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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  September 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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ut voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a closer look at the source of the blast on the peninsula. what federal inspectors discovered today on that piece of pipeline in san bruno. don't tell us that people are not missing when we know that people are missing. >> the death toll climbs. the anger from community members over the search for missing neighbors. unacceptable. that's what state leaders have to say about the federal investigation into this disaster. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. two days since the pipeline explosion leveled a san bruno neighborhood and rattled nerves all over the u.s. and the death toll has climbed again. investigators now say seven
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people are confirmed dead. and that's up from four yesterday. they will not confirm identities. but we know at least two of the latest bodies were found in a home and six people are still missing. meanwhile today the national transportation safety board spent the day inspecting that crater left behind and the pipeline. inspectors said today the crater is 167 feet long and 26 feet wide. it's too unstable to put anyone inside so they don't know how deep it is. as for the pipe, the blast blew it 100 feet away from its original position. the piece inspectors found is 28 feet long, but here's whatter in really curious about. it's made up of small segments of piping and they are not sure why and that will be a new piece of the puzzle to investigate. >> there are lots of reasons to have segmented pipe. that's one thing to explore. it's more expensive to have segmented than unsegmented
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pipes. we'll be looking into why that occurred. >> the ntsb also says it's still trying to figure out when pg&e last inspected the pipeline. for the first time today, neighbors had their chance to sound off to local leaders about the disaster. don knapp is live in san bruno with what happened at a town hall meeting this afternoon. don. >> reporter: yeah, it was pretty amazing. a lot of people came to the meeting, a lot of people with sad stories but they didn't come to tell their sad stories. they have had enough of that. they came with hard questions demanding hard answers to the issues affecting their lives. surprisingly, amazingly, public officials, city and county level all overcame with answers and promises. now, how long those promises will stand up we'll have to wait and see but pg&e made some pretty astounding statements. 271 homes in the damage area have been off limits since the blast. by noon tomorrow, those whose homes are not damaged are expected to be allowed into the area still considered a crime scene by investigators. they will be able to stay in
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green tagged homes, get belongings after a brief visit to yellow-tagged homes but won't be allowed into the properties that were red- tagged. [ applause ] >> reporter: the spontaneous round after applause met the san bruno fire chief's stepped to the mic to answer a question at a jam-packed town hall meeting. victims and others whose lives why changed came to the meeting with serious issues but were quick to show with applause appreciation for all those who helped them. [ applause ] >> reporter: this was for the city workers. [ applause ] >> reporter: even pg&e received praise for its promise to make victims whole. from help with house and housecleaning to cash cards. >> we know what happened to you. and -- [ applause ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: pg&e's representative says the high pressure pipeline was inspected on regular intervals. and if there is a question about neighbors reporting smelling gas for some time before the blast, phone records
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will show it. pg&e says it will turn its records over to the ntsb's investigation. but the "associated press" claims the pipeline through the san bruno neighborhood was termed high risk because it ran through a densely populated area. and the ntsb says it will not produce its report for 12 to 18 months. >> to me that's unacceptable but we'll get reports as we move forward. that's why i'm going to the route of the public utilities commission. >> reporter: lieutenant governor maldonado is also asking for review of pipelines statewide and jackie speier will lean on the ntsb for quicker reports. >> we can't rush science. we can certainly ask for and demand that we get regular informational briefings on what they have found to date. >> reporter: another news conference is scheduled here at the bayhill shopping center, which is acting kind of like incident command for the media.
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that news conference tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and we should learn then whether or not people will actually he got get into their homes. they will find out who these people are, they will have to identify themselves and then they will issue them arm bands or wristbands and then those folks with those wristbands will be able to get in. >> don, sounds like the neighborhoods are appreciative of what happens today. what happens the next week or week after. is there a chain of command these people began to to get answers? >> reporter: yeah, the city has been very forthcoming on this. they have a website, you know, the san bruno city website, and they expect to have answers to all of the questions that were answered today -- asked today and even more answers on that website. i have to say, it look like they were doing a pretty well organized job. we'll have to see how well it holds up. >> sounds like they accomplished a lot. don knapp, thank you very much. well, search dogs may have discovered more bodies today in the san bruno neighborhood where the gas pipe exploded. authorities say the dogs have picked up the scent of nine bodies but it's unclear what
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those bodies may be. they could be from dead animals or from the bodies of some of the people still unaccounted for. anne makovec on the search for three san bruno family members who are still missing. reporter: when news of the blast broke on thursday night, members of the bethany presbyterian church were terrified by what they saw. a house where four of their long-time members lived up in flames. they later heard from one of member of the family who wasn't home at the time but believes her husband, son and mother-in- law were. they haven't been heard from since. >> they have been following odd leads trying to find them at -- they have been to all the area hospitals. it's been very hard for the family. >> reporter: they reported these three missing. 80-year-old grandmother lavonne, her son 50-year-old greg, and his son, 16-year-old willie. we're told lavonne had trouble
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walking quickly and willie walked with a cane. here's one family member live on cbs 5 thursday night. >> my family lives on the corner of crestmoor and claremont. and their names are lavonne, greg and william. he is 16. my grandmother is 80 and my ungle is about 50. if anybody has any information, please contact channel 5. this is stressful situation as i'm sure it is for many families. >> reporter: yet in press briefings on friday -- >> we haven't had reports of missing people, so we're working to complete that search. >> like are they trying to string out hope for people? are they trying to make the situation seem less than it is? >> reporter: saturday morning, finally, some acknowledgement. >> my understanding is there are still a couple of people that are unaccounted for.
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a couple. is two right? two. >> reporter: authorities have been saying since it happened that there is still more rubble to go through. they brought out this cadaver dog today. a grim task with an outcome unlikely to yield positive news as members of this church wait for word. >> in my gut, i think there are more people missing than just the bullis family. give us a number or or not but don't tell people aren't missing when we know they are. >> reporter: this church hasn't had a service since the blast this week. the first one is 10:00 sunday morning. they are looking forward to praying together. in san bruno, anne makovec, cbs 5. senator barbara boxer expects the federal government to help blast victims. she toured the disaster zone this morning. the senator said the explosion brings up serious concerns about the safety of other pipelines in bay area neighborhoods. she points out that some of those lines are more than a half century old. >> when you realize that some
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of this pipe was laid in 1948, others in the '50s, it raises a lot of questions. there are maps kept by pg&e and they will respond. i asked them that question. if somebody has a question, they have the maps, and they can tell you how close you live next to one of these pipelines. >> meanwhile, pg&e said today that there are three of these pipelines running up the peninsula and they are currently doing a special inspection of all three of them. but the utility's president still tok a grilling from reporters, particularly on whether work crews had done any recent work on that pipeline. >> i'm not going to be able to confirm that. i don't know. >> you just put one in. so it would be because there was some problem in that place. the only reason you put a line in, is that correct? >> uhm, i -- i don't know. >> pg&e says it hasn't found any reports that neighbors smelled natural gas in the weeks leading up to the explosion. for the very latest on the investigation or if you would
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it appears all the victims traced to an east bay killing spree are now accounted for. today coroners confirmed the body found two days ago in a closet inside a hercules home is that of frederick sales. sales had not been seen since his father's body was discovered in that same house last month. crews have been searching a pittsburg landfill for frederick's body. the murder suspect efren valdemoro was shot and killed by the chp. bagpipes escorted the american flag to the site of the world trade center in new york this morning. take marks nine years since the september 11th attacks. the names of the 2,752 people
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who died were read during a memorial ceremony at ground zero. bells tolled marking the moment the twin towers fell. president obama spent the anniversary at the pentagon. he took part in a wreath-laying ceremony to pay tribute to the 184 people killed there on 9/11. he called on the nation to honor the memory of all 9/11 victims by refusing to let terrorists destroy american ideals. >> and we will not let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves to distort who we are. >> meantime, first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush attended a memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. together, they remembered the 40 victims of flight 83. the hijacked plane that crashed in your open field. >> a local event changed its focus this year because of the 9/11 anniversary. julie watts tells us how people at today's mountain view arts and wine festival are honoring
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american heroes. >> reporter: it's the toast of the town. the mountain view art and wine festival. this annual event is typically a time of fine wine and fun. but this year, it falls on a somber anniversary. to honor the fallen heroes of 9/11, the mountain view chamber of commerce called on some local heroes of their own. >> whoo! >> reporter: members of the service along with fire and police wound their way through the festival ending at city hall. this nine-year anniversary means something different for the men and women in uniform. >> for me it's a little more special because i used to be stationed at the pentagon. i'm probably standing talking to you today because i decided not to be in the building that day. >> reporter: for carlo sanchez this anniversary is a reminder of how precious life can be but for him and many others, 9/11 is also a reminder of why they risk their lives to serve their
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countries. >> it revalidates why we need to defend our country. it shows that the american spirit is alive. it shows that, you know, we truly have not forgotten. >> reporter: major sparks in his group just returned from offering, something many would consider heroic but he says don't call them heroes. at least not today. >> we're not heroes. we are just doing our jobs. the true heroes are those who have fallen. those are the people we shouldn't forget. those are the people that we're honoring today. ♪ [ music ] ♪ the flag it was still there... ♪ >> reporter: while art, wine and the military may not seem like an obvious combination, for those in mountain view it made sense on the anniversary of a day they will never forget. >> it's an interesting contrast, men and women that have put their lives on the line for us, at the same time we can, you know, salute and celebrate and enjoy life and our freedom, you know, out of
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recapping our top story tonight, thursday night's pipeline explosion that leveled a neighborhood. investigators now say 7 people are confirmed dead and that's up from 4. 6 people are missing. also today, we learned that before the blast, federal regulators declared the section of pipeline that exploded high risk because it ran through a densely populated area. federal inspectors examined that piece of pipe also say that they have questions about why it was made up of segments of smaller pipes. here's the good part of the
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whole newscast. i love weather! it's all about the weather. so here's a look outside. sunrise at 6:49. this is a nice look. plenty of sunshine out there. we did not have plenty of clouds in today's forecast. for that reason, i thought it was a pretty nice day. we are going to take a little roun robin. look at the fog rolling in. that's going to the drill for the coast and for the bay. fog coming back into play, but the farther inland you go, clear skies are expected. temperatures in the overnight hours in the upper 50s to the upper 40s. plenty of sunshine inland with temperatures from the 70s to 90s. clouds early around the bay but mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in the mid- 70s and some fog early for the coastline with partly sunny conditions expected. these temperatures ranging anywhere from about 4 to 6 degrees cooler than yesterday's highs -- than today's highs. i'm still doing the whole morning thing. lower 80s in santa clara. mid-80s in morgan hill. 80 in sunnyvale. 85 degrees in los altos.
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and the lower to the mid-60s along the coastline for tomorrow. here's a look at your east bay highs. 89 in antioch, 91 brentwood, mid-80s in danville, 83 dublin, and just along the bay here lower 70s in richmond and berkeley. 74 degrees in oakland. 77 in san leandro. and 78 degrees in hayward. north bay locations, 66 sausalito, 80s in petaluma to sonoma to napa to fairfield. a nice sunday afternoon expected. take a look at monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and see what happens. temperatures start to cool down slightly monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures backing off a bit and then by friday and saturday, temperatures back to below average for this time of the year. i have been rushing through my weather because i wanted to get to the good part. this is the sports! i got dr. kim mulvihill coming up. 49ers taking on the seahawks tomorrow. 30% chance of showers. conditions expected to be in the mid-60s. and also, on cbs 5 tomorrow, that's the raiders taking on
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the tennessee titans in nashville, mostly sunny with 91 degrees. that's a look at your weather. for your sports, here's kim. >> all right, thanks, tracy. the giants have a chance to be all alone in first place for the first time since april 19. and california learns you better get off the tracks when the train's coming through! sports is next. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby!
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instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. obviously tennis fans watching the u.s. open but there is so much more to talk about like the giants.
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>> they are looking in the rear view mirror right now watching out for colorado. hopefully things will work out. after winning the last two nights in san diego, the giants had a chance to move into sole possession of first place in the west. second inning, one out, bases loaded for the giants. but edgar renteria pops it up on the infield. he was the giants only rethreat to score. madison baumgartner gave up three hits in 7 innings. unfortunately, one of them left the yard. a player burns his former team once again, he couldn't wait to gets in for the save. he blows it past buster postcies. the strikeout and ford is gunned down to end it. padres beat the giants, 1-0. the giants are once again one game behind the padres in the west two games behind the braves for the wild card. the red-hot rockies are now two games behind the giants. cal has become runningback
7:24 pm
u. shane looks like he will be the starting back to make it to the nfl. the train getting revved up for colorado. 1st quarter, vereen shows he can do more than run the football. he makes the great catch with the defender draped all over him. 7-0 bears. vereen now has 5 touchdowns in two games. colorado quarterback tyler hanson is probably hoping buffaloes don't get to the pac-ten. senior linebacker takes them down for a touchdown. cal 31-0 at the half. 4th quarter, kevin riley throws one of his four touchdown passes hooking up with freshman sensation allen. 52-7. mike mcintyre will have to wait another week for the first win with the spartans. taking on wisconsin. scott hits wide open lance
7:25 pm
hendrix for the score. the badgers led 17-0 at the half. 3rd quarter, the spartans find the end zone for the first time this season. jordan get it to chandler jones and the 5'9" freshman does the rest. big day for jones who had eight camps for 113 yards. but last year's big 10 player of the year, john clay, had an even better day. 23 carries for 137 yards and two touchdowns. wisconsin beat san jose state 27-14 so many lucky fan went home with james madison coach mickey matthews' jacket. he would be in a much better mood after the game. they aren't a division team one stunned 13th ranked virginia tech 21-16. hokies now 0-2. buckeyes did it all. 233 yards in the air, 113 more on the ground. the ohio state beat the u36-24. notre dame and michigan.
7:26 pm
joe montana's oldest son nate making his irish debut completes 8 of 17 passes. but probably wants that one back. brian kelly loses his first game at noter came. the wolverines beat notre dame 28-24. two years ago when mike singletary famously sent vernon davis to the log locker room in the middle of the game didn't look like his can we are with the 9ers would last much longer. >> cannot play with him. cannot play with him. cannot coach with him. can't do it. i want winning! >> oh, how times have changed. the 9ers signed davis to a five- year, $37 million contract extension today. the former first round pick led the nfl last year with 13 touchdown receptions. this pretty much sums up the night for vera zvonareva. kim clijsters made quick work of her in the u.s. open finals. clijsters wins in straight sets, 6-2, 6-1, making her the first back-to-back open champ since venus williams ten years ago. not bad for someone who took
7:27 pm
off for two years to raise her daughter. over on the men's side, semi fines, roger federer and novak djokovic, federer had match point late in the fifth set. but djokovic rallied back to win the game. two games later djokovic punched his ticket to the finals. he will take on top seed rafael nadal tomorrow. for federer, it's the first time in 7 years he hasn't reached the finals after the u.s. open. coach k and team usa have now one eight straight games in turkey. kevin duran did whatever he wanted against lithuania. he goes off for 38 points. curry with the only shot of the game. usa beats lithuania 89-74, they will take on turkey for the gold. >> thank you very much. so life was like a box of it, chocolat forrest gump. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw.
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that's it for they edition of eyewitness news. we'll see you at 11:00. the latest news and weather is always on have a great night. ,,,,,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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