her horizon, former san francisco mayor
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to "ground zero." ew life to welcome back. time now 7:44 a.m. after nine years memorial is bringing new life to ground zero. crews started planting oak trees at the site of the world trade centre. the 8-acre plaza will serve as a memorial to thousands of people who died in september 11th terror attacks the trees come from new york, pennsylvania and wash tong dc, sites to have 2001 attack, 16 tree trees were planted yesterday, more than 400 will line the plaza creating an overhead canopy for visitors. >> sarah palin reemerged this past week with an election in her home state as well as her
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speech in washington. >> her appearance at cal state university which we just talked about as well she remains a certainty of controversy as well adds a rather popular person within the republican party the question is, where does she take it and how does she manage to engineer this come back. here is what he had to say about sarah's return >> like she ceased to be a daily bill of fair for all of us. she stopped being characterized, and cartoonized on newspapers, she is no longer available to be interviewed by everybody and she cleaned her act up a little bit 234 terms of a delivery and being paid lots of money to shut up. she is picking and tapping into this frustration with incumbency if you look at the
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candidate she backed, the common theme throughout is throw the bums out even in your own party. >> it is a clever thing she is doing she is also staying away from so called policy you don't hear her waxing eloquently on what is happening in afghanistan or economy or foreclosures, none of that. she has gone back to being what she really was, in terms of her status. and that is all she is doing. she is doing nothing else but being very entertaining, to audiences, that are basically friendly to her, and not at all hostile. >> also on like i said that antiincumbency message even within her own party you don't see that on the democrats, the democrats are the party of the the incumbency. barack obama the biggest star in the democratic party is on the defensive trying to save his candidates while she is remaking the entire republican party. >> unfortunately for democrats
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the success they enjoyed in 06/08 put them in charge of the country, and the country is in bad shape. people have lost their jobs, people are losing their homes, every day you see the stock market going up and down most have no relationship to the stock market but we are traumatized by virtue of it, unemployment numbers are so high, higher than they have ever been and all those kinds of things are very very disconcerting to someone supposed to be running the place and you have no explanation as to why many cities and counties appear to be broke you have no explanation as to why people can't get budgets, whoever is in charge is blamed for all of that. >> it is interesting right now barack obama is taking the hits for just about the entiredemocratic party sarah palin however seems to be gaining on. >> popularity. >> and negative side.
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it is not like i don't think the mayor is saying she is going to necessarily win the presidency but she will be the power house, could be the power house in the republican party if people show up to see you, you are a power house. >> right but he just said she is heavy on personality and light on politics, how does that translate to an actual run for office. >> you know something it doesn't necessarily get the run for office but makes you the person behind the scenes that can raise the money for candidates and if you don't have other people that shine brighter than you, you become the force within the party. she is -- she didn't go away. that is his bottom line. >> all the others have gone silent she is still out there. >> speaking of the light within the party, we've got our light looking there down from the weather center hello mr. bernard good news on the weather front for us? >> you bet. we will take things back to summer after a big cool down
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this weekend. quite a swing last week we were way hot beginning, cooled off this weekend. way below normal. feel of fall in the air, a few clouds linger throughout the bay, fuzziness throughout the golden gate bridge. shallow marine layer, skies clear out across the region as we see a few returns still showing up on radar from yesterday's problem tall boundary most of that across the foothills of the sierra. they are talking snow shower potential up around tahoe. snow level down to 8,000 feet. way too early to thing about that. we are waiting for summer across the region here and i think that may have been it on monday. let's take a look right now. where we see temperatures up a degree or two from yesterday. still below normal, pushing the 80-degree mark across the interior. mid-70s around the bay, and upper 60s at the coast. again, quite a bit below normal this time of year usually we are looking at 90s and triple
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digit readings, this weak disturbance ushered in a much cooler air mass across the region that will remain in place for today, continued cool and breezy, not quite as windy as yesterday, still gusty in and around the bay, good sailing day out there. you may have noticed yesterday, we had a big schooner race out on the bay, a dozen classic boats racing around in very breezy conditions, classic bay area sites as we take a look at some of the festivities taking place this weekend, again, good guys, west coast national in pleasanton a lot of bright shiny cars, temperatures warm mid-to upper 70s. chance of snow showers, lake tahoe, and yo-yo semitee, it will not a-- yosemite, it will not amount to much but amazing we are talking to that this time of year. east valley locations, mid-to
7:51 am
upper 70s. upper 60s low 70s and on the peninsula, mid-60s with the beach at the low 60s again lots of if he is values, palo alto -- festivals, palo alto arts festival. things warm up into the beginning of the week and beyond. back to near normal, 90s. only to cool by next weekend. looks like sunshine by game time for the giants. temperatures mid-60s this afternoon as we continue and i think we are into fall from the feel of things out there. definitely a bit of fall in the air yesterday. >> we are holding you to that. officially fall weather? >> can someone please give us a little more summer. >> all right tuesday and wednesday. >> we will take it. thanks. well, money can't buy you love but it can buy you beatles memorbilia. the auction in liver pool where
7:52 am
bidders can nab souvenirs. >> more in our sports recap coming up was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing things loose or close to the edge. we were going to do things the right way... because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. she was always asking us to be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. she gets in at the heart of the issue... and she'll bring people together to resolve a problem. she's a problem solver. she listens to people around her and she will seek... different and often conflicting points of view. she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision.
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we can fix california, no question about it. it's going to take a different style of leadership, it's going to take a different approach, but we can make california great again. ♪
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there is nothing like a beatles convention in liver pool to bring out the fans especially when they could take home a bit of history. fans are able to bid on
7:55 am
original photos, including dolls. then there was this. wait for it. wait for it. all right we will keep waiting, it is john lennon toilet. there it is. it was removed from his former estate during renovations, lennon suggested that a worker take it home and plant flowers in it. that worker kept it in a shed for 40 years his son put it up for auction the winning bid, close to $15,000. that is some toilet. >> john lennon sat here. >> all right. time for sports, san francisco 49ers took on the raiders in preseason football. >> that's right with raiders leading 7-3. niners, adams returns punt 83-yards putting san francisco ahead 10-7. alex plaid the entire first half completing 9 of 15 passes including a touchdown. finds wide open josh morgan 49ers take it.
7:56 am
17-7. raiders come back, quarterback throws a touchdown pass, right. to his own louis murphy cutting the niners lead to three. late in the game niners get another touchdown from anthony and the niners win 28-24. >> on to baseball, oakland as fix rangers in arlington. harden through a 6 and a 3rd. that did not phase barton. he hit 2 run shot makes it 3-0. as. suzuki, and barton scores again. a 4th hit night for suzuki. dallas pitcher, braden, had one of the best offences all night long he throws a 4 hit shut out as win 5-0. okay meanwhile san francisco giants hosted the arizona diamond backs, top of
7:57 am
the first, bases loaded. hits a double into the opposite field 4-0 arizona. gives up 9 runs, 3 and 2/3 innings but they weren't always far. jose dropped the pop up, 2 more runs scored. 6 run first for arizona, and 9th. adam, blasts one into the cone and diamond backs win it 11-3. nicely done, sir. >> okay. a day to remember in the big easy up next new orleans gathers on the fifth anniversary of the day hurricane katrina hit. what residents are saying this weekend. plus can california high speed rail really connect us all and stay on track. talk with a state assembly man whose district the tracks run right through ,,,,,,,,
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8:01 am
against their religion by helping people in need. welcome back. just about 8:00 a.m. i am julie watts. >> i am phil matier. a lot of newtalk to cover in the next half hour. all right. californians high speed rail train could get a jam in the peninsula. gerry hill here to discuss the projects ups and downs. >> a youtube video creating heated exchanges between democrat gavin newsom. and billed as the race to the top but a lot of california schools didn't want to compete the story behind the states efforts or lack of them to get very big educational funding from the feds. >> we will get to that in just a moment but first leading the news, people in new orleans are marking a solemn anniversary the day, five years since
8:02 am
hurricane katrina roared ashore and flooded 80% of the city. preparations under way in the big easy, the city trying to regain its status as a popular tourist destination. business is now at 82% of prekatrina levels. >> we struggled through a few hurricanes, struggled through image problems, and yet the allure of this city, this authentic eclectic place continued to bring the people back. >> yesterday hundreds of mourners placed notes, letter, cards into a casket bidding a solemn farewell to katrina and her aftermath. in a few hours, president obama will be in new orleans, speaking at xavier university. time now 8:02 a.m. police and firefighters investigating an early morning highrise fire in san francisco
8:03 am
it happened 5:30 a.m., in the tender loin between polk and larken. it is still blocked off. they believe a burning mattress on the 7th floor caused this 2 alarm fire the flames set off the sprinkler system at least one person was taken to hospital. suspect arrested in the shooting of a fremont police officer. police say he was headed to the mexican border, 20-year-old andrew was arrested in san diego last night the driver was also arrested. police say they were following the pair on a cell phone signal from the suspects vehicle when they caught up with him trying to cross into mexico officials stopped border traffic, searched for him and got him. >> we asked them to shut the boarder down so we could start doing a car search so they shut -- closed the border down and they were going through checking cars when he fled from
8:04 am
one car and was taken into custody. todd young remains in stable condition. he was shot whether i will trying to serve him with a warrant on friday day. police returned fire, officer young was hit in the groin. the suspect fled after the gun fight. san francisco police officers are searching for suspects. the call came in last night 9:30 p.m. shots fired in public housing area, two plain clothes officers arrived at the scene when suspects began shooting at them. no one was hit in the cross fire. no arrests made. >> muslims in the bay area and around the country have been feeling defects of the controversy in new york. that's right many felt forced to defend their faith and lifestyle. elizabeth winger went out and found some people trying to take action. here is the story. >> thank you. >> at popular park in oakland.
8:05 am
members of east bay muslim community gathered to help less fortunate. >> hard times, a lot of people unemployed and suffering and so it is best to share what we have. >> reporter: food supplies, clothing were disry butted. second annual humanitarian day give away was given by several groups. organizers say events like this reflect true islamic principles. civic duty in helping others. >> a lot of negative stereo types portrayed about islam the best way to combat those or debunk those myths is going out to things like this to these humanitarian days,. >> reporter: recently protests have been sparked by the proposed construction of an islamic community center near the site of the 9/11 attacks in new york. >> i think the attacks on
8:06 am
muslims in specific is hurtful i think like i said it divides the country to a certain extent. >> reporter: local muslims hope more conversation brings more understanding. but her focus with charitable events like this is giving back to her community. >> i would say that the reason that we are doing this, is that there is people in need and we saw a need and tried to fill it. i think in us doing this, it may counter act some of the negative things said. >> reporter: in oakland, elizabeth winger, cbs 5. humanitarian days owe vents will be held throughout california, during the month of ramadan. time 8:06 a.m. a new ramp connecting highway 24 west and 13 north opens tomorrow in time for monday morning commute the old ramp was shut down this week and the
8:07 am
new ramp is a little further west making it easier for drivers to merge into existing traffic the change is part of the caldecott tunnel project. cal trans moved up that ramp opening to help with the opening football game next saturday. get that ramp a little earlier. >> it is amazing how they can get things done. >> all right. we are going to move on the another transportation project, california's high speed rail train hitting a few bumps along the peninsula. >> state assembly man gerry hill thank you for joining us today sir. >> my pleasure. >> a lot of people questioning high speed rail through the peninsula, is it going to hurt my home value, am i going to see this big train driving out my door. what are concerns you are hearing? >> major concerns and legitimate many people don't want to have a train, break down, grade, 120 miles per hour coming through or raised 30 feet in the air as a scar
8:08 am
through their city legitimate concerns and fears. that is what people are reacting to. >> voters bought on to high speed rail it could be a $33 billion system i don't know if they are getting sticker shock or people are looking at the reality, rider ship projections, there is questions about them and questions about the route what do you see going on right now? >> i see a lot of -- especially on the peninsula, a lot of fear with the economy people are looking at $43 billion it never winds up and ends at that, it will be more at the end of the day. but people are fearful of it and that is why we are seeing the reaction in san mateo county and the high speed authority has not done a good job working with communities and frying to detail and develop a consensus how the train should operate. >> why not just build a tunnel and call it a day? >> that is a nice solution but it would cost billions of dollars and more than the
8:09 am
project is funded. i think there are ways of doing it, that could be aesthetic in some cases, it is a necessity. you look at areas, san mateo and burlingame, one third of all grade crossings in the entire right-of-way in san mateo county. all those are in that area. in order to get through those -- >> how realistic is it for a train going 120 miles an hour to go wizzing through the peninsula. you are talking about not only are you talking about a crowded area but let's be brutally honest you are talking about some of the highest priced neighbourhoods in the western hemisphere. >> that is one of the issues not resolved and where high speed rail authority has dropped the ball trying to develop a consensus working with communities to find a solution. you can't have a train running 120 miles per hour next to someone's backyard of their house. the environmental impact report will be released in december,
8:10 am
giving everyone an indication as to what those impacts will be noise, dust, traffic problems,. >> all of this i thinks that will be resolved from that, that will be the opportunity to then react to that and see if the alternatives that are proposed can be developed to solve some of those. >> do you thing there is any chance at all these issues will kill a project all together? >> it is possible. unless the high speed rail authority, the board and staff can work with the communities aggressively, to not just say well, it is coming, whether you like t or not and i heard that one not too long ago. that is not the case it doesn't have to go down to peninsula. a good solution. >> he throws a new curve in at the last minute. maybe we reroute it. to be continued. >> thank you. >> great to see you. >> still ahead, testing and mopping up continues up next, the latest efforts to clean up
8:11 am
a neighbourhood contaminated with raw sewage. plus republican lieutenant governor launches a viral campaign against his democratic opponent. what the mayor of san francisco has to say about the video. after a cool weekend, warmer weather headed our way for mid-week. details coming up with your complete forecast next having the right real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at, you can find the experts you need, whether you're trying to sell of hoping to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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a beautiful sunrise. welcome back 8:14 a.m. crews in redwood shores continuing to run tests on the newly repaired sewer pipe and cleaning up 6 garages that were filled with raw sewage from that ruptured pipe. original estimates put the spill at 5,000-gallons now officials say the spill was likely much larger also contaminated with sewage, redwood shores lagoon. people are warned to avoid contact with the lagoon water because of high levels of bacteria but water testing shows the contamination has not
8:15 am
spread to the bay. >> race for lieutenant governor doesn't usually produce a lot of sparks, usually is the operative word. >> they usually don't have personalities like this running for it. this year, it is definitely heating up and early. the latest involves an online video. >> it is going to happen. whether you like it or not. whether you like it or not. >> reporter: a highlight real of some of his worst moments. >> what does the lieutenant governor do for the life of me. >> reporter: while there are some mentions of policy disagreements, the 8 minute youtube video focuses most of its time and attention showing the mayor dodging reporters, on personal issues and questions why he dropped out of the race for governor. >> off the record, -- >> reporter: some clips were taken from cbs 5 broadcasts >> i guess that was the case.
8:16 am
>> likely awkward. >> reporter: the ad was produced by the lieutenant governor's campaign, he is his opponent in the race for governor in november. >> there is my response. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom. >> he is holding up your behaviour as why someone shouldn't vote for you >> i don't know about that. anyone can slice and pick and choose particularly someone out front on issues and doesn't sit back again p. play in the caboose so to speak in terms of public policy. >> reporter: these are not about policy mayor he is showing interviews where you walked out and -- >> in the midst of public debate, in the midst of getting involved in controversial issues that is a challenging environment. actually governing is call will beninging sitting on the sidelines is easy. >> not going after his
8:17 am
personality not whatsoever. what is important is for the people of california to know what is governing style is whether you like it or not. >> well, i am sure he would have a lot to respond to that. >> first gavin is clearly an easy target let's get on that. can we stipulate. >> there is plenty of media footage to pull from. >> unlike the mayor of fresno. but able to sit there. >> we apologize for all you folks from fresno. >> there just wouldn't be that much video if you are mayor there but for able to sit there. it is not personal. know him this is a race of personalities they will sit there going -- and they both i think want to be governor down the line. it is getting pretty interesting. >> well, you have a lot to say on the topic lieutenant governor's race is on the matier and ross column, san francisco chronicle you have
8:18 am
been looking into this. >> yeah, i would get a little past the politics and into the strategy of the campaign and numbers especially because if you look at the poll numbers, the most recent field poll gives newsom a 9 point edge however he is telling friends the race is closer and one problem may be his own negative ratings are much higher than able's, the current lieutenant governor so newsom is telling people, one of the keys is going to be democratic turn out. i don't think it is just for him i think it will be for barbara boxer and for the democrats down the ticket as well even for gerry brown. a lot of this will hinge on whether or not democrats can spark their core of voters and get them out and then get swing voters on their side. >> you don't thick it is necessarily -- thing it is necessarily a gavin thing more he is a democratic. >> a combination. one is the gavin thing but a democrat overall if you look at the polls, neck and neck and
8:19 am
democrats should be at a majority in california. they got their work to do>> it will be an interesting election on many fronts this just one of them. all right still ahead today. we've got a lot of news and a lot of talk to cover. hundreds of firefighters hard at work in the sierra, up next the latest on efforts to control a wild fire northeast of sacramento and how the weather is actually helping there. >> speaking of weather, what will it be like out there today. jim bernard coming up with our forecast douse a wild-fire... that's ,,,,,,
8:20 am
b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services.
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been burning cooler temperatures and light rain helping firefighters douse a wild fire burning in yuba county more than 400 firefighters are battling the blaze, helicopters and bulldozers are also being used, the fire is already burned 875-
8:22 am
acres since it erupted on friday, 30 homes have been evacuated there are no reports of damage or injuries, the cause of the fire still under investigation. weather obviously helping firefighters whether or not, can we expect more of the same? >> a warm up through the week but that heat up earlier this week created fire danger across the interior. partly responsible or result of the big warm up out there. conditions did dry out and hit 110 in many central valley location, that is not the case this weekend, cooler air mass across the area. some relief for firefighters, relative humidity remains high and sleight slight chance of showers across -- slight chance of showers across the mountains did not spark lightning storms i am aware of but returns across the central valley, up around tahoe where they are actually talking about snow down to 8,000 feet. possible in the tahoe basin that would be from this energy
8:23 am
right here, that is waning, doesn't look like it will be a big event as this system is moving out of the area the most significant feature is the cooler air mass that settled in across northern california. here comes another ripple in the atmosphere here by next weekend we will look for one more of these we may be looking at an early start to fall here by the looks of this pattern, if it holds for the next month or so. today, cool, breezy across the bay, slightly warmer than yesterday, a few degrees and slightly less went still gusty out on the water as we see temperatures beginning to warm which is a trend that will continue through mid-week before we cool it down again for next weekend. chance of showers, out over the high country into the mid-to low 80s central valley and back around the bay we will look for our hot spots, pushing the 80- degree mark. more than likely mid-to upper 70s. north bay and across the east bay down to san jose, mid-to upper 60s.
8:24 am
closer to water as it looks like this warm up will hit us beginning tomorrow as high pressure and offshore breeze settles in, continuing through the week, only to cool slightly once again come next weekened. so ready or not phil, looks like an early fall may be on the horizon. >> get that sun while you can. so it means cool temperatures inland, fall in san francisco typically means indian summer and sunshine. >> there is a lot of sunshine out there, not bad at all but with the weak disturbances dropping in there i think we may be looking at showers beginning earlier than normal this year has been anything but normal so that would be the pattern. >> no sunshine. >> intermittent. >> all right. still to come, paper and water usually don't mix but. >> they did in oklahoma. up next, highlights from the annual cardboard boat races me,
8:25 am
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today... we're off to the races. >> it is that time to have show where we are bring you the unusual. >> the dayers off to the races. more than 40 teams to be part in the annual river rumba and cardboard regatta in oklahoma. they were held together with various household items, such as duct tape, glue and paint. each team raced against the clock but teams were rewarded for best boat, best costume. >> and sinking as well. meanwhile in japan an array of fireworks lit up the sky in northern japan. the contest get this, these are 27 competitors fired off 18,000 rounds of fireworks, participants were judged on two categories, additional fireworks and the other for creative fireworks maybe in
8:28 am
synch with the music in the background. apparently end of summer here jim bernard says early fall. >> japan is on it too. definitely a feel of fall in the air, you can almost taste it out there, as we definitely cooled off this weekend. we are not quite done with summer weather we will warm up through mid-week 80s and 90s. cooling slightly again come next weekend as we will see another weak disturbance clip northern california, don't expect it to have rain for us but we will see the subtle variations in our temperature continue here through the next several weeks. >> more of the same thanks so much jim. that does it for this edition of weekend early edition thanks for joining us. >> our next newscast at 5:30. face the nation on cbs 5. >> have a great weekend think about when you were 18
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