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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 17, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> yee-haw! [laughter] craig: now, i'm sorry -- my apologies to the very beautiful sloane crosley who was meant to be a guest. i talked too long to william shatner. she's going to come back and be on the show very soon. and that's bad for her. but not as bad as what william shatner did to me during the commerl break. [laughter] -- during the commercial break. [laughter] craig: it was awful.
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i'm kidding. he made me feel like a bug in his cigar. but i think what we learned on the show tonight is that william shatner is -- does sometimes talk like this. [laughter] craig: and that's it. i now i have to go and have cigars on the roof. good night, everybody! [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." we view them as vermin. >> women charged with pretending to be victims of hasan brown oh disaster, the message to anyone who might try the same thing. watch out. we believe it will be very close to we need to fight for every vote. >> turf war, meg whitman ramps up her campaign deep in the heart of jerry brown territory. and a giant symbol of peace and harmony arrives in the bay area, it's being kept under wraps, we'll show you anyway. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it appears the death toll from the san brown oh explosion has climbed from 4 to 7. just a few hours ago the family of
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three missing people released a statement saying that their loved ones are dead. 50-year-old greg bullis. his 16-year-old son william and his elderly mother ivan were in a home next the blast site. the remains of two men and one woman have been discovered at the house. they are now performing dna testing on the remains. final confirmation of the eye den it's the could take several weeks. there was a vigil tonight for the mother and daughter killed in that explosion. people gathered at st. cecelia catholic church to remember a jaclyn greg and her 13-year-old daughter gentleman necessary a. the 8-t grader was the student body president at st. cecelia school. there will be a funeral mass at the church tomorrow morning. is hosting a benefit ton help victims er. >> and a south san francisco night spot is host agriculture benefit tonight to help victims of the disaster. intrameasure osis charging $20 at the door for an event they
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are calling band-aid. the money is going to the red cross. they put the whole thing together in four tapes. tonight's lineup includes live bands and d.j.'s. the san mateo prosecutors has this message for anyone who thinks about trying to prove it from the disaster. >> we view them as vermin. >> today two women were charged to attempting to impersonate victims of the blast. this is exclusive invested i don't of hem them in court. sonia smith and lisa justin were trying to get free food and other assistance and authorities are looking at four more suspected fraudulent aid applications linked to the explosion. >> we're gonna charge them with everything we can charge them with, we're not going to plea bargain with them, and we're going to urge the courts to exercise no leniency to them. >> investigators also want to remind people to watch for identity thieves as well as contractors who may try to take advantage of reel disaster victims. meg whitman is moving into
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jerry brown territory right into the heart of oakland. and tonight she is making her presence very well known. robert liles shows us how. robert? >> reporter: dana, consider this. oakland vote ersie elected jerry brown mayor twice, in fact this city is largely made up of registered democratic voters, but behind me is not an office for a democratic gubinatorial candidate, instead it's the republican candidate. so does all of this prime leased space mean that meg whitman is offering up a window into a winning campaign or into a political blunder? meg whitman's campaign says the gubinatorial hopeful opened this satellite campaign office at lake shore and 580 in mid- july for one reason. >> we believe the election will be very close so we need to fight inform every vote, every vote in oakland, every vote in san francisco, every vote in san jose, every vote in the bay
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area, every vote across the state. >> reporter: when cbs cameras arrived early this evening it was easy to see directly into the front windows of meg 2010, but after we informed her campaign of our story tonight the entire front window was covered with this. >> for anyone who lives in oakland, those of us who live here, we know that office is open occasionally at most and like most of the other whitman campaign it's mostly for show. >> reporter: but the republican campaign manager says it's just like an office opened in east l.a. and is an effort to woo minority voters. >> we're going after every single volt, every vote of color, every asian vote, every hispanic volt, so we're going to go into the neighborhoods and ask for their support. >> east oakland is probably the last place on the planet that meg whitman would try to locate a campaign office. >> reporter: cbs5 political analyst and usf processor says opening the office in oakland
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under cuts the attack adds. >> she says jerry brown is bad because oakland is bad. she is coming in to oakland saying i'm for you because i can make oakland a better place. >> reporter: brown's camp does not see the lake shore office as either bold or intimidating. so what do they see instead? >> meg whitman has yet to see a dollar she wasn't gonna spend. >> reporter: but whitman's camp goes on to say that this office is resonating with oakland voters and they point out the fact that hundreds of people, they say, have stopped by. now jerry brown has just one campaign office, it's across town, at jack london square, and dane, a his camp says his history with this city, that's what's resonating with voters. >> it's a big town. >> reporter: and a lot of campaign signs. >> there you go. robert liles, thank you. checking headlines around the bay area don't, environmentalists are asking ship operators to watch out for what else off bay area coastline. this after a container ship
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headed into the port of oakland with that sitting on the bow. nobody on board new exactly what happened until they reached port, spotted the whale stuck on the ship's bow, its dead. marine by ol gifts are examining the carcass to determine if it was dead when they hit it. police shot and critically wounded a man wanted for robbery. they tried to stop brian keith brown white for questioning earlier this morning. he ran off when officers threatened to taze him, they say he drew what appeared to be a gun, and they opened fire. the weapon turned out to be a very realistic looking replica. an in fremont celebration for the bay area's first freeway express lane, it opens monday on interstate 680, basically a car pool lane that solo drivers can pay to use. drivers need fasttrack to do that. southbound express lane will run from highway 84 south of pleasanton to highway 237 in mill pete as.
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and in san jose the board of the eastside high school district approved one of two new charter schools. summit ray near is set to open next fall t summit take home a campus was rejected. they plan to appeal to the county board of education. a massive 4 1/2 on the buddhist statue is just about ready for its closeup in the south bay. kiet do shows us why this green giant is making waves. ha just yet. bu ssured e buddha for uni . >> reporter: you are not allowed to see one of the world's largest and holiest statues of jade buddha, yet. but rest assured it is amazing. >> it needs to be viewed in order to really feel the power and the beauty of it. right now we're just looking at drapes. >> reporter: the statue will be unveiled at this converted warehouse at 1980 center road in san jose on saturday morning. but, if you can't wait, there are plenty of photos available since it's been on a worldwide tour and seen by millions in the past year and a half.
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>> this giant sculpture is appealing and protection and a taste as well. it is also special because it's on the buddha from india, the classic buddha. >> it took five years to carve the statue from the largest chung of gem stone quality jade ever found. the daley lamb a himself has consecrated the statue and it's insured for $5 million tina leon worked for a year to bring it to the south bay. >> it can make people, myself, to do something, you know, emotional when seeing this statue, the buddha. >> reporter: there was a power struggle to bring the statue to this location. it happened between two local business men. there was some bad blood between them, finger pointing and a lot of local politics, but now that the statue is finally here the monks hope that everyone can just move on, in other words, follow buddha's
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teachersings. >> they do the happy dance for their own family, themselves, and also all the people that will be singing, to the whole society. it means everybody have to learn to do good things. >> reporter: so, starting saturday, let the peace, harmony, and healing begin. facing accusations o we tried talking to some of the parties involved in this controversy but nobody wanted to talk on camera. but we did talk with the city of san jose's code enforcement department and they say this event has become politicised so they are expecting some retaliation to come this to into their office in the form of complaints at would i point they'll investigate them on a case by case basis. it runs 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. until october 1-t. kiet do, cbs5. a police department facing accusations of widespread racial profiling. >> if i went in a different
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neighborhood with a different color on my face i never will be safe. >> a pastor describes his encounter with the cops and he is not alone. the area where people feel targeted and what the police chief has to say about it. her story touching all of us. an 85-year-old graduate facing eviction from her student housing. tonight the latest twist this her search for a new home. i want to talk about time, i don't want to talk about clock. i want to talk about any of that. i want to talk about new orleans , if you want to talk about that. >> he got tense after the very first question and it never stopped. the interview you do not want to miss. in three people surveyed said, it's and for the first time this season we've got rain back in the forecast. the day, this weekend, you should plan on using that should plan on using that umbrella as ,,,,,,,, 3q
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it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. stopped by police, they say, in east san jose one in three people recently surveyed said that it has happened to them. they have been stopped by police, they say simply because of their race. hasan jose pastor told len ramirez about his experience. >> they were just checking who i was and -- >> reporter: father javier perez was pulled over by one police car and surrounded by
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three back up cruisers. his infraction not using his blinker. >> if i went in a different neighborhood with a different color on my face i never will be stopped. >> reporter: he was dressed in casual street clothes believes police profiled him based on his appearance. >> i live in a community with a lot of people and sometimes i say there is so many people it can't be true but it happened to me so i know that it's true. >> reporter: the incident was used to highlight the release of a new report that shows more than 1/3 of people surveyed in east san jose feel they have been stopped by police unjustly. rob davis defendd his department. >> there is an issue between perception and reality. did racial profiling exist? you bet it can. that's why it is called that. it exist, is it endorsed by the san jose police department, it is not. >> reporter: they found that although '09% want a strongly relationship with police 35% don't trust them.
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independent police auditor la door res cordell called that a big deal. >> the alabama news is that the perception expressed in this survey are based upon reel-life experiences that have led many to distrust our police. >> reporter: the survey was sponsored by people who acted together that called solutions like changing the rotation schedule of patrol units to build berry relationship with officers. >> what we have found in our research is that police officer do not stay long enough to get to know us. >> reporter: as for father reyes. >> i don't know if i put my blink error not but if i made a mistake i will pay for that. but they didn't give me a ticket for that. >> reporter: parishioners are hoping the city will take the survey information into consideration as they look for a new police chief. chief rob davis retires next month. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs5. robber take gonzalez, you
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know it's almost the weekend, it's thursday. >> wait until you hear what is in the forecast. 65 degrees in the city by the bay, san francisco, right here, below the average of 71 degrees. the span was went from 65 to 87 in sonoma. tonight bottoming out in the 50s, across the board with influx of a very deep marine layer roughly 2,000 feet deep extending inland 60 miles, tomorrow sun up at 6:52, nobody is going to see it. once the clouds do retreat back towards the ocean we'll see increasing clouds from the north. this is all associated with this right here, yeah. it's a cold front. and it's pretty strong for this time of the year. it promises to bring the first batch of rain this season beginning in the north bay on sunday. it looks like a chance on saturday in sonoma county, otherwise, in the north bay on sunday everybody else has just a chance. otherwise temperatures across the board for your friday going down in comparison to today.
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61 in pacifica with partly cloudy skies, 77 in san jose, down from an average high of 83 degrees. east of the bay, 63 in berkeley, to 81 degrees in brentwood. that is the outside number. 80 in concord, north of the golden gate bridge, increasing clouds, bodega bay, partial clearing in citizen son beach, 72 degrees in no votto. by the way we're going to head towards the weekend as dana always does. >> joe: in as fun run, partly cloudy skies this weekend on saturday. here you tv extended forecast, the chance of rain in sonoma county saturday, more than likely rain in the north bay sunday. it will likely turn partly cloudy after that. oh, my pick, can we get that in? tom glen, thank you, my favorite place in the whole world. lake del valle. >> there's an e ticket there somewhere. >> thanks roberta. we have some good news tonight about a woman who has inspired so many people with
1:57 am
her strength and determination. ida cotton is the 85-year-old cal state east bay graduate who faced homelessness after she finished her masters degree. she has been living in student housing and had nowhere else to go. they let her stay through the summer while friends look for just the right place. now she is moving into a senior housing complex in oakland. >> i am sad to a certain extent but then there's nothing keeping me from choosing and vice versa, and friends from visiting me, and i'm going to make new friends. >> the lions club of san leandro helped her pack. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option
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charging and operating these electric cars coming out. that's tonight's good question. look out america. here they come. the electric cars. tesla is already here, gm, nissan and the others are not far behind: >> nissan tells me they are going to deliver over 27,000 nissan leaves in 2007, chevy says 11,000. >> the author of the book "save gas, save the planet" says americans will be driving 110 nil ron electric cars, and believe it or not we're playing catch-up. >> the big store is china, a 120 million people use electric vehicles in shine a now most of them were what detroit dismissed, electric home runs, scooters,y bikes. >> so how will these new electric cars compare with say fueling with gasoline. this experts say it's the equivalent of about 75 cents a
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gallon. >> the electric drive system is about 75% efficient. a typical gasoline car is 15% efficient. >> but how are we going to charge all these electrical vehicles on our already stressed-out power grid. addison says it's simple. you offer incentives to charge off anesthetic. >> we have these smart chargers that you plug in but they don't charge until you tell them to so they will be clarking at night when we have excess available electrical energy. why one international article says mike singletary so fired up. the giants have another chance to move into sole position of to move into sole position of first pl wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. first time since early may with a win tonight the giant could move into shoal possession of first place for the first time since early may. each tom la sore data is having a hard time watching his dodgers this year. the giants offense would weak him up in a hurry though. aubrey huff and the rally long strike again. three hundred shot to right. huff daddy, buster posey launches one half-way up the left field bleachers, 5-1 giants, josi guillin gets in on the fund, tattoos the curve ball into the bleachers, they'll fight over another souvenir, the bats did plenty. jonathan sanchez run support sets a new career high with 12 strikeouts, maybe even more impressive for sanchez, not a single walk.
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they beat the dodgers 10-2. the padres 10-game road trip makes a stop in st. louis. yadier molina bloops a single to right. beat the padres 4-0, san diego is just 6-9 in september. so the giants are all alone in first place with a half game lead over the padres. next up for the giants the brewers come to town for a three-game series. earlier this week yahoo sports story reported that 49ers offensive coordinator jimmy raye often misstate the play leading to delays in getting the right play onto the field. i spoke with mike singletary earlier today. >> coach, i've met jimmy raye on several occasions, i have been in meetings with him, you know that, in the preseason, i have attended the funkings in which your coaches meticulously describe how their offense runs and each time i meet him i come away with the impression this guy hawaii has a reel handle on what he is doing. then comes the game, then the yahoo article. what's the truth?
2:06 am
>> what's the truth? >> reporter: yes? >> you know, jimmy has been this the league 33 years, he has been a coordinator for, you know, longer than you have been doin' this. how does a guy be a coordinator and be successful all those years and not be good at what he does. that doesn't even make sense to me. the question. i don't mean to be disrespectful but it doesn't make any sense, the question that you're asking. >> reporter: well it, i'm basing it on what was said in the yahoo article. >> yeah, but don't base a man's entire career on a dad gummed yahoo commercial. >> that's the point i'm trying to make. >> the point i'm trying to make is i don't even want to talk about the yahoo deal. it reallys me off. now that i sit here and think about it. we just talked today and i had a press conference today, i don't want to talk about the yahoo thing any more, whoever said it, i don't care who said it, it's over, done, i want to move forward. >> reporter: soak, so there is no truth to it in your opinion?
2:07 am
>> i want to move forward. >> reporter: okay, okay. let's talk about, then, alex moving forward into the game monday night. in situations where maybe he is not getting a play by a certain amount of time and -- >> alex will be fine monday night. watch the game and you will see that alex will be fine. i don't want to talk about time, i don't want to talk about clock, i don't want to talk about any of that. i want to talk about new orleans if you want to talk about that. >> reporter: but i'm allude to go -- is. >> is. >> i want to talk about new orleans if you want to talk about that. >> reporter: okay. let's talk about trying to stop drew brees. >> we will not try to stop brew brees. we will stop drew brees. next question. >> reporter: okay. how about trying to move the ball against the new orleans defense? >> we will not try to move the ball against the new orleans defense, we will move the ball, and we will score. >> reporter: coach, obviously there is a sense of frustration that has spilt over -- >> no, it's not a sense of frustration, i'm just being honest. you know, i had a conversation
2:08 am
about this earlier today and i came in here ready to talk about new orleans and we get all this other, i'm just tired of talking about that. >> reporter: i understand. >> i'm ready to go. >> reporter: okay. >> the saints and 49ers monday on the cw, 44, cable 12. our coverage begins at 5:00 and we'll have a postgame show. >> comes with the territory, right? you're a head coach you got to take questions that may not be at your convenience. >> it was a frustrating game for the 49ers and i'll say it again, the giants lose 1-0, they can come back the next day and people can talk about the next game. they got 7 days in between games and that's a lot of time for coaches and fans and players to be sitting. >> i'm glad you asked the question because that's what a lot of 49er fans want to know. this is a team that went undefeated in preseason. >> and they are playing the >> and they are playing the super bowl champs so good luck.,
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