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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  September 26, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. complaining about the cool summer? maybe this fall is going good evening. so were you one of those people complaining about the cool summer? maybe this fall is going to
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make up for it. a heat wave and meteorologist lawrence is here to tell us how hot it will get this week >> i have heard people starting to complain about the heat now it was a hot one around parts of the bay area. a little sea breeze, a little haze outside but pretty impressive temperatures outside. one place that didn't heat up right along the coastline a couple patches of fog out towards the beaches but only a few hundred feet thick. lots of sunshine by the afternoon check out these temperatures today. 99 degrees liver more, 97 fairfield, 97 santa rosa, 96 napa and 92 degrees redwood city. 72 degrees pacifica. hotter tomorrow just how hot in your neighbourhood talk about that coming up. >> thank you very much. a wild fire that was burning near bodega bay is now fully contained it broke out yesterday afternoon along highway one, it burned one out building along with several
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cars. one firefighter was seriously hurt while fighting it he is hospitalized in stable condition. firefighters will remain on scene through tomorrow morning looking for any hot spots chp plans to open up the highway been the the hour. hundreds of tea party supporters rallied in the heart of the liberal bay area. don knapp is in marin county. >> reporter: the tea partiersmeeting in mill valley joked about the fact they are outnumbered but they take comfort in being with others who thing like they do, differently. the patriotic music and traditional themes are familiar but tea partiers gathered in mill valley don't want to be associated with mainline political parties. as supporters filled mill valley community center they pounded on common tea party
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themes, opposition to health care reform, cutting taxes, cutting welfare, clamping down on illegal immigration. the key note speaker and bush author of memos that outlined use of torture on terror suspects. >> president obama things law enforcement is going to protect us from future 9/11 attacks. >> reporter: jason explains what attracts him to the tea party. >> primarily a fiscal responsibility issue but if nothing else there is an energy about it when you are someone like me who wants to be involved and active it is nice having people put their money where their mouth is. >> reporter: scott green says the tea party respects his family's tradition of military service and individual freedom. >> i am american first, so happen to be black i have a lot of family members who served the military. we believe in your individual freedom i have never found it
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but i have found it here. >> reporter: you noted the tea party doesn't have any kind of leadership, no leaders at all, that is a good thing they are being driven from the bottom up. ann. >> thank you very much. well, with just weeks until election day one candidate in the race for california governor is pulling ahead according to a new poll, the los angeles times usc poll shows democrat gerry brown holds a 49-44% lead over meg whitman among likely voters that is within the margin of error. senate race shows democrat barbara boxer widened her lead over gop candidate. she leads, 51% to 43% among likely voter s with a 3 point margin of error. thousands showed up at a voter forum in sacramento to hear first hand from candidates. gop candidate made an
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appearance and gerry brown and meg whitman were not there their reps used the event to drive home their platforms. >> i've created jobs and voters are interested in more jobs being created i cut spending voters are interested in expenditures being cut in washington dc. >> barbara boxer has been aggressively promoting the interest of californians her opponent shipped 30,000 jobs overseas at the same time she tripled her own salary. >> the chance to see candidates first hand may be important leading up to the november elections. l.a. times poll showed although issues are important the race appears to be resting more on characters and personality of the cab dates. san quentin inmate scheduled to be put to death this week asked a federal appeals court to halt his execution. brown also refused to pick how he wants to die. on friday a judge ordered him to choose between a one drug
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lethal injection or three drug cocktail. brown is scheduled to be executed wednesday. tomorrow his lawyers plan to ask marin county judge toish you a stay of execution. that is in connection with a separate lawsuit. police investigating an officer involved shooting in san francisco at granada apartments in tender loin. police were called to the apartment for a noise complaint while investigating, police say one of the residents pulled out a weapon and the officer fired his gun suspect was killed. neighbor says he heard the commotion while he was watching tv. >> i was watching the 49er game, i heard several shots, more than a revolver holds, came outside and there were police in the hall and said get back in my room. >> police have not identified the person shot they said no one else was hurt. >> cracking down on cell phones behind the wheel.
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signs california's tough rules could get tougher. >> >> a coast to coast march for gay marriage. why their fight may have just gotten tougher ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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group to consider a total ban on cell phone use for california dr new statistics on cell phones and accidents prompting a safety group to consider total ban on cell phone use for california drivers. the highway safety association is discussing the ban today. new studies show distracted driving fatalities caused by cell phone use and texting increased 28% from 2005 to 2008 california currently bans the use of hand held cell phones and texting while driving. >> think there is a sense out there that this is dangerous, that this should not be done, but yet, folks admit 70% that they have used a cell phone while driving and 24% have admitted they have texted while driving there is a disconnect. >> beginning today triple-a is leading a campaign called heads up driving week, asking all drivers to turn off their cell phones and put them in their
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trunk so they will not be tempted to make or answer calls or text while driving. another sign pot is going mainstream in california a new field poll shows voters are laning towards legalizing marijuana for recreational use. the ballot measure that would legalize pot, 42% oppose it. it is up slightly from july. california would be the first state to legalize recreational pot. >> a coast to coast call for action a hundred people marched across the golden gate bridge to show support for same-sex marriage. julie watts on the message they hope to send. >> we are doing great we are doing fantastic it is a beautiful day to march the golden gate bridge coast to coast with new york city. >> reporter: and with that san francisco chapter of marriage equality usa set off across the
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golden gate. while at the same time the new york chapter took off across the brooklyn bridge. a symbolic just your. >> to bridge the gap for equality. >> reporter: and there is still a gap to bridge. while on both coasts these folks are marching in celebration of judge walkers decision the over turn the prop 8 gay marriage ban, there are people at 10 states in between standing up against it. >> as the 9th circuit court of appeals prepares to rule on judge walkers decision these states have come together the file a brief with that court opposing gay marriage. in the 39 page brief filed friday, they say states, not the court, should get the final say on banning gay marriage. they also say the constitution does not require marriage to include same sex couples. >> we have an equal protection clause that says no citizen or class of citizen shall be granted any privilege or immunity not granted to all citizens on the same terms. >> senator mark leno is a gay
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rights advocate he along with the event organizers compared their fight to that of the civil rights movement. >> these bans, these amendments showed up against interacial marriage in the 40s, 50s. 60s. even before then but we struck down those laws. >> reporter: not everyone agrees the two fights can be compared. >> rep rep sent the facts how many white gay men sat on the back of the bus. it never was a civil rights issue martin luther king still said marriage is between a man and a woman. >> reporter: with passionate views on both sides this debate is one that is sure to play out in the courts for years to come. but the organizers of this event say they are confident they will eventually bridge that gap of equality. in san francisco, julie watts, cbs 5. going for a record, proof how big that little instrument
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♪[ music ] >> who would have thought the ukelele would ever be that popular. they got together to try to set the new guiness book of world
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records. britain holds the record but even if the record wasn't broken hundreds of fans of all ages had a great time. all we need is a ukelele umbrella drink and is shade. >> that is the call for tomorrow. another hot one around the bay area. probably even a little hotter outside than it was today in spots. get out toward the coastline, not bad at all. temperatures were soaring in a hurry. strong ridge high pressure overhead, many of those hovering near 100 degrees in some spots fire dangers not bad a real strong offshore flow not seeing those howling winds. hazy out towards ocean beach, lurking off the coastline a couple patches of fog as we head into the evening hours, looking good around the bay area, patchy fog toward the coastline and again pretty squash down to the surface you will see only a few hundred feet but thick down this as well inside the bay, clear and mild temperatures 70s and 80s valley warm numbers continue
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toward the midnight hour as it stays on the hot side. sunny and hot tomorrow another spare the air day 80s and 90s inside the bay and looking at 60s and 70s out toward the coastline mostly sunny skies by the afternoon numbers 94 liver more, 85 napa valley, 90 in san raphael and 91 degrees santa rosa. heading around the state, tough to beat the heat everywhere you go, 100 degrees fresno, 98 and ukiah, 78 degrees. >> a weak low moved over the top of the system now that ridge starting to build nicely, offshore wind beginning the blow. that will crank up the temperatures many spots inland that breaks down left with a few patches of fog a big difference in temperatures beaches to many interior spots, with that in mind starting out tomorrow morning computer models dense fog out toward the coastline early on as we take you through the day lots of sunshine in the valleys that
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will send temperatures soaring wherever you go numbers again on the hot side, temperatures headed 100 degrees morgan hill, 93 san jose, 97 los gatoses, 91 union city, pacifica, well inland temperatures floating with that 100-degree mark, 100 liver more, 101 brent wood and 100 degrees pittsburgh on the north bay also on the hot side temperatures moving well into the 90s. high is 99 degrees by tomorrow afternoon santa rosa. as we look toward the next few days folks starting to look forward to a cool down. it will be a slow cool down hot temperatures through tuesday, marine layer will work its way back on shore. cool everybody down wednesday and thursday and by next weekend, that heat wave will be long gone that is a look at weather. okay lawrence another massive performance from big
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daddy cane and it all came down to win it for the raiders ,,,,,,,,
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>> we were just talking about how the giants end their season playling. >> san diego. >> this is going to be exciting dennis wants front row seats >> i will be at the game next saturday i am hoping the division isn't settled before that time. >> we hope the same thing for you unless it is the giants who
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have already settled it. >> i still want a little bit of suspense come next saturday. any way after the slug fest last night giants needed a strong start from cane. giants got out in front early always a good sign for this team, sanchez took one down the line. 47th home run of the year. 2-0 lead. 3-0 in the 7th, when ross added insurance, opposite field shot second straight game with a home run. giants lead 4-0. more than enough for that. cane took a no-hitter into the 8th inning, went the distance for his 4th complete game of the year struck out 8th including jason to end the game. curve ball giants win 4-2. massive performance on big daddy cane how did the padres do? san diego dust buster trying to help out his former team they did in a big way they brought out their whooping stick. drive in a pair part of a 6-1
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base inning. cincinnati 12-2. giants are back atop the division with a half game lead rockies all but out of it now. as playing home finale against the rangers, trevor cahill had a rough time, 7-0. down 9-3 in the 8th, steve hits the 3 run shot left for the first home run of his career not enough as lose their final home game of the season 16-9. nfl raiders hoping to win back to back games for the first time since weeks 16 and 17 of 2008 season. cable gave them a boost, and paid off dividends, to miller, 22-yard score game tied at 7, the first score of the season second quarter ander son, on a quick pattern, cardinals take at that lead over the raiders, 17-13 right before half time
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mcfadden gets in 2-yards out. another monster game for the raider running back. 100-yard mark, 17 straight game. third quarter cardinals back on top. anderson to fitzgerald, but that was a big catch. cardinals lead 24-20. backed up with a penalty incomplete kick a field goal, 24-23 cardinals. we've got a minute nine to go. fourth down gets it to heyward- bey to keep hope alive. 255-yards passing, 4 seconds left. sebastian misss from 32-yards out and raiders lose heart breaker 24-23. >> so it is tough like i said we shouldn't have put him in that situation shouldn't have came down to that last kick and that is what is frustrating about it >> i think there is a little conflict there that won't change one bit he will go out
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and probably win two or three games for us like that this year. it is a rough few moments right here but as i told him, you know, we will get through this and go home and go pack the work and get ready. >> at least that game was close this one was not. singletary had nothing to clap about today, scoreless game in the second smith gets picked off by chiefs, flowers, take another look flowers steps in front of crabtree and hit the ball to himself. excellent play chiefs didn't waste time turning it into points. out of the back field and rookie leaps in for the score 7- 0 chiefs they led 10-3 at the half. third quarter kansas city lines up castle wide receiver, jones takes the snap hands it to mccluster, hands it over throws to beau who fools gold stein. 17-3. great great play calling by kansas city and they beat the niners at their own game
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racked up over 200-yards on the ground. jones and charles each run for over 90-yards, chiefs win 31- 10, 49ers 0 and 3. >> i have no answer. don't know what to say at the moment. we had definitely have to get it together. right now. >> only three games in got 16 games in the season so i mean like i wouldn't go call in right now i wouldn't call it like that right now. but at the same time we got a lot of work to do. >> we going to be all right man. we just got to get a win. >> championship on the line hayward for women's preprofessional soccer they finish with a bang. marcus tacks on a 4th goal in the closing seconds, and the gold pride win 4-0 to win their first championship game
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congratulations. >> cool. all right thank you. all right so you've heard of dinner cruises now there is a dinner bus. yes. there is. bay area has been blazing new trails again in the world of mobile dining but this is a kind of truck what is behind the new trend and why fine dining on four wheels is bad for business those stories on the cw at 10 and cbs 5 at 11. see you at 11 on cbs 5. good night ,,,,
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