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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 5, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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judgment day. the man who tried to set off a car bomb in times square is being sentenced this morning. on alert, security officials say german and british nationals trained in pakistan are at the heart of the latest terror threat in europe. and push for november. republican senate candidate in delaware answers questions about her past. delaware answers questions about her past. >> i'm not a witch. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. the man who tried to bomb times square last may is being sentenced here in new york this morning, faisal shahzad will likely speak at that hearing. prosecutors are asking for a life sentence. shahzad pleaded guilty in june and showed no remorse in this video explaining his actions.
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>> this attack on the united states will also be a revenge attack for all the mujahadin and the oppressed people of muslims. >> recently the fbi demonstrated what could have happened if shahzad's car bomb had detonated. shahzad trained at a terrorist camp in pakistan last july. he said if the times square plot had been successful he planned another attack. those training camps in pakistan are also incubators for the plot that triggered the latest terror alert in europe. germany said this morning it has concrete evidence that at least 70 german nationals trained at such camps and that more than a third are already back in europe. preeti arla is in washington with much more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, betty. the u.s. continues to warn american tourists in europe to be vigilant while officials try to get to the bottom of this plot. intelligence officials are working to dismantle the latest terror plot against europe.
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a u.s. missile strike in northern pakistan monday reportedly killed as many as eight german militants. they're believed to be part of a terror cell behind the plan. >> we have sufficient information that justified the issuing of the alert. >> reporter: security forces throughout europe remain on alert this morning, a day after japan and sweden joined the u.s. and britain in warning their citizens to be extra vigilant. authorities believe, with the help of osama bin laden, terrorists are plotting multiple attacks in european cities similar to the 2008 massacre in mumbai. it's feared some trained operatives may have already been dispatched. while federal officials call the threat credible, there's still no word on when an attack could happen, or where. >> we know it's under way. we know it's been directed by al qaeda. but we don't know when it may be executed and we don't know who's going to perpetrate it. >> reporter: still, that isn't stopping american tourists from enjoying their stay in europe. >> you really can't do anything
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about these threats. >> reporter: or travelling there. >> you have to have it in your mind. but i'm not changing anything in my life for that. >> reporter: the fbi says there is no indication the terrorists are specifically targeting the u.s. or its citizens. and while the u.s. is taking the threat seriously, other countries like germany are downplaying the seriousness of the plot. betty, back to you. >> all right preeti arla in washington for us joining us live. thank you. security officials believe the european threat does not involve the u.s., but they say the situation is being closely monitored. beginning friday, amtrak will conduct a security exercise known as operation rail safe. it was planned before the european threat in preparation for the holiday travel season. five men are hospitalized for gunshot wounds in gainesville, florida, this morning after a shooting spree that left two dead, including the gunman. the trouble began yesterday afternoon and was over in just a matter of minutes.
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police say the unidentified gunman drove to several locations, targeting specific victims. some of the wounded, all men, are in critical condition. now to campaign 2010 and the hotly contested senate race in connecticut. republican linda mcmahon and democrat richard blumenthal held their first debate on monday. mcmahon denied claims that she wants to lower the minimum wage. >> let me say categorically that it is wrong and absolutely false, and incorrect in this ad is i would consider reducing the minimum wage. that's a lie. you know that's a lie. i never said it and it's in your ad, and boy, that's just wrong. >> as for blumenthal he admitted misrepresenting his military service but said, that's old news. >> on a few occasions, out of hundreds, when i commented on it, i described it inaccurately, and i regret it. i take full responsibility for it. it was not intentional. but, that is no excuse. >> mcmahon is a former wrestling
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company executive. blumenthal is the connecticut attorney general. in the delaware senate race, republican christine o'donnell issued her first tv ad that addresses a comment she made during a 1999 interview in which she said she dabbled in witchcraft. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> the latest polls show o'donnell trailing democrat chris coons. initially it looked like there would be big gains for republicans in the midterm elections, but now with just four weeks to go, that's not so certain. jeff greenfield reports. certain. >> reporter: so how could democrats prevent, or at least minimize their losses? there are three keys. first, turn out the base. polls still show republicans much more enthusiastic about voting than democrats. that's why president obama is out trying to persuade his core backers, blacks, hispanics, the young, not to stay home in november. >> we need you to place the vote. we need you to knock on doors.
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we need you to talk to your neighbor. >> they can get an uptick among those constituencies you can see some candidates survive who are looking a little bit more in trouble right now. >> reporter: second, convince the voters that this election is a choice. with ads that argue the republicans are just too extreme. >> sharron angle, and she's just too extreme. >> reporter: says republican strategist david winston, that's what we tried four years ago and it didn't work. >> ultimately when you're talking about your opponent it's because you don't have anything to say about yourself. and the electorate gets that. >> reporter: third, declare your independence. across the country, many incumbent democrats are stressing how they oppose the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> i don't work for nancy pelosi or harry reid. >> reporter: but it is still uphill for democrats. independents were the key to the republican takeover of congress in '94 and the democratic takeover in '06. right now they're leaning heavily republican. >> if the republicans get a majority, that's where it's going to occur.
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>> people are saying, let's just hold down as many democrats as we can. >> reporter: and in this political climate, less bad seems to be about the best democrats can hope for. jeff greenfield, cbs news, new york. the search has been called off for two american balloonists missing off of italy since last week. the italian coast guard ended its search in the adriatic sea on monday. they've been using a robotic vehicle to scan the seabed for the hot air balloon and its pilots, richard abruzzo of albuquerque, new mexico and carol davis of denver. there is hopeful news from chile this morning about those miners trapped underground for the past two months. chile's president says drilling has gone faster than expected, and they're getting close to pulling the 33 men to safety. he expects them to be out ofhe mine in two weeks or less. just ahead on the "morning news," positive test results on a cancer vaccine. plus scientists count every kind of fish in the ocean. the startling results of a ten-year undersea census. first, though, katie couric
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and is as durable as it is colorful. you know where to find it. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. try it for yourself. get your own 8-ounce sample of the number one-rated behr paint. now, just $2.94. in brazil, incredible video of a woman walking along a street and being hit by a speeding car. look at that. she was thrown over the hood of this vehicle, landing at least 25 feet down the street, and amazingly, she suffered only minor injuries. boy, that is just painful to watch. scientists, they have completed the first marine census. a count of the kinds of creatures in all of the world's oceans. during the ten-year project, they identified a quarter million different species. and that includes some strange-looking creatures like vampire squids and furry crabs. researchers estimate there are at least a million marine species in all. four times as many as they
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found. on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia are mixed this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with the latest on that. good morning, ashley. >> and good morning to you, betty. tokyo's nikkei closed up almost 1.5% after japan's central bank cut its key interest rate to virtually zero. outside of japan most major markets fell with hong kong's hang seng losing a fraction. today, wall street tries to get back on track. on monday stocks slipped as investors took some profits from the recent gains. the dow lost 78 points while the nasdaq was down 26. uncle sam is cracking down on credit card companies. on monday the justice department sued american express, visa and mastercard for alleged anti-competitive practices. the suit accused the companies of preventing merchants from offering discounts or rebates for using a particular card. visa and mastercard quickly settled but amex says it will go to court. a new government report blasts the treasury department for how it handles the bank bailouts.
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the government accountability office says banks face different standards depending on what agency regulated them. and it says officials approved bailouts for 66 banks with known financial problems. a number of those banks are still struggling to stay afloat. toyota says it's fixed nearly 4 million vehicles in the u.s. that were part of the company's massive safety recall. the automaker says customer complaints about unintended acceleration have fallen considerably since april. toyota has been working to rebuild its reputation after recalling more than 10 million cars worldwide. the hype over google tv is heating up. monday the company announced partnerships with several web outlets and cable stations, including tbs, tnn and hbo. none of the major broadcast networks is involved so far. the project is the latest effort to marry the internet to the television. google tv is expected to go on sale later this month in best buy stores. and if you've had it with a
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computer that takes forever to start up, help is on the way. starting next year, most new pcs will come to an updated piece of software that could allow them to boot up almost instantly. it's been a long time coming to personal computers. the software being replaced has been in use for almost 25 years. no wonder it's so slow, betty. it's probably tired. >> i think i'll buy that piece of equipment when it comes out. ashley, thank you so much, joining us live here in new york. in health news, a possible breakthrough in treating an aggressive type of cancer, brain cancer, in fact. it's called glioblastoma and there are 10,000 new cases in this country every year. that makes it the most common brain cancer in the u.s. it is the same cancer that claimed the life of senator ted kennedy last year. randall pinkston reports on a promising new vaccine. >> reporter: lee sullivan isn't letting brain cancer stop him. >> when you get a diagnosis of glioblastoma a lot of bad things go through your mind. >> reporter: sullivan was
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diagnosed last year with glioblastoma. now he's in a study at duke where he takes an experimental vaccine, along with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. researchers found that adding the vaccine to the regular therapy extended the average patient survival time after diagnosis from 15 months to 26 months. >> it educates the immune system to produce antibodies or magic bullets that really go and find the tumor, and help the immune system attack the tumor very specifically. >> reporter: glioblastoma is the most common form of brain cancer with roughly 10,000 new cases in the united states each year. a very aggressive cancer gene fuels about a third of all glioblastomas. this vaccine is only for patients who have that genetic mutation. researchers say even though the study is small, the findings are significant. >> it shifts how we're looking at vaccines a little bit by targeting very specifically the tumors themselves. >> reporter: sullivan knows that some patients taking the vaccines are alive five to six
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years later. >> let's hope when i get to five years those people are ten years. >> reporter: sullivan will take the vaccine every 28 days as long as it keeps working for him. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> i hope it does. straight ahead your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, wipeout. new england's special teams take down the dolphins on monday night football. the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nutritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, showers, 60. miami, partly cloudy, 87. chicago, sunny, 60. denver, partly cloudy, 84. l.a., showers, 66. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies across much of the plains and southeast. later today, severe thunderstorms could produce heavy downpours in parts of the southwest. scattered showers will linger over the northeast. and the midwest continues to enjoy mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. in sports, new england crushed miami in monday night nfl match-up. patrick chung of the patriots blocked a punt and a field goal and returned an interception for a touchdown as new england dominated the dolphins in the second half. patriots won it 41-14, putting them in a tie with the jets at the top of the afc eastern division. in golf, europe reclaimed
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the ryder cup on the 12th hole at celtic manor in wales. tiger woods made an unbelievable approach shot that went in for an eagle. but the americans had started the day three points back in the match-play tournament and graeme mcdowell of northern ireland dropped a 15-foot putt to clinch a one-point victory for europe. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. and desperate homeowners try a new approach to bringing down their mortgage payments. it's pain relief without the pills. no pills, no pain. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare heatwraps, for all day relief without pills. i was surprised, thermacare worked all day. you feel the heat. and it relaxes and unlocks the muscle. you've got to try it. [ man ] thermacare, more effective for back pain than the maximum dose of acetaminophen, the medicine in tylenol. go to today for a $3 off coupon. thermacare. no pills. no pain. just relief.
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,,,, on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. the northeast will have another gloomy day of showers and cool winds. skies are clear in the southeast and midwest. severe thunderstorms are likely in parts of the desert southwest, as a storm system moves through the rockies. here's another look at this morning's top stories. the failed times square bomber faisal shahzad is being
4:51 am
sentenced today in a new york court. prosecutors are asking for life in prison. and security officials say german and british nationals trained in pakistan are at the heart of the latest terror threat in europe. now to the ongoing foreclosure crisis. experts say the recession is over, but millions of americans are still suffering and unable to make their mortgage payments. for some, the answer lies in a cross-country trip for help. as sandra hughes reports. >> reporter: tina gonzalez and her husband flew all the way from miami to los angeles to save their home from foreclosure. they were able to get their house payment lowered from $2300 a month. $1,720. it's $500 less. >> reporter: over six days, more than 50,000 people came to naca, the neighborhood assistant corporation of america event. the nonprofit organization allows homeowners to meet face-to-face with banks who have pledged to negotiate in good faith. >> we want them to know that no one wants to see the customer
4:52 am
lose their home. >> reporter: naca is trying to do what the government foreclosure program isn't. while 3 million people are eligible for government help, only 15% have gotten their home loans reduced. after being rejected by the government, paul and kathy have come here. >> i'm willing to do anything to save the house, you know, because the bank's not willing to help. >> reporter: banks repossessed more than 95,300 properties in august. that's the most foreclosures for any month on record. the ceo of naca says the fact that banks may have been rubber-stamping foreclosures without necessary paperwork shows how much needs to change. >> it's a industry that we have to humanize. we have to put real people in front of them so they can see they're not a piece of paper and they're not just a phone call. >> reporter: paperwork and phone calls that these homeowners say banks routinely ignore. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. this morning on "the early show," justin timberlake on his role in the hit movie "the social network." i'm betty nguyen.
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♪ members of a detroit symphony orchestra begin their second day on strike this morning. the 80-member orchestra walked off the job yesterday, just days before a new season was set to begin. they had rejected a contract that would have cut their base pay by about a third because the orchestra is facing a large budget deficit. security officials in europe say the plot behind the latest terror threat warning there could mimic the islamic terror attack in mumbai, india, in 2008. new york city's police counterterror unit is also worried about such an attack and sent agents to mumbai to learn more about it. terry mccarthy has more on that. >> reporter: the mumbai attack, called india's 9/11, killed 172 people. ten men, armed with little more
4:56 am
than automatic weapons and grenades, terrorized an entire city for 60 hours. 8,000 miles away, it also rang alarm bells in the new york police department. where commissioner ray kelly knows his city could be next. >> new york is the top of the terrorist target list. that's our operating premise. >> reporter: as the attacks were still going on, the new york police department sent three officers to mumbai. back in this new york police department command post lieutenant kevin york began studying the intelligence. >> this is effective, simple and easy-to-copy tactic. >> reporter: since 9/11, the nypd, alone among u.s. police departments, has posted officers in 11 cities overseas. their job, rush to the scene of any terrorist attack, like madrid in 2004, and see what lessons they can learn to protect new york city. >> we change our deployment around the train stations almost instantly, based upon that attack. >> the same day?
4:57 am
>> the same day. within hours. >> reporter: mumbai revealed a whole new set of challenges. with commando-style terrorists, so-called active shooters simultaneously attacking multiple locations, overwhelming local police. >> the new york police department prides itself on its firearms restraint. this forces them to rethink that and be willing to use deadly force. >> reporter: one of the key lessons new york police learned in mumbai was the need to move quickly and aggressively against any active-shooter type attack. for that reason they're constantly deploying their rapid response team without any advance warning all over the city of new york. since mumbai the nypd has trained to deal with multiple attacks at the same time. and the cops can now quickly access building plans for hotels and other soft targets, something the mumbai police lacked, causing delays and more casualties. the nypd fully expects terrorists to copy the mumbai attacks elsewhere. their job is to make it as
4:58 am
difficult as possible to stage any such attack here. terry mccarthy, cbs news, new york. and that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. we hope you'll join us a little bit later for "the early show." i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a statewide amber alert issued overnight. the search for a young girl and the man who took her. residents in an east bay apartment complex watching over their backs.


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