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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 9am  CBS  September 25, 2010 8:30am-9:30am PST

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we'll show you the newly released video. . was he being a good dad or bad cop in the south bay officer accused of abusing his power. we'll show you the new video. he's accused of kidnaping gas see due guard and held her for two decades. why an attorney says he may never see a trial. it's 9:30 this saturday morning, the 25th of september. good morning. welcome, sir. >> lovely day shaping up in the
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basement and you requested a little more summer. >> yes. >> here it is. we'll be heating up and mostly clear skies. we're looking for 70s 55 beach and 90s to low 100s across the interior of the next couple days. basically our first little heatwave of the season settles in across the basement i'll have more details on that in your complete forecast. looking forward to that. caught on tape. a south bay family has released the video of what they say is a fake rest by a san jose police officer. the cell phone video was secretly shot by the father of a 15-year-old boy. it appears to show the officer pretending to arrest the boy for having sex with his stepdaughter. you see the cop towering over the boy with handcuffs and threatens charges and lex tours him -- and lectures him about his behavior. >> you don't have sex with a
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cop's daughter. >> handcuffs came off and the boy was never arrested. but the officer's actions are now being criminally investigated. prosecutors are weighing whether the cop may have abused his authority the officer says through his lawyer, that he was just trying scare the boy straight. a convicted rain aft accused of holding jaycee due guard hostage for two decades may never stand trial. yesterday a judge suspended the trial. he said that he's concerned about fill garrido's mental pen competency. they have to determine if he understands the nature of the charges against him and if he's able to cooperate with his attorney to preach a defense. >> you have to decide if they are making it up or faking mental illness. >> judge said that he made the
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decision in talking with his lawyer and saw him frantically scrabbling notes in court when nothing was happening. a federal judge that's cleared the way for california's first execution in more than four years. albert brown is scheduled to be put to death next wednesday at san quentin state prison. he was convicted for the 1980 rape and murder of a riverside girl. a judge halted executions, saying that the state's lethal increek method caused great physical pain. but he decided to give death row convictims a choice. he can choose a less risky one drug or the traditional three drug cocktail. brown still has two legal appeals that could potentially halt next week's execution. a family of three killed in san bruno during the pipeline explosion are being remembered
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as kind gentle people. hundreds turned out for the funerals. they're survived by his wife sue and daughter. both were away from the home during the blast two weeks ago. time now 9:34. lawmakers will be back today trying hammer are out a budget agreement with the hopes of reaching a final a final deal on monday. california's budget is now a record-breaking 87 days overdue. right now california faces a $19 billion budget deficit. two days after her off the cuff comments that fresno looks like detroit. meg whitman offers an apology. >> it's not appropriate that
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the unemployment rate is higher than detroy and apologize for that. she said that her words were taken out of context and she was referring to fresno's jobless numbers. the fundraiser raised about $75,000. a new ap pole finds there's a gap in political enthusiasm among voters. gop supporters are getting fired up about candidates and democratic supporters is a bit lackluster. here to talk about how they energize their party is democratic national chairman tim cane. thank you very much for coming in. there are a lot of important local races. for one barbara boxer's senate seat. how do you plan to energize democratic voters? >> i'm here to do a big rally
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in oakland with the activists that are going door-to-door. we started june. but we're building up to election day. and what we saw in poling over the summer there was a real edge in poling between those that desired a republican congress over those that desired a democratic congress. and that gap is completely closed. and last check it had the democratic bear the a slight edge. we're thing to ground type campaign where we're going door- to-door, special that we specialize in. >> and the enthusiasm gap is typical in any election. but this year, it seems to be a bit more pronounced. you hear em saying that we're a little disappointed in obama's performance. but there are a lot of thing that's the democrats have
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accomplished this year, healthcare reform law, college tuition. you don't hear the democrats on the campaign trail touting the accomplishments. why is that? >> you hear california democrats like senator boxer talking about it all the time. our economy was shrinking in 2009. we saved the auto streeks reformed the wall street, healthcare reform law and credit card reform and equal pay for women so -- >> but seems like can dates taking advantage of that. >> barbara boxer has been part of those successes and she's done a good things for california, expanded after school programs and fought for the environment so she's out promoting the things that she's done. >> most of the things that i've
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heard from barbara boxer has been nor negative on her opponents. >> i've heard her talk about the heavy liftinging that we' we came into office in the toughest times since the 1930s. and the american public put us in to do heavy lifting so when barbara boxer talked about his record as an outsourcer of jobs and someone that would overturn roe vs. wade, it is important to draw that contrast. >> are you worried that the voter turnout will be low. and now obama he's in office. do you think people will come out and vote? do you worry? >> i do. first, the president's first two years in office have had more accomplishments in terms of just agenda getting passed than virtually anybody this
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healthcare reform law is massive. prepreventtive care for health insurance policies and kids stay on their parents' policies till they're 26. >> is it going get people to come snout. >> yes. and it's going to bring people out. >> west vice chair of the california gop here last weekend. and i'm guessing he would beg to differ. >> nothing energizes people more. >> we've got another month or so. and we'll find out if folks really come out in high numbers again. thanks for coming. we appreciate you being here this morning. a lot to talk about. thousands of pot smokers on the way to the cal palace right now. the event expected to light things up this weekend. and one day after being sent to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to the weekend early edition. i know this is a story that everyone has been waiting for. lindsay lohan is out of jail once again. this time after spending less than 12 hours behind bars. the actress was released just
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before midnight after posting $300,000 bail. she was arrested yesterday after showing up to court for violating her probation. you may remember. we showed you her tweets last week admiting that she failed a court order drug test. a judge initially ordered her to be held without bail. but lindsay lohan's attorney challenged the ruling and it was overturned. this is her third time behind bars since her dui arrest in 2007. i know it is the most important story of the morning. lane go. i gave it to you. do you feel like you can go on with your day now? >> moving on. >> weather that is the most important story, we'll see triple digits in some spots? >> we are. clear skies and hot temperatures for a few locations. this is typical in the fall that we get warm weather and it's upon us. and it's here for about three days before we'll see cooling.
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lots of sunshine, muggy conditions. last weekend the threat of rain in the air. that is gone for now. high pressure building ago cross the west coast. we'll maintain this pattern with a bit of offshore breeze setting up. this will keep the fogging to a minimum. it will be well offshore as we see the clear skies in and around the bay this morning. we see a bit of haze in and around the bay. but that is not a fog bank that is just the smoke and haze. we'll be sunny and hot across the street interior today and in the mid to upper 90s for the bay and looking at low 80s and maybe low 90s across the region. coast side, mid-70s for the highs. this will be the pattern for the next day or two we'll look for temperatures to peek out over monday. and then it will cool through the rest of the week. and north beast festival taking place on the streets with low 80s expected in the city today
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that is definitely baumy weather for the city. with the high pressure system in place that is sending the jet stream way to the north. this thing through next week. we'll look for offshore winds, sunny and warm conditions in and around the bay. they'll be peeking out on monday temperature wise. and we'll see a gradual cool down through mid-week of next week with the interior looking for mid-90s today and south bay likewise. and look -- at the peninsula. and the beach, mid to upper 70s. the east bay, we'll find warmer yet an up are 90s and maybe a -- upper 90s and maybe a triple digit today, if not today maybe tomorrow. it will be a warm one.
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the north bay will look at those mid-90s for the hot spots and cooling slightly as you move back toward the water. as we take a look at another festival. the rhythm and blues festival will take place. and the seven-day forecast keeps this warm pattern on us through the rest of the week here it will strawlly cool down slowly from mid-week on as you see here. temperatures peeking out on -- peaking out on monday. and next weekend we'll be about ten degrees warmer than this weekend. >> i asked you for the indian summer and you delivered. thank you very much. bad wi-fi service, dropped connections and internet videos that constantly stop and sputter. it could be a thing of the past
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things to a new fcc decision. it's known as super wi-fi. >> reporter: buffering that we tolerate to watch video over the internet. buckle up, a faster wireless internet service is just down the highway. >> it will be like a new turbo charged wi-fi. >> reporter: it will be an innet on steroids coming through the currently unlicensed spectrum known as white spaces. they are all the unused airwaves between channels. they're used as a buffer zone. but now with digital tv, less space needed and so the fcc will license that space for a new internet service, a service that will provide lightning speed. current internet speeds maxes at 54 mega bits or 54 miles an hour. >> new stuff is going to be in the white space running at 80 to 800 mega bits so it's many
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times faster. and the new white space spectrum is being opened up and it's good going through always was and going through buildings. it's like television. it's in the same radio frequency area. so television gets through walls and things pretty well and through trees and reaches across neighborhoods. you'll have the same good, flexible coverage. >> reporter: smart phones, "youtube" and internet radio are taxing the current wireless networks. and the new wi-fi will take the load off. companies like hewlett packard, google and mike soft are bidding to be the developers. the fcc predicts it will generate billions of dollars in economic activity. this will no longer be your parents' internet. >> so with the school year in full swing m parents are turning to technology to help kids with their homework when do internet research and on
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line chats cross the line to cheating? jim stire is here to help us sort through he's issues. i was shockd when i read your writeup. 35% of kids admit to using technology to cheat. >> that is admit. i was teaching at stanford yesterday. and i've stopped giving multiple choice tests. thishthe issue is loading stuff on the phone. >> if you were a teacher, would you not see if they have a phone on their desk. >> you can put a cheat sheet there too. >> ultimately, this is the time of year that we're back into the school week parents need took ware of this. and it's tough to figure out the difference between using
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stuff for homework now that kids like live on their computers and use google and -- wikipedia. it's an important thing to do. >> how do you know? you got to ask the teacher. is my kid allowed to search on wikipedia or do they have to go to the library. and now downloading things over the internet. >> we do that. the -- at stanford we do that. a lot of it is basic ethical decision making by young people and that is something that you can teach very w and parents can teach that as well. it's fascinating, as the world has changed and it's changing at warped speed, so the --
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there's a fine line between collaboration sometimes and bore rouging somebody else's answer. >> so three points you want parents to think about. is it shortcut or cheating. >> try to pass off somebody else's work as your on is cheating. >> collaborating via facebook can be okay. but you cannot do that in the middle of the test. teachers need to be awaste rules. >> and ask your parents did, it feel honest or sneaky. >> right. this is the time when you can have an important conversation with your kid. from third, fourth grade on, you can have this conversation with kids. >> cheating has been going on for years now. there are just new creative ways to do it. >> but kids have not changed
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and values have not changed. and that's where your role as a parent comes in. technology changes things and fundementalth thicks what is right -- ethics and what is right and what is wrong. national push this weekend to encourage foam get rid of their old prescription drugs. i'm stronger and more positive. i don't let nothing -- i never put myself in that situation. >> overcoming life's most difficult obstacles. inside the safe place that has ,,,,,,,,,,
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introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon.
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time to clean out that medicine cabinet. the dea is sponsoring a national drug take back day people can drop off any unwanted primingses as designated sites around its bay area. and plushing down the toilet or tossing them into the trash is not safe options. and keeping them in the medicine cabinet increases the chance of misuse and abuse. thousands much bay area
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battered women have found safety and a new start to this week's jefferson award winner. >> the abuser has control over you. >> reporter: hope said that she escaped four years of verbal and fact abuse. >> i was scared and nervous. i felt like no one was going to be there for me. >> reporter: she came to a safe place, and oakland shelter. hope received save housing and counseling to understand that the violence was not her fault. >> they helped me feel like i want the reason this happened to me. >> reporter: under caroline's leadership, a safe place has taken in some 5,000 women and children. she referred to the victims to get help but noticed a
9:57 am
disturbing trends. >> they were continuing knob abusive relationships but would not reach out to the services being provided to them. >> i grew up in an area where domestic violence did not have a name. we did not recognize relationship abuse as domestic violence. >> reporter: determined to make a difference, caroline became executive director of a safe place, oakland's first battered women shelter. she said that the work is cut in half the number of domestic violence calls to police. >> when i leave at the end of the day i know we have made an impact on the lives of many women. but i know there's more work to be done. >> reporter: for example, under caroline's guidance, they
9:58 am
released a dvd to talk about teenage dating violence. >> i saw this at the drop of a hat. >> reporter: hope thanks caroline for helping her step into a new job, apartment and life, self-sufficient, sufficiently confident and violent free. >> i'm more positive, more energetic. i'll never put myself in that situation. >> to tee women like hope to go through, that is what makes us continue to work. >> reporter: this week's eversoon ware goes to caroline russell. a safe someplace sponsoring a walk and saturday october 2nd. they're trying rare awareness of teen dating violence. for more information use the link at and click on
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watch and listen to find our story about care line. he was caught and advise yo smoking it years ago. but that doesn't mean he's a supporter. hear the reason why governor schwarzenegger is against legalizing marijuana are in california. iran's president sat down with the uc grad,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton.
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was he being a good dad or a bad cop in the south bay officer accused of abusing his power. we'll show you the newly released video. he's aaccused of kidnaping jaycee dugard and holding her for nearly two decades and why a judge says he may never stand trial. welcome back to the weekend early edition. it's just about 10:00. i'm julie watts here with jim, it looks like a toasty forecast. >> yes. summer is arriving. first week of fall and we're warming up. clear skies across the bay today. a bit of an offshore breeze
10:03 am
develop ago across the street atmosphere. we'll look at some mid to upper 90s today for the hot spots and maybe triple death get readings over the next couple of days before we begin to cool again by mid-week. but i'll have the details in a few minutes. in the meantime, leading the news, see it for your south. a south bay family just released a video of an officer pretending to arrest their -- their son. >> reporter: it shows a cop towering over a 16-year-old. he was scold and bee raid for having sex with the officer's 14-year-old stepdaughter. the cop said that he was not mature enough to make normal day to day decisions.
10:04 am
>> she has to be reminded to take a freaking shower a couple times a week. >> reporter: for a while, they stood there in silence and then the officer threatened charges. >> are you listening? >> yes. >> i'm going to write the information on they're going to file charges on you for having sex with a miner. it does not bowed well for you. you know what that means? not a good thing. the person you had sex with is a cop's daughter that is not someone you lay down with. >>. >> reporter: the handcuffs came off and the boy was never arrested. but what the officer did is now being criminally investigated. the boy's attorney said that the officer was trying to scare
10:05 am
him straight but his method was wrong. >> in many opinion he committed kidnapping and false imprisonment. >> officer said that he was just trying to scare the boy straight. but prosecutors will decide if he's abused -- if he abused his authority. the convicted rapist accused of holding jaycee dugard hostage for nearly two decades may never stand trial. yesterday the judge suspended the trial of phillip garrido. he is concerned about his mental competency. he's not sure if he can cooperate with his attorney to prepare a defense. >> you have you have to differentiate if somebody is making it up or faking mental
10:06 am
illness. >> judge said that he based his decision on talks with his lawyer and his own observations, among them that he saw him frantically scribbling notes in court when nothing important was happening. a report from a court appointed psychiatrist is pending. a federal judge has cleared the way for california's first execution in more than four years. albert brown is scheduled to be put to death. a judge halted his execution saying that the state's lethal injection method caused great physical pain. but in his ruling yesterday, the judge decided to give death row convicts a choice. he can chose a less risking one shot or the three drug cocktail.
10:07 am
the time is 10:06. a family of three killed in that san bruno pipeline explosion are being remembered as kind, gentle people. they're survived by his wife and daughter. both were away from the home during the blast two weeksing ago. uc berkley grad who was recently freed from and iranian prison said that her meeting with iran's president was very personal. >> it will he was gracious and happy to meet my mother and he asked us many questions about our family and her grandmother. and we talked about my fiance. >> sure are a and her mother med with the president yesterday in new york. the iranian leader was there speaking to the united nations. shourd asked him to help push for the release of her fiance and their friend. they've been in year now
10:08 am
accused of spying. lawmakers will be back to work today trying hammer out a budget agreement. the governor's office said that democrats and republicans have reached the framework of an agreement but no details have been released. california's budge get now a record-break 87 days overdue. right now california faces a $18 billion budget deficit. two days off her off the cuff comment that fresno looks like detroit, awful. she offers and apoll dies it's not appropriate that unemployment rate in fresno is higher than in detroit and i feel terrible about that. >> she made at poll guy in fresno. she said that her word was taken out of context. the fundraiser did raise about $75,000. in notch, california voter
10:09 am
ares will decide whether to suspend the state's landmark law on greenhouse gases in hopes of slashingen employment. sherry on the supporters and opponents of the hot topic. >> reporter: two families stood up for proposition 23 today. he has had to lay off 23 people. >> climb exchange a serious issue that we need to deal with. but there's a lot of priorities that we need to balance. and i believe fbi we strengthen our economy first, protect the jobs that we have already, i'm hear to ask you for your support on proposition 23. we all understand that we need to do something about global warming. but we need to do it in a
10:10 am
prudent and cost-saving way. >> reporter: the landmark law on global warming was signed by governor schwarzenegger three years ago. >> it would reduce carbon emissions that is a drop of 25% of carbon emissions. we simply must do everything that we can in our power to slow down global warming. >> reporter: jerry brown is for keeping the law just as it is and opposed prop 23. >> we lost ground. we used to be the world lead near renewable energy. i think we can do that again. it takes investment and collaboration and it takes stopping the oil addicting proposition 23. >> reporter: and on though meg
10:11 am
whitman is going to vote against prop 23, she wants a one-year moratorium on the law. she said we cannot for got the other 97% of the jobs like manufacturing agricultural, transportation and energy. they both helped fund the campaign and the other opponent is the american lung association in california. we're back with mr. jim bernard. >> make the best of this weather. it will be short. we'll have a little 3-day heatwave here as temperatures will top out in the mid-90s. the beaches will warm up into the 70s so warm conditions through the weekend. i'll have the details coming up for you in a few minutes. it's an event is expected
10:12 am
to light things up this weekend. why thousands of pot smokers are on the way to the cal palace. i hope my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to c span one. >> stephen colbert brought some comedy to congress. and why it did not get laughs from members of congress. will this ma we're headed up to oregon to visit my parents. the riveras are taking their first family vacation. [ dad ] hey, do you guys want to see the largest artichoke ever grown? [ kids ] artichoke! artichoke! they needed some tools to help them keep track of their spending along the way. wells fargo checking with mobile banking lets them check their balance wherever they happen to be. the widest one or the tallest one? the closest. the closest. well, if you got the 4-wheel drive, you could go down this road here. [ mom ] i think we're lost. [ dad ] it's ok. we'll find some other big vegetable.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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coknead comedian stephen colbert took his message on behalf of farm workers. >> maybe this add jobs bill. like most members of congresses i didn't have not read it convinced him that farm work is really heart he did break character at the end of his remarks. he spoke seriously about the plight of workers and they have no rights in america. governor schwarzenegger is still in opposition of prop 18.
10:17 am
he write, proposition 18 is a flawed initial they've would bring about a host of legal nightmares and trunk to public safety and make california a laughing stock. and the rest of his editorial goes on to criticize the fdic use of prop 19 and state employment retirement costs. noteing that pension costs are thousand% higher today than they were ten years ago. let's go back to the marijuana thing. this is one of the most famous video clips of california's governor back when he was a weightlifter. he said it was time for a debate on the we have legalization. he went on to note that some european countries that relaxed drug rules are revisiting the
10:18 am
question now. international cannabis expo kicks off today at the cal palace. it will have speakers of who is who in the marijuana world. they want to make sure that the right message gets out. >> there's a lot of stigma and stair are yo types that go along with this, this movement and the medical marijuana users. so i think there is some guard on the part of the industry to make sure it's represent in the proper way. >> no pot will be sold at the event. but a safe smoking area will be set aside for medical marijuana patients that bring their own pot. they expect a big turnout for this weekend's event. they say that the cannabis industry is growing and is currently worth $8 billion in california. the cannabis expo is one of
10:19 am
the events going on in the area. >> reporter: greetings. gordon gecho is back. he's out of jail an out of money and fire in his bell through get rich. michael douglas takes the role for which he won and oscar 22 years ago. and there's another one playing out in this one gecho with a heart. he tries to find his way back to his daughter. carry mullgwen is the disagreeable daughter. wall street two, money never sleeps. you won't fall asleep in this one. this drivers all the way till the end. it's nothing else but michael douglas that is perfect in
10:20 am
every single scene. it is coastal cleanup day across california. but today till noon, venture down ocean beach. and there you can grab a bag, a join a team of volunteers that are involved in a mass cleanup donning their by the for the environment today. and one last thing i want to mention. the street fair is tomorrow. it happens it be the biggest leather fair in the nation noon to 6:00 in san francisco. that's your wrap. have a wonderful weekend. all the information on thank you, sir. a lot going on this weekend. >> great whether for just about anything. >> unless you're going to hang out outside and it's a hundred degrees in the east bay, right? >> you've been wanting a hand degrees. so make your choice. >> it will be in the 70s on the beach. we see a lovely start to the
10:21 am
weekend here as clear skies prevailing a bit of an offshore breeze out there. we'll see these conditions prevail to the beginning of the week here. we'll be a good five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday. we looked back towards the bay and we see a bit of haze in the sky out there. under this high pressure pattern, we have sinking air mass. but the temperatures will be headed up. we'll be looking for mid to upper 90s across the street interior and the upper 80s and low 90s in and around the bay and the beach. and we'll talk mid-70s to low 70s. north beach, we'll be looking for low 80s today for the festival taking place there. very warm conditions through the region at the beach and in
10:22 am
the city. we'll see the most dramatic warmup. this will draw a lot of people to the beach. but there are still riptide conditions. you may want it think twice about guesting in the water. it will keep the patterns going through the beginning of the week. and we'll seat shift to a more on shore correspond enter. check the temperatures in and around the bay here. mid to low 90s for the hot spots an upper 80s in and across the peninsula and the mid-70s for the warmer locations at the beach. and the east bay, we may see triple digits as you move off toward the valley here in the weekend. and it will be into the mid to low 90s here today, tomorrow and probably monday when this
10:23 am
heatwave peaks out. we've been waiting for this for a long time. enjoy and polk street rhythm and blues festival. the first annual, will be warm. 80s in and around the city here. we'll enjoy warm temperatures as we see temperatures peaking out here and monday and gradually cooling off as the winds sthoift more of and john shore component coming by mid- week. we'll see things beginning to cool off with much warmer temperatures here for the next couple days. next weekend, we'll be down to ten degrees and we return back to near normal. but the heatwave has been a long time coming. >> any red flag warnings? >> no red flag warnings at this time. but they'll probably be popping up tomorrow because the
10:24 am
conditions are right for it. and the high actual situation in the tall grass is now brown and ready to go. so i expect the red flag warnings. >> a remind tore folks to be careful. and now on to sports. and the giants stray to stay in first place. they play a tight game against rockies. this may have only take within big blow. here's kim coil with the highlights. >> thursday night, the giants' offense exploded for 13 reasons. last night they only had three hits. they gave up one reasoning in eight innings. 1-0 rockies in the seventh. and pat beryl hits this 2-run
10:25 am
into the bleachers. padres and reds. cincinnati up in the seventh. and that gives the padres the lead and san diego remains 4- three. ricky bobby krammer made his first start since the last loss. and they clinch the west. and two weeks from last night they drop the puck in sweden. and jim furyk and luke donald are tied for the lead at eight under. college football, arkansas and alabama. that's a look at sports. have a great day. we have a lot more to come to this morning. the beer is on the house. why the world's largest brewer are is giving ago way free liquor. one birthday granny ,,,,,,,,
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