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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 24, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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the three died two weeks ago today in her claremont drive home in the san bruno explosion and fire. >> the bullis family was a very united family. lavonne was an excellent nurse and she cared about everybody. >> reporter: she is related to the bullis family by marriage and says she feels especially heartbroken for greg's wife sue. >> poor sue. she's lost her mother-in-law, her husband, her son, her home, all of her possessions. the only thing that she has left is her daughter, thank goodness. her car and the clothes she wore to work that day. >> reporter: authorities estimate a crowd of between 700 to 1200 mourners for the memorial. burlingame police sent automatic phone messages yesterday to let neighbors know they are redirecting commute hour traffic near the church on el camino real and easton drive. six police officers are guiding traffic to go one way on balboa, cortez and cabrillo
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avenues between hillside an easton at 7:00 p.m. >> what makes it challenging is it's all primarily a residential neighborhood and we want to be aspectful as possible to the people attending the service but also as minimally impacting as possible on the residents that live in the area. >> reporter: to alleviate traffic, shuttles are take mourners between the church and the high school in millbrae. on campus william was enrolled in the culinary arts program. some students are wearing red ribbons in his memory and challenging other schools to join them in raising money for the san bruno fire victims. there are so many people here, there's an overflow crowd outside the church. the memorial is expected to end at about 6:00 tonight. and then afterward a reception a couple of minutes away at mills high school. juliette? >> heartbreaking. all right, sharon chin, thank you. tonight there are new clues into the cause of the san bruno pipeline blast. investigators say bacteria may be to blame. anne makovec explains how it
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could have caused the deadly explosion. reporter: a once thriving neighborhood now reduced to shades of gray, ash covering everything that stands, and everything that stands won't stand for long, a sight that can crack even someone who does this for a living. >> on the emotional side, it's -- it's heart-wrenching. >> reporter: the debris is separated in a what's recyclable and what's going to the dump. when you look at a vehicle like this, everything is decimated except for the things that were metal down to the wiring that was once holding together the wheels. as the clean-up process continues, so does the investigation into what caused this. >> the whole community wants answers. we don't want this to happen anywhere else again. >> reporter: new concerns about pipeline corrosion coming from the inside is one of the elements being examined on this piece of pipe, which is now in washington, d.c. one possibility, microbiology- influenced corrosion is what
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caused a similar gas line blast a decade ago in new mexico in a pipe the same size as the one that blew here and around the same age, five decades olds. this is how it happens. microbes thrive in pools of water. pools of water can collect in pipes. that bacteria releases gases that break down the pipe's walls. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that pg&e filed a statement with state regulators last year expressing, quote, ongoing concern about internal corrosion on the line which runs from san francisco to milpitas including san bruno and that pg&e admitted that water had shown up on tests done on the pipeline. pg&e refused to comment this morning. >> they said they remain significant because we have seen trucks down there all the time and stuff like that. i don't know what they were doing. >> reporter: now she is concerned about the aftereffects of the blast, like asbestos and metal toxins, though the health department says the air and soil are
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constantly monitored. in san bruno, anne makovec, cbs 5. now to developing news. a federal judge has just cleared the way for california's first execution in more than four years. albert greenwood brown is scheduled to be put to death next wednesday at san quentin. he was convicted for the 1980 rape and murder of a 15-year- old girl in riverside county. in 2006, judge jeremy fogel halted executions saying the state's lethal injection method caused great physical pain but in his ruling today the judge says brown can now choose a one drug lethal injection instead of the three drug cocktail. the judge says the one drug is less risky. brown still has two legal appeals that could halt next week's execution. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her hostage may never stand trial. today a judge suspended the criminal trial of phillip garrido. he says he has concerns about
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garrido's method competency. that means he may never stand trial for 28 counts of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment. the judge has not even seen the psychological reports on garrido. instead, he says he based his decision on talks with garrido's lawyer and his own observations. >> when somebody wants to either go to trial for crazy reasons or wants to not go to trial for crazy reasons, that person is not competent. >> criminal proceedings against garrido's wife may still continue. the couple is accused of keeping dugard and her two daughters captive in the backyard in antioch until last year's arrest. how well do you know the person who is caring for your loved one? an alarming new investigation reveals hundreds of home care workers have criminal pasts. the "l.a. times" reporting more than 200 california workers and applicants have been flagged by investigators as unsuitable to work in the government's home
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health aide program. many have violent backgrounds such as rape, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. and what's worse, thousands of the workers never even had a background check. current privacy laws prevent warning elderly and disabled residents that caregivers are felons. funeral services today for the 15-year-old high school student killed in a suspected drunk driving crash. people gathered at our lady of loreto catholic church in novato to say good-bye to isaac brott one of five teenagers in a car last friday. the 16-year-old driver lost control and hit an oncoming tractor-trailer. all the other passengers in the car were injured. police say they found beer cans and alcohol bottles at the crash scene. the driver now faces felony dui and manslaughter charges. meanwhile a motorcyclist was killed this morning after colliding with a van near the oakland airport. it happened just before 6:00 on
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hegenberger road. the victim is 27 years old and as you can see, the force of the impact was so strong that the front end of the bike actually shattered into pieces. medics rushed the motorcyclist to highland hospital where he later died. so far, police have not released his identity. to some it's a creative ad campaign for curvy jeans. for others, it's offensive. do you think this ad crosses the line? new moms, new booking photo. why lindsay lohan may not get out of jail early this time around. i constantly get advice balloon to wear. >> stuck on styling? perfect your friday night outfit with just a couple clicks of a mouse. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer
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and i approve this message. drug test. >> the judge warned it would happen and it did. lindsay lohan is back behind bars after failing a drug test. she appeared in court this morning. after the 10-minute hearing she was handcuffed and immediately sent to jail, where she will remain until another hearing next month. lohan's father says there are people in his daughter's life who are leading her on the wrong path.
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>> she hasn't gotten help for addiction yet. see this doesn't make the right decisions. >> that's right. >> she doesn't know better. >> lohan posted a tweet last week admitting she had failed her drug test and was prepared to face the consequences. this is her third time in jail. she was twice released early due to overcrowding, but it won't happen this time around because it isn't a jail sentence. a different kind of curve is throwing some drivers off on highway 101. syme sume joins us from the newsroom to tell us what's behind the provocative billboard. >> reporter: if the purpose of an ad is to catch your attention this one definitely does it but how appropriate is it when the language is out there for all to see? >> reporter: the massive ad stands out on the side of 101 heading south through downtown san francisco. it's part of levi's campaign to show women come in not only different sizes but also different shapes. hence, the tag line. all asses were not created equal. >> i don't have a problem with
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it. >> come on, they are using the word asses now as a -- ad word. so, you know, is that appropriate? >> reporter: a spokesman says levi's chose the language because in worldwide surveys it reflects how women talk about their jeans. however, she refused to answer whether levi's considered the language appropriate for children to hear. >> it's inappropriate for all ages, i would think. i think we start to get desensitized to what is appropriate and what i would like my 5-year-old and my 8- year-old to look at. >> if they see it they will think it's okay to say it. >> reporter: on the other hand, if the idea is to get attention -- >> i liked it. i think it's, uhm, compelling, grabs my attention. >> i like the one on the right personally. >> reporter: this billboard is leased by cbs outdoor which is owned by the same company that owns kpix. cbs outdoor is solely responsible for determining what's appropriate and what's objectionable on its billboards. there is no government oversight. should there be somebody who says this is appropriate and
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that's not? >> no. in terms of trying to restrict what we can say and do, definitely would not go that far. >> reporter: we never heard back from cbs outdoor about what its criteria is, juliette, for determining what's appropriate and what's not. >> thank you, simon perez. next, killing prostate cancer cells with energy waves. the minimally invasive treatment that shows promise. anheuser-busch's solution to sagging sales: free samples. how soon you can score a free beer. hey, check this out. i'm actually on the baseball field at at&t park. and it's not for baseball action. now, how you can take part in the big event here going on at at&t park plus, the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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season. target annou target and apple are teaming up in hoping for a strong holiday season. target announced today it will carry the apple ipad starting in october. it will carry all six models of the touchscreen tablet computer. prices start $499. all right. for most women, finding the right outfit is just the beginning. no look is complete without the right accessories. but if you don't have a personal stylist, how do you choose? on the consumerwatch julie watts found there is help on the web for the accessory- challenged. like me. hi, julie. >> reporter: we have the answer for you, jules. even this bright color can use a little accessory. we found a website that not only picks your accessories but they send them to your door. is it worth your money? >> asking which celebrity style i like reporter: it's a new website that doubles as your own personal stylist. >> i don't know how to dress
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myself. i constantly get advice. >> reporter: the website creator says each piece retails for about 30 bucks. but for lily the convenience is even more important than the low cost. >> it's easy because you can go online and quickly just answer in three or four questions, i think it took me 90 seconds and i have some really good picks. >> reporter: how does a website know what you're looking for? well, it starts with a simple survey. >> i'm doing something a little bit edgy so i'm actually going to say a girl's night out. >> reporter: with project runway winner christian syrian no at the helm, lily is confident she will find the perfect piece. >> we felt like there was a huge need for this because giving the state of the economy a lot of people are not focusing on big purchases. >> reporter: but are these accessories really worth $30? we asked san francisco fashion expert sanders to weigh in. >> this i think is really, really pretty. it's a piece that you could dress up, you could dress down. i think that's a great one that somebody would pay $30 for. >> reporter: but there were some that didn't make the cut.
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>> i think it's a cute piece. but i don't think it's worth $30. if i paid $30 and i got these in the mail i would be mad. >> reporter: overall, she says the concept of the website is brilliant. you get a taste of what it's like to have a celebrity stylist for a fraction of the cost. >> i think it's really great alternative for sure. >> reporter: and so does lily. here's one of their accessories. you can see it's cute. definitely goes with my outfit. but i will say it's -- you know, it's not high quality it's costume jewelry. >> how much does it all cost? >> the advice is free but you have to submit a card when you log on and they will charge you $30 a month for an accessory. you can cancel at any time. >> thank you. it's certainly going to be a warm, warm weekend around the bay area. so we should check in with
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roberta to find out about our triple-digit temperatures at at&t park. >> reporter: you know i'm a baseball aficianado. i love me some baseball whether it's at the coliseum in oakland supporting my as or right here home of your san francisco giants, and mine, too, at at&t park. this is a great place to be. i got to tell you, i'm not here for baseball. i'm here for opera at the ballpark. and you can be, too, for free. we have all those details, but right now, let's talk about the other talk of the town, and that happens your weather. we're currently 74 at at&t park. if you are out and about this evening, it looks like for the most part our temperatures are ranging from the low 70s at the beaches , 80s bayside to 90 degrees inland. tonight overnight, temperature span with the clear sky, 54 in santa rosa to 61 degrees in san jose. let's set you up with the weather forecast for the weekend. we have a huge dome of high pressure stretching from the desert southwest all the way
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into the eastern pacific. this is resulting in dry winds going from warm to hot and your air quality is going to take a direct hit as a result. it's a "spare the air" day for saturday with unhealthy levels of ozone in the atmosphere around the santa clara valley. otherwise, let's go ahead and pinpoint those temperatures. let's down to the basics. how hot will it be? first stop 75 daly city, 91 sunnyvale and san jose. nearly 100 in morgan hill. now, east of the bay, that's where the warmest numbers are anywhere from 82 in richmond to triple digits in throughout the tri-valley backing through brentwood. otherwise, north of the golden gate bridge, 82 degrees in san francisco, when the average high is 71 degrees. and then all the way up to 39 degrees in cotati and in santa rosa. the cbs 5- and 7-day forecast, we'll have the hottest day of the weekend on saturday. a slight cooling on sunday, but that offshore flow will continue all the way through really thursday.
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looks like monday will be the hottest of all with a record heat up to 103 degrees inland. and we are talking about 90s inland all the way through thursday and on friday. mypix tonight, gino gonzalez has a great sense of humor. he caught this while he -- he captured this for us, a shark sighting, yeah, a shark sighting in linda mar. keep the pictures coming right here to cbs 5. we have a special guest with us here tonight. david is the general director of the san francisco opera. r and this is like our fifth year together. >> it's our fifth simulcast live from the war memorial operahouse and we love you for the weather tonight! because it's perfect. we are going to do aida on the big hd screen. we have opened the upper deck so we can accommodate anybody who wants to come out here. >> reporter: that's it. that's it. free! people can come on out here on this warm -- feels like a summer night and here we are the first friday in autumn. you can come out here for free. bring the children and
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introduce them to opera for the first time in their lives. >> absolutely. it's a cast of 375. ver did i's mow popular opera aida. >> where is the cast? >> the cast is performing live for the public in war memorial operahouse on van ness. >> reporter: so just a few blocks away they are performing off van ness and we are here at at&t park. you bring a blanket, picnic basket. sit on the field or in the stands. last year we had 25,000. >> i think this year upwards of 25, maybe 30, maybe more. >> reporter: it starts at what time? > 8:00 sharp. >> reporter: 67 degrees. >> beautiful! beautiful. >> reporter: last year was a little chilly but you still want to bring a wrap, light jacket, dress in layers because it will cool down as the night progress. >> and the moon. see a moon rise over the bay from the upper deck? romantic or what? >> reporter: well, it's 98% waning gibbous moon. but i like the way you say it's
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romantic. come on here at&t opera at the ballpark, jules, it's so nice. >> what a gift to be able to sing like that. you and i are just wannabes. >> reporter: right. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> reporter: it's true. we are more the karaoke speed. >> thank you, roberta. september is prostate cancer awareness month. and researchers at a new york hospital are trying to get the word out about an experimental treatment for the disease. randall pinkston reports, clinical trials are under way on the minimally invasive treatment. reporter: 62-year-old stephen brooks has battled prostate cancer twice. the first time he was treated with radiation. but when it recurred, brooks got into a clinical trial using a new treatment. >> how are your psa numbers? >> 0.1, cancer-free. >> reporter: brooks credits his lower psa, the number used to indicate the presence of any prostate cancer, to high intensity focused ultrasound
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treatment. >> it's more accurate in terms of delivering energy to a specific area without damaging the surrounding areas. >> reporter: because it doesn't harm the rest of th prostate, it has less side effects than surgery and radiation. >> incontinence? >> no incons tense. >> reporter: the clinical trials offer patients whose prostate cancer has come back but if it gets fda approval, the technique could also be used for patients diagnosed for the first time. he wants to be an example for other african-american men. since they are more likely than white men to develop prostate cancer and twice as likely to die from it. >> if you don't take these tests, what chance do you have? when you feel the pain, it's too late. >> reporter: more than a dozen hospital apart of the clinical trials which will take years to complete. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. danger in a bottle. why the dea now wants you to open your medicine cabinet and clean it out.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. we're working on for eyewitness news at 6. we're getting new information tonight from pg&e about one theory on the san bruno gas line explosion. is microbial corrosion to blame? we i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. new information from pec on one theory from the san bruno gas line explosion. is microbial corrosion to blame? we'll have comments from a pg&e spokesman. plus an up-close look at the multi-billion-dollar
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engineering project that will change the way much of the bay area gets its tap water. all that and a whole lot more at 6:00, juliette. >> all right, dana. we'll see you then. thank you so much. the world's largest brewer wants to buy you a beer. anheuser-busch inbev budweiser plans to give away a half million beers as part of a campaign at bars and restaurants across the condition try through wednesday culminating to a national happy hour that night. the company is targeting the under 30 crowd, which has largely ignored bud over the past several years. not quite clear yet which bars or restaurants will be giving away the brewski. all right. on that note, thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with katie couric" is next. the latest news and weather is always on we'll have local news for you again at 6:00. we'll see you then.
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