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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. we have breaking news. one of the three uc-berkeley hikers released from captivity. what we have just learned about the state of the two others. >> new video reveals what happened in the moments right after the san bruno blast and the problems pg&e knew about more than a year ago. it is tuesday, september 14. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 6:00. let's get a quick look at
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traffic and weather before you head out. gianna franco has traffic. >> accident westbound 80 at midway in vacaville. vehicle hit a tree. no word on injuries. chp emergency crews are heading to the scene. we'll have more information as we get it. tracy has your forecast. >> thanks, gianna. forecast for today, let's talk about today's highs. they are going to be nice. lower 80s expected inland today in concord and fairfield. upper 60s in oakland. 73 in fremont. 77 degrees in san jose. 62 in san francisco. pretty close to yesterday's high but inland temperatures warming up. mid-70s in santa rosa, 77 in napa. more bay area cities and today's highs in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:01. we have a developing story out of iran. sarah shourd one of the three uc-berkeley hikers arrested for spying has been released after more than a year in captivity. iranian state tv reporting shourd was released on a half
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million dollars bail. no word though on who paid it. shourd's lawyer says she is still physically in the prison. she is just finalizing the release details. this morning, events are apparently the result of health concerns. shourd's mother says that her daughter has a lump in her breast. meantime, iran's judiciary says the two other hikers josh fattal and shane bauer will have their detention extended by two months. that's the latest. we have new video taken just seconds after that san bruno blast. this from a gas station surveillance video that shows the huge fireball erupting down the street. at one point a woman is holding what appears to be a small child. she is running away from the flames. another store security camera captures these images as the explosion roars through the neighborhood. customers and workers at lunardi's supermarket appear stunned by the sound. it happened just blocks away. some hit the ground. others run for the doors.
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one man even loses his footing as you see there and he scrambles to get out of the building. the national transportation safety board is heading up the investigation into the explosion. and it says it's now focusing on documents relate to the pipeline that blew up. anne makovec is in san bruno explaining what cbs 5 has learned about the pipeline problems. good morning. reporter: so many questions about what led up to this explosion. some new documents from the regulatory agency. the investigation continues at the scene. i'm live on claremont. you can see it here behind me. a lot of questions coming out this morning about how risky the pipeline was and maybe still is and could anything have been done to minimize the devastation we saw. now, at a town hall meeting last night, at the church of the highlands in san bruno, pg&e touted its plan to spend as much as $100 million to help rebuild the neighborhood where 37 homes were destroyed, eight others badly damaged in the gas line explosion thursday night. a lot of questions about what caused this.
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and pg&e's response to it. one resident asked why it took almost two hours for them to shut off the gas. pg&e's response? it just wasn't safe to access the valves. >> i don't know whether an hour two hours, i don't know what good is in a situation like that. frankly, that's some of the things that the ntsb will be looking at to give us some understanding of what more we could have done. >> reporter: that's talking about what they could have done after what could have been done before the big question. a 2009 pg&e document put a nearby section of the ruptured gas line pipeline 132 in the top 100 highest risk lines section of pg&e's pipelines. that section was actually 2.5 miles north of the blast site in south san francisco. the document said that the line was slated to be fixed in 2012 and that "the likelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high."
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when you look at what happened here, there's a lot of concern about other pipelines here in california and across the state. the public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to inspect all 6,000 of its lines here in california with a special concentration on those high pressure lines located in high density areas like here in san bruno. >> anne, i'm looking at a website pg&e has, what, 6,000 lines, 6500 miles of pipeline. it puts it in perspective. but there is also a pipeline mapping website and they say it's basically been overwhelmed by people trying to check to see where the pipelines are in their neighborhoods. i'd like to know when i'm driving where those pipes are. >> reporter: it's one of those risk factors that a lot of people didn't think of until you see an example like this. >> right. but again, a lot of the experts say, too, is that you shouldn't be concerned. for the most part, most of them
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are safe. anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in san bruno. pacific gas and electric is set to spend up to $100 million for the blast. pg&e is giving each household in the disaster zone up to $50,000. no strings attached. >> it's theirs to use in any way, shape or form that they want. we will not be asking them and will not ask them to sign any releases when they accept that. >> pg&e says the size of the payments will be based on the amount of damage to each home. the company says it's making plans to help home owners who don't have insurance. five days after the disaster and it's still not year how many people died. we are expecting to learn more from the coroner later today. among those confirmed dead, jackie grieg and her 13-year- old daughter janessa. jessica morales was also killed. the son of 81-year-old elizabeth torres says his mom died but the coroner has not
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confirmed that. it's also not clear exactly how many people are still missing. one report says four but the city told cbs 5 that number is actually three. investigators say a lot of it is because physical evidence is hard to come by. at least 8 people remain hospitalized one in critical condition. we will have much more on the pipeline investigation including raw video of the explosion and the aftermath and some information on how you can help at san francisco's muni system says it's prepared just in case operators stage a sickout today but muni's spokesman says the threat of a sickout is just a rumor and a union official says it's a hoax. the union hasn't sanctioned a sickout, that was apparently promoted in an anonymous flyer circulated last week. that flyer urged muni operators to call in sick today through friday. 700,000 people ride muni every
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day. but so far, no sign of a sickout this morning. we will keep checking for you. >> yeah. great news. it could cause a big mess. speaking of the community. gianna franco has been monitoring muni and the rest of mass transit. >> right now no delays. the rest of your mass transit looking good bart systemwide is clear. ace and caltrain problem-free. we did have an earlier accident. it was first reported westbound 80 -- actually east 80 noncommute direction at midway in vacaville. vehicle hit a tree, completely cleared. traffic looks nice on 80. 80 clear all the way westbound richmond as you head into emeryville. as you work your way on the san mateo bridge, everything looking good in both directions at well. that's traffic. here's your forecast. tracy? >> hey, thanks, gianna. our forecast for this morning, as you head out the door, plenty of clouds are out there again this morning. partly cloudy conditions inland. mostly cloudy conditions around the bay so we do have some delays on arrives at sfo around 35 minutes. so if you are traveling this
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morning, you might want to at least call ahead and be abreast of what's going on. low clouds expected along the coastline. we'll take a look at your afternoon highs, today's temperatures are warming up just a bit in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. they were just trying to save lives. and now, they are trapped in africa. we'll tell you why some east bay missionaries are not allowed to leave zimbabwe. and mystery solved. where did all that oil that seems to have vanished from the gulf of mexico go? not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you.
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pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. and good morning. no sign of brake lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving right along. the metering lights are still off. we'll check the rest of your bay area bridges coming up in 6 minutes. all right. looking good. thanks, gianna. four members of an oakland church are out on bail of they were jailed in southern africa. they were distributing aids medication without a license or pharmacist missing. they say they have been working in zimbabwe for more than a decade and licenses have never been an issue. >> they are not going to probably want to take a chance
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of being arrested. the four members pleaded not guilty in court yesterday and the judge let them g bail for each was the equivalent of $200. the judge let them go. they had to relinquish their passports. firefighters in colorado working to contain a second did he instructive wildfire. the blaze has already consumed at least two homes. the destructive wildfire is 25% contained. this follows a larger fire near boulder that levels 160 houses. both fires were started by people but no charges have been filed. it's been a mystery for months since the gulf oil disaster. where did all the oil go? some researchers from the university of georgia say they found a lot of it on the ocean floor. it's a mile down. it stretches some 80 miles from where the well head blew last april. one scientist said they expected to find oil on the sea floor, not so much.
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they are talking about 2" thick layer of oil on the ocean floor. what a mess. >> for sure. the time now is 6:14. >> they say a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine down. but this is a first, the new bay area shop selling ice cream infused with marijuana. >> they didn't center have anything like that when i was in school. where did all this crazy stuff come from? no crazy weather, cloudy this morning, sunshine this afternoon. afternoon highs warming up a bit. we'll take a look after the break. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today.
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traffic looking good at the bay bridge. the metering lights are off no troubles at the toll plaza. carquinez bridge problem-free. south 101 before roland stalled vehicle stuck in the left lane. san mateo not a bad ride. very good choice this morning. traffic cruising along both directions. 14 minutes from hayward to foster city. elsewhere, 5 80 westbound stop and go through livermore.
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west of there traffic moving a little sluggish approaching 680. we have reports of an accident northbound 680 at mission boulevard. it is on the right side of the roadway. 80 looking good. clear westbound -- i take that back, actually slow. look at all that red. westbound through antioch, give yourself some extra time. traffic clear on the eastshore freeway. no troubles to report. no delays on 237 on to 80, no delays in the south bay. tracy has your forecast. >> thank you. our forecast for this morning, as you head out the door, cloudy start especially at the coast. low temperatures 55 to 50. cloudy at the bay, delays on arrivals at sfo around 35 minutes. partly cloudy conditions
6:19 am
inland. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. sunny at the bay, lower 60s to the upper 60s. and lingering clouds for the coastline, cool temperatures. near 60 degrees. 73 degrees in fremont. 77 in santa clara. 77 in san jose. and the lower 70s today from redwood city to san mateo to palo alto and in mountain view. east bay mid- to upper 60s in berkeley and in oakland. lower 80s in walnut creek and danville. more lower 80s from pittsburg to brentwood. mid-70s in petaluma. mid- to upper 70s in sonoma and napa. 70 in san rafael. 73 in kentfield. 62 in sausalito and 62 degrees in san francisco. couple of days away from the middle of the workweek.
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today, no major changes other than just we detailed for you. more of the same wednesday through friday. temperatures cooling down to the 70s as highs on the weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it is 6:20. let take a look at our top stories. a lawyer for sarah shourd says the uc-berkeley grad has been released from custody in iran but she is actually still in the prison finalizing details. meantime, iran's judiciary says the detention of shourd's two american friends shane bauer and josh fattal has been extended for two months. a section of the gas pipe line that exploded in san bruno last week was lifted last year as one of the top 100 highest risk line section in the pg&e. that's one part of the investigation of the explosion. still no sign of a sickout
6:21 am
on muni. but muni says it's prepared in case operators stage a sickout. the union says it has not sanctioned the job action mentioned in an anonymous flyer distributed last week. medical marijuana for people with a sweet tooth apparently. a new shop in santa cruz sells -- i'm on the wrong camera. thank you, sydnie. a new ice cream shop in santa cruz. infused with marijuana extract. it's potent stuff. the makers say one bite is equivalent to four to five puffs of a really good joint. >> you will definitely go back for seconds. the munchies will definitely be part of the experience t depends on the individual and, you know, how they receive the plant. >> it's also pricey. half pint goes for $15.
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flavors include bann abis foster and strawmarry cheesecake. >> really good joint. >> doesn't flow out of my lips. one of the most popular sandwich spots in san francisco has closed. ike's in the mission district closed at midnight but not before a big sendoff. ike's faced eviction after its landlord and some neighbors complained about crowds and noise. today employees will be cleaning up and will move out by tomorrow. it is 62:002. the hidden benefit in videogames. >> right. how playing them may actually help your brain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our forecast today, alameda 67, mix of sun and clouds. san leandro 70, sunny. 82 pleasanton, 80 walnut creek. we look at some more bay area cities, high temperatures and also chance of rainfall moving into the bay area. that's coming up. thank you. 6:25. this is some encouraging news. researchers made be closer to creating a blood test that can identify alzheimer's disease. >> texas scientists have developed a test that looks for a number of proteins in the blood that's been associated
6:26 am
with alzheimer's. in a new study the test is accurate about 80% of the time. more research still needs to be done to perfect the test before it can actually be used on a widespread basis. hey, turns out action videogames may actually be good for you at least when it comes to making quick decisions. doctors followed two groups of young adults, one played high paced action games, the other playing a slow-moving game. both groups were tested with a series of quick questions and the people who had played those high paced games were up to 25% faster at accurately answering those questions. >> you know, i -- i should probably try that. i mean, i was even terrible at the games like frogger. i mean -- >> i like frogger. i was good at super mario brothers back in the day. >> i'm really terrible but i can see where your hand/eye coordination would get better and making quick decisions. >> yeah. >> that's what we need to do. >> see, parents? there is some good news about your kids playing those videogames.
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glad we could bring that to you. it is 6:27. coming up, they are paid to enforce drug laws. now some police officers want to change them. >> why they support legalizing pot. and i'm live in the devastated san bruno neighborhood where the investigation continues. new questions are being asked about what may have prevented this explosion. and no major problems to report on the freeways. here's a live look at 880 near the coliseum where traffic is cruising along. we'll check the bay bridge coming up just after the break. ,, is soft on cats. but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective,
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de s out of iran this good morning. it is tuesday, the 14th of september. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. >> we have a developing story out of iran this morning. uc-berkeley grad sarah shourd has been released from custody after more than a year in captivity. let's show you footage now from iranian state tv reporting that shourd was released on a half million dollars bail. no word who paid. a lawyer for shourd says she still is physically in the prison as her release is
6:31 am
finalized. the release apparently because of health concerns. her mother says her daughter has a lump in her breast and other problems. her fiance and friend, josh fattal and shane bauer, are in custody. iran says the detention of those two men is extended by two months. sarah shourd apparently released from captivity this morning. federal investigators are finished now looking at the crater from the pipeline explosion in san bruno. ofpp today, they are zeroing in on documents related to that failed pipeline. let's go to anne makovec in san bruno, where people from the devastated neighborhood met with federal, state and local officials last night. anne, good morning. reporter: good morning. a lot of questions about the new documents we have uncovered as well as the investigation that continues here at the blast scene behind me. it will go on for a week according to the ntsb and a lot of questions swirling around about how risky the pipeline was and is as well as thousands of miles of other pipelines
6:32 am
here in california. at a town hall meeting last night pg&e says it will spend as much as $100 million to help rebuild the neighborhood where 37 homes were destroyed, eight others badly damaged in the gas line explosion thursday night. as people questioned the prevention and response effort, cbs 5 found a 2009 pg&e document that put a nearby section of the ruptured gas line, pipeline 132, in the top 100 highest risk line sections of pg&e's pipelines. that section is 2.5 miles north of the blast site in south san francisco. the document said the line was slated to be fixed in 2012 and that quote, the likelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high. but the ntsb explains the term "risk" doesn't mean the pipeline was damaged. the risk is made worse by the growing population. >> it creates an issue we are
6:33 am
going to have to start paying more attention to which is the scenario that we see here of a large pipeline that was built many years ago in a community that at that time was not densely populated and that is now more densely populated than it was some time ago. that's creating a changed environment that we are going to have to respond to. >> reporter: that kind of changed environment can be found in many location in california. so a question a lot of people have, how do you know if there is a line in your neighborhood? there is apparently a national pipeline mapping system online. the first thing you see on their web page is a warning about extremely high traffic. so so far, we have been unable to bring up a map pertaining to that. but we have a link on our website. presumably, they will be able to have some room later, some bandwidth that would allow people to check out their neighborhoods. but we are expecting more
6:34 am
information on of course what happened before this explosion as well as some new information from the coroner, holding a press conference at 8:00 a.m. this morning, questions about how many people have been reported missing. we may be hearing some more information on people who have been confirmed dead. we will of course bring you the latest here on cbs 5. elizabeth? >> all right. sydnie was able to pull up that website. so thank you very much, anne makovec live for in us san bruno this morning. >> i pulled up the website but the problem is i can't get into it. it's very busy. so check out our website, pg&e is giving each household in the disaster zone up to $50,000, no strings attached. >> it's theirs to use in any way, shape or form that they want. we will not be asking them and will not ask them to sign any releases when they accept that. >> this is all part of a fund of up to $100 million to help families. pg&e says the size of the payments will be based on the amount of damage to each home. the company also says it is making plans to help home owners who don't have insurance.
6:35 am
state regulators will start considering a plan that would require utility customers it pay for disaster costs not covered by a utility's insurance. and pg&e is backing the plan. now, this was introduced last year by the san diego gas and electric company. it was prompted by the series of fires in 2007 caused by extreme weather conditions. currently utilities can request a rate increase to cover disaster costs. but the public utilities commission can veto it. such vetos wouldn't be allowed under the new proposal. people whose homes were either red-tagged or unlivable or burned to the ground, they were finally allowed to look at the devastation. they took a bus tour through the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. they were not allowed to get out of the bus. all they could do is look through windows at what's left. >> i saw the big crater and then i saw our house and other people's houses.
6:36 am
there are several houses that were fine, several that weren't. it's a mess. >> later today, another group of residents will be taking that same tour. let's take a look at traffic and weather. >> they turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge. so traffic is backing up and quickly. you can see at least to grand at this point, slow and go through the cash lanes. fastrak not too bad. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. checking your drive on your approaches to the bay bridge, looks like 0 starting to build just a bit westbound, slow and go as you make your way through emeryville on 80. that's a look that's a look at traffic. tracy has your forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. our for example for today, things are expected to be slightly warmer. let's take a look. got some comparisons here. concord yesterday 73.
6:37 am
san jose at 73. santa rosa at 70. san francisco at 61. farther inland you go today temperatures will be warming up. 80 expected in concord. 77 in san jose. 74 in santa rosa. closer to the bay, really similar to what you enjoyed yesterday. lower 60s in san francisco. so temperatures today expected it be a bit warmer. we'll have more weather in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. a group of law enforcement getting behind a proposition that would legalize recreational pot use. oakland city attorney john russo and former police officer nate bradley spoke in support of that measure. dozens of other cops and d.a.s have also signed on. they believe the move will help reduce gang violence and give police more time to deal with violent crime. san francisco supervisors are scheduled to vote today on whether to impose a new fee on alcohol. under the proposal, distribute,wholesalers and wine makers would have to pay a fee
6:38 am
for every gallon of booze. it would be 35 cents for beer, $1 for wine and 3.20 for hard liquor. that would cover the city's costs of dealing with problem drinkers. san francisco is moving to expand its ban on tobacco sales in pharmacies. a committee at the board of supervisors voted monday to send an ordinance to the full board adding grocery stores and big box stores and pharmacies to the ban. the expansion is an effort to get around a court ruling this year which says the original ban violates equal protection laws. a decision could be made today on how high-speed rail should go through downtown san jose. there are a couple of choices for the city council: above ground or underground. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us live from downtown to explain. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the san jose city council is expected to put its weight behind one of the two options,
6:39 am
either the above ground aerial track which seems to be more viable because it's less expensive or underground where it's out of the way and it wouldn't interfere with buildings and streets. but the underground option is five times as more expensive and takes a lot longer to build an estimated $2.5 billion price tag. so it seems the san jose city council will endorse he want above ground option but we'll see what happens later today. meanwhile, this other high- speed rail news, governor schwarzenegger is touring high- speed rail in china and japan, riding the systems and looking them over. he is looking for outside investors to contribute to the $40 billion project of california. today japan announced it would be willing to give california loans to build project but it's not saying how much they would be. several countries including japan are all competing to be
6:40 am
the company that will actually build this high-speed rail system. i'm matt bigler in san jose reporting live for cbs 5. >> yeah, i mean be you look at china and they have these great trains but then again it's very easy for, uhm, those government officials to say, you know what just move. get out of the way. we're putting this line in. it doesn't work that way here. >> reporter: good point. there's a lot of bickering in california especially up and down the peninsula about how this traffic is goin to be built. will it cut through communities, will it involve eminent domain? it's bogging down the process. >> thank you, matt bigler, kcbs radio. >> i like the sound of this. an incentive to get away. >> how you can score a free hotel stay this fall. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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a positive report this morning on retail sales... good morning from the traffic center. we are seeing delays especially on your approaches to the bay bridge on that eastshore freeway. sluggish conditions 36 miles per hour through emeryville and as you approach the bay bridge. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. traffic actually building quite a bit. at last check the backup was at least to grand. so give yourself extra time through there. checking your drive on 101 not
6:44 am
too bad. northbound out of daly city all the way into san francisco, 66 miles per hour. no troubles there. all clear as well on 280. checking your drive along the peninsula, still no trouble spots. red city problem-free into san jose. lots of green lots of good news across the peninsula. elsewhere 280 northbound through san jose, not bad. traffic starting to build, some extra volume but overall nice speeds heading into downtown san jose. let's get a live look as well at the san mateo bridge this morning. 14 minutes from 880 towards foster city. westbound four seeing some delays through antioch the usual stuff as well on 580 westbound slow through the altamont pass. checking your travel times, 20 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. 80 just a little slow towards the maze but overall 880 also problem-free. 15 minutes through there. that's traffic. let's check your forecast. hopefully some sun in our future? >> yeah, there is some sunshine in our future but not
6:45 am
a whole lot of sunshine in our present. presently speaking. [ laughter ] >> looking out toward the bay bridge, boy, it is cloudy out there this morning. because of that bank of clouds, those low clouds, we do have delays on arrivals at sfo around 35 minutes for this morning. here's a look at some other areas for the morning as you head out. partly cloudy conditions inland. mostly cloudy conditions around the bay. and low cloud for the coastline. temperatures from the upper 40s to the upper 50s. clouds will linger along the coastline today with temperatures essentially in the 60s, lower 60s, mostly sunny conditions around the bay with temperatures from 62 to 68 degrees. and sunshine and a little warmer inland today with highs in the lower 80s. take a look at some of those warmer places. 81 degrees in morgan hill today. 80 in los gatos. 79 in campbell. 77 in cupertino. lower 70s in mountain view and also los altos and 73 in redwood city, 71 san mateo. well out into the east bay, that's where we are expecting
6:46 am
our warmest temperatures. lower 80s in pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. 78 in dublin. 82 degrees in pleasanton. the closer you get to the bay lower to mid-60s in richmond and berkeley. temperatures just at 70 in san leandro and hayward. north bay locations today, it's a nice day. 81 in fairfield, mid- to upper 70s in petaluma, sonoma and napa. 70 novato, 72 san anselmo and the lower 60s today in sausalito and san francisco. 69 in mill valley. here's th seven-day forecast. no changes saturday and sunday a different story sort of a hiccup. got some clouds. those clouds compliments of a frontal system will give us a small chance of showers. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. the present is looking gloomy. all right. positive report this morning on retail sales.
6:47 am
let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we did see the best month for retail sales in five months in august up .4%, even better when you take away auto sales, which had their worst month since 1983 not a big surprise given the push for "cash for clunkers" a year ago. there is not a whole lot of encouragement for wall street in these numbers quite yet because the critical part for retailers in the year is the holiday shopping season. that's coming up in the next couple of months. that's where retailers make most of their money. later this morning, we'll get a report on inventory. and if those inventories show any backing up for retailers -- and they have to place these orders several months in advance -- there are going to be a lot of worries that retailers will probably have to cut costs even more and that will cut into their margin. so we are not seeing a big reaction from wall street right now on that number. dow down 37. nasdaq down 9. s&p off by 5.
6:48 am
one encouraging note for retailers out there is best buy. they reported a 60% jump in profits in their latest quarter. they sold a lot of mobile devices as well as appliances. that's been reflected in their stock. right now best buy is up over 6%. toyota plans to go on the offensive when it comes to all electric and hybrid vehicles over the next years. the u.s. they plan to introduce two new electric vehicles and six new hybrids. one of those all electrics will be a rav4 crossover done in conjunction with tesla as part of their collaboration. toyota's head of product development had encouraging things to say about tesla's battery being used in the rav- 4. it's something that he says will make the rav-4 go a lot longer, a lot longer driving range, than their city all electric cars. but the new rav-4 probably won't be for sale until late in 2012. sydnie and elizabeth. >> two years from now but
6:49 am
certainly good news for a bay area company.jason, thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and major hotel chains are offering free nights to their most loyal guests as a way to fill rooms and win repeat customers. >> hotels such as hyatt and marriott are offering a variety of deals including thousands of bonus points that can be converted into free stays. the period after labor day typically a slow time of year for the industry. everybody has gone on vacation, kids are back at school. so while spending on hotels is up this year, it really isn't back to prerecession levels. if you have kids, you know that getting them to behave isn't easy. used to be you got grounded or got the belt. >> i never got grounded. i'm not joking. i was a good girl. >> we have laptops now and cell phones for kids. so we wanted to ask you this morning, what is your tip for grounding kids in this age of
6:50 am
digital media? >> all right. stacey on facebook says, digital media is a privilege. it should be earned based on positive behavior and removed as behavior becomes undesirable. and if a computer is needed for homework, that time must be supervised. >> take away the cell phone. >> i know. take away text messaging privileges. >> oh, my gosh. yeah. >> that's all i communicate with my friends now. okay. you can get more tips about that later this morning on "the early show." they have a good story on that. 6:50. help for the san bruno victims has been pouring in from across the bay area. >> how this 7-year-old raised hundreds of dollars all on his own. the national transportation safety board investigating the ,,
6:51 am
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san bruno pipeline explosion is the national transportation safety board investigating the san bruno pipeline explosion is now focusing on documents related to the pipeline. let's go to anne makovec. she is in san bruno to explain.
6:54 am
anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're going to give you some excerpts from those documents coming up in a minute but new information expected this morning at 8:00 a.m. from the coroner. we know that cadaver dogs have been out here at the site of the blast on thursday night. the coroner may be increasing the death toll officially which is obviously terrible. but it could bring some closure for families with missing loved ones. now, at a town hall meeting last night at the church of the highlands here in san bruno, there were a lot of questions from people who live around here swirling about how risky was and is the gas line pipeline here as well as thousands of others in california. one resident asked after the explosion, why it took almost two hours for pg&e to shut off the gas line? and pg&e said, it just wasn't safe for them to access the valve at that point. so a lot of questions about what happened directly before and what happened directly
6:55 am
after that explosion. now, in the meantime, cbs 5 did uncover a 2009 pg&e document that put a nearby section of the ruptured gas line, pipeline 132, in the top 100 highest risk line sections of pg&e's pipelines. that section is actually 2.5 miles north of the blast site in south san francisco. the documents said the line was slated to be fixed in 2012 and the likelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high. a risk that is han buy made worse over the years by the area's growing population. now, a lot of folks right now are wondering is this risk near my neighborhood, could there be a natural gas pipe line in my area? there is actually a national mapping website system and we have a link to that website on our website, it's been overloaded over the past few days. we haven't been able to bring
6:56 am
up a map. when we were able to earlier this morning, we couldn't get a lot of information. but again, you can find that hopefully, that will be loosened up within the days to come, find it at >> thank you, anne makovec in san bruno. cal grad sarah shourd has been released from custody in iran after being held for more than a year. iranian state tv reported her released and she will travel to oman where her mother is already waiting for her. she was released on half million dollars bail. no word though on who paid it. iran is apparently freeing her because of health concerns. shourd's mother says her daughter has a lump in her breast. meantime iran's judiciary says two other hikers josh fattal and shane bauer will have their pretrial detention extended by two months. and traffic starting to heat up on 880 compliments of a vehicle fire northbound 880 right at 80. it is on the right shoulder but this is as you're approaching
6:57 am
the bay bridge where traffic is already busy. in fact, let's get live look at the bay bridge. backed up to the maze at this point. the metering lights are on. checking 880, not too bad overall looking good near the coliseum. traffic fairly light on the north- and southbound side through the portion. we have reports of a wreck westbound 80 red top road debris in the middle lanes. not seeing any major delays through there. and golden gate bridge off to a nice start, no delays. tracy? >> thanks, gianna. my director says i got a really nice shot of the sunrise at mount vaca. i'll take it. >> better enjoy it. >> yeah. definitely. it's going to be a nice day , plenty of sunshine in this particular shot. but that's about the only one where we can show you this much sunshine this time of the morning. still a lot of clouds out there. but sunshine will reign later on today. inlands 80s, 60s at the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. clouds at the coast. check out the weekend
6:58 am
forecast. is that rainfall? ya. chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate for the weekend. temperatures cooling down quite a bit inland because of a frontal system. more clouds for the bay and also for the coastline for the weekend. and here's a look at our mypix photo called hummingbird and butterfly garden by phoenix taken in san mateo i want can't find a hummingbird but i thought it was just me. [ laughter ] >> it's in there somewhere. if you have a photo to send us, go toy >> what a happy place. >> if i were a hummingbird i'd be hanging out there. >> thank you. we often leave you with cute pet stories but today it's a cued kid story. a little boy with a big heart. >> joshua is 7 but says he wanted to do something for the victims of the san bruno pipe explosion. so he decided to raise some money. he made a donation box. he put a sign on it and then he went down to the san francisco wharf area over the
6:59 am
weekend. >> i'm donating it to the people that need help in san bruno. >> reporter: how did you get the money? >> i played drums. >> i'd like to see that. >> yeah. >> he raised more than $400. and there he is delivering it to the red cross. >> good job. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email those are brian and unser. >> hiding under his armpit like usual. >> also, check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on check out what we're working on for the later shows. thanks so much for watching. we leave you now with a little bit of that -- i thought we were going to have a little more sunshine. thought maybe there was a little sunshine over the bay bridge. these are the clouds. >> oh, come on, elizabeth. >> it's san francisco in the summertime. >> yeah. >> there it is. >> there is the sun. >> enjoy, everyone. e


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