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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 3, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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champagne. the giants clinch a spot in the playoffs. the giants are champions. >> break out the champagne. the giants clinch a spot in the play-offs. we will show you how they got it done. all in a days work. off duty firefighters out campaigning against layoffs wound up saving the day. and proof of how mainstream pot has become. the bay area politicians out celebrating the walmart of weed. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the giants clinch a spot in the play-offs for the first time in seven years. they beat the padres to win the division title. dennis o'donnell has the highlights and reaction. >> they don't call it torture
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for nothing. 161 games played and the battle for the national league west crown came down to the final day of the religious season. here is how it ended. >> the giants are champions in the national league west. let the party begin. >> giants bet the padres 3-0. they are heading back to the play-offs for the first time since 2003. >> what is running through your mind right now? >> there is no words. trying to calm down a little bit. the biggest mistake di was no googles for the champagne but guys told me, you are not crying yet. wait until you see your kid. i lost it when i saw this guy. >> what is it like to share this moment with your family. >> nothing better. sharing it with your teammates is a great deal but they come
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in here and you see the wife stuck with you -- for me, for all those years of getting killed for 10 years. and listening to the constant complaining and mooning and these little guys made it easier over the years. i can't thank san francisco giants more for giving me a shot. i didn't have a job and very late in the off season they gave me a shot. and things happen for a reason. >> that was aubrey huff. the giants off season acquisition who was instrumental in the giants getting there. they host the atlanta braves thursday of the here it is. fresh off the press, giants clinch. we will have more in sports. >> a lot of heros. a lot of great plays. >> great stories. >> thank you, dennis. well, this is something out of fight club. six people are arrested after a series of fights at walnut creek bars. the violence started around
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11:30 friday night inside the 15-15 lounge. then fighting outside the vice ultra lounge. half an hour after that, another fight broke out at the sher lounge. that was caught on cell phone video. one man was punched and kicked on the ground. he was hospitalized with head injuries. his attackers fled. one person was arrested. five other people were arrested in the two earlier fights. police don't believe the fights were related. two off duty san jose firefighters sprang into action when they spotted a fire, nothing unusual but there is irony in the situation. don knapp is in san jose to explain. >> reporter: obviously an unfortunate situation for the ten people displaced by this fire. four apartments were burned but the good news, everybody got out okay. the other piece of good news, two off duty firefighters were in the right place at the right
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time to keep things from getting much worse. they were out campaigning against a ballot measure, measure w which firefighters say would cost them their pensions -- cut into the pension and wages. they saw smoke and they were first on the scene working in t- shirts. they got the job done. here is their story. >> found an apartment fully involved when we got here. fire coming out the window and front doors. >> they attacked with a garden hose, evacuated a couple of the apartments. shut off the you tolts and waited for the first company to get on scene. >> we thought woe would go for a walk and we come on a fire. once a firefighter, always a firefighter. >> reporter: one firefighter fell through the floor of the second floor apartment. he landed on the lower level, has a dislocated shoulder. other than that, he will probably be okay. but people in the neighborhood, ann, will probably say that they are particularly grateful
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for the firefighters because if they weren't out campaigning for this ballot measure, they wouldn't have seen the fire and wouldn't have been here so quickly and things might have been worse. >> fortunately they weren't hurt. they don't have the gear that they normally wear. >> one said felt the heat on the back of hits neck. new details about the suspect that attacked a woman in unincorporated walnut creek. it happened before 7:00 last night. this is the fifth attack at the park regency apartments. police say a man grabbed a 43- year-old woman from behind as she left her apartment and tried to sexually assault her. she fought him off but fell down the stairs. the suspect got away. the suspect is described as a white man in his 40s, 5'9" with a medium build, brown hair and brown facial hair and was wearing all black. police say this attack is not related to the first three attacks. the suspect in those incidents
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was arrested. sunday morning trip to search ends with one woman dead, the other hospitalized. san jose police say two elderly women were driving to church when the driver apparently lost control of her car. they hit five other vehicles and a tree before flipping over. >> our guess is that speed will be one of the primary factors in this collision. we haven't determined that at this point for certain yet. >> the passenger died at the scene. the driver remains hospitalized. no word on the extent of her injuries. a fuel spill in san jose is contained tonight. 1300 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on to south almaden. some of the fuel got in the sewer system. it's not dangerous to humans but it is a risk to wildlife. crews will be back tomorrow to clean it up. coming up. >> our goal was to provide a facility that can teach people
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about medical cannabis. >> the walmart of weed looking to grow bigger. comes with a warning label. checking headlines around the bay area tonight: ,, greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities.
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find the answer to her prayers, got cheated out of 5- thousand checking headlines around the bay area a fremont woman hoping to find the answer to her prayers got cheated out of $5,000 instead. police say two suspects promised to cleanse the evil out of her valuables through a spiritual ritual. they took the cash and jewelry and ran. more police officers will be hitting the streets in two east bay cities. they have been awarded $3 million in federal grant money to hire more cops. in san leandro, it will pay for five officers for three years. in newark, it will be used to rehire officers let go because of budget problems. san francisco is one step closer to sending its trash to
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yuba county. if the board of supervisors approve a new contract, the city would transport its garbage to a landfill out of wheat land. that would happen in five years. right now it goes near livermore but that landfill is running out of room. an east bay city may have found a way to create hundreds of jobs and add millions to its budget. a medical marijuana super store. even politicians are on board. >> the so-called walmart of weed, oakland's 60,000 square foot weed grow, formerly i grow held a reopening today complete with pot products, soil and eager politicians. >> we have all gotten donations. >> reporter: with the pro pot politics, oakland has been raking in millions in sales tax from medicinal marijuana. they predicted up to $8 million
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a year. >> probably all the top candidates support the industry because it's legal, safe, regulated and quite frankly, it's providing a stream of revenue. >> reporter: there is a ballot measure to double the sales tax rate to 5% in oakland and with prop 19, weed could be legal for people without a prescription clearing the way for more big box pot stores. weed grow is planning ongoing public next year. >> it is happened in the hamburger days with mcdonald's. our goal was to provide a facility to teach people about medical cannabis. >> they are not selling pot. they don't have one of the four permits but pot was present as an indication of its low level priority. just friday pot possession was put on par with a speeding ticket in california. >> you will have a fight. i expect this to be a fight. i expect prop 19 will be in court but nothing california has been easy. >> there could be feds in the
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audience today. >> there could be. you could be. we are aware of the risks. just like back in the prohibition days, somebody needs to take the first step forward. >> the expansion has already gun. they will be open in the next couple of months. no doubt it's a hit online, but will facebook be as popular at the box office. the seasons are changing. a cool down in store for the workweek. ,,,,
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icans travelling planning a trip to europe? be careful. that's the message from the state department. they issued a travel alert for americans traveling to europe. it comes amid concerns that terrorists may be plotting attacks on european cities similar to mumbai, india. they are told to be careful in mass transit hubs and other places. >> i am careful with everything. we need to. just because of what happened. we don't want to have a 9-11 again, right. >> this is the first time in recent history the state department has issued an alert for an entire continent because of a security threat. it is set to expire at the end of january. julie watts is in for lawrence wearing her orange and black. >> i was the lucky charm. >> yesterday i was wearing orange and black. i was determined not to repeat that. great day at the ballpark. >> we did have sprinkles
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throughout the city today. off and on. a little bit of everything. some sun, sprinkles, thunderstorms as well. but not here in san francisco. but this is a look at san francisco from earlier today. you can see slick streets and a couple of puddles out there. we didn't see a lot of rain. most reporting stations barely got .001. just a little sprinkles, a taste of what is to come as we head into a changing season. here is a look at what is going on outside right now. there is shower activity, though not in our neck of the woods throughout the sierra and the central valley and south of tahoe. see the flashing red lightning bolts, those are lightning strikes that are happening. another cell producing lightning farther north. we will see this throughout the evening hours. you can't rule out a stray shower by the end of the night in the bay but for the most part things are drying up. expect clouds and a little
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drizzle into the overnight hours. temperatures in the 50s. warmer but staying in the 50s range for the bay. increasing cloud cover overnight tonight and inland, partly cloudy skies with a lingering chance of a shower. tomorrow, breezy area wide. that will be the big story. fog and drizzle on the coast as you head out for the morning commute. sunshine by the bay. inland mostly sunny but breezy. we will see increasing pressure gradient. a trough of low pressure makes its way inland. you can see it here. we have a cold front moving through. you can squeeze out a few showers. this guy will fizzle out as we head to the north. the big story will be this cool air mass making its way in the next 48 hours and kicking up the breeze as well. winds in the range of 20 to 30 miles per hour, especially on the coast and the higher elevations. temperature-wise definitely cool, especially compared to last week. take a look at the
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temperatures. we are in the low 60s on the coast pave civic kay. 68 san francisco. 71 redwood city. near 70 for fremont. then for most of the try valley, we will barely break the mid-70s. napa at 76. 75 tomorrow in santa ross say . taking a look forward at the next five days, you can see not a lot of change. we stay in this cool holding pattern with partly sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the upper 70s to 80 by the way. we -- bay. we see a few more clouds then fog and cool on the coast. looking forward to next week when we break out of this pattern. we warm things up but by warm i mean 80s inland. not a big change. >> giants host the braves thursday, the park should be-- >> dry at the least, cool but dry. >> we will take it.
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thank you. lots of people went to see the movie about-face book over the weekend. >> the social network took in $23 million to top the box office. that is twice what the next competitor earned. the film appeals more to adults than the most desirable demographics young people. the film is generating lots of oscar buzz and plenty of controversy. dennis o'donnell is here to talk about other sports. quo sit and talk about the giants for hours. >> giants, 49ers and raiders, they get knocked off the front page. ,,
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giants are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2003... the fans not too interested in extra extra, giants are in the play-offs for the first time since 2003. fans were not any one game play-off that might have happened. giants up 2-0. buster bossesy with insurance -- posey with insurance. [ applause ] >> giants are champions in the national league west. let the party begin.
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>> the giants beat the padres 3- 0. wilson has the 48th save of the season. horns are honking as cars go up broadway. kim coyle was in the middle of it. did you get your clothes champagne soaked. >> a little. i was ill prepared when the a's made the play-offs years ago. you can hear the horns. people are partying. third time was a charm for the giants. jonathan sanchez guaranteed a sweep over the padres, he gets the last laugh. eliminates them from the play- offs. black beard gets his 48th save. >> what was it like going through thanking the fans afterwards. you saw the hand coming through the fence, people trying to get any piece of real estate to see you celebrate?
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>> what was going through my mind was last out, dog file will we get bull rushed by the team. that's what kind of fans we have. they have been watching 20, 30 years. we owe it to them. we have to do a victory lap. we will show them what kind of team we are in the play-offs. >> wilson said his beard has ice own twitter site and he does die it. giants will host the braves at at&t park. >> kim, they don't call it torture for no reason. they took it down to the last game had they lost they would have been in san diego tomorrow. they live up to that name, don't they. >> you get the feeling in the clubhouse, they were last but not least. but the guys here, everybody kept talking about the fans and how thankful they were for the
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giant fans and excited they are to open the play-offs against the fans here. >> it's a fun baseball team to cover. great ride. kim coyle is live at at&t park. texans were winners of three of the last four against the raiders. playing without their best player on offense, andre johnson, he is in street clothes because of a bum ankle. nfl leading rusher, foster had a huge game. he broke lose on a 74 touchdown run to start the second half. he had 131 yards rushing in the game. 21-14 houston in front. the texans open it up 31-14 but the raiders fought back in the fourth, bruce gradkowski to zack miller. they are within 10. miller lead all receivers with 122 yards. raiders need a touchdown, gradkowski's pass bobbled then intercepted by troy nolan and
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that would behind the game. 31-24 was the final. >> i mean, i love the way our guys are fighting and playing and two weeks in a row playing hard and i have to. but we have those quarters where we stutter a bit. you can't do that against a good football team. >> mike johnson making his debut as the 49ers new offensive coordinator against the falcons. they looked girl early. touchdown. it's all good with mike singletary. a block punt, hang up in the air, taylor mace does his best willie mays impress shown -- impression. alex smith tries to avoid the sack and gets called for intentional grounding knocking them out of field goal range.
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driving for the game winner when there is a pick. game over. run out the clock. no, instead of laying down and running out of bounds, the niners turn it o. they give the falcons one last chance. so, matt ryan and robbie white hook up three times for 41 yards and get the falcons in to field goal range. 7 seconds left. matt bryant drums a 43-yarder to give the falcons their only lead of the game and they win 16-14. 49ers 0-4 for the first time since 2004 and, boy, every week it's would have, could have, should have. that is a game they should have won. that is frustrating. >> it was painful. game day tonight, talking giants. >> kim will have more from the locker room, here from the raiders and 49ers. what a great day for sports in the bay area. >> see you in a half hour.
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