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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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impacting travel and emergency services in the the area. a wild fire burning tonight in sonoma county. how it's impacting travel in the area. they need to be treated as loaded weapons. because they are. >> the war on a hidden drug problem. to keep prescription medications out of the hands of kids . we found one hair brush. a chop stick. >> what they found along the banks of san francisco bay. more than 100 firefighters are working to contain a fire in coastal sonoma county. a stretch of the highway is closed between astero lane and free style valley road. it is 90% contained right now. the flames have knocked down
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power lines and cut off 911 service to the area. one structure and several cars are burned. one firefighter was injured. some people were forced to flee their home. they are escorting people through the the road. because of the 911 service being out, authorities are asking residents to call 707 -- >> we get high pressure building in overhead. we get that offshore wind starting to blow as well. of course humidity levels come way down. we have the hot temperatures. get a spark. that's what we've had today. we've had that offshore wind and high pressure building in cranking up the temperatures around the bay area. a little bit dangerous. humidity levels not that bad. looking at 50% right now. many parts of the bay area.
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temperature wise it was a hot one. hot again tomorrow. average temperatures 87 degrees. 84 in santa rosa. temperatures 72 degrees usually this time of year. 90 degrees above the average. 92 in san jose. and as much as 85-degrees in san francisco. that's a good 13 degrees above the average. >> thank you very much. people that live in san bruno they haven't had much to celebrate. today they gather to raise money for the victims of the explosion and the fire. they celebrated their resilience and determination and sense of community. >> reporter: it wases most upbeat event. since the devastating gas line fire. it's not only a benefit for the community it's a big hug therapy. >> after such a tragedy and let
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everybody see each other faces again and make it known we are going to come back from this and we're going to be better and stronger than ever. >> reporter: holly's homerus destroyed. so was the home of vazquez's parents. >> it's a beautiful thing. everybody has everybody's back. it's really warm. it's great. it's fantastic. >> reporter: friday crews began cleaning up the remains of the once neat neighborhood. sorting out what was recyclabling and whatnot. >> this is a removallable of perform avenue people's homes. and material. >> reporter: folks may be sad to see their homes gone but looking ahead to see the ground clear and a chance to begin a new. home groan dj jimmy stewart
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junior donated $10,000 to his hometown. >> throughout growing up here and doing good for myself. able to do more. wish i could do more. >> reporter: san bruno is moving on. folks say the community needed a day like this. >> neighborhood reunion. yes. i think everybody needed one of these days. >> reporter: they tell us san brew knee is tight. >> it was good to see those smiling today. thank you. well wednesday's schedule execution of albert brown is still on. a federal judge refused to reconsider his denial of the stay. judge jeremy fogel did give brown to choose between a single thee that injection or a three tail cocktail. he says he doesn't know the
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difference. he is supposed to make his case before monday in a separate legal challenge. it is a fastest growing drug problem in the nation. today a national approach to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of kids. across the country the dea set up collection point where is people can turn in unearned drugs. >> he went to sleep and just never woke up. >> reporter: april is one of many who has lost a child to prescription drugs. >> they need to be treated as loaded weapons. they are. >> reporter: the dea agrees. much like the popular gun back program. they are featuring this take back program across the country. a relief for many like candice fitzgearld in oakland that has been trying for some time to dispose of the bags full of drugs. >> how do you get rid of them?
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they told me to grind them up and mix them up with kitty litter and put them in the trash. doesn't seem like a great option. >> reporter: it may not be a great one, experts say grinding up the unused drug cents best option to keep them out of the hands of teens. complicated? yes. that's why they are sponsoring today's event. >> wii trying to get those out of the medicine cabinets so they don't get on to the streets and abused. >> reporter: studies show that most people that abuse prescription drugs get them out of the medicine cabinet of family and friends. experts say they better think twice before flushing them or throwing them away. according to the dea the drug takeback program was an overwhelming success as noticed by the full bins in oakland. a positive sign for mothers like april that know all to
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well. >> i want no one else to suffer as we have from this. >> reporter: in oakland julie watts. checking headlines around the bay area. a two story victor january is a total loss after a three alarm fire overnight. the flames started in a shed as the year of the house and spread. the people inside did get out. the owner says he's been renovating the house for 12 years. san francisco may go the way as santa clara county banning the toys in kids meals. the sponsors say the toys in fast food meals contribute to obesity. the proposal is an example of government regulation going too far. some of berkeleys bears may
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soon be on the engaged species list. they will announce tuesday which of its athletic program will be cut to bridge a $13 million budget cut. football, basketball, and women's volleyball all reportedly safe. other sports they be eliminated. california's coastline is a resource worth protecting. a small army of volunteers launched an attack to do just that. >> reporter: that's why we are out here today. to really get this trash before it's out of our control. people showed up all over the bay area to help up with coastal cleanup day. >> we found one hair brush. a chop stick. >> reporter: they didn't have trouble finding what they were looking for. >> a planter, a pencil, and a eyeball. >> reporter: thousands of people are out here trying to clean up the bay. any garbages that reaches the
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bay there is no practical way to clean it up. the chance is to catch it before it gets into open water. that's why they focus on the creek and san francisco. it acts as a natural figure. >> into our areas that are well protected. some areas neglected. you want to help out. >> reporter: the effort has grown dramatically. organizers are hopeful that being green is about social change and not just a passing fad. >> people are starting to realizing that polluting has an economic cost to them. it's degrating our environment and that costs our money. >> reporter: the fact it has become popular i hope it helps out. clearly the education effort has a ways to go. the parent that launched this child's letter to santa in a bottle probably didn't mean any
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harm. >> people shouldn't do this. it hurts the planet. >> reporter: the volunteers say they feel they are making a difference. organizers stress this is just the beginning. >> this is a great start. people come out here and see how much trash is get into the bay. where it effects official and wildlife. we need everybody to go home and work on making sure that cities stop this trash from getting into the bay. >> reporter: in south san francisco john raymond. an officer in hot water for faking an arrest. the teenager he tried to scare. they were taking commercial real estate. >> a minibailout by the highest bidders of the government was able to salvage from the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. history. ,,,,,,,,,,
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our state is in a real mess.
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and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. south bay teenager says he thinks a police officer that pretended to arrest him should go to jail for over stepping his authority. the father recorded a confrontation on his cell phone. he captured the officer handcuffing the boy and lecturing. >> not a good thing. the person you had sex with is
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a cops daughter. a cops daughter is not someone to mess around with. >> the handcuffs were later removed and the boy wasn't arrested. both teenagers are facing charges for having under age sex. the officer has been placed on leave. the officers lawyer said he was trying to scare the boy straight. wasn't a pretty picture what happened to leeland brothers. the bankruptcy was the biggest in history. but now some payback. michael on how people lined up today to own a piece of history. >> $380. >> reporter: art collectors picked up the most valuable assets left back by leeland brothers. some of the works of arts graced the walls for more than a century. >> in a way it's a collection.
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it's not a corporate collection. but it's -- but it bears the perimeter. >> reporter: leeland had the right stuff on the wall. it turns out the wrong stuff on its balance sheet. >> they are much better picking art. >> reporter: risky real estate bets doomed leeland. they refused a government bailout causing leeland bankruptcy. creditors got back a million here and a million here. art in england goes up for sales at christies. leeland brothers set a record for the lastest bankruptcy in u.s. history. this time they set new records
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for artists. we'll ask if we have any record setting temperatures. what do you think? >> i think so. social security nice to knee it will be going away soon. head outdoors right now you have a beautiful night. outside in the bay area. temperatures running very warm out there. clear skies but there is fog sneaking out toward the coastline. in the meantime sunshine tomorrow. we'll see plenty of it. in the upper 90s. inland inside the bay you will likely see 80s and low 90s. so with that in mind outside right now still running very warm at this hour. 72 degrees in livermore. right out toward the coast we are seeing a little bit of a sea breeze. still if you plan on traveling
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around the state you will see sunshine. 90s in your -- high pressure hanging around. weakening somewhat as we head in. look at this front starting to make its way in. we're going to see that offshore wind but it will break down toward the coastline. out at the beaches it won't be hot but it will be nice as we head in toward the afternoon. still as we head out. the overnight low be interesting. only down for 50s and 60s. we had very cool temperatures. you know over the mountain tops some of the overnight lows will still be in the 70s. teaspoon around the bay area. 96 in morgan hill. 91 in pahl alto. the temperatures moving well into the 90s. 90-degrees in brentwood. here you go well into the 90s
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here. and even inside the bay a little bit of a sea breeze toward the afternoon. but not until the temperatures peak to the upper 80s. how about the north bay? lots of sunshine. temperatures as high as 97 in fairfield. could get to 98 in santa rosa. about 85 degrees in san francisco. and 74-degrees a the vincent beach. how about the next couple of days? we'll bring in heat around the bay area. not going to give up any time too soon. we'll see the heat continue into monday. probably will see the peak of the heat in the triple dings. by tuesday the temperatures come down. and then the temperatures start to come down just a bit. there is also a spare air in effect tomorrow. come on we have not had much sunshine and hot temperatures to enjoy all summer long.
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last night the giants and rockies combined for five hits. different story tonight. the two offenses belted out 32 hits and 19 runs. torres back in the lineup. so much for the rust. second at bat torres hits one out toward the christmas trees. tie game. giants 4-3. tying run at third. the move didn't work. puts kohl back on top. 15th homer this month. definitely a vintage coors field shootout. cody ross making it 8-6. giants bottom of the eighth. giants up 9-7. he strikes again. this time a double off the wall in right. two run score. blown save for brian wilson. we're tied at nine. singling past the diving uribe.
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carlos will try to score from first. pat burrell falls trying to cut it off. gonzalez keeps ongoing. five rbis. padres and reds. tied at three in the ninth. christian hits one down the right field line. keeps rolling, rolling. chase scores all the way from first. padres beat the reds 4-3. the padres move back into first by a half game. it's not nh west or bust. they are tied with the rangers for the lead. a's down 3-1. cliff ties it up. fifth at bat. rangers tooks lead right back in the eighth. corey takes michael deep.
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rangers win 4-3. the cardinals ranked 16th in favor to beat the irish. jim harbaugh's team looking for a first win since 1992. one td pass. the first two interceptions of the year. stanford up 19-6 in the fourth. splits into the end zone. after the two point conversion they led. he plays both ways. he scores both ways. taking off chris. stanford beats notre dame 17- 14. he becomes the first player since '06 to score on offense and defense. >> we have never been around a guy like this 30 some years in college and pro football. he does everything right. he's a perfect football player.
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he's playing the two most physical positions for the game of football. fullback and middle linebacker. you have to take your hat off to him and enjoy watching it. i sure do. >> jeff for the bears looking to bounce back. late at number 14 arizona. the cats mix full lobs. the only touchdown cats lead 10- 9. one final chance for the bears. kevin dropping back. fires the strike off of jones. he splits in for a pick. tries to do too much on the return. u of a will recover the fumble. cal falls to 2-2 on the year. they win it 10-9. the youths made it 20 straight wins at home. 56-3 the final.
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seventh ranked texas taking on ucla and the bruins will do more than mess with texas. they wrack up more than 200 yards. derrick puts the finishing touches on the biggest upset of the day. ucla blows up texas 34-12. high school football. >> ball the four yard line. and a pass in front. it's complete for a touchdown. anthony williams. >> voice sounds familiar. they score 28 unanswered points. they take down the top team in nevada 28-14. still to come the earthquakes improve their playoff chances. see who is the favorite for the $10 million prize. brown and oakland's schools. to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools.
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but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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trick and led the quakes to a 3-2 win over the to soccer. chris recorded a hat trick and lead the quakes to a 3-2 win. now san jose takes over soul possession of the seventh place. third round of the tour championship. he tied the lead. setting up a tap in birdie. he would knock in this birdie cut. tomorrow's winner will likely take hometh fedex cup and the
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$10 million prize that goes along with it. danita patrick racing with the boys. didn't go well. 38th place finish. he lost control and went into the wall. kyle bush take the checker flag. they took the new nationwide record with 11th win of the year. don't forget you can see the raiders and cardinals tomorrow right here on cbs 5. stay tuned after the game. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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combination... but for a french chocolate maker, it worked perfectly. finally tonight it might seem like an odd combination. george bet a friend he could built a seaworthy craft made of chock let. certainly had a shape of a boat. could it float? before a crud of 100. it was launched. and you can see it was equipped with a sail and carried a crew of three. have a great night. zeal you tomorrow at 5:30. ot-com. ,,,,,,
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